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The Foursome


We moved to New Zealand last year and have not seen our friends
Helen and Pablo since we left they moved to Spain soon after
we left and we were looking forward to a visit. We are good
friends back in England. Helen has been Joanne’s best friend
for years and both Joanne and Helen met Pablo and I within
a few months, Joanne was talking to Helen on the phone just
before we had sex the first time and as we all know women tell
each other everything and I know Helen had a stroke by stroke
account of that first fuck as she has told me what Joanne
said about it, the flipside of their close friendship is
that I know most of the things she has done over the years
before she met Pablo and quite a few titbits about them as
well. I’m know she knows all about me and Joanne and my former
girl friends also. Joanne and I and Helen and Pablo have
on one occasion swapped partners Helen is about 5”7 blond
and used to be quite heavy, she is a pear so her behind gets
quite large, a couple of years ago she lost a tonne of weight
as did Joanne, Pablo and I and this is the first time we slept
with our respective partners. This was not a foursome as
we were not comfortable with the idea at the time so we went
to separate rooms. Helen has a nice body and sexy arse I knew
what she liked in bed from Joanne although she did surprise
me. Pablo knew from Helen what Joanne liked to do also. Basically
Helen likes to be on top and dominant, Joanne is mostly submissive
and liked to be fucked from behind usually laying face down
on the bed or bending over.

This visit had been planned for a while but we had not planned
what happened when they were here. This time we decided
to have a foursome, Helen was looking pretty hot and I was
looking forward to having her again, we had been talking
earlier in the evening about fucking and it seemed we were
all in for a good fuck, we had plenty of lubricant and watched
a porn flick to get us in the mood things started off kissing
on the sofa Joanne soon stripped down to her bra and g-string
and was getting pretty hot with Pablo she soon had his cock
in her mouth, and I had Helen half naked and talking dirty
on the other sofa. I am great admirer of the female arse and
knew for years Helen had had anal with most of her boyfriends,
during our last encounter I enjoyed fingering her pussy
and clit occasionally slipping a well lubricated finger
into her anus, which she never complained about. Joanne
was pretty agnostic about anal sex and being such a small
woman had a very tight arse, Pablo had a long slim cock thinner
than mine and by all accounts preferred Helen straight,
I on the other hand will try to go up a ladies bum given half
a chance as Joanne knows. Joanne does not let me up her bum
all the time, she has to be in the mood and basically does
it for me, Helen offered Pablo anal the first time they slept
together and he tunned it down. Helen as I said had anal with
her old boy friends, and claimed to Joanne that she did I
to avoid getting pregnant, in my experience chicks lie
to each other about anal making out they don’t do it but once
they have a dick in there arse hump like porn stars.

The porn film we were watching finished in a foursome and
both girls got it in the arse at the same time. Joanne and
Helen both made faces and drew a breath in through there
teeth when the porn girls got there bums filled up and looked
at each other with raised eyebrows, Pablo and I were down
to our trunks and had rock hard dicks Joanne had stopped
sucking Pablo’s cock and Helen was still sitting with her
arse toward me and she began to rub my dick slowly with her
lubricated hand, I reached between her legs and began rubbing
her clit. Joanne was back in the blow job position and started
give Pablo more head, I decided to join in and felt I should
be the first cock inside Joanne that evening so Helen and
I got up and went over to the other sofa. Helen sat down next
to Pablo and began kissing him, I took up my traditional
position behind my little wife, pulled her g-string to
one side and could see her pussy was very wet, I put on some
more lube and slipped my ragging boner into her cunt. She
reared up and I gripped her hips and stroked her deep and
slow while she sucked on Pablo’s cock.

Helen and I stopped kissing after a while and began looking
at me sliding my dick into her friend, after a while she got
up and knelt down on he floor next to Joanne and put her hand
on her back, she slowly slid her hand down Joanne’s back
to her arse and slid a finger down her crack until she was
touching my cock as it entered her friends pussy. I thought
I might enter Helen from behind at this point but Helen had
other ideas, Helen put her hand around the base of my cock
and begun to pull me out of Joanne and led me by he dick and
sat me on the sofa next to her husband and began to wipe Joanne’s
cunt and the lube of my dick.

