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The Homecoming


“A few sessions at the gym wouldn’t do you any harm.” Katy
can be quite sarcastic at times however in this case I would
actually agree with her. OK, so I’m not exactly over the
hill but I am probably slightly past my physical best. “Well
why don’t you introduce me at yours?” I suggest in a rather
tongue in cheek manner. I have no intention of going to the
same gym as her but it is my turn to tease. “You would be too
much of a danger, a trip hazard” She is smiling as she replies
and although I know exactly what she means, I decide to act
dumb. “I know my way around a gym, I’m perfectly safe.” To
my delight, she continues the exchange, “if you didn’t
hurt yourself, someone else might trip over your tongue!”
I know exactly why she has said this and it is not the first
time she has teased me concerning the women who work-out
at her gym. There is one woman called Anna who has become
a sort of fantasy playmate for both of us. I don’t think Anna
actually exists and I’m pretty sure she is just a creation
of Katy’s to spice-up things between us, not that we need
any more spice! Katy has tapped into my fantasies and Anna
is an incredibly beautiful brunette with large full breasts,
long shapely legs and a smooth firm bottom with not a blemish
in sight. Katy has described becoming aroused as she watches
soapy water running over Anna’s breasts, down her flat
stomach and onto her most private of parts. She has described
in minute detail how she touches herself between her legs,
parting her lips as the warm soapy water flows over her.
She has also described watching Anna in the sauna, drops
of perspiration running down her breasts. She even claims
that she has observed her stimulating herself, gently
rubbing her clitoris but I am sure this is just a product
of Katy’s descriptive powers and done for my benefit. She
has told me that she wants to just walk up to this woman and
bury her head between her legs and lap at her pussy ; it sounds
so real as she describes it but I am sure she is just playing
to my fantasy. Regardless of the truth however, her story
always drives me wild with pleasure and I never fail to show
her my full appreciation!

Katy and I have become friends during the last year or so
but I will continue to swear that I do not have female friends,
acquaintances perhaps but not friends. She is different
however as there is a sexual tension between us which I find
exciting. Our courtship was more of a competition revolving
around teasing and tormenting each other as much as possible
but in the nicest possible manner. The winner was the one
who was seduced rather than the seducer, the one who by mutual
agreement gave the better performance as indifferent
to the other. I acquitted myself well however Katy proved
herself to be a worthy adversary and in the end, there was
no clear winner and the match was declared a tie. She is an
wonderful tease and while she likes to play games, she always
plays fairly. There is no denying the physical attraction
between us although I think she likes her men to have slightly
more meat on their bones. She has not said so but I’m sure
she would prefer if my physique was more like that of a prop
forward rather than perhaps, a full back! Oh well, you can’t
have everything. She is an attractive woman and knows it
however I like to tease her by suggesting that she is lucky
to be with me. Not that she really needs my reassurances
as she keeps herself in good shape by working-out a couple
of times a week, with or without her sexy little friends!
Of course, getting older does have certain advantages
and number one must be experience. I like to think that I
understand women better now but in truth, I have no more
idea now than I did twenty years ago and if I am honest, I want
it to stay that way. I adore women, their beauty, their unpredictability
but most of all their innocence. I am amazed that even women
who have seen so much of the world, can still retain a certain
innocence, even a woman like Katy. I don’t try to understand
or analyse as it would probably destroy my appreciation
for womanhood in all its forms, the female body, the textures,
shapes and of course, the scent. I am a chauvinist and I make
no apologies for the fact and I have no doubt in my mind that
God was a man and he was having a particularly good day when
he created woman. Katy does not disappoint.

I was surprised to find an unfamiliar car occupying my designated
parking space at this time of day. Normally, I wouldn’t
give it much thought as my space is always vacant when I return
home in the evening. However what puzzles me today is the
fact that my parking place is occupied, not by Katy’s car
which is I have already noticed outside the building in
the area reserved for visitors. Obviously Katy is already
in my apartment and I assume she has not bothered seeking
the owner to move the car from my space. Married women generally
tend to be discreet when they engage in this sort of extra-curricular
activity. This is important for me also as I have no desire
to meet a jealous husband though on the other hand, he can
hardly complain as he has neglected his wife’s desires
and needs. However there is a sort of unspoken rule which
states that a man caught cheating with a married woman must
just accept whatever fate befalls him, without complaint!
