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The Ever Fascinating World of Virtuousity! ( This is a true to life story )


Hello! My name is Lora, I am 25, and my husband is Tom, He was
45, We are married for 5 years and we are blessed with two
beautiful and healthy children, I am proud to say that my
relationship with Tom are quite fruitful throughout our
relationship and our sex life have been always good and
fantastic, both of us are very open and liberated specially
when it comes to topic about sex and relationship, we always
find time to search and discuss with anything that we thought
would spice us more or contribute more for our relationship
to grow even more stronger, we often bonded ourselves mesmerizing
over our past and shares each others thought about our fantasies
and dreams in life, then gradually, we then found ourselves
becoming more and more excited with it, even just by mere
thinking about those fantasies, whether if they will come
true in reality or not, it is still quite ecstatic to dream
about them, and most of the time, when we are in this kind
of situation, our passions became greater and continually
steamed us with much desires and lust, flaming up our arousals
and excitements, we usually became horny in carrying this
kind of topics and invariably ended us making love to each
And through this exchanges and initiatives, then came
one night, while I and Tom are relaxing and lying on each
others comfort, we, just as we often do, casually discussing
with lots of things, then suddenly, we touch on topics about
cyber sex things, of course, I wasn’t even bit surprised
about it, cause even before, I already heard so much about
it ………
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its everywhere, in the news papers, magazines, in DVDs
or even on posters and are so rampant in thousand of web pages
and internet, learning about how those teenage boys and
girls get so addicted to it, even up to the extent on how all
those oldies and middies are all rolled up and being so engrossed
to it, but through all those times, I didn’t pay much attentions
and interest with it at all, or maybe, I am just too busy attending
to my family needs and with my daily house hold chores, I
failed to give myself the chance to explore deeper about
its fascination, this now leaves me wondering if there’s
really such kind of amusement exist in it.
So much so, after a lengthy discussions about its pros and
cons, finally, Tom asked me if I am willing to give it a try,
and if incase I will be interested to take a shot on it, then
he will buy us a set of computer and place it inside our room,
then he threw me a wide grin, and I paused for a while to consider,
then, he finally got my nod, but only if we impose some limits
on us, together we set up our rules and terms, most specifically…..
We agreed never to expose our face when we are on cam, and
never to divert any personal information to our chat mates
when chatting. And we both agreed.
Then I saw his eyes gleaming enthusiastically and he excitedly
wrapped his arm around me, he then pressed his body close
to me and crossed his legs over mine, and then he gave me a
gentle kiss to my lips, and whispered to me softly…. “Thanks
sweetie, thank you for being so considerate, I love you
so much “, I smell his sweet breath and breathing, his air
softly blowing warmly over my ear lobes, then I felt his
kisses brushing mildly from my ears and compassionately
rushing down through my neck. Oh Gosh!, goose bumps rises
all over my body, his hands begin flicking softly through
my skins, until I felt his hand gliding cushiony towards
my chest, then I felt his palm gently cupping and caressing
each of my breast, massaging them up and down, round and
round, pressing them soothingly in respective manners,
and his fingers begun drawing and circling around my areola,
shrinking its width to give way to my hardening nipples
to swell, our lips met and our tongue begun probing passionately,
then deeper and deeper, till our tongue begun twirling
aggressively and exploring wildly with each others, I
felt his hand trailing down to my belly, his fingers passionately
playing around its area, then gradually and graciously,
he amiably slips his fingers inside my thong and begun playing
with my clit, I can feel my body starting to quake, pampered
with the blood-curdling sensations that he was compensating
to me at that moment , it was very appalling and intensifying
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I feel my juices begun wadding inside me, while my body is
relishing in delirium, I guided my hand towards his cock,
it was erecting in hardness and its head is swelling in redness,
I grabbed on it and then played it with my palm, then I used
my fingers and rubbed its head passively, trying to compensate
him with the savoring goodness that his fingers are rewarding
me, I then gave it some fast tightening strokes, until I
saw his cock beginning puking out his pre cum sap, then I
used my wet tongue to wipe it, then I was suddenly halted
in ecstasy when he glissade his face lower down to my thigh
and darted out his wet tongue and started licking my aching
pussy, this made my shaft to raise and my hips begun swaying
and quivering in ecstasy, the sensations are diversifying,
drifting deep down through my spine, I spread my legs wide
