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The Girls From The Office (fm:other)


Her car wasn't in the drive or the garage when I got home
and that was
rare. Ginny almost always beat me home from work and had
halfway done before I got there. I walked into the kitchen
to get a
cold one from the fridge, opened it and took a sip before
seeing the
box on the kitchen table with an envelope taped to it. I walked
and saw that the envelope had my name on it. I opened it and
read the
short letter inside:

Dear Rob, I'm sorry, but I had to do it this way because
I couldn't bear
to face you. It isn't anything that you did honey, it
is me. You are
a great guy and a wonderful husband and any other girl would
fight to
the death to keep you. The problem is me. I'm missing
a part, lacking
something, and our marriage just isn't working for
me. I love you baby
and I probably always will, but I'm not the girl for
you. You can do
better baby, much better. Ginny

I opened the box and found her checkbook, credit cards,
house keys and
her wedding rings. Man, I never saw it coming.


I am a natural born flirt. I love the ladies and you can always
find me
near them and flirting outrageously. Married, engaged,
going steady or
single, it makes no never mind to me. However, my flirting
does have
an edge to it. The women know that I'm flirting, but
I do it in such a
way that they also know if they decide to call my bluff I'll
be on them
in a heartbeat. A case in point - Marion. A good looking woman,
good ten years older than me, but sexy in a Sophia Loren way.

Marion was married, but was having troubles with hubby.
He wasn't
paying her any attention, their sex life had dwindled almost
to ziltch
and it didn't seem to matter what she did he just wasn't
interested. I
could sense that things weren't going well with her
and I increased my
level of flirting with her to try and cheer her up. I wasn't
for anything out of it, I never do with married women, but
I had to se
if I could lift her spirits. It seemed like I did and before
Marion was flirting back. I made soft pass after soft pass
at her and
complimented her on her looks. I told her a dozen times I'd
throw her
over my shoulder and carry her off to my cave if I thought
I could get
away with it.

The flirting went on for weeks and one day during lunch break
Marion sat
down across from me and asked:

"Doing anything after work tonight?"

"No, nothing on the schedule, why?"

"Because I want to see your cave sweetie."

I looked at her, trying to gauge whether she was ‘funning
me' or not,
and then I said:

"Short visit or are you going to stay for a while and
check out the
corners and deeper, darker recesses?" Notice I didn't
ask her if she
really meant it or if she was sure about it, just are you coming
for a
‘quickie' or are you going to stay a while?

As it turned out she stayed for quite a while. Hubby went
out of town
for two weeks and she spent every night of those two weeks
in my bed.
That happened five weeks ago and she still visits me once
or twice a
week. So, I flirt, but my flirting has that little edge.


There are two really hot women where I work. Tongue stiffening
hot if
you know what I mean. Elise is married and has two kids and
Sue is
single, but ‘professionally' engaged. Professionally
engaged is my
term for a woman who can't seem to make up her mind. Sue
was engaged
and broke up with the guy, had a new boyfriend within three
became engaged to him and a month later she broke up with
him and then
the cycle repeated. She had gone through six engagements
in the year I
had worked with her.

I flirted outrageously with Elise and she flirted back.
She would tell me that things at home weren't going
good and if Herb (her husband)
didn't get his head out of his ass she just might give
me a taste. But
it always seemed like Herb would suddenly wake up and get
with the
program. I never for once believed that Herb was slacking
off in his
duties, it was just the way Elise flirted with me.

Sue was different. I hadn't had a steady lady since
Ginny had walked
out on me (my fault-I just didn't trust women for a while
after that)
and I dearly wanted Sue to be the one hanging on my arm. I flirted

with her while she was going steady, while she was engaged,
while she
was ‘seeing someone' and waited to catch her between
guys, but it never
happened. I always seemed to hear about her latest breakup
a week
after it happened and by the time I made my move she would
already be
seeing someone else, but I kept trying.


The house that Ginny and I had bought when we got married
was an older
house - it was built during the building boom that followed
World War
Two and it was what could be called a ‘fixer-upper.'
I'm pretty handy
with tools and I'm also a pretty good carpenter so we
bought it at a
damned good price and I went to work on it. It took a few years,
we got it to where we wanted it and then settled back to enjoy
it and
then - not too much later - Ginny was gone. Eight months after
left I found out we had termites in the sill plates.

