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The Gym


I joined Bally's a few years ago with a friend of mine.
He was already a member there and I was new to the area so I
signed up with him. Little known to either of us (he also
had a membership at 24 hour Fitness and worked out there.
He had only kept the Bally's one because he had had it
so long that it was very cheap), this particular Bally's
had a large percentage of gay guys.

Neither of us minded but we definitely noticed. I noticed
some guys checking us out but nobody hit on us or bothered
us at all. I imagine that a big part of the reason for that
is that my friend is a really big guy and pretty menacing
looking. The other part is probably just that we didn't
put out that vibe.

I'm so deep in the closet that I'm actually in the
next room, so I didn't even check any guys out and my
friend is completely straight.

Then things changed, as things tend to do. He got on a different
shift and got married so we didn't work out together
any more.

That opened the door a little for me. No one else that I knew
worked out there so I felt pretty safe to at least look around
a bit. I started noticing that a lot of guys were definitely
on the prowl. I'd see them approach each other and the
body language was a lot like at a bar. If the guy being approached
was receptive, he would move closer or touch the other guys
arm or something.

I was still hiding my bisexuality but I was looking around
more and more and had picked out my favorites. The guy at
the top of my list was in his early 40's with a gymnast
build. He was a little taller than me with salt and pepper
hair and a handsomely rugged face. He had almost no body
fat and those dense muscles that gymnast's have. He
was definitely one of the guys that was there to look for
action as well as to work out.

The locker room was a whole 'nother level. Guys would
walk from the shower to their locker with their towel over
their shoulder and their cocks swinging in the breeze.
Then they would stand at their locker, taking their time
either getting their clothes together or fixing their
hair or whatever.

There was also a steam sauna in the locker room. There was
glass in the door but it was tinted and you couldn't
see in much at all. I always wondered what was going on in

I'd only walked through the locker room to use the bathroom
but now that I was seeing the potential in the place I changed
my habits. I was usually riding my motorcycle to the gym
anyway and I hate riding in sweats and a tank top so it made
sense to wear better riding clothes, like jeans and at least
a t-shirt, and change in the locker room.

I was still nervous about being found out, even though there
wasn't really anyone there that I had to worry about,
and shy about being around naked men so I didn't look
around first.

After a couple of times changing in there, I started to get
more comfortable. I would take quick peeks at the guys and
I noticed that most of the guys that were naked would be conveniently
not making eye contact with anyone. It seemed that they
were letting anyone that wanted to look get a good eye full.
So I did!

The problem was that most of the guys, like 95%, that were
walking around naked, were not attractive. It seemed like
the hot guys didn't shower there.

Then one day I was working out and my 'top o' the
list guy' was on a machine nearby.

I glanced over at him and he was looking directly at me as
he rested between sets. I quickly looked away. I looked
back a few seconds later and he was still looking at me, but
this time he was smiling too.

I kept working out and didn't look back over at him but
I could feel his eyes on me. When I finished that exercise
I went to the water fountain to fill up my bottle. I saw him
approaching in the mirror and he was smiling again. I couldn't
help but to smile back.

He stopped and stood behind me as I was bent over the fountain
and I saw in the mirror that he was checking out my butt and
legs. It's funny that no matter how much I fantasize
about a thing like this, when it happens I get shy and nervous.
I didn't know what to do. If it had been a girl checking
me out like that I would've know how to react but then
that role has been clearly defined for me for years. I was
still struggling with my role when other men hit on me.

I stood up straight and turned as I screwed the top on my water
bottle. Don't think the word 'screw' didn't
pass through my mind either! He was just off of my left right
shoulder as I started to walk away.

"Can I give you a tip?", he asked.

I stopped and turned back to him and muttered, "Uhh..sure."

"On that last exercise you were doing (I was doing
lat pull downs), you should try facing away from the machine
and pull down to your chest. That takes the arch out of your
back and targets your lats better.", he suggested.

"That makes sense. Thanks", I said. "You
obviously know what you're talking about!",
I said as I flicked my eyes up and down his body.

"Well, thanks. I try", he said modestly.

I felt like everyone in the gym was looking at us but when
I glanced around, no one was paying us any attention. That
made me feel better so I decided to flirt a little.

"I wish I looked that good from just trying! I'm
having a helluva time getting rid of my winter weight."

"Oh come on, " he said, "you look great!"

Now it was my turn to be modest and I actually felt my face
flushing. I just smiled at the compliment and changed the
subject by asking, "Any other tips?"

"I'm sure I've got some. What were you going
to do next?", he asked.

I ran through the back exercises I usually did and decided
on bent over rows for obvious reasons.

"Well, would you like to work out together and I'll
see if I notice anything I can help with?", he offered.

"Sounds great! You don't mind though? I don't
want to take you away from what you were doing."

"Not at all. I was done with that", he said, "I'm
Joe, by the way."

He offered his hand and I took it as I introduced myself.
He held on to my hand just a beat longer than normal before
releasing the handshake. We walked over to the free weight
part of the gym and put our stuff by a bench. I grabbed a dumb
bell and brought it over.

I put one knee on the bench and bent forward to put the same
side hand on the bench as well. I held the dumb bell in my other
hand. I normally have very good form on this exercise but
this time I purposely let my back round up as I lowered the
dumb bell.

