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The Encounter at The Play-Pen


I am riding in with Jim in our new truck. My stomach is all
fluttery with nervous butterflies. I cannot believe that
I actually talked him into taking me to this place. I must
be the hornest woman in the state to actually get up the nerve
to even bring up the idea of going to The Play-Pen with Jim.
I could tell he was surprised, after all it was a very out
of character for me to say “hun, I have been thinking a lot
lately about a pretty wild sexual idea I have. I want to know
if you would be willing to take me to the Play-Pen.”
It took him a minute to compose himself, but he did not over
react and I explained to him that I wanted him to try a new
game with me. That I wanted to go to the Play-Pen because
I was curious about the women there and because I felt like
things would not go to far there. That the game would stay
a game there and not escalate to anything real.

Of course after he thought about it for a while, curiosity
got the better of him. He agreed to my conditions and now
here we are. I feel my pussy tingle a bit as we pull into the
parking lot. I am so nervous, kind of like a schoolgirl who
knows she is going to lose her cherry before the night is
over. We get out of the truck and I start to think about chickening-out.
No I will be mad at myself if I do. Jim understands that this
is just an experiment for me, that I may not like it and never
do it again.

Well we are finally inside. I have been researching the
strip club scene online for about a month now. I have chatted
with several guys who frequent the Play-pen and I know just
how to proceed.

Jim orders drinks while I try to soak things in. I watch the
girls and try to decide which one we will take to the “VIP”
room. Jim seems amused at how focused I am. He is watching
the girl on stage dance while I focus on all the girls in the
bar, trying to make my selection. After a few minutes a girl
comes by, and ask to sit down. She seems pushy to me and I shake
my head no to Jim. He smiles at her nd makes a bit of small talk.
Then he sends her on her way. I comment to him that she was
definitely too trashy.

Ah, finally a fresh-faced cutie is coming out to dance.
The DJ announces her as Kelsy. She is tall and slim, maybe
5-9 with long slender legs. She has a nice firm belly, and
perky b-cup size breasts. Long, strait, dark brown hair
runs down her back to the top of her round ass. She dances
and twirls . . . periodically she raises her short plaid
skirt to show the tight black g-string that covers what
must be a sweet tasting honey pot. The smile she shows as
she entertains makes her face shine, but her outfit says
“I make look sweet and innocent, but I can be bad . . . oh so
very bad.”

My nervousness has subsided a little now. Seeing Kelsy
has gotten me excited enough to forget about my fears and
enjoy this new experience. I find myself imagining she
and I alone together, her raising that skirt as I kneel in
front of her . . . smiling down at me as I move to kiss her bare

I come back to myself and notice that familiar wet tingle
in my twat. Yes, this is indeed a pleasant fantasy. I wonder
if Jim realizes just how much he will be in for later. With
that thought, I ask Jim if he likes what he sees. He smiles
at me, but doesn’t answer. When she starts her second dance,
she takes off her little tube top and short skirt. There
she is, dancing for all these men. Lust in their hungry eyes
as she lays on her back and spreads her legs wide . . . smiling.
I tell Jim to go give her a $5 tip and ask her to come sit at our
table. Most of the other guys have been tipping her with
singles, so I hope the more generous tip will get her attention.
Jim goes up to the stage and when she moves to him she bends
over and smiles at him. She positions her bare breast inches
from his face and gives him a good close look. She then turns
around and gets on all fours . . . giving Jim a good rear view
of her ass and barley covered pussy. She is letting him imagine
himself fucking her like that, she looks over her shoulder
and smiles at him. After about 30sec, she moves to a crouch
and pulls her guarder open for Jim to put the 5-spot. He slips
it in and says, “Would you come and sit with my wife and me
when you are finished here?” She nods and says, “I would
be happy to.”

Once Kelsy is finished with her set, she dresses and then
goes around the room thanking everyone that tipped her.
Some of the guys hug her back, and a few of them even cop a cheap
feel of her pretty ass up under her skirt. Once she finishes
with the rest of the room she comes over to our table. Jim
stands, he can be such a gentleman sometimes, and gives
her his chair next to me. Then he sits next to her and offers
to buy her a drink. Jim is much more out going than I am and
begins breaking the ice by introducing me and making a bit
of small talk. Up close I can see that she is probably in her
mid to late 20’s. Very pretty, but not a super-model body.

