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The First Mistake Ch 3 of 15


Chapter Three - Down in the Library

Driving rapidly Roy soon arrived at the town library, and
asking ifshe had her letter informed Penny that she was to ask for Mr.
Fallows at the main desk and hand him the letter.

Penny looked up at the imposing facade of the Victorian
building. She knew that there was little chance that it's staid exterior
was hiding nothing more today than shelf upon shelf of books. somewhere
inside she was going to be used, or abused again. just thinking
about it made her cunt start to dribble juices, and she could feel the
gusset of the blue knickers getting wetter, and wetter as she walked
towards the stout Oak doors.

Entering the library she had to climb a small flight of steps,
and she could feel the eyes of the few men in the foyer watching her
hips swat in the tight skirt as she swayed her way up to the inner doors.
She could imagine them watching her body, dressed as it was
and thinking to themselves how unapproachable, and businesslike she
looked. If only they knew how her nipples were rubbing against the silky
smoothness of her bra, and how her cunt craved a cock to fill it and prevent
her juices running out, but it wouldn't do she had to enter
and ask for Mr. Fallows.

Inside the main body of the library the only person she could
see was a middle aged clerk, the man with a pair of NHS framed glasses
and balding head was immersed in a pile of books he was cataloguing.
Penny stood beside him but he didn't look up. "Excuse
me" Penny asked "could you please tell me where I can find Mr Fallows."

With a sigh at being disturbed the clerk raised his tired
eyes from his work, and started to speak. that was he was going to speak,
but when he saw Penny his jaw dropped, and all he could do was
gasp like fish, his eyes travel led from the black court shoes, up
penny's calves to where the hem of the grey skirt nestled sedately
above her knee, then up, up his gaze moved, pausing to take in the swell
of her breasts confined behind the grey jacket, then up again
lingering on the shimmering silkiness of the blouse, before finally
reaching her face. He gulped not once but twice before he could stammer
" O-o-over th-there, third door on the left."

Penny smiled sweetly at the gawping clerk, and with a devilish
sense of playfulness kissed one of her fingers and laid it gently
on his lips. The clerk turned a bright beetroot red, and muttering
his excuses grabbed a pile of books and fled.

Penny hoped that Mr. Fallows was made of sterner stuff,
and started to move towards the indicated door, noticing the clerk still
watching her from behind one of the shelves she swayed her hips outrageously
as she moved away, and could imagine the poor fellow racing of
to the gents toilet to relieve himself once she had passed from sight.

Entering a long passageway, oak panel led and dimly lit
she was aware of her heels clicking on the tiled floor as she counted the
doors. One he gold letters proclaimed Miss Stirchley, and Penny imagined
some old battle axe of a spinster poring over dusty piles of manuscripts,
two Prof. Wold the letters said and once again Penny imagined
an elderly man his white hair fluffing out from the sides of
his head dreaming of ancient Greece or Rome. Three Mr. Fallows,
the letters were faded on the door, Penny couldn't believe it whoever
she was meeting must have been in this office for years, surely
her latest tormentor was not going to be some ancient octogenarian,
chasing her round his desk with a zimmer frame. Smoothing her suit she
knocked gently on the door. "Come in, come in" called
a cheerful voice.

Penny entered, on the far side of the most enormous desk
Penny had ever seen sat a rotund little man, his balding head reflecting
the light from a single lamp suspended right above his chair.
he didn't even look up. "sit down, sit down" he muttered
and continued to read the ancient tomb laid on the desk before him. Penny sat on
the leather covered chair opposite his and gently pushed the letter
across the desk, "are you Mr. Fellows?" she enquired.
"That's me, that's me" the little man said without even looking up, " What can
I do for you?" Penny pushed the letter even further until it caught his
eye, and he absentmindedly reached out and took it. He hadn't
even looked at Penny. opening the letter he read it carefully, and then
his eyes slowly, as if being forced lifted themselves from the book.
Looking from Penny to the letter, then back at Penny again he tutted
quietly to himself. finally he spoke directly to the girl sat opposite
him. "Perhaps, just perhaps you'll do. We'll
see, we'll see my dear. Follow me." without further ado he rose and led Penny back
out of his door and turning left started to move further into the bowels of
the building, round corner after corner, and down flight after flight
of stairs he led here. Penny though the must have gone down at least three
floors below street level when he suddenly stopped. "Oh
dear, Oh dear" he muttered "where are my manners" and turning
he smiled gently at Penny as if she was a schoolchild that had strayed to far from her
class. " Follow me dear" and of he went again round at
least six more corners they went until he opened a door into what appeared
to be a small kitchen, except that around the walls were shelf
upon shelf of bottles, each with a label hand written in script in what
looked to Penny like Latin. Mr' Fallows started searching amongst
the bottles until with a gasp of triumph he surfaced with a particularly
beautiful blue bottle on the front of which was a label 'Aqua vivitorum
et .....' the end of the label had faded until it couldn't
be read. Producing a couple of glasses he filled them from the bottle
and offered one glass to Penny whilst sipping on the other himself.
"sorry, sorry" he muttered "should have
given you a drink upstairs. Never mind this is an excellent vintage, kept the best stuff
hidden down here stop old Stirchley from nicking it all. Drink
it up dear drink it up will pep you up no end."