Right away he said, "Here's a tip on this already!
You need to make sure and keep your back flat when you do these."

He put a hand on my lower back and pushed down a little and
I let my back flatten out.

"Now let the weight down as far as you can without lowering
your shoulder", he advised.

I lowered the weight like he said and held it there.

"Pull it straight up and as close to your hips as you
can, and again try to keep your back flat."

I had picked a pretty easy weight since my focus was actually
flirting, not lifting, so it was easy to do the exercise
with no cheating.

"Perfect", he said, "now only 9 more to
go right?"

His hand was still on my lower back and I don't know if
I imagined it or not but I thought he was rubbing my back just
the tiniest bit. One thing I wasn't imagining was that
he kept his hand there as I did my set. Once I was done and put
the weight on the ground, he took his hand from my back.

We talked between the next 3 sets and I found out that he owned
his own furniture business. Unfortunately he didn't
put his hand on my back for the remaining sets, so I worked
through them fairly quickly.

My finishing back exercise is usually on a rear delt machine
so that's what I told him I was going to do next. He offered
to hep me with that too and of course I accepted.

"One of my biggest problems, I think, with working
my back, is that I can't see the muscles working",
I said as I sat on the seat and faced into the pad.

"I read an article that talked about that very thing",
Joe said as he moved behind me, "and they said that
having someone touch the muscles that you're trying
to work helps you visualize it. Want to try that?"

And of course I accepted this offer too! I grabbed the handles
and was just starting to spread them apart and pull them
back when he put two fingers of each hand on the backs of my

"Close your eyes and try to picture these muscles
working", he directed.

Everything so far could be completely innocent but I was
reading into every word and it was quite the turn on to have
him behind me telling me to close my eyes. So, I closed my
eyes and worked through the set, feeling his hands on me
more than the effects of the actual exercise.

At the beginning of the next set Joe put his palms flat on
the top of my back so his fingers were on my traps and the heels
of his hands were on either side of my spine.

"This also works these muscles so try to focus on feeling
it here this time", he said.

This time I know I wasn't imagining it when I felt his
hands massaging my back.

There was no one nearby so I said, "That feels good!"

It was the kind of statement that could have meant his hands
rubbing my back felt good OR that being able to feel the muscles
working felt good. I meant the former.

That set was interesting because when I said that it felt
good, he increased the pressure of his hands on my back.
When I was done he kept his hands on my back and asked if it
made a difference with him touching me.

I decided to kick the flirting up a notch and see if I was imagining
things or not so I answered, "In more ways than one!"

Joe laughed and said, "Well that's good! I'll
have to make sure and do it on the next set as well."

I looked back at him, over my shoulder, as I grabbed the handles.

He smiled and put his hands on my back again.

I looked around again as I did that set because I knew that
anyone looking wouldn't be able to help but see that
he was definitely massaging my back this time. Still, no
one was watching us. We were just two more guys working out.

That was my last set so when I was finished I stood up. I had
to step back as I stood to get out from under part of the machine.
His hands slid down my back and lightly over my hips as I got
up. A chill went through me when he touched the sides of my
hips before his hands left my body.

He saw the slight tremor in me and asked, "Everything

"Again, in more ways than one!", I said with
a smile. "You just kind of gave me the chills there
when I was standing up."

His hands had spoken volumes. There was no way that was an
accident. No straight guy, or even a gay guy that wasn't
interested, would've touched my hips like he had.
I felt pretty safe in saying what I said.

"Is that good or bad?", he asked.

"Well, it felt pretty good!"

"For me too", he said. "Are you done working

"Yeah. I just have to do abs. How about you?"

"I'll join you if that's ok?"

"Of course!", I said a bit too eagerly, then
blushed. "I mean, uh, sure."

He smiled as he started to walk to the back of the gym where
the ab stuff is.

I followed behind him, not able to resist looking at his
muscular calves and hamstrings.

At the back of the gym there are two areas with mats and ab
equipment. One is pretty large and visible to everyone.
The other is around a corner between the spinning and Pilates
rooms. There are only three mats and it's not visible
to anyone that's not in the class rooms.

He turned right to the more secluded area. There was no one
in there. He laid down on the center of the three mats. I moved
to the one farthest from the open area and laid down next
to him.

"Any hints for this?", I asked.

"Well, if you want to hit the obliques turn on your
side, like this", he said as he rolled to lay on his
side facing me.

I turned so I was facing him. Our faces were only about 2 feet
apart at that point.

Joe lifted the side of his shirt, revealing amazing abs.
He had the sexy side lines that run diagonal from his abs
and disappeared into his shorts. He curled up to the side
and I watched the muscles of his torso contract.

He gave me directions to squeeze at the top of the movement.
I replicated what he had done, with the exception of pulling
my shirt up. While I'm athletic, I was not in Joe's
league as far as muscularity.

After several sets of different, brutal crunches Joe said,
"Good job! How did that feel?"

"I've never worked that hard", I admitted.

"Well, that deserves a reward then. You should treat
yourself to the sauna", he said as he looked directly
into my eyes. He held my gaze as he finished with, "At
least that's what I'm going to do."

