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The Fall Part 2


We arrived at Jai's usual hangout The Venue aka Be Bops
in Coon Rapids, Mn. He was a part time DJ there and figured
it would help with cost since I drunkenly agreed to pay.
Everyone in the limo had down at least two stiff drinks by
the time we pulled into the half full parking lot. The ride
had been full of laughs and sexual innuendo Paris had not
stopped rubbing my thigh the whole way there and It had been
hard to talk to her friend Nicole. (yeah yeah I know they
did it on purpose. Paris and Nicole blah blah) I felt like
an elevator up and down up and down. The other girls joked
with each other and us and played with each other as if it
was going to be one glitter covered orgy.

We got the few people that were in the parking lots attention
as 7 strippers looking like strippers piled out of the stretch
black limo like a clown car at the circus. Now I stand 5'10
on the button and I either looked these girls in the eye or
had to look up into their eyes because of the giant stripper
heals they were wearing. I was probably the shortest one
in the damn group even though none of the girls where probably
over 5'8. "oh well could be worse I thought"
Paris hooked her arm under my right and her friend I had been
talking to in the limo did the same on my left. So there I was
a blond school girl on one side and a raven haired girl dressed
in tight low cut leather pants and black leather halter
on the other. And me looking like a white tiger pimp from
the 70's in the middle, my life was so weird sometimes.

We all walked into the club and into a small crowd dancing
to OutKast's "Back of the bus" The girls
started to swing their barley covered hips to the beat and
did the girl "wooo" thing again. We all walked
directly to the bar and the girls started to beg me for shots.
They playfully cooed and batted their eyes at me making
me feel like a sugar daddy or dirty old man I couldn't
decide. I bought lemon drop shots for all the girls and I
got three liquid viagra's for Jason, Jai and I. (jager
bombs) After ordering several mixed drinks we found a small group
of tables to take over and the guys and I sat down while the
girls went out to dance.

To say they were a sinful site would be an understatement,
the girls took the collective breath out of the room as they
gyrated and danced together. Roxy almost stood out from
the group, she was taller then most of them and had olive
skin and short dark hair. She was dancing a little off to
the side and was pretty much on her own program. She wore
a tiny white jean skirt that showed her tiny black micro
thong ever time she dropped her body low to the ground. She
had a loose red over the shoulder top on that accentuated
her broad thin shoulders. Before my thoughts could wander
to far Jason punched me in the shoulder and handed me a flute
of champagne.

I turned to him and Jai and together we toasted to what we
thought was going to be an unforgettable night. Small arms
wrapped around my stomach and Paris's head poked around
my side. She looked up at me with those emerald eyes "
pimp daddy we want shots" she coed. I just nodded and
with Paris still attached to my waist we moved toward the
bar with her friend nicole in tow. They framed me as I bellied
up to the bar and ordered some more lemon drops and a rumplemintz

Busta Rhymes and P.Diddy's "Pass the Courvoisier"
came on and the girls hips started to bump up against mine
on either side. Nicole moved her perfectly proportioned
5'6 (without heels) body in front of me and ground her
ass into my crotch. She slowly moved her body to the beat
and slid up and down my body, she rolled her head against
the crook of my neck. I remember her long straight light
brown hair smelled of lavender she grabbed my wrists and
moved them to her stomach. She guided my hands up to her large
leather covered breasts and moved slow circles before
moving them down her sides to her hips.

My body heated up from the combination of the rumplemintz
and Nicole. She turned around and stared into my eyes with
her own browns. Her dark cherry lips parted into a little
smirk and she started to slide down the front of me letting
her hands trail above her on my chest. I felt her hot breath
through the thin polyester costume pants as she got close
to my suddenly twitching cock. The song ended and the sweet
torture ended with it as Kevin Lyttle's "turn
me on" blasted it's reggae tune over the club
speakers. She looked at me in a way that made it seem like
we had been lover's for a long time and gave me a lingering
kiss on the cheek before grabbing Paris's hand and
taking her out to the dance floor.