Luckily for me, I have not encountered any irate husbands
in my time although I do intend meeting with someone who’s
path has crossed mine. Fate is a strange thing and out there
somewhere, though he doesn’t even know it, someone else
has his own appointment with destiny. Katy is not the only
one who plays fair however while I obey the rules, I never
said I was forgiving!

I am not particularly surprised to find Katy in my apartment
as she has a set of keys although it is a bit unusual to find
her here this early in the day. I can generally make time
to meet her whenever I want however I hadn’t expected to
find her here at this time as I have been away for a few days.
There is another good reason for Katy keeping my second
set of keys and she checks my apartment when I am away which
can be for sometimes be for weeks at a time; I haven’t succeeded
in getting her to do my laundry but I suppose I can’t have
everything either! Today I think I will surprise her by
quietly entering the apartment and catching her in the
act though I imagine today that the “act” involves nothing
more than watching TV or reading; on the other hand, I do
have a good selection of adult DVDs which have been supplemented
recently by a number of Katy’s favourites. She seems to
have a preference for lesbian pornography but I have little
doubt in my mind that she is totally heterosexual. Despite
the rather weak storylines in “adult” entertainment,
I reckon that most women do not have lesbian fantasies nor
do they particular enjoy anal sex. I have had at least one
girlfriend who did like anal but I think the majority do
it to please their partner. I like to tease Katy by suggesting
is actually bisexual and by offering to introduce her to
some other women but she always refuses. This is probably
just as well because women who are willing to join an existing
male/female couple are as rare as hens teeth! When I question
Katy about her taste in porn, she tells me that she likes
the way women are gentle with each other, hey I can understand
that. Like most men, I prefer my porn to involve men and women
in with lots of penetration and cum shots; if there isn’t
at least one cum shot, I feel cheated! I don’t mind watching
lesbian stuff with Katy as it keeps her amused and me aroused.
Her explanation seems perfectly reasonably to me as I have
no desire to touch another man in any way whatsoever and
the sight of men kissing just repulses me. I suppose that
I would like to double penetrate a woman with another man
but I am a bit possessive when it comes to women with whom
I am emotionally involved. I have never actually been with
two women at one time but like most red blooded men, it would
have to be my ultimate fantasy. Well I suppose that I will
just have to live in hope.

I have no difficulty opening my apartment silently as I
have lived here for some years. When I am usually away for
more then a week, I appreciate having somebody I trust checking-up
on the place. In the event of my sudden or untimely demise,
Katy has also agreed to perform another rather delicate
“cleaning “task. Apart from the various magazines, DVDs
and toys, there is also an encrypted networked external
hard drive. There is nothing illegal or improper on the
drive or in any of the material however there is always the
question of taste. I really don’t care for the idea of strangers
or even worse, family going through my belongings and finding
sex toys and such! I dread to think what ideas people might
draw from that particularly as there is also a selection
of expensive lingerie in my dressing chest, not mine I might
add! Therefore, Katy has agreed to remove all incriminating
evidence and run a computer program to erase and reformat
the hard drive in the event of anything happening to me.
I have suggested that should this being necessary, she
should dress appropriately for the task. My idea of appropriate
is quite different from hers and she still refuses to even
consider a French Maids outfit so not much point in having
a dress rehearsal.

I assume the female voices coming from the bedroom must
be Katy indulging her favourite pastime. I don’t watch
television in bed and the wall-mounted LCD monitor is really
just for “bedroom” entertainment. I slip-off my shoes
as I quietly close the front door behind me and take care
not to slip on the wooden floor as I silently approach the
bedroom. I can hear the voices in the bedroom more clearly
now but it doesn’t sound like the TV. I’m not sure how many
voices are in the room but it seems as though Katy is not alone.
She is moaning quite ecstatically between issuing instructions.
It sounds as though she is not alone and while I don’t mind
her using my apartment for her own pleasure, I draw the line
at using it to meet other men. I stop to consider my next move
after all, while I’m not a coward, I don’t really have any
desire to come face to face with two hundred pound plus of
naked rugby player! I decide that I should at least check
it out before drawing any conclusions and once I know what
is happening, I will make a discreet exit. If my suspicions
are correct, I will leave my bag by the door where she is sure
to notice it and realise what I have seen. I like her but I
am certainly not going to become some sort of cuckold in
my own home.