Penny sipped at the liquid, it tasted like the best wine
she had ever had and she quickly swallowed the entire glass full. "That's
it, that's it" chortled the old man, and spat the
small amount he had in his mouth upon the floor. Penny realising too late that
she had been duped started to object, but suddenly she could not move
only stand there motionless as the genteel old man, dropped his affable
manner and suddenly spat at her "You fucking little slut,
coming here dressed like a librarian, flaunting yourself at poor Humphrey.
I watched you teasing him, but he will get his revenge in a little while,
because the drink I have just given you will force you to carry out
my bidding for at least the next two hours, which is exactly the amount
of time the Master has given me to use your body."

Inside Penny was terrified, what did this old pervert intend
to do to her, sex slut that she was the drink had a side effect, she
knew she didn't want anyone to touch her she was a prim librarian,
a virgin, untouched by another's hand. Fallows started to laugh.
"I know you little fucker it's great isn't it, the drug makes
any sexual act even kissing abhorrent to you, but you can't stop yourself
you have to do as I instruct you. I love to dominate the helpless, and the
more they squirm the more I like it. So let's get to it, I'll
have to call the others soon, but the first half hour is always mine, so follow
me my helpless cunt and lets see what I can torture your drugged
mind with. Unable to prevent herself Penny followed the little man
through another door into a sumptuously furnished room. In the
centre of which was a massive circular bed. the entire room was decorated
in lavish style, the walls hung with paintings depicting every sexual
deviation Penny had ever imagined. The pictures disgusted her and
she tried to look away but Fallows told her to look at each one, and to
describe what she saw. Faltering for words as each picture seemed
more debauched than the last Penny couldn't help herself
the description of each painting was dutiful torn from her lips, although
her mind was screaming at her that she didn't want to do this. as
she reached the last painting, a picture of a woman kneeling before a massive
cock as it sprayed spunk all over her upturned face Penny despite
the drug faltered, she could not bring herself to describe the picture,
it was just too degrading the thought of a woman sucking a man's
cock until he sprayed his spunk into her mouth and all over face.

"Fucking brilliant, exclaimed Fallows I hoped this
would be the one, I love to watch a woman fighting al the way to my climax."

Penny didn't understand until she turned and saw that
he was stood with his limp cock dangling from his trousers. "come
on whore, on your knees and suck my Cock you bitch" Penny tried with
all her might to fight the instructions but slowly she sank to her knees
and found her mouth reaching for the limp member, her mind screamed that
it was filthy, that she couldn't do it but her drug effused
body couldn't stop itself. She felt the knob of his cock slide into her
mouth, She felt her lips tremble a she sucked on the growing pole, and
even as her mind fought she could sense her mouth filling with the
cock as it rapidly engorged itself with blood.

"come on baby, suck daddies lolly" he crooned
as his cock nudged deeper into her mouth. until it was tapping at the back of
her throat, unable to prevent herself Penny sucked it deeper and deeper
into her throat, her lips fastened around it like a child with a stick
of Blackpool rock. Fallows hips started to buck, he began fucking Penny's
mouth, her mid was screaming from the shame, but her body
responded. The glans was now sliding into her throat and she was adjusting
her position to enable more and more of the invading phallus
to drive into her, until she felt the little mans balls slap against her
chin. No longer bothering to taunt her with his debauchery he held
her tight and frantically began shagging her mouth, the pre-cum
leaking from his tip was lie poison to Penny's tortured mind, but still
she swallowed every drop as he thrust harder and harder into her, suddenly
she felt him withdrawing and watched horrified as his cock sent
spurt after spurt of spunk flying across her face and glasses. the mental
abasement had been so fierce that tears were streaming
down her face, great sobs racking her body as her mind fought the perversions
her own body was taking part in. Standing back and with a wild meanness
etched on his face he coldly said "Lick it all up, you fucking
Cum swallowing slut" Penny every drop an anathema to her mind, took
of her glasses and licked every drop of spunk from them swallowing every
last bit, then she used her fingers to wipe the spunk from her face
and swallowed that as well, just as she finished the door opened
and there stood two other people. In front was a blousey looking woman
her glasses hanging from a cord around her neck, and behind
her stood Humphrey the clerk she had teased earlier.