I blew out a deep breath and thought about it, Nicole is a
sultry beauty who just owned me, Paris is a tiny little feisty
blond who I was sure I could get in the sack. I felt strong
for some reason, I was empowered and knew that it was time
for me to take control of what little I could. I tried to scan
the group to see who else I could get in trouble with. I was
damn determined to get into the trouble of my life.

Kitten was cute no doubt about that and she could dance,
damn could she move. Chingy's "Right Thurr"
got her shoulders and hips popping. The girls kinda of moved
away from her so they could watch their friend tear it up.
She had a cute look about her, but sexy all the same. Her long
dark raven hair cascaded over her sexy shoulders and stopped
above her white halter top. Her full perky breasts bounced
as she jerked her body to the beat. Her stomach was lean and
tan and gently tapered into her tiny light blue denim daisy
dukes. Her tan well defined legs flexed as she shifted her
position. She reminded me of some actress but I could place
the movie, I just knew her name was Emmanuelle Chriqui.

"Damn" I said out loud to no one. I walked back
to our table and sat down not taking my eyes off Kitten until
the song ended. It was followed up by "blowing me up
with her love" some stupid song that an N'Sync
dude try to pull off. The girls all laughed and headed back
our table. Paris and Nicole had been laughing to themselves
and whispering something to each other. Nicole came over
and sat on my knee and put her arm around me. She grabbed my
beer and downed some of it. She looked at me with puffy cheeks
giving me the impression that she still had some in her mouth.
She brought her lips to mine and I drank the best I could from
her lips, after the last of the beer had slipped down my throat
she kissed me.

Her tongue slithered into my mouth and attacked mine with
a passion that I didn't know we shared. Nicole grabbed
a handful of my hair and we dove deeper into our kiss. I felt
her body shift and she somehow maneuvered herself to straddle
me. Her hair fell around our faces giving us an illusion
of privacy. I wrapped my hands around her naked waist and
down to her tight ass. I squeezed her leather covered cheeks
hard and was rewarded by her squeal into my mouth. I felt
someone move behind my chair and felt strange fingers in
my hair right before I was ripped away from my kiss. I opened
my eyes to see Paris standing above me.

I watched as Paris pulled her friend into a kiss just as passionate
as I was torn from. Nicole lifted her body a little to help
accommodate it bringing her cleavage to face level. I figured
what the hell and pressed my face against her soft orbs.
I kissed and sucked on the insides of her breasts and continued
to kneed her ass with my hands. Nicole grabbed the back of
my head and I swear I could hear her heart beat faster as she
gave herself completely into the kiss with Paris. In spite
of myself I started to get hard and there was no stopping
it, my erection was rapidly reaching it's pinnacle
when they broke their kiss.

Nicole let her ass fall into my lap and in doing so the pulled
the front of my pants down as she settled down exposing the
head of my cock. I was frozen in embarrassment and just stared
at her, "oh my God" she gasped as she saw it. Without
thinking I imagine she wrapped her hands around it to cover
it up and just laughed. Again to my horror it jumped in her
hands causing her to let out a shocked "oh".
I wanted to crawl in a hole, not only did I get a hard on but
I also was partly exposed to who ever was watching the show.
Nicole buried into my neck and just laughed and gave me a
couple of playful kisses. I was fully aware that her hands
where holding the top of my dick, but apparently she must
have forgotten, because when a waitress walked up with
test tube shots she let go and reached out for one.

