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The Landlord (Male-Male)


I'd probably be fairly safe is saying that neither
John or I have ever liked each other, or at least not for a
long time! Our business relationship didn't start
out that way! In the beginning, I was actually excited that
he was buying the property from the previous owner, that
my business was located on. (I leased) I was especially
excited after he'd spoken to my about a long-term lease,
and at a lower rate than I'd been paying, but soon after
that is when our relationship turned sour! We did have one
last bright spot as far as the business went, and that was
when he told me that he wanted to move me and my business to
another location, and develop the property I was currently
occupying. Included in building me an entirely new business,
was that there was also a house on the property, that he would
include in my lease and that sounded great!

Our first "stumbling block" came when I was
forced to move to the new property way before the building
for my business was even finished, and in the long run, it
cost me an entire summer, which is normally my busiest time
of the year, and when I usually do up to 70% of my total yearly
business! OK a rocky start to say the least, but then things
only got worse from there! Problems with the way my new building
we constructed, and problems with multiple other things
as well! Normally I would have just said "fuck it"
(to put it bluntly) and left, but at the time, I was in a bind
financially now myself and he damn well knew it! As a result,
I began to fall further and further behind on my monthly
rent, which also meant on my house rent as well, since both
the business and house were tied together in the same lease!

One side of me wanted to just tell him to fuck off, and I'd
walk away, but the other side, well I did love both my business
and what I was doing, and at that point at least, I didn't
have the means financially to go anywhere else anyway!
I honestly used to dread his bi-monthly visits to pick up
the rent, or at least what I could pay, as we'd always
end up fighting, and of course I'd never get to voice
my side of the story, or at the very least demand he fix all
the things that were wrong on his end as the landlord! It
only added to my hate for him, because he was just so hypocritical,
and in my opinion so two-faced! He was one of those kind of
guys who pretend to be so straight and narrow, and religious,
and family orientated, and yet you could even FEEL, he wouldn't
hesitate to screw anyone over, if it made him a profit!

Ah, but sorry if I've been so long-winded up to this
point, and not just gotten right to the real story! I just
felt it was important to the overall story though, that
you know all of this, BEFORE, the real story began!

A little over two months ago, I guess the best way you could
say it, is that my relationship with John, well, let's
just say that things are certainly different now!

A Friday, his usual day to drop by and harass me for any money
he could get, and because of that, a day I usually give the
two people who work for me off, specifically so THEY don't
have to witness our fights, or his abuse! Still, it was afternoon,
and he'd yet to show up, and so I'd actually begun
to relax, thinking that maybe he'd just skip this particular
Friday pickup! It was then getting close to six, our usual
closing time, and so now I was really breathing a sigh of
relief, since he never stopped by over the weekends! I'd
already wrapped up everything work-wise, and was actually
just finishing my nightly computer backup, which is the
last thing I usually do, when all of a sudden, I saw John's
pickup pulling into my parking lot!

I even had the front door locked already, and so I held up
a finger, indicating for him to wait, as I finished the computer
backup, before going to unlock the door! It was my sweet
little revenge, as childish as it might be, to make him stand
there and wait! Once inside, John actually sat down in one
of my office chairs, rather than just demand the money,
which is what he usually did. He then surprised me even further,
by asking me how things were going, and once again not just
demanding money right up front! OK, so he was acting a little
weird, and now I was actually getting a little agitated,
because I was closing, and I wanted to get the hell out of
there! Finally he starting in on the money, and me being
behind on rent again, and at least this was something I was
used too!

Listening patiently, I was ready for the next thing, me
telling him it was only a partial payment, and him once again
threatening me with just closing my business. I'd
heard it so many times before that I was almost numb to it,
and I knew that like it on not, from my side at least, John
might not be getting my full rent each month, but without
me here, he wouldn't be getting a dime! After all, I
might not have own the property, but it was MY business,
my business name and phone number, my client database,
and MY good reputation that made this business! It truly
was turning around, and I'd already estimate that
by this years end, I'd both be caught up with what I owed
John, as well as actually making a profit! SO as he started
in once again, at least in the back of my mind, I was thinking

Whether it was John noticing my fuck you attitude, or maybe
it was just all planned from the start, timing wise at least,
John suddenly stood up, and walked over to where I was sitting,
and stood directly in front of me! Now, John isn't all
that imposing a figure, which is why I guess he wanted to
catch me sort of off-guard, and put himself in what I guess
you'd call the more superior position! I was sitting,
and he was standing, and even though I am probably three
inches taller than he is, in that position it definitely
made him more dominate over me right then! I guess in a way
you could say that his move did work, because right then
at least, I was caught off balance, and that's for sure!
I can only assume that my silence and hesitation was also
part of his plan, as he looked down at me smirking!

