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The Fall Part 9


I looked her over taking in this unique looking girl. She
was thin and tall probably about 5'10 or so and even
taller then that in her stripper shoes. She had short dark
choppy hair and a smooth olive complexion. She was wearing
a second skin almost, the pink knee length lycra dress clung
to her body so tightly I could see her stomach muscle move
as she moved to sit in my lap.

The people at the table around me watched me with stone faces
waiting for what I was going to do. Before Roxy had a chance
to sit I managed to stand up and face her "I don't
know darlin but sadly I have to go" I said looking into
her deep brown eyes. "it's an early morning for
me tomorrow but next time I come in we will talk" Her
smile faded a little from her face and she nodded. I turned
from her and the table and walked toward the door without
so much as a good bye.

Driving home I felt nothing but stillness, I can't
really explain what I mean. It was like nothing around me
moved and the silence was like a blanket that shrouded me
from the world out of my SUV. I went to bed that night alone
for the first time in 2 days and thankfully didn't dream.

The next week I spent working on getting a new job and not
so much avoiding my friends but more like having short conversations
with them. I took a little time off from Gabby's Saloon
and Eatery so that I could concentrate on other things.
And probably to avoid people too, I don't really remember
to be honest. Either way I had a few weeks all to myself, my
friends took the I want to be alone hint.

After about a month of solitude I was able to get a new job
as Store Manager for Sportmart. The job paid very well and
I like sports so all in all it was a good fit for me. I fell into
my old habits pretty quick and spent long days working to
get acclimated to my new job. I didn't have to many free
minutes to spend partying and the like so my life got a little
stable for a while. My schedule demanded that I be there
Friday days and Saturday days, the nights were supposed
to be worked by my sales manager.

So of course I started back at Gabby's thanks to Jai
and Jason's constant badgering. Well that and to be
honest I missed the excitement of the club and all it's
wacky antics. Things were settling in a routine for me and
I was doing just fine being single and celibate. I think
for two months I didn't do anything stupid, crazy,
or sexual. Hell even the club had no major fights or issues
to speak of, so all and all it was a easy time.

Then one day I was standing in customer service going over
a new return policy with my customer service manager when
a voice snapped my head up. "Hi Dave" Standing
in front of the counter was Roxy in a sexy tight black top
and a tiny white jean skirt smiling at me. My first thought
was "oh shit how did she find me" my second thought
was " why the hell would she want to find me"

"Hi" I said back in a much higher voice then I
thought capable. I excused myself from the customer service
people and moved around the long counter to meet Roxy. I
pulled her away from everyone and tried to hide in women's
sportswear. "wow what are you doing her" I asked
her smiling face. She just smiled brighter and told me she
was shopping for her boyfriend Paul. I felt my body relax
a little and blew out a silent breath "well Roxy I can
help you, what does he like"

"Sarah" she said "my name is Sarah Blake"
I stuck out my hand and she laughed and shook mine. We walked
towards men's clothing as she told me that she was from
Nebraska too and she wanted to see if I wanted to split gas
to go back so she could see her family and boyfriend. It was
an instant friend connection after that, we joked about
the odds of meeting another person from Nebraska. I was
from Papillion and she was from just down the road in Bellevue.

We walked around talking, neither one of us really looking
at clothes. We exchanged numbers and I told her to call me
anytime and we would plan our trip back to see our families.
I spent the rest of the day just working and not really thinking
of anything. I got home about 10pm that night and was just
throwing in a pepperoni lean pocket when my phone rang.

"hello" I said into the cell phone

"Dave can I come over I don't want to be at my apartment
right now" Sarah said back

"sure if you want" I told her and gave her directions
to my place. About an hour later she knocked at my door. I
let her in and asked if she wanted anything to drink, she
asked for a vodka cranberry which I still had left over from
the few months before. I grabbed a beer and we sat down on
my couch to talk.