Pablo pulled his cock out of Joanne’s mouth and got up, Joanne
was still on her knees Pablo quickly got behind her rubbed
some lube into her crack and on his dick and bent Joanne over
the sofa and stuck his cock into Joanne, she gasped and looked
at Helen who by now was wanking me slowly Helen went down
on me without further ado I was looking at Joanne as Helen
sucked my cock and from the look on her face wondered if Pablo
had just impaled her anus, I asked Joanne “getting it in
the ass” she shook her head and said “he’s got a long cock”
Pablo began to pound away hard at Joanne’s cunt making her
whole body ride up the sofa with each stroke I was getting
a little jealous as I knew how much she liked getting a hard
fuck from behind.

I looked at Helen who was sucking me pretty good. I pushed
Helen’s head back until my cock slipped out of her mouth
and told her I wanted to fuck, she obliged and turned around
presenting her heart shaped arse to me and slowly sat down
on my cock guiding it into her wet pussy with her left hand,
her delicious anus open seductively as I watched my cock
slide up her cunt, her anus winked at me as she slid up and
down on my cock I knew I wanted her anally so I started to talk
dirty, I asked “had much anal lately” Pablo must have been
listening because he looked at me got up and led Joanne over
to the other sofa kissing Helen on the lips as he passed,
Helen nodded at Pablo and said “you ok with that”. Helen
stood up and I watched her pussy lips close around my cock,
she looked me in the eye and said “a while”.

Pablo by now had Joanne on the other sofa on her back and began
to eat her out. Helen asked “what about you” Joanne and I
had an anal session 3 days earlier however I replied “a while”.
Helen was standing up now and I stood up behind her and began
to kiss her neck my cock still hard as hell was sliding up
and down her crack. Joanne was having a nice time on the other
sofa and Pablo got on top and begun to love her like a lady,
she had her legs wrapped around his back and seemed to be
loving a little strange dick.

Helen could feel my cock in her crack and didn’t want it from
behind she knew Joanne bent over at this point and I fucked
her from behind, Helen turned around and told me to lay on
the sofa. I did as she told me and she grabbed the lube greased
up her snatch, she got on top facing me and slid her silky
cunt over my shaft, she felt great on top, I have always liked
this position but Joanne says it hurts her knees so we don’t
do it often. Helen is fantastic in this position and I let
her do her thing, tickling her clits as she went, I knew she
didn’t often have orgasms at all, much less from penetration
which seldom does the job in any case, but she seemed to be
getting hot from the clitoral stimulation.

Facing cowgirl is better for senstion than reverse but
reverse has the added attraction of watching her arsehole
wink, I was thinking of Helen’s ring stretched around all
the cocks she has sat on over the years, and I was pretty turned
on by Joanne and Pablo who were fucking like crazy just a
few feet away. Helen came all at once and flopped back, I
held her legs up and immediately re-entered her cunt with
her ankles on my shoulders she carried on coming for a short
while until she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me
on he lips.

Meanwhile Joanne had ended up in the spoons with Pablo who
was lubricating his cock and her whole arse rubbing the
lube into her crack and cheeks alike. It was obvious he was
pausing on her anal area massaging the lube up her arse,
she loved it and I didn’t mind I was turned on by he thought
of his cock up her bum, I actually wanted to watch his cock
slide into Joanne’s arse.

I got straight to the point and flat out asked Helen “up for
some bum sex” (she called anal sex that) she looked shocked
which seemed odd and then Joanne let out a gasp from across
the room, seems Pablo was fingering Joanne’s arse he was
asking her wether she liked it in the ass she replied “what
do you think” it looked like he was trying 3 fingers so she
was obviously relaxed.

I wanted Helen to submit take it doggy style or some position
where I could fuck her hard so I tried to roll her over like
I would Joanne but she resited, she just rolled up on her
side facing the back of the sofa, I had a great view of her
arse and I grabbed the lube and greased her bum crack sliding
my finger into her ring like I had a few months before. Helen
was a much bigger woman than Joanne and her anus was bigger
even if she had never had anal sex she would have been able
to take a normal sized cock without a problem.