Before I could speak or react, John stood there, hands now
on his hips and looking DOWN at me, and he spoke first!

"You know Steve (not Steven, which most people call
me, but Steve) it's that same old song and dance about
how your so close, and yet I never get my full rent, and all
you do is fall further and further behind each month!"

"There will come a time when even if I don't make
a penny off of this property for a while, I am going to pull
the plug on you, and you honestly have no idea how close that
time is right now!"

"Before you say a word though, I do have at least a partial
way out for you, and you are going to sit there and listen,
and then I can assure you, you are going to do exactly as I

Now I was stunned to say the least! As I said before, it wasn't
that John was or is physically imposing, not in any way,
and especially not to me! He is all of five-nine or so, and
probably weighs around 185, or so I'd guess, and even
though he is ten years younger than me, I am six-foot, and
around 210, and even with a bad knee, I had NO DOUBT, I could
pound him into the ground, physically! At yet, at that moment
at least, I could feel his dominance, and he and I BOTH knew

"Let's just say that there are other ways for
you to, ah, well to satisfy, at least temporarily, your
back debt, and although it won't clear it up, it will
keep you in business, IF you do what I know you're going
to do anyway!"

"WHAT THE FUCK"? At least that's what I
was thinking, even though I never actually said it out loud,
and by that time, John didn't give me the chance anyway!

"Let's also say that I know a little bit more about
you than YOU think I do, AND, don't even try and deny
it, or figure it out, just except the fact that I do know it!"

At this point I was honestly lost! I had no idea what the hell
John was talking about, but all that was about to change,
and very quickly! Even as he spoke again, he was moving,
and it wasn't his body moving, it was his hands. As he
reached around in front of himself, he first undid his pants,
and then slowly lowered his zipper. As he did this he was
speaking again, and I honestly couldn't tell you every
word he said, but the over all "jest" of what
he told me was that he knew all about ME, and the things I did
outside of work! Things like my ad on AdultFriendFinder, seeking other
bisexual men, and how he'd seen my ad posted there,
and the things I was not only willing to do, but apparently
liked to do with other men! His pants dropped to the ground
along with his underwear, and his hard cock sprung out,
only inches from my face!

Besides being stunned of course, I will admit right now
that I was also, quite impressed! Never judge a book by it's
cover! Something we've ALL heard many, many times
before, and by my age, something you'd at least THINK,
I would have learned by now! John might not have been big
or imposing, but he definitely had a nice, and I'll
go ahead and say it now, beautiful, hard cock, and large
set of low hanging, and quite large balls! No, it wasn't
the eight inch monster that seems to "spring up"
in almost every erotic story written on this site and most
adult sites, but it was definitely impressive! Knowing
my own cock is six inches when fully erect, I would add at
least a full inch to John's hard cock, as well as it being
at least slightly bigger around than mine as well!

On top of a very impressive hard cock and big balls, surprise
of surprises, "Mr. Family Man", "Mr.
Straight and Narrow", "Mr. Religious Man",
also had his entire crotch, cock and balls shave smooth
and clean, of course making both look even bigger! I guess
if I say that I was a bit stunned, as well as both impressed
and amazed, it would be almost a laughable understatement
at best, but that's exactly what I was, all three! I
just sat there staring and not moving, that large, swollen,
mushroom head, attached to that thick hard shaft, just
inches away from my face! I could already see a small drop
of pre-cum formed at the slit, and I licked my lips, even
though I can assure you it wasn't intentionally! Don't
think that John didn't notice it though, and as my tongue
slid across, he eased forward, and just the tip of his hard
cock brushed against my lips!

The sound of John's voice brought me at least partially
out of my daze. "That's it Steve, you know you
know you want it, I know you want it, we BOTH, know you want
it, so just do it!" He was right! We both knew he was
right, and even as my lips parted, and my tongue snaked out,
and then slid around the head of his hard cock, we both knew
he had me!

My tongue slid all around that big mushroom head, and then
slipped up under it, as I heard John sigh!

"Humm that's it Steven"!

SO now it was "Steven" for the first time!

"I don't have much time for playing tonight,
but I can promise you we will have a whole lot more time later,
so for now just suck it, show me what a good cock-sucker you
are and suck it for me!"