I spent a couple of months trying all of the ‘self-help'
remedies I
could find and didn't accomplish much of anything.
I finally broke down
and called in a professional which is why I found myself
spending a few
days at the Starlight Motel while the house was fumigated,
treated and
whatever else it was that they did. The Starlight was close
to work
and had several good restaurants close by. My normal schedule
was to
get up, pack myself a lunch and have lunch in the break room
at work.
Living in the motel and having no way to pack a lunch I would
work at lunch time, go to one of the restaurants and then
go back to

It was my third day at the motel and after lunch that day I
decided to
stop by my motel room on the way back to work. I pulled up in
front of
my unit and got out of the car and I was headed for my door when
door to the next unit opened and out walked Elise and Sue.
I don't
know who was the most surprised, the two women or me. A glance
them at the rumpled bed told me the rest of the story and as
Elise was
asking, "What are you doing here" and Sue was
snarling, "Did you follow
us?" I took out my key, opened my door, said, "I
live here" and I went
inside and closed the door behind me leaving them standing
staring at each other.

I couldn't believe it. Two of the sexiest women I had
ever seen were
into girls - specifically, into each other. Suddenly it
was clear to
me why Sue had all those boyfriends and fianc├ęs - they didn't
They were cover stories to keep guys like me at arms length
and to keep
us from finding out, or figuring out, that she was gay. Who
would have
thunk it! Women were constantly surprising me. Ginny's
disappearance, Marion's wanting to see my ‘cave'
and now Sue and Elise.
Damn! Sure was going to make things interesting at work.
Luckily it
was Friday and if I could just get through the afternoon
I'd have a
weekend where I could avoid them.

That afternoon I stayed in my office until quitting time
and never saw
Elise or Sue until it was time to leave. I saw both of them
in the
parking lot heading for their cars and neither one looked
my way. I
moved back into my house Saturday and for the rest of the
weekend I was
so busy that I never gave a thought to Sue and Elsie until
I was
dressing to go to work Monday.


I had no idea how I was going to handle Monday. I was no homophobe;
far as I was concerned two consenting adults were free to
do whatever
they wanted and it was none of my business. I was, however,
that two women, either of which I would have killed for,
were wasted on
each other. Sounds stupid and I know it, but that is how I
thought -
two beautiful and sexy women and a man couldn't have
them. Well, not
this particular man anyway although Elise's husband
must be doing okay
(unless the two kids were adopted).

I'd pretty much made up my mind that the way to handle
it was to pretend
it never happened and hope that the girls approached it
the same way.
No such luck. Sue was sitting in my office when I got there
and I
hadn't even set my briefcase down before she was after

"I hope you are satisfied with yourself. Poor Elise
is a wreck because
of you."

"Because of me?"

"Yes you. Who have you told? Did you get your jollies
spreading what
you found out?"

It sure hadn't taken her long to piss me off so I gave
her what I
considered an appropriate response. I stood up and said:

"Get the fuck out of my office you belligerent cunt
and stay the fuck
away from me."

She turned pale and got up and hurried out. I think she thought
could bully ‘sweet old easy going Rob' and my reaction
was a shock to
her. I was still seething when Elise came into my office
an hour
later. She sat down in the chair across from me and I could
see that
she was nervous as hell. I just sat there and looked at her
until she
finally said;

"I asked her to stay away from you, but she never listens."

"She said I was making you a nervous wreck."

"Well, I am a nervous wreck, but why shouldn't
I be? No one was ever
supposed to find out. I've been scared to death that
you would tell
somebody and that it would get around and eventually get
back to my
husband. It would kill him to find out. He is a very insecure
It would be bad if it was another man, but a woman? God, Herb
never handle that."

I smiled at her and gave a little chuckle.

"What's funny about this?" she wanted
to know.

"Just all those times you indicated that I might get
a shot someday if
Herb didn't get his head out of his ass and take care
of business. Now
I find out that even if he never got his head out of his butt
wouldn't get a shot, Sue would."

"Damn it Rob, this isn't funny. Herb may not be
the most sexually
exciting man in the world, but he is a good husband and a great
and I don't want to see him hurt."

"And you think I'd hurt him?"

