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The Interns


The Interns…

This happened some 20 years ago (reality augmented with
fantasy) when I was teaching courses at a small non-profit
focused on sustainability issues such as renewable energy,
natural building, organic gardening etc. The outfit had
a beautiful facility and 4 young interns who leaned toward
the neo-hippy side of the spectrum, two of them were very
hot young females. All of the interns were between 18 and
25 and I was in my mid-thirties.

I remember the day Gail arrived. I was sitting at a table
outside my classroom on the edge of the “kitchen garden”
checking students into my solar class. Gale and her father
approached me and at first I assumed them to be students
in my class. It turned out he was checking out the place before
he left his precious (and beautiful) young daughter to
be an intern for the summer. I explained what I was doing
and welcomed them with kind words and a handshake for each.
I had a hard time letting go of hers. She was a confusing combination
of innocence and sultriness.

As the summer progressed, I got to know the interns better.
Jen was a fiery spirited tall slim woman of perhaps 20. She
was constantly teasing (not just sexually) and spouting
innuendoes. Steve and John were mellow (stoners) who were
very easy going and hard working.

They had a costume party fairly early in the summer with
a cookout and I found myself talking with Gail. She was dressed
as some sort of primal woman in natural garb. She was barefoot
with a short crudely processed leather skirt. She had a
wonderful bubble but making the stiff leather skirt flare
out and here large (muscular, not fat) thighs flowed out
from under the skirt. Her shirt/blouse was made of homemade
fibers from common local plant. She had learned to make
the fibers from a local teacher of Paleolithic arts. She
had woven the blouse from the fibers she made. The weaving
was lose and rough and while talking to her, I realized she
wasn’t wearing anything underneath…I could see her
nipple. The scratchy fibers were probably the cause, but
the nipple I spied was extremely erect. I tried not to be too obvious about my perving and Gail never
seemed to notice, but Jen did.

“Like what you see?” she asked with a teasing tone in
her voice. Gail looked up at me clearly wondering what Jen
meant and caught me with a sheepish smile at having been
caught by Jen.

Jen saw Gail’s confusion and said, “He was ogling your
tits.” Gail blushed and looking down and said, “but
they’re so small, I wish they were bigger.”

I couldn’t help it and gave the canned response of “more
than a handful is a waste and they really only have to be a
mouthful, but to tell you the truth, it was the porousness
of your shirt and the hard long nipple showing that had caught
my attention.” Now it was my turn to blush. I couldn’t
believe I had said that. Jen was obviously enjoying both
of our discomforts with an almost evil grin.

Gail was a bit taken aback by my comment and looked down and
finally realized what she was showing. Her nearly half
in long nipple was poking out from her not really that small
boob, trying to work its way through a gap in the weave. “Oh,
my!” she said.

“Un-huh, ” replied Jen. “That would catch anyone’s
attention, even mine” and with that mischievous grin
still on her face reached out in an attempt to tweak that
nipple herself.

Gail slapped her hand away and in a disdaining tone said,
“You guys…I’m going to get another beer” and walked
away. Jen smiled at me watching me watch those luscious
gams from behind as she headed toward the keg.

When I looked back at Jen, she smirked. I told her she was
bad. She replied, “I’m not bad. I’m just naughty, ”
and then she too walked away. I think I jacked off three times that night thinking of munching
on those nipples and tonguing her clit with those thighs
squeezing my head as she came…one can dream can’t one?

One of my traditions was to orchestrate a home brewing session
each year with the new batch of interns. We had set up around
a fire pit and had propane burners for the mash and the boil
of the malt and then the added hops. Of course we were sampling
previous home brews while I taught them the principles
and variations on the brewing process. They were a fun bunch
and getting looser by the hour.

At one point I had stood up talking to them all about the different
flavors that come out depending on whether you put the hops
in early in the boil vs late in the boil (bittering vs aromatics)
when Jen stands up and turns her back to me and slowly drops
her tight jeans and wiggles her bare ass at me. I stammered
and stopped talking, completely tongue tied. She pulled
her pants up and teased that she was going to do that in the
back of the class room while I was giving an official lecture.

“Don’t you DARE!!” I shot back. “You just saw what
that would do to my lecture.” She just shrugged and took
a sip of her beer. I continued with my discussion of boiling
hops brings out the bitter alpha acid oils, but drives off
the aromatic molecules and had Steve put the bittering
hops in, here at the beginning of the boil. Now it would be
some time before we had to add the finishing hops, so I grabbed
another beer and sat down in the only open spot around the

It was right between Jen (who smirked at me) and Maxine.
Max wasn’t an intern. She was about halfway between my
age and that of most of the interns and was here today teaching
one of the natural building classes. She had generally
seemed pretty serious to me. She had fairly short hair,
normal size breasts, a narrow waist and wide, wide flaring
hips. This completed the butt type possibilities. Tall,
skinny Jen had virtually no hips. Max had the wide “good
birthing hips” and Gail (ah Gail) had the bubble butt.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you at a loss for words
before, ” said Max, a teasing twinkle in her eye.

“Yes, that did throw me. Jen’s a very naughty girl.”
I looked to Jen and she just winked back at me.

“Do you think she needs a spanking?” Max asked me.