My mind is spinning, I want to just pull back into myself
and be my normally shy and withdrawn self. I tell myself
that I will never experience anything new and different
if I am always that way. I remind myself that I had resolved
to be bolder, more aggressive here, that no one would ever
know or care . . . so why not try being forward for a change.
I force myself to reach over and put my hand on her thigh .
. . my mind is spinning . . . I can’t believe I am doing this
. . . she smiles a pretty smile and puts her hand on mine.

We talk for a while, I can see that Kelsy is not pushy . . . but
she does have Jim eating out of her hand. She is an expert
flirt and does not seem the least bit put off when the conversation
turns sexual. I look at Jim and then gesture with my eyes
to the rest room. I have already told him that I will need
him to give me a minute, that it is part of my plan.

He excuses himself and I move close to Kelsy. I say “Kelsy,
how much will it cost for a half-hour with you in a VIP room.”
She smiles and says, well the house charges $30 for ½ hour
and I will need $70.” I say “that will be ok, but I would like
to make a special request too?” She nods and I tell her that
I want her to call Jim Sir whenever she addresses him. Her
eyes light up and her smile gets very big as she replies,
I will do as you wish my-lady. Her playful wink makes a surge
of excitement shoot through my body. I think to myself,
why have I never done something like this before. I then
tell her that I like her perfume and that after we finish
in VIP I would like to buy the rest of her bottle from her .
. . then I gulp hard and take the plunge and say, “also, I want
to buy that g-string from you when we leave.” She has to think
about that for a bit, but then she says, “how about 50-bucks?
For an extra fifty I will give you my perfume and g-string,
along with a very special visit to VIP. We can meet after
VIP in the restroom.” Then she smiles brightly and says

When Jim returns, we are both smiling at him . . . he looks
surprised and a little concerned. I tell him “Jim, everything
is set. Lets get a VIP room with Kelsy.” Kelsy then turns
to Jim and says “Sir, you will have to pay the bouncer $30
for the half hour, please follow me.”

We all get up and Kelsy leads us to a dark, “VIP” room with
a couch and a small table. The bouncers can come by and look-in,
but otherwise it is pretty private. I sit-down on one side
of the couch and say, “Jim go ahead and give Kelsy 120 dollars.”
I think to myself what the hell, she seems nice and she hasn’t
been pushy, so she might appreciate a little trust for a

Kelsy starts undressing right away . . . the takes her top
and skirt off. Then she looks at Jim and says, “is it okay
if I take off my shoes Sir?” He smiles back and says “by all
means, but you don’t have to call me sir, it makes me feel
old.” As she takes her high heels off, she cuts her eyes at
him and says, “oh Sir, you don’t seem old to me . . . but you
are definitely strong and powerful enough for me to call
you Sir.”

She has Jim sit beside me with his legs apart. Then she starts
dancing for him in only her g-string. Rubbing her titties
and swaying her hips . . . turning and bending over . . . spreading
her ass cheeks so that he can get a good look at her pussy lips
outlined through the tight fabric of her g-string. Jim
is almost hypnotized by her uninhibited display. I can
almost imagine him standing behind her to plunge his hard
cock into her warm honey pot. My hand moves to my very excited
honey pot . . . I rub it a through the fabric of my dress and
panties . . . I think about Jim’s cock pounding inside of
me . . . umm, this will indeed be a night to remember.

After a few more “display” positions, Kelsy moves on to
the “main event.” She stands on the couch, straddling Jim.
He can look up and see her lovely cunt just inches from his
face. He smiles up at her and she rubs her firm breast, then
slips two of her fingers down her stomach and under the top
of her g-string. Then she put those fingers into her mouth
and sucks them while rolling her eyes back. When she is done
pretending to taste herself, she turns and squats over
Jim’s face. Her pussy is maybe a half-inch from his face.
I am sure he wants to pull her down to him and taste her . . .
but he is playing by the “look, but don’t touch” rules of
the club. Kelsy gets down and then kneels on the floor, between
his legs. She has her arms across his thighs and is smiling
up at him. He tells her she is very pretty and she says “Thank-you
Sir.” She then begins rubbing her face and head into his
crotch. I did not expect this level of contact, seeing her
actually touching him like this . . . making him imagine
that she could suck his cock . . . actually seeing how much
he enjoys her has aroused some of my insecurities. A feeling
of fear creeps into my mind, “What if he likes her more than
me. After all she is so young, her body so tight and firm,
her attitude so sexy and hot.”