The bedroom door is open and I can just see Katy through the
gap between the door and the frame. She is kneeling on the
bed, cowgirl style astride somebody, her back towards
the door. I can see that she is wearing just a black bra and
sheer black, thigh high stockings as the rest of her clothing
discarded on the floor. I can see also that she has the cups
of the bra pulled under her breasts which makes them stand
out in a way that always drives me crazy. She is quite clearly
enjoying herself in this position and her partner is obviously
meeting her needs, bastard! She moves as though she is about
to dismount and I quickly pull back from the door to avoid
being seen. I can hear her speaking in a low voice however
but her voice sounds somehow unfamiliar. I risk a peek back
through the gap and can see her now lying facedown on the
bed but I still can’t see her partner. I hear her mention
my name and she laughs as she suggests that I would love to
see her like this. I am starting to become really angry,
this is my home, my bed and she has no right to bring a stranger
here. But something else is also wrong although I can’t
figure it out yet. Dam it, rugby player or not, he is just
about to take the quickest route to the ground below. I am
about to burst into the room and confront them when a woman’s
voice causes me to freeze. It is not Katy’s voice although
I’m certain it was her on the bed. This is even worse as she
is allowing other women to use my apartment; now there are
two strangers in my bed. I am really quite angry now although
I am also slightly curious as to what is happening in my bedroom.
I don’t consider myself to be a voyeur and I can remember
the weird feeling years previously as I lay in bed listening
a newlywed couple in the house next door. In the early hours
of the morning, the thin walls of our home did little to muffle
the sounds of their lovemaking. The young woman was obviously
enjoying herself though I don’t know whether her loud moans
were genuine or for her husbands benefit? I did not find
it erotic or exciting and was almost tempted to stir my own
young wife who lay sleeping beside me, not for lovemaking
I might add but rather to relieve the embarrassment or guilt
I felt as I listened to this other couple. That was almost
twenty years ago and I have seen enough of life to not be bothered
by anything like that now. Despite my growing anger, there
is also a part of me which is curious, perhaps even a little
aroused. I decide to observe some more before throwing
them out. I look through the gap again and to my amazement,
it is Katy on the bed but the person with her is suddenly a
lot more interesting . She is un-strapping a dildo harness
and Katy begins to kiss her breasts as……

A few moments ago, I was ready to physically throw Katy,
her friend and anyone else present through the bedroom
window but now I am totally mesmerised. What I could not
possibly have known were the events which had taken place
in the past few hours. Later, Katy would tell me how she had
gone to the gym as usual that morning and was in the dressing
room having just finished her workout. She had started
to prepare for her shower when Anna walked in. She recognised
Anna and knew her name as she had heard her speaking with
another woman while working-out previously. Although
Katy has an excellent body herself, she often secretly
or so she liked to believe, admired Anna’s toned body. She
assumed that Anna had been very athletic when she was younger
but her whatever muscularity had once been present had
been replaced by a more natural feminine softness. Watching
Anna move between exercise machines, Katy was amazed by
the grace and fluidity of the movement; she didn’t just
walk, she appeared to glide as though her feet did not touch
the ground. Now they were alone in the dressing room and
Katy blushed slightly. She tried to appear aloof by pretending
to rummage in her kit bag but she realised that she could
see Anna in one of the full length mirrors. She couldn't
help herself but watch as Anna started to pull the tight
lycra top over her head and she briefly caught Katy's
eye as her head emerged from the top. She felt herself blush
slightly and quickly looked away, embarrassed at being
caught staring and continued her “rummaging.” After a
couple of minutes she plucked-up enough courage to look
up again and saw that Anna was standing facing her. Although
Katy didn’t believe it, she had the impression that Anna
had waited for her to look up before continuing to undress.