Before I could answer, Jen piped back, “I may be the one
who needs a spanking, but it’s Gail that wants one.”

“Innocent Gail?” I said, “Really? How do you know?”

“Oh, she does seem pretty innocent on the surface, but
she has some pretty wild fantasies churning under that
demure surface. We’ve talked…”

“I wouldn’t mind spanking that ass of hers.” Max
put in to our surprise. Jen and I both turned to her with our
eyebrows raised.

“You go both ways?” asked Jen.

“No, pretty much just one way.” Replied Max with a confident

“I never knew that. You keep that secret pretty well.”
Jen replied looking at Max in a new light.

“And Gail has kept her wild fantasies secret pretty well
too, ” replied Max. “Tell us more.” Her voice revealed
a deep hunger.

“Well…we were talking and she asked about my ability
to show my ass off in front of everyone that night while we
were home brewing. She said she was too shy to do such a thing,
but that the thought of doing than and everyone lusting
after her made her pussy wet. I was kind of surprised she
even said the word pussy. I told her it makes my pussy wet
too, when I showed myself off and then later thinking about
you (me) probably jacking off thinking about my ass and
pussy wiggling at you (me).” She sighed. “That really
does get me off knowing the lust I have created.” She knowingly
and blatantly looked down at the bulge in my jeans. “Is
that for me? Or Gail?” she teased.

“Both, but I have to admit that I’ve got an obsession
with Gail.” I not so calmly replied.

“Well that’s fortunate, since much of her fantasies
involve you…”

“I can’t believe it. Why would she lust after an old
fart like me?”

“You’re not that old. You’re good looking. You’re
confident. Maybe it’s a daddy thing.” She mused.

“Did she go into any details?” I quavered.

“Oh, man, did she. We were pretty buzzed and once she got
going, she didn’t stop for a while. She was pretty specific
and got my panties in a twist, a very damp twist.” Jen got
this smoking look into her eyes.

“You two went at it, didn’t you?” stuck in Max, with
a similar smoky look in her eyes.

“Naw, but I sure was tempted. I’ve never done it with
a woman before but later on, I sure worked my pussy over thinking
about it.” Jen said.

“What did she say that got you so hot and bothered?”
I pushed, dying for more information.

“Well, it all focused on her not being in control, being
shown off in front of other people, even being tied or restrained.
I think that not being in control let her shed her responsibility
for being so “bad.” She imagined you coming up behind
her and fondling her boobs in front of me before she could
do anything about it. She imagined trying to get away, but
you held her tight and whispering naughty things about
your hunger for her in her ears while you tweaked her nipples
through her shirt…hard. She seemed to like it a little
rough. Can you imagine? Gail?” She trailed off.

“She imagined you holding her and asking her if she wanted
to see how hot she had gotten you…She said you told her
to show us your pussy and play with it. Her breathing was
getting heavy and was starting to affect me. She imagined
you stripping her and playing with her boobs and pussy and
then start talking dirty. She said she imagined you commanding
her to her knees to show us all how well you sucked cock. While
she was giving you a BJ, she accidentally scratched you
with her teeth and you scolded her telling her she needed
a spanking…” She stopped suddenly when she received
a slap on her shoulder.

“Jen! I can’t believe you’re telling them this!”
came the mortified voice of Gail behind her.

“Oh shit.” said Jen, looking down in her own embarrassment
at being caught revealing Gail’s secrets.

“Don’t feel bad Gail, ” Said Max, coming to the rescue.
“I think your fantasy is hot and I can tell he does too, ”
giving my tenting pants an exaggerated eye.

Gail did too and I heard her take a sharp intake of her breath.

“Yup. Very hot. And I’ve had some similar fantasies
about you…since the first time I laid eyes on you.”
I forced out. She looked up at me with a question in her eyes.

“It doesn’t make you think I’m a nasty slut to have
thoughts like that?” Her guilty conscience was rising
from her sheltered southern upbringing.

“Nasty sluts aren’t a bad thing, ” piped in Max.

I licked my lips and added “or bringing out the nasty in
a closeted slut.” She looked at me with a strange expression,
part pleading, part terrified and part lust filled. She
was torn. But her hard nipples poking out her shirt gave
me an idea which side was winning.

I looked up from her nipples into her eyes and licked my lips
again. “Mmm” I said, “looks like my cock isn’t
the only thing getting hard.”

She looked down from my own smoldering eyes to where my eyes
were just staring and seemed to speak to her own chest…”traitors!”

“No, they are your allies. It was that southern Baptist
preacher who was the traitor. He was telling you such thoughts
and feelings were a sin while he was probably banging a 12
year old boy right after his sermon. You are a consenting
adult…at least I hope you consent.” I looked up to her
face again with eyebrows raised. “Is this getting you
hot?” She nodded meekly. “Is your pussy starting to
drool?” She hesitated, but then nodded again. The dirty
talk was working.

I took a step toward her and she turned away, ready to run.
I put my hands on her shoulders and she stopped. I whispered
in her ear, “I want you. I want to touch you. I want to show
you off to everyone. I want to taste you and you me.” Her
breathing was heavy and irregular. She didn’t move as
I caressed down her arms and onto her narrow waist. She shivered.
“I want you to let go and know how good it can feel to allow
the lust to the surface. I want everyone here to lust after
you too…” I was almost whispering in her ear as my hands
slid up her waist to cup her breasts with a gently squeeze.
I was glad Jen had given me a clue to her fantasies and was
acting them out.