"Finished Frank" the woman enquired of Fellows.

"Sure have May" he replied "I suppose
you want me to turn her into a willing slut for you now. "OK get the other bottle
from the back room and give her a drink, although I don't know why you can't
learn to enjoy forcing them like I do.

Humphrey had obviously come prepared he had a green bottle
in his hands, and forcing open Penny's mouth he trickled
a small amount of a bitter tasting liquid into it. Penny revulsed by the taste
tried to spit it out, but Fallows, no doubt enjoying the control, ordered her
to drink some. She took the bottle and swallowed nearly a cup full before he
told her to desist.

Penny stayed kneeling where she was and watched as May began
to undress. She must have been in her fifties, and her breast
sagged towards a spreading waist, but what really caught Penny's
eyes was the thickness of her bush. It sprouted like a forest just below
her navel and was jet black. It tapered towards the top of her rather
fat legs, and disappeared between them to re-appear between the
cheeks of her matronly ass. Eventually the older woman was completely
naked and stood posturing in front of Penny. "It's not
working, you bastard, she complained to Frank, the slut isn't responding yet."

"Give it a minute he replied, and watch her, when her
eyes glaze over she will be ready for you and Humphrey."

Humphrey meanwhile had also laid himself fully clothed
on the bed, and unzipping his trousers had released a monster cock, even
flaccid as it was now it must have been twelve inches long. The mild mannered
clerk was built like a stallion. Gently he eased two balls out
through the zip as well and Penny could see that they were also massive
each one must have been nearly the size of a tennis ball. Humphrey
leered at Penny, "Any minute now darling, and you are going
to ride my baby. He is going to plunder your tight little twat, and then after
we have had some fun with Miss Stirchley he is going to stretch your
ass so wide your going to scream blue murder. It is a good job these rooms
are well soundproofed or the regulars will think murder is
being committed."

Penny about to deny that she would do any such perverted
act, suddenly felt a wooziness overcoming her, the new drug
was kicking in, rapidly her mind so lately horrified at the thought
of a sexual act, changed until she became the most sexually charged
pervert she could imagine. Music filled the room, and Penny noticed
that #Frank Fallows had reappeared carrying a video camera. "Come
on baby, strut your stuff" he gloated, and Penny immediately had
a desire to strip off teasing her companions until she could molest them
all. Moving towards the waiting May she began to undulate her body in
time to the music, May's eyes gleamed as Penny rubbed up against
her letting the coarse material of the suit grate over the older woman's
nipples. May gasped as Penny's right hand slid between her legs
and drove upward towards her cunt. Meanwhile Penny's left hand was
undoing the buttons of her Jacket and letting it slip from her shoulders she
felt it puddle onto the floor behind her.

Thrusting forwards the silk of her blouse was now sliding
over the melons dangling before her and her mouth greedily mashed
onto the older woman's full lips her tongue worming between
them as she French kissed Miss Stirchley so deeply that the other woman gasped
for breath. Undoing the zip of the skirt Penny shimmied it down
her legs then grasping the older woman's fleshy buttocks pulled
her towards her and ground the pale blue knickers against her companions
forest. Suddenly Penny thrust May backwards until her calves struck
the edge of the bed and she was forced to flop backwards next to the
waiting Humphrey. his cock still flaccid was lying there reaching
up across his stomach. Penny looked down at the two and began to unbutton
her silk blouse.