"I don't know Rob. You have always been nice,
but this is not a
situation that can be considered an every day occurrence.
I have no
idea of how you will act. I don't know if you are the kind
of guy who
jokes around when he goes out drinking with his buddies.
I have
visions of you saying something like:

"Guess what guys, you'll get a charge out of this"
and then tell them
what you saw. Sue is certain you will try and use it for blackmail."

"After the way she behaved this morning that might
have been a
consideration if not for you."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that I like you Elise and I won't do anything
to hurt you.
Sue gets a pass because of you. If you weren't involved
I'd burn her
down to the ground."

"Do you mean that Rob, really mean it?"

"Of course I do Elise; your secret is safe with me although
I am going
to miss our flirting."

She smiled as she stood up and said, "Why? You already
know I stray and
the fact that I go both ways. You never know Rob, anything
happen" and she left my office.

She was right of course. I did now know she strayed from Herb
played both sides, but I also knew it would never be the same
us anymore.


That afternoon, about five minutes before quitting time
Sue came into my
office. I looked up at her, but before I could tell her to
get the
hell out of my office she said:

"Can the belligerent cunt buy you a drink after work?"

After our run in the first thing in the morning the total
change in
attitude had me curious so I told her I would take her up on
the offer.
She told me where to meet her and then she left. When I walked
Mike's Bar and Grille I expected to find her sitting
with Elise, but
she was alone in a booth. I slid in across from her and she


"To be honest, yes I am."

"I want to buy you a drink and apologize for being what
I am."

"For being what you are?"

"You had it right. I am a belligerent cunt when it comes
to men. I
come by it naturally; most men I've known over the past
ten or fifteen
years have been assholes and that has tended to make me hostile
to men
in general and as a result I tar them all with the same brush.
When I
do run across a nice guy I usually don't realize it until
I've already
made a fool of myself. I'm sorry for this morning. I
just made the
assumption that you were like all the rest and I acted accordingly."

"Not easy being you?"

"You have no idea. I can't help it if I look like
God's gift to men
instead of like a bull dyke. Men are after me all the time
and when I
won't have anything to do with them it is like there
is something
drastically wrong with me. How could I possibly turn them

"Been this way all your life?"

The wrong question to ask. For the next hour I got to listen
to her
whole history from junior high on up and how boy after boy
on date
after date left her feeling slimy and how she never felt
any stirrings
of sexual affection until she was seduced by her college

"You could make yourself look a little less attractive."

"Why would I want to do that? I need to look good to attract
women the
same as other women try to look good to attract men."

"I see your point."

"So, where do we go from here?"

I smiled at her and said, "Normally a question like
that from a gorgeous
lady like you would get the answer, "My place"
but that won't work
here. I guess where we go from here depends on you. We were
before this happened and I see no reason things can't
stay that way.
Minus of course the flirting and my trying to catch you between
non-existent boy friends so I can ask you out. That work
for you?"

"Yes it would Rob, and thank you for being so understanding."


For the next couple of weeks things were a little awkward
between Sue,
Elise and me. Even though I'd said I'd keep my mouth
shut I could tell
that the girls were still a little unsure about me. Marion
asked me
one night, after a rather strenuous session in the bedroom:

"What's with you and Sue and Elise? You used to
be hot after them and
now it looks like the three of you are avoiding each other."

"Hot after them?"

"You know what I mean. You don't flirt anymore
with either of them."

"Don't know. I guess I just have had other things
on my mind."

The next day I called Sue and Elise into my office and told
them what
Marion had said (I omitted the part about it being bedroom
talk) and
told them that was the kind of talk that started rumors which
lead to people wondering.

"You don't want anyone looking close at either
one of you so I would
suggest that we work at getting our relationship back in
place. To do
that I am somehow going to have to convince you once and for
all that
your secret is safe with me. I have given it some thought
and I think
I have a way to show you that you can trust me."

I reached in my pocket and took out an envelope and shook
two keys out
of it. I handed a key to each of them.

"I would imagine that meeting in a motel however many
times you get
together each week can be pretty expensive. Those keys
are to my
house. I never go home for lunch and I'm never home before
eight on
Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. All I ask is that you don't
leave the
bedroom a mess."

