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The Iceman


The afternoon passed quickly as I prepared the bedroom
for his arrival. I had waited so long to finally meet him
I wanted everything perfect. I placed the satin sheets
on the bed and positioned candles around the room for the
romantic setting I was looking for.

I contemplated what to fix for dinner, it had to be something
light; a grilled steak and tossed green salad would be perfect.
I ran out to the store to buy the things I needed. As I arrived
home with the groceries I peeled and cut the vegetables
and prepared the salad, I tenderized the steaks and marinated
them. He would be here in two hours. I placed the salad and
steaks in the refrigerator, and went in to draw my bath.

The bubbles parted as I stepped into the bathtub. I arranged
the shampoo, my razor, the mirror and my book in the basket
that rested across the tub in front of me. My washcloth was
hanging from the side of the basket, slowly drawing water
up from the tub and getting wet. I picked it up, dropped it
in the water then covered my exposed skin with it. Picking
up my book I laid back and relaxed, preparing myself for
an evening of pure ecstasy.

While attempting to read I drifted into thoughts of the
night to come, I closed my eyes; leaned my head back against
the tub and tried to imagine how his touch would feel. What
would he do first? How would his kisses feel and taste? Would
he make love to me as slowly and completely as he had so many
times on the net, or would there be such urgency that it would
go heated and fast? Images of him danced through my head.


We met in a picture chat room on the Internet. He was willing
to listen and after a while, I was willing to share and trust.
We shared hot sensual moments as well as ups and downs; we
even shared the daily ins and outs of life. He was there for
me as much as he could be and I liked the feeling of being close
to him, even though it was only on the net. I hated to admit
how special he had become in my life.

I examined every moment we had made love to one another on
line. I saw a pattern of complete lovemaking. There was
never a moment that he just “fucked” me, used me or made me
feel cheap in what we had shared. He was always so very gentle,
so kind and patient and so refreshingly slow with me, yet
he was also completely thorough when he took me.

He teased me until I didn’t think I could take anymore, and
then he showed me I could. He made sure I was completely satisfied
over and over again and because I had never had anyone make
love to me the way he had before, the tears fell from the corners
of my eyes, in pure joy. I remember clearly the desire I felt
for him and at times, the guilt for allowing him to pleasure
me in every respect.

My mind continued to wander and I looked up at the clock noticing
I had only about thirty minutes left in the bath. Picking
up my razor I shaved all the necessary places, and I positioned
the mirror in the basket to shave my mound.
I reached down and very lightly and slowly, I touched the
outer lips of my pussy, stroking upward in the water. He
taught me to pleasure myself that way. It felt so good I wanted
to continue for hours but my time was up. I parted my lips
and pulled the skin tight, then shaved each lip entirely
all the way down to my ass, smooth as silk, all over.

I let the water flow out of the tub and turned on the shower.
I took the hand held massager from its perch and rinsed my
body. As the pulsating water flowed over my clit I almost
lost my footing and I felt my knees turn to jelly. The need
to cum was so intense, but I wanted to save it for him. I finished
showering and I stepped from the tub; I turned the water
off. I wrapped my hair in a towel and grabbed the second towel
to dry my skin. When I was nearly dry I laid the towel on the
lid of the toilet and put lotion all over my body. I removed
the towel from my hair and brushed it out; I wanted to leave
it down long for the evening, knowing he liked to play in
it. I wanted to be all natural for the night. I rubbed in a
light coat of face cream and I was satisfied.

Opening the closet I looked for something to wear. Thinking
out loud, I talked myself into putting on my purple lingerie,
black stockings, hooked to the garters and my blue denim
button-down-the-front dress. I looked in the mirror and
had to be satisfied, as time was short. I slipped my feet
into black heels and surveyed the bedroom once again. Everything
was how I imagined it should be.

In the dining room I had a bottle of champagne on ice, the
table was set for two, all I had left to do was grill the steaks
and toss the salad once again. I placed several salad dressings
on the table and lighted the candles. Then I heard the knock
on the door.