I could tell that if I got into the steam room with him the
pretenses would be dropped.

"I'd love to. I've never been in there before
but I trust your judgment", I said.

Without saying anything else he stood up. I had to collect
my keys, which I had taken out of my pocket when I laid down
on the mat, and when I looked up Joe was standing over me with
his hand held out to help me up.

I noticed a bulge in his shorts that hadn't been as prominent
before as my eyes moved up his body. I reached up and grabbed
his hand, which was just in front of his bulging crotch.
He pulled me up and I ended up standing very close to him.
He kept a hold of my hand and looked deep into my eyes again.
I'm not sure how long we stood there like that but it
was a great moment. Even though he had been the aggressor
all along, the look he gave me established another level
of submission from me.

Finally I lowered my eyes.

He turned away and walked to the locker room. I followed
along behind him with my heart racing and my cock beginning
to throb. I had to make a conscious effort to keep myself
from growing.

In the locker room we were fortuitously in the same row.
The lockers are only waist high so unfortunately we didn't
have any privacy. There were a couple of other guys changing
or walking to and from the showers.

Joe pulled his shirt off over my head and I found myself staring
at his amazing upper body. He had great slabs of pectoral
muscles above the most amazing six pack abs I'd ever
seen in real life. I had already seen his arms but with the
total package of his upper body exposed his arms were even
more incredible.

I realized that I was staring when he tossed his shirt into
his locker then looked at me and said, "Well, are you
going to join me?"

"Uhh, yeah...sorry", I muttered as I tore my
eyes away from his body then quickly and self-consciously
pulled off my shirt.

Joe wrapped a towel around his waist and took his shorts
off underneath.

"The sing says we have to wear shorts into the steam
room but I can't stand sweating a ton with my shorts
on. I won't tell if you don't", he said.

"I'm definitely not going to tell anyone",
I said, hoping that he understood that I meant about anything.
"I just wish I had a big enough towel to do the same."

Joe reached into his locker then tossed me a full size towel
(I only had my small work out towel).

I thanked him and wrapped the towel around myself and took
off my shorts like he had done.

"Ok then. Let's get sweaty!", Joe said
then headed for the sauna.

I followed behind him again. He was setting a trend of having
me follow behind him and I was glad about it.

We stepped into the sauna and thankfully found that we were
the only ones using it. Joe turned on the steam then sat on
the right bench of the three that lined the walls. The towel
around his waist met over his tight leg and parted to expose
his muscular thigh all the way up to the junction of his hip.

I stood there for a moment, unsure of where I should sit.
He solved the problem by patting the bench on his right.
I sat down next to him and my towel, which met over my left
leg, did the same as his had done and my leg was exposed up
to my hip joint as well.

"So, tell me about yourself", Joe said.

We sat and chatted more about ourselves as the steam built
in the room. I was constantly aware that our legs were nearly
touching as we talked. Soon, the steam obscured the glass
pane in the door and it felt very secluded, but I was still
a little worried about another guy coming in even though
we weren't doing anything but sitting there.

"These benches can be a little uncomfortable. I wish
they would pad them or something", Joe said as he started
to reposition himself.

He turned so that he was in the corner, leaning against the
adjacent wall then raised his right leg so it was up on the
bench. He did it like it was no big deal but the towel fell
open even more and I had a clear view of his cock hanging between
his spread legs.

He had a beautiful cock. It was thick and veiny as it hung
out in an arch. The head was quite a bit thicker than the shaft,
which was impressively thick in it's own right. It
looked like he was somewhat hard since the veins along the
shaft were distended.

"Oops", Joe said as he watched me staring at
his cock, "does that bother you?"

"Uhh", I stammered again, "no, not at
all." I managed to say.

"Are you sure? I can cover up if you want", he

"No please don't!", I exclaimed.

"Good. I was hoping you would say something like that",
he said with a smile in his voice. "Do you like the way
my cock looks?"

Well, so much for any pretense. Here was an absolute moment
of truth.

"It's gorgeous", I admitted.

"Wow, thanks!", he said, seemingly surprised
at my statement. "Then I guess you won't mind
if I just do away with the towel all together then."

With that he pulled the towel off and sat it on the floor.
His nude body was incredible. I felt my cock throb and start
to grow.

"Don't be shy", Joe said.

"But I am", I admitted. "This is kind of
new for me."

"Here then let me help", he said as he leaned
forward and grabbed the edge of my towel and pulled it off
of me.

My cock instantly throbbed to full hardness in the heat
of the sauna.

"Now it's my turn to be impressed", Joe
said as he slid his right leg between my back and the back
of the bench. He slid a little closer as he told me that he
always loved the look of an uncut cock and mine was especially

I blushed and finally looked away from him.

"I can see that you need a firm hand to guide you",
Joe said as he scooted closer to me.

He worked his left leg under my left leg until my hamstring
rested on his thigh. His cock throbbed strongly and grew
enough to touch the side of my leg. I could feel the heat of
the head of his cock on my leg.

"What if someone comes in?", I asked nervously
as I finally looked back up at him.

"Not too many guys come in here and all of the ones that
do are gay", he told me. "If anything, they'll
want to join in!"

