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The Godmother


"Damn!" Caroline thought to herself, as she
stepped into the taxi. It certainly had not been 'the
plan' to conclude her night out with Oliver by putting
him to bed, in a state of hopeless inebriation.

Bed had certainly been on Caroline's agenda. After
the last couple of weeks at the office, what she needed most
in the world was a leisurely dinner and romantic conversation
with the current man of her dreams, followed by ‒ let's
face it, she thought to herself, with a wry smile, a bloody
good shag!

Oh, yes, she ruminated, despite the 'posh' exterior,
she had always had very earthy appetites, and it had always
been difficult for her to go more than a week or two without
a good stiff cock thrusting its way up her. And, up to now,
Oliver had been pretty good in that department, but, tonight,
one glass of wine had led to another and, although he had
been very 'keen' just an hour or so ago ‒ his prick
stiff as a rod while they had been dancing together ‒ emergence
into the fresh air had hit him for six, and it had been all
Caroline could do to get him back to his town flat, and safely
tucked up in bed, out for the count.

She had asked the taxi-driver to wait, and now she was on
her way back to her lonely bed at the cottage. Remembering
Oliver's erection poking against her stomach, his
hands caressing her bottom, as they waltzed slowly round
the small dance floor, Caroline's nipples hardened
under her dress, and she felt a small trickle of moisture
between her thighs.

Oh, god, she thought ‒ I don't suppose the taxi-driver
would settle for 'payment in kind' tonight? But
he looked well past it and, anyway, she wasn't reduced
to that, just yet. But she had been looking forward to a really
good rogering ......

Oh, well, she thought, there's always a lonely girl's
best friend, in the dressing-table drawer …… Now, which
one would she have tonight? It would have to be the thick
black ten-incher …… She shivered in anticipation, and
squeezed her thighs together. How far to go?

Glancing out of the window, she saw a lonely figure striding
along the darkened, deserted country lane. Something
about the set of the young shoulders seemed familiar, but
it wasn't until the taxi had left him about fifty yards
behind, that Caroline recognised her godson, William

"Stop, please, driver, " she exclaimed. "Can
you back up a bit and pick up that young man?" She saw
the driver's face register surprise in the mirror,
and hastened to reassure him. "Oh, it's all right, "
she said. "I know him ‒ he's my godson."

The driver put the cab into reverse, and backed carefully
down the lane. Looking out of the rear window, Caroline
saw William's face register surprise, then a certain
amount of wariness. He slowed his pace as the car drew up
just in front of him. Caroline wound down the window.

"Hop in, William, " she called. "You
don't want to walk all the way, do you?"

His face cleared. "Oh, hi, Caroline, " he said,
a slow smile spreading over his face. "Thanks very
much. You're sure you don't mind?"

"Don't be silly, " replied Caroline. "Jump

He made for the seat beside the driver, but Caroline opened
the rear door. He's such a polite boy, she thought,
fondly ‒ never takes anything for granted. William hesitated,
then got in beside Caroline on the long bench seat, taking
care to sit right in the corner, so as not to 'invade
her space'

"So, " she asked, as he perched forward on the
edge of the seat. "What have you been up to tonight?"

"Oh, just the disco in town, " William replied,
and, had it not been dark in the cab, Caroline could have
sworn she saw him blush.

"Any luck?" she teased, and he gave an embarrassed

"Not really, " he said. "I'm not
much of a dancer ‒ just had a drink or two with some mates,
then set off back ‒ I've got to be up early in the morning.
The boss has the day off, so I'm in charge!"

He said this with a touch of shy pride, straightening his
shoulders. He really had turned out well, Caroline thought
‒ and he's a good-looking boy, if only he knew it. He
must be nearly six feet tall, and his open-air work gave
him a rugged, healthy appearance. He was wearing jeans
and a white t-shirt, and Caroline noticed how his chest
and biceps stretched the tight cotton.

The taxi drew to a halt outside Caroline's little cottage
on the edge of the village, and William fumbled in his jeans
pocket. Caroline poked a ten-pound note through the connecting
window and told the driver to keep the change. William was
still fishing in his pocket as the cab drove away, and Caroline
remonstrated with him, waving away the proffered five-pound
note. William gave in, and pushed the note back in his pocket.

