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The Hookup


A surprising excitement ran through me as I took a seat in the corner stool of the downtown bar. I kept hidden in the shadows away from whatever light made its way past the smoke stained lamps hanging throughout.
The bartender’s agility surprised me, he moved surprisingly well for a short, balding, mid-fiftyish man, sporting a stained yellowish T-shirt, and a dirty white apron that barley tied around his midsection.
“Name’s Charlie, haven’t seen you here before, what’ll it be?”
“Stoli, two shots, no ice Charlie,” I replied in a hushed voice, keeping my head down to avoid eye contact. With one hand, he flipped two shot glasses up from behind the counter and placed them in front of me, while with the other retrieved the vodka and filled the glasses.
I sat sipping at my Stoli, waiting, watching, keeping the second shot for… the front entry squealed open, announcing yet another arrival. “Could it be him?” I thought. He is above average height, athletic, handsome, muscular. His eyes moved left to right then caught mine in the corner. Strutting down the center of the bar, eyes never shifting their gaze away from me, he arrived.
“Come here often? You don’t mind if I sit here, you’re alone, right?”
“Free country.”
“Haven’t seen you before? Thought I knew all the attractive women that come here, what’re you drinking?”
“None of your business!”
“Don’t be that way, just trying to be friendly.”
“Stoli,” I snipped.
“Charlie, two Stoli’s!”
Leaning into me, almost touching, he cocked his head trying to look into my eyes as I twisted my head farther to the opposite side.
“Hazel eyes, I love hazel eyes, and blonde hair, are you a natural blonde too?”
“Is that it? Your best line? You expect me to put out with that? I expect something more than, I love hazel eyes crap, and what kind of pathetic flirt is asking me are you a natural blonde? You want me to spread my legs right here, give you a peek?” I was tempted, I wasn’t wearing any underwear, and I was soooo wet, I wondered how long I could keep up this role play.”
“We can save that for later,” he grinned.
“Oh, and you think there’ll be a later?”
He stepped off the stool and said, “don’t hold that thought,” and made his way to the jukebox in the corner. Soon the room echoed with sounds of a lone sultry sax.
Charlie set the drinks next to mine, while he came strolling back and asked, “Dance with me, c’mon, nobody’s around, dance with me.” When I didn’t respond he bent down on one knee, stretched out his hand and sang “come to me, sway with me, dance with me.”
“Okay! Okay! Not great but better,” I replied with a grin. I stood, took his hand, and in one motion he pulled my body into his so close I could smell his cologne, god he smelled good.
“What’s your name?”
“Amy.” I replied, Amy isn’t my real name, when we play this game we never use our real names.
“How am I doing Amy? Name’s Brian.”
“What else you got?”
“Hotel room around the corner,” he stated, half serious, no all serious!
“Just like that?”
“Yep, just like that.”
“Hey slow down, let’s have a drink or two, see if we click.”
“What’s to click? I’m a man, your hot, nights not getting younger.”
“Hmph, let’s have those drinks,” I said, pushing off his chest and strutting back to his stool.
“I’ll sit here, you don’t mind do you Brian?” I stated as I sat down at his stool. I took my finger and stirred it in one of his drinks, brought it to my lips and sucked on it. “Charlie, another four Stoli’s, Brian and I have some flirting to do.” I picked up his shot and threw the warm liquid down my throat. I noticed a large bulge in his pants while he sat next to me, pushing my drink to him he picked it up and downed it. Placing the four shots in front of us, Charlie remained silent, shook his head and left.
One after another we downed them all, “I’m feeling pretty good about us, what hotel did you say you were at?
“Marriott, round the corner, damn, can’t remember what room, my head’s spin… wait…” Brian pulled a keycard out of his pocket, “room seven twenty seven twenty-three.”
“C’mon sweetie, let’s go while you can still walk.” I picked up my purse and threw four twenties on the counter. “Drinks on me, now let’s find that room.”
We arrived at the Marriott, made our way through the lobby, and onto the elevator.
“How you doing?” I asked. His response was a shaky nod while he staggered back into the corner. A mechanical buzz sounded as each floor passed, several seconds later the doors opened. Grabbing him with both hands I pulled him forward and out, he staggered before regaining his footing.
“C’mon Brian” I said struggling to move him along to the room. Pulling the key-card from his pocket I inserted it into the locking mechanism, the light flashed green as the door unlocked. Moments after entering Brian passed out.
