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The Finest Entrees Are Not Always Served On a Plate


She looked at herself in the mirror.. the soft twists of
hair curling every way on her head, her pencil thin eyebrows
that never grew in thick enough to reshape... a 70's
style she was destined to carry for eternity..Below her
brows, her blue eyes didn't quite sparkle but, there
was something.. a flickering of youth, --something--
not quite forgotten.. framed by long lashes that were unseen
unless darkened by mascara. Her unusually large top lip,
always a feature she hated, until tonight, closed gently
over her bottom lip, together they exuded a sensuality
that even she could not ignore. Smiling, her upturned lips
transformed her ordinary features into a bright mask of..
simple femininity..
And it was this simple femininity that captured Bob's
attention from the next table. He really hadn't noticed
her sitting there, much less alone, until he looked up and
saw her smile at her reflection. His gaze travelled from
her face to her reflected persona and back. And then, just
as her lips parted to slip over the edge of the wine glass,
he saw it. He saw it in the graceful movement of her neck as
she tilted her head to drink the red liquid..He saw it in
the way her thumb and two fingers twirled the wine glass
stem.. and he saw it in her eyes when she caught him staring,
and blushed.
Picking up his napkin and dabbing his lips, he smiled at
her as he pushed his chair back from the table and stood,
hesitant at first, unsure of his need, --hers... but he
sensed in her actions, in her eyes, it was time to tame the
tiger. For inside her, he had no doubt, there was a tiger
who needed to purr and he knew HE was just the trainer.. because
he.. Bob, didn't he always carry his own whips and toys
for just these adventures? Silk scarves and feathers..
ice pacs and hot water bottles.. His smile was stretched
across his face as he held out his hand after arriving at
her table and said,
"Hi.. I would love it if you would dance with me.."
Her face shaded a pretty red, her fingers fluttering at
her throat, Bob placed his hand under her elbow to dispell
any negative thoughts she may have been having about declining..
"I'm Robert.. Bob.. I'm here for the Rugby
Championship Dinner tomorrow at the new Copps Center and..."
Jude let Bob lead her to the floor where his arm encircled
her waist, tightened fo a firm hold, and clasping her hand
in his, began to move slowly to the music..
"... and now that I've talked your ear off.. may
I enquire as to your name and the reason you are dining alone"
, Bob asked as his arm pulled her slightly closer.
"Jude.. well Judy but, you know Robert, Bob.. same
reasons .."
Her arm around his neck caused the arc under her armpit to
stretch and thus tug at the base of her right breast. Her
nipple rubbing against her dress as their body movements
took them across the entire floor.. was the reason the slit
between her thighs were now dew kissed.. Their fluid movements
were becoming just that.. wet.
The song ended and as Jude gently tisentangled herself
from Bob's clutchings, lowering her arm but not denying
herself the quick downward drag of her wrist over her right
engorged nipple. A soft sigh parted her pink lips when the
pressure of her straining nipple was asauged albeit briefly.
Thanking Bob, she turned to take leave of the dance floor,
but Bob took that step and closed the distance between her
feet and his, spooning her body like old lovers as his arms
slipped around her middle and he drew her back to him.
"One more.. Just one.. I'm dining alone too and
would love your company for a little while.. Please."
For a long second Jude felt Bob's crotch press against
her ass and she caught the moan before it escaped her lips..

"Ok.. one more.." and she smiled at him as she
lifted her arms over her head.. crossed her wrists, bent
one knee slightly and threw her hips in time to the music..

Her wrists were crossed above her head and silk scarves
bound them together and to the headboard. Her legs were
spread comfortably wide with her pussy lips still touching
together, her ankles weighted, with what, she didn't
know. She flexed her toes and straightened her feet, toes
pointed outward, her calf muscles pulled taut, her inner
thigh muscles quivered.
Bob lay on his side with his elbow bent, his head on his open
palm. His other hand lay on Jude's bare midrift. He
watched his hand move up to the base of her breasts, her chest
expanded as she drew air deep into her lungs... and she exhaled
slowly as his hand moved back down her belly to her rounded
pussy mound, swirled and came back to rest over her belly
button. He did finger exercises on her tummy.. pushing
his hand upward by doing fingerbends, up and down up and
Neither had spoken in words... just long sighs and short
gasps broke the dry silence.. Bob placed his palm flat on
Jude's tummy and gently pushed and pulled.. rocking
her body gently from side to side. His cock lurched from
its warm nest as her large breasts, in their fluid movement,
flowed over her chest, almost, but not quite kissing its
mirror mate. The large aureolas crinkling around the growing
nipple, feeding it, stuffing it, until the brown peaks
darkened with desire.