I took up position behind her, she didn’t say a word she wasn’t
making it easy to access her pussy so I began to slide my cock
back toward her anus. I nudged my cock against her ring piece
Helen dilated her ring in anticipation so she must have
wanted a butt fuck, her dilated anus allowed me to penetrate
her rectum with ease, I had never had her arse before and
I was quite surprised she has a pretty tight ring but she
could take it all the way up to the hilt on the first stroke
with ease something which Joanne could not, I wondered
how Joanne would get on with a long dick like Pablo’s up her

Joanne was finding out Pablo had positioned him self behind
her and was burying his dick in my wife’s tight little arse.
I was fucking Helen’s bum quite well by now and looked over
my shoulder, I could see Joanne’s face grimacing and Pablo
who claimed to like it straight with big grin on his face
as he fucked my wife’s arsehole. According to Joanne she
was a anal virgin when we meet, it certainly seemed that
way the first time we had anal sex. Pablo obviously liked
Joanne’s arsehole which was much tighter than Helen’s.


By now Helen was getting used to my cock up her bum and began
I to fuck her arse hard, which Joanne can’t take it hard or
deep from me but she seemed to be taking it deep in the arse
from Pablo ok, apart from a little wince travelling across
her face now and again she was apparently loving a Spanish
prick up her fart flute, as I had been up her bum a few days
before otherwise she would have been to tight to take he
kind of pounding Pablo was giving her. I have buggered a
few ex-girlfriends none of whom were anal virgins and Helen
seemed to be about as tight as they were.

I was looking at Helen’s face by now and she was getting off
on it, not a wince in sight she loved it I began to work her
clit up and down slowly Helen was getting of now big time
she was talking now and took over her clit wanking her self,
I put a couple of fingers up her cunt I was curious to feel
my cock from inside her pussy as I continued to fuck her arse,
quite suddenly things happed for her and she came like crazy
no faking I pushed in to the hilt and held her hips so she couldn’t
get of my root, her whole rectum tightened around my cock
soon she stopped wanking and she relaxed, Helen kind of
squeaks when she comes and Helen did come hard.

Joanne is not loud cummer ether normally but at this moment
she was grunting in a very un-feminine way, I had never head
her make a noise like this by now she was kneeling on the sofa
resting her top half on the arm with her round behind stuck
up at Pablo who was kneeling behind her with her left leg
held back a little, Pablo was flicking her bean with his
right hand and Joanne was about to come, the grunting stopped
and she let out a few words “fuck-fuck-fuck, fuck my arse
Pablo, fuck me in the arse” Pablo looked surprised but carried
on filling her bum with Spanish cock, Joanne convulsed
and writhed as Pablo carried on sliding his cock in and out
of her anal passage, she had a pretty hard anal orgasm Pablo
stopped wanking her held her hips with both hands and just
kept on pounding her backside I could hear his groin slapping
on her rump as he thrust into her sexy round bottom, she never
came that hard with me in her arse I was happy she was enjoying
her self and a little jealous that she got off better with
him this was her first anal orgasm and not with me.

Helen and I were both looking at Joanne and Pablo maybe Helen
was a little jealous too Pablo and Joanne were having a good
time without us it. I got up and walked over to see Joanne’s
sweet little bottom getting such a fucking Pablo slowed
down so I could watch, it was amazing watching a strange
cock sliding in and out of her arse, as Pablo drew back Joanne’s
brown starfish clung to his greasy shaft and on the in stoke
followed his dick into her bum, when fully penetrated her
cheeks squashed against his groin on the next stroke she
arched her back pushing her cheeks closer together, her
crack was closed except for where Pablo’s cock pressed
between them parting them around his shaft.

As Helen and I had already stopped she took he opportunity
to go take a dump, Joanne usually need to shit after an anal
session and unfortunately I did have a little of Helen’s
poop on my condom. When Helen got up Pablo stopped pumping
Joanne’s arsehole pushing his dick up to the hilt in her
guts and asked Helen if she was ok, Joanne immediately said
she needed the loo as well and Pablo pulled out of Joanne’s
anus which gapped a little like a porn star as I watched.
Joanne got up quickly and she jumped in front of Helen and
scampered down stairs to the other bathroom I expect to
empty her bowels also.

