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The Home Depot Man


The Home Depot Man


I was running around town on a very hot August day. Which
was especially hot being that I live in Oklahoma. It was
a scorching 107 degrees today, and with the sky being overcast
and the amount of humidity it felt like 115 degrees. The
weathermen had been talking about the chance of rain for
the last few weeks, but as of yet not a drop had fallen out
of the sky.

I had a kind of free week, since my ex had our children for
the week. This I had arranged so I could get away for a bit
of fun, but that had all fallen apart. So, instead of spending
this week having sex round the clock I was going around looking
for a job. What fun!

I had found myself an income based apartment, but my budget
had become a little more stretched than I had originally
anticipated, so I figured it was time to get a part-time
job. I could only get a part-time job, since I would be starting
school in the fall.

I had three interviews today so I dressed in an attempt to
impress. I wore knee length beige colored printed skirt
with a diagonal hemline; it was fairly thin but with a slip
attached to it. The hem of the skirt went from mid calf on
one leg and rose to mid thigh on the other leg. I was also wearing
a black tank top sweater that was very form fitting with
a low cut V-neck.

The tank top showed off my tits, but I hid that mostly with
a cream-colored lightweight suit jacket. I wasn’t trying
to look sexy, and really when I did try to look sexy I still
came off looking like a teacher, especially since I am cursed
with having to wear classes. Classes make you look smart
rather than sexy.

Though I must admit I hadn’t really tried to look sexy for
a while, I’d been on a few dates since my separation from
my ex, but those had not gone anywhere. One pseudo relationship
that I had thought could go somewhere, eventually, had
suddenly exploded in my face without any warning.

I had a few online friends that weren’t going anywhere mostly
dead-ends, as far for any type of relationship. Plus I couldn’t
find any men living close to my home and none willing to travel.
So, basically I had locked away my sexual desire until I
sat down to write an erotic story and any post horniness
left afterward I was able to handle by myself though I did
yearn for a bit of man meat between my legs.

I was on my last interview of the day and impatiently waiting
for it to be over. The man was very boring going over all my
qualifications and I attempted to answer each question
to the best of my ability. The man giving the interview was
possibly cold blooded, for his office was incredibly hot,
creating sweat in places I’d rather not mention. Finally
the interview came to and end with the obligatory, “we’ll
call you.” I left the office and returned to the main part
of the Wal-mart store, at which I was applying for a job.


Sweating profusely, I made my way to the ladies restroom.
This being the last interview of the day, I no longer cared
how I looked. I pulled my hair that I had straightened for
today, up into a clip on top of my head getting it off my neck.
I also removed my suit jacket, then once in the stall I also
decided to remove my panties and bra. The bra was completely
drenched and the panties were soaked as well, from sweat,
not because I was horny.

I am not a woman that usually goes around without underwear,
it usually makes me feel uncomfortable, for without the
compression of a bra; my nipples are too easily stimulated
from just the fabric of my shirt. It also makes me uncomfortable
to go without panties, for I have always been a bit over wet
between my legs, whether I am horny or not, and I’m afraid
that some of my fluid will run out of my crotch and down my

But, in this case the removal of my undergarments did nothing
but give me relief from the all the sweat. Though the minute
I took my bra off and slid my shirt back on my nipples became
hard, I just hoped no one else would see. I hid my bra and panties,
inside the folds of my suit jacket, and made my way out of
the bathroom and out of Wal-mart.

I got into my car and once again was drenched in sweat for
it was overpoweringly hot inside. I turned on the air conditioner,
but at first it only spilled hot air out. I opened my car door,
and waited for the air conditioner to blow out cool air.
As I was waiting for this, I sat there thinking how I would
spend the rest of my free night, without children.

I had recently bought a raw wood dinning table, which was
a fairly good size for an apartment. I am a bit of a crafter,
I like painting and carving, I’m no expert but I enjoy doing
it, and showing off my crafts. I had plans for this table;
I wanted to carve a Celtic design all the way around it and
in the middle. This was a larger project than I had even attempted,
mostly just carving small plaques and such.

I decided that this was the perfect night to begin my carving
on the new table, but first would need a new bit for my dremel;
I didn’t think the bits I already owned were good enough
for a project of this magnitude. Plus, I also wanted to get
a stylus tool to attach to my dremel so that I wouldn’t have
to hold up the entire dremel when I made my carvings.