They watched her, lust filling there faces as she let it
slip slowly across her straining breasts. Then without any warning
she grabbed May's ankles and spread her legs as far as they would
go, there nestling between the fleshy thighs and the jet black forest
was her gash, like a swathe through woodland it redness stark against
the black background it lay there. Penny climbed onto the bed
and squatting above May's willing and waiting mouth,
pulled her own panties to one side and lowered her own sweet cunt onto the
older woman's

fleshy lips, meanwhile as May serviced her by licking madly
at her cunt and clitoris the sexually charged girl spread May's
gash as wide as she could and forced first two then three, then four fingers
into the wailing woman's pussy, finally she managed to
squeeze her whole hand into the matriarchs cunt and began to fist her in earnest.
May responded by sucking and licking at Penny's cunt,
the juices spraying from it covering the lower half of the larger woman's
mouth. Humphrey began to moan reminding Penny that she had 5to
deal with more than one person, and looking across she could see his mammoth
cock beginning to lengthen and swell, she reached across and
gently scraped her fingernails along the length of his shaft. his cock
jerked and for the first time raised itself up from his stomach. Penny
was amazed it must be fourteen inches long now, and as thick as her wrist
but was yet to reach full size, although half upright it was nowhere
near stiff yet, and Penny found herself thinking that she would
never be able to accommodate even half of it.

May was writhing underneath her now, as her fist slamming
deeper and deeper into her fanny began to take effect. Penny raising
her self off the older woman's face tore at the knickers with her
free hand until she was able to remove them then taking May's hand she
guided it towards her own aching cunt. Unable to do much for Humphrey
she pushed May's face towards him, then slid the tip of his cock
into the gasping woman's mouth. Lost in the explosion of her first orgasm
as May's fingers plunder her cunt Penny didn't see Humphrey
getting up from the bed, his now monster cock rigid like a tent pole, all fifteen
inches of rock hard gristle quivering horizontally out from his
stomach, clutching it in his hand he positioned himself between
May's spread legs, and began Penny's initiation.

The first Penny knew of the new assault was when the strap
of her bra was grabbed from behind, driving the edges of the silk deep
into her breasts. Her scream of surprise cut off as Humphrey lifted
her bodily from the bed and forced her onto her hands and knees between
May's spread legs. The older woman's cunt, quivered in between
her wobbling thighs as Humphrey pushed Penny's face towards the
glistening chasm. "Lick the lady you Bitch, make the sloppy old cunt
wail from your mouth and tongue" Humphrey growled as he drove one
of his thumbs deep into Penny's cunt. Forced forward by the power of his
thrust Penny's mouth was crushed against the salty tasting cunt of the
older woman. The slimy gash enfolded around her mouth as Humphrey using
his free hand grasped a handful of hair and ground her bruised lips
up and down he bottomless pit. Unable to do anything but comply Penny
began licking and sucking on the vile tasting gash as May's
liberal juices began to cover her face with its salty slime. "drink
it all you gutter slut" Humphrey groaned as his thumb pounded in and
out of Penny's cunt, "Cos I'm going to fuck you silly you little
tart and Fred is going to film your screams as you are impaled on my cock".

Without warning he removed his hands from her hair and cunt
and spread the cheeks of Penny's ass to expose both of her holes.
Penny felt the massive head of his glans pushing against the entrance
to her love tube, inexorably Humphrey thrust his giant cock forwards.
As the head of his Glans stretched and penetrated her tight little
cunt Penny screamed, the pain was excruciating. She would never be
abler to accommodate his swollen cock, still the pressure continued
and his cock continued to invade her battered fanny, scream after
scream escaped the young girls aching mouth only to be cut of to
a murmur as May shuffled forwards and forced her smelly cunt into Penny's
mouth again. "Lick me you whore" gloated the woman
as Penny unable to breath could no longer scream, " or I'll tell Humphrey
to give you the other six inches. Penny despite the pain realised that until
she had adjusted to the cunt splitting weapon buried inside her,
another six inches would do irreparable damage to her cunt began to
lick and suck at the older woman's gash. Humphrey content to rock
backward and forwards whilst she adjusted reached under Penny's
lithe body, and tore the bra from her tits, exposed at last they sprang into
view swollen and turgid from the violation her body was receiving.
His hands fastened onto them and with a groan at the pleasure
he felt at the feel of her swollen nipples he collapsed forwards over
her back. this new position eased the pain of his cock violating Penny's
cunt, and the pain was replaced with a pleasurable sensation
as his giant member twitched and thrust into her.