He dragged his fingertips over her chest wall lightly..
her chest expanding as she drew a breath in deep.. and as
his fingertips trailed down her tummy .. past her belly
button to her thatch of blonde pubes, she exhaled.. just
as slow as she had inhaled it. He let his finger trace her
slit, lightly.. lighter than the whisper of butterfly
wings, all the way back to the crack of her ass. Here, she
tilted her head, emitting a soft mewling as his finger paused,
danced, and stood still.
She turned her face to his and he lifted his eyes to gaze into
hers. Her lips parted slightly.. whispering..
"....Bob... mmm"
He cupped her cunt in his palm and squeezed, one finger slipping
inside the wetness as he licked her face from her chin to
her eyes..
"No peeking Jude.. or I may have to punish you.."
and he stuck his rigid tongue between her parted lips, kissing
her mouth hard.. hungrily chewing on her lips and tongue;
then as gentle as he was rough, baby kissed her mouth, her
lips, her cheeks and closed lids.. massaging and cupping
her pussy over and over... until her juices coated his fingers
and palm.
Jude gyrated her hips, thrusting her pelvis into his hand,
daring him to spread her aching lips. A very uncomfortable
tightness was forming inside her anus. A dull ache akin
to a cramp. The unhurried knotting of a small muscle as it
leans, no, stretches to be massaged, only to be ignored..
reaching further, needing that simple prodding to keep
it at bay. Its these knots, that, as they become untied during
her orgasm, caused Jude to scream from the cocktail of pain
and pleasure mix. Her lovers name hissing forth from her
lips.. pushed from her body in an involuntary burst of explosions..
breath from her lungs, juices from her cunt.
Bobs fingers, glistening with silvery strings of Jude's
cunt juices still had not parted those swollen lips, had
not touched, even lightly, her throbbing clit. But he wanted
them to. He wanted to twist three of his fingers together
as one and drive them into her spasming cunt, feel those
elastic ridges chewing on his fingers, squeezing and milking
them over and over.. but.. Bob grinned.. Not yet.. He wanted
to see just how close he could carry her to the edge before
she spread her wings and flew on her own. Or if she would.
Or.. if she could.
Bob lifted his hand from Jude's body, his wet fingers
catching the light as he touched three of his fingers to
Jude's mouth. Her lips puckered as her tongue slid
out to lap at her slick juices on Bob's fingers. As her
musky scent filled her head, Bob slid all three fingers
in her mouth, her natural lube allowing them to slide in
without resistance. She opened her mouth wide to take the
entire length of them into her mouth.. sucking them hard
as Bob pulled them out.. and pushed them in, sliding the
tips along her tongue, spreading them to straddle her wet
pudgy muscle. As her tongue folded around the three digits,
Bob's cock thickened, tugging his nuts a little tighter
to his body. He moaned.
He drew his fingers from her mouth and leaned over to kiss
her puckered lips. He loved the taste of pussy and it didn't
matter which lips served him the delectable treat. Shifting
his position, he knelt, then lay between Jude's thighs..
Her scent was stronger and his cock throbbed between his
groin and the mattress. Shifting his body again, Jude felt
the weights lifted from her ankles, felt Bob's big
hands slide along her inner thighs and she held her breath
in anticipation of his fingers reaching her aching pussy.
They didn't come. Bob clasped his hands behind Jude's
knees and lifted her lower body off the bed by pushing her
knees toward her chest. Her ass rose as her knees spread
around her chin. Her swollen wet lips parted and she was
totally exposed to him.
Her pussy lips thick and bare; her clit a red bud of flesh
poking from under a layered flesh hood; her inner labia
red and rimming her cunt hole, which was open and pink..
and very wet. Her slit continued past her cunt hole to the
smooth skin of her perineum, where that gave way to the dark
wrinkled flesh surrounding her asshole.
Breathing in her mussky scent, Bob slipped his tongue just
inside her lip and dragged it up around her clit and down
the other side, careful to lick just the inside of each lip.
Her eager cunt lips fell open before his tongue finished
the exploration. He lifted his head and looked into her
body. Her vagina was contracting. The closing and opening
hole made a wet smaching sound, and the juices were clearly
starting to trickle. More and more was being released from
her body as her cunt contracted, preparing her pussy for
a penetration .. The faster trickling inner juices, still
warm from her body flowed faster than the cooler thickening
juices moistening the crack of her ass, until it flowed
evenly between her cheeks, following each star of her wrinkled
asshole, coating it.. each drop adding to the last until
it long dripped one large droplet onto the sheet.