Kind of an awkward moment for Pablo and I he asked me what
I thought of Helen, what can you say, I told him Helen was
great he was waxing lyrical about Joanne and we talked further
about our encounters I told him that I always wanted Helen,
he said Joanne was amazing I agreed, I sill felt jealous,
I told him I enjoyed watching him anal fuck Joanne, he asked
if I fucked Joanne in the arse much I replied not that much,
he said she was tighter than Helen which was true, but I wasn’t
sure after the stoking he just gave her if she still was.
I told him he was only her second anal lover, and only her
fourth lover all together. Pablo was surprised she had
been with only 4 men, Helen had been with about a dozen I think
anyway he couldn’t name her all lovers.

Pablo thought as Joanne had been married before that he
would have been the first up her bottom. I told him I was pretty
sure she was telling the truth as her ring was too tight for
even a finger when we first started fucking. Pablo smiled
I asked him what it was, he told me Helen had said she took
Keith her first husband in her arse a few months after they
meet when she was 19, and they continued to have anal during
he first year of their marriage after which Keith pretty
much stopped fucking her altogether. Pablo told me it was
only after Joanne told Helen Keith had been up her arse that
Helen told Joanne that she took it in the ass too, and this
is how I knew about Helen’s sexual preferences when Joanne
told me.

I was surprised Joanne had lied to me all these years, Pablo
added that Helen had also dated Keith before Joanne which
I knew was how Keith met Joanne. Pablo said Helen told him
Keith had a tiny cock. I told Pablo that Joanne seemed so
tight that first time but he pointed out it had been about
8 years since Keith fucked her arse, and about 4 years since
she had any sex at all when I met her.

To change the subject I mentioned what we had been talking
about earlier Pablo looked puzzled, I said double penetration.
Helen had mentioned earlier in the evening that she had
never had a DP I’m pretty sure Joanne hadn’t as she never
slept with two men before tonight I pointed out she had a
toy in her arse more than once while we fucked and of course
earlier she had got it from behind while she sucked Pablo
but never a dick in the pussy and arse at the same time.

During the conversation earlier both girls seems curious
about it despite the traditional making of faces about
the cock in the arse part of the porn flick, both girls said
might do it with the right guys not mentioning if we were
the right guys of course, Pablo and I enquired wether they
would reconsider if the guy’s were hung like donkeys and
they both said they would grin and bear it.

I suggested we DP them both the girls, Pablo asked who gets
the pussy my suggestion was we do our own wife’s arses and
the other gets the pussy he agreed.

Joanne was first back in the room she kissed me and then knelt
in front of Pablo who was sitting on the sofa and kissed him,
I took the opportunity to inspect the damage, by opening
her arse cheeks, her ring looked dilated more than usual
I told her she was a little slut she agreed and carried on
kissing Pablo, I began to rub her clit and occasionally
dipping my thumb in her arsehole she was getting hot again

Helen came back in the room Pablo stopped kissing Joanne
and kissed his wife she whispered something in his ear and
he lay flat on he sofa, Helen got some lube and rubbed it on
her pussy, Joanne and Helen had never had a lesbian thing
and may be this doesn’t count but Joanne got the other bottle
of lube which was a more greasy local brew (better for anal)
and lubricated up Pablo’s semi limp cock. The girls must
have been plotting just like Pablo and I, when Joanne went
out of the room and came back with a huge strapon which she
proceeded to put on.

Both the girls looked at each other and laughed Joanne told
me to bend over the sofa like I had told her to do so many times,
now I’m no fag but the biggest thing I had had up my arse was
a slim vibrator on one other occasion, I submitted Joanne
greased my arse up and said “now you will know what it feels
like” I felt a pressure on my ring piece and a burning pain
as she shoved this huge thing up my arse, I was sure I was more
gentle than this the first time I fucked her arse but she
assured me it felt like this every time I did it to her. I asked
her “every time” she replied “yes pretty much” by now the
burning had been replaced with a deep pain in my arse as she
started to thrust, I felt like a total prat Helen was smiling
Pablo couldn’t believe his eyes, I was in to much pain to
care, although I promised Joanne she would get her arse
fucked like a whore, she replied “who’s gona do that you”
I said “how about Keith, don’t you like his cock” she replied
“he’s got a tiny cock, would you like him to fuck my arse?”