Penny responding to the movement of the cock deep in her
body began to thrust her ass backwards to met each and every thrust
Humphrey felt the sympathetic movement of her body, and
crowed to the other two, "Look a the little bitch she is trying
to get me right inside her. I'm going to give this little slut every
inch of my baby. I'm going to fuck her so deep my cock will pop through
her womb and out of her mouth. Penny could almost believe it his cock
already nudging at the entrance to her womb was thumping
time and time again against her cervix. She could feel the sphincter
beginning to slacken until with one almighty backward
push she felt her cervix spread and the head of Humphrey's cock slid
deep into her womb. Meanwhile Penny's ministrations on May's
cunt were having the desired effect, wobbling like a jelly the overweight woman
was screeching and wailing as her body seemed to pass directly from one orgasm
to the next. Penny couldn't believe how much May's clit
had grown, now it was like a small cock and she was able to suck it right into her
mouth and every time her tongue licked the little erect cock May screamed
in delight. The older woman was pulling at her own tits, stretching
the nipples and puling fist one tit then the other upward as
far as she could she was sucking her own titties. May sucked so hard
that Penny could see teeth marks around each nipple. Suddenly May
reached down and heaved her wobbling legs far into air until they framed
her head. "Suck out my Ass you fucking whore" she ordered,
and Penny felt Humphrey pushing her face towards the older woman's
anus, unable to prevent this perversion Penny tentatively licked at May's
puckered ass hole, surprisingly it tasted less revolting than her cunt
had and soon Penny was probing the orifice with her tongue, as Humphrey,
unable to contain himself any longer began to pound his cock deep,
deep inside her slender body. Both Humphrey and May were shouting foul
phrases at Penny one would call her a bitch the other a slut, but suddenly
from among the words of filth and degradation Penny heard the
unmistakable sound of her own voice joining the echoing sounds. "FUCK
me you bastards, let me suck your ass dry, I'm going to drink
your juices fist your fanny and ass. Just Screeeew meeeee!!!"
The last scream was because she had erupted in a massive orgasm of her own around
Humphrey's giant cock, just as she lapsed into the
uncontrollable throws of her orgasm Humphrey reached over and pressed
firmly on May's stomach immediately a stream of piss flew from the old bags
cunt, splattering and gurgling into Penny's face, unable
to move she was forced to swallow mouthfuls of the golden liquid as her
body struggled to breath in enough oxygen to keep her alive.

Eventually the piss slowed to a trickle and Humphrey pushed
her mouth over the base of May's gash and watched as Penny was
forced to fill her mouth with the acrid tasting water. "Don't swallow
this mouthful her warned her as he lifted her physically from the floor, his
massive cock still impaling her aching cunt he moved her up the bed until
her mouth was positioned directly above May's. May clamped
her mouth shut, but Fred slapped her across the face and told her to open up or
he would let Humphrey fuck her throat. The older woman obviously terrified
by this suggestion opened her mouth and Fred carefully placed
his cock at the entrance to her oral orifice. "Now, you little piss
sucker, dribble your cargo onto Fred's cock and watch as May gets her drink"
instructed Humphrey. Obediently Penny allowed the golden liquid to trickle
splashing onto Fred's cock, immediately she saw it begin to add its
own contribution to the golden liquid splashing into May's mouth. The
older woman gagged and gurgled, but obviously terrified of the alternative,
being throat fucked by Humphrey's fifteen inches of gristle
began to swallow each and every mouthful. not one drop was allowed to escape
her lips as Penny watched her drink at least a pint of the golden shower.
As Frank's stream settled down to its final few drops
May tried to move away, but Humphrey his cock still solidly embedded in Penny's
cunt told her to stay still. Then he violently pushed Penny forwards
away from him. Once again the young girl screamed, this time
in disappointment, as she felt her body suddenly empty of
it massive plug jerk forward and fall on the bed alongside the body of the
overweight woman. turned around by Fred she felt herself being positioned
into a squatting position as he positioned her above the older
woman's gaping mouth. "your turn you little fucker, piss in the old
bags mouth at the same time as you wank our Humphrey into your own. but don't
swallow too much as we have something for you to do with it afterwards."