I opened my mouth, and as John eased forward even more, my
lips locked around the large swollen head, and then began
to slide down his thick hard shaft! Now John really stepped
into me, and as he did, I felt his hands move to the top and
back of my head forcing even more of his hard cock into my
mouth, and down my throat. I honestly wasn't sure if
I could suck him all the way to the base, but I was damn sure
going to try! As my nose finally touched his bare crotch,
I slid my hands up his legs and cupped both of his ass cheeks,
and swirled my tongue all around that thick had base. John
groaned loudly, and told me how good it felt, now substituting
"Baby" for my name! He pretty much held me there
like that, my lips locked firmly around the base of his hard
shaft, for several seconds, before he began to slid his
cock back out of my mouth!

My wet lips again slid up his hard shaft, until just the head
of his cock remained inside my mouth, and slowly, he feed
me every inch of his hard cock, until I was once again sucking
at the base! It went like that for several more times. John,
basically controlling the action, the movement of my head
and my lips up and down his hard cock, as I sucked him. Finally,
I guess after he was satisfied that I knew what he liked at
least, his grip on my head lightened up, and he let me begin
to set my own sucking pace. Now, besides him telling me directly
that he didn't have a whole lot of time that evening,
after sucking as many cocks as I have over the years, and
most women will probably agree with me, it is easy to figure
out just when it's time for playing and sucking, and
when it's time for serious, "getting him off"

AND SO, I knew this was one of those, just suck me off kind
of blow jobs, and that's exactly how I handled it! No
licking, and as much as I really wanted to right then, no
taking a break for ball licking either! Instead I began
to slowly pick up my pace, starting to slide my lips faster
and faster up and down his hard shaft, as I sucked harder
and harder! I did start to use my hands more though! I left
one hand holding his butt cheeks, but I moved the other hand
around in front of him, and as I sucked him off, I also began
to touch, and then caress his large soft balls! I guess most
everything I was doing was right, because soon he was moving
his hips in rhythm to my sucking, and soon it was hard to whether
he was more or less, fucking my mouth, or I was sucking him
off! Actually, it was a combination of the two!

I was actually impressed with his stamina and will power,
so to speak, because most guys I'd sucked with this
much intensity, rarely lasted this long! John was getting
close though, and I could feel it in his movements, and then
I definitely knew, as his balls began to draw up, and pull
up against the base of his hard cock, a sure sign a guy is about
to orgasm! Moments later I was suddenly rewarded for all
my efforts, as John's hips began to buck, and I again
felt his hands tighten their grip on my head! At this point
I really did hold still, and so now he really was fucking
me in my mouth! I let him set his own orgasmic pace, and then
I felt the first explosion from his cock, and the first spurt
of his thick hot load! I wasn't surprised at the "size"
of his hot load, and especially given the size of his big

In an instant however I knew that I not only liked the taste
of his hot cum, but I really did love it! If nothing else,
I knew right then, that I definitely wanted more of it, a
lot more, and I had a feeling, John would be giving more of
it to me! His hips bucked several more times, as the last
few drops of cum seeped from his still hard cock, and I sucked
ever harder, making sure I got every last drop out of him!
Even as his hands again lightened up their grip, and I could
feel his legs slacken, I held his cock in my mouth, and even
slid my lips further down his still throbbing shaft. Over
the years, through both my experience at sucking cock,
as well as having my own cock sucked, I learned that if there
is just one mistake a lot of women tend to make, that mistake
is letting a guy's hard cock slip from their mouth,
way to soon!

Watch most guys fuck, including guys who have fucked me
in the ass! Even after they've cum, they rarely pull
out of whatever hole their in right after cumming! There
is usually that "down time" right after orgasm,
when all most guys want to do is hold still, enjoy the after
effect of their orgasm, and keep their cocks, hard or not,
in that "wet hole" as long as possible! Whether
it is a pussy, an ass or a mouth, I've learned to let a
guy keep his cock in my mouth after he cums, until “HE"
is ready to pull it out, and believe me, most guys will definitively
let you know when that time is! John was no different, and
it was several minutes after his orgasm, that he finally
pushed me away, his mow semi-erect cock slipping out of
my wet mouth!

"Damn Steve, I KNEW you were going to be one hell of
a cock-sucker, and if you fuck even half as good as you suck,
then I'm gonna keep you real busy!"