The night flew by and before I new it 3 am rolled around "do
you mind if I say here" she asked "it's a
long way to Burnsville and I am a little tipsy" I didn't
really have any sexual feelings toward her and didn't
think it would be a problem. " sure no problem"
I told her and excused myself to use the restroom. I figured
I would just grab blankets and a pillow for her when I walked
out of the bathroom and noticed she was no where to be found.
I searched the spare bedroom and living room. I finally
found her snuggled into my bed "so I will take the extra
bedroom" I laughed a little surprised that she just
helped herself to my bed.

"no you can sleep in your bed just don't try anything
funny pal" she said from under the covers. I didn't
really want to sleep on the hard mattress in the other room
and figured that us sleeping together would be no problem
since I didn't like her anyway and crawled into my bed
fully clothed. I slept like a rock that night and woke up
around 11 or so. I had to be at work at 1pm so I had plenty of
time. I turned my head to find the other side of the bed empty.
I saw a note on the pillow and read it through groggy eyes

"Dave, thank you so much for letting me stay last night.
Thank you for not trying anything I knew you were a gentleman.
I think we can be great friends and can't wait until
we go back to Nebraska I really miss my family and boyfriend.
I have to work tonight you should come in to see me sometime."

Kisses Sarah

And she finished it off with a little heart after her name.
I just laughed and figured she was kind of a weird funny chick.
I went to work a short time later and didn't think much
of it, and just went about my business. The day flew by and
before I knew it I was driving on 610W heading back home.
I pulled my car into my driveway and slipped from the seat
down to the dirty cracked concrete. Without paying attention
I fumbled with my keys until I found the one for my front door
and slid it into the lock.

I think I shit myself about 2 seconds later "HI"
said a bright voice. I spun on my heels expecting the see
the Foote Clan from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies
coming in for the attack. Instead I saw a 5'10 olive
skinned brunette staring at me with an amused look on her
face. She laughed so hard that she almost doubled over when
she saw my ashen face and wide brown eyes.

"Jesus Sarah you could have killed me" I laughed
feeling completely stupid "I mean my heart could
have exploded or something" She kept laughing much
to my chagrin and just waited snickering for me to open my
door. She followed me in and closed the door behind her quietly
and sat down at my wood and white tiled table. "Have
anything to drink" she asked smiling brightly. One
thing I noticed about my house guest is that she was always
smiling and seemed happy as a kid in a candy store even when
she wasn't.

"yeah I have soda and beer in the fridge and there is
some liquor in the cabinet about the microwave" I
told her as I shuffled through my mail full of bills and advertisements.
I could hear bottles clink as she rummaged for something
she wanted to drink in my cabinet. She brought me a beer from
the fridge that was probably 6 months old by now. I let my
tired body fall down onto the couch and she settled into
the kitchen chair.

We talked for a couple of hours getting tipsy thanks to the
waitress that Sarah was. As the time went by we talked about
family and what brought each of us to Minnesota. She cried
and gave me a hug when I talked about Jacie and laughed when
I talked about Jason and Jai and the rest of the goofballs.
I listened to her talk about her big family of brother and
sisters and how wacky her mom was. Her boyfriend Mike and
all of her friends back in my home state of Nebraska.

She told me that she did modeling and when that didn't
pay enough bills she had decided to try exotic dancing.
She had been there a little over a month and told me she loved
the money but hated the job. I am not going to say I didn't
believe her about being a model but I didn't believe
her about being a model. She said she did hair shows and did
some bikini stuff for Body Glove. After a few light hearted
jabs on my part she stood up walked out my door and returned
a few minutes later with a tattered swimwear catalog. Low
and behold there she was playing with a beach ball with her
pseudo boyfriend on the beach.

So after several I told you so's and one or two apologies
on my part we decided it was getting late and needed to hit
the hay. She again asked to stay the night and followed it
up with her no funny business statement. I was to tired to
argue and for the second time we passed out in my bed fully
clothed. This time I was the one that got up early thanks
to my work schedule. I left Sarah's sleeping form in
tucked under my black Duvet and made my way to the bathroom
to get cleaned up for my long day of work and then the club
bouncing gig.