and elevate it above my hip, with my fingers clenched tightly
into his hair, and my hand grasped into his head, pulling
and pressing it more closer to my pussy, sensing my pleading
gestures, he then centered his lips and begun sucking my
swollen hardened clit and rotor his tongue in magnificent
speed, while his other fingers keep on rubbing my pussy
lips, ceaselessly shoving his two fingers inside my steaming
pussy, curling them upward and sanding every walls inside
me, scratching every itch out of me, Yeah baby! this I can
bear no more, my body rattles vigorously and I shoot out
one long concluding orgasm, then he slurps every drop of
it and swallowed down through his throat. Then he positioned
himself between me, fanned out my legs, and then he climbed
on top of me, then, I saw him hold his impervious shaft and
guided its distending head outside my kingdom door, and
then scratch it gently on my inflaming clit, Ooooooooohh
God! It was soooooooo good! my body begun swerving in superb
ecstasy, then moderately, he slide his long hard throbbing
dick inside my deluging pussy, he begun thrusting me slowly,
inch by inch, I am weakened in savoring the goodness of his
whole tremendous cock slipping in and out of my flooded
pussy, then gradually, his thrust becomes faster and harder,
I can feel my juices again oozing out once more and feel them
sticking on whole of his trunk that lead him to screwed me
deep and fast with so fluid and ease, after he feels my intensity
rising again, he begun ramming me more faster and harder,
I feel his balls banging unto my clits, then I senses his
nearness to exhaustion, feeling his cock deep within me
thwarting and bulging in utmost hardness, I begun maneuvering
and give him some muscling contraction inside me, I became
more crazy feeling its whole thickness whisking through
my kingdom walls, bumping my billowing clit with his every
strokes, reaching deep through my inner walls, and with
his hair bristling through my pussy lips, tickling me to
shivers in weakness, then I exploded and unloaded another
long………fervid orgasm, simultaneously followed by a lauding
long reverberating moans sneaking out from my mouth ………..

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I then feels his body shutters and I feel his hot cum bursting
inside my pussy, over filling my pussy with his cum, I let
his exhausted cock to stay inside me for another minute,
waited him till he retreated it out, then we sealed each
others again with kisses, we washed up together and embraced
each other to sleep and a call it a night.
The next afternoon, I was surprised by a knock on our door,
as I opened it, it was the delivery man from a computer shop
nearby us, true to his words, Tom did bought me a set of new
computer and it was now being delivered by this hunk, I let
him in and guided him up to our room, then I instructed him
to where I want it to be place, after getting the right position,
he asked me to try and test it before he leave, I told him “I
am not familiar with it and have not tried even once before”,
he smiled at me and said….. “ If that so, then Miss beautiful,
please allow me to do it for you, come sit down near me and
I will test run it for you”, I seated next to him while I watched
him run test on it, then he taught me a few basics with regards
to its operation and after about an hour, everything seems
to be working fine, He stood up and packed some of his tools
and was about to conclude his job, I shyly asked him to teach
me on how to chat online? He gave me a naughty grin, He sat
back beside me and taught me step by step on how I should start,
from downloading MSN messenger and to so on and so forth,
it took sometime to wait before a program being downloaded
to finish, so I stood up and sat fronting him and chat a bit
with him, then I noticed that while we casually chat along,
while still waiting for the pending downloading program
to finish its task, his sight are all over my body, I can see
his eyes constantly washing through my body, but more particularly,
staring at my chest, and only then I did noticed that I carelessly
missed buttoning up my shirt completely, leaving three
holes unbutton, my cleavage lined out and maybe it also
causes my breast to exposed whenever I bend my body downward,
I quickly shove away my body from his sight and buttoned
them, when I turned back to him, he was grinning naughtily
and told me that the programs are completely downloaded
and the programs are now functional, he smiled and then
told me that he was so aroused watching my breast, it was
so firmed and beautiful, and my tits are teasingly delicious
and wonderful, even telling me how he adored the shape of
my physique specially with my firmed little butt and shapely
legs and how smooth and flawless was my skins, he then offer
me if I can be his chat mate, then he handed me his screen name
written in one small piece of paper, saying “ hope to see
you gorgeous, bye!” and headed towards the door and left.
I was kind of shocked to learn from him with that kind of comments,
but on the contrary…
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I feel tickled and proud in getting such compliments! If
not only I just finished and had enough with Tom this morning,
I would surely let him pump me right there and then, I brush
my shoulder and just don’t give it a damn!