God, his cock looked so beautiful! Still partially hard,
but at the same time, now hanging slightly down. His balls
had of course loosened up once again as well, and now I could
clearly see that they were almost twice as big as my own,
and I'd always thought, AND been told, that I have big
balls myself! At that instant at least, the last thing I
was thinking about was John as my evil landlord. No, at least
for the time being, all I could think of was just how I could
get that sweet tasting cock back in my mouth, and how the
next time I could make it last longer, and at least spend
some time licking, kissing, and sucking on those big beautiful
balls of his as well! He had me, and we both knew it, and then
the sound of his voice once more, as commanding as ever!

"I wish I had a whole lot more time to play tonight,
but I don't Steven". "Tomorrow however,
is a different story!"

"My wife and kids are going to be out of town for the
weekend, and I don't give a shit what kind of tall tale
you give your wife, but tomorrow evening, I expect you over
at my place, and don't plan on leaving, anytime soon!"

It was a command, and order, and definitely not a request,
but either way, I knew I would be there! Actually, getting
away wasn't going to be all that hard, because I guess
strictly by luck, my wife had her own party to go to that next
night! Some kind of work party, to celebrate them finishing
up the implementation of some new fancy software in her
division. Since our kids, my step-kids were 14 and 12, that
was more than old enough to leave them home for a few hours
by themselves! I knew my wife wouldn't be home until
well after midnight, and so I'd have plenty of timer
to play, plenty of time to make John AND his hard cock and
big balls happy! All this time searching on the internet,
and what I wanted most, outside of sex with my wife of course,
had been quite literally, standing right in front of me
the whole time!

Now, I guess that honestly I COULD end my story right here,
but really, I have to at least tell you about that next night,
and I doubt if anyone will object! Before that however;
After John left, money in hand, and for the first time in
a long, long time, NOT bitching about the amount, I realized
just how horny I was right then! Oh well, I'd have to
wait a while, but believe me, I fully intended on taking
out MY horniness on my wife's hot, wet, pussy later
that evening! I did exactly that too, and although my wife
Shannon did ask what I gotten into me that night, of course
I didn't tell her! I figured that telling her that the
whole time I was pounding the hell out of her wet pussy, I
was thinking of John and his big, thick, hard cock and those
beautiful balls of his, just might not go over all that well!

Almost as soon as my wife left that next evening, I was in
the shower, and then after, getting ready. Before John
had left that night before, he had made one additional request,
and this time he'd even worded it more like a request
than an actual demand! John had asked me if my wife owned
a pair of sexy, black lace panties, and if so, and I could
fit into them, would I please wear them under whatever pants
I was going to wear that next evening! Of course I had quickly
agreed, and then that next night as I was slipping into them,
it was all I could do to keep myself from cumming, right then
and there! I did give myself an occasional "rub"
on the drive over to John's house, but even then I was
restrained, not wanting to make myself cum even before
I got there!

When I got there John let me in of course, but no sooner was
I through his front door, then he was forcing me down onto
my knees in front of him. John had actually met me at the door
wearing only a pair of boxer shorts, and believe me when
I tell you, those boxers did little to hide the erection
he had forcing itself up against that thin material! With
me on my knees in front of him, John took my head in his hands,
and literally rubbed his crotch, and his hard cock up against
my face, and then took a step back away from me, letting go
of my head as he did it.

"You do realize that I "OWN" your bitch
ass now Steven, and that you are "MY" sex toy,
and that from now on, you'll do anything and everything
I command you to do!"

It was a question of course, but in reality it was more of
a statement, and as far as John was concerned, a statement
of fact not to be questioned! I simply nodded my head yes,
and he smiled! I guess in the "Gay World" you'd
not only refer to John as a "top" but probably
as a very dominate top as well! It wasn't like I was actually
scared or anything like that though! I mean I was here of
my own free will, and as I've already said much earlier
in this story, it's not like in reality, John had the
physical strength to overpower me! At least not without
my own willingness to let it happen! Still at that exact
moment, I couldn't think of any time in my life I'd
been as turned on as I was right then, and I'm sorry to
say, that even includes some really wild times with my own

"I think it's time we head into the bedroom now

That was all John said, as he turned and walked away!