I wrote Sarah a note telling her that she could stay as long
as she liked and just asked her to go out the garage when she
left and to make sure the house was locked. I went to work
that day and didn't hear a pep out of Sarah all day or
night, or for that entire weekend for that matter.

When Monday rolled around I was lounging around on my day
off when there came a knock at the door. I wasn't surprised
to see Sarah's smiling face on the other side of the
white 6 panel steal door "hi I brought food"
she said holding up two Burger Kings bags. She walked past
me and set the bags down on the table. I grabbed a couple of
Coke's out of the fridge as she set out the burgers and
fries out on the table. She even opened up the napkins to
use as little place mats, all and all it was pretty damn cute.

We popped our soda's and had random conversation over
bacon cheese burgers and soggy fries. Again that night
she stayed with the same out come. Even though she was pretty
I didn't really view her as a sexual anything. She had
told me that she was just 18 and my past track record told
me to stay way clear of anything like that. The next morning
was a little different. I went to work and left her the same
note and went about my day at work.

When I got home she was still there, and she cleaned my house
from top to bottom. I mean ever the toilets were clean and
sparking. I didn't even know I had anything to clean
toilets with other then a brush and bleach. I explored my
shiny clean town home checking out every dusted surface
and clean smelling fabric that was in the place. Sarah was
standing in my bedroom with a towel wrapped around her chest
looking through the shirts in my closet. When she saw me
she smiled brightly "HI" she said. "thank
you so much but you didn't have to clean my house"
I laughed.

"gotta earn my keep somehow" she told me back
and selected a expensive red polo shirt that was made out
of some kind of silk. You know one of those that feels like
a different fabric other then the shiny stuff prom dresses
are made from. She looked at me for a second holding me shirt
until she finally said "well turn around" I
laughed thinking how funny it was that she wanted me to turn
around. I had seen her perky little B cups at the club several
times and yet now I couldn't look. I did as she requested
and thanked her again while I waited for her to get covered

"We should go to a movie tonight" came her voice
from behind me "without a paddle looks really funny"
I thought about it for a moment and realized that I hadn't
been to a movie in maybe a 2 years. "yeah sounds great"
after a few more seconds of rustling she told me I could turn
around. Sarah looked a mix of sexy and cute dressed in my
polo and a short black skirt that showed off her long slender
nicely toned legs. Her nipples could barely be seen underneath
the expensive fabric of the polo adding a little sexy to
her look. She ran her hand through her short wet hair and
cocked her head to the side "what" she laughed.
I hadn't even realized I had been staring.

I shook my head and just smiled "nothing, when did
you want to go" I asked. She told me that the movie started
in 20 minutes and I had to hustle. She left me along so I could
get changed, after I threw on some jeans a tee shirt I joined
her in my living room. We jumped in my car and drove the short
8 minute ride to the Maple Grove AMC movie theater. We ordered
a few snacks and a couple of Coke's and found our seats
in the not so crowded theater. The movie was pretty funny
and we both laughed out loud and bounced our shoulders off
of each other playfully.

I am not sure why I thought it would be funny but I did the old
yawn stretch and arm over the shoulder. She took it the complete
wrong way unfortunately, the second my arm touched her
broad thing shoulders she flinched and pushed her arm off
of me. "I don't think so buddy" she said
with a stern look on her face. "Sheesh sorry It was
just a joke" I told her. She searched my face for a moment
and seemed satisfied with my answer and went back to enjoying
the movie.