"Well, thanks very much, Caroline, " he said.
"I best be off, now."

He turned away and, on an impulse, Caroline said ‒ "Look,
how about coming in for a coffee ‒ we haven't chatted
for ages ‒ and I am your godmother. You can tell me how the
job's going."

"We-e-e-ll, " he hesitated. Caroline took
his arm. "Oh, come on ‒ you have to see me safely home,
anyway ‒ don't you?"

"Oh, yes, " he replied, confused, and Caroline
laughed and squeezed his arm in hers as they set off down
the rose-surrounded path to her front door. She could spend
half an hour chatting to her godson ‒ then she could settle
down with the ten-inch black one ......

Five minutes later, they were sitting in opposite easy
chairs, on either side of the fire in Caroline's comfortable
sitting-room. William had opted for a can of beer, rather
than a coffee, and Caroline had indulged herself with a
gin and tonic. The beer had loosened the boy's tongue
a little, and he was talking, animatedly, about his game-keeping

Caroline listened, patiently, and gradually became aware
that William was having a little difficulty in keeping
his eyes away from her crossed legs. Her dress did not quite
reach her knees and, every so often, William's eyes
would stray from her attentive face, sliding downwards.

"Well, that's not bad!" Caroline thought
‒ I can still get a roving eye from a young man less than half
my age. Hmmm, I might have a different imaginary partner
with me when I finally tuck up with my vibrator, tonight
‒ someone a good deal younger than Oliver! She slowly uncrossed
her legs, and re-crossed them. Covertly, she kept an eye
on William, and was gratified to see the colour rise beneath
his tan, as a length of her stocking-clad thigh was momentarily

She felt a little frisson of daring, and automatically
glanced at the front of William's jeans. She chuckled
inwardly to herself ‒ well, what had she expected to see
‒ the Eiffel Tower? Still, her godson's 'package'
looked ‒ fully-fledged? ‒ he had quite a satisfactory bulge
down there. He was going on twenty ‒ he must have slipped
a length up a few of the local girls, by now ‒ and yet, he seemed
still so ‒ innocent.

Caroline tried to remember how long it had been since she
had had a really young guy's cock inside her, then pushed
the thought from her mind. For God's sake, she was forty-seven
years old and, even if she was in spectacularly good nick
for her age, she couldn't compete with all the fresh
young totty which was around these days. And, anyway, William
was her godson ‒ it was perverse even to think about it!

"So, you didn't meet anyone 'special'
tonight, then, did you, William?" She almost took
herself by surprise with her question ‒ she certainly caught
her guest off-guard, and his face flamed as he dropped his
eyes, and mumbled ‒ "No ‒ 'fraid not."

"Have you ever had a 'steady' girlfriend?"
Caroline persisted, now leaning forward, gazing at him,

"Not really, " William replied, his embarrassment
increasing. Caroline emptied her glass and refilled it,
with the emphasis, now, on the gin. She was beginning, to
her surprise, to feel her earlier feelings of arousal returning,
and she shifted her position on the chair, crossing her
legs again. She wondered if he had caught a glimpse of bare
thigh ‒ even her panties? Her mouth momentarily dried.

"It's so much easier for you youngsters these
days, though, " she said. "When I was your age,
you weren't supposed to have sex until you were, at
least, engaged. Nowadays, there are so few taboos, and
the girls have unlimited access to the pill ‒ well, it's
just so free and easy."

"Well, " William replied, his face still brick-red,
as if he couldn't believe he was having this discussion
with his 'posh', but still very sexy, godmother.
"It's maybe not quite how you think it is ‒ not
round here, anyway."

"Hah!" Caroline couldn't help exclaiming.
"You mean ‒ in the country?"

"Yeah, " answered William, a trifle bitterly.
"Maybe, in the cities, the girls are prepared to ‒
do that sort of thing ‒ but it's different round here."

"Well, things have changed, " said Caroline.
"I wasn't brought up round here ‒ but I am a country
girl, and, even when I was young, I saw things going on ......"