She sighed, seemingly resigning to her fate as her head
fell back on my shoulder, her hair shimmering in the firelight.
Jen and Max were still turned toward us away from the fire.
Jen had leaned back into Max and Max had put her arm over Jen’s
shoulder and pulled her closer. Steve and John were still
sitting on the other side of the fire, talking compost and
passing a doob. Clueless! I looked down over Gail and watched
as Max’s hand slowly moved back and forth over Jen’s
small breast, flicking the nipple back and forth. Jen sighed
too. “Look at them, ” I told Gail in a commanding whisper.
“We’re making them hot too.” She stared.

I mimicked Max’s motion on Gail’s jutting nipples
while she watched the two women enjoying the same. I gently
rolled her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and
she leaned harder into me. She likes that, I thought to myself
and rolled them a little harder. “You like that?”

“Unhuh.” She nearly squeaked her answer. I pinched
both nipples a little harder and pulled them outward none
too gently. Her whole body quivered as she let out a deep
breath. She must have been forgetting to breathe. I also
now new she liked her nipples played with roughly. I gave
her whole breasts a firm squeeze before moving my hands
to the top button of her blouse and surprisingly deftly
undid it. “Oh, god, ” she whimpered. And I managed
the second button. No resistance.

Max’s hand had found its way under Jen’s shirt and was
clearly working directly on her nipples while the both
stared avidly up at Gail as I continued undoing those pesky
buttons. “So hot” I breathed into her ear and ground
my hard-on into that bubble butt, my jeans keeping me restrained.
“Can you feel how hot you’ve gotten me? I’ve fantasized
about this a hundred times.” She ground back onto me.

I finally got the bottom button undone and caressed her
bare belly on the way back up to her still bra bound boobs.
Yes! A front clasp. And it was undone. I dragged the cups
sideways as I let my fingernails lightly scratch across
them as I dragged the cups away. “Mmmm, ” came a dreamy
voice from below. Jen was enjoying the show and Max was enjoying
Jen. And, at last, Steve and John had realized what was going
on right in front of them. They were both staring at Gail’s
expose tits with mouths hanging open. Deer in headlights.

I continued sliding Gail’s bra along with her shirt off
of her shoulders and down her arms from behind her. But,
I didn’t take them all the way off. I remembered part of
her fantasy involved being restrained and I tied the bundle
of shirt and bra around her wrists, securing her hands behind
her back. “Jen told us you’d like this.”

“oh, god” she moaned. She was standing in the firelight,
naked to the waist, hands effectively tied behind her back,
two male friends watching in disbelief and below her, Max
was lifting Jen’s t-shirt over her head revealing Jen’s
perky small breast with her nipples pointing skyward.

I stood back up and put one hand on her hip and nuzzled her
neck through her hair. “Is this as hot as you imagined?”
She just sighed, her breasts rising and falling with her
heavy breathing. I guess that was a yes. Now Max was massaging
Jen’s exposed tits and pinching her nipples as Jen rocked
back and forth into Max’s larger boobs pressing into
her back.

“Come on boys, ” I said in a louder voice. She’s showing
hers, now you have to show her some. They looked from my face
to hers with a question in their eyes. “What do you want
to see Gail?”

She surprised me with a strong voice, “I want to see their
cocks. I want to see them jacking off…”

Steve and John shrugged and started undoing their belt
buckles. I undid the top button of Gail’s jeans and slid
her zipper down as the boys stepped out of their pant legs.
Both of their cocks were coming rapidly to erection. They
both sat back down and began to stroke themselves watching,
waiting for whatever was to come. Gail’s pants were still
being held up by her luscious butt, but now there was room
in the front as my hand slid down from her navel into the top
of the front of her pants and under the elastic of her panties
and through a jumble of pubic hair. As I lightly slid my finger
over her engorged clit she thrust her hips forward with
a grunt. Her hands and arms were no longer held tight between
us and she managed to maneuver her bound hands to clutch
my straining dick. I sighed into her ear and push my finger
lower between her labia and felt the wetness leaking from
her. She was now humping my hand almost unconsciously.
I smiled.

I looked down again when I heard a slight moan. Max was kissing
and chewing on Jen’s neck. One hand was still massaging
her tit while the other had found its way into the top of Jen’s
jeans. When did they come undone? I thought. Jen was gyrating
her hips into Max’s hand and moaning, but still looking
at us. Gail looked down at them and then across the fire at
the two engorged cocks and 4 lust filled eyes across the
fire. “Oh my god, I can’t believe we’re all doing
this.” It came out as a strained whisper.

“Oh, believe it!” I told her, but I wasn’t sure if
I did myself. I pulled my hand from the front of her pants
and with both slowly slid her jeans and panties down her
legs revealing that ass I have long lusted after. I delivered
gentle kisses to each of her globes while her still bound
hands caressed the top of my head and she shivered. I stood
up and began unbuttoning my shirt as she watched, her breasts
heaving. When my shirt was off, I kicked off my shoes, undid
my belt. While I was pulling my pants off and before my last
foot was free, she was already on her knees looking longingly
up into my eyes. My cock was throbbing and red, right in front
of her face.