She stayed again that night with the same result except
we sat in my kitchen and just talked and got tipsy. We laughed
so much that my head was starting to hurt as we told stories
and playfully jabbed each other. This same scenario repeated
itself the rest of the week and by the time Friday rolled
around it was time for me to work at Gabby's again. The
night at the club was pretty rough with several fights and
me acquiring several new bruises and a few scrapes. I didn't
get home until sometime around 3am that night thanks to
filling out reports. I was surprised to see Sarah leaning
against the hood of her black mustang smoking a cigarette.
"Hi" she said looking tired as she blew a cloud
of smoke out. "I didn't know you smoked"
I said wondering if I had just never paid attention before.

"I only do it when I am stressed the fuck out"
she said looking down at her feet. I asked if everything
was ok and she just nodded sending her boy cut hair in waves
to the front of her narrow face. "Yeah I just need sleep"
she said. I felt the same way and together we walked into
my house and went directly to my bedroom, I was so tired I
didn't care about being dirty I just striped off my
red collarless 3 button shirt and threw it into a corner.
I kicked off my shoes and socks and climbed into bed not really
paying attention to Sarah.

I felt her crawl into the bed beside me and felt her foot brush
up against my leg, it made me jump a little and brought a little
laugh from her. "goodnight" she said quietly.
"night" I told her back and within seconds I
was in dreamland. The next morning I woke up sometime around
10am or so feeling sore still tired, I was glad I had the day
off from both Sportmart and Gabby's. The club had hired
a bunch of young guys and they started a revolving schedule
which of course was ok by me since I already worked 55 hours
a week at the my full time gig.

I sat up in bed and leaned my bareback against the cold white
wall and looked down at a stirring Sarah. She rolled over
and looked up at me with a small smile "hi". "mornin"
I croaked. Her long arms appeared from under the covers
as she stretched her long body with a high pitched squeak.
When her eyes started to focus she saw the huge round bruise
on my right peck. She sat up like she had been shocked by electricity
and put her hand on my chest around the bruise. "Oh
my God Dave are you ok" she asked with an obvious concern.
She traced her long slender fingers around the painful
purple and black bruise I had received from a poorly aimed

"Yeah I will live" I laughed. Her warm hand against
my skin felt good and didn't bother me in the least.
It didn't seem to bother her either and left it where
it was. "do you have to work today" she asked
me. I shook my head and asked her the same. "yeah I do
but I think I am going to call in sick" she said frowning.
"I made a lot of money yesterday and I am in no mood to
be pawed at by assholes today" She said with a nod of
her head. I figured she had met a jerk last night, but I didn't
want to press the issue at all so I let it go. "so what
shall we do tonight" I asked just assuming we would
be hanging out.

"weeellllll" she said with her signature smile
"I am going to take us out to lunch". Sarah sat
up taking her hand off my chest and put her long arms over
head it another longs squeaky stretch. She threw the covers
off of her and slipped out of bed to the brown carpeted floor.
I noticed for the first time that she wasn't wearing
any pants. Her black thong wearing perfect firm ass was
staring me right in the face, I just stared at it in shock.
She looked over her shoulder and saw the look on my face and
laughed heartily out loud. She gave it a loud smack and I
noticed the thing barely moved.

"sorry" I laughed and watched her shuffle out
of my bedroom rubbing the sleep from her eyes. It's
not that I was turned on or anything I just wasn't prepared
to see a booty when I woke up. I begrudgingly got out of bed
and made my way to the kitchen to chug some milk. Sarah joined
me a minute or two later with wet hair and pants on, I handed
her the half empty gallon of milk and made my way to relieve
my full bladder and to brush my teeth.