William's eyes were bright with curiosity, and he
took the can Caroline pushed over to him, without comment,
flicking the top open.

"Like what?" he asked, taking a long swallow.
He, too, was now leaning forward in his chair, his keen interest
only too evident. Caroline, too, was feeling unexpectedly
aroused at the way the conversation had veered. She had
an irresistible urge to take it further ‒ to see if she could
excite the shy young man sitting opposite her ‒ to see how
he would react ......

She thought back, her heart beating a little faster as she
recalled 'that' day ......

"Well, " she said, "when I was in my teens,
I spent all my spare time helping out at the local stables,
doing all the mucky jobs, just for the chance to ride the
horses. There were quite a lot of us, almost all girls, and,
of course, we frequently saw the stallions 'cover'
the mares, so, inevitably, we would talk about ‒ well, what
we were seeing, and how it felt for the mare, feeling that
huge hard thing inside her."

Caroline glanced down again ‒ there was no doubt that her
words were striking a chord with her visitor. She could
see a definite protrusion in William's jeans ......
She was feeling moist herself, down there, as well, as she
recalled the dry-mouthed excitement of watching the stallion's
cock lengthen and harden, inexorably.

"One day, " she carried on, her voice low and
breathy, "I was helping the farrier shoe one of the
young stallions in his box. There was a mare in the next stall,
and ‒ well, the stallion began to get ‒ excited. You know
what I mean, William?"

He nodded, vehemently, as if concerned that he might not
know even this basic fact of life, but his eyes would not
rise to meet hers. Caroline felt a little breathless, recalling
that long-ago afternoon from her late teens. Her lips were
dry, and she took another drink.

"The farrier had a bit of a 'reputation'.
One or two of the girls sometimes came out looking a little
dishevelled after working with him, and there were stories
about how he would 'try things' with them when
there were just the two of them in the stall ‒ although he
had never bothered me. This day, however, he caught me looking
at the stallion and he said ‒ 'He's got a bit of a
hard-on, hasn't he?' Well, I was very embarrassed
‒ I went to an all-girl school, and I hadn't had much
to do with boys, or men, so I suppose I just blushed and looked
at the ground."

"But the farrier laughed and said ‒ 'You know
what causes it, do you?' That made me even more embarrassed,
and I sort of nodded and kept looking at the ground. I was
holding the horse's foot for him to put the shoe on,
and I was bent over towards him. Then he said ‒ 'I've
got one from looking down your shirt ‒ at your tits!'
I nearly died with embarrassment, but I also found it very
exciting, hearing him talk about me, like that."

"'You've got a nice pair of tits, there, '
he said. 'Have you had your first shag, yet?' I
didn't know what to say. My face was brick-red, and
I didn't dare put the horse's foot down until he
told me to, and I could feel his eyes looking down my front."

"I suppose, with the stallion being excited like
that, the atmosphere in the stall was ‒ well ‒ very sexual,
and I remember feeling very shaky, and not knowing what
to do. Then the farrier put down his tools and slipped his
hand down the front of my shirt. It went right inside one
of the cups of my brassiere and he took hold of my bare breast."

"He said ‒ 'Yes ‒ you've got really nice tits,
now, Caroline ‒ I've been watching you for a while.
I've wanted a feel of those.' His fingers were
playing with my nipple, and it felt really hard, and sensitive.
Then he took the horse's foot from my hand, and walked
me back so that I was against the back wall of the stall. I
was so ‒ excited ‒ I felt that I shouldn't let him be doing
this ‒ he was well over thirty, and married ‒ but, well, I
just couldn't think straight."

"He put his arms round me and kissed me on the mouth
and, at the same time, started unbuttoning the heavy shirt
I wore at the stables. I didn't put my arms round him,
but I kissed him back, and I felt my buttons being undone.
He opened my shirt and pushed it right back, over my shoulders
and down my arms, but he couldn't get it off, because
the cuffs were still buttoned. Then he put his hands up my
back and I remember thinking how surprised I was that he
unclipped my bra so easily ‒ and then he just pushed it up
and stood back, holding it up so that he could look at my bare

Caroline's hands were trembling and she gripped her
glass, tightly. She raised her eyes. To her surprise, William
was looking at her, and he held her gaze. His tongue slid
out and ran round his lips.