I first thought of going back into Wal-mart to get what I
needed, but decided that I probably wouldn’t find it, and
if I had any questions there wouldn’t be a worker around
that could help me. I remembered that there was a new Home
Depot just up the street from this Wal-mart, I’d been in
there a few times and the people were usually very knowledgeable
and willing to help. With a plan formed I climbed back into
my now cooling car, and drove out of the Wal-mart parking

When I reached the Home Depot I saw that everyone had the
same idea as me, for the parking lot was completely full.
I drove around the parking lot, until I finally found a spot
in the far back of the lot, very far way from the store itself.
Since I didn’t have children to lug into the store, I decided
I didn’t mind the long walk. While driving around the parking
lot, I had noticed the already over clouded sky suddenly
get increasingly darker, maybe it would rain after all.


I had parked my car and grabbed my purse, and started my walk
up to Home Depot. I was not into five steps of my walk when
suddenly there was a large clap of thunder and the clouds
finally released their pent up moisture, coming out in
a torrential shower. Everyone standing in the parking
lot, attempted to run for cover, including myself. I made
a b-line for the store, but being as it were that I was wearing
my high heels; my run wasn’t as fast as I would have wanted.

I finally made it up the to the entrance to the store, and
found that all my efforts had been in vain, for I was completely
drenched from head to toe. I removed my classes since they
were spotted and smeared with rainwater, and since I did
not have a paper towel handy I just pushed the glasses into
my purse. I unclipped my hair, and rung it out, but returned
it to the clip once I was finished, since my straightening
job had just came out and it was already beginning to curl.
I then made an effort to pull my clothes from my body, since
they were pasted to my skin, but this also was mainly in vain.


Then in shock I noticed that my nipples had become erect
and where clearly standing out from my tank top. I pulled
the tank top from my chest, and attempted to ring the moisture
from it, but being that it was a sweater type of material
it hung heavily on me pasting to my body and pulling down
from the neck revealing a little more in the v-neck than
I would have preferred.

I thought that because of my indecent attire, that I should
just forgo my shopping plans and get back in the car and go
back home. After looking back out to the parking lot, I realized
this was not a good plan both for it was still pouring down
rain, and I had no urges to go running back out in it. I caught
a glimpse of myself in a reflective display case, it wasn’t
a very clear image, but I decided I didn’t look like a hooker,
so decided to continue with my shopping trip, until the
rain stopped.

I went ahead and walked into the main part of the store. I
walked past the aisles looking for the one, which held the
dremel parts. As I walked down the store, I noticed men staring
at me, or more like glaring. Some me looked right at my boobs
and others looked down below my waist, straight at my crotch
area. I didn’t know what this was about, I had never attracted
this many stares from men, I started to think that maybe
I had been wrong about my appearance.

But, then I thought that if I did have something showing
here, surely a woman that had walked past would let me know,
but most the women that walked past me, just walked seemingly
without much notice. I just figured that the men were looking
at me cause they didn’t see many woman walk through Home
Depot (a man’s store) in a skirt and high heels.

Finally I found the aisle I was looking for with all the dremel
supplies. I looked at each bit hanging there, trying to
figure, which would best accomplish my goal on my new table.
Then I looked at some stylus attachments trying to figure
out which would be able to equip my style of dremel, plus
I was also trying to figure, which one I could afford. About
that time, I had given up any chance of figuring this out
on my own and decided to go find an employee that could help

I had turned to find an employee when one came to me. A man
walked up the aisle wearing the red Home Depot work shirt,
and tan trousers. As my grandmother would have said this
man was a tall drink of water, I couldn’t be for sure how tall
maybe 6’4” could be less could be more. All I really knew
is that he had long legs, I’ve always thought that I myself
have long legs, being that I’m 5’8”, but his legs totally
surpassed any length on mine.

I could tell through his red t-shirt that he was muscular,
and I could see a bit of dark chest hair coming out the top
of his t-shirt. He also had dark brown hair and dark smoky
eyes, his skin was a tan color, and I thought either he spent
a lot of time in the sun or maybe he had a bit of Native American
in his genes. He was very attractive, but I knew there was
no way he’d be attracted to me.

So, I put any fantasies of an all night sex session with him
and instead walked up to him as a confused customer. My only
hope was this manly man wouldn’t treat me like some kind
of stupid female. I turned to the Home Depot employee.

“I need your advise on something. Could you help me?” I said.

The man stopped moving, just standing there in the middle
of the aisle staring at me. His eyes traveled from my high
heels, up my legs mostly on the side of the skirt, which showed
more leg. Then his eyes traveled to my crotch area, and stayed
there a minute, then his eyes traveled further up and again
staring this time at my tits. Finally his eyes made it to
my face. At which a smile came across his face. His eyes seemed
to clear, and he resumed walking toward me.