My heart raced as I walked over to open the door, I looked
into his eyes and he took me into his arms and hugged me ever
so gently. He reached down and held my face in his hands then
softly kissed me again, over and over. I felt the effect
of those kisses in my teddy. I was so wet from my juices and
became even damper with his every kiss. I could never have
imagined the emotions pulsing through me. I had never felt
this way in my life and I would cherish every moment, every
kiss, every touch and every emotion we would share that

He broke the kiss and stepped back to say hello. I looked
up into his eyes and whispered hello. I had no voice at that
moment so I held his hand and lead him into the living room.
We sat on the sofa and I offered him something to drink; he
asked for ice water. After we visited for awhile I excused
myself to put the steaks on the grill and he offered to help
in the kitchen. I let him know everything was ready except
grilling the steaks; I asked how he wanted his steak cooked
and headed for the kitchen to put them on the grill.

I was leaning down in the refrigerator to get the steaks
and the salad out, when he walked up behind me and gently
pressed his hardness into the cheeks of my ass. My body responded
instantly by pressing back against him and I dropped the
dishes back onto the shelf of the refrigerator.

I slowly stood up, turned to face him and gently pulled him
into my arms for one of those deep passion filled kisses.
Our tongues danced together and I felt his arms encircle
me. I pressed my body into his, letting him know just how
much I wanted him and how very much he excited me. I whispered
in his ear “I want to make love with you before we eat, okay?”

His eyes sparkled; he took my hand and I lead him to the bedroom.
The candles were just enough light, as he began to slowly
unbutton my dress. He kissed my skin between each button
sending chills over my body. He reached the lacey lingerie
and nodded in approval, as he finished removing my dress.
His fingers slipped under each shoulder strap of my teddy
and he pealed it off of me so carefully and slowly I thought
I would die before he finished. I reached out and slid my
hands under his shirt, touching him lightly as he removed
my clothing. I felt his chest and stroked every inch of his
body as he laid my clothes aside.

I unbuttoned his shirt and slowly slid it down his arms,
removing it from his body. Hung it on the chair and I moved
into his arms again. I reached for his mouth and I kissed
him deeply again. He took my breath away, all over again.
I reached between us and opened the button and zipper on
his pants. As they dropped to the floor I hooked my fingers
into the top of his underwear and I began to slowly remove
them. I was so excited; I wanted to feel him so badly.

We both were completely undressed and we lay down on my bed.
He reached over and offered me a drink of the ice water beside
the bed. I sipped as I watched his eyes devour me; I saw the
adoration in his eyes, which was, for so long, just words
over a computer. I was so happy that he was there with me,
even if it was only a short period of time. I was very happy
that I took a chance with him.

I passed the glass back to him and after setting it on the
bedside table he covered my body with his, kissing me, whispering
in my ear, that he had wanted this for a very long time. He
told me with his body how much he wanted me, how much he needed
me and how very much he wanted to pleasure me.

Sliding down my body he gently sucked my right nipple into
his warm mouth. He rolled it over his tongue and literally
made love to that one nipple. His hands encircled both of
my breasts and he gently squeezed them as his mouth continued
to firmly and completely lick, suck and kiss each one. I
was breathless and very wet.

He reached for the left nipple and flicked his tongue over
the hard little bud, pleased that he could make me shiver
and moan in lust for him. He took that nipple into his mouth
and gently sucked as his tongue flicked the bud. I was cuming
from just his mouth on my breasts. I pressed my body into
his as the heat rose in me. I felt the intense pleasures from
his mouth and allowed myself to release soft, quiet moans
of heated passion in response to his mouth exploring my

He slipped off my body and lay down beside me; he continued
his gentle sucking of my right breast and I felt his fingers
touching my skin ever so softly. I felt one of his hands slide
under my neck as the other traced my entire body. His touch
was so light and gentle I wanted to scream out from the intense
pleasure I was feeling. I felt the burning trail of his touch
all over me and he leaned in and kissed me again; all the while,
touching me. He traced my breasts with just the tip of his
fingers, moving down each side of my body and across my entire
torso. My skin was on fire and I experienced a deep passion
I had never known.