"What happened, then?" His voice was low, almost
a croak, and Caroline felt a surge of power, of excitement.

"Well, he played with my ‒ tits ‒ feeling them, and
squeezing them, then he reached down and opened his trousers.
I nearly stopped breathing, William ‒ I had never seen a
man's penis before. He pulled it out ‒ it was very hard,
and it was a strange purple colour, as if it was ‒ angry. He
took my hand, and put it on his penis. It was like nothing
I had ever felt before ‒ so hard, and hot, but still, sort
of, yielding. It felt ‒ wonderful ‒ I felt as if I was taking
advantage of him, not him of me."

"Then he said ‒ 'We haven't got time for a
fuck ‒ it'd take too long for you to get those jodhpurs
and boots off.' I'm sure he didn't realise
I was still a virgin. But I knew what he meant, so I put my fingers
round him ‒ his cock ‒ and started moving them up and down.
I had never done anything like that before, but I must have
done it right because he suddenly started breathing heavily
and his hands really dug into my tits ‒ and then he started
to come, shooting all over the place ......"

William Grundy was in a state of utter shock, compounded
by a very strong sensation of sexual arousal. He had practically
worshipped Caroline all his life. He had always thought
of her as the most beautiful, sophisticated woman he knew,
but, since reaching puberty and indulging in erotic fantasies
about almost every woman he knew, he had tried, manfully,
not to think of Caroline in 'that way'.

Quite apart from the fact that she had been a wonderful,
caring godmother to him, he was nowhere near her equal in
'class', and, when he had become aware that she
must have had sexual relations with some of the men with
whom her name had been linked, he had always imagined these
encounters as almost clinical, with Caroline in a silk
nightdress, hair perfectly coiffured, in a pristine white
bed with a man who treated her in a respectful, gentlemanly

He had imagined that words like 'tits', 'cock'
and 'fuck' ‒ words which he and his 'common'
friends used all the time ‒ would actually be unknown to
Caroline, and, to hear her pronounce them, with her cut-glass
vowels, was a tremendous shock to him. It was bad enough,
when she had been quoting what someone else ‒ the farrier
‒ had said, but, when she talked about her own breasts as
her 'tits', William had never experienced such
a charge of sexual energy. His cock had become almost painfully
hard, straining against the rough denim of his jeans, and
he had practically disabled himself, trying to conceal
his state from his godmother.

Obviously, he rationalised, she was only using these words
because she thought he would feel more comfortable with
them, since people like him ‒ common people ‒ only spoke
that way. She would be scandalised if she thought her words
were causing a sexual reaction in him.

But, try as he might, he could not, now, rid his mind of the
searing image her words had etched indelibly on his mind.
A young Caroline, standing against the wall of a stable
full of shit and straw, her tits and nipples on full display,
her hand curled round a hard cock, wanking it ......

He groaned, as his cock reared again, almost painfully.

Caroline, herself, was revisiting her youth, in her mind.
Two days after the events she had described to William,
she had 'dropped in' at the stables again. She
knew the farrier would be returning to check his work, and
she had worn a loose summer dress. When she appeared at the
door of the stall, the farrier had grinned and pulled her
inside. He had made short work of the dress and it had been
a mere five minutes before Caroline had been on her back
in the straw, her bra round her neck, her panties in the corner
of the stall, her long slim legs parted, with the farrier's
buttocks thrusting up and down between them, his thick
hard cock ploughing her virgin channel with unrestrained

That summer had been a voyage of discovery for Caroline.
The farrier had dropped enough hints around the yard for
the stable-boys to take an interest, and three of them had
cornered Caroline in an empty barn one afternoon. At first,
she had thought they were just going to make suggestive
remarks, as they usually did, but, when they mentioned
the farrier, and two of them grabbed her wrists, she realised
that this was different ......