Bob drove the tip of his tongue into the center of that star
quickly and Jude couldn't suppress a moan at the surprising
and delicious probing of her most darkest forbidden hole.

"Oooooooomggggg... mmmmmmm.." moaned Jude
as she tried to grind her ass into Bob's mouth.
Bob smiled evilly. "You like that huh Jude..?"
as he gently let his tongue follow the points of the star
until they disappaered into her smooth cheeks.
"Oh yes! " gasping as she refilled her empty
lungs. "Don't stop baby.. "
Bob stopped. Bob grinned. Bob kissed just to the side of
her asshole between her cheeks. Both sides. He could feel
her muscle twitching, assauging his lips. He gazed into
her cunt again. It was still contracting. The contractions
were long and lazy. Slowly her cunt walls would close. Tight.
Then slowly open. Each tight closure pulled her inner lips
and tugged her clit naughtily. It was inching slowly out
of his sheath.
"Bob.. Make me cum. Let me cum this first time and we
can play longer. I'm starting to get little cramps
in my pussy and ass. ooohhhh.... mmmmm... suck my clit Bob..mmmmm"
"Oh No Jude. " She tensed when she caught the
meaning .. "We're going to play now.. And keep
playing until you cum.. and cum.." He dragged his
tongue from her asshole to her clit.. deep grooving the
silky path, sucking the juices into his mouth and swallowing
them as Jude let out a long loud moan of pleasure. A pleasure
Bob knew was tinged with pain. A good pain.. He placed his
hands between her legs, the sides of his thumbs on her cunt
lips and spread her open. Her pussy was a gaping hole of wetness
and her asshole squeezed and relaxed just between the base
of his thumbs. Both her holes.. all for him.. He kissed her
asshole hard.
as he wiggled his mouth over her ass, his nose rubbing her
clit. "Ohhh Bobbb.. yessss...." And before
Jude's moan was finished. Bob was straddling her chest.
His cock sliding between her tits snugly as his hands pushed
her fluidy mounds together over his cock. Humping her tits
while he rolled and tugged her thick nipples between his
thumbs and fingers.
The dry hisssssssss of her heels sliding along the sheets
as she arched and thrust her hips upward.. bouncing Bob
as he titty fucked her, Jude moans became louder.. stronger..

"Bobbbb... Please... mmmmmmm touch meee.. I need
to cum baby.. " Her tongue lapping out to lick his engorged
helmut on every upstroke. Bob thrust his hips forward,
his upper thighs sliding under the arc of her underarms
as he rode his cock head closer to her mouth.. He leaned forward
and grasped the headboard with both hands, looking down
at her lapping tongue.. her mouth rimmed with swollen lips..
the head of his cock at her lips.. he moaned deep as he slid
his cock between her lips and thrust hard down.. gagging
Jude with the head of his dick. They fucked and sucked and
moaned and Bob felt the backs of his thighs tense as a warmth
spread outward from his testicals and he never lost rythem
as he fucked her mouth over and over and over.
"Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh .. GAWD!!" As his body grew
taut... his cum shot out the head of his cock forcing Jude
to swallow fast, over and over.. Little whilte pearly drops
were leaking from the corners of her mouth as his cock spurt
5 or 6 times.. With a deep thrust and a loud "aaahhhhhmmmm.."
Bob gave a shudder as his balls emptied and he slumped forward..
Drained he clung to the headboard while Jude sucked his
cock gently.. Her swallows milking the head of his dick
nicely.. "mmmmmmmm"
Dragging his body from the bed Bob looked down at Jude. Her
mouth was wet.. clear cum was drying on her chest and her
hips were slowly humping .. She was squeezing her thighs
together, trying to pinch her clit hard enough to cum. She
looked up at him.. her eyes pleading, each hump of her hips
producing as wet slurping sound from her pussy. He reached
down and stroked her thigh.. lightly trailing his fingers
over her hip and lower belly.
"DO you need to cum Jude..? Mmmmmm.. "
His fingers slid between her tightly clamped thighs..
which she sprawled open when she felt his hand on her cunt..
"Oh Bob.. yesss.. " She rolled her body from
side to side, again causing her tits to flow over her chest.
Bob reached down beside the bed and picked up another silk
scarf.. Jude's eyes followed every movement until
the scarf was tied securedly around her eyes..