Humphrey stood in front of Penny, his engorged cock twitching
and flexing in the light as he waited for Penny to begin. she
looked at the swollen purple bonnet and reached out with both hands
to cradle the monster. Humphrey indicated his readiness to be wanked
by thrusting his cock backwards and forwards between her
hands, whilst May sobbing beneath her dripping cunt wailed at the unfairness
of being used like this. "Shut up you old bag" ordered
Frank and milk Humphrey's balls, Still with sobs racking her body,
making her flabby melons quiver and shake May reached up and gently grasped
Humphrey's massive balls, one in each hand, moulding and caressing
them had the desired effect. Penny watching the purple glans pop in
and out of its foreskin sheath saw his cock flex and with one almighty
jerk it spat a massive jet of spunk all over her tits. "In your mouth
cunt" screamed Frank and pushed her head forward. Spurt after spurt of
milky spunk jetted into Penny's mouth until she could feel it dribbling
from the corners and trickling down to her chin from where it was
dropping down onto the neck and mouth of the sobbing woman below. Suddenly
Penny felt Frank behind her his cock nudging between the crack
of her ass, expecting him to force an anal entry her ass cheeks tightened
, but instead he pressed firmly on her lower belly. Penny had
forgotten what she had been instructed to do, but the pressure on her belly
was too much, her bladder not emptied for nearly four hours since
leaving the train station was full the extra pressure opened the flood
gates and May sobbing beneath was deluged by Penny's piss as
it streamed from her cunt. The hot liquid splashed into the mouth of the old

Penny watched mesmerised as May's mouth filled time
and time again with her piss. "Now instructed Frank dribble the
spunk into her mouth as well." Penny stared speechless as the stream of
spunk dribbled from her mouth to join the pool of golden water lying in May's
mouth. The gooey spunk made strings of white in the golden pool and
reminded Penny of Egg Foo Yung. As the last drops of the seed containing
protein settled into May's mouth she opened her mouth
as wide as she could and let Penny watch as she slowly swallowed every
last drop. Spent from their exertions all four collapsed on the bed.
Penny noticed however that Humphrey's cock had was still
erect, and remembered his threat to split her with it by forcing it
up her Ass. She began to cry. Frank looked at her and where her terrified
gaze was directed, and began to laugh. Humphrey and May turned to
see what was so hilarious. Don't worry my dear scoffed Frank, today
you escape, We haven't got time left for Humphrey to wait whilst you
tiny little ass accommodates his whopper. Instead you can help us prepare
May for that honour. With a scream of horror the older woman sprang from
the bed and tried to run to the door, but Frank was too quick. Catching
her around the waist he threw her back towards the bed. Begging and screaming
May was dragged back to the bed. then fastening her ankles to two
restraints at the base of the bed she was forced to stand facing the giant

She begged, she pleaded, but it only seemed to make Frank
and Humphrey more excited. They piled cushions up on the side of the bed
until they reached her waist, then Frank will malicious glee tied
a thin rope around each breast, pulling each loop tight until her saggy
melons were constricted and forced to swell from the pressure.
As she stood there Penny was told to suck May's large nipples until
they were totally engorged, and then constrictors were placed around
each nipple keeping it in an aroused state. Slowly Humphrey and Frank
pulled the older woman forward until she was forced to collapse forward
over the cushions, bending from the waist her distended mammaries
were crushed into the covers of the bed, the material pressing against
her distended nipples bringing screams of pain from the poor
unfortunate woman. she tried to raise her torso from its torment, but
Frank made Penny kneel with knees either side of May's head and
lean forward until her face was looking over the wobbling as cheeks of
the terrified bitch at the distended but still puckered ring
of her anus.

Fastening a strap around the two woman to bind them together
Frank couldn't resist the opportunity to smack Penny hard
on her ass cheeks, she jolted forward driving May's tits deeper into
the bed clothes. The pain of her distended nipples drew another scream from
May and her body jerked upwards away from its torment. Laughing now
Frank took swipe after swipe at Penny's ass tearing screams from
both women as first penny's ass jolted her lungs into action then
her response drove May's tits once more into their own private hell. After
a few minutes during which Penny could feel her cheeks beginning to burn
from the pounding, and could see May's anus flexing, as her
flabby ass wobbled under the assault Penny felt Frank position himself behind
her, suddenly she was aware that in this position her anus too
was exposed, unable to move her knees backwards because of the strap
she tensed herself for the assault she now knew was going to come.