The waitress almost dropped the tray on my head she was so
shocked. "oh" Nicole squealed and hugged me
tight cutting of view of my little guy. I wanted to crawl
into a hole. She took the shot plastered to my body and didn't
move until the waitress had left. She pulled back so that
she could look at me and left her elbows on my shoulders.
"you are super cute" she said smiling "and
a hot mess at the same time" She gave me a soft slow kiss
before reaching between us and putting my now flaccid penis
back in my pants. "save that for later big boy"

Ciara's "My Goodies" came on and all the
girls went back out to the dance floor leaving me embarrassed
and wonder why nicole was now a big fan of me. I barely remember
talking to her the night before and was slightly confused
by this. I thought Paris liked me, before I could think to
much Jai and Jason pulled up a seat beside me and acted like
they hadn't noticed a thing. "So where do we want
to go from here" Jason asked. I looked at party director
Jai and told Jason I had no clue. "lets go to Drink"
Jai said excitedly " I know the door guy, he could probably
get us up in the vip" I knew the place well and decided
that would be a great idea. The place was usually packed
and the drinks weren't going to kill me in price so I

"But First" Jai said standing up and using his
best super hero voice. He turned on his heels and headed
toward our little group of dancers shaking his ass like
he was having a small seizure. "so dude you rocking
it out with Hilton and Ritchie" he asked laughing.
I just shrugged and watched as the girls he was talking about
had sandwiched one of the other girls (Desire I think) and
were pretty much molesting her. "well whatever I
am doing tonight I sure as hell hope it's with more then
one" I said

After the song ended Jai had informed our 7 new friends that
the bus was leaving and lead them toward us and their purses
(I say purses but they were really little clear plastic
boxes) Nicole and Paris framed me taking my arms again and
we all walked out into the muggy night towards the waiting
black limo. I watched and perv'd all the girls getting
into the limo, nothing but nice asses and tiny panties it
was so nice. After crawling into the limo I ended up sitting
next to Jai and Kitten with Paris and Nicole on the other
end of the 16 passenger car. Jai did the bartender thing
again and we all laughed and joked on our way to downtown
Minneapolis stop.

Jai found the radio and turned it on, I was shocked that the
car had such a nice system in it. The back of the car bumped
with Cam'ron's "Oh boy" The one named
Mystic started to move her body like a snake in her seat and
that started off a chain reaction. All of the girls started
to do their own seat dances Jai always the one to see opportunity
pointed at the exotic one of the group and motioned for her
to sit in his lap. I don't remember what nationality
she was but she looked middle eastern, maybe from India
I don't know. She was sexy as hell though whatever she
was. She wore a open shouldered blue coverup style dress
that clung to her body.

Nadia smiled and almost slithered her way to him, she straddled
him and placed her hands on his shoulders. I had to move over
just so her knee would fit between us. She started to give
him a lap dance almost like they had planned it, I don't
remember Jai ever looking so happy as he did this whole night.
Twista's "Slow Jamz" was the next song
the radio played and all hell broke loose. Desire climbed
into Jason's lap and just plain went to town on the poor
guy. It looked and I am not quite sure they didn't but
it looked like they were having sex.

I tried my damnedest to remember the night before, It seemed
like we all had known each other well or something. It was
just to weird how everything seemed to go so smoothly. I
was hoping that Paris or Nicole would follow suit and give
me a lap dance. I was sad to see Paris climb into Nicole's
lap, they laughed as Paris spoofed the lap dance. Paris
shouted out to Kitten and told her to give me one. Kitten
looked at me smiling and told me to hold on. She climbed up
into my lap and slammed her crotch down onto mine. She leaned
back and put her hands on my knees and started grinding her
shorts covered pussy onto my cock.

She moved her body in a way that I didn't think possible,
her hips and torso seemed to move independently from the
rest of her body. She twisted in turned on me sending sweet
painful sensations through my lap. Kitten moved off of
me and turned around, she leaned forward and stuck her perfect
ass into my chest. Up and down she slid it until finally sitting
in my lap. She fell back onto my chest and rubbed the back
of her head into my neck. Her arms moved up over her head and
around my neck. As she slid her ass down my groin it happened
again, my polyester costume pants where one sized fits
all and apparently my boxer briefs were connected to them.