“My head, hey, hey what’s happening?” Brian slurred as he slowly opened his eyes. “My head feels like, like someone’s pounding on it, hey, wait, what the! Why are my hands tied to the chair, why, why am I naked, you drugged me!”
Once I regained my composure, I noticed Amy was naked, lying on the edge of the bed, her pussy spread open for me to see. Her pussy was throbbing, she had obviously been touching herself before I woke. Without a word she began touching herself again, she slid her fingers deep inside to moisten them and began playing with her clit. I realized I was hard, and didn’t care that I was tied to the chair. I wanted her, I wanted to touch her, taste her, and feel the warmth of her sexuality all over me.
“Do you like what you see Brian?” Amy teased. “Most men have fantasies of having their way with a woman, you are now my fantasy! I’m going to have my way with you all night, don’t struggle and I promise it will be a night you’ll never forget.” Amy stopped touching herself and stood, her body was exquisite, tits tight to her body, nipples erect standing perfect on her breasts. I could feel myself becoming even harder, she moved closer, I could smell the sweetness of her skin, I could see her labia and clit engorged.
She walked behind me and spoke in a whisper, “you want to fuck me Brian, but I’m not going to let you.” I let out a gasp, I was straining against the ropes. I wanted to take her, throw her on the bed and fuck her until we couldn’t move, but I was helpless, at her mercy. She slowly slid around the chair, arching her back so her tits were just far enough away that I couldn’t touch them with my mouth. She moved her pussy up into me, I could feel the wetness on my cock as she pushed herself against me.
Once again she moved behind me, lowered her mouth to my ear and said, I said you want to fuck me, but the truth is I want to fuck you! Now relax and let me enjoy you, give yourself to me. Startled I felt the chair begin to tip backwards, but it didn’t fall, Amy was lowering it to the ground, but for what? I was on my back, looking up towards the ceiling when she came back into view. She straddled herself over me, pivoted and sat down on my chest. I could smell the sex on her pussy, I could see how excited and wet she was while she gyrated her body just inches from my face. Slowly she moved herself closer and closer until my mouth was on her.
I was so fucking hard! Her pussy was on my mouth and my tongue was discovering her, tasting the sweetness of her juices, strawberries with a touch of salt, I smiled. I was doing exactly what she wanted, I continued to suck on her, bite her labia, my tongue exploring, plunging deep into her whenever she thrust herself into me. Time seemed to stand still, I don’t know how long I was eating her out when she began to moan and quiver, I moved more of my tongue all over her, sucking on her now swollen clit, pushing under her hood and flicking, then plunging inside her, deeper and deeper.
As she began to cum, she arched her back more, revealing her tight little ass. She pushed herself into me lifting as I licked and sucked on her sweet swollen pussy, she wanted me to rim her, I had no choice but to comply. I went between her pussy and ass, she moaned, quivered, her whole body shaking. As she calmed I would begin to suck on her clit again, thrust my tongue deep inside her and tongue fuck her until she came again. “Well are you going to use your hands?” she stated. I realized my hands were free, she loosened the ropes while I was eating her, and I was free, but did I want to be free?
Slowly I raise my hands so I could fondle her tight breasts, feeling under them, around them. As I fondled her, I could sense her becoming wetter, she was dripping onto my chest. Firmly grasping under her arms, I lifted her body, pulling myself up from under her, my face, now even with hers, I could see the ecstasy in those beautiful hazel eyes. She leaned forward and began kissing her juices off my face. I could feel my cock harder than I remember it ever being. She set her lips on mine, and we kissed, long deep, arousing, as she explored my mouth with her tongue.
Bringing my hands under her thighs I lifted her higher, I could see my cock just below her swollen pussy, juices dripping all over the head. Slowly lowering her onto me, my head could feel the inside of her pussy, wet, tight. She began moving back and forth as I lowered her the rest of the way, she groaned with pleasure. Free of the chair, I lowered myself back down, holding her up with my arms, hands on her breasts. She was right, she was fucking me, I wasn’t fucking her.
After she made herself cum again, she stood off of me. Reached down took my hand and pulled me face to face, while waling me to the bed. Laying down she said “I told you I would fuck you all night, if you haven’t noticed its morning, your turn to fuck me, any way you want.” Looking on the bed there were ropes with padded restraints, and a pair of handcuffs to her side. She rolled over, knelt up and picked up the handcuffs clasping them around both her wrists. On her knees, she lowered the front of her body giving me a few of both her ass and pussy. “Fuck her any way I want, I thought to myself, this was going to be a night to remember.

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