Humphrey positioned himself squarely behind May, his
giant cock resting against her tiny hole. Feeling his presence May
tried valiantly to move her ass away from his attack but he just
gripped her hips and held her in position. Penny felt Franks cock
nudging at the entrance to her private hole and prepared herself for
the buggering that was her lot. Unable to tear her eyes away
from the sight of Humphrey's giant cock preparing to force
the ass of the older woman apart Penny felt her own juices starting to run as
her mind tried to imagine the pain that May would feel when Humphrey
began to insert his truncheon. Frank grasped Penny's hips
and she winced as his cock pushed forwards,

a gentle moan escaped her lips as she felt the sphincter
of her anus begin to weaken to allow the entrance of the invading cock.
As her body was forced forward by the pressure of the cock trying
to ravish her ass she in turn forced May backwards onto the monster
waiting behind. She could see May's ass beginning to stretch,
she could feel her own ass too, stretching to accommodate the cock pushing
against it until suddenly she felt her anus buckle, Frank's cock
was driving itself inside the tightness of her anus, deeper and deeper
it penetrated until she felt the hairs on his stomach come
to rest against her cheeks. reaching up to grip her shoulders Frank
began to fuck her ass, the pain was bad, but nothing compared to that
being felt by May. Each thrust from Frank embedded Humphrey's
cock tighter and tighter into the wailing woman's ass., scream
after scream was echoing around the room as her ass stretched further and
further. Penny could see the skin around her anus stretched until
it appeared so thin that she could see every little blood vessel under
the surface and still Humphrey's cock couldn't gain an entrance.
Having accommodated all of Frank's cock Penny could feel
a warm glow beginning to permeate out from her stretched tube, until
once again she signalled her acceptance by rocking backwards onto
the impaling machine. Frank immediately responded withdrawing his
cock to the entrance of Penny's ass he drove it deep again with
every ounce of muscle he could muster. Penny gasped but the feelings coursing
through her body took over and she began to shout "Oh SHAG ME
you bastard, FUCK my ASS, come on SHAG MEEEEE!!!!"

The effect on Frank was instantaneous his tempo increased
and his power too, until with one hefty thrust forward he caused
Penny to jolt a little more than usual. With an almighty plop Humphrey's
cock finally breached the struggling bags ass chute. to the
accompaniment of a long drawn out scream his cock slid at least eight inches
into May's distended anus. Stopping only to adjust his
stance Humphrey slowly kept up the pressure Penny could see his cock slowly
disappearing as May sobbed into the covers between her
legs, eventually every inch of the monster had disappeared,
and Penny's face was pushed up against Humphrey's stomach as now he
took over the fucking of both women. Frank enjoying the sensation of
having his cock fucked by Penny's ass stopped fucking and instead
reached under the two woman to squeeze and maul May's swollen tits, bringing
further cries of pain from the poor woman. Meanwhile Humphrey began
to hump at May's ass each time withdrawing nearly ten inches
of cock before slamming it back in again. gripped in the tightness of May's
shit hole his cock would not be able to last long, and very quickly
his tempo began to increase. Each thrust brought another groan from
the impaled May, but spent now from the assault on her ass and tits her
moans were changing, no longer screams of pain they were turning into
moans of excitement.

Penny couldn't believe it the old fucking slut was
enjoying this violation her distended ass would take days to recover and her tits
swollen and twisted from frank's ministrations must be sore as
hell , but the bag was enjoying it. so was Penny the cock sitting in her ass as she
was forced to fuck it by the movements from Humphrey, was sliding easily
now she could feel it throbbing deep in her tube. In a fit of glee
she began to pound on May's ass cheeks watching them wobble as each slap
brought another moan of joy from the abused woman. Penny began to pinch and
bite at the wobbling mounds raising welts from her fingernails
and leaving teeth marks where she had bitten the white flesh of May's
nether regions. Watching the young slut being driven into a sexual frenzy
had its effect,

Humphrey unable to contain himself any longer gave a grunt
of joy and his cock embedded its full fifteen inches into the old shag bags
ass spurted for the second time. Penny counted fifteen distinct spasms
as his cock emptied its load deep into May's anus. Immediately
he had finished he withdrew his cock. Penny heard the slurping and sucking
sound as his cock dragged itself from the distended tube. until with
one last very sloppy slurp it dropped from the entrance. Penny couldn't
believe the gape on May's anus. It sat there farting and fluttering,
easily as big as her mouth, and from the lower portion Penny could see
spunk dribbling to run down the crack of her ass until it dripped
slowly from the lips of the poor woman's vulva down onto the
carpet below. No longer assisted by the motion initiated by Humphrey, her
own enjoyment had been cut short, the cock embedded in her own ass was no
longer moving and in desperation to have her own anus filled with
spunk she began to drive.

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