They were both staring at me with looks I couldn't even
begin to
decipher and I looked from one to the other, smiled and said,
now I am a party to it. We are in it together. Go forth and sin

The two women looked at each other and then Elise got up,
came over and
kissed me on the cheek and hugged me. Sue just sat there and
stared at
me with an unreadable expression and then the two of them
went back to

Over the next month Sue and Elise used my house two or three
times a
week and true to my word I never went home and barged in on
them. I
went back to flirting with Elise and Sue to keep up appearances
and I
did pretend to take a serious shot at Sue when she announced
break-up. Sue shocked me when, in front of everyone in the
she said she would love to go out with me. Later in my office
she told
me that she thought it would be good for everyone in the office
actually see her date a guy rather than hear her talk about
all the
fake ones.

"And I can be a fun date Rob, as long as you don't
expect more than a
good night kiss at the end."

And she was. We did actually go out a half dozen dates (and
had a great
time) and pretended to go out a dozen more before we let it
be known
that we just didn't seem to ‘click' but were staying
good friends.


Another month went by and then one Thursday night I came
home and got
the biggest surprise of my life. I had promised that I would
never be
home before eight on a Thursday so that I would never walk
in on them.
That Thursday I walked into the house around eight-thirty
and found
both of them still there. Still there and as naked as the
day they
were born and looking just as tongue stiffening hot as they
did when
they were clothed. I looked at my watch and then said:

"I obviously didn't expect to find you still
here. In fact, I don't
think I saw your cars out front."

"That's because I asked them to move their cars"
said a voice from
behind me, "I didn't want you to see them and keep
on going."

I turned and found Ginny standing there and she was just
as naked as Sue
and Elise. "I know you are surprised Rob and I'll
explain later, but
for now get your clothes off and join us."

I stared at her and Elise said, "Come on Rob, do it."

I undressed and dropped my clothes on the floor and Ginny
walked up to
me and took me by the hand. I was in a daze as Ginny pulled me
over to
the king sized bed and pushed me down on it. My cock was already
hard just from seeing the three naked women and Ginny wrapped
fingers around it.

"I've missed this" she said, "Oh
Jesus have I ever missed this."

She went to her knees on the floor next to the bed and bent
her head and
took me in her mouth. Off to the side I saw Elise and Sue watching
Ginny's head bobbed up and down on my dick and then they
moved to the
bed and climbed on. Elise lay back and spread her legs and
Sue went
down on her.

I had not forgotten how great a blow job Ginny could give,
but I
honestly never thought I would ever get one of them from
her again.
Her hands were caressing my balls as she worked her mouth
on me and she
was looking up into my eyes and I saw something in hers that
I didn't
recognize. Next to me on the bed Elise was moaning:

"Oh yes baby, oh yes, like that baby, like that. Oh
God you are so
good" and I glanced over and saw she was running her
fingers through
Sue's hair as Sue worked on her pussy.

Ginny took her mouth off me and used her left hand to play
with my
stones while her right hand was fisting me. "Give
it to me baby" she
said, "I want the first one in my mouth." She
was stroking me hard and
I was getting ready to let go and I told her. She took my cock
back in
her mouth and clamped her lips tight around the shaft and
when I came
she swallowed and then kept on sucking.

It took her a couple of minutes to get me up again and then
she got up
off the floor and climbed over me. She used her right hand
to hold my
cock erect as she impaled herself on me and then started
to fuck me.
Her hands were on my shoulders to brace herself as she rode
up and down
on my dick. She was making a noise - not moaning, not crying
- more
like a low wail. It sounded like, "Please, please,
please, please" but
it was so low that I couldn't be sure.

Ginny's body shook and she made all the noises that
I remembered meant
that she had orgasmed, but she kept riding my cock. I don't
know if
she was trying to get me off or give herself another climax,
but I was
close and so I wrapped my arms around her and rolled putting
Ginny on
her back and then I fucked her hard. She began to moan and
groan and I
knew she was having another orgasm and I slammed herd into
her and had

When my cock went limp I pulled out of Ginny and rolled to
my right and
ended up on my back with Ginny on my right and Sue and Elise
on my
left. Elise was tossing her head from side to side as Sue
ate her
pussy and then Elise grabbed my hand and squeezed as she
cried out,
"YES!!!!" Sue got up and looked down into Elise's
face and smiled.
Elise relaxed and lay still for a minute and then she turned
to me and
smiled as she said, "Our turn."