Again I was starting to rethink my decision to continue
shopping after my rain shower, and I was feeling very uncomfortable
in my drenched clothes. In my head I was beating myself up
for taking off my underwear. For some stupid reason, even
though all these glances from men were a little disturbing,
especially from this man, I started to feel a bit horny.
I figured the tingling in my crotch was just because all
my parts were open to the air, instead of being trapped beneath
my underclothes.

Finally the man was beside me, actually a little too close
beside me. I could see his nametag, which read David. David
seemed to be breathing a bit heavily, I started to wonder
if he had asthma, but thought this mountain man had to be
in great shape and probably didn’t have a thing wrong with
him. David looks at me in the eyes, but I watch as his eyes
keep dipping lower and then back up.

“Ah, uh umm, ” stutters David. “What can I help you with?”

At David’s statement I start to think that he isn’t the strong
man as I first thought, that maybe he is timid or a bit shy.


I explain to him, my plans for my new dinning table, and discuss
the different items I need to accomplish my goal. David
shows me the different bits that should get the job done,
and shows me the best stylus tool that will fit with my brand
of dremel.

As he talks about the tools he is once again in control of
himself, and I reorganize my thoughts of him, once again,
realizing that he is a strong man and not as timid as he seemed
when he first spoke.

Then after I have acquired all the items David showed me
to buy, I start to tell him thank you, intending to walk away
from him and pay for my items. I look up at him and start to
speak, but he beats me to it.

“I hope you won’t think this to forward of me, if I tell you
something, ” said David.

“Ah, no. Just tell me, ” I said somewhat stunned.

I started thinking does this gorgeous man thinks I’m good
looking? Impossible. This man would prefer skinny, tanned,
hard bodied women, with big boobs, and I am no where near
any of that. This is were he’s going to tell me that I’ve got
something sticking out of my nose, or something stuck in
my teeth, and I’ll just feel stupid.

“You are a beautiful woman. I can’t help but staring at you
for the rain has drenched you clothes and they a sticking
to you so I can see every inch of your beautiful body. I would
like to have your phone number or something, cause I want
to see more. Though I can see most through that skirt or yours,
I can even see that while you shave your crotch you don’t
completely shave it, do you?” said David.

Forward! This was not just forward this was shot in the dark
abrupt, maybe even partly sexual harassment. I was shocked,
stunned, and maybe a little flattered. I couldn’t speak;
I didn’t know what to do, so instead fate or clumsiness took
over for me, when all my intended purchases fell out of my
hands and on to the floor.

Feeling stupid, not being able to come up with anything
to say, or a smart wisecrack, I just bent down to the floor
and began to pick up my spilled mess. David bent down beside
me, helping me pick the things off the floor, actually he
was so close our shoulders were touching. I noticed David
looking at my tits and looked down myself. I saw that in this
kneeling position, which this water weighted sweater
on, that I was fully revealing my tits to him.

Grabbing the top of my sweater, I stood up quickly, not wanting
to give him another chance to peer at any more of my body.
In my rush to stand I had not realized that my heel had been
standing on the longer end of my hem, and when I stood completely
up the seam on the opposite side of the skirt gave away tearing
all the way up the waist, which thankfully still stayed

David now had a complete view of one of my legs from my foot
all the way up to the top of my waist, and it was apparent that
I wasn’t wearing any underwear, though according to David
that was apparent before the skirt had ripped. David slowly
stood up, but as he did he took in every square inch of my exposed

When he stood to his full height he walked toward the self
and placed all my items from the floor in a pile on the shelf.
Then David walked behind me, I didn’t notice cause I was
still concerned over my ruined shirt.

I suddenly sensed David behind me, I stood up straight afraid
to move, no longer holding the rip in my skirt closed. David
pushed himself right up to me and pushed me practically
into the shelves. I felt the bulge of David’s crotch pressed
into my buttocks. I didn’t know what to do, but I felt my earlier
slight horniness increasing. My pussy began to throb,
and as I had feared my wetness began to run down my legs.

I told myself no matter what my body was doing he shouldn’t
be doing this, but I really wanted him to. David’s left arm
was above me supporting him on the shelf, causing him to
lean more into me. Then his right leg came up and rested on
the lower shelf, somewhat closing off the view from any
passers by at what he was getting ready to do to me. This man’s
form was impressive to view but even more so pressed behind
me, I felt small; his body seemed to swallow me.

David grinded his crotch deeper into my butt, his right
hand came up and took the clip out of my hair releasing my
damp mass of curls. He ran his hand through my hair. Then
David’s hand was unexpectedly under my shirt and cupping
my tits, while running his finger over the tip of my already
erect nipple. I told myself I should push his hand away as
well as the rest of him, but I hadn’t been touched by anyone
but myself in sometime, and I enjoyed the feeling.