Her heart began to beat faster and she could feel her cheeks
flush as Anna looked her in the eye, smiled just a little
and then with her legs straight and feet apart, ever so slowly,
bent over and pushed her workout pants and tiniest of string
panties to her feet. To Katy, this seemed to happen almost
in slow-motion and the sight of this woman, her firm breasts,
the flat stomach, the long shapely legs, made her groin
feel as though warm water was flowing over it. She stood
rooted to the spot fixated on the woman in front of her. She
had no idea what to do at that moment but she continued to
watch Anna knowing that now, it was not necessary to completely
hide her interest. Anna placed her clothes in her bag and casually threw her
towel over her shoulder as she headed for the showers. Katy
snapped out of her trance, quickly removed her gear and
in her haste to get to the shower, almost tripped over her
own feet. The shower area consisted of separate cubicles
without curtains and when Katy entered, there was no one
present apart from Anna. As Katy stepped into a shower room,
Anna looked up and gave her a sultry smile before turning
the water on her body. Katy had never been in this situation
previously but she found this experience quite thrilling.
In her semi-confused state, she took the nearest cubicle
which was almost opposite Anna's. She turned her back
towards Anna almost afraid to look around but the feeling
of temptation building inside her made her feel almost
lightheaded. She began to wash herself but without any
real conviction and after several minutes of pretend washing,
she dropped her shower gel on the cubicle floor. While bending
to pick it up, she casually glanced over and saw Anna drenching
her body in suds before allowing them run down her body.
Katy's heart pounded in her chest as she and as she slowly
straightened up, she could not remove her eyes from beautiful
woman in the opposite cubicle who was clearly taking pleasure
putting on a show. She watched in awe as Anna spread what
Katy thought was probably enough gel for about five people
over her large firm breasts. When she appeared satisfied
that her breasts were adequately covered in gel, Anna began
to leisurely work the gel into a soapy lather which ran down
her body in thick in long soapy rivulets. Occasionally
she looked up to meet Katy's wide eyed gaze before giving
her a little smile and continuing with her soapy pleasure.
Katy was spellbound and almost fell out of the cubicle as
Anna turned her back and stood spread-eagled, feet apart,
hands placed flat against the wall as she rinsed her body.
Katy was by now completely confused and her mind raced as
she considered what to do next? Was Anna just teasing as
Katy herself liked to do or did she expect her watcher to
do something? She was unsure and was afraid that she was
misreading the situation and therefore decided to do nothing
but watch. After what seemed like an eternity, Anna turned-off
the shower, reached for her towel and left the room giving
Katy the slightest of glances as she passed. When she had gone, Katy felt her knees go weak and she slumped
down in the shower. It was as though she had emerged from
her trance and she asked herself whether she had imagined
it all or...had it really happened. She felt excited and
so aroused so she decided that rather than returning home,
she would to go straight over to Paul's apartment,
watch some porn and make herself cum as often as needed to
satisfy this desire she felt for Anna. She reckoned it could
it take quite a few orgasms to see her through this one! Her
body burned with lust and as the opportunity for action
with Anna had passed, she would fantasise about what she
would like to have done but from the safety of her own imagination
of course. Her hand moved down her body and automatically
found her clit but she decided to save it for Paul’s rather
than risk being interrupted in the shower. She cursed as
she remembered that he was away and not due back until late
that night. She was annoyed because she could not be there
when he arrived back as she was due to attend some boring
function with her husband that evening. It was a pity Paul
was away because she wanted to tell him what had happened
today, every little detail as she wrapped her legs around
his neck as he ravished her aching pussy before throwing
her across the end of the couch and fucking her hard. He has
a fantastic cock, like a medium sized aerosol can when erect!!
She occasionally gagged on it when taking him in her mouth
but she loved that and so did he. She was sure he would like
Anna too, oh a threesome would be fantastic? Could she watch
him going down on another woman? Could he watch her doing
the same thing? Oh yes, she silently laughed to herself.
Of course he could, he'd love it and from the way she
felt at that moment, she knew that she would also! Neither
of them had ever experienced a threesome but she knew that
he would enjoy it. Rather than attempt to make it reality,
she decided to dismiss it and use it to supplement her masturbatory
fantasises which would undoubtedly fuel many a future
orgasm. She quickly finished up in the shower and hurried to the
changing room to dress. She found herself alone and was
surprised to find herself a feeling a little disappointed
that Anna had left. She didn’t know if she had wasted an opportunity
for some new fem fun or whether Anna had just been teasing
her. After a moments pondering, she got herself together,
dressed and left the gym. She made her way towards the car
park and stopped in her tracks when she saw Anna leaning
against her car. Katy was slightly taken aback and paused
briefly but quickly regained her composure before continuing
towards the car. Her heart was thumping as she considered
the reasons why Anna might be waiting for her. As she ran
though all possibilities in her mind, they were all good
apart from the niggling one that Anna might be annoyed at
Katy's perhaps unwanted attention in the gym. Taking
a big gulp, she approached the car and stood in front of Anna.