“Suck him!” came a cry from below. Jen was urging us
on. Max had roller her over onto her back and was going to
town on Jens muff. Jen was grinding herself up and down as
Max’s tongue was slithering around her pleasure zone.
But Jen’s eyes were on us.

“Yes, fuck my mouth!” Gail said, again with that surprising
strength in her voice. I couldn’t argue. I caressed her
cheeks and ran my fingers into her hair on either side of
her beautiful face and pulled her forward. She opened her
mouth and her tongue licked the precum oozing from the head.
“Mmmm” She leaned forward and slowly my cock slid between
her lips as her tongue laved the shaft inside. I couldn’t
help it and my hips thrust forward. We both groaned as my
cock head hit the back of her throat. There were also groans
from across the fire as Steve and John continued to masturbate
while watching Gail gobbling my meat. I don’t think they
could see what Jen and Max were up to over the fire.

Gail came off of me for a moment and pleaded to me, “Don’t
be so gentle. I want to be used. I want you to fuck my face and
feel you going in and out of my throat.” I couldn’t believe
it. Gentle, innocent Gail. I had never let go of her head
and pulled her hard back onto me. She engulfed me again and
again I felt my head hitting the back of her throat. She gagged
for a moment and then, oh god, then I felt her throat open
and my head sliding in. Her nose was buried in my pubic hair
and her throat muscles were massaging my head as if she were
trying to swallow me whole. I pulled back slowly and then
simultaneously pulled her head and thrust my cock back
down her throat. No gag this time, just a moan that was almost
a growl.

I thrust again. What a turn on. I’d only been a passive
recipient of blow jobs before and it was intriguing to me
to control it. I continued to hold her head and thrust. By
the look of her eyes (which never left mine…another turn
on), I could tell she was getting off on this and my fear of
abusing her was evaporating. She really did want it this

She suddenly tensed and I thought I had gone too far, but
when I looked up at her I saw that she was reacting to other
stimulation. Jen was behind her caressing her ass cheeks.
Max was nowhere to be seen. Gail was still nursing on my tool.
I had stopped thrusting momentarily, but she continued
the motion, her hunger unsatisfied.

“Oooh, yes, she’s very turned on by this, ” cooed
Jen as I watched her hand wriggling unseen behind that bubble
butt as Gail’s hips were rocking in time with her mouth
on my cock. Jen removed her hand and held it up for me to see,
literally dripping with Gail’s nectar. She winked at
me as she licked off her fingers.

My lustful thoughts of Jen and Gail were interrupted by
a huge groan coming from the other side of the fireplace
and the three of us (where’d Max go?) turned to look across
the fire and see Steve spanking his monkey and erupting
across his stomach and chest, still groaning. Jen grinned
her mischievous grin and Gail groaned “Oh god, we did
that to him…” she trailed off and started to go back
down on me.

I thought I might blow soon too so I stopped Gail and pulled
her to her feet and gave her my first kiss on the lips. It was
heaven. Her nipples were pressed into my chest and my cock
had slipped between her legs and was pressing upward into
her very sloppy wet cunt lips. Her kiss was hungry as our
hands roamed over shoulders, backs and buns. I guess she
had freed her hands from the tangle of her shirt and bra.
When both of her hands found my ass cheeks, she pulled me
harder forward and my rigid cock slid along her nether lips
and she moaned into my ear. She ground her own hips amplifying
the motion of my cock sliding along her clit and lips…no
lube needed. Shit, this might make me come too soon too.
If I was going to come, I needed to be inside of her.

I pulled back away from her grabbing her hands and pulling
her with me. I backed up to one of the straw bales (used as
benches) and sat down. She got the idea and straddled my
lap and without guidance from either of our hands, slowly
lowered her pussy onto my vertical pole. There is nothing
more of a turn on than a very wet pussy. She sank down in one
smooth “fluid” motion and sighed. We sat there motionless
for a moment (thank god or I would have lost it right there).
Tight, warm, wet, velvety heaven!

We looked into each other’s eyes. Satisfaction, hunger
and lust. We kissed again very sensuously and she started
a slow gyration in my lap, more of a grinding motion of her
clit against my pubic bone than an up/down, in/out motion.
“Delicious!” I told her.

“Mmmm, ” she responded softly. I caressed her face,
her shoulders, the sides of her breasts, and over her nipples.
She moaned again looking down at my fingers flicking back
and forth lightly over her nipples as she continued to grind
her crotch into my lap. I started thrusting gently up into
her in time with her gyrations. I rolled her nipples between
my thumbs and index fingers…”Yes!” I pinched her
nipples harder and she pushed down roughly onto my cock.
“Harder!” I complied. I could feel her wetness below
increasing, if that was possible. “Fuck! It feels so
good.” The speed of her gyrations increased, still grinding
her clit on whatever she could come in contact with below,
but still allowing very little in/out motion. I might actually
last a bit more this way. I wanted it to last forever. I tugged
at her nipples and leaned forward and kissed her neck and
then gently chewed at the straining tendons there, and
pulled her nipple toward me. She cried out and suddenly
I felt a gush of liquid in my lap. I thanked the lord that she
got off before me.