He smiled and I felt a little better but I was still nervous
about being discovered. The danger of discovery was a thrill
though and my cock throbbed in the air.

"I know you're nervous but we won't do anything
you don't want to, ok?", he asked in a soothing
tone. "Besides", he said as he put a hand on my
chest and ran it down to my crotch, "by the look of this
you don't want me to stop!".

He wrapped his hand around the shaft of my cock as he finished
his sentence and I involuntarily gasped and moaned.

"That's what I thought", Joe said as he
squeezed the base of my shaft.

"Thank you for taking the lead", I said as I recovered
from the surprise of him grabbing my cock. "I would
have never done this if you hadn't but I can't tell
you how glad I am that this is happening."

"Would you like me to take total control?",
he asked as he slid his hand down from my cock to cup my balls.
He pointed his index finger even farther down and pressed
it against my hole.

Again I couldn't stop myself from moaning. This time
my head fell back and my eyes closed as I murmured, "Oh

"I'll take that as a yes", he chuckled.

I raised my head and opened my eyes and laughed with him.
My nervousness faded a little.

We were both starting to sweat pretty heavily from the sauna
and the heat between us. The sheen of perspiration covering
his body made him even more spectacular! I was sweating
all over and it made his hand and finger slide around on me
more easily.

He probed at my hole with his sweat slickened finger as he
kept massaging my balls then I felt his finger slide into

I moaned and pressed my body against his finger. He pushed
it all the way in and I collapsed back against the bench,
my head against the wall and eyes closed again.

"Hmmm, nice and tight", he commented as he moved
his finger in and out.

I just sat there moaning as I was finger fucked in a public
steam room!

His finger slid out of me and he grabbed a hole of my cock at
the base. I opened my eyes but wasn't able to lean away
from the wall yet. My ass missed his finger already.

My left hand had been resting on my thigh, actually just
a few inches above his cock although I hadn't really
thought about it. Not until he let go of my cock and put his
hand on my wrist. He guided my hand down onto his cock, which
I now realized wasn't merely touching my leg but was
pressing against it as he had grown.

"How does that feel?", he asked as I wrapped
my hand around the thick shaft.

"Incredible", I moaned as I looked down at his
cock in my hand.

"I want you to stroke my cock very slowly. Explore
it with your hand. Feel the ridge of the head, each ball in
my sack", he told me.

I answered by sliding my hand down to the base of his shaft,
very slowly. Since he had told me to focus on the feeling
in my hand I could feel every vein on the shaft as I stroked
from the base to just below the head with a loose grip. With
my hand just below the head I put my thumb softly on the ridge
and moved it back and forth.

His cock throbbed in my hand and the ridge became more pronounced.

"Wow", I said as I let my hand slide up onto the

I'd had guys get hard in my hand and mouth but I was always
working their cocks with a hungry mouth or eager hand. It
was great to get to take my time and really experience his
cock getting harder.

The head of his cock throbbed hard in the palm of my hand and
I squeezed it back gently. I loosened my grip and let my hand
glide back down over the ridge and shaft to the base. I ran
my hand down to his heavy balls and lightly massaged him.
I traced around each ball individually then underneath
the sack to the area between his balls and his hole. I teased
him lightly there and he responded the same way I had, by
pushing his hips against my finger.

"That's very good", he said softly as he
grabbed my hand and pulled it tighter against him.

He pulled my hand away and put it back on my leg as he said,
"I want you to suck my cock but not here. That might
be pushing it a bit too far even for the steam room."

He slid back and stood up. I started to rise but he put a hand
on my shoulder, holding me down ass he moved in front of me.

"Ok, maybe just a little", he said with a smile
as he grabbed his cock and pointed it at my face.

I looked toward the door quickly and saw that it was still
frosted with steam. I felt the heavy head of his cock slap
against the side of my face.

"When I tell you to do something I want you to do it!",
he said aggressively.

He grabbed a handful of my hair fairly roughly and tilted
my head back as he asked, "Understand?"

"Yes. I'm sorry", I answered.

"Yes what?"

I was confused for a second before I realized he wanted,
"Yes, Sir."

"Very good. Always call me Sir! Now open your mouth",
he demanded.

I instantly parted my lips and he shoved the thick, hot head
of his cock into my open mouth. I sealed my lips around the
ridge and flicked my tongue around the head inside my mouth.

"Oh that's good", he moaned as he pushed
his cock farther into my mouth.

I sucked him hungrily and tried to bob up and down on the shaft.
He twisted the handful of hair making me grunt as he said,
"You will also NOT do anything I don't tell you

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and bent my head back to
look up at him.

"I understand Sir. I'm learning. Thank you for
taking such care in my instruction", I said earnestly.

He smiled then and I could tell that his aggression had been
a test of how much I would submit. I was beginning to see that
I would do anything this man told me to.

Joe picked up his towel and wrapped it around his waist.
His cock, which was probably 3/4 erect at that point, pushed
out against the towel. He told me to do the same then to sit
back down. He said we would take a few minutes and just relax
before we went out to take a shower.

My cock was up against my stomach and completely obvious
behind the towel. Joe looked like he just had a big cock,
which he did, but I obviously had a hard on. I leaned my head
back and tried to relax but it was difficult knowing that
there was more to come.