She began to struggle, and kick out, but they had had two
or three lunchtime pints and they held her down on the rough
dirt floor. Kneeling on her outstretched arms, they had
unbuttoned her work shirt ‒ the same one that the farrier
had undone ‒ and pulled it out of her jodhpurs. Then, despite
her tears and cries, they had ripped open her brassiere
and pawed her full, firm breasts, fighting each other to
get their hands on them. Inevitably, they had then turned
their attention to her jodhpurs, announcing their intention
to give her 'a good fingering'. Two of them had
held her down while the third wrenched off her riding-boots,
then her 'joddies'.

They had been surprisingly gentle in removing her brief
white panties, pulling them slowly down her thighs and
calves, then had held her ankles apart while they all took
a close look at her involuntarily displayed vagina, in
its nest of black pubic hair. Then, as her sobs renewed,
and redoubled in intensity, the first finger had slid inside
her moist slit, and the owner announced she was 'as
wet as a fish'. They had taken turns at fingering Caroline's
most intimate part, and then the inevitable had happened,
when one of them dropped his jeans and fell between her splayed
knees ......

Urged on by his friends, he had pushed his cock inexpertly
between her thighs and, more by good luck than judgment,
found her entrance and thrust it inside her. He hadn't
lasted long but, by the time he ejaculated inside her, Caroline
had become resigned to the inevitable ‒ and, indeed, had
begun to enjoy the sensation of this new penis, which was
noticeably longer than the farrier's, and was even
speculating about what the other two would be like ......

The four of them had spent over two hours in the barn that
afternoon, and Caroline had passed a lot of time there,
in the ensuing weeks, with different combinations of the
three stable-boys, as well as one or two other boys from
the village and, occasionally, one of the other girls from
the stable ‒ a blonde girl called Wendy, who was endowed
with the most enormous breasts, and an unquenchable appetite
for rough sex.

Although Caroline had gone on to university, and an almost
endless succession of sexual encounters, that summer
always held a special place in her memory, and talking about
just a part of it, now, to William, brought back all the excitement,
the uncertainty, of her first steps. Her hands were shaking,
her mouth dry, her nipples tense, and her vagina awash with
flowing juices.

The stable lads had been younger than William was, now.
She remembered how their cocks had been utterly rigid,
and how, ten minutes after ejaculation, they had been ready
for action again. She was now in no doubt that William was
aroused ‒ he had been writhing around on his chair ever since
she had described the farrier slipping his hand inside
her shirt to feel her tits ......

Caroline leant forward and put her hand, lightly, on his
knee. She knew that the action would cause the square top
of her dress to fall forward. The pressure in her loins was
now too strong ‒ any scruples she might have had had dissipated.
She could see the bulge in his jeans only too plainly, now,
and she wanted him. She wanted his fresh young cock ‒ with
a thrill, she even contemplated the possibility that he
was a virgin.

"I hope I haven't upset you, William, "
she said, solicitously, sensing a delicious thrill as
his eyes flickered down her top, where, she knew, the upper
slopes of her still firm, creamy breasts were all too visible.
"It wasn't too bad, you know. There are worse
ways for a girl to lose her virginity than to an older, experienced

Tongue-tied, William stared at her, willing his eyes to
stay fixed on hers, and not drift down to her tits again ......

"Was your first time ‒ with a girl of your own age?"
Caroline dared to ask, but he continued to stare dumbly,
at her. In his eyes, she detected an awful uncertainty and,
suddenly, she realised this was too much for him to take
in. He was becoming poised for flight.

Without further thought, Caroline reached further forward.
Her hand closed over the bulge in William's jeans,
and she drew a sharp breath as her fingers sensed the rigidity
of his distended young manhood. Instinctively, William
jerked his hips backwards, but Caroline followed him,
adjusting her fingers to close round the upraised shape
of his erect penis.

Caroline stared at him, willing him to meet her eyes. At
last, he did so, his eyes bright with apprehension. Caroline
did her best to give him a loving, confident smile.