I looked at her confused and she got up and crawled over me
to get on
top of Ginny. She kissed Ginny's neck and then kissed
her way down to
Ginny's breasts as her hand moved down Ginny's
body to her pussy.
Elise started fingering Ginny's clit and Ginny moaned.
I felt a hand
on my cock and I looked and saw that Sue was fondling it. She
saw me
watching and she said:

"I'm sorry Rob, I want to do more for you, but this
is all I can do."

I could tell it was hard for her to do even that much which
made it all
the more special. I reached down and took her hand off my
cock and
smiled at her.

"I appreciate the offer, but I'd rather do this"
I said as I moved my
body and lowered my face to her pussy.

"What are you doing?" she cried.

"I can do this just as good as Elise can. Just relax
and enjoy it."

I lapped at her pussy until I found her clit and then I started
on it as I worked a finger into her. It took me two minutes
to get her
to where she had her fingers in my hair and trying to pull
me closer
even though closer would have meant my head would have to
be inside her
and it took me another two minutes to give her an orgasm.
When she got
herself back together she moved her body so she could take
my cock in
her hand again.

"You don't have to do that Sue" I said.

"I want to Rob" she said as she started stroking
me. "I want to do
something for you."

"You already have sweetie, you became my friend."

I pushed her hand away from me again and the two of us watched
Ginny and
Elise. They had moved into a sixty-nine and both of them
were in the
middle of having orgasms. When the two of them finally broke
apart and
fell to the bed Elise looked at Sue and asked, "Did

"He wouldn't let me. I tried to, but he wouldn't
let me."

Elise looked at me and saw that I had a hard cock and then she

"Then I guess it is up to me."

She reached over and took my hold of my arm and pulled me toward
Ginny rolled out of the way and Elise pulled me on top of her.

"Don't tell me that you don't want this, "
she said, "Because there is no
way on God's Green Earth I'm going to believe you."

She took hold of my cock and guided it into her pussy and then
her legs
came up and looked around me and she looked me in the eye and
"Fuck me."

She moaned, she cried, she begged me to fuck her harder and
to make her
cum and I did my absolute best to do it. The problem was that
I wasn't
Superman. I'd already cum twice in the space of half
an hour and it
was going to take me a while before I could do it again. Elise
me on. She dug her nails in my ass cheeks as she tried to pull
me in
deeper, her legs locked behind mine and her heels beat on
the back of
my legs. I was sweating like a pig and it was dripping down
on her as
I drove myself to get that orgasm. Elise was moaning, "Fuck
me Rob,
fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" and I was pounding into her
as hard as I
could, but I was starting to lose steam. I was on the ragged
edge of
having to quit when Sue moved up behind me and shoved a finger
up my
ass and I blew my nuts. I didn't even wait to go limp;
I just pulled
out and fell to the bed gasping for breath.

Sue moved over to Ginny and the two of them started necking
as Elise got
up and moved over to where she could take my cock in her mouth.
gave me a leisurely blow job that eventually got me hard
again. While
Elise sucked on me I watched Sue eat Ginny and I saw the look
Ginny's face while it was going on. She loved it. I ate
her pussy all
the time before she left, but I never saw that look when I
looked up
into her face.

My cock was rock hard again and Elise called over to Ginny.

"He's ready for you again Ginny."

Ginny looked over and then pulled away from Sue and moved
over to me.
She lay down next to me and said:

"No fucking this time. This time make love to me Rob.
Please make love
to me.


I walked Sue and Elise to the door, kissed them both good
night and told
them that I would see them at work in the morning. I walked
back into
the bedroom and Ginny was lying there waiting for me. I stopped
at the
bedroom door and just stood there and looked at her. I didn't
what to think. I had loved her, but I had put her behind me
and then
struggled to get over her and here she was back in my bed and
couldn't help but wonder why. The question must have
been written
across my face because she said:

"I've missed you terribly baby and I've
come crawling back to beg for
forgiveness and ask you to take me back."

"How can I even think of doing that when I don't
even know why you left.
I thought we had a great marriage and then I come home one
night to
find that I didn't even have a marriage anymore."