The head of my cock came out again and was mashed against
her bare back. She jumped and spun around at the same time
when she noticed it. I was so embarrassed "I am sorry
these are one size fits all and they don't stay up"
I said stuffing myself back in my pants. Thankfully she
didn't look upset and the fact that all the people in
the back of the limo laughed helped too. I felt my face blush
and again I wanted to crawl in a hole and hide. I don't
really know if that had anything to do with breaking any
ice there may have been of if it was just that the alcohol
and the personalities finally caught up with us.

Jai lifted Nadia's cover up over her head and threw
it on the seat next to him leaving her exposed. Her mocha
skin shimmered from glitter, I could see her maybe C cup
breasts and large dark areola and tiny nipples pressed
up against Jai's chest. Nobody seemed shocked or embarrassed
about this, I guess when you work in a topless strip club
you lose all those inhibitions. She had a little junk in
the trunk and her ass was seductively spread showing the
thin strip of her white micro g string. She ground on Jai
in the same way Kitten had just done for me when she turned
around and put her back to him it was too much to take for Nicole
and Paris. They moved up in the car and got in front of her
and both took Nadia's tits in their hands and started
to suck on her nipples.

"Woooo" Some of the girls shouted as they watched
their coworkers play with each other. Kitten over her shock
crawled back into my lap she continued her lap dance with
what seemed like a little more fervor as she watched the
show to our left. I had almost forgotten about Roxy and Mystic,
I stole a glance and saw that they were just hooping and hollering
encouragement to Nicole and Paris. When the song ended
and a radio commercial came on the fun stopped. Nicole and
Paris sat down next to Kitten and I, Jai and Nadia however
had become close I suppose, and they just started making
out. Nadia still was dress less and Jai was gleefully exploring
her breasts with his hands.

With Kitten still in my lap and Paris and Nicole next to me
I didn't really pay attention to anything else, hell
I even forgot about Jason and Desire. I am not sure what happened
with them on the ride, I was to busy feeling Kitten's
ass on my cock and talking with the other two. A short time
later we pulled up to the parking lot across the local transit
car tracks and got ready to get out. Nadia had her dress back
on and all the women checked their make up in little mirrors
they kept in their purses. When they were satisfied we all
piled out of the car again and made our way across the train
platform thing on 5th street to the front doors.

We walked into a maw of people slowly moving around in the
tight confines of the club. If there was a dance floor I couldn't
see it. People all over the club seemed to be dancing to "Magic
Stick" by 50 Cent. Jai was in the lead hoping to find
the guy he knew so we could get set up with a good couple of
tables. After a few minutes of waiting a short little redhead
dude lead us up the steps to the upper level that looked down
on the rest of the bar. We got looks of jealousy from the guys
and looks of disgust from the girls as we made our way to the
two tables that the guy had gotten for us.

A cute little waitress came over and got all of our drink
orders after we sat down and dodged Nicole's advances
at the same time. I was suddenly thinking that Nicole may
just be a sex fiend. (I was ok with this of course) The night
kept getting better and better after that. Kitten seemed
to have taken a liking to me and sat in my lap, Nicole had given
me occasional kisses and Paris was all smiles and liked
to play with my hair. As bar close rapidly started to approach
Jai's wheels were working overtime, he and Jason were
whispering back and forth together with Nadia and Desire
respectively in their laps nodding and laughing.

I was feeling tipsy as can be thanks to all the shots I was
buying and knew that the others had to feel the same. Jason
stood up with Desire easily cradled in his big arms and announced
that it was time to get to the after party. "After party"
? I asked thinking this was not going to be good for me. I just
knew this meant my house and that I was about to be drank out
of house and home. We finished the last of our drinks and
made our way back out into the night towards our car. "who
is all going to the after party and who is going back to the
club" Jai asked. Mystic and Roxy said they had to go
because they were their roommates rides and they were still
dancing at Rick's. So after all is said and done it was
5 to 3 in our favor and I called dibs on Nicole. I just hoped
she felt the same way.