"That's very impressive, you know, William, "
she breathed, gently squeezing his denim-encased shaft,
so that he was in no doubt about what she was referring to.
She half-stood, then lowered herself to her knees and,
leaning in again, placed her lips on his mouth. His mouth
opened, then he kissed her urgently, and she breathed a
subdued sigh of relief. Automatically, her hand closed
again round his erection, and she felt his arms go round
her, one hand ascending into her hair, pulling her mouth
against his.

Gently, Caroline eased her mouth away, nibbling round
his jawline, up to his ear.

"Do you think you can find the zip of my dress, William?"
she whispered. She felt his hands at the back of her shoulders,
and prayed he would manage without difficulty. As she felt
the top of the zip go, she experienced another surge between
her thighs. Oh, God, she thought, I want so much to fuck him
‒ to feel his prick fill me up. The temptation to pull his
zip down, to feel his hard pulsating cock between her fingers,
was almost irresistible ......

But Caroline concentrated on her dress being released
and, as the zip reached her waist, she eased herself to her
feet, and reached round and caught the zipper, pulling
it down the last few inches over the flare of her hips. Then
she crossed her arms over the front of the dress, and slowly
lowered it, watching his soft brown eyes, big as saucers,
as her white silk underwear was revealed. The dress slid
soundlessly to the carpet, and Caroline let her arms dangle
by her sides.

She knew she looked good. Regular work-outs had kept her
stomach flat, and her bottom and thighs firm and shapely.
Her breasts no longer stood proud, of their own accord,
as they had when the farrier had first exposed them to his
lascivious gaze, but they still had shape, and texture,
sufficient to arouse Oliver to something of a frenzy. Caroline
shivered as she thought of their effect on William ...

She smiled at him, wickedly. "Do you want me to show
you my tits, William? Get them out for you?"

For the first time, William grinned and, as Caroline stepped
back a pace, putting her hands up her back to unclip her brassiere,
he stood up. Again, her eyes dropped to the front of his jeans.
She shivered with excitement ‒ it was like a totem pole!

The last eye slid out its hook, and Caroline held the bra-cups
across her breasts. Her eyes glittered. "Show me
what you've got, William, " she breathed. "You
show me yours ......"

Confidently, William unbuckled his belt and slid his jeans
down. He didn't turn his back. To Caroline's surprise,
he wore no undershorts, and, as his jeans descended to mid-thigh,
his cock sprang up, massive and erect. It was long, and thick
‒ very thick, thought Caroline, for his age. He was uncircumcised,
but his huge mauve corona was almost totally exposed, thrusting
out of his foreskin, almost golf-ball sized. His testicles
were large, although drawn up tightly in his scrotum, and
a bush of light brown hair set off the impressive magnificence
of his equipment.

Caroline's cry of admiration was genuine.

"Oh, William, " she breathed, licking her
dry lips. "That is really beautiful."

Her hands fell away from her chest, and William Grundy gazed
at his godmother's exposed tits. Despite his shyness,
he had had limited success with a few girls, but the fresh
pink-nippled breasts he had managed to uncover, so far,
were no match for the pair he gazed at, in awe, now. Caroline's
breasts were full, sitting comfortably on her chest, with
massive circular dark aurolae, and thick brown nipples,
which her fingers reached up to caress, right in front of
his eyes.

William's heart was thudding wildly and, even though
he was standing in front of her with his cock out, he still
lacked the courage to reach out and feel them.

Then Caroline dropped her hands from her breasts, and slid
her fingers round his distended manhood. William gasped
at her touch, and she took his hand and pushed it against
the front of her panties. Instinctively, he pushed his
fingers downwards, to the junction of her thighs, where
the material felt moist and warm. He rubbed his middle finger
against the silk, and it gave under his touch, pushing inwards,
and he felt warm, damp flesh against the sides of his knuckles.

Caroline moaned.

"Oh, yes, " she urged him. "Finger me
‒ finger me down there."

Her own fingers were sliding over the tip of William's
throbbing cock, bathing themselves in a coating of pre-cum.
She raised her fingers to her lips, and licked them, one
by one.

Then she eased William backwards until the backs of his
knees touched one of the oak dining-chairs, and pushed
him down into a sitting position. Caroline took a pace backwards,
then swiftly slid her panties down her thighs.