I felt his touch on my mound, softly tracing it just like
he did my entire body and I gasped from the delight of his
touch. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to experience
every sensation, every burning feeling deep inside me.
I felt the lips of my pussy swell as he took his time touching
every inch of me. I was so wet from my excitement and from
the intense desire I felt for him, my body was literally
on fire. I loudly moaned and my body reached out for his expert
touch, wanting and needing more.

His every move up and down my body seemed choreographed,
like a perfect performance, in replica of every time we
had made love on line. He gently moved his mouth down over
my skin planting licks and tiny kisses along the way. His
hands framed my body as he slid down to lick and suck on my
bald mound. I felt the heat of his breath as he moved over
every inch of my skin. His tongue branded my flesh; I knew
I would never forget this night as long as I lived.

My body responded to his every touch, involuntarily moans
escaped from deep within me as he rekindled that fire from
deep within. Everything about us blended together like
we had done this over and over before, anyone looking at
us would never have believed that this was the first time
we had seen one another in real life, and definitely the
first time we had ever made love.

The sensation of him in the flesh was like nothing I could
have ever imagined. The powerful feelings he evoked in
me drove me wild. I could never have anticipated the feelings
I experienced that night. I wanted him buried deep inside
me, right at that very moment, but I knew he would take me
very slowly. I allowed my hands to roam all over him, touching
and feeling him as he took his time on me. I loved the feel
of his body and the way he responded to my touch. I never dreamed
I could evoke such excitement from him.

He slid his finger down over the outer lips of my bald pussy.
He traced them softly and slowly. As I spread my legs wider
for him, he used just the tip of his finger to trace each lip.
He used the gentlest of touch and was unbearably slow. His
touch sent me to the stars. Instinctively I tried to pull
away from the unyielding pleasure he was giving me. I felt
myself climbing that invisible wall at the top of the bed
in an attempt to get away from his touch. I grasped at the
pillows as I loudly cried out the excitement I was feeling;
I was in total ecstasy.

He continued tracing the outer lips of my pussy ever so slowly
while he still sucked and teased my nipples. He drove me
crazy with uninhibited desire, my body responded with
exceptionally swollen pussy lips, my juices flowed freely,
and my hips pressed down on his fingers in an attempt to lodge
them deep inside of me. I could not describe how good he felt
to me; I could only loudly moan and cry out his name. I was
so needful and out of control; I begged him to enter me. He
was not finished teasing and pleasuring me yet.

He traced the outer lips of my pussy more, up one side and
down the other several times then slipped his finger into
my wetness. He slid his finger up and down the inner lips
of my pussy so slowly I thought I would die of pure pleasure.
He had positioned himself so that he could watch my face
as he teased me and took me over the edge; he saw the look of
total bliss.

He gently tapped my clit ring and sent shock waves throughout
my body. I gasped from the electric like feeling that shot
through my body and I pressed my pussy down in search of his
fingers; I wanted them deep inside me. He had me cuming all
over his hand and there was nothing I could do about it except
lay back and enjoy it.

He continued ever so slowly tracing the inner lips of my
pussy; up one side and down the other, continuously. My
hips were pressed down on his hand in an attempt to capture
his finger inside me but to no avail. He continued to trace
the lips of my pussy both inside and outside. He was the most
through and gentle, expertly slow lover I had ever experienced
and I loved every minute of it. He made me cum for him over
and over again before I finally felt the tip of his finger
at the entrance to my pussy.

He slowly slipped his finger inside my hot, wet cavern.
He reached the depths of me and softly slipped his finger
in and out of me over and over again, long, slow, deep strokes.
He introduced another finger inside of me and slowly brought
me to heights of joy I had only imagined. I felt one of his
fingers softly touching the inside top of my pussy; gently
rubbing the bottom side of my clit. He made tiny little circles
with his finger and gently rubbed back and forth. He reached
up with his other hand and wetted a finger in my juices; he
then rubbed tiny circles over my clit sending me over the
edge all over again. I had never cum so much in my life.