It was weekend and Tom wouldn’t be back home early, I am a
little bored doing nothing while waiting for my kids to
be back from school So I decided to call him up in his office
and asked him if it’s okay if I try first to chat? He agreed
and just warned me to be careful not to expose my identity,
I said “yes, and I won’t let that happened”. So, I went up
to our room, sat on and begun surfing for a room to chat, at
the start, I feel so awkward chatting with different people,
asking me the same whole thing again and again …… my age,
my gender, my location, my status, my vital measurement
and others, most of the time or I shall say every time, they
will just keep on requesting me for a view, without do a dot,
they want to see me go bare and naked in front of their eyes,
they want me to play for them, I then asked myself, “ Shit!
Just like that?”, What do they think about me? Some of them
constantly throwing me with compliments that are obviously
exaggerating and irritating to one ears, I got pissed off
and found no fun to it, I decided just to turn it off and headed
myself for a bath.
After Tom returned from work, I told him to what I have been
through and encountered, he laughed at me and said its just
the first time and advises me to add some more patience,
he winked at me and whisper to me that we chat together after
we finish our dinner, so after we took our dinner, finishes
all our task, Tom was kind of excited and hurried me to go
upstairs, so, together we went to our room, Tom turn on the
computer and start searching for a chatter, I over heard
him murmuring “it’s tiring shit to search from one room
to another, one region after the other and even from one
country to another”, this time, I think he was kind of frustrated
in looking for a right chatter, but not after a few moment
passed, I saw Tom start chatting with someone, they chat
for about 20 minutes and more, While I am Sitting nearby
the computer doing nothing, I get bored waiting for something
nor nothing and asked myself “what am I supposed to do here?
And what the hell am I doing here?” I stood up and told Tom
that I will take my shower first. After I finished, I came
out with only a towel clad on my body, I laid half back beside
of our bed, not far from where Tom was sitting with his computer,
I took off my towel, naked completely and applied some lotion
to my body, put on my nigh ties and prepare myself to read
some books, when I was about to begin my reading, I heard
Tom called me and when I look at him, Tom was grinning widely
and told me “honey! There’s somebody out there craving
to taste you now! I mean in virtuosity”, and he is laughing
excitedly …………
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I thought Tom was just joking, and I replied to him …… “Really
honey? What makes that guy to said so? He doesn’t even have
a single idea to what I am?” Tom slightly move his body a bit
away from the computer and gave me a hand signal to look on
the screen, and that I really surprised me, I saw myself
in small screen, and I am in it! It’s showing my every move
in there, I seem to look so sexy in it, I can see my breast molded
clearly on screen and my thong can be seen clearly through
my thin nigh ties, wow, I said to myself, “ am I really staying
in this great shape after all? I saw Toms eyes watching me
intensely and grinning in excitements, and beside my screen,
there’s another one small screen showing a girl in half
body, her cleavage reveal in her low cut shirt, I can easily
presume that she was supporting a great body and just approximately
only in her early twenties, I look at her more closely on
the screen and judging from her petite structures, yes,
I can easily say she was an Asian, then I read her messages
in the messenger box telling Tom that I look gorgeous and
very alluring in my dress, very sexy indeed, she love very
much my breast and she was craving to lick them and ardently
wanting to taste my edible shave pussy, she said she became
very horny watching me polishing myself only just a while
ago on my bed and is so mad wanting to devour me, I was surprised
with those kinds of absurd and aggressive statements,
and I felt being traded and sold by my husband, I can’t imagine
that Tom is allowing a person to viewed me without even asking
me for my consent, or at least telling me at first hand, I
felt being cheated by my husband, that’s my immediate reaction,
I was stuck for a while, but looking at Tom still chatting
with her, seeing his eyes much of excitements, I just comforted
myself that I love Tom and maybe I am in a little way giving
him some tripping fun of his life, I refrained myself not
to confront him to avoid any aggravation at those moments,
I kept my silence and compose myself, but truly, I was also
half pleased and flattered to learned that my body can still
make somebody goes mad, specially compliments coming
from a person of my same sex, I can’t hardly believe it myself
to what’s happening, but when I saw Tom getting more and
more dramatic chatting with her, agitations marking all
over his face, I feel some heat start crawling over my body,
those compliments are making me wild, then came another
sound and another messages pop up from the messenger box,
this time she was telling Tom or pleading….. as I may say
to be more precise, asking me to strip myself on cam and Let
her see more of my wondrous parts hidden behind my nigh ties,
I saw Tom break his time for a while and did not send any reply
to her, instead, Tom turned to me and shyly and softly asked
me if I am willing to get naked and play virtually with a bi
fem? I laughed out loud and said….. “No, Honey! I don’t want,
not with a bi fem!”………….