"You saw the reason tonight Rob. I told you in my letter
that it wasn't
because of you or anything you had done. I told you that the
was with me. I love you Rob, I really, really do, but there
something missing in my life and when I finally figured
out what it was
I was sure that it was something that you not only wouldn't
accept, but
would look on with disgust. So I left before you could throw
me out."

"Why would I have thrown you out?"

"Because I was having an affair Rob, an affair with
a woman. I'd had a
couple of affairs with women when I was in college and then
I met you,
fell in love, married you and put that part of my life behind
me. But
all through our marriage I felt that there was something
missing; that
something was just a little off. I didn't realize what
it was until a
month before I left. It was a woman's touch. I had stopped
after work
with a couple of girls I worked with and one of my old lovers
college was there. I ended up going back to her apartment
with her and
that was the start of our affair.

"I did not leave you for her Rob; I swear to you that
I didn't do that.
I left because I didn't want to see the disgust on your
face when you
found out and you would have found out. You would have found
because the guilt was killing me and I would have ended up
I knew I was going when I kissed you goodbye that morning
as you left
for work, but I wanted to remember you with a smile on your
face, not a
look of disgust or maybe even hatred."

"So what happened? Your thing with your lover go bad
so you decided to
run home to me?"

"Not exactly."

"Well then, what exactly?"

"It didn't last a month after I left, in fact,
it only lasted three
weeks. The need for a woman's touch wasn't enough
to sustain a
relationship. I needed a man's touch too."

"So what have you been doing since the end of your affair?
from woman to man to woman? Going from touch to touch?"

"No Rob, when I said I needed a man's touch I meant
that I needed your
touch. All I've done since I ended it with Monica is
try to work up
the courage to crawl back to you and beg you to forgive me
and plead
with you to take me back. I finally forced myself to come
yesterday. I meant to be lying naked on the bed waiting for
you when
you came home from work. I really wasn't ready for what
I walked in on
and they were surprised as hell to see me. They asked who
I was and
why I was there and I told them and then I asked who they were
and when
all was said and done I joined them. When they wanted to leave
begged them to stay. I had the silly idea that if you saw my
other side
it would help explain what went on between me and Monica
and seeing me
doing it with your friends might make it easier. How do you
feel about
what happened?"

"I don't know Ginny. I haven't come to grips
with it yet."

"With me being here or with me joining you and your
friends? Are you
upset that you had to share them with me?"

"I don't have a handle on any of it Ginny. I never
came to grips with
you running out on me and I have no idea how I feel about what
here tonight. That I enjoyed it spoke for itself, but it
was something
that just happened. Would I have done it if I had taken time
to think
about it before hand? I don't know. And I didn't
share Sue and Elise.
Before tonight I'd never touched either of them. They
are just
friends that I let borrow the house from time to time."

"I guess what I'm really asking Rob, is can I come

"I don't know Ginny. It took me some time to get
by what you did to me,
but I managed to get on with my life. I still have rough spots;
when I lie in bed staring at the ceiling and thinking about
you, but
let you back into my life? I don't know if I can do that
Ginny. I
don't know that I could go through that again if you
bailed out on me a
second time. I don't know that I want to take the chance."

"You wouldn't be taking a chance Rob. All I have
done since I left is
miss you and regret what I did. There hasn't been a day
go by that I
haven't thought of you and wanted to be back with you.
I know how
miserable I am without you baby and if you let me come back
I will
never let anything take me away from you again."

"Yeah? What about the next time you just have to have
a woman's touch?"

"I'll want it, I'll miss it, but I can do without
it. What I can't do
without Rob is your touch. I need you Rob."

"I don't know Ginny, I just don't know."

I gathered up my clothes from the floor and headed for the
bedroom door.
"I'll sleep in the spare room tonight. You can
stay. It is still
part your house."

"Please Rob..."

"Not now Ginny; I've got just too much to think

I spent a lot of time staring up at the ceiling that night
and thinking.
When I finally fell asleep I still didn't have a clue
as to what I
should do. It would have been so much easier if I didn't
love her.


I was up early in the morning and out of the house before Ginny
saw me.
All I thought of on the drive to work was the situation I was
in. I
had missed Ginny something fierce, but I had managed to
put what she'd
done behind me. The problem now was love. I had put her behind
but my heart had soared when I turned and saw her the night
before. I
hadn't hesitated for one moment when she told me to
get undressed and
join them and it wasn't because of the possibility
of sex and kinky sex
at that, but because it meant that I could hold her in my arms
Still, how was I supposed to get past the abrupt way she walked
from me?