I felt him gently pull the hood back over my clit to expose
the tiny little head; he then gently rubbed over that head
with one finger while his other hand was deep inside me rubbing;
I can not describe the feeling I experienced at that moment,
all I know is I cried out his name over and over as my orgasm
peaked and I squirted all over his hand. My hands involuntarily
grasped the bed as I cried out for more; I begged him to enter
me, to give me his hard cock, but he wasn’t finished teasing
me yet. I felt his fingers inside my pussy sliding in and
out; he was still fingering me very slowly and he was lightly
rubbing the sides of my clit, gently tapping my clit ring
on occasion. He was driving me crazy with desire; he tapped
into a passion I didn’t know I had.

I felt him shift his body and then I felt his hot breath and
tongue as he licked, up the lips of my pussy and then down
again. I noisily moaned and my body responded to his touch
all over again. My head rolled back and forth as his tongue
teased the lips of my dripping wet pussy. Feeling his tongue
explore my every crevice I pressed my hips down in an attempt
to capture his tongue as he licked up and down both the outer
and inner lips of my pussy. I had never experienced this
kind of pleasure in my entire life.

He pressed his lips around my clit and at the same time expertly
slid two fingers deep into my throbbing pussy, I screamed
out his name as I began to cum and he sucked on my clit relentlessly.
My ass rose up off the bed and my entire body shuddered in
one long slow orgasm. I tried to catch my breath and gasped
as he slowly took me over the edge again. I begged him to bury
his hard cock deep inside me; but he acted like he couldn’t
hear me. He continued to slowly lick, tease and suck on my
pussy lips and clit until I begged him to stop. I didn’t think
I could take any more. He showed me that I could.

His finger began to slowly trace the outer lips of my drenched
pussy again. The feeling of his fingertip over just the
exceptionally wet lips was so sensual to me; it felt like
silk. I laid back and I was able to relax some, as he teased
me even more. I felt him slightly spread my swollen lips
to trace the inner lips, up and down each side. It was like
he was trying to memorize my entire pussy. He inserted his
fingers and traced every inch of me over and over again,
and then slid his fingers inside me and curled them upward,
locating that spongy spot just inside my hole and he took
me to the ultimate climax all over again.

As sudden as I exploded onto his fingers I felt his fingers
deep inside my drenched pussy. He was sliding them slowly
in deep, and slowly pulling out again, in very long lazy
strokes. I looked down into his eyes and I saw the enjoyment
as he continued to tease and taunt me. I know he saw the look
of pure pleasure in my eyes and he knew it was the first time
anyone had ever seen that look on my face.

When I felt his body begin to slide up mine I was more than
ready to feel his hard cock enter me and I believed he finally
wanted inside me. He reached for the glass of ice water beside
the bed and took a drink. He offered it to me and I rose up to
my elbows to sip, I felt it wash away the dryness from my throat.
It was very refreshing and I handed the glass to him and lay
back on the bed.

He lay down beside me and I jumped and shivered when he circled
my nipples with an ice cube. I felt my nipples harden from
the cold touching my skin and the immediate heat of his breath
as he trailed the ice with his mouth. It was sensation I couldn’t
put into words, but I enjoyed it; feeling the contrasting
elements of hot and cold on my skin was so very sensual and
exciting; I wanted more. He traced the ice cube down over
my body and licked the trail with his tongue. My whole body
responded to him, shivering and shuddering as I began to
build to another explosive orgasm.

I felt the ice cube against my clit and my hips rose off the
bed in an attempt to escape the cold. He slipped the ice cube
into his mouth and gently rubbed my clit; then immediately
re-warmed it by stroking it with his fingers. The feeling
was absolutely incredible. I completely let go, and for
the first time, gave him complete control to draw those
deep passionate feelings from me. It was something I would
never forget.

As I lay back enjoying his touch, I felt the chill before
I actually felt the ice touch the lips of my engorged pussy.
I dug my heels into the bed as the ice first touched my skin
and then immediately he followed with the heat of his mouth.
He traced a line over my mound and down to my pussy again.
As he slid the ice up and down the lips of my pussy I felt the
droplets of the melting ice slide down into the crease of
my ass and onto the bed.

The re-warming of my pussy lips with his skilled tongue
and mouth continued to keep me on the edge of orgasm. I felt
him slip the ice cube between my pussy lips and slide it up
and down the slit; he was so slow in taking me I could have
died waiting. Up and down with the ice cube, followed immediately
with his tongue, I pressed my hips down against his mouth
and begged for him to take me.