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Then Tom nod down his head a bit and headed back to the computer,
I heard him saying softly … “Its ok sweetie, if you don’t
feels it, then…. I would just turn this shit off and lets
go sleep instead”, then I heard at least three more sounds
buzzing in, I presume that his chat mate are now bit anxious
waiting for a reply, judging through his gesture and the
way how he annotated, I am sure that Tom was kind of frustrated,
you see, Tom has always have this fascination or fantasy
of seeing me making it with a fem …….. We have discussed this
a few times before, and in fact, I have a little guilt about
it , why? Because I never did blatantly tell him before that
it’s not my cup of tea, or maybe I just couldn’t have the heart
to say”NO” to him, oh no, not to the man that I have love solely
in my life, and instead maintaining the flames of that light
for him to continue hoping, although he was so crazy hoping
for it to happen, in fairness to him, he always respected
me and abided to whatever decisions I made, I love Tom very
much and there’s nothing in this world that I won’t do for
him, all I want is just to see him getting contented and fulfilled,
he often told me that this is only virtual and if this crosses
our path, he will just settle himself in one corner of our
room and restrict himself masturbating while watching
me play with my mate on cam, and there are times he would jokingly
suggest to me and laughingly that he will hire somebody
who is willing do that for us, of course, I believe he was
joking! I know he would never dare to do that, he himself
I know are also hesitant to do it cause deep inside him, he
knows my real score.
Now came this situation, I have the second thought that
since this is just virtual and nothing to loose, I did finally
agreed, in my mind….. I said to myself, “Tom, I am doing this
for you, I want you to be happy, because I love you”. I graciously
went to Tom who was now ready to turn off the comp, sweetly
and softly I hugged him from behind and whispered to him….
“Sweetie, I love you, I will give it a try, Okay?” I saw Toms
eyes glitters with happiness and excitements glow all
over his face, , he then rewarded me with a kiss and said
to me…”Thank you sweetie, I love you too! Just give it a try,
if you feel not good with it, just leave that bitch there
and that’s it! anyway sweetie, this is just for fun”, Tom
gave his place to me and then move a bit farther to my side,
sat quietly and waited anxiously for the next things to
happen, as I took over, I browsed through the message box
first, scrolled back and reviewed what they have been chatting
about, and then, I started conversing with the girl, Her
name is Sandra, we are viewing each others body in half frame
on our respective screen, both our faces remained in private,
she was sexy and wearing a red short matched with a black
low neck line shirt, revealing her cleavage confined behind
and held by her black lace bra, …………
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we fortuitously exchanges some pleasantries and accolade,
she was fun to chat with, I never feel even a minute of boredom
chatting with her, she was a good listener and exceptionally
a good conversationalist, she kept bringing up topics
that are really entertaining, we occasionally laughed
while we talks about a lot of things, about her educations,
about her life and about her past relationships, there
and then at this point, she finally found the chance to bring
out topics about sex, things about how she met her first
boyfriend, the wonderful feeling of falling in love for
the first time, how she lost her virginity on their first
date and how they got crazy making love to each other, she
expressed her sex experiences in a very detailed luscious
manners, from taking their bath together and how they devour
each other in sizzling kisses up to their sizzling love
making, I can presume she was quivering in desires while
she was disclosing her feelings to me on how she trembles
while his man begun sucking and licking her pussy, how she
shivers when receiving those electrifying sensations
and how she was addicted in sucking his boyfriend cock,
how her body react intensely and weakened when reaching
with multiple orgasms, As she goes on narrating, I begun
realizing that we have a lots in common, specially feeling
deeply those flaming stories of her sex escapades, my mind
begun mesmerizing those moments that I and Tom have gone
through in the past, I became ultimately excited and became
horny, I can sense the reality of every words she was telling,
I have been there a lots of time and I can feel and understand
its intensity, I am getting more and more aroused, while
I continue in listening to her narrations, my mind continue
toying with some flash back stages between me and Tom, I
felt my juices start free flowing inside me, dripping out
my pussy and staining over my thong, then, I unintentionally
raised one of my leg up to where I am seated, unconsciously
exposing my shapely leg on her screen, and unwittingly
placed my hand on top of it and using my fingers playing around
the top of my knee, rolling and feeling it gently, I felt
soothing sensations cruising throughout my body, it did
not escapes her eyes and she typed and send me a soft whispering
hum, then an emotion wink followed, then I saw her begun
making her moves, I saw her starting slowly pulling up her
shirt from her shoulder till it drop down to where she was
sitting, baring her breast on my screen, it stood firmed
and very enticing, then she cruised her hands to reach them
and used her palm cupping lightly and fondling on each of
them, her hands are constant in slightly pressing over
its mass, swinging them up and down and round and round,
I saw her inserting her fingers inside her lace and gently
circling them around her areola while I imagine her watering
mouth rhyming out some compassionate moans, and I saw her
tits slips out boosting in hardness, and this drove my arousals
to more intense, …………..