Eventually we were both presentable and he lead me to the
showers. We got into separate stalls and rinsed off quickly.
A few minutes later we were at our lockers getting dressed.
The locker room was a little busier than before but since
we were in the same row I was able to watch him as he dropped
his towel and slowly dressed. I felt my cock throb so i quickly
took off my towel to change as well.

"Stand there for a minute and let me look at you",
he whispered.

I pretended to busy myself in my locker standing in profile
to him so he could see all of me.

"Drop something and pick it up so I can see your ass",
he directed quietly. "I want to see that tight hole
that I'm going to put my cock in."

I was beyond turned on as he made me expose myself to him in
full view of everyone in the room. I dropped my keys on the
floor and turned to face away from him to pick them up. I stole
a glance around and saw that an older guy was watching me

My cock throbbed and began to grow as I bent at the waist to
pick up my keys. My ass was completely exposed to Joe and
the voyeur and I felt my cock harden even more. When I stood
back up it was pointing straight out in front of me.

"Very good! Now get dressed", he said.

I got my pants on quickly before my cock got any harder. The
older guy smiled at me when I met his eyes. It turned me on
to know he had been watching me. I'm an exhibitionist,
who knew?

Once we were both dressed Joe told me to meet him outside.
He went toward the bathroom and I walked outside. I waited
in the parking lot, my nerves starting to build again, until
I saw Joe come out. He walked up to me with a smile and told
me to follow him.

When we got to his Suburban he asked me if I was having second
thoughts. I guess he had picked up on my nervousness.

"No Sir. I'm just a bit nervous again but I couldn't
stop myself now even if I wanted to, which I don't",
I said.

"Good, because in about 15 minutes your going to be
sucking my cock again then I'm going to fuck you in the
ass. Think about that as you follow me to my house",
he said. "Which car is yours?"

I pointed out my car and he told me to follow him. Before I
walked away he gave me a business card with his cell phone
number on it in case we got separated. I took the card but
knew there was no way I was going to lose him.

I followed him to a fairly expensive area and pulled into
his driveway behind him. His home was a nice 2 story brick
house with a big yard.

He got out and beckoned me to follow him. I walked quickly
to catch up to him and walked in the side door right behind

"Did you think about that I told you?", he asked
as he lead me further into the house.

"Yes, Sir."


"And I can't wait to taste your cock again",
I said softly.

"Do you want it in your ass?", he asked as he stopped
in front of a closed door.

"Yes, Sir but", I paused, "I've never
had a cock as big as yours inside me and I'm a little scared",
I admitted.

He opened the door, that I could then see lead downstairs
to the basement, then turned to face me and said, "I'll
be as gentle as you need me to be at first", he said with
a genuine look of concern on his face.

"I know you will Sir. I trust you", I said whole

"Good", Joe said smiling. His smile turned
into a mischievous grin as he said, "Also trust that
when you're ready, I'm going to fuck you as hard
as you can take it."

I smiled back and said, "I was hoping that you would
and I do trust that your huge cock can give me all that I can

"Good answer", he said as he turned and flicked
on the stairwell light, "Follow me."

We went downstairs to a comfortable looking living area,
equipped with a big screen TV, wet bar and a leather couch
and recliner.

"Would you like something to drink?", he asked
as he went to the bar.

"I'll have whatever you're having",
I answered.

He made us both a rum and coke. He handed me mine then went
over to the entertainment center and looked through the
extensive video collection on the shelves.

"Have a seat while I find the movie I have in mind for
us to watch", he directed.

I sat on the overstuffed sofa and gulped down my drink. I
hadn't eaten before going to the gym so the rum warmed
my empty stomach and I almost immediately felt a little
buzz starting.

"Do you mind if I make another drink?", I asked.

He turned around and laughed when he saw me holding the empty
glass. "Go ahead, but don't get too buzzed. I
want you to experience everything that's going to
happen to you with a clear head."

"Yes, Sir"

I made another, fairly strong, drink and sat back down.
I sipped at my second drink as he put a DVD into the player
then joined me on the couch. He sat close on my right side
and grabbed the remote. The opening scenes were the typical
jump cuts off advertising for other porn movies. I watched
a rapid succession of short clips of guys fucking in ways
I'd never thought of.

The actual movie finally started and the title appeared
on the screen. "Yes Sir" was the simple title
and it conveyed the idea that there was going to be a dom /
sub situation.

As the opening scene unfolded with a guy about Joe's
age standing in front of a kneeling guy about my age, Joe
asked me about my experiences with men. I told him about
my limited experience and he said he was glad I was inexperienced.
He liked the idea of being able to train me to his likes and
dislikes without having to break me of other guy's

On the TV the dom was explaining to his sub the rules of their

Joe said, "Listen closely to this. This is how today
will go between us."

I watched as the Master told his sub to do what he was told
without hesitation and to only do what he was told. It was
very similar to what Joe had already told me in the steam
room. When the guy on the TV asked if the other understood
Joe looked at me.

"Yes Sir", I said without him having to ask the

The Master went on to give his toy safety code words, explaining
that begging for him to stop would do no good. Anything but
the code words would be interpreted as role playing. If
the sub begged his Master to stop the Master would only fuck
him harder.