“Such a naughty slut!” Jen proclaimed and delivered
a slap to Gail’s ass, a hard one. I was a little shocked,
but Gail leaned into me and gave a definite groan of pleasure.
I was pushed onto my back on the scratchy bail and I felt Gail
rise up slightly off of my cock giving Jen the full ass to
do with as she wished.

“Yes, I’m being so naughty” Gail growled into my
chest. “I need to be punished more!” With an evil laugh
she delivered another blow followed by a caress. She alternated
between slaps to a cheek and a caress. Gail thrust down on
all the way onto my cock on one particularly loud slap. She
rose up and thrust down again.

“That’s it, slut. Feed that hungry cunt with his cock.”
Gail started thrusting harder and faster, grunting with
each impact. I moaned too.

“Not yet Mr. Solar, ” Jen said and suddenly I felt her
hands grab my bouncing balls and squeeze. Jesus, that hurt.
It also quelled my imminent orgasm as Gail continued to
pump hips up and down, now rubbing her face on my chest. Her
mouth came to one of my nipples and gently chewed it. I groaned
again, this time with pleasure. This was pain that I did
like. “Turn around!” Jen ordered Gail. “I want to
see better. I want to see that cock sliding in and out of your
juicy slut pussy, see him splitting your cunt lips and watch
your cum dripping down his balls.” New Jersey girls can
be so demanding.

I think the dirty talk turned Gail on as much as her spanking
and my cock. She pulled herself off of me and I squeaked at
the loss, but moments later she was straddling me again,
this time facing away and sank back down on my engorged pole.
Heaven again. Heaven for my cock and heaven for my eyes.
The ass of my dreams was right there in my lap humping up and
down. She was leaning forward with her hands on my knees
and on the up stroke, her rose bud winked at me. I couldn’t
resist and after liking my finger reached down to tickle

“Oh, god…he’s playing with my asshole!” She told

“You know you like it. You’ve always really wanted
to be nasty!” Jen urged her on.

I needed no urging. I dipped my finger lower and felt her
labia sliding up and down on my cock and slipped it in alongside
of my cock and pulled it out dripping…better than saliva.
This time I didn’t tickle, I pushed, and in it went. She
groaned and froze, my cock and finger deeply embedded in
her most private orifices. I wiggled my finger and could
feel my rigid pole on the other side of a very thin membrane.
I pulled my finger most of the way out and plunged back in
again. She groaned again and started humping on both my
cock and finger. I pulled my finger all the way out and reached
below again and lubricated two fingers and surprisingly
easily, they both sipped into her nether hole.

“Fucking-A! I never knew!” Gail exclaimed.

“Un huh, un huh, un huh, ” chanted Jen grinning.

I pulled my fingers out again and slobbered up both thumbs
and pulling her cheeks apart inserted both and wiggled
and stretched her sphincter open. “Fuck!” was all
Gail could say as she was almost hyperventilating.

The next thing I knew I felt my knees being pushed apart and
felt a chin on my balls and a tongue on the part of my shaft
not inside of Gail. I couldn’t see any of this, but her
tongue slithered around my cock, up and over Gail’s clit
(she suddenly thrust forward) and then down to my balls.
Jen was slurping Gail’s juices that were dripping down
my balls. Then her tongue went lower and tickled my taint
(I shivered) and suddenly my whole scrotum and balls were
inside her mouth. She hummed and I shivered again and thrust
more strongly up into Gail. She grunted, but her eyes never
stopped watching Jen’s antics below.

On an up stroke, Jen grabbed my cock and pulled it forward
and into her mouth and then returned it to its proper place.
“Delicious.” Jen purred. “I really need to get fucked!
Fucked hard!” she declared.

“That can be arranged…” came a voice approaching
the fire. Gail and I stopped our grinding. I had never seen
one before but quickly understood the concept of the strap
on that Max was wearing as she walked into the firelight.
Now we knew where she went, and why.

“Rock and roll!!!” cried Jen, while Gail looked on
in wonder. It was big, much bigger than I am. “Do me like
a dog!” She pulled out from between Gail’s and my legs
and went down on her hands and knees on the ground and wiggled
her ass at max. Max smiled, and instead of fucking her straight
off, got down on her hands and knees behind her and stuck
her face into Jen’s drooling labia and started going
at her. I couldn’t see, but I’m pretty sure I knew what
she was doing, mostly because of Jen’s dirty talk…

“Oh, yeah! Lick that pussy! Mmmm. Suck those lips. Unh!
Yeah! Do that clit.” I could hardly see Max’s forehead
above those slender gams as her tongue was obviously straining
below to reach that clit. Jen was rocking her hips slightly,
perhaps afraid to lose contact between tongue and her pleasure
button. Gail was just sitting on my cock, whose only motion
was a steady throbbing. I didn’t mind. The longer the

My hands came up to Gail’s breasts which were gently rising
and falling with her erratic breathing. I gently kneaded
them and she leaned back into me with a sigh. As she laid her
head on my shoulder, I nibbled and chewed on her neck and
growled. “Look what your fantasies have inspired, ”
I whispered into her ear.

“So hot…so hot…” she trailed off. I rolled her
nipples firmly as we watched the decadent scene before
us. Jen continued to gyrate her mound up and down on Max’s
clit flicking tongue while they both just groaned. Well,
perhaps Max was saying “mmmmm, ” like “yummy”
but it was muffled.