I felt a large ice cube slide deeply into my hot pussy; I shuddered
stiffly from the shock of the cold feeling deep inside.
My pussy instantly constricted around the ice cube and
he very sensually slid his body up on top of mine. He kissed
me deeply and very passionately as his hard cock entered
my pussy in one long, exceedingly slow stroke. He held himself
deep inside me, and made me experience the feeling of his
warm cock as it chased the ice cube deep into my hot pussy.
My pussy cinched down around his cock in an attempt to prevent
him from taking it away. The feeling of ice cold and his hard
cock was more than I could take and I came hard all over him
again. He just held himself deep in my pussy as I made my way
through another wonderful orgasm. He whispered in my ear
and asked me to squeeze his cock harder with my pussy, I cinched
down on him again, feeling every inch of his hardness as
he slowly rocked back and forth deep inside of me.

He began to leisurely make love to me and slowly thrust in
and out of me, my hips reach out and up to meet his every move.
He can feel how wet I am from my orgasm and we no longer feel
the cold from the ice. It has melted. Our bodies enmeshed
into one and we moved together as if we were made to be that
way. He moved slowly allowing me to experience every fraction
of inch of every thrust into my hot, wet, swollen pussy.


He lay down on top of me and kissed me so tenderly and so passionately;
I continued to contract my muscles around his cock. I reached
down to pull him deeper into me by placing my hands on the
cheeks of his ass and squeezing them, pulling upward. I
was overwhelmed with a fiery passion I had never felt before
and I had no words to describe what I was feeling.

We spent the following couple of hours just making slow
passion filled love with each other. He slid down my body
again to suck on my clit; I twisted around to begin slowly
licking my juices from the silky, stretched skin of his
engorged cock.

I slowly licked just the shaft of his cock, using very deliberate
strokes of my tongue, from base to head. I licked all the
way around every inch of him and felt him swell even more
as I devoured his cock with my tongue and mouth.

I dropped down just a bit lower and began to lick his balls,
gently and slowly, memorizing every inch of him, feeling
the different textures of his skin with my tongue, inhaling
the scent of us, tasting the blend of our juices. I was intoxicated
as I made love to that man.

I wrapped my fingers around his cock shaft and I softly stroked
him as I slipped the first of his balls into my mouth. I gently
sucked on it, teased and rolled it in my mouth and over my
tongue I made sure I covered every inch and then I gently
moved over to the other. I was sucking and licking and gently
stroking and I couldn’t help but feel his tongue tease my
clit and taste my juices as I brought him to the edge of orgasm
over and over again with my hands and mouth. Then with just
the firm tip of my tongue I teased that very sensitive skin
just under his balls, back and forth, over and over again.
I felt him breathing heavier and I heard his soft moans as
he enjoyed my mouth exploring him.

I wanted him to feel so much from me, I felt as though anything
I did was immeasurable to what I just felt so deeply from
him. I fitted my mouth over just the head of his enlarged
cock and pressed my lips firmly around it. I teased the eye
with the tip of my tongue, darting in and out then sucked
and licked gently. I applied more pressure with my lips
and sucked harder, gently raking my teeth over the head.


I looked up into his eyes as I kissed the very tip of his cock,
just before I slid the entire length of him deep into my mouth.
I pressed my lips firmly around the base of his cock and slowly
pulled up, ever so slowly. I teased and tasted his cock for
as long as I dared; I didn’t want him to cum just yet.

Reaching down I cupped his balls into one of my hands and
he slowly began to finger my wet pussy again; my mouth bobbed
up and down over his hardness; I licked and sucked, and memorized
every inch of him with my tongue and mouth. I tasted his pre
cum as my tongue slid over the head of his swollen cock. I
heard him moan and groan with pleasure as I continued to
take him to the edge once more.

As he withdrew his fingers from deep within the folds of
my distended pussy, I was again kissing just the tip of his
cock. He turned and slid up my body, kissed me firmly and
passionately and he unhurriedly entered me one more time.
He filled me completely full and took me to the stars all
over again. He moved so leisurely inside of me I thought
I would pass on from the intense pleasure I felt.