We both took the next 20 minutes or so trying to look like
we didn't just get up and jumped in my SUV. "where
are we going" I asked. A sudden look of excitement
crossed her face and she sat up straight and clapped "Olive
Garden Yaaayy" I just laughed at how happy she looked
and made the short trip back up to Maple Grove. We talked
through lunch and argued over who was going to pay for it,
she won. After the bill was paid we sat and talked and joked
through at least 4 refills of ice tea. With full bellies
we made our short trip back to my house to continue our lazy

I don't really remember what we talked about all day
but I knew I was having a good time. When 4pm rolled around
Sarah called work and in her best sick voice told them she
wasn't going to be making it in that night. So now that
we had a night of absolutely nothing to do I kicked my shoes
off and laid my sore body down on my floor belly first. Sarah
had brought her cd's in and had been playing DJ, we listened
to 311 all the way to SWV. We never touched we never flirted
in my opinion nor did either one of us make any move on the

It was never in my mind to have sex with her or even kiss her.
She was very attractive and her body was right up my ally,
but I guess for once I just wasn't in perv mode or something
I don't know. Thinking back on it I guess there were
signs. That day she didn't bring up her boyfriend Mike
at all, and she seemed more comfortable with body closeness.
I just figured that when I moved she just moved with me so
we could talk, I didn't think she wanted to be close
to me.

I remember laying on my stomach with my chin on my hands,
I don't know what possessed me to do it I really don't.
"I am going to take a shower, you want to join me"
I said nonchalantly. A quiet smile crossed her face and
she just simply said "yes". I remember not really
feeling anything at all other then a little surprise that
she had said yes and my sudden nervousness about being naked
with her in the shower. Yeah I can't really explain
that last part either.

I got up off the floor and in silence Sarah and I headed to
my bathroom, she reached into the tub shower combo and turned
it on. It was almost like by doing that she was letting me
know it's what she wanted too. We got undressed silently
and almost seemed shy about looking at each others bodies.
I had seen her in only her stripper g strings at the club,
but this was different and completely personal. She stepped
into the shower before I was completely undressed. I could
hear the water splashing off her body to the acrylic tub
bottom as and looked through my frosted shower curtain
at her naked silhouette. I pulled back the curtain and stepped
into the steamy shower and looked into Sarah's dark
brown eyes.

In silence she reached out and grabbed my shoulders pulling
me towards the water. She tilted the shower head up so that
the hot water landed on my chest. Sarah ran her hands over
my chest and shoulders spreading out the water. She turned
me around and did the same with my back, her hands left my
skin for a before returning with a bar of Dove soap. Slowly
and deliberately she washed my flesh, moving from the tops
of my shoulders to my lower back. I jumped a little as she
started to was my butt and moved down to my legs and feet.

When she was done with my backside she stood up and turned
me around again, as our eyes met she gave me a small shy smile.
The look in her eyes was not of love or lust but of kindness
and peace, she seemed almost a decade beyond her 18 years.
She lathered up the soap in her hands and started at my neck
then worked down my shoulders and arms. Sarah moved her
hands over my slightly toned stomach and down to my thighs.
She moved in close to me so that our faces where mere inches
away from each other then moved her hands from my thighs
to the underside of my balls.

The feeling of her soaping hands cradling me awoke the lust
and the passion that had missing. She slowly massaged my
balls and worked her hands up to my suddenly growing cock.
She used slow long strokes to wash my shaft letting out a
small gasp as I started to get hard in her hands. Our faces
being so close to each other that my eyes had to strain in
focus so she wouldn't blur in my vision. My body felt
alive as her hands paid special attention to me, I felt her
hard nipples glance across my skin and heard her let out
another gasp.

Her soft hands stroked and twisted around my now rock hard
dick sending vibrations through me like a aftershock.
She stepped back to let the water cascade down my body rinsing
the soap from my blushing skin. She released my manhood
and set the soap down in the tray, she moved her hands over
me making sure that all the suds were gone and squatted down
in front of me. Our eyes still locked onto one another as
she reached for the soap again and started to wash the front
of my legs. The water fell all around her body, little waterfalls
rushed from her breasts and down to her inner thighs to the
off white shower floor.

My painful swollen cock stood almost straight up and was
very close to her cheek as she finished the tops of my feet.
Still locked onto each others eyes she stood up and gave
me another one of her smiles before handing me the soap.
I lathered up the bar in my hands and she turned around so
I could start with her back. Her short wet hair stopped just
at the base of her neck and that is where I started. I moved
in slow circles with my hands and the soap bar making her
body rock with each movement. Even though she was 5'10
she still only weighed 118 pounds or so and was easy to move.
She reached out with her hands and put them on the wall for
support making her little ass stick out toward me a little.