Anna didn’t smile and Katy was now sure that she was angry
at having been watched so closely in the shower. Without
smiling, Anna calmly asked if there was somewhere they
have a coffee together? For a moment, there was silence
between the two women. Katy fingered the keys in her pocket
but for a moment said nothing. She opened the car door and
gestured for Anna get in. They smiled openly at each other
for the first time but Anna said she would follow in her own
car. Twenty minutes they were in Paul’s apartment.

I’m watching from the door which is open just a little but
as Katy and her companion are moving on the bed, I have to
push the door open a little further to see exactly what is
happening. The women don't notice me as they're
too busy exploring each other with their mouths. My breathing
is becoming heavier and faster and subconsciously, my
hand starts to rub the front of my jeans. I can feel my cock
stiffening and I begin to unbutton my jeans. I lean against
the door with one hand and my other hand is busy trying to
release my now hard cock from my jeans, unconcerned now
at being seen. The women manoeuvre into a 69 position with
Katy on top, her head nearest the door as she savours what
I imagine to be her first taste of another woman’s moist
pussy. Katy places her hands on the woman’s knees and slowly
push her legs apart. She bends forward to lick the woman’s
pussy but as she does so, her dark brown hair falls forward
obscuring my view. I want, no I need to see this, Katy’s tongue
exploring this woman’s pussy, swirling around the clit,
licking her the way she likes to be licked herself. She moves
her head down lower so that she can tongue fuck her friend.
At the same time, I can see how Katy is enjoying the pleasure
she is receiving, how the other woman’s hips are thrusting
towards Katy’s face, knowing that she's giving pleasure
while she feels heat surging through her own body as her
pussy is devoured by her friend. My cock is rock hard now and my breathing heavy. I am now standing
in the open doorway, quite visible but as yet as yet unnoticed
by the two women. My cock is in my hand as I slowly pump it never
removing my eyes from the tantalising sexual display before
me. Suddenly Katy sits up, her eyes closed as an orgasm is
about to sweep over her. She grinds her ass into her friend's
face as she reaches her climax. She opens her eyes and sees
me standing in the doorway. Brief surprise gives way to
a welcoming smile as she leans down, spreads her friends
legs wide to reveal the glistening warm wet pussy and beckons
me closer. My eyes are wide with amazement and I probably feel like
a child who has been given the keys to a candy store. Not in
my wildest dream and have I never imagined I would actually
have the opportunity to be with two beautiful woman at the
same time. If I should die within the next few hours, I am
sure that the mortician will have difficulty closing the
coffin and the grin on my face will require surgical removal.
I remove my shirt as I approach the bed and unbuckle the belt
on my jeans. The other woman has not yet noticed me as her
face is buried in Katy’s pussy. Although I don’t know how
she will react on seeing me, I’m sure that Katy has explained
that the apartment belongs to someone else. I can see the
strapon dildo on the bed, still glistening with Katy’s
pussy juice. There are also various other toys on the bed
including a couple of small butt plugs. Katy does not particularly
enjoy anal sex however she does enjoy the sensation of a
well lubed butt plug in her ass as my cock fills her pussy.
The strapon harness was purchased by my although I never
actually imagined I would see it being used; nevertheless,
I still find the sight of a woman wearing a strapon dildo
somehow erotic though I’ve no desire to be on the receiving
end! I am completely naked now and the sight of these two
beautiful women has made my cock rock hard, it is standing-up
like a ramrod! It is several days since I have cum, my balls
feel heavy and I an almost afraid that one touch will make
me explode. Anna stops lapping at Katy’s pussy as she has
now seen me standing there beside the bed. She smiles as
I give my best “Anna I presume?” She mumbles something which
I don’t really catch although I think there is a trace of
something European in her accent. I have once joked with
a friend that my ambition is to do the Warsaw Pact! It might
be a little ambitious however I suspect my conquest of Eastern
Europe is about to start right now in my own bedroom with
Poland, Ukraine or perhaps even mother Russia! I sit down on the side of the bed and immediately embrace
Katy and to her surprise, kiss her softly. As I do so, I say
something which make her smile and despite her recent exertions,
she appears to blush slightly. She is genuinely surprised
as I thank her for making my dream a reality however she suggests
that it is really Anna who I should thank. I have often wondered
how this scenario would actually go, how I would deal with
two women at once? It is one thing to jerk my cock while watching
porn and fantasise about what I would like to do but this
is reality. Anna is now sitting on the bed and I kiss her mouth
before moving to her beautiful breasts. Katy has also started
to direct her attention to Anna and we are both now kissing
and licking her breasts while she begins to touch Katy’s
pussy. Anna lies back on the bed and Katy lies on top, facing
her, their breasts pressing against each other. As she
kisses her, she runs her fingers through Anna’s hair while
Anna rubs Katy’s bottom with her right hand. Her left hand
has found its way to my cock and she is beginning to slowly
stroke my swollen gland. My hands are also busy as I explore
both women’s pussies and begin to tease them with my tongue.