Max’s tongue must have tired from sticking out so far,
so firmly and so long. Her head rose slightly and Jen narrated
again. “Un huh! Tongue fuck this slut pussy! Oh yeah!
Bite those lips! Ungh! Uh!” I’m guessing that Max was
biting those lips harder and harder. “Shit! Shit!! Shit!!!”
And I could literally see juices spray out from between
Max’s face cheeks and Jen’s ass cheeks as Jen convulsed
with a wild groan.

Max immediately pulled back as more pulse of Jen Juice sprayed
out. “Did I tell you that you could cum yet?!?” Max shouted
at her…and her hand came around and slapped her, not an
overhand slap of her ass as I expected, but and underhand
motion, right on that convulsing cunt, spraying micro
droplets of pussy juice every which way.

“Fuck!” cried Jen, but she didn’t pull away, and
indeed looked back at Jen with a dark smile, expectant.
Smack! “Unh!” It looked like her pussy was still flowing
profusely as multiple smacks came down. We were close enough
to get hit by the resultant mist as Jen just groaned on and
on into the dirt as Max managed to stretch out Jen’s orgasm
to the longest I’ve ever seen. She finally collapsed
completely onto the ground, muttering a string of expletives
of gratitude.

“Oh, no you don’t, bitch, ” Max said grinning as
she grabbed Jen’s narrow hips and pulled her back up to
her knees. “You told me to ‘do you like a dog, ’ and
I’m not letting you out of it, bitch.” Ass in the air,
head on the ground, Jen rolled her head to the side to look
back at Max. Max leered at her and with her fist on her artificial
phallus, pumped it a few times lewdly and moved forward,
missile locked on target and tracking….

Max walked on her knees forcing Jen’s feet apart and Jen
follow suit by moving on knee over spreading her thighs
and Max move in. She slid the head of her dildo up and down
between Jen’s well lubricated lips and just barely inserted
the head. “Mmmmm, ” responded Jen. Max let go of “her”
cock and grabbed Jen’s hips and suddenly pulled Jen back
and simultaneously thrusting her own hips forward. All
ten inches of massive dildo was thrust violently into Jen’s
cunt. “Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she cried out as Max retreated
and attacked, again and again.

Suddenly she stopped, deeply embedded and then started
grinding her hips around in circles. “Jesus, ” mumbled
Jen. “It’s going where no man has gone before! And it’s
vibrating!” she said with wonder.

“And it has two ends, ” Max said with a smirk. I had thought
she looked a little too dreamy. She pulled out and slammed
back in again, and again. “You said you wanted it hard.”
Jen just grunted with each impact.

“I need to get fucked hard now too, this is fucking making
me hornier than I’ve ever been” Gail said breathlessly.
I didn’t mind…tee hee. I’d been so hard for so long
and on the edge so many times without release that if I didn’t
blow a big load soon I was going to have a severe case of blue
balls. My hands slid from her boobs up under her arms and
helped lift her up off my lap. As she stood, my hands slid
down to her waist and I gently guided her down to her knees,
right alongside of Jen.

I knelt down next to Max, and behind Gail and grabbed and
ass check each hands and spread them apart, revealing that
tight pucker my finger had already explored and the little
piece of heaven below. I had my own tracking missile, and
it didn’t even need my hand to guide it, straight out and
turgid it found home and slid in. Gail sighed. “Now please
make this new slut pussy yours, ” she pleaded.

I withdrew and came back home, a little harder. “Fuck
her!” Jen shouted. “Fuck that new slut pussy hard!”
she echoed Gail’s words of a moment before. But further
comprehendible commentary was ended as Max restarted
her onslaught. I looked up at max and duplicated her dirty
deed. We both grinned at each other. Max raised her eyebrows
and lifter her nearest hand in the air, inviting a high five.
I cracked up. Just like a couple of jock frat boys with two
drunken coeds. I gave her the high five. And both grabbing
a pair of hips, we went back to our task of pile driving. I
could feel Gail’s pussy clutching at me as I withdrew
and fluids would leak out on every thrust inward. She just
moaned and almost squeaked with each motion. Jen was just
chanting “Fuck” with every thrust Max gave her.

“I can’t last much longer, ” I groaned.

“You’re such a man, ” Teased Max.

Jen did a funny little wiggle moving her shoulders backward
on the ground which arched her back up a bit since Max had
a firm hold of her ass. I figured out what she was doing when
her nearer arm reached out and between Gail’s parted
thighs. I felt her fingertip on my cock as her finger was
flicking back and forth over Gail’s clit. “Shit!”
exhaled Gail “oh god!” Her pelvis was rocking up and
down and her hips were rocking to and fro as I continued my
piston action. She leaned down over Jen, who was still check
down on the ground. Jen twisted her head around a little
more and Gail leaned in further for a surprisingly gentle

When Gail pulled back with a look of lust in her eyes, uttered
in that wondering breathless way, “I taste me.” And
she leaned in for another kiss. Their tongues snaked together
and Gail’s tongue wandered from Jen’s mouth to lap
her own residual juices from Jen’s lips, cheeks and chin.
Gail was moaning as she did this and suddenly thrust back
hard on me my cock felt her pussy contract and go from wet
to wetterer. She didn’t squirt like Jen obviously did.
It was more of a flow, hell, a river.