I kissed him deeply and very passionately when I felt that
ultimate orgasm sneak up on me. I broke the kiss and I tried
to catch my breath; my whole body stiffened readying for
my release. My pussy cinched down around his cock, stroked
it, and milked him as I exploded all over him. My hot cum coated
his cock as he was lodged deep inside of me. It set off his

I felt every contraction of his hard cock deep inside me
and every hot splash of his cum. I pulled him as close to me
as I could and wrapped my arms around him and held him as my
pussy milked every drop of cum from his cock. I heard his
breathing slow and felt his body relax against mine before
I released my arms from around him. We lay holding each other,
trying to catch our breath and then rolled to our sides;
he was still lodged inside of me; he held me close and wrapped
his arms around me as we laid together, each lost in thought
of what we had just experienced.

A short time later I felt him slip from within my pussy and
I rolled over to kiss him. We lay in each other’s arms and
quietly talked and relaxed for a short while then we slipped
into robes to finish fixing dinner.

I started the steaks on the grill and he opened the champagne
pouring each of us a glass. Dinner was perfect. We enjoyed
the steaks, the salad and champagne it was the perfect choice
of meal. We left the dishes and the table and went to the living
room to finish our drinks, relax and talk.

I leaned over to rest my head on his shoulder as we talked
about the different things each was thinking. I felt his
arm reach out around me and his fingers gently played in
my hair. He softly stroked it as he told me how good he felt
and how much he enjoyed dinner. I thanked him and began caressing
his skin under the robe’s opening with just the tips of my

I sat my glass down on the coffee table and turned my body
toward the back of the sofa, facing him. I looked deeply
into his eyes as I slipped the tie open on his robe. I used
just the tips of my fingernails and lightly stroked his
chest; I traced his upper body with my lips and tongue, I
leaned down and took one of his nipples into my mouth. I explored
it completely with my mouth. I liked feeling his nipple
respond to my tongue flicking over it, firmly and quickly,
and then sucking it into my mouth. I blew my warm breath over
the tip and watched it perk up as the cool breeze from the
air replaced my breath. I sucked on it more. I moved to the
other nipple and repeated the same thing.

As I teased him I was wet with desire and I softly moaned when
I felt his hand slip down into the folds of my robe, seeking
out my clit. I placed my hand over his and gently put pressure
on his fingers as he stroked my pussy lips and clit. I wanted
to feel what he felt as he touched me; I wanted to memorize
every stroke of his fingers, his mouth and hands as he touched
all those places deep inside and outside of me.

I reached up and looped my hand around the back of his neck
to bring his mouth to mine for a long lingering, deep passionate
kiss. My fingers extended into his hair and gently snaked
through the silky strands as I pressed his mouth to mine.
I introduced my tongue to his and as they danced together;
I felt his fingers enter my pussy once again.

I allowed my left knee fall outward and open wide for his
fingers and I pressed my hips downward to capture them deep
within me. I felt his fingers so deep inside of me and I lightly
pressed my pussy down on them and rocked gently. I was in
heaven and I wanted him again. I needed him to take me again.

Looking into his eyes I gently pulled his fingers from within
me and slowly stood. I gently pulled him from the sofa and
I lead him into my bedroom.

Our robes dropped to the floor as we lay down on the bed. I
felt him reach for me and I melted into his arms. We hugged
and kissed and touched and tasted each other all over again
and as he fed his fingers into the folds of my pussy I felt
that need grow and engulf me once more. My hips pressed against
him in search of satisfaction and my heart swelled from
the emotions he stirred deep within me.

I felt him roll me to my back as he covered my body with his.
He was kissing and licking my neck and chest. He teased me
with his hot breath over my nipples. His hands squeezed
my breasts together as he made love to them all over again.

I felt him as he slid up my body and straddled my chest. His
cock was hard as a rock as he placed it between my breasts
and slowly moved forward and back. I reached around and
pressed my breasts together as he slipped between them,
my tongue snaked around the head of his cock as he pressed
forward, and I licked his cock with every stroke, occasionally
capturing the head between my lips to suck on.