"Now we are going to have some fun Jude.. " <br>
Bob slid his large hands under Jude's right hip, rolling
her gently onto her left side. The scarves pulled her arms
higher, tighter, the arc from her under arm to her hip sensously
stretched. He laid his palm flat on her hip and slid it over
the curve, dipped along her side gently and up to her armpit.
His fingers caressed the deepened cup under her arm and
he couldn't resist the urge to smell her. Kneeling
and leaning over her, one knee and upper thigh against her
rounded buttocks, the other at the middle of her back, he
lowered his head until his lips replaced his fingers under
her arm. He kissed the shaved skin lightly. Closing his
eyes, he inhaled her aroma mixture of sweat and deoderant, ..
and his cock gave a little jerk. He nibbled her armpit, keeping
his eye on her nipple.. as it enlongated and thickened,
so did his cock.
"Did you know I planned this night Jude.."?
He dragged his tongue in a circle under her arm.
"Mmmmm .. noo..", Jude moaned softly.. enjoyed
the sensations that rippled from her virgin armpits to
her nipples.
"Oh darling.. For sometime now I've
planned this treat for .. you.. and of course.. me..".
He twirled the silk scarf around and around Jude's
leaning right breast, tightening it slowly with each twirl
until her breast was fully engorged and shaded a nice pink..
Her brown nipple was long, fully erect and if he knew Jude,
she was nearing the point of asking him to suck it to relieve
the aching. But of course he wasn't going to do that
.. yet..
He moved his head slowly down her sloping side as his fingertips
traced light circles around her nipple.His saliva left
a glistening trail all the way to her hip bone, where he sank
his teeth into her soft flesh and flicked one thumb hard
across her nipple at the same time. It boinged back to its
original position it was so stiff. Her body jerked from
head to toe as the dual shock of pleasure and pain met in her
lower belly.. just about where her womb was.
"Bob.. mmmm could you suck it baby..? Just a little..
it needs to be sucked real bad.." Jude whined .
Bob didn't answer verbally.. just adjusted Jude's
arms as he rolled her completely over on her tummy.. Jude's
soft moans were tugging his balls. He leaned back and looked
down at her.. Her arms were teetered to the headboard, a
black silk scarf was fastened around her eyes. Her shoulders
cradled her head so he reached for the two pillows beside
her. Sliding one arm under her hips, he raised her up and
pushed the pillows under her pelvis. Her rounded bum looked
so inviting, but.. Bob gave his cock a little long stroke,
that would come.
Reaching down beside the bed, Bob pulled two more scarves
from the floor.. He tied one just behind Jude's right
knee and then the other behind her left.. then tugged..
and tugged.. and tugged the ends until Jude, sensing he
wanted her knee to seperate, lifted her knee. Bob kept the
tension tight, so Jude kept bending her knee until the tension
slacked and she laid her knee on the bed .. in a half frog sitting
position. But not for long.. She then felt Bob tugging the
right scarf and she bent her knee completely up so that she
was laying in a full from sitting position.
Her pussy was so hot, the room air felt cold now that her legs
were splayed wide open. Her arms was tied to the headboard..
and now her knees were tied there too. She was completely
at Bob's mercy, open to his want and will.. and she found
her position quite erotic. So erotic in fact, that her clit
started a soft strumming on its own.
Bob leaned back and took in the sight before his eyes. Jude's
cheeks were clenching, which in turn drew her cunt lips
taut. When she relaxed, her lips gaped open, exposing her
swollen clit and spasming vagina. Bob grinned as her moans
took on a begging tone.
"Are you comfortable, my dear Jude, " Bob asked
as he reached out and dragged his neatly manicured nails
over her fleshy rump.
"Aaahh mmmm yesss, " Jude breathed, gyrating
her hips from her tied position.
"Squeeze your cunt baby, make it feel good, "
Bob said as he leaned over to his night table and rummaged
thru the top drawer. His fingers unable to locate a selected
item, he leaned further and peeked inside. Choosing was
easy; Jude was going to get fucked, and good!
Jude turned her head toward the sounds, still dry humping
the air. Her pussy was so wet it made little squishy wet sounds
with each movement.
Bob settled back into kneeling position behind Jude's
upturned ass and slowly unscrewed the top off of a tube of
lube. Next he picked up the short fat latex cock with the
huge rimmed head, squirting a line of clear slippery gel
across the head of the cock. Using one finger he spread the
slippery stuff all over the head and dragged his wet finger
around the extended rim and just under.