Once in his bedroom, John got on his bed, and then slowly
slid his boxer shorts down and off. Now laying back, I just
stared at his hard cock, as it stood so beautifully at attention
over his crotch! I didn't wait for John to say anything,
as I quickly undressed, but I did leave those black lace
panties on. My own cock was just straining at the material,
and I wanted so badly to take it out and start stroking it,
but I knew that's not what John wanted! I stood there,
hesitating for only a moment, but a simple, "well?"
from John told me all I needed to know. I slid up onto the bed,
and as John spread his legs open wide, I slid down in between
them. Before I leaned over him, I did pause for just a moment,
and although I know I've already said this a half dozens
times or more, it was just so I could admire how beautiful
his cock was/is!

Knowing that my own cock is, well, let's just say that
my wife is "OK" with it, but I know she's
had bigger, thicker cocks, mainly because she's told
me herself! Anyway, I'd bought her a couple of different,
ah, "fake cocks" not vibrators, but very realistic
cocks supposedly modeled on actual male porno stars, and
so as I stared at John’s hard cock, it was those fake cocks
that came to mind! Not because of how fake or real they are,
but because of how much pleasure I KNOW they give my wife,
and well, I guess you can already SEE, where at least my own
mind was headed with this! Oh well, for now at least my sole
concentration needed to be on John, and his hard cock, and
so after that moments pause, I lowered my head and began
to "work"!

Tonight, unlike the night before, when I'd had to be
so rushed in my "work", now we had time! John
knew what he wanted, and I knew what I both needed and wanted!
Both of our needs and wants complimented each other perfectly!
In my personal, family and work life, I've spent so
many years having to be the tough, strong, confident, "MAN".
Macho, and always ion control, and I think, NO, I know that
is why I truly love being so submissive, and letting a male
lover dominate me so in my bisexual life! It honestly took
me a lot of years to come to terms with that myself, but now
that I have, my next wish is to one day be able to share that
with my wife Shannon! Oh well, sorry, off subject there!

A long, slow, tender but firm lick! Beginning at the base
of John's hard shaft, and ending with my tongue swirling
all around that thick mushroom head of his hard cock! I felt
John tense up, but in a good way of course, and as I slowly
licked around the head, and then back down his hard shaft,
I heard him let out a long, slow, and soft sigh! "Hum
God baby, I know this is going to be SO GOOD!" His words
soothed and excited me, and then it was like he just knew
every single one of my hot buttons, as he followed that up
with:, "I'll bet your torn though Steven!"
"I'll bet your torn between wanting to keep doing
that yourself, and maybe instead, just sitting back and
watching, as you sweet, slut little wife does it for you,
as SHE slowly licks my hard cock!"

I felt my hard cock jerk inside my panties, my "wife's
panties, and I felt my own pre-cum begin to soak them! Now
I really concentrated on what I was doing. I was determined
to make this one of the best sexual experiences John ever
had, man or woman! First his hard cock, making sure I covered
every inch of it with my tongue, and at the same time making
sure to drag my wet lips all over it as well. I alternated
between soft, slow and gentle, but firm licking, sometimes
licking his cock like it was an ice cream cone, using the
flat of my tongue against it, and sometimes just teasing
it with the tip of my tongue! I was care to watch for all of
the signs, including listening to his breathing, as well
as his soft moans, to really begin to learn his own personal,

After several minutes of licking, I had yet to actually
suck him, and I was saving that for later! I really did spend
a long time just licking his hard cock, front, back, topside,
underside, head, base, you name it and I licked it. The when
I felt it was time, I finally moved lower, and for the first
time, I began to work on those big, soft, beautiful balls
of his! Once again, I alternated my method, my timing and
my speed of licking his balls, just as I'd done with
his hard cock. The real difference this time, was that while
I'd been licking his cock, I'd purposely avoided
doing anything to his balls at all, and that had included
using my hands. With his balls however, as I licked them,
I also reached up and softly held his hard cock in my hand,
and then slowly stroked him!

Once again, I spent several long minutes, paying mostly
attention to his balls, just as I'd done his hard cock
earlier. I then figured that now was as good a time as any,
and that it was time to test "new waters"! Just
as every woman is different in what she likes and dislikes,
what turns her on and turns her off, men are the same way of
course, and so even some bisexual men like having their
ass played with and licked, and yet some don't! At least
up until this point, I'd left John's ass alone,
but now that my mouth was down under his balls, I decided
it was time to at least get a quick lick or two, just to gage
his reaction! A slow swirl with my tongue around the underside
of his big balls, and then a quick "slip" as my
tongue slid down into his ass crack, and then across his
brown puckered hole!