I liked that I had been able to arouse a man in such a fashion
that he just wanted me, right then and there. If I weren’t
so shy, I probably would have attacked this man the minute
I saw him walk up the aisle. Though I am shy, and did not think
this man would be attracted to someone as simple as myself.

Finally I relaxed my body, leaning back against David’s
body, fully yielding my willingness to him. David’s hand
pulled out from my top, and went down to the tear in my skirt;
his long arms reached down and grabbed my leg at the thigh.
He pulled my leg up until my foot was resting beside his foot
on the shelf.

Soon David’s hand was through the tear in the skirt and at
my pussy, lightly rubbing my lips. I suppressed a moan that
wanted to part my mouth. David’s head came down next to my
own, his lips next to my ear.

“See I knew you shaved your pussy, ” David whispered into
my ear.

His fingers found the soft mound of hair I left right at the
top of my pussy.

“But, looky here you left a little hair, just for me, ” whispered
David his lips softly caressing my ear as he spoke.

Suddenly, David’s fingers where down in between my pussy
lips, roaming the length of my pussy. His finger thrust
up inside of my hole, and pushed in and out of me. I was very
close to climax; I felt the orgasm building inside me.

“I don’t know what to do, you’re going to make me cum. I don’t
want to make a scene, ” I whispered.

“Dear, we are already making a scene, if anyone cares to
pay attention. But if you are going to cum, I want to feel
you first, ” said David.

David’s finger left my hole and the pressure of his bulging
crotch left my buttocks. I thought I felt David’s hand behind
me, and then my skirt was lifted up from the back. Without
warning I felt David’s cock enter my pussy, I almost screamed
in surprise. He thrust once into me, and the left his cock
sitting there inside me not moving. His hand moved back
under the tear in my skirt and his fingers began rubbing
my clit.

“You feel wonderful, just like I knew you would when I first
saw you standing there, ” said David.

David began rubbing my clit in circles, the orgasm I felt
building increased. My breathing grew quicker. My body
began shaking, the muscles in my pussy tightening around
David’s hard shaft. I felt like screaming or moaning or
something in between, instead I reached over to David’s
upraised leg and grabbed on to it, putting all the pressure
of my screams into my clutch on David’s leg.

Spasms ripped through my body as an orgasm and then another
passed through my body. My inner muscles pulsed, almost
pushing David’s cock out of me, and then I came as a flood
of juices ran down my leg. After seeing me climax, David
pulled himself out of me and removed his fingers out from
my crotch. Some how he managed to put his hard on back into
his pants, but this time leaving his Home Depot shirt untucked
at an attempt to cover his bulge.

Our bodies separated from the shelf, I once again clutched
on to the tear in my skirt. I was a little disappointed that
this little encounter was at an end; David looked me in the
eyes with a look of guilty pleasure.

“Let me help you fix that skirt, let’s go back into my office, ”
said David clearing his throat.

I followed David to the back of the Home Depot store, leaving
my intended purchases in a pile on the shelf. We got to his
office; it was a small office with no windows and small cheap
desk and chair. There were a few file cabinets in the office;
there were a couple of paintings on the walls of a seashore
view. The desk was cluttered with different stacks of papers.

David reached across the desk and started to rummage in
the desk drawer looking for something. I was at a loss at
what to do, I didn’t want our chance meeting to be at an end,
I had experienced a little of David and wanted more. I finally
decided to take the aggressive approach that David had
taken with me.

Quietly I pulled off all of my clothing which wasn’t much
since I didn’t have my under things on. I leaned over and
tapped David on the shoulder. He mumbled a yeah what you
want, fully absorbed in finding what ever he was searching
for. Finally he seemed to discover what he was looking for
and turned around holding a plastic box of safety pins.

David turns about to declare what he has found, but stops
when he sees me standing completely naked in front of him.

“You said you wanted to see more, well here it is.” I said.

David’s eyes went from my feet to my eyes as he did when he
first walked up that aisle. David took in my legs and then
my partially shaven crotch, and then my size c tits. Finally
he met my eyes, with a smile spreading on his face, seeing
that it was my turn in this game.

I walked over to him; he was partially sitting on the edge
of his desk. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and met my
face with his. I locked my lips around his and sucked his
tongue into my mouth; I released his tongue, but continued
to explore the depths of his mouth with my own tongue. I finished
kissing him and grabbed the bottom of his red Home Depot
shirt, and pulled it up and over his head. Throwing it to
the floor.

“I wanted to see, what was under here. And I ain’t disappointed, ”
I said.