I had to lean forward a little to get a better reach causing
the head of my cock to touch her ass. "mmm" she
moaned quietly. I moved my hands down her slender firm back
to the top of her hips and down the sides of her legs. Her skin
was so smooth and tight in my hands and only drove more blood
into my already full cock. I squatted down as I washed her
legs putting her ass directly in front of my face. I could
see her little brown asshole and her pussy easily, her dark
inner lips pouted out and looked very inviting to the touch.
She looked over her left shoulder and smiled at me as I finished
with her slender slender ankles.

I stood up slowly taking in every inch of her amazing young
body my cock slid in between her legs. She gasped as it pressed
against her pussy lips as I got to full height. Sarah leaned
back against my chest and dropped her hands to the head of
my cock protruding from between her legs. She gripped the
end of my cock and started to slide her body and her hands
over it at the same time. I wrapped my arms around her slim
waist and moved them up to her pert tits. I rolled her hard
nipples between my fingers and massaged her breasts at
the same time.

Her shoulders rolled forward and she shuddered as her hands
stroked my cock between her legs. The feeling of her her
pussy lips parting on the shaft of my cock was amazing. Our
bodies pressed together as the suddenly cooling water
gave us both goose bumps. Sarah released me with one of her
hands and turned the water up to almost scalding before
she returned her attention to me. Steam and heat created
a fog in the tight confines of my shower as we teased and played
with each other.

I pulled my hips back until the head of my cock pressed against
her lips and pushed slightly parting them. Sarah let out
a gasp again and reached down with one hand to spread her
lips while she used the other to guide me into her. She was
so tight that it took me a slow minute to pierce her body,
an extremely tight pressure enveloped me as I forced my
way into her depths. "uuuuhhhhh" she cried
out and I felt her nails dig into my shaft. I stayed still
for a moment feeling her pussy spasm around me before pulling
back slowly "uuuhhhh" she cried out again.

I very slowly started to move in and out of her in short strokes,
Sarah released my shaft and put her hands back on the wall
for support. She stuck her ass up as high as she could making
her back dip and she looked over her shoulder at me. Her mouth
hung open and her eyes blazed into mine as I slowly forced
my cock in and out of her impossibly tight pussy. The heat
and steam from the shower was making us both a dizzy adding
to the pleasure of it all.

Over and over again I plunged into her until finally I was
able to go deep, I could feel her bottom with each long stroke.
She cried out and griped at the walls as I sped up my pace,
her tight ass bouncing off my pelvis and my hands digging
into her sides. We continued until the water began to cool
and goose bumps erupted on our flesh. Within a dazed pleasure
I finally pulled out of her with a loud pop that made both
of us laugh and brought us back to reality. "do you
want to dry off and move to the bed" I asked her. "uh
huh" she smiled brightly.

We jumped out of the shower and dried off as fast and as best
as we could and ran into my bedroom. "Lay down"
she told me. I followed her orders and watched as she climbed
onto of me, she straddled me and reached behind her searching
for my still hard cock. Our faces came close to one another
and she let out a laugh. She found my cock and held it still
as she settled her body down on it. I felt the tight clamp
of her pussy surround me as she let her body impale itself
on me.

She sat down hard on it and let out an "aaaaahhhhh"
with a pained face. "are you ok" I asked concerned.
"yeah" she breathed. Sarah put her hands on
my chest and used them to move herself to a sitting position.
She gingerly began to rock back onto me with wince after
wince until she decided it wasn't going to work that
way. "Ok let me try something different" she
breathed again. She brought her long legs up and got into
a squatting position on me. She put on hand on her knee and
the other on my stomach started to lift her body up and down
on me. I watched as her body slid up and down my cock, I could
see her stomach muscle move and flex.