When the Master asked to make sure he was understood I answered
'Yes' when I could tell Joe was looking over at

"Your first test", the TV dom said, "is
to strip naked and stand in front of me." He sat down
on a couch as the other stood.

I looked over at Joe and he nodded his head. I stood and faced
him as I began to take off my clothes. I could see a reflection
of the TV in a mirror behind Joe so I stripped at the pace of
the guy in the movie.

In the movie, the submissive was told to turn around. Joe
nodded again and I turned to face away from him. I watched
on the TV as the Master reached out and spread the ass cheeks
of his sub. I felt Joe's hands on my ass doing the same
thing. It was very erotic to feel the same thing that I was
watching on the screen.

When the other to was told to bend over Joe said, "For
the next few minutes, until I tell you otherwise, just do
what you see on the TV."

I bent over at the waist and spread my legs like my role model
on the screen. When he was told to reach back and spread his
cheeks, I spread mine. When the video Master got up I felt
Joe take his hands from my body and could hear him moving
around. I assumed that when the TV dom returned with a dildo
and bottle of lube, my Master was doing the same thing. That
was confirmed when I felt the thin tip of a slick dildo press
against my eager hole. Joe, and the video version, poured
lube on the base of the dildo and let it run down the shaft
as it pointed down at my hole.

I inhaled sharply when Joe pushed the toy firmly against
my hole, spreading it with the widening tip. He had departed
from the video, which still showed the dildo being coated
with lube. The unexpected intrusion surprised and delighted

Joe pushed with steady pressure, slowly opening my hole
to accept the increasing girth of the dildo. It felt like
it was tapered, starting at about an inch at the tip. With
a couple of inches inside me it was probably about twice

On the TV, a realistic cock type dildo was being pushed into
the sub much more roughly than Joe was treating me. The submissive
in the video moaned and I took that as permission for me to
do the same.

Hearing my moan Joe asked, "Are you okay?"

"Absolutely wonderful", I answered.

He buried another couple of inches into me and the size of
the dildo doubled again. I had taken the first bit easily
but as the thickness of the toy increased, the intensity
of the feelings did too. It was still pure pleasure though.

Joe quickly pushed in another inch, spreading my hole,
then backed out to the previous point just as quickly. I
grunted then moaned at the intense increase then decrease
in pressure.

"More?", Joe asked.

"Yes please!", I begged as I moaned.

He repeated the fast, hard push then release but went 2 inches
deeper inside me before pulling it back out. When he had
pushed 6 inches inside me the girth had been equal to any
cock I had ever had inside me.

He must have been able to tell that he was pushing the pleasure
/ pain threshold because he never pushed it in any further.
He did work it in and out at that level for a couple of minute
s though. I was moaning loudly when he finally pulled it
out of me.

I stayed bent over with my ass cheeks spread as I tried to
catch my breath. Just as I was starting to recover I felt
Joe pushing something against my trembling hole again.
This toy was also tapered but started off thicker than the
first one had. When he had pushed it in about 3 inches I was
spread as wide as I had been from 6 inches of the other dildo.
Then my ass clenched down as the toy suddenly slipped inside
me. This one was a butt plug and my hole clenched down on the
thin base.

"I love the way you ass looks with that in there",
Joe said.

"I love the way it feels", I admitted.

"Very good. Now turn around and kneel here in front
of me", he directed.

I stood and turned, feeling the plug hit new angles inside
me, then knelt between his spread legs. While I had been
turned around he had stripped as well and his half hard cock
hung out in a glorious arch.

"You liked the way my cock felt in your hand right?",
he asked.

I nodded my head in the affirmative.

"Then let's see if you like the way it feels in
your mouth. Take just the head of my cock in your mouth and
explore it slowly like you did with your hand", my
Master commanded.

I put my hands on his thighs, since I hadn't been told
to touch his cock with anything but my mouth, and leaned
in toward him. I took a close look at the defined ridge of
his cock as I got closer. I opened my mouth and let his cock
slide into my mouth along my lower lip. I sealed my lips just
beyond the ridge and sucked lightly.

I began to explore the head with my tongue. I flicked my tongue
under the head and around the ridge inside my mouth then
along the slit in the end. His cock tasted wonderful and
the smell of him was equally perfect.

His cock throbbed in my mouth and began to grow as he placed
a hand lightly on my head.

"That feels great. Now a little deeper", he
said softly as he pulled me farther onto his cock.

I moaned onto him as his shaft slid into my mouth. I could
feel the thick vein along the bottom throbbing steadily
against my lower lip. The vein along the top was distended
and pushing against my upper lip.

I sucked a little harder as I ran my tongue back and forth
under his thick shaft. He held me in place and I happily sucked
on the top half of his hardening cock. I kept my head in place
and let his cock move deeper into my mouth as it grew longer
and thicker.

"Take as much as you can", he moaned.

I slid my hands around to his hips and pulled myself against
him. He was nearly hard by that point and I was only able to
take another couple of inches. There were still at least
3 or 4 inches of his cock that I couldn't take. I nodded
my head up and down when the tip of his cock hit the top of my
throat. I was able to fight off any gag reflex but I couldn't
take any more of him into my mouth.