David had a muscular body, not an Arnold Swertzinwhatever
type, but still very good. There was a wealth of curly hair
covering that chest; I ran my hand over the burly brambles,
stopping to tweak each of his nipples. When I did this, David
let out a moan, fully able to express our voices with the
door shut inside this tiny office. I worked my hand over
that mass of chest hair, trailing down to the waist of his
trousers. The crotch of the trousers looked very tight,
with the bulge pulsating inside.

I worked at the fly of the trousers, for a bit until I was able
to get them undone. I reached into the opened fly and pulled
out David’s erect member, along with his two tag-a-longs.
I grabbed David’s cock in my hand and began stroking him
up and down. Next I ran my fingernails up and down his balls.
Then I griped my hand around the base of his cock, and pulled
the skin taut, after licking my lips I then leaned down and
proceeded to wrap my lips around his member.

I put all the suction into my mouth as I could muster and moved
my head up and down sliding my lips up and down his long shaft.
David leaned back on the top of his desk, causing a few spills
of various papers. David then let out a long moan. I continued
to suck him; pulling him deep into my throat, as I could and
then pulling him back out again. Then sucked just the head
of his cock into my mouth, and excavated the hole in the tip
with my tongue.

I released David from my mouth, and he looked at me with pleading
eyes, that said he wanted more. I motioned that he should
sit in his desk chair. He got up from the top of his desk and
went over to sit in his chair. I followed behind him, and
the minute he sat down, I straddled his lap, gabbing his
cock and pushing it inside me. I began to grid my crotch onto
his, and then I raised myself off of him and suddenly slammed
myself back down on him hard, pushing him deep inside me.
David let out a small scream of surprise.

Our lips met and we began to kiss, exploring our mouths.
I softly bit his lip, and he pulled his head back and gave
me a look like he didn’t expect that, but liked it just the
same. I pushed his head to the side, and began licking and
kissing around his ear and down his neck. David’s hands
suddenly and a bit roughly grabbed my tits, cupping them
and squeezing. He then ran the palms of his hand over the
tips of my nipples, causing me to let out a long moan, then
his lips met one of my nipples pulling it into his mouth and
his tongue swirling it.

I continued to gyrate my hips on David’s cock, then suddenly
David’s arms went around my butt, and he picked me up as he
stood out of the chair. He laid me down on his desk, caused
a cascade of unfinished paperwork to fly everywhere. We
where still attached, and he began thrusting himself deeper
inside of me, I could feel him in my stomach. I brought my
legs up and rested them on his shoulders, which made him
able to thrust in deeper.

Using the strength of my legs, I pushed my hips up into David
and as I did this, I tightened my inner muscles around his
cock. Soon I began to feel that warm feeling in the pit of
my stomach. Next my body began to shake, orgasmic waves
rippled through me, my muscles tightened, and juices poured
out of me. I let out an ear splitting yell. Then David’s own
body went thought a spasm, and his body went rigid, I felt
his cock pulsate and then he unloaded his full hot load deep
inside me.

We stayed connected for a minute or two while we kissed,
then David pulled out of me. I got up off the desk and looked
for my now only slightly damp clothes. David found his clothes
and proceeded to dress. I got dressed as well, with my ruined
skirt. We looked in each other’s eyes, embarrassed by our
wild abandon.

David handed me the box of safety pins, which he had dropped
on the floor when discovering me naked in front of him. I
applied some of the safety pins to the tear in my skirt.

“Ah, can I have your number or something. Ah, and I’d also
like to know your name.” Said David.

I grabbed a piece of paper off his desk and scribbled down
my address and number. I handed the paper, to him.

“My name is Melissa, but you can call me Missy if you wish.
That’s my address and phone number, I’m not busy tonight,
so if you want to come over you can.” I said.

We said goodbye to each other, I grabbed up my purse and I
walked out of the door to the office. I walked toward the
front of the store, but paused once to look behind me and
David was standing at his office door watching me go. I got
out of the store and out to my car, the rain had stopped. Once
in my car, I realized I had forgotten all the dremel equipment
I had intended to buy. I decided I wouldn’t reenter the store;
I’d just get it later.

I came home to my little apartment that was very quiet without
my kids running around. I figured that, that would be the
last I saw of David, even though he asked for my number I doubt
he’d call and really doubted he’d come by. But, I hoped he
would, and with that hope I cleaned up the apartment, put
my children’s discarded toys away, and making everything
look nice.

Then with that hope still, I got in the shower washed, shaved
the whole nine yards. But, somewhere during my shower I
convinced myself that he wouldn’t stop by. Though even
with this conviction I still fixed my hair, telling myself
that I had to go around town again tomorrow and pick up more
applications, and wanted to get an early start.