The moment my tongue touched his butt hole, John groaned,
and his now forceful hand on the top of my head let me know
with no words needed, that he liked it! I began to slowly
"rim" him. once again taking my time, and changing
up my licking as I worked his brown little hole! Once again
as well, while I did this I worked his hard cock in my hand,
but this time I also added my other hand into the mix, and
used it to keep stimulating his balls as well! John's
moans and groans were coming back to back now, and after
a few more minutes of letting me lick his ass, I suddenly
felt him tugging at me, and I knew what he wanted! Wasting
no time, I slid back up, and in one long suck, I swallowed
h is hard cock down, locking my lips tightly around it's
thick hard base!

"Oh God Yeah Baby, Suck It, Suck It Hard!"

"I'm gonna cum in your sweet hot mouth, and I want
you to swallow every drop of my thick hot load!"

My head was bobbing rapidly up and down over him, and his
hips were moving in unison to my sucking. Once again, a combination
of me sucking him off, and him fucking my mouth, and just
like the night before, after only a few more minutes, he
was groaning, and then I felt his thick hot cum blasting
into my more than willing mouth! The night before, as soon
as he'd started cumming, I'd quickly wrapped
my hand around the bottom half of his hard shaft. This night,
I'd been so involved in what I was doing, that the next
thing I knew, he was cumming, and before I could react, his
hands had forced my head down, and his hips had shot up off
the bed, and for an instant, I was about to choke on his hard,
shooting cock! Somehow I quickly managed to recover though,
and letting my throat relax, he basically shot off, straight
down my throat!

Once again, just like the night before, even after his orgasm
ended, I held his hard cock in my mouth. The difference this
night however, was that I knew we had a lot more time, and
so after a short pause, I slowly began to suck him again,
making sure his cock would stay hard! Through everything
that had happened so far, John had pretty much let me have
my own way with what I was doing to him, but it wasn't
surprising, when suddenly he was in command once again.
I'd sort of expected that after that first orgasm,
he might want to take a short break, or at least a short rest,
but apparently that wasn't in his plans! I was still
sucking on his hard cock, when all of a sudden, John sort
of sat up, and at the same time, pushed me off of him. Not really
sure what he wanted or what to do next, I just sort of waited.

I didn't have to wait long however, as almost immediately
John ordered me to turn around, ass towards him, and then
told me to stay up on my hands and knees. John was still sort
of sitting behind me, and then I felt his hands, as he began
to run them all over my panty-covered ass. "Hum sweet!"
"I wonder if your wife's ass looks this good in
these panties, does it Steven?" I wasn't sure
if it was a real question I should answer or not, and so I just
sort of continued to wait! I felt those panties slowly being
pulled down over my ass, and then a rush of cold air, as John's
hands parted my ass cheeks, spreading them wide open! Now
I sort of tensed up a bit, in anticipation of at least what
I hoped, was coming next!

Once again, it's sort of an odd situation, as every
guy is different! Even some guys like John who I now knew
LOVED having his own ass and asshole licked, still had a
problem with licking another guy's ass! I didn't
have long to wait for my answer, as first I felt John's
hot breath, and then next I felt his wet tongue, as he ran
it slowly up and then back down my ass crack! "I'll
bet your slut wife loves having her ass licked too, and she
probably loves having a hard cock up HER ass, almost as much
as you love having one up YOUR ass, doesn't she Steven?".
As soon as he said it, he again licked me, and a groaned loudly,
and told him that YES, she does! Pleasure then shot straight
through me, and straight into my hard cock, as Jon's
tongue flicked rapidly across my exposed asshole!

At least as far as I was concerned, John could have kept licking
my asshole for a long as he wanted, it felt that good, but
once again, my plans weren't his plans! He had me turned
on to the point of being wild with passion and he knew it,
and just like he'd do with a female lover, he knew I was
at the point of desiring penetration, and he was more than
ready! I felt his wet tongue leave my ass crack, and I felt
his hands on my hips, as he used me to brace himself, and get
up behind me! I'd been prepared for the moment even
before I'd arrived at his house earlier that evening,
having made sure I had both lubricant, as well as condoms
with me. At that point however, I guess I was just too far
gone to care, and as I felt his hard cock sliding up and down
my now slick ass crack, I began to beg him to fuck me!