I remind myself that Kelsy is not even her real name, that
this is just a “job” for her. She may look like she is enjoying
it, but ultimately she will stop when the money quits flowing.
Now she has put her head down in between Jim’s legs. She rolls
forward and now her back is on Jim’s stomach . . . her head
laying on his crotch . . . her legs spread in the air . . . her
pussy just below his chin. Dam she is flexible. Jims hands
move to her stomach . . . then up the outside of her thighs
to her knees . . . then down the inside of her thighs toward
her cunt. She reaches up and stops him. Not rudely, but just
puts her hands over his to stop him about 2-inches shy of
her snatch.

She rolls off of him and smiles at him, “I’m sorry Sir, but
I can’t let you touch me there.” She then straddles him and
starts to pretend like they are fucking cowgirl style.
She is grinding her pussy on his hard cock. Moaning and saying,
“ohh Sir, you are making me so wet. . . . you feel so good.”

Jim puts his hands at her waist and helps her grind harder
against him. He is really getting into this now, but I am
not as jealous as I was, she obviously won’t let him go too
far and he definitely wants more now . . . much more.

She has been playing with Jim for about 15 minutes now, and
I decide it is now my turn. I reach over and put my hand on Kelsy
thigh. She looks over at me and I say, “what about me, I want
a turn.” With that she gets off of Jim and turns around . .
. I watch in disbelief as she bends over and moves her g-string
aside. She then reaches back with the other hand and spreads
her pussy lips. She looks at Jim over her shoulder and says,
“See how wet you have made me Sir? Please watch me entertain
my-Lady now.”

With that I have Jim scoot over to the side and take up his
position in the middle of the couch. My mind is swimming
. . . I cannot believe that I am actually going to do this.
Kelsy smiles sweetly at me, but there is a very sultry look
in her smoldering eyes. Without thinking I begin to fondle
my juicy pussy through the fabric of my dress again, I watch
as she bends and sways for me. Her hands move to her perky
breast, she pinches her nipples then slides one hand down
to her barely covered sex-box. She rubs her pussy, just
as I am, her head rolls back. In my minds eye I can image her
fingering herself, making herself wet for me.

Suddenly, she kneels before me and her hands move to my outer
thighs. I move my hands to my sides and she puts her face squarely
on my now oh so hunger pussy. Her long brown hair fills my
lap, and she moves her head from side to side . . . rolls it
back and forth . . . oh it feels so good . . . I wish I could pull
my dress up so that I could feel those soft lips kiss my soaked
pussy lips. I let out a low moan and she sighs in response.
She then moves up my body, maintaining contact between
her nude torso and my stomach . . . then my breast are against
hers . . . she moves up and straddles my waist . . . then bends
so that her mouth is close to my ear. Her hand finds my titty
and she rubs it . . . finds my nipple and pinches it through
my clothes. She whispers in my ear . . . “I love the smell of
your wet pussy, I bet you are as wet as I am right now.”

With that she stands on the couch, her feet at my sides, her
pussy inches from my face. Then, in a low voice (just loud
enough for Jim to hear)” she says, “smell how wet you have
made me my-Lady? Umm . . . here let me show you.” As she moves
her g-string aside, I reach down for my pussy, hers is saved
bare . . . and it is so small and compact . . . I can smell her
musky sent . . . I wonder what she would do if I tried to pull
her pussy to my face. I decide not to try, it is a fantasy world
after all and that would cross the line I had set for Jim and
She grinds on me for a little while after that . . . and gives
me a few more close peeks of her bare little snatch by pulling
the g-string aside.

I then suggest that she take a break and sit between Jim and
myself. While we are sitting there, just making small talk
. . . my hand on one of her thighs . . . Jim’s on the other . . .
the bouncer comes by and says, “5 more minutes.” Kelsey
smiles and says, “that went by way to fast.” Jim chuckles
and says, “yes it did, but we do need to get back to the house
so that I can fuck my woman’s brains out!” I smile at Jim and
respond, “oh? Maybe I won’t be in the mood . . .”

Kelsey is smiling and laughing as she gets up and starts
dressing . . . then she walks us back to the table and gives
each of us a close hug. I watch Jim’s hand wander down to her
ass . . . he is really into this. After the hugging, she whispers
to me to meet her in the ladies room when she returns from
her dressing room. I watch her go to the back and about 5 minutes
later she goes to the restroom. I get and follow her in. There
she thanks me for the visit and says that I should come back
soon, she works on Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays. I
tell her we will be back. She then gives me the back g-string
she had worn earlier and a bottle of her perfume. I thank
her and tell her that Jim will really enjoy what I have planned
for him with those items later.