As he moved to the side of me, I playfully got up on all fours
and looked into his eyes with a needy look, I felt him move
around behind me and slide his cock head up and down the slit
of my pussy. He lingered near my clit ring and used his forefinger
to slowly stroke over top of my ring, he tapped it and I moaned
from the sensations I felt. I reached down between my legs
and took hold of his cock; I playfully teased my clit and
as I was teasing myself I felt a strange sensation.

I felt his cool thumb at the entrance to my ass, laying there,
softly pressing against the tiny virgin opening. The feeling
of his thumb, my fingers and the head of his cock drove me
wild. I wanted him so badly once again. I wiggled my ass back
against his willing thumb and I feel it slip through the
opening to my ass and stop.

The feeling was sensational. I had never felt anything
so intense before. I tried to push back onto his thumb to
get it deeper, but he prevents me from moving as he gently
moved his thumb in and out of my ass in tiny strokes. He teased
me and made me experience every slight movement from his

I felt the ice cube as he slid it over my ass cheeks, his thumb
still slowly, agonizingly teasing me. I felt the droplets
of the melted ice slip down over my hips as he teased me more.
I wiggled my ass in an attempt to get more of that intense
feeling that his thumb provided and instead I felt him gently
ease it away from me. I moaned out loud my disappointment,
it had felt so good. I couldn’t believe the drastic contrast
in feelings from his fingers in my pussy to his thumb in my
ass, I only wanted more.

He had the ice cube slowly circling around my ass hole, the
melted droplets eased down into my hot pussy. Involuntarily
I continued to press my hips back for more; I never dreamed
anything could feel so good. He suddenly slipped the ice
cube into my pussy and slid his rigid cock right in behind
it, chasing it deep into me; I screamed out and shuddered
as I came all around his hard cock.

Gripping him tightly inside my pussy I felt his cold thumb
at the opening to my ass once again. I couldn’t take it, the
powerful feelings are more than anything I have ever felt
and I pressed back hard against him, I lodged his cock deeper
into my pussy as I felt his thumb slip into my ass once again.


My breathing was short and shallow and my moans of longing
increased with every fraction of movement from either
his cock or his thumb. I wanted to feel it all very deep inside
me and as his cock stirred in the depths of my pussy I exploded
in orgasm with his thumb just inside my ass. I felt him slide
slowly in and out of my pussy with those long deep strokes
allowing my orgasm to flow and last longer than before.

I caught my breath just as he removed his thumb from my ass
and I groaned in disappointment. He slid his cock deeper
into my pussy and tells me to squeeze his cock hard and to
focus on only that feeling. I was hanging on the edge of bliss
and crazy with desire for the new sensations he brought
out in me. After what felt like hours of squeezing his cock
inside me, stroking it with the muscularly folds of my pussy,
I felt another piece of ice rimming my ass, melting the rough
edges off of it and I felt the droplets flow from down his
cock onto my pussy between us. I couldn’t stay still and
I bucked back against him, I wanted his thumb in my ass again,
I had never experienced such intense sensations before,
and I just wanted more.

He slipped the ice cube into my ass and allowed it to just
slide deeply into me. I wanted him to give me more. I wanted
that thumb buried inside of my ass, deep. I felt the sensations
of the second ice cube sliding over my ass cheeks, instinctively
I knew he was rounding the edges and the anticipation of
it entering me was almost overwhelming. I wanted more.

He slid the ice between my ass cheeks and circled my ass over
and over again. Only after teasing and taunting me with
it, he slipped it into my ass. Immediately he followed it
with his thumb, he didn’t stop until his thumb was buried
all the way inside of me and I cried out in ecstasy from the
feelings of contrasting hot and cold as well as the fullness
from his thumb buried in my ass. I was aware of his thumb as
he began to move it in and out of my ass, ever so slowly and
I pressed back onto his cock and held it tighter and tighter
within my pussy, enjoying the feelings of the thumb, the
ice and his cock all at the same time. I exploded with an orgasm
more powerful than ever. Feeling him withdraw his thumb
and then his cock, I was again disappointed; it felt like
the more he showed me, the more I wanted.