After dropping off the two girls at Rick's Cabaret
a couple of blocks away we started the 20 minute drive back
to my little blue town home. I would love to say it all started
porn style on the way back to my place, buuuut not so much.
"Ok so you should let me see it" Nadia told Jai
very loudly. She was absent mindedly nibbling on the leaded
crystal tumbler and staring into Jai's groin. Now
if you have read my stories before you know that Jai is blessed
John Holmes style. Jai laughed and looked at me. What could
I do, I had seen it plenty of times and have shared women with
him before so what did I care. I had to admit I felt a little
self conscious. I am not the smallest guy in the world by
any means but his 11+ beats me any day.

"Why don't you get it out for me then Chere"
he said in Cajun slang. Chere means "my sweet"
there now you don't have to look it up. Nadia put down
her glass and bit her lip in excitement she reach toward
his costume pants and dug her hands into the waist band.
The look in her eyes said it all "I caught the big one
ladies" she exclaimed and unceremoniously pulled
it out of his pants. The girls in the back of limo took a collective
breath and it was silent as can be. "Well there goes
my appetite" Jason laughed breaking the silence.
Nadia flopped Jai around and grabbed it with two hands "my
God this is going to hurt" she laughed and in doing
so told us that Jai was getting laid tonight.

Nadia was fascinated by it, she rolled it around and stroked
him at the same time. Jai's eyes rolled into the back
of his head as she ran it across her cheek. She was a little
pornstar in the making and cooed to him as she looked up at
his blissed face. In spite of myself I watched the show,
I mean after all it was no different then watching porn and
Jai and Jason were two of my best friends so who cared that
I was peter gazing. (no homo)

Big Pun's "still not a player" suddenly
came on the radio making us all laugh. I really don't
remember what the songs were before thanks to Nadia and
her need to for Jai's giant cock. Not to be out done by
her Desire decided to make he intentions known. "Lets
see what I am working with" she said and looked down
between her and Jason's legs. She worked at his waist
band and pulled Jason out of his pants. "oh goodie
for me" she laughed. Desire probably the least under
stated of them all with her tight dark denim jeans and tiny
white halter top that pretty much failed at keeping her
large breasts contained was writhing on Jason as she worked
on his dick with her hands. I am not sure if she was giving
him a handjob or was just trying to drive him out of his mind.
Whatever it was he sure as hell didn't complain, he
had her top down and was playing with her large silicone

So there I was with Kitten on my lap and Paris and Nicole off
to my side thinking I was going to be next. Sadly I was not,
"boy you three are a bunch of big dicked bastereds"
Nicole laughed. "yeah no shit you could tear some
shit up" Paris added. I suddenly felt like I was the
odd man out and that I would not bet getting laid like my two
friends. The reamaining time to my town home was filled
with Jai and Jason feeling up and getting felt up while I
did the best not to get hard underneath Kittens tight ass.

When we got to my house and everyone had fixed themselves
back up we got out and I tipped the driver. I stared to walk
to my door to let everyone in when Jai told me to hold up. He
motioned me to his trunk and asked me to help him bring some
stuff in. He handed me a case of what I thought was wine and
he grabbed a duffel bag out of his trunk. I was starting to
get a little nervous, Jai being prepared was never a good
thing. I let everyone in and pointed out the bathroom to
the 5 girls so they could freshen up or whatever and joined
the guys in my small kitchen.

"All right boys" Jai said with way to big of a
smile on his face. "I brought my stripper orgy survival
kit" and with that he opened the case of what I now saw
was not in fact wine but assorted bottles of liquor including
a half full bottle of Everclear. "I hate you Jai"
was all I could say remembering the last time he fed me Everclear.
(I lie I don't remember shit from that night only feeling
like death the next week) and then pulled a plastic bag out
with little blue and white pills. "oh fuck Jai, you
brought X" Jason said. "ssshhh dude relax"
Jai hushed him. "It's all good this stuff is clean"
I am not sure how I felt about it, I mean I am not into drugs.
I don't even smoke weed and here is X in my house, what
the hell was he thinking.