As her dark, trimmed pussy came into view, William groaned,
and clutched his cock in his hand. Caroline wasn't
to know it, but hers was the first woman's cunt he had
ever laid eyes on. His eyes were like saucers as she straightened
up and allowed him to look at her. He stared between her thighs,
his heart pounding painfully with suppressed excitement.

Caroline's pubic hairs were trimmed away around her
full, blood-engorged cuntlips, and, above her pussy,
there was only a thin line of dark curls, running up the centre
of her tight belly. Her right hand slid down over her belly
and hovered over the top of her cleft, her middle finger
flickering quickly over the top of her slit.

"Close your legs, William, " she breathed,
and he obeyed. As she moved towards him, he reached up and
his hands closed, for the first time, on her breasts. They
felt so soft ‒ so warm, so yielding. He felt for her nipples
‒ they felt hard, and thick, in his fingers, and he rolled
them between his finger and thumb, luxuriating in their
womanly, mature feel. God, she was a real woman ‒ not a kid,
like these prick-teasing little village girls.

Then the insides of her thighs were touching the outsides
of his, and her hand was sliding, expertly, onto his rigid
cock. William nearly jumped up as, suddenly, he felt the
sensitive tip of his glans encounter a moist warmth he had
never experienced before. The excitement drove the breath
from his lungs, and his hands closed, convulsively, round
Caroline's soft tits.

"Oh, William, " she breathed, as the rough
skin of his calloused fingers scraped over her rock-hard
nipples. "Do you like my tits?"

"Oh, yeah, " he responded, "they're
great, Caroline ‒ I can't believe you're lettin'
me feel 'em."

"What do you want to do, now, William?" she whispered,
slowly sliding her damp cunt lips along the distended head
of his upraised cock, aching to feel it plunge inside her,
but wanting, also, to hear him talk like the stableboys
had, so many years ago ......

"Can I ‒ can I ‒ make love to you, Caroline?" he
muttered, and she nearly screamed in frustration. She
slid downwards half an inch ‒ half of his bulbous head was
in her, now, stretching her entrance ‒ the anticipation
was nearly unbearable ......

"Use the words, William, " she urged. "Use
the proper words ‒ tell me what you want."

"I want ‒ to fuck you, " he gasped, the words
coming out in a rush.

"Oh, yes, " she groaned. "Say it again
‒ what do you want to fuck?"

"I want to fuck your cunt ‒ and ‒ and ‒ stick my cock up
you ‒ and squeeze your soft tits ‒ and ……"

But Caroline shuddered and drove the breath from his body
as she propelled herself downwards, emitting a long, rising
moan as she felt herself impaled on his steel-hard rigid
shaft. It pushed deep inside her, thrusting against the
front wall of her vagina, massaging her G-spot, and she
dropped her hands behind him, clutching his tight buttocks,
pulling him as deeply inside her as she could.

Her orgasm had started already, and her body juddered against
his as she shook uncontrollably, spasms of ecstasy thundering
through her.

"Oh, Jesus, " she moaned. "Oh, Christ,
what are you doing to me? Oh, William ‒ oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,

As his incredibly sexy godmother writhed in sexual abandon
on his thighs, William, too, felt an irresistible surge
well up from his over loaded testicles, then the first jet
of sperm shot through his long thick cock, followed by another,
then another, then he was pumping furiously inside her,
each surge sending a driving throb of heat into his pulsating

It was the greatest feeling he had ever experienced ‒ he
would never, ever forget this moment ‒ his first fuck.

And ‒ he would never, ever forget his 'fairy godmother'.

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cjg045 65 M
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God woman you are taunting the hell out of us, Awesome story.


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definitely a good read so real, i could see and feel all.
Great story.


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wow I wish my god mother was that sexy, thanks


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You're just plain naughty, aren't you? You know
I love your stories.


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that was a tasty story... makes me want a young guy!


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Do'nt think Radio 4 will put that out on a Sunday morning, but
it would make for interestin listening. Good story. Any
more from Ambridge?


rm_Rick251000 replies on 2/11/2008 2:53 pm:
Well spotted !