John's hard cock probed against my asshole, and at
that point I did at least have enough sense left to whisper
the word, "lubricant"! Much like the rest of
that night, John was already one step ahead of me though,
and even as I said it, I already felt him squirting the lubricant
onto my asshole, that he'd apparently grabbed off
of the nightstand next to his bed! The sound of yet another
squirt, and since I didn't feel anything, I assumed
that he was now probably squirting the lubricant onto his
own hard cock! My answer came only a second or two later,
as I once again felt is now extremely slick cock, as it slid
up and down between my ass cheeks. A pause, and then the head
of his hard cock, as it pressed tightly into my asshole!
I felt John pressing forward, and so I pressed back, and
a moment later, he penetrated me!

I've heard from a lot of people over the years, both
men and woman, about the sometimes momentary feeling of
pain or discomfort, at initial anal penetration. I guess
I'm just one of the lucky one's however, because
even as far back as the very first hard cock I ever took up
my virgin ass, back when I gave my 13 year old ass up to this
15 year old friend of my big brother's, I've never
felt pain at all, and I rarely even feel discomfort when
first penetrated by a hard cock! As John penetrated me that
night, I guess I was just so turned on by then, that all I felt
was pleasure, and almost instantly I pushed back hard against
him, causing even more of his beautiful hard cock to slide
inside of me!

We both groaned loudly at the same time, but then John followed
that up with a rather loud, "OH FUCK YEAH!" Right
away his hands slapped down hard onto my hips, and almost
immediately he thrust forward and at the same time yanked
me back into him! His cock slid inside my ass so smoothly,
and then I felt his bare crotch pressing tightly against
my ass cheeks! Once again we both groaned, and then once
again, John spoke loudly! "DAMN, Even tighter than
your wife's ass Steven!" I heard the words, and
yet they honestly didn't register, at least not right
then! I felt John's fingers digging in the flesh of
my ass cheeks, and then him spreading my ass open even wider,
as he sort of arched forward, driving even more of his hard
cock up my ass!


It was my own voice this time, and I quickly followed that
statement, that request, my BEGGING, up with telling him
to make me his "bitch", and that he could fuck
my ass any time he wanted, but to please fuck me now, and fuck
me hard! Or something along those lines! John didn't
need to be begged more than once, as he slowly slid his hard
cock back out of my ass, even letting the head slid out as
well, and then he pushed forward again, a second penetration
that brought a really loud groan out of me! There was very
little hesitation after he again penetrated me this time,
as he slid his cock back up inside of me, and I again felt his
crotch pressing into my ass cheeks! From that point on,
he really started fucking me, hard, fast, and deep!

Fro the second time since this had all started over 24 hours
ago now, the night before in my office, I was actually amazed
at John's stamina! I know for a fact, that even IF I'd
already cum once, jsut as he had, if "I" would
have been fucking my wife in the ass as hard and fast as he
was now fucking me, then there's just no way I could
have even lasted half as long as he already had! That was
fine by my, as his cock felt so good sliding in and out of my
hot, tight and now extremely slick ass, that I felt like
I never wanted him to stop! I also felt something else too,
and that was that fait tingle in my balls, that told me I was
rapidly building towards an orgasm of my own!

Only twice before in my life, have I ever been fucked in the
ass by another guy, and just from the fucking alone, had
an orgasm! Oh sure, I've cum with hard cocks up my ass
before, but almost always, I've masturbated myself
to orgasm as I was being fucked, or the other guy as jerked
me off while he was fucking me! Twice before it has happened
however, and so I knew the feeling, and I already knew the
intensity of my approaching orgasm! I was grunting and
groaning, and then I was telling John that he was going to
make me cum, and BEGGING HIM not to stop fucking me! As the
first wave of my own orgasm exploded inside of me, I felt
my own hard cock begin to shoot, and I just lost total control!
Falling forward onto the bed, my face smashed into the pillows,
and my ass shot up into the air even higher as John fell forward
with me!

I could feel my own cock just throbbing, and I was quite literally
soaking the bed sheets under me with my own hot cum! I'd
love to think it was the intensity of MY orgasm, as well as
my ass now contracting around his hard and still thrusting
cock, but almost as soon as John had me smashed down onto
the bed under him, he groaned loudly, called me his bitch,
and told me I was making him cum too! Once again, it's
not something that happens all that often, but with John's
thick hard cock at least, I actually felt it expand, deep
inside my ass, and then I felt the jerks, the contractions,
followed by the hot flood, of his big, sticky load, and him
shooting off, deep inside my ass! A loud grunt, followed
by him thrusting forward each time his hard cock squirted
inside of me, and I was honestly amazed at how much cum, and
even AFTER he'd already cum before!