Like a ninja Nicole had snuck up on me and wrapped her arms
around my waist and grabbed my cock through my pants with
both hands causing me to jump out of my skin. "what
are you boys planning" she said looking around my
shoulder. "Oh are those tabs" she almost squealed
excitedly. Nicole let go of me and moved her body in front
of mine, she grabbed my wrists and brought my hands to her
bare tummy. "Can I cut em" she asked hopefully.
Jai's smile was bigger than the Grand Canyon and he
just nodded. Soon my little kitchen was filled with 8 people
and very cramped to say the least. Jai did his best to make
drinks for everyone while Nicole showed off her Ecstasy
cutting skills.

We moved out to the kitchen table and Nicole had portioned
out a little quarter for everyone. Against my better judgement
I let Paris feed one to me and washed it down with a Morgan
and Coke. The girls decided that it was time to get comfortable
and off came the shoes. I felt taller all of the sudden, much
taller as it turns out Paris was only about 5'2 Nicole
was 5'6 Nadia was the tallest at 5'8 and Kitten
was about 5'6. My neighbors had to hate me so why worry
now, I went to my Tv and turned to the satellite to urban mix
to get some music going. Young MC "Bust a move"
was playing and gave us a good laugh. The girls started to
do the dumbest dances as the guys and I laughed our asses

After a short time of bustin moves they asked me where they
could smoke I directed them to the garage and again the guys
and I were left alone. We huddled up like a football team
about to make a play. "alright are we doing this in
the same room or are we breaking off" Jason asked.
"I don't know guys you two are getting laid for
sure but I have no idea where I stand" I told them sadly.

"dude that Nicole chick is all about you" Jai
said "you're good" Jason just nodded.
"well fuck who cares we all have been in some shit together
so lets just stay in the living room and see what we can get
away with" Jai decided "bon temps" (good
times) There it was, we were going to go Caligula style,
but not in this pimp suit I was wearing. I excused myself
and went to my bedroom to get into something more comfortable.
I quickly changed into some khaki cargo shorts and a sleeveless
brown Corona shirt. I was getting hot for some reason and
needed to cool off.

"ooohh sexy sexy" Nicole shouted as I came back
out to join the group. She moved to me and ran her hands up
and down my arms. "gawd I love your arms David"
she purred. Not to be out done and probably due in part to
the fact that the X was starting to affect us Jason stripped
off his shirt to show off his well built form. I think Desire
came. She wouldn't stop rubbing her hands over his
6 pack and chest. "this is the shit I am talking about"
She said pinching his nipples. And that started the strip
off that is burned into my brain for life. Paris had joined
Nicole in rubbing my arms and together they peeled my shirt
over my head.

I didn't have the complete 6 pack more like a 4 and 1/2
pack, but what I did have was well defined arms and chest
and that seemed to be the ticket for these two. They rubbed
me all over my chest and arms sending weird waves of heat
and tingles through my entire body. I had never gotten a
hard on from that before but I was swelling rapidly and I
had no control over it. It was like my whole body vibrated
and it was as if my skin could feel the particles in the air.
Paris and Nicole moved from my body to each others, they
started to kiss in front of me and giggle all the while.

Outkast's "Get up Get out" started to play
and the girls started to dance in my living room. They started
having fun with one another, playfully kissing and caressing
each others bodies. Desire didn't leave Jason's
side and pretty much ignored what was going on. Kitten seemed
the most timid and just kind of got grabbed and molested,
Nicole and Nadia by far seemed the aggressors. "it's
getting hot" Nicole whined and with that started
to work at the laces on her leather halter top. Within what
seemed like hours but was in fact seconds released her large
breasts from their bovine apparel restraints. "aaahhh
much better" she said and rubbed them in circles before
ending at her nipples and giving them a pinch.