Suddenly there was a strange sensation at the opening to
my ass, the feeling of the cold lube and then the head of his
cock. A brief sense of panic covered me; his cock was much
larger than his thumb. I felt the head slip through the opening
to my ass and he stopped; he held it there as my body adjusted
to the intrusion. He ran his hands over my back and down over
my ass cheeks, gently and lightly as he waited for me to adjust.


I pressed my ass back on his cock trying to take more inside
me as the sensation of pure pleasure overcame me. I felt
his hands grasp my hips and he controlled the amount of his
cock entering me. He whispered to me to take it slow and easy
or it would be very painful, and the last thing he wanted
to do was to hurt me. I was wiggling my ass back on him for more
and I felt him slowly enter me a bit more. I wasn’t able to
control the loud moans of complete satisfaction as I finally
felt his entire length embedded inside my ass. I never felt
so full before.

After what felt like forever he began stroking in and out
of my ass with very slow and steady movements. I could not
believe the incredible pleasure I was experiencing for
the first time with his cock deep in my ass. I had never known
anything that felt so good to me. He reached around and firmly
teased my nipples; he rolled them and slightly pinched
them as he increased his intensity in my ass. I felt the edge
of an orgasm that was powerful and I allowed myself to completely
let go and feel it again.

I was so wet and it was different from ever before; I reached
down to discover a very slippery fluid escaping from my
clit all over the bed, I squirted; something else I thought
I would never experience. I reached for his hand and guided
him to feel it for himself and I felt his cock thrust deeper
and harder inside my ass. I felt like I would die from the
sensations he had brought out of me that night.

Suddenly and without any warning he removed his cock from
my ass and swiftly rolled me onto my back. I watched as he
took an ice cube into his mouth and another into his fingers.
He placed my legs up over his shoulders and rounded the edges
of the ice cube up and down between my breasts while he sucked
on the other one. I watched as he slipped the first and then
the second into my ass and chased them with his cock. The
feeling deep inside my ass of the ice followed by his hot
cock set me off all over again and I cried out as I exploded.
He folded my body in half as he leaned down and kissed me deeply
and passionately.

I reached down and stroked my clit as I squeezed his cock
with my ass. He moaned from the tight feeling and the contractions
around his cock from my ass. I raised my hips up as much as
I could, looked into his eyes and begged him to take me harder,
deeper, and faster. I wanted more of that awesome sensation.

I felt every inch of him buried in my ass. I felt his balls
slapping against my ass cheeks as he took me hard and fast.
He hammered in and out of my ass until I squirted all over
us again.

I had cum more times that night than I had ever cum in one session.
I had experienced mind blowing orgasms and actually squirted
a few times. I felt his cock swell even larger and watched
as his orgasm rose up in him and he was ready to explode.

I cinched down harder on his hard cock with my ass, pressed
up with my hips and took every possible inch of him deep inside
me. I looked into his eyes and told him to give it all to me;
I told him to cum hard and deep in my ass. I saw it in his face
just as I felt every contraction of his cock as he shot his
cum so deep into my ass. He loudly moaned as he continued
to shoot into me.

I had never experienced anything that ever came close to
the feelings of him shooting his cum in my ass or his cock
pounding so deeply inside of my ass. I didn’t want it to ever
stop. I wanted this man to make love to me forever, but our
time was quickly coming to a close.

He collapsed down over my body and I held him close and in
time his cock slipped from my ass. He rolled to my side and
pulled me close whispering his pleasures into my ear. He
told me how good it felt to make love to me and how special
it was to introduce me to very new and mind blowing pleasures.
After a long time of feeling him close and holding me, he
kissed me long and deep, and then headed for the shower.

I followed him into the shower and surprised him by slipping
in behind him. I took my time washing every inch of him and
rinsing him off, touching him everywhere and then washed
myself. He stepped out and began drying himself and I followed.
As he dressed I slipped my robe on and watched.

I saw someone very special to me. I saw a man who made love
to me like no man in my entire life and I watched this very
special part of my life walk to the door. He leaned down and
kissed me tenderly and deeply then slipped out the door
that just hours ago he had entered and had taken me to pleasures
I could never have imagined.

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