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and she told me she got so aroused mesmerizing and telling
me about her past experiences, she asked me if I am too are
now as arouse as she was, I cordially told her “ Yes I am, I
too got so aroused brooding with my past”, then she told
me that she was not actually a bi, but just a curious bi fem,
she explained to me that she only want to try to get naughty
with a fem only in virtuosity, she wants to find out its fascinations
as to what some of her friend have told her, she begun according
me with some felicitating words, she told me how she was
envious with my firmed and beautiful breast, how she adored
my body, how she was craving to touch and feels them, she
asked me if I am willing to give it a try tonight with her,
I looked back to Tom and most surprised to saw him all heated
up and I saw his dick sitting out from his shorts window,
fully erecting and bulging in hardness, he was rubbing
its head with his fingers, and it seems to me, that he was
silently teasing himself, with his eyes popping out in
excitements and grinning wildly on me, glances trying
to tell me…. “Common sweetie, Do it for me, I know you are
now blazing in desires and ecstasy, if you feel like doing
it, this is the right time sweetie, I am so excited and horny
and tremendously aroused watching you, Please don’t mind
me, just do it for your own pleasures”, then he threw me a
wink, that I became more excited and my lust was so intensifying,
I turned back to Sandra and reply to her, “okay, here I come”,
she said “great! Let’s have some fun tonight gorgeous!”
then she stood up and told me she will be right back, after
just a few second, she came back from my screen, her hand
holding a dildo, she then asked me again “ gorgeous, do you
have one like this?” I said to her “wait, I got one and I am
going to get it”, I stood up and headed my way to my dresser
where I am keeping my dildo, but before getting it, my mouth
is watering in melting thirst of lust, so I went first to
Tom and kneel in front of him, grabbed on to his rock hard
bar and lick its bulging head with my wet tongue, I begun
giving Tom some deep sucking job while my let hand strokes
its trunk fast and hard, I can taste the goodness of his pre
cum sap then I heard moans sirens out from his mouth and feel
his hand gripping hard on my head, then, I heard a buzzing
sound again and Tom knew what’s that mean, he slightly shrugged
me away from him and whispered to me, “Sweetie, I am okay,
Get your toy now and get back to her, let us enjoy with our
own self tonight”, after getting my dildo, I went back seated
again, made a reply to Sandra that I am back and ready, she
told me “ Oh gorgeous, I am so hot waiting for you, missing
you so much!’’, I saw her begun swaying teasingly while
her hand glided to reach for her back and gently unhooked
her bra, gradually sliding it down through her arms until
it departed from her body, disclosing entirely both of
her beautiful firmed breast to my sight, her tits are dangling
in hardness ………….