"ooohhhh hell yeah" Jai laughed. Nicole shot
him a look and smile "cmon you guys see us half naked
at Rick's, so whats the difference" I was just
thinking how much sense that actually made when Nadia did
that stupid girl "wooo" thing and pushed her
cover up dress thing down and stood in only her white micro
g string. In the light of my living room her body shimmered
even more from the glitter that seemed to cover every inch
of her body. It was like domino's Paris tore off her
white school girl top and for some unknown reason took off
the barely there plaid school girl skirt leaving her in
her spider backed looking panties. God it was a site, I looked
at Nicole and waited anxiously for her to remove her leather

Paris read my mind, she pushed Nicole back onto my couch
and attacked her pants button and zipper, together her
and Nadia ripped the poor girls pants off and almost her
tiny black thong at the same time. All the girls were laughing
and playfully grabbing each others tits when an "uhhh"
sounded through the room. I turned to see Desire completely
naked and getting fingered by a almost naked Jason. His
pants were down at his feet and his underwear was around
his thighs. Desire was stroking his cock slowly and moaning
into his bare chest.

"woooo" someone shouted from behind me (I don't
know why it drives me crazy) The Nadia, Nicole and Paris
moved in behind me to watch as Jason fingered their friend
and coworker into a frenzy. Desire's naked breasts
were jiggling as Jason's powerful hands moved her
body around at will. "I want to sssuck it Jason"
she whined trying to stay up on her feet. "Not yet"
he breathed sensing that she was not to far off. "pppleease"
she begged. He ignored her and continued to assault her
wet sounding pussy with his fingers. If I wouldn't
have been there I wouldn't have believed it possible,
in a loud scream Desires cum poured from her pussy like someone
had dumped a bucket of water on the carpet. Her body shook
violently and she sagged into J's palm.

He was more then strong enough and the poor girls limp body
hung there while he continued to work through her orgasm.
She wailed into his chest and squeezed his cock so hard the
end of it started to turn a deep purple. Nicole moved in front
of me to get a better view and leaned her bare back against
my chest. I felt her hands move to my groin and make short
work of my button and zipper. She dove into my pants and pulled
out my semi rigid cock and started to stroke it. We were but
a mere few feet from the action and that made it all the more
exciting. I felt a mouth on my shoulder and figured it was
Paris kissing me. A small hand snaked it's way around
the front as a third hand started to play with my balls.

Jason ended his sweet torture of Desire and slowly lowered
her to the wet carpet below her. She looked high and a little
dazed. Her orgasm must have taken a lot out of her, she almost
lazily took Jason's cock into her mouth. Desire ran
her tongue over the head and slowly licked up and down his
shaft. She cupped his balls with a shaky hand and started
to massage him as she worked back up his shaft. He placed
his hand on the back of her head and gently guided his extremely
hard dick into her mouth. She deep throated his as much as
she could before bobbing her head up and down on him.

It felt so good having three hands on my cock, I was in heaven.
I moved my left hand around Nicole's stomach and slid
them into her panties. Her pussy was shaved and soaking
wet making it easy to slid two fingers into her honey pot.
I was rewarded by an instant moan as I slowly worked my fingers
in and out of her hot pussy. I moved my right hand behind me
and was surprised to find Jean shorts. I didn't turn
around but I knew it was actually Kitten behind me and not
Paris. If I was confused I shook it off quick and did my best
to undue her jean shorts. I didn't do a very good job
and felt the third hand release me for a moment.

I felt her movement behind me and then the hand returned
to massage my balls and the bottom of my shaft. I moved my
hand back and found bare skin. I searched out her pussy and
finding it started to gently play with her lips and slid
them over her clit. I felt her teeth sink into the back of
my shoulder as I slid my fingers into her. I was happily playing
with two pussies while being stroked and massaged by 3 hands.