Tossing the crinkled tube to the floor, he turned back to
Jude's eager cunt and placed the head at her opening.

"Do you want this Jude, " and he gave the cock
a little push against her opening.
"YESSSSS, " Jude sighed loudly and tried to
push back against the cock.
"Push it in.. PUSH IT IN, " she gasped, humping
her hips just a little faster.
"Like this?" Bob asked, as he again pushed the
cock, this time just a little harder, but still not penetrating
her tight body.
"MMmmmmmmmmm yesss.. Give it to me noww, "
Jude pleaded as the ache in her clit grew.
Bob twisted the cock around and around her vaginal opening,
mixing the lube with Jude's cunt juices. Pushing the
cock just a little more, he watched her mucles stretch around
the the widened rim. He loved this. Watching a woman's
cunt being fucked was the biggest turn on for him.
Jude was squirming against the cock head and cried out when
Bob pulled it back.
"No.. nooooo, " Jude cried. "Fuck me..Do
it.. DO ITTT!!"
Bob backed up and leaned down closer to Jude's body.
He kissed her sweaty skin on her left cheek, dragged his
wet tongue across the crack of her ass to her right and bit
down lightly. reaching under her, he placed his dry thumb
between her cunt lips, right on her throbbing clit, and
pressed it flat, then moved it around without letting his
thumb slip. Twice one way and twice the other and then his
thumb slid off her clit. Her button was so slick he couldn't
grip it, so the just rode his thumb over her clit on the fleshy
"MMMmmmmm arrgghh.." Jude was moaning and
He moved his thumb faster, feeling the nubby flesh slip
and slide under his thumb. Pointing one finger, he slid
it into her cunt, her elastic walls gripping his digit.
Turning his finger inside her, he eased it back out, added
the second finger and drove them in quickly.
"GOD yesss.. mmmmm.." Jude's continous
moans were tickling behind his nut sac, causing it to tighten
and hug his balls close to his body.
Turning his fingers inside her cunt, his fingertips sought
her rubbery Gspot, found it, and he slid the tips back and
forth over the thickening flesh. His thumb circled her
clit around and around.
Jude was gasping.. holding her breath then hissing it out
between clenched teeth.
Bob got into position on his knees, still fingering her
sopping wet tunnel. Removing his fingers from her pussy
he placed the cock head of the dildo against her opening
and THRUST! There was a second of resistance and then the
cock head was buried deep into her wet silk, her spasms milking
the toy. Bob's hand continued pumping the cock in and
out of her cunt as her orgasm squeezed it. His thumb kept
a steady pressure on her clit, moving it from side to side
until he felt the cock sliding easier in and out. Her brown
asshole, which had convulsed simutaniously with her cunt
muscles, had slowed to barely a noticable movement.
Jude relaxed, spent. Bob waited for a few seconds, then
eased the cock from her body, cauing Jude to whimper and
sigh. He pulled, her body pushed, until the slick cock was
totally outside.
"Was that what you wanted Jude? Mmmm .. such an intense
orgasm baby."
Jude grunted in reply, too spent to speak.
"Are you giving up on me Jude? I hope not.." Bob
grinned. "We're not finished yet.."
Jude again grunted, but gave no other reaction.
Bob pushed a finger inside Jude's now very swollen
vagina. The pudgy wet tunnel was still spasming and Bob
felt a ripple along his hard shaft. The ripple intensified
as he turned his finger and pushed it deeper. The mouth of
her cervix was a swollen wet mass and he tapped his finger
against it causing Jude to moan with each new poke. Drawing
his finger back out, he leaned forward and rubbed it across
her mouth.
Whispering, he said, "Lick it Jude.. Taste yourself
for me."
And she automatically opened her mouth and dragged her
tongue over her wetness, moaned and puckered her lips to
accept them into her mouth. She sucked and licked his finger
as Bob watched.
His cock was against the back of her thigh, pressing, as
she sucked his finger clean. Pulling his finger from her
lips, he leaned back to his full height on his knees. Wrapping
his wrinkled-skinned fingers around his cock, he moved
the skin over the shaft, pulling the skin back from the head
as he leaned into his hand. Pumping slowly, he inched closer
to Jude, closer, until the front of his thighs were against
her ass.
"Do you want me to fuck you now Jude?" He pushed
his cock head against her swollen labia.
"Mmmmmm.. your cunt lips are so big Jude..I bet the
inside of your cunt is swollen too baby.. All that swollen
flesh in such a small place.. mmmmm".