Soon she just used her deceptively strong legs to lift her
up and down fucking me faster but not letting me go all the
way in her pussy. Her small breasts didn't even move
as she rode me, her eyes where shut tight and her head tilted
to the side with a smile that comes from riding one of those
spinning rides at a county carnival. Her palms were on her
knees and her fingers spread and clutched at the air over
and over again as our bodies rocked my bed.

I felt something give in her pussy and I was flooded with
her juices, I felt a rush like a dam had broken inside of me.
"God I am going to cum" I said through clenched
teeth. I hadn't expected it at all and it took me completely
by surprise. My body clenched up and I could feel my calves
begin to cramp, Sarah with threw herself up and off my cock
landing on my legs. She pressed her pussy up against my shaft
and used both hands to stroke me to my explosive orgasm.

She squealed and laughed as cum shot out of my cock like a
bullet almost hitting her in the face. "Holy shit"
she laughed as stream after stream of cum covered her tits
and stomach. She didn't stop stroking me until my cum
had covered her hands and pussy and she could coax no more
from me. "oh my God David" she said pulling her
hands off my cock and spreading her fingers. She looked
over her cum soaked body and laughed again. "gaaarooooosssss"
she laughed and got off me and ran to the bathroom to clean
off leaving me panting and dizzy.

After she had cleaned off properly she brought in a wet wash
cloth and proceeded to clean me off laughing the entire
time. My senses had returned and amused I asked "so
you don't like cum" She laughed and replied "I
loved making you cum that was fucking hot, I just don't
like it when it gets cold on my skin it's gross"
I laughed (what else could I do) "Did you cum"
I asked not really being able to tell. "I don't
know I don't think I have ever cum" she shrugged
"but it still felt very good" she smiled and
squeezed her breasts and nipples in her hand. "mmmm
it felt really good" she repeated.

Sarah crawled into bed and pulled the covers over us before
snuggling up to my body and intertwining her long legs in
mine. She laid her head on my chest and pulled my outstretched
arm around her back. When she was satisfied that we were
in a comfortable position she placed her hand on my chest
and fell blissfully asleep. I lay there feeling a little
weird and inadequate, I had never been outlasted before
let alone not been able to make someone cum. I wondered If
maybe I had hurt her a little or just maybe didn't do
it for her all the way. It dawned on me that we hadn't
even kissed the entire time.

To Be Continued.............

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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Alright first as usual no I didn't reread it and fix
the errors I typed it out today and was in a hurry... Sorry
I haven't posted in a while and wanted to get this chapter

Now let me remind you about something. I write about real
life and real stories, so they are not all happy happy joy
joy.. There will be some uncomfortable topics and some
things that aren't your normal spank and go stories.
Some of this is sad and some of it is well crappy.

I hope you will understand and YES I know this is a sex site
so maybe this stuff shouldn't get as serious as I make
some of it but there are a shit ton of other stories out there
were they meet they fuck they be happy. I don't write
those very often so if that is your type you probably don't
want to read any further then this story or any of my others..
Especially Flurries lol.. I am still getting emails on
that series and I wrote it a while ago lol..

oh well enough of that hope you enjoy the read and as always
have a passionate day y'all.


Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Really enjoy your writing. Please keep it up.


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hot story flying I enjoyed!


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Agree with your own comments that you should spell check,
etc. Otherwise, it's well written and erotic; i.e.,
there's suspense regarding what's going to happen
and believable circumstances.

This is highly preferable to jerk off stories. "She
started cumming as soon as she saw my 15 inch long, 3 inch
diameter cock. I rammed it all the way into her uterus as
she screamed for more."


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lol thanks for the comments guys. As far as spell check now
that I am back I will try my best to double check everything.
As far as they circumstances all of my stories are true I
change names and some places but that is about it. So hang
with me more to come.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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i really need to finish this story line. life just getting
in my way.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.