Now I was getting some pleasure from this thing in my ass,
but more thinking about what a deceptive little slut my
wife was. All of the sudden she stopped and withdrew I felt
a movement in my bowel and ran to the bog, after the world
dropped out of my bottom I inspected the damage she hadn’t
split anything so I washed up and went back to the room limp
after my ordeal.
This is the arguably lesbian part Helen was on top of Joanne
ridding the stapon and Pablo was wanking and watching.
I had returned and we both started watching as the girls
make out when Helen said “feel free to join in” we both got
up and tried to get behind Helen I capitulated as Helen is
Pablo’s wife and he greased his cock and tried to penetrate
Helen’s bum, she kept wriggling of his member Helen said
“you in my mouth” to Pablo and “you in my arse” to me.

I must say I had already bummed our Helen pretty well already
and having had a taste of my own medicine was feeling more
empathetic toward her bottom. I rubbered up squirted some
of the slippery stuff directly up Helen’s dumper and boldly
went where about 10 guys had boldly gone before. Funny thing
was when Joanne and Helen were at collage Joanne was the
one on her knees or face down in a pillow with a couple of guys
in 3 years, and her arsehole was cherry until she was 19 and
married it turned out, she was 28 when I though until today
I had the pleasure of deflowering her anus (3 weeks after
we meet I should add),

Helen who likes to ride her men like horses got nailed in
the shitter by five different guys in 3 years, One German
bloke who was on holiday in Oxford and had a one night stand
with her, a Japanese student a black south African student
(normal size penis I’m imformed) one Danish boyfriend
and a married man she used to date until his wife found out
who regularly opted for he brown. When Joanne told me all
his I asked if she had a reputation for being a butt slut at
university, but as far as she new no because all the guys
were in different courses they didn’t meet up, hard to believe
I think.

Helen’s arse was feeling good never one to pass on a piece
of female ass I was hard and had happy when Joanne said “I
want to be on top” Helen jumped up in response my dick slipped
from her anus and Pablo’s cock likewise from her mouth,
she climbed of Joanne.

I wanted Joanne to be buttfucked within an inch of her life,
I asked Pablo to bend her over the back of the sofa and fuck
her, he led her by the hand gently round behind the 2 seater
sofa gently he patted her arse and kissing her neck asked
her to bend over, she didn’t just flop down she released
the strapon and let it fall to the ground and slowly kissed
Pablo full on the lips looked around at me with a cheeky smile
and bent slowly over the back of the sofa, I walked round
behind with Pablo and told her to hold her cheeks apart,
she has a cute round behind which she dutifully grasped
with both hands and spread her cheeks she wiggled her arse
seductively as she bent over, finally she stopped wiggling
as she reached the final position.

At this point Helen was wanking on the sofa and Joanne kissed
her cheek from her position with her eyes looking down and
to the side at Helen’s hand as Helen flicked her bean. I asked
Pablo “which hole do you want to fuck” he replied “pussy”
Joanne was holding her ring tightly closed I told her to
relax her ring like she did for Keith, she obliged without
a drama, her ring dilated and you could se the classic fucked
ass that anal chicks get, brown ring with a pink in the middle
and a slight cone shape so you can see and inch or so up her
rectum. Pablo slid his cock up her pussy,

I asked Helen about Keith she looked a Pablo who was gently
fucking Joanne’s pussy and glared at him I said I understood
why she hadn’t told me Joanne piped up and said “he wasn’t
as good as you dear” I replied “anything else you haven’t
told me” in a slightly put out tone.

Pablo put his hand on Joanne’s shoulder and began to stand
her up he then led her to the other sofa and he lay down on it
and told Joanne to get on top, she did as he told her and Pablo
re-entered her vagina I picked up the anal lube and took
up apposition behind Joanne’s open arse cheeks, I squirted
some lube on her closed ring and tried to finger her she was
tight shut, I asked her to open up she let my finger in after
a short while I got 2 then 3 which is more than she could take
before tonight. I was a little limp but then I began to think
about her 19 year old bum when it was really a virgin. I pointed
my cock at her ring piece and nudged on the bell end into her
sphincter it opened up Pablo had done a good job reaming
her out. I started talking “have you ever had it in the arse
before” she replied ”no” I said “liar I know 3 men who have
fucked you in the ass, you little slut” she said “Keith didn’t
count” I pushed a little more cock in, her inner sphincter
began to open she was a little slut who just had a 8 inch cock
in her arse.