It felt unbelievable. He pussy was convulsing on my cock
as her shoulders fell to the ground, her face on its side
looking into Jen’s eyes only inches away as Max and I continued
to pump. Gail’s juiced kept flowing and she was wailing
away in a continuous orgasm. My fingers dug into her hips
and I pulled her roughly all the back onto my as my cock exploded
along with my breath. It throbbed and pulsed deep in her
womb. I kept coming and coming. Now it was my juices I felt
dripping from my balls. I just held her there, my breathing
ragged. She lay still, softly whimpering.

“I can’t take it anymore, ” came John’s voice
from right in front of us. Jesus, I’d forgotten all about
John and Steve. John was standing right in front of Jen and
Gail, beating his meet. Had he been jacking off all this
time and hadn’t cum yet? Then I thought of me. He was going
to blow an incredible load too. Steve was still in the same
spot watching from the other side of the fire, once again
stoking his long ago recovered erection.

I think John was just going to jack off until he came, perhaps
on the girls, but Jen had other ideas. She got back up on her
hands and knees and leaned close enough to lick the copious
precum from the head of John’s cock head. “Oh Jesus!”
he blasphemed. “So hot.” And he groaned as Jen took
his head in her mouth caressing it with her tongue. He groaned
again as she took him all the way in. I could see her throat
bulging as she swallowed him.

“You whore!” cried Max, as her partner schlepped on
John’s rigid cock. Max pulled her strap on from Jen’s
gaping cunt and Jen gave a moan of loss. “Little whore’s
like cock, don’t they?” she asked. Jen nodded with
John’s cock still in her mouth, forcing it up and down.
He moaned. Max swatted her ass and then bent down and kissed
the now reddening hand print. Her tongue came out to cool
the burn and slithered away and along her ass crack. She
pulled Jen’s cheeks apart and started rimming her.

“Oh, fuck!” she said, looking up at John. “She’s
licking my ass! Oh, shit! Her tongue is fucking my ass. She
moaned as she took John back into her mouth and pushed back
on to the rigid tongue that was pushing back. Gail and I were
frozen in place, still recovering from our recent orgasms
and watching this incredibly erotic show being performed
right in front of us. My cock had never gone down. This was
just too hot.

Max pulled back from Jen’s ass, but then moved in for the
kill. I watched her pull Jen’s cheek to the side and aimed
her oversized cock at Jen’s impossibly small asshole
and push. Jen let loose something between a groan and a scream
as the head forced itself inside, a cock still in her mouth.
Max slowly slid all the way in as Jen pulled off of John, and
wailed, “Jesus! You’re ripping me a new one.”

Max gave and evil laugh. “Just deserts for a nasty whore!”
She pulled back and slammed home again.

“Oh God! Unbefuckinleivable!” cried Jen.

“You like my cock stretching your dirty little ass?”
Max asked as she slammed home one more time.

“Yes!” It was as if her reply was knocked out of her by
the impact. It became a chant of “Yes, yes, yes, yes”
as max picked up speed.

“Can you quiet this sluts mouth?” she asked John. John
just nodded and grabbed Jen’s face and as her mouth opened
for another “yes” and was stuffed with Johns cock.
They were relentless. Max was slamming her forward onto
John while at the same time John was slamming her back onto
Max. Jen wasn’t entirely silenced as she gave a muffled
grunt each time. She had no control of her body as it was used
for their pleasure, and hers.

Still hard and enjoying the feel of Gail’s pulsing pussy,
Gail looked on with fascination, and hunger. She was watching
as that huge dildo plunged in and out of Jen’s ass, stretched
to the limit as her sphincter clutched to it as it withdrew.
Gail looked back at me and said, “I want some of that too.”
I chuckled.

I reluctantly pulled my still hard cock from Gail’s pussy,
dripping with our combined juices. There’d be no need
for more lube. Gail laid her shoulders onto the ground and
reached back with both hands, clasped her cheeks and spread
them apart for me. I rubbed my slick head around her rose
bud and then slowly forced myself inside. God, it was so
tight and I was still sensitive. Gail groaned and pushed
back onto me, hungry for more. I held still, balls on her
pussy, cock buried to the hilt and squeezed by her tight
ring. I pulled back slowly and pushed back in. I started
sawing in and out slowly, savoring.

“Mmmm.” Gail moaned. I’m not sure if she meant the
feeling of me in her ass or the wanton display of lascivious
action unfolding beside us. Max was still thrusting her
cock up Jen’s ass and John was face fucking Jen between
his hands. Their pace was quickening. We subconsciously
increased our own pace. John’s face was grimacing and
suddenly he thrust forward and groaned an animal noise.
Jen pulled back a little and we watched as we could see Johns
cock pulsing into her mouth as he pumped his load into the
welcoming receptacle again and again. This must have set
Jen off, because she slammed her ass back onto Max’s strap
on and ground down and moaned herself. I bet that pussy was
spraying again.