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then she graciously teases me with her lustful movements
and continually caressing her breast with her palm and
her thumb and fingers pinching and pressing between her
hardened tits, she was stretching in excitements, then
she stood up and dances to me while she sways her hips slowly
from left to right and smoothly glided down her short beneath
her feet, baring her black lace thong to my sight, I saw her
pussy bulging and her wetness staining over its fineness,
then she sat back, fanned out her thigh and begin playing
to herself, she constantly sending me messages about what
she is feeling and the sensations that was almost drowning
her, I was in dire desires with what I am encountering now,
Flaming heat burning through out my physique, electrifying
sensations are crawling all over my body, my nerves are
trembling, my heart beating furiously, and my pussy is
over filled and oozing out juices dripping down to my chair,
my body begun to quirked in tremendous excitements, I remove
my nigh ties and bared my body, my breast cramping in firmness
and my tits swelling in hardness, I look at Tom and he was
all heated up and stroking his long hard dick erecting in
its might, seeing me in bareness and sharing with somebody
else, his desires grew more intense and I saw him stroking
more faster and harder, I saw him panting and watching me
intensely, with his mouth open and watering in multiplying
excitements, he was masturbating to his life best, and
driving me in magnanimous madness, I stood up and slides
down my last piece, baring my clean bulging shave pussy
to Sandra’s and Tom eyes, immediately I received a messages
from Sandra stating how she was now driven in hunger and
madness and she was dying to taste my delicious pussy, how
she was shaken with desires imagining licking and sucking
my swollen clit, then I saw her now thrusting his dildo deep
down her pussy, hard and fast, and her legs spreading wide
apart in ecstasies, I saw her toy glistening in wetness
while she screwed it in and out of her cunt, I then turned
to myself, I watched myself on cam in total amazement, I
begun using one hand mashing over the whole of my breast,
I feel electrifying eerie sensations cruising through
out my soul, sending shivers down to my smallest vein to
trembles and my other hand skids down to my pussy and I begun
using my fingers pressing them unto my clit, savors its
hardness, polishing and rolling my fingers fast on its
smoothness, oooohhhhhhhhh shit! The feeling are tremendously
sooooooooo good!, ooooooooooooh ………. Mmmmmmmmm….. my
orgasm are on its door steps, ahhhhhhhh yeah! Then there
goes my first release, then still unsatisfied, I hold on
to my toy and guided its head to my clit, scratched its head
gently and lightly, uuuuuummmm, the sensations was amazing,
after a few seconds more of repetitions, my pussy is beginning
to secretes another wave of juices out, filling again my
inside, then I pushed it through my pussy, slowly, inch
by inch, savoring its hardness and thickness rubbing through
my walls ……….
( Page 10 )
the sensations grew to more intense, that leads me to loose
my patience, I begun thrusting its whole strength deep
down inside me, the goodness are now more sumptuous, I felt
my pelvic relaxing to its max, then I begun ramming it hard
and fast, I felt its head penetrating through my deepest
walls, knocking them on my every strokes, ooohhhhhh shittttttt!
Again, I begun shaking and I am almost on my second blink,
I can feel it coming near, I glanced at Tom and saw him crossing
his legs and stroking his hard cock very fast, indicating
that he was also coming near to exhaustion, we watched at
each other and begun moving everything more faster and
harder, I lifted my legs high up above my hips, clasped them
together and squeezed my toy, wanting to feel more of its
thickness while it whisked in and out of my pussy, and a few
seconds after, I brought out another long moans and exploded
my second orgasms, and simultaneously, I saw Toms dick
puking out hot lava messing all over his dick and balls.
When I look back on the screen, I failed to saw Sandra there,
maybe she was cut off by the server, but I am still not contented,
I went to Tom and we gave each other some sizzling kisses
again and we fuck and fuck and till I reached for another
two or three more orgasms, till we both laid exhausted!

From then on, I became accustomed with chatting, and yes!,
I did that repeatedly but anymore to a bi but with two or three
more guys, we became addicted to it and both of us are enjoying
so much fun with those maniacs, Tom will always be very aroused
every time when he saw me playing some masturbation with
my chatters, it really did spiced up our sex life to a higher
I was almost on my third month of chatting when suddenly
I met this guy from one of the chat rooms, I found him very
much different to most of my chatters, he was kind of a gentleman
and his approach are quite simple and fine in every manners,
I love the way how he pampered me with his words and how he
deliver his adorable passions and blazing lust in such
very real sense, he send me mails everyday and I am much amused
with its content, words are written through his heart and
passions are quite deep and sincere, we habitually exchanges
pleasantries and talk about some likes and dislikes, we
traded pictures with each others and start a friendship,
he was kind of a loner and stays single through this day,
he showered me with cares and thoughtfulness and even endless
advises and concerns, He send me flowers on all occasions
and flooded me with gifts and generosities, never misses
any worries for me and flowing with endless kindness, his
compassions are as deep as the sea and his hopes are as high
as the mountain, his patience are abundant and understanding
are beyond comparable ………..
( Page 11 )
till came one day ………… just like the hardest metal on earth,
when if constantly blazed with intensifying fires, it
will bend and melt, even though we are thousands of miles
apart, We found ourselves falling deeply in love with each
other, but that factual compassions are bounded within
the fitted limits of virtuosity, although I must admit
that there are times that we are indeed almost tempted to
cross its borders, times that we misses each others so crazy,
time that when I almost wanted to fly to his haven, sealed
him with kisses and hugs him tightly, feels his warmness
and measured the depth of his ardor, but…….. Can I? Ah! Virtuosity,
who said that this is a world full of fascinations and yearnings?