After all that done, I prepared myself for a lonely night
at home. I fixed a Digorno’s pizza, knowing that most of
it would go into the fridge for leftovers without the kids
here. I went around the apartment wearing only my robe,
no need to be conservative with no children around. I poured
myself a glass of boon’s strawberry daiquiri flavored
wine, and selected a various DVD to watch.

After my portion of pizza was eaten and the rest placed in
the fridge, my DVD movie at an end, and a good portion of my
boon’s bottle emptied, I sat lay on the couch with my journal
and proceeded to write of today’s adventure with the Home
Depot man.

I was barely into my journal entry, when there was a knock
at my door. I quickly got up from the couch, and raced to the
door. And there he was David, had come. David was no longer
wearing his Home Depot clothes; instead he was wearing
a pair of black jeans and a white t-shirt with a black zippered
over shirt. I let him in my shabby little apartment and closed
the door behind him.

We made our greetings, when David produced a bouquet of
flowers in one hand and a Home Depot bag in the other. I took
the flowers and placed them in a vase, then I took the Home
Depot bag, and discovered David had brought me all the items
I had intended on buying.

I told David to take a seat on the couch, and got him a piece
of the now very much cooled pizza out of the fridge. He ate
that piece and asked for another, guess I won’t have as many
leftovers as I thought. David also asked me if I had any beer,
I told him I don’t like beer (which is only half true, I don’t
like to drink beer, but I love to kiss a man that had just taken
a drink of a beer, don’t ask me why).

I told him that I had boon’s he said he’d love to have some
so I opened another bottle that we shared. We sat on the couch
and discussed our lives, and things in between. He told
me how he liked that I had decorated my apartment in a Celtic
d├ęcor (a thing that my father constantly rolls his eyes

We were in the first date kind of tension, even though we’d
already had sex. We started to discuss our meeting at Home
Depot, and David confessed that he’d heard of me walking
through the store, that every man was talking about me,
since they all could see right through my skirt, and partly
through my top, and what they couldn’t see was sticking

I told him how I ended up walking thought Home Depot in that
state. David also confessed that when he’d heard of me walking
through the store in the state that he’d gone looking for
me, and when I turned toward him, he lost all kind of control,
and that he’d never done that kind of thing before. After
the conversation lead this way some of he tension fell off
of us, and we began kissing softly at first and then with
more urgency.

I lay back on the couch with David on top of me, his hands went
to the belt of my robe, and he let out a surprised hiss of air
when he discovered all this time I had been wearing nothing

“Do you ever wear any underclothes?” asked David teasingly,
“ though I don’t mind if you never wear anything at all, you
are beautiful.”

David’s hand went up to my tit and softly cupped them in his
hands, and his lips returned to my mouth. He kissed me deep
and long, his tongue swirling inside my mouth, all the while
tending and massaging the ample tissue of my tit. We stayed
like that, just kissing and David fondling my tit, for at
least five minutes after David pulled his face from me and
we both had to wipe the wetness from our mouths.

We smiled at each other when we both wiped our mouths off,
David then turned my head to the side and began to kiss my
ear, the he softly sucked my earlobe into his mouth. David
then kissed down the side of my neck and down the front, he
stopped between my tits and began to suck there, I wiggled
beneath him. He then made his way to my right tit and took
my nipple in to his mouth sucking and then holding the nipple
between his lips he flicked the tip with his tongue. I moaned
deeply and loudly. David next started on my other nipple,
sucking and flicking just the same.

Once David had finished devouring my nipples he worked
his way down over my stomach. He circled his tongue, around
my belly button, causing a giggle to escape me. Then David
stood up off of me, and motioned that we go into the bedroom.
I got up off the couch, with my robe still on me though untied;
as I walked by David he pulled the robe completely off of
me, throwing it down on the floor.

I walked through my bedroom door, and turned and waited
for David to enter. Once he came through the bedroom doorway,
I practically jumped to him wrapping my arms around his
neck. David grabbed me around the waist and picked me up
so that I was able to meet his lips with mine. I threw my legs
around his waist, and kissed him hard on the mouth, sucking
his tongue into my mouth then releasing it, and sucking
it again, and releasing it. I pulled my face from his; he
had a dazed look on his face.

“I can do that with a lower piece of muscle, if you’ll sit
on the bed, ” I said.

David still holding me, managed to make his way over to my
queen sized bed (one of the luxuries I allowed myself).
David sat on the bed and let me slide off of him, lying next
to him, he again covered my body with his own and began to
kiss me and fondle my tit. I grabbed the hand at my tit and
stopped his motions; he stopped kissing me and looked at

“You first, ” I said.