The head of his cock slipped between her cunt lips and nestled
against the opening.
Jude wiggled her ass to adjust the head so he could fill her
up with one thrust. With the head aimed into her body, Bob
placed his fingers on both of her hip bones, gripping. He
leaned into her as he pulled her body unto his cock.
"Aahhhhh goddddd.." Bob's moan lasted
the entire penetration of his cock into her. He kept pushing
and pulling her body until the head of his cock was against
her cervix. Then he thrust!
And again! Burying the head deeper with each thrust. Jude
was gasping.. panting, trying to grind her body back.
Bob looked down.. down past her wrinkled brown star to watch
his cock slide out of her body. Her cum was coating his cock..
clinging to his flesh. He pulled out until just the head
was inside her and then he slowly fucked her opening with
just the head of his cock.
In and out.. The squishy wet sounds were intensifying as
she became more and more aroused. Her moans were long drawn
out exhalation of breath thats rode past her vocal cords.
In and out .. her cunt walls forced open with each pump to
accept his cock.. over and over.. slow..
Bob continued to slowly fuck her as he reached for the tube
he had discarded earlier. Twisting off the tip again, while
not missing a stroke with his cock, he squeezed the gel over
her brown star. Jude gasped as the cool wet lube dropped
between her cheeks, her surprise not lost on Bob.
"Bob..? I've.. never.. mmmmm I've never
done that, " Jude's tone was a mixture of concern
and pleasure.
"Do you want to try it Jude? I'll stop if you want..
Let's go slow.. mmmmm.. I won't hurt you baby..
I'll stop if you say".
Bob had eased his throbbing cock from Jude's pussy
and stroked the sticky shaft as he pressed the head against
her tight asshole. Jude tensed.. Bob resisted the overwhelming
urge to thrust it deep then and there. Instead he pushed
the head against her asshole with his fingers, leaning
to apply pressure at the same time.
He was as hard as a rock! He watched as the head of his cock
flattened slightly against her tight asshole. He pulled
his hips back, then leaned into her again. Using his fingers,
he spread the clear gel around her ring, around his cock
head. He did this over and over each time he leaned just a
little harder against her.
Jude had taken to the rhythem. As Bob leaned, she pushed
back, feeling her forbidden hole stretching. Over and
over they rocked into each other and away. Bob calling upon
a control he never knew he possessed.
The head popped inside her ass suddenly and Jude gasped
"Noo Bob.. Ohh noo don't.."
"Shhhh.. just relax baby. Thats it. Thats the pain,
the only pain. Shhhh.." and Bob knelt there and waited
for her ass to accept the intrusion. He stroked her back
with his fingertips, he reached forward and gently massaged
her breasts, rolling her hard nipples between his fingers.

Waiting patiently for her to want more.
He untied her blinds. He untied her hands.
"Touch yourself Jude. Rub your clit. I want you to
cum with my cock in your ass".
Bob knelt up straight and clenching his ass cheeks, he pushed
"OH MY GODD!" Jude moaned out loud as her fingers
spread her fat pussy lips and found her aching clit.
Bob was holding his breath as he watched his cock slide in..
Inch after inch, her asshole swallowed his long cock, until
her fast moving fingers bumped his dangling testicals.
He withdrew his cock and dribbled more of the lube along
the shaft and leaned into her again until her fingers bumped
his balls. He withdrew and thrust.
"Geezuz YOU are tight!!" Bob moaned.
"Oh Bob, " Jude burst out. "Ohhh Bob.
Ohhhhh Bobbbbbbb.."
Bob was close. He could feel his own asshole clenching,
the warmth spreading outward from it. His cock tensed,
his balls filled to capacity, Jude screamed as Bob's
cock expanded, the cum shooting from his balls, up his shaft
and into her.
Her fingers flew across her clit with lightening speed.
Her clit got hot, her thighs quivered and she met Bob's
orgasm with her own.
His cock spurting, her ass sucking his seed. Bob moaned,
Jude whimpered until they collasped.
Neither moved for several minutes. Bob felt his cock shrinking
slowly as Jude's muscles contracted to push him fully
from her body. Rolling off her, he lay beside her for a lont
time before either spoke.
"Yeah..?" his breath coming in short spurts
still as his heart fought for control of his lungs.
"That was the finest entree I have had."
Bob laughed and slapped her ass lightly as he pulled the
silk scarves to free her legs.
"Wait till I serve dessert, " he said, turned
and kissed her passionately.

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