A world where pain doesn’t exist, a world that never ceases
with aspirations? Damn! All what I know that was left to
me ……. At least for now, are only deceptive passions and
chimerical dreams, illicitly that we have to cart through

Here: I have something to share to you, a story of a girl I
met online, she was a girl who always wanted to fulfill something
but are always afraid to lose, and actually, it wasn’t a
fantasy but just a dream. She only ever wanted one thing,
To love and be love, she was always craving with the feeling
of wanting to kiss someone that she love, and willing to
gave up all control and submitted herself to anything,
Her screen name was “love me do”, at first she thought it
was perfect. She posted a picture and filled out some information
and boom, she was connected to the world. Then she waited.
At first, she received lot of emails in her box, and was able
to reply to some and had chatted with a few. She even went
as far as having sex to some of them, then one day….. She got
an email from a guy offering his generosity to help her fulfill
her wildest dream; His screen name was “Productions”.
She was kind of amused and made a reply to him, this made them
to start chatting online. She was interested to all his
promises to help her fulfill her fantasies and dreams,
and then came one night, she made a bold move and ask for his
numbers, she called him and they talked till wee hours of
the morning. She never got bored with him, and then they
became best friend. She told him everything and even had
phone sex that was outstanding. She always has a wonderful
time with him online and decided she should pursue this
to a farther step. He told her he was in the adult video industry.
Her curiosity piqued. She had never done a video before
& its one of her fantasy of having all of her holes filled
at once. So they talked again the next night and again had
phone sex, another awesome time. But on the third night
of their conversations, she started to worry She was falling
in love to someone she had never met. Sure they became close
with each other and saw each other through picture, they
are constantly talking every night and have told every
secrets they have. She started to wonder if this guy was
for real or just saying all this stuff so he could be like
all the others …………..
( Page 12 )
just wanting to get a shot inside her pussy, she don’t want
this thing to happen with them, she don’t want that kind
of relationship with him, she wants to go for real, and this
time, she wanted some passions, so one day, They set up a
lunch meeting for the two of them to meet, she was so in love
with this man, she didn’t know what to do, they have talked
and discuss with so many things but they never bring out
topics on how they felt for each other. The next day, she
arrived at the restaurant a little late, hoping he was already
there and she could make a good first impression. She wanted
everything to be perfect. Upon entering the restaurant,
she saw him sitting on one corner and their gazes locked
across the room. It was like an instant chemistry. The air
sizzled and charged from the desire circling between them.
She walked over to the table her stomach in knots. He was
here and he was very real. He stood tall and firm, broad shoulders
, deep blue eyes , chocolate brown hair, chiseled jaw line
and a killer smile that made her knees weak when he turned
to her to pull out her chair for her, She sat down and could
smell his cologne on him. She closed her eyes and inhaled.
He leaned down and whispered, “Hey! Sexy lady” and he kissed
the back of her neck. He then sat across from her and they
looked at their menus. She couldn’t take her eyes off of
him. She barely remembered ordering or eating but she remembered
every word he said to her and every time he would smile or
look at her just right. They finished their lunch and he
stood up and came to her side and asked her if she would you
care to come to his place. She said yes, nothing was keeping
her from exploring whatever this man had to offer her. She
was in love and didn’t want this to end. They drove in his
car and arrived at his place. They walked through the door
and as he closed it, he grabbed her on her wrist and pulled
her towards to him gently. She ended up her back against
the door. He then kissed her so softly, she moaned from it.
Then their probing became more intense, their tongue twirling
aggressively against each other,
Meanwhile her legs are starting to feel like jelly and her
junction between her thighs was moist. He brought his hands
up and cupped her breasts with both hands and started to
squeeze them and fondle them. She was in ecstasy and she
could feel the tidal wave of pleasure coming. Their lips
complimenting with each others, as they exchanges their
saliva, he drank from them like they were a drug intoxicating
her. He graciously pull away from her and goes to the counter.
Take a room and together they went up, She then takes a look
at the room, stand masculine with its d├ęcor but she notices
that although there were no lights lilted in it, still the
place is bright, she saw candles and daisies everywhere,
He then bring her one piece of a dyed pink daisy to her, and
it’s the only pink daisy she could see around, then he smiled
and he told her “See, I remembered everything about you,
you told me once that your favorite flower is a daisy and
you love to see a pink one which was really rare”, she ran
down a tear to her cheek and he looks puzzled. What’s wrong
he asked? She looks up at him ………………….