"Fuck that's good!", Joe moaned. "Now
work my cock, boy."

As I started to slide back up his long cock I wrapped my right
hand around the shaft. I took my mouth completely off of
him for just a moment to catch my breath before taking the
head back into my mouth. I concentrated my mouth on the head
of his cock as I stroked the exposed shaft and caressed his
large balls.

His hips began to pump up and down in time with my hand. His
cock slid in and out of my mouth and I sucked him hungrily.
His cock throbbed and grew just a bit more until it was as
hard as a rock. The girth of the thing more than filled my
hand and the swollen head filled my mouth.

That went on for about five minutes until he finally guided
my mouth off of him.

"Get up here on the couch", he ordered as he stood

He guided me into position so my fore arms were on the back
of the couch as I knelt on the cushions. He had me spread my
legs wide then stood between them. I had forgotten about
the butt plug until I changed position, which made it move
around at different angles inside me.

Joe grabbed the part that extended out of my ass and began
to pull on it. The toy stretched my hole from the inside out.
What an amazing feeling! My hole had clenched down on the
base of the toy but spread fairly easily, especially compared
to the work it had taken to get it inside me. When it had spread
my ass as wide as it could I moaned and let my head fall down
on the back of the sofa.

Joe worked the toy in and out in millimeter thrusts at the
point that it was the thickest. My breathing became shallow
as the sensation at my opening overwhelmed me. He finally
pulled the toy all the way out of me. He replaced it with two
fingers, which I took into me easily.

His fingers explored around inside me until they found
the special spot that made my cock throb and pre cum begin
to flow out of my cock.

"Oh fuck", I moaned.

"You like that don't you?", he asked.

"It feels incredible!"

"Ready to get fucked?", Joe said. It was in question
form but not a question.

I answered anyway with, "Oh god yes! I've wanted
your gorgeous cock in me since I saw it at the gym!"

Joe's fingers slid out of me and I could feel him move
up behind me. There was a pause as he covered his cock with
lube, then I felt the thick head against my trembling hole.

"Push back onto my cock", he directed.

I rocked back slowly. The head of his cock was thicker than
the dildo or butt plug and it spread my hole to the point of
pain as I forced it into me.

I arched my back and neck as my hole was stretched to the point
of pain. I could feel that the ridge of the head was at my opening
so I shoved backward a couple of inches and finally took
him inside me.

We both groaned loudly as my hole grabbed at the shaft of
his cock. The relatively thinner shaft, although still
extremely thick, allowed my hole to relax enough that the
pain faded and left me with only pleasure. I did enjoy the
slight pain though!

"Fuck! Your ass feels great", Joe said loudly
as he grabbed my hips. "I've got to get all the
way inside you. Are you ready?"

"Sir, I don't know if I can take it", I said.
Of course I actually wanted him to bury his cock into me but
I thought saying that would turn him on and it was not the
code word of 'red' or 'yellow' that had
been discussed in the video so I was actually giving him
the go ahead.

"Well, you're going to have to", he said
as he began to push into me.

It took a gloriously long time for him to push all ten inches
of his cock into me. Even though his words were aggressive,
his actions were gentle. To start with at least.

When his hips pressed against my ass cheeks I ground back
against him. His hands spread my cheeks and allowed him
to get the final inch of his cock into me. I had never been
so full of cock in my life. My hole was stretched wide and
the tip of his cock felt like it was pressing into my stomach.

I heard loud moaning and realized it was me as I ground back
against him and he strained to get every last millimeter
of himself inside me. Finally we both relaxed and enjoyed
the sensations of his cock spreading me wide open and my
hole clenching at him in return.

"Your ass is incredible", Joe remarked. "I
hope you truly are ready now because I've got to fuck
you and I don't think I can stop myself from fucking
you hard."

"I'm more than ready", I purred, "I'm
begging you to fuck me with all your energy."

"Fuck", he said softly, admiringly.

Then the fucking began. He slid his cock slowly out of me
until only the head was still inside me. I could feel the
ridge spreading me from the inside.

He paused with his hands gripping firmly at my hips.

I grabbed at his cock with my eager hole and moaned, "Please."

I felt his body shudder and his cock throb inside me then
he thrust deeply into me. His hips slapped against my ass
cheeks loudly and I cried out loudly.

The world fell away and left only the thrusting of his cock.
We made animal sounds as Joe thrust with all his power and
I rocked back to meet him each time. His fingers dug hard
in to my hips as he pounded into my ass. My hands clung tightly
onto the couch as I was knocked forward by Joe's thrusts.

The world faded and the only thing I knew was the pounding
in my ass, the rocking of my body to meet the thrust, the erotic
heat filling me then retracting. Then suddenly it stopped.

My body rocked backward in anticipation of Joe's next
thrust but none came. His cock slid all the way out of me.
I grunted loudly as the thick head of his cock slid through
my aching hole. I looked back over my shoulder and saw that
Joe was covered in sweat and panting.

He collapsed onto the sofa next to where I knelt. I looked
over, admiring his sweat covered body and his rock hard
cock as it lay up on his ripped abs.