I asked her if Keith made her come when he fucked her arse,
she claimed she couldn’t remember, I slid all the way in
she let out a gasp, of course now I knew first hand how this
felt first hand. I began to slowly pump her arsehole her
arse was still much tighter than Helen’s even after Pablo’s
cock had opened her up.

Joanne was ridding Pablo’s dick as I continued to fuck her
tight arsehole. Poor Helen was feeling a little left out
I think she had started to wank herself again on the other
sofa Joanne was getting hot again she must have felt pretty
well reamed in all her holes.

Helen was beginning to come again over on the other sofa.
One thing I wanted to do was bend Helen over before the night
was through so I pulled my cock out of Joanne’s bottom which
gapped most satisfyingly, walked over to the other sofa
and told Helen to get on her knees and to my surprise she did
as I asked, she got on her knees on the floor in front of the
sofa and rested her arms on he seat.

Joanne was still riding Pablo and seemed once again to be
quite content with his cock in another of her holes, I lubed
up and shoved my cock into Helen’s cunt she felt good her
arse cheeks made a satisfying slapping sound as I slid my
dick all the way into her pussy I told her I always wanted
her from behind, her arsehole winked at me looking a little
larger than before, I’m sure Pablo wont mind me reaming
her arse out for him. Helen was pretty motionless but giving
it up for me so I mustn’t complain.

I decided to add a little twist I grabbed the strapon and
put it on above my own cock, this meant with Helen bent over
she would get the huge strapon up her arse, I lubed it up and
put the artificial bell end against her ring piece, as the
strapon is about 8 inches long and in this position her arsehole
pointing straight at me with her pussy further underneath,
it penetrated her anus a full two inches before my cock began
to enter her Pussy. Helen’s ring was stretched tight around
the shaft of the intruding member and as I continued to push
both falice’s into her she tensed up and for the first time
in the evening let out a loud grunting sound, I looked at
her face from the side and could see she was clenching her
teeth and grimacing, I guess she never had an 8 inch long
2 inch thick cock in her arsehole before, and was finding
it a little bit of a strain.

I continued to push both tools into Helen’s holes until
I was sunk to the nuts. She squirmed then I began to draw back
slowly to allow me to deliver my first thrust, I pulled back
until my cock was barely penetrating her cunt, Helen let
out a low moan, and then shoved it all the way to the hilt until
her heart shaped rump was pressed against the base of the
strapon covering my groin. Helen reared up as she received
this thrust and let out another grunt, I repeated the same
rhythm for several strokes, she repeated the grunt on each
stroke. I asked her if she was ok, she replied “its the biggest
thing I ever had back there”

I think she was up for it and I began to pound her pussy and
arse with out mercy, she stopped grunting and started to
wimper a little, I knew first hand how this felt and had not
forgotten how keen she was when I was on the receiving end.
I was pretty turned on and withdrew the strapon fully releasing
the buckle and shoved my cock into her arse this time without
a condom, and began to pound away until I came right up her
After a short pause deep in her cum filled rectum I withdrew
and watched her arse gape and slowly close with my come dripping
from her anus. Joanne was still riding Pablo but had now
got his cock in her arse also, she was ridding his pole like
whore and quite soon after I withdrew from Helen he shot
his wad right up Joanne’s rectum also.

Helen stood up and looked at me with a grin, she obviously
liked being treated like a slut. She rubbed her abused anus
and pursed her lips in a sharp intake of breath and told me
she wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week Joanne quickly
reiterated her statement and we went to our bathrooms to
shower with our own partners. Pablo pulled Helen’s checks
apart to survey the damage and looked at me and smiled. I
did the same to Joanne and told her she was an anal slut now
she agreed. And that is the end of the foursome.

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