( Page 13 )
with all the love in her eyes and says “I love you and I am not
sure if I can still walk away from you now or ever”. He said
“I love you too! Right now, I am going to show you how much”.
He walks more closely to her, put her up and carried her gently
into the bedroom. And she saw that it looked more sensational
in there. He stops behind her and slowly pulls her hair aside
and kisses her softly on her neck. She arches her head back
against his chest. He slowly starts to unbutton her blouse
and takes his sweet time doing so, He used his hand and slides
her blouse gently to the floor and he begin kissing her shoulders,
he wraps his hands around her shoulders and massages them
with his both hands, he then places light kisses down the
middle of her back. She stands there motionless taking
all of it in. It was her time to feel loved and cherished and
she was not going to spoil it. He then stand in front of her
and begins kissing her neck again and then trails to the
top of her breast. She slides her arms up around his neck
and holds on, she isn’t sure how much more she can take. He
places his lips on her breasts and she explodes into a million
feelings. He looks at her and watches her in her glory. He
thinks it is the most beautiful sight he has ever seen. He
holds her as she shivers at the aftershocks of her orgasm.
He gently lifts her up and sits her on the bed. He looks at
her and says I am just getting started. She lays back her
breasts heaving from her panting. He unzips the skirt she
was wearing and slides it down her legs taking his time reveling
in the softness of her skin and then he notices her. Her beautiful
naked body before him and almost loses control over himself.
She sits up and says no fair I am clothed and you are not. She
slides her hides along his stomach up to his chest and unbuttons
his buttons one by one. She slides the shirt off his shoulders
and leans towards his chest and licks one nipple then the
other. He cannot take his eyes of her she has mesmerized
him. She unbuttons his pants and notices he was wearing
nothing underneath as well and his shaft sprang out. She
circled her hand around his pulsating shaft gently. He
grabs her wrist and pulls her away from him. He pushes her
back on the bed and kneels before her. He slowly caresses
her legs and inner thighs with his fingertips. He slides
one finger over her moistness gathering between her legs
and she arches her back and he is stunned by the beauty of
it. He slides one finger in her and realizes she is so tight
and wet. He brings his finger to his mouth and licks and sucks
all her juices from his finger and tits sweeter than any
he has ever tasted. He brushes his lips across her pulsating
point she screams. He licks it and sucks on it till she explodes
again in his mouth but he isn’t done yet. He slides his fingers
over her throbbing crest and starts in a circular motion
moving slowly as he takes his sucks and slides it in her heat.
He slides his tongue in and out of her and she writhes against
him on the bed. He feels the inside walls of her start to clench
again and starts sucking on her, harder and harder….
( Page 14 )
making sure not even a drop of her glorious juices will escape
from his mouth. He almost loses control over himself again.
He wants to make this night a night she will never forget.
He leans up and slides his tall form over top of her and nestles
in between her thighs. He kisses her passionately his tongue
playing and poking at hers. He sucks and gently nipples
at her neck. And trails down to her breasts her nipples tighten
instantly. He slides the head of his shaft in her and leaves
it there as he starts to gently sucking on her nipples. She
arches her back and he cock slides in further. She moans
aloud again, she is afraid she will be hoarse from all this.
He slides in and out of her at a slow pace as he kisses her again.
Swallowing her moans inside his mouth. Her body quivering
again and her muscles tightened around his cock. She explodes
and he can feel her surround him in wetness. He picks up the
tempo a bit cause he can feel him losing it and she licks his
nipples and he explodes inside her filling every inch of
her, Their fluids combining together as they lay together
basking in the afterglow. He rises and go to the bathroom
and grabs a washcloth and runs it under warm water. He comes
back to her and gently cleans her and gently bathes her legs
and the moistness from between. He walks back in to the bathroom
cleans himself off and comes back to bed with her. She lays
there in a stunned shocked state but then she turns to him
as he slides between the sheets with her and smiles and he
knows he lost his heart just as she has lost hers to him. He
wraps her in his arms and they cuddle together till they
both fall asleep both wondering the same thing could it
get any better than this and then they both smile and realize
how it could be nice if they can keep doing it all over again.

A. The last part of the story was contributed by another
author, I just simply modified it for it to be more easier
B. Thank you for bearing with me till this part and
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