Finally he stopped moving, and yet I could still feel his
heartbeat though his cock, as he kept it buried as deeply
inside my ass as he could manage! Finally, after several
more long minutes, I felt his cock begin to shrink and grow
soft inside of me, and then I felt it begin to slip out of my
still throbbing ass. For the very first time in my life,
I did something next that I had NEVER, EVER done before!
Without hesitation, I swung around, slid down his body,
and now took his soft cock into my mouth, to clean him off!
Yes, I know his cock had just been up my own ass, but I just
couldn't think of a better way to show him, to really
show him how much I'd love him fucking me! We lay there
like that for several more minutes, me just slowly nursing
on his now soft cock, as he relaxed and enjoyed it. Finally
however, he spoke once again!

"Your wife did the same thing you know!"

"SHE, not only sucked my cock after I'd pulled
it out of her cum-soaked pussy, but she even sucked it after
I pulled it out of her cum-filled ass, just like you are now

Suddenly, some of the things he'd said earlier came
back to me, and between them, and his now direct confession,
I nearly choked on his cock, even though it was soft! Letting
it slip from my mouth, all I could think to say was; "how

"You mean how long have I been fucking that slut wife
of your's, is that what you mean?"

"Yes", I said in answer, the word just barely
making it out of my mouth!

"Well, let's see!"

"I fucked her the first time about a hear ago, and after
the first couple of times, I honestly didn't have to
even try and force her to do it, because then SHE was the one
coming to me, and SHE was the one begging for my hard cock
in her slut mouth, her wet pussy and her tight ass, Steven!"

"I, I, I, " it was all I could manage to stutter

"I what Steven?"

"Don't tell me your amazed that your pathetic
little cock just doesn't give your slut wife the kind
of orgasms she craves and deserves, don't tell me that!"

"Like I said before, the first couple of times I did
have to, well I did have to. let's just say, be a little
persuasive with her, but after that, the slut opened her
mouth, spread her legs, or pulled her own ass cheeks open
for me, ANY TIME, and ANY WHERE I WANTED, and she still does!"

"I told my own wife over a month ago that I'd soon
be fucking both of you, and she didn't believe me!"

"I knew though, some pussy, cuckold like you, well
you'd probably get off on me fucking her, and I already
know the idea of me fucking you turns her on, or don't
you know that either?"

"Just look at you, laying there, the taste of my cum
still in your mouth, and my next hot load still dripping
out of your ass!"

"The only thing that could even be remotely better
than now fucking the tow of you, as well as my own wife of course,
is letting you know that YOUR WIFE, has already agreed to
letting me pop you sweet step-daughter’s cherry, a month
from now when SHE turns 18!"

"Her own mother agreeing to it, as long as I promised
to keep filing all three of her slut holes with my hot cum!"

"Just look at you, you pathetic pussy, already YOUR
COCK is hard as a rock again, because you are SO turned on
knowing I've been and I will continue to fuck your wife,
and NOW, I'll even be fucking your step daughter too!"

"hum, as a matter of fact, I'm getting turned
on again too!"

"Time for another round, so roll back over and stick
that ass out for me bitch, I wanna fuck again!"

I did exactly as he commanded!

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That was so long and yet, SO HOT! A running saga of The Landlord
(Male-Male) would be nice. Thanks for the good read.


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Great story, couldn't stop reading


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That was a long hot story - Couldn't stop reading it..

Would like to here more about your landlord and you Steven,
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YOu see I am a bi-sexual male that also enjoys sucking cocks,
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Great story, would like to hear more!I have a friend who
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get together with him sometimes, and while he is fucking
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That was a hot story and I am rock hard right now as I have been
throughout your story. Almost exactly the same thing happened
to me though the guy wasn't a business associate. He
was a guy from the gym where my wife and I worked out. He was
a boxer who was much bigger than me and very imposing. Everyone
at the gym gave the guy space because he had a reputation
as a guy who would fight at the drop of a hat. He was also notorious
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My wife started sleeping with him after a party ... You know,
I am just going to post a story about it because remembering
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Great story wish you were my land lord I would let you fill
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Totally amazing, hope you manage an group thing with all


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I love this story and I've read it at least 20 times.
I can just dream it's me with John. Keep the stories
comming. crazyhillbilly


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Fantastic story. I was hard the whole time reading it. Never
had a guy up my ass before but that may now change because
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Hot! Fucking HOT! I want to play too!>>!


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OMG, that makes me so hard, I want to lick his cock also