Desire had regained her composure and was working on Jason's
cock with fervor. I watched as Paris came into the picture
and squatted down next to Desire. She slid one hand under
Desire and started to play with her pussy while using the
other hand to massage Jason's balls. That must have
been Jason's breaking point, he grabbed a handful
of Desire's hair "I am going to fucking cum"
He grunted. Desire started to bob her head even faster making
his body rock back and forth this time. Paris moved a little
closer to Jason so she could watch and removed her hands
from her friends pussy. "fuck fuck fuuuuuuuck"
Jason yelled out.

I wasn't expecting Desire to let go with her mouth,
but she leaned back and said "blow your fucking load
all over my face" I felt Nicole sag in front of me as
this was her breaking point to. I worked my fingers faster
against her g spot and soon she was having her own orgasm.
Her hands stopped and she moved them to her tits and started
to pinch her nipples hard as I made her cum.

Jason's load exploded from the head of his cock, the
first stream shot Desire right on the lips and chin as she
stroked him on. It seemed like with every pump of her hand
a new stream of cum erupted from him. Soon her tits were covered
in Jason juice, it ran down her flat stomach and down her
inner thighs before falling onto the already wet carpet.
"ooooo yeah baby give it to me" Desire demanded.
"fuck yeah cover that bitch" Paris urged on.

Nicole's orgasm finally had reached it's pinnacle
and she turned to face me. She leaned forward and brought
her soft lips to mine and kissed me passionately. My hard
cock was trapped between our bodies and my right hand was
still working on Kitten's pussy as we kissed. Some
how in all the tangle Nicole had managed to get my cock between
her legs, I could feel her wetness through her panties as
she clamped her legs together trapping my cock between
her inner thighs. "uh uh uh" I heard from behind
me. I knew it was Kitten's turn

I was trying to concentrate on my kiss and making Kitten
cum when I felt a wet mouth around the head of my painfully
swollen cock. I faltered for a moment as the sensations
were almost too much. Before I could really regain myself
the girl behind me started to cum. The loud scream in my ear
deafened me "God I am cu cu nnnaaaah" I tried
to move my fingers faster but couldn't manage it. The
sweet mouth disappeared and Nicole squeaked into my mouth
and held me tight. She ripped her mouth away from mine and
started to laugh "jesus that tickles" I didn't
know what was going on so I just kept my hand moving until
Kitten pulled back.

"that bitch just licked my ass" Nicole laughed
"you nasty little whore" I heard Paris laugh
and was painfully saddened when Nicole pulled away leaving
my steel hard cock just hanging in front of me. I looked around
the room and saw that Desire had disappeared and Jason had
his pants back up. Jai and Nadia were in the kitchen and I
could hear her whimper but couldn't see anything.
Kitten was digging in her purse for a cigarette and Paris
and Nicole were playfully pushing each other.

I wouldn't say I was disgruntled but damn did I want
to cum. "I need a fucking cigarette" Nicole
said. The other girls chimed in and were joined by a naked
Desire who had apparently cleaned off in my bathroom. They
started to go out to the garage when a naked Nadia came out
from the kitchen "wait for me" she said. I watched
as two naked, one naked from the waist down, and two in just
g strings girls walked out into my garage. "Dave put
that away before you hurt yourself" Jai said pointing
to my still hard cock that just hung out for the world to see.

Dumfounded I did as I was told and turned to my friends. "what's
happening" I asked stupidly. "My greatest
fantasy" Jason replied. I wasn't sure what I
felt to be honest, my whole body seemed to be alive with every
sensation amplified, I had almost forgotten that I had
taken X. I grabbed someone's drink off my kitchen table
and downed it. "fuck" was all I could say.

To Be Continued...............

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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This is not edited so sorry about all the errors. I had to
cut it short because it was too long to post apparently.
I will work on part 3 asap and post it. Ok now in my blog is a
picture of a girl in my town home. That is Roxy from this story
line. I have pics of her one in the living room and one in the
hallway and one other.

as always enjoy


Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.