I make myself comfortable and begin to really work my mouth
on both women pussies. As they grind their pussies against
each other, I run my tongue over each in turn. I manoeuvre
Katy off Anna and get both of them to kneel on the bed, face
down, ass up! I can only marvel at the sight as these two beautiful
female bottoms on display before me. I begin to lap at first
Katy’s pussy while my hands find Anna’s clit before putting
my mouth to work on Anna’s pussy and fingering Katy. At this
moment, I would like to have at least four hands and two mouths.
I am keen to see each woman really working on the other’s
pussy and Katy almost seems to read my mind as she gestures
to Anna to move so that she may lay beneath her. This is incredible,
Anna lies on the bed with Katy kneeling above her and they
begin to lick, kiss and suck each other’s pussy in a way that
no man possibly could. I place my hands on Katy’s hips and
begin to rub my cock against her ass and on down to her pussy.
My cock and balls are almost in Anna’s face and she moves
her attention away from Katy for a moment to guide my cock
into the glistening wet pussy before me. As I sink into Katy,
Anna resumes her task of licking Katy’s swollen clit. While
my cock begins to pump deeper into Katy, Anna squeezes my
balls as they brush her face, her mouth and tongue all the
time working furiously on Katy clit. I have just remembered
the butt plugs and with out removing my cock from Katy, I
reach into the toybox beside the bed and retrieve a tube
of lubricant. I pour a little lube on the top of Katy’s ass,
allowing the liquid to run between her cheeks down onto
her delicate little hole. I pick-up one of the little butt
plugs and rub the tip in the lube before placing it against
her anus. Very gently, I begin to probe her bottom with the
toy, very slowly inserting it, little by little and then
withdrawing it almost fully before continuing to probe
deeper. As the butt plug goes deeper into her ass, I can feel
it pressing against my cock through the walls of her pussy.
It takes a while but the combination of my cock in her pussy
and Anna’s mouth on her clit stimulates her enough to allow
the butt plug to penetrate fully and soon, the taper on the
base of the butt plug allows it to remain in place without
any assistance from me. I almost reluctantly withdraw
my cock from her now slippery pussy and turn my attention
to our guest, Anna. She turns on the bed so her pussy is before
me in the same position as Katy. The two women kiss and rub
their own clits as I begin the same process with Anna, inserting
my cock and lubing her ass before inserting the butt plug.
I am enjoy the pleasure of Anna’s pussy but I don’t want to
risk annoying Katy so I pull my cock out of Anna’s tight pussy
and return to fucking Katy once more. I know that I will probably
produce just one good cum shot at this time and I think I would
like to spray each women’s face and perhaps, have them lick
each other clean. On the other hand, I know that Katy doesn’t
really like facials so I might just spray their breasts
as they rub them against each other. First however, there
is one more little task which I would like to perform. I have
always fancied seeing Katy being sandwiched and while
I must accept the fact that she is sometimes fucked by her
husband, I have no intention of allowing anybody else that
pleasure. The dildo lying on the bed has given me an idea
and I pick it up and hand it to Anna. She seems to understand
my intention without any further explanation and she quickly
puts on the harness as I once again remove my cock from Katy.
Anna lies back on the bed with the latex dildo pointing up
like some sort of transparent cock. I am not sure whether
Katy understands what Anna and I have in mind but she kneels
above Anna and slides her pussy down onto the dildo. Anna
doesn’t really move and Katy begins to pump her pussy on
the latex dildo. As she does so, I gently remove the butt
plug from her ass and she understands my intentions. She
looks behind and almost pleadingly tells me to be gentle.