I pushed David off of me and sat up on the bed. I turned to David
and took off his over shirt just as David removed his shoes
pushing each off with the opposite foot. I grabbed at his
t-shirt and pulled it off of him as well, revealing his muscular
chest and the fine mat of chest hair. I pushed David down
till he was lying on the bed, and I straddled his lap, grinding
my naked pussy into the bulge hidden in his jeans, wetting
the front of his jeans with my juices.

My lips met his and I roamed the insides of his mouth with
my tongue, stopping every so often to bite his lip. Then
I sat up on him and returned my attention to that tangle of
chest hair, which so caught my interest. I ran my hands over
his chest feeling every muscle underneath the hair. My
hands worked their way to each of David’s nipples and I tweaked
both nipples between my finger and thumb. I ran my fingernails
over his chest and down both of his arms, while I began working
my pussy over the fly in David’s jeans, stimulating my self.


I leaned back down and my face met his and we kissed this time
David forcing his tongue into my mouth. Suddenly I broke
the kiss and hoisted myself off of him. I then assaulted
the fly of his jeans releasing his trapped hard on. His cock
practically jumped out from his jeans, I pulled the jeans
off of him taking in the length of his cock as well as the length
of his legs, (I had never been with a man quite this tall before).
When I had gotten David just as naked as I was, I laid down
beside him resting my head between his chest and his stomach,
his arm wrapped around me and began rubbing my back, sending
chills down my spine.

I trace my fingertips over his stomach down to waist and
ran my hand over his waist. Then I ran my hand over the top
of his thigh, and tapped his thigh meaning for him to spread
his legs, he obliged me. I ran my hand up his inner thigh and
up across his balls, making David suddenly suck in a bit
of air and then ran my hand down the thigh of the other leg.
Next I ran my hand starting from the back of his balls right
by his asshole and ran them up the his balls and then up the
full length of his shaft.

Suddenly I grabbed his cock and began to stroke him all the
way up and over the top and the back down, I did this a few more
times, as I watched David lean his head back and closes his
eyes. When, I saw his eyes were closed I jumped up fast and
basically lunged my mouth at his cock, taking it in my mouth
as far as I could. This started David so much that he almost
had to stifle a scream of surprise.

I pulled David’s cock from my mouth and got myself into a
more comfortable position. David was lying lengthwise
on the bed and I was lying widthwise on the bed, with my mouth
positioned over David’s throbbing hard on. I wrapped my
hand at the base of his cock and pulled the skin taut, and
then I wrapped my lips around his stiff member. I pressed
my lips hard around his cock, and swirled my tongue around
it, and my head moved up and down, sliding my lips up and down
his cock.

I looked up toward David and saw his eyes on me, I move my hair
back away from my neck so he could have a better view and watch
as I consumed his cock into my mouth and the brought it back
out again. I toyed with David’s cock in my mouth swirling
my tongue around it, and pressing my tongue against one
side, and my lips slid up and down his shaft. I pulled my mouth
away from his cock, and looked at him with one eyebrow cocked
upwards and an ornery smile on my face, he gave me back a look
that said uh oh what’s next.

I returned my mouth to his cock, but this time sucking the
hard on the head and flicking the tip of his cock with my tongue.
David’s body gave out a little jerk. Then with all my sucking
power, I abruptly slurped the rest of his cock into my mouth.
David let out a long loud moan. I sucked on his cock so hard
that my cheeks were concave; I moved my head up and down fast.
My hand not wrapped around David’s cock, went to his balls,
and I began toying with them, running my fingernails up
and down them and cupping them in my hand and massaging them.


My hand then found the area just behind the balls and I ran
my fingernail up and down the length of that area just between
his balls and his asshole. This must have had a good effect
because without warning, except an abrupt grunt from David,
his cock pulsated within my mouth and suddenly exploded,
I had no chance to decide whether I wanted to swallow or not,
his hot cum just slid down my throat. I continued to suck
on his cock until his spasms had passed.

I released David from my mouth, and sat up on the bed looking
at him. David had a kind of happy drunk look on his face. David
sat up on the bed and met me with his mouth, we kissed and as
we kiss he managed to push me back down on the bed, and still
kissing me, he began to fondle my tits. Then he released
his lips from my mouth and began to suck on my tits. First
David swirled his tongue around one of my nipples, and then
placed his whole mouth around the entire nipple and sucked
it into his mouth. He began to flick his tongue over the tip
of my nipple.