I managed to push the night's happenings to the back
of my mind so I
could get some work done, but at ten Elise came into my office
and sat

"How did it go after Sue and I left?"

"What do you mean?"

"Ginny told us the whole story before you got there.
You going to let
her back into your life?"

"I don't know if I can?"

"Why not? She obviously loves you. Both Sue and I could
tell that
right away. It is why we stayed."

"I believe there is a song by Tina Turner that asks,
"What's love got to
do with it?" It is a matter of trust Elise. How can I
be sure that
she won't bail out on me again sometime?"

"Rob, I can understand why she did what she did. I've
been there.
Hell, I'm still there. You know why Sue and I hide what
we do. You
know how most people are when it comes to gay love. Ginny
had no way
of knowing how you would react to having a female lover.
She assumed
you would be disgusted with her and she couldn't stand
the idea of how
you would look at her when you found out. Hell Rob, Sue and
I know you
and we know how you reacted when you found out about us, but
it still
took us a while to get comfortable around you.

"Rob, my husband would die if he found out about Sue
and me and I do my
absolute best to keep him from ever finding out. I'm
in the same boat
that Ginny was in. I love my husband to death and I do not want
hurt him, but I also need a woman's touch. Maybe I'm
a little stronger
than Ginny was. I can face my husband knowing what I'm
doing and
knowing that he is better off never finding out. I don't
feel guilty
about what I'm doing with Sue because she is never going
to take my
husbands place and I know it. The love that Sue and I share
is a
different kind of love than the love I share with Herb. I'm
stealing anything from him and giving it to Sue. Apples
and oranges
Rob. What I do with Sue doesn't diminish the love I have
for Herb one
little bit."

"But you didn't leave Herb. You didn't just
walk away and that is what
this is all about for me. She just ran."

"Ginny didn't see it the way I do Rob. She felt
guilt - tremendous guilt
- at what she was doing, and that guilt would have eventually
her to confess and she just knew - just knew Rob - that you
would be
disgusted with her and despise her and she just could not
bear the
thought of seeing you that way. She honestly felt that the
hurt you
would feel from her leaving would be less than the hurt you
would feel
at finding out she was bisexual and had a woman for a lover.
She loves
you Rob, let her come home."

Elise got up to leave and when she got to the door she stopped
turned back to me. "Both Sue and I like her Rob and you
might as well
know that we have invited her to join us whenever she would
like. I
don't think she ever will unless you give her permission.
You have
done Sue and me a lot of favors Rob; do one more for us - let
her come
home to where she belongs."

I spent the rest of the day trying to get some work done while
half of
my brain was elsewhere. I wanted Ginny back, but I did not
want to go
through losing her again. Back and forth it went all day
- take her
back, don't set yourself up for more heartbreak, take
her back, don't
open yourself up for more hurt, take her back - and on and
on and on.
I still didn't know what to do when I left work and the
drive home was
spent wondering what I would say to Ginny when I got home.

I walked in the door and found Ginny standing there in nothing
but high
heels and a smile and before I could say a word she said:

"I've come up with a new strategy. I'm going
to fuck your brains out
and leave you too weak to throw me out."


I was lying there, totally exhausted, and looking up at
the ceiling when
she asked:

"What are you thinking baby?"

"I'm scared Ginny. I'm afraid if I open myself
up to you again that you
will hurt me again."

"I don't know how I can prove it to you Rob, but
I will never, ever do
anything to hurt you again. The time I was gone there wasn't
a day
that I didn't ache to be in your arms again. I won't
ever do that to
me again either."

"What about when you start craving the touch of a woman

"I told you baby, I'll want it and I'll need
it, but I need you more. I
won't ever risk you again."

"Maybe you won't have to."

"What do you mean?"


"Honey, I'm home."

"In the bedroom sweetie."

I walked into the bedroom and saw that the bed was a mess.
She saw my
look and said:

"They just left."

"They leave enough for me?"

"All they did was warm me up for you sweetie. Ready
for a long, hard

"Just leave me enough strength to get to work in the
morning" I said as
I started to take off my clothes.

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