Joe reached out and put his left hand on the inside of my left
leg. He slid his hand up to the juncture of leg and hip and
pulled me toward him as he said, "I need a break but
I still want to fuck you more. Sit on my cock and make me cum."

I straddled his thighs and reached down to grab his cock.
It was hot and throbbing in my hand as I stroked the slick
shaft. Joe leaned over, grabbed the bottle of lube and poured
more onto the head of his cock. It ran down to my hand and I
coated the shaft and head liberally as I pumped his cock.

I had to raise all the way up and bend his cock down to get the
head poised at my hole. I rubbed the slick head back and forth
across my still loose hole to spread some lube on myself.

"Don't tease me boy!", Joe said semi angrily,
"I told you to sit on my cock and make me cum!"

I instantly lowered myself onto his pole moaning, "I'm
sorry, Master."

"Master?", Joe moaned back as I settled on his
lap, his cock buried all the way inside me.

I rotated my hips in circles as I said, "Yes...Master.
If that's ok with you along with Sir. I just feel that
I've totally submitted myself to you. There's
nothing I won't do now."

Joe smiled and put his hands on my hips. With light pressure
he began guiding me up the shaft of his cock. Once just the
tip was inside me he pulled me slowly back down. He just kept
smiling at me as he guided me slowly up and down his cock.

Finally he said, "We'll test that later. For
right now I just want you to ride my cock and make me cum."

"Yes, Master", I moaned as I leaned back, putting
my hands on his thighs. "May I ask where you want to

I took over the rhythm of our motion. Arching backward with
my weight on my hands at his thighs. I thrust my hip up a quick
8 inches, leaving just the head inside me. Then I dropped
back down quickly to his lap. The head of his cock rubbed
the inner wall of my ass and forced pre cum to drip from my
cock onto Joe's stomach.

He gathered the clear fluid on his finger then pointed it
at my face. I leaned forward and cleaned my juice from his
finger, sucking it like it was his cock.

"How does that taste?", he asked as he slid his
finger out of my mouth.

"Not as good as yours but still very erotic",
I answered.

"Let me see", he said as he reached down and grabbed
the base of my cock.

Until that moment I hadn't really thought about my
own cock. I realized that I was harder and larger than I had
ever been in my life.

Joe pulled my cock up with a firm grip. I slid up his cock until
I was kneeling straight up from my knees. The head of his
cock was still inside me and the head of my cock was in front
of Joe's face.

He leaned forward and took me into his mouth. I'd never
had a cock in my ass while someone sucked my cock before.
The feeling was amazing. As my cock throbbed at Joe's
skilled attention my ass clenched and grabbed at his cock.
I could feel the juices flowing from my cock into Joe's
hot mouth.

After a moment he let my cock slide out of his mouth. He sat
back saying, "You taste great!" He stroked
my cock lightly as he continued, "I want to cum in your
ass and when I do I want you to cum."

With one hand still on my cock and one hand on my waist he pushed
me back down onto his cock. As my hole slid down the long shaft
he stroked down the shaft of my cock. It almost felt like
I was fucking myself. He guided me up and down with both the
hand on my waist and mimicked our motion with the hand on
my cock.

He took control of the pace and soon had me bouncing up and
down his cock as he pumped mine in unison. Now that I was aware
of my cock I felt my orgasm building. I hoped he was nearing
orgasm because I wasn't sure how long I could hold mine

"This is incredible, Sir", I panted as I rode

"You're so fucking hot, boy", he moaned,
"You're going to make me cum soon."

"Fuck yes", I cried out, "Cum in my ass
please, Master."

I felt his cock throb and his hips started bucking up to meet
me as I slid down his shaft.

"I'm going to cummmmm", he moaned loudly.

I let my own orgasm free as our bodies met with incredible

Joe's hips locked in the up position and I felt the first
geyser of his hot cum shoot into my ass. Simultaneously
my balls tightened and I felt my cum explode from my cock.
Joe's hand pumped furiously on my cock and I bounced
up and down his as fast as I could.

We were both moaning / groaning / screaming as our orgasms
exploded. Joe's cum filled my ass with the most erotic
heat as my cum splashed on his chest.

Finally we both collapsed. His butt lowered onto the sofa
and I slid down his cock a final time. His cock pulsed in my
ass as the last of his orgasm spilled into me. He squeezed
the base of my cock and pumped up my shaft. The last of my cum
flowed out of me onto his stomach.

We were both breathing hard and bathed in sweat as we sat
there enjoying that final climactic moments. I slowly
moved my hips around on him as he idly played with my cock.

"That was fucking incredible", I panted.

"Absolutely", he agreed.

We reveled in the after glow for a few moments in silence.
He eventually guided me off of him and I collapsed, spent,
next to him. I leaned over and gently held his cock as I began
to lick his chest. My cum was still warm on his body as I lapped
it off of him.

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Is this Mrs. Conner, my high school literature teacher? Honestly, thank you for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it!

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every story is just as hot as the first - fantastic


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I take my time writing these and re-read them as I'm going along, getting excited myself as I read them!

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Very erotic and extremely well written.
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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the story. I have several others on here in case you haven't read them.

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I love the fact that a lot of women appreciated your story! Glad that i am not the only one! I love watching men fuck! OOOHHHH
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