While David was enjoying his snack on my nipples, his hand
slid down to my very wet pussy and started to rub his fingers
over my lips. I raised my hips to his hand wanting his fingers
to find their way inside. David’s hand continued to tease
my pussy, just barely rubbing the lips, making me wiggle
and squirm under his body. Then David decided to have another
snack on my other nipple, he sucked that one into his mouth
and flicked his tongue over the tip of it, and then he came
up and gently kissed each nipple.

David suddenly pushed me up further on the bed, so that his
head was nearer to my pussy. He grabbed my legs, and spread
them wide open, then positioned himself in between my legs,
he then dove his face into my pussy. He began to lick the entire
length of my pussy, and then he stopped at my hole and thrust
his tongue inside, tasting my juices. David kept thrusting
his tongue in and out of my hole, I began to squirm more feeling
my orgasm already very close.

David then pulled his tongue from out of my pussy hole and
again licked all the way up the length of my pussy, causing
me to jump when his tongue grazed over my clit. Then he licked
back down, this time going past my hole and all the way down
to my asshole. He licked around my asshole without actually
pushing his tongue inside.

I could feel my orgasm building even as he did this; I began
to moan out loud making “mmm” and “ahh” sounds as his tongue
slid around my tight specter. Then suddenly David left
my asshole alone; I almost missed this, until his mouth
went to my clit. David pulled back the lips of my pussy, lifting
the hood off my clit and exposing my enlarged clit. He sucked
my clit into his mouth and began to flick my clit with his

Within seconds my body began to shake and quiver. I grabbed
a pillow and pulled it over my head to muffle the sounds of
my orgasmic screams. Spasm after spasm ripped through
my body, as orgasmic tidal waves rolled through me. David
suddenly began to thrust two fingers inside my pussy hole,
just as it began to pulsate.

My pussy muscles tightened around David’s fingers, just
at that moment a flood of juices poured out of me and out around
David’s fingers. David continued to suck my clit and thrust
his fingers in and out of me, giving me numerous orgasms,
one after the next, my body was bucking so hard, it looked
as if I was having a seizure. My juices poured out of my pussy
hole drenching David’s hand completely.

Finally David gave me a reprieve by pulling his mouth and
talented tongue away from my clit, but he continued to explore
the depths of my pussy hole with his curious fingers. My
orgasms slowed in their frequency and magnitude. I was
finally able to breath normally.

I motioned for David to come to me, he obliged and leaned
over me and kissed my mouth deeply, exploring my mouth with
his tongue the way his fingers explored my pussy hole. With
my lips still locked around David’s my hand reached down
and grabbed a hold of his throbbing cock, I guided his cock
into my pussy.

David slid into me smoothly taking it slow, as to not overexcite
himself. For a moment he did not move and just kissed me,
with his cock throbbing inside my pussy.

“You feel wonderful inside, and I just had to enjoy it for
a little while, ” said David.

After that said David began thrusting himself into me,
I bought my hips up as David thrust down, his cock deep inside.


“I want to be on top, ” I whispered into David’s ear.

With this request David rolled the two of us over managing
to stay connected and now I was on top of him. I was straddling
his middle and I first ground my hips into him and pushed
him as deep inside as he could go. Then I gave a few squeezes
of my pussy muscles, letting him feel them tighten around
his cock. This brought out a large moan from him.

I moved my hand behind me and gently gave David’s balls a
little squeeze, then pulled them up and ran my fingernail
down my favorite area between his balls and asshole. Then
I looked at him and smiled then leaned down and kissed him
forcefully and bit his lip a little to hard. I sat back up
and began riding him moving my hips back and forth, and every
so often grinding my hips into him to push him further inside

David let out a long moan, and I began to feel my orgasm building.
I moved my hips faster, riding him hard, my pussy sliding
up and down his long cock. Suddenly David’s hand went to
my pussy and with his thumb he began rubbing my clit. My orgasm
hit hard, nearly bucking me off his cock.

My body shook with a great force, as I still rode his cock.
Then David grabbed my hips and with his strong arms he pushed
me up a bit and held me there, then began slamming his hips
up into me, pushing his cock into untold depths. My pussy
muscles slammed tight around David’s cock and another
flood of juices poured out of me, soaking David’s middle.
At the feeling of my cum washing his middle David’s body
suddenly spasmed and his muscles went rigid, then his cock
shot hot frothy cum straight up into my pussy.

David released my hips and collapsed back, I collapsed
on top of him. Our bodies rising and falling together, attempting
catch out breath. I got up and off of David is cock falling
out of me as I did. I lay next to him and we both fell asleep
on the bed, on top of the covers and completely naked, wrapped
up into each other.

Looks like I will get to spend this week having hot animal
sex round the clock after all.

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