I know this could hurt her and I will stop immediately if
she shows even the slightest sign of distress. I apply more
lubricant, much more than necessary and the excess flows
onto the dildo which is moving slowly in her pussy. I rub
my cock between her ass cheeks which serves to lube-up the
head of my cock. Looking at my cock, I don’t really think
it will be possible with penetrate Katy’s ass without hurting
her ass because my cock is much bigger than the butt plug
which it is about to replace. I twist my cock slightly sideways
so it slides more readily between her cheeks and begin to
press against her anus. Katy winces at first as the head
of my cock begins to spread her tight little ass. I pause
but I am surprised as it begins to slide in quite easily and
I quickly managed to insert the head completely. I pause
to allow her to become used to the sensation and begin to
very, very slowly, push just a little deeper… and deeper…and
deeper. About half the length of my cock is in her ass now
and to my surprise, she begins to rock her ass and forth against
me. She begins to pick-up the pace of her movements and I
think she is actually enjoying the anal penetration. She
is quite low on the bed and Anna has also started to move her
hips and I can feel the movement of the dildo through the
thin membrane which separates Katy’s pussy and ass. I can
also feel my cock sliding more freely in her ass and I begin
to increase the pace of my thrusts. At the same time, I am
also fingering Anna’s pussy through the harness and she
appears to be enjoying the experience. The sensation of
Katy’s ass gripping my cock while the dildo pumps her pussy
is incredible and I am not surprised as I feel Katy begin
to spasm as an orgasm overcomes her. Her body bucks and twitches
and I am forced to grip her hips tightly to prevent my cock
being damaged by her movements. I slowly withdraw my cock
from her ass and clean it using a baby wipe as I have no interest
in ass to mouth. Anna begins to stroke my cock as Katy lies
back on the bed to recover. The two women have each obviously
had a number of orgasms before I arrived but I have not yet
cum myself. There is one more thing I would like to try while
I have the chance and that is a sort of triple stack! I have
not yet sampled Anna’s ass so I tell Katy to kneel on the bed
and get Anna to kneel above her with the dildo against her
ass. I remove the butt plug from Anna’s ass and apply a large
amount of lubricant to her ass and some more lube to Katy’s.
Katy’s ass is quite relaxed and the latex dildo which is
smaller than my cock anyway, slides straight in with surprising
ease. I take a few moments to admire the sight of Katy kneeling
with Anna’s latex cock buried deep in her ass. It is Anna’s
turn now and I begin to guide my cock into her ass but this
time, it slides in with little need for patience as she is
obviously not an anal virgin. I can only imagine how hot,
how exciting the image must look and I am just sorry that
it is not possible to view the scene from the end of the bed;
my cock in Anna’s ass with her dildo in turn in Katy’s! The
mere thought is enough to drive me over the edge and I can
feel my balls tighten as I prepare to erupt! After a few more
deep thrusts into Anna, I pull my cock from her ass and begin
to pump a cum fountain onto both her and Katy. My cock spurts
hot cum as I jerk it to milk every last drop which I direct
onto both pussies. When I can no longer spew any more cum,
I virtually collapse on the bed, well and truly spent. To
my amazement, Anna withdraws the dildo and starts to lick
the cum from Katy’s ass and pussy lips. I am even more surprised
when Katy returns the favour to Anna. I lie back on the bed
and the two women lie-down beside me, one on each side. I
kiss them in turn, first Katy and then Anna and thank them
for making an old man very happy, well maybe not so old but
very happy anyway. Endorphins have begun flowing through my body and combined
with the tiredness for my airline flight earlier today,
I have started to become drowsy. I am relaxed and although
I would love to continue this session with Katy and Anna,
I really do need at least an hour or twos sleep first. I assume
that when I wake they will both have left the apartment and
the chance to continue our fun will have escaped. My eyes
are heavy and I am vaguely aware of Katy speaking to her husband
on the phone. As my eyes close, I can feel her hand gently
stroking my face and I am vaguely aware of her speaking on
the telephone. As I begin to drift into sleep, I hear her
say words which sound like “something popping-up” and
“being late home.” She presses a button to end the call,
smiles and learns across my chest to kiss Anna…..

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