“Oh my god!” moaned Max as Jen continued to push back
and grind on the strap on. The other end must have been doing
its job because Max threw her head back and cried out. Her
body was quivering as she was lost in her own orgasm. John
pulled himself from Jen’s mouth a strand of cum stretching
between them as he collapsed back onto the ground. Max similarly
collapsed back onto her heals and sighed. Jen pulled up
off of the strap on and leaned over Gail’s back, watching
me continue to slide in and out of Gail’s tight ass. Then
a surprise…She leaned in as if for a closer look and then
let John’s cum that she had been holding in her mouth slowly
drizzle out and down onto my cock as it sluiced in and out.

I think that’s the only time I’ve ever contacted another
man’s cum, but Jesus, I didn’t care. It felt wonderful
making the perfect lubrication. Gail moaned at the new
slippery sensation. “Damn, you are one nasty woman”
I said down to Jen. She looked up at me with a smile of agreement
and licked her lips. She got up and stood over Gail and reached
down, grabbing her shoulders and hoisting her up to her
hands. Then she got down on her back and slid face under Gail’s
and pulled Gail into a kiss as they shared the remainder
of John.

She shimmied further under Gail and started in on Gail’s
distended nipple that were hanging in her face. Gail grunted.
I bet Jen just bit that nipple! Her ass clamped down harder.
I pumped harder. She was being rocked back and forth over
Jen as Jen scooted further under her. The next thing I knew
my balls were slapping against Jen’s forehead instead
of Gail’s pussy as Gail cried out and Max commanded, “eat
that pussy slut!” The command did double duty as Gail
lowered her head and forcing Jen’s upright knees apart
and started furiously tonguing Jen’s clit as Jen did
hers. Max looked at me and smiled her approval.

Suddenly Steve was in front of us. He lifted Jen’s feet
into the air, his rampant cock bobbing in front of Gail’s
face. “I’m gonna need some lube, ” he said to her.
She understood and engulfed him into her mouth and got him
nice and slobbery. He withdrew dripping. Gail hoisted
Jen’s legs higher and lewdly spread them apart. Jen’s
shiny pussy was splayed beneath his cock. He pointed it
down and slid it home.

“Who the fuck?” came Jen’s voice from below. We hadn’t
realized she didn’t know who was doing her.

“Shut up slut! And eat my cunt, ” Gail shouted down
to her. She was getting into this and not always submissive.
Jen must have obeyed, because a moment later Gail started
purring…at least that’s what it sounded like. I was
on autopilot…forward, backward, in and out. The site
of my cock sliding to and fro in that tightest of rings was
mesmerizing. Steve was grunting pumping down into Jen’s
gash. Jen was receiving Steve and licking Gail and pulling
down roughly as Gail moaned.

Max stepped up behind Steve and slipped her arms around
his sides and she reached up and pinched his nipples. He
grunted. She whispered (loudly), “fuck her ass! Fuck
her dirty little ass!” And she twisted his nipples harder.
He pulled out of her pussy shinny with natural lube, pointed
his cock further downward and pushed in. We all heard Jen’s
muffled groan. He was at an awkward angle and it looked like
he was trying to pry Jen’s pussy out of her with a crow bar.

“That’s it…fuck that slut’s ass!” Max continued
to goad him while still twisting his nipples. She let go
of one of his nipples as we all continued our thrusting and
grunting. She stuck it in her mouth and it came out dripping
with spit and she pulled it behind him. She grinned at him.
He let out a different kind of grunt. She must have slipped
it home into his ass.

“Jesus, ” he said. “She’s fingering my ass!”
But he didn’t let up his assault on Jen’s rectum. Jen
must have been inspired by Steve’s commentary on Max’s
finger action because the next thing I knew I felt a finger
sliding up the crack of my own ass from below, probing for
the hole…it slipped in and it was my turn to groan.

Max dropped to her knees behind Steve and she rotated her
wrist, probing in a different direction. He grunted and
thrust harder down into Jen. Jen wailed beneath us and then
it happened…her pussy sprayed again, hitting Steve
in the stomach and running down into his pubes as he rutted
and grunted. Suddenly he spasmed, his face in a grimace
and we all could tell he had just shot a pulse of sperm into
Jen’s ass. His spasm caused him to pull back and because
of the awkward angle his cock sprang free of the tight grip
of Jens ass. It popped upward with some force slapping Gail
in the face as it continued to gush.

I think Max was working his prostrate because this was like
no ejaculation I’d ever seen. It wasn’t so much as pulsing,
but gushing…a continuous flow. It was dripping from
Gail’s face as well as his head, puddling in Jen’s splayed
cunt below. This was too much for Gail as she suddenly convulsed
with a wail. My balls were now slapping a very wet forehead.

Gail collapsed forward and engulfed Steve’s slimy cock
whole. He shivered as her lips dragged back up his shaft,
scraping it clean. Then she leaned forward and buried her
face between Jen’s legs and feasted on the sauce. I went
into overdrive…it was too late for me. Sensory overload.
I felt my cum burst from my cock in an explosion of sperm deep
into Gail’s ass. Gail moaned into Jen’s pussy. I added
to our debauchery by pulling my cock out and pointing the
next spurt onto Gail’s pussy and then down onto Jen’s
face and into her open mouth.

“What the fuck?!?” We all turned toward the voice.
It was the caretaker…

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Shame I could only vote 'excellent' as there wasn't a 'fuckin awesome' option!!! Great story, would love to hear more.


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