During our drive home, I ask Jim is he imagined himself fucking
Kelsey . . . like I did. He gets real quite, like he thinks
I am setting a trap for him . . . then he responds . . . sort of,
but it made me think of fucking you more.

I chuckle at his response and say, “Well I imagined her licking
and sucking my pussy, I knew it could not come true . . . but
I did enjoy the idea of her doing that too me.” Jim smiled
but would not open-up.

My stomach begins to knot-up a little, I told myself that
I would press on when Jim clamed-up like this . . . but now
I am having second thoughts. I feel like once I take this
next step . . . there will be no turning back. I take a deep
breath and remind myself that I am tired of worrying . . and
feeling insecure. The only way to change that is to move
forward with my plan. Fuck-it, I was having such a good time
. . . if I want to feel more secure, I need to take the plunge.

I say, “Jim, I know you love me, and I know that my feelings
are very important to you.” I know what I am about to tell
you will make you uncomfortable, but I have decided that
it must be said. You don’t have to answer my questions right
now, and I want you to know that I have something special
planned when we get home, but I do want you to think about
what I will tell you . . . and give me some honest answers tomorrow.

Whew, that came out easier than I thought it would, I begin
to feel like I am on a roll . . . I keep going . . .

“So here it is . . . I think that you are like all men, you fantasize
about fucking other women . . . and I am pretty sure that Kelsey
had you thinking about how nice it would be to stick your
cock into her warm, most cunt. I am okay with that, I don’t
think of you admitting to that as being hurtful to me. When
I ask, I really want you to be honest. I also think that you
know how worried I am that you might have cheated on me in
the past . . . please don’t say anything yet . . . it could be
my own insecurity that makes me feel that way . . . but I want
to know if you have. I can promise you that if you have, it
won’t be the end of our marriage. Of course I should warn
you that there will be consequences if you have . . . so consider

If you have cheated, I want to know . . . I want to know you are
honest with me . . . and I think that fair is fair. If you have
fucked other women 10-times during our marriage, I think
you should have to watch me fuck another man 10-times . .
. if you have fucked three different women, you should have
to watch me fuck three different me. If you have only had
blow-jobs, you should have to watch another man eat me out
or masturbate me.

Of course I would never do these things without your consent,
but I while I would not leave you if you cheated and did not
consent . . . heck, I wouldn’t even stop letting you fuck
me . . . I would be upset with you and not forgive you until
you did consent.”

“I’m not saying that I know have you cheated on me, I am just
telling you what to be prepared for if you have cheated on
me and are honest with me about it.

Okay Jim, I hope that is pretty clear, because I am a little
anxious about what I want to tell you next.” Jim has a very
serious look on his face, but he does not seem angry or hurt
. . . so I continue.

“If I knew you were honest with me, and that you are okay with
me getting whatever you get . . . I am willing to talk about
us fucking other people . . . as a couple, with each other’s
consent of course.” Jim seems to be listening to me, but
it is hard to read his reaction. “Fucking another man is
not something I hunger for, but I am a sensuous woman . . .
with a very healthy sex drive . . . so the idea of another man
wanting me in that way is appealing to me. If screwing another
woman is an urge you struggle with . . . please admit it to
me . . . I want to know . . . I will understand. I might even consent
to you indulging your natural male urge for strange pussy
from time to time . . . as long as you let me set the conditions
and control who and when.”

“I want to leave it here and not discuss this again until
tomorrow. Remember I want you to be honest with me, and I
will reward you for your honesty sweet-heart . . . and don’t
forget, I love you.”

“So lets continue our fantasy night. When we get home, I
will go to the bedroom, undress and put-on some black panties.
When I call to you, I will be pretending that I am Kelsey .
. . tonight, I want you to imagine you are fucking Kelsey
when you fuck me. I want you to ass fuck her . . . she told me
she was a virgin to ass fucking in the bathroom, so imagine
it is her ass that your cock is stretching when you take me
in the ass later.”

Jim was almost left speechless. I reached over and gave
him a deep kiss . . . then said, “Enough talk, I want to taste
your cock right now . . . as your horny wife.”

The Big Finish -------------à>>>

For the rest of the drive I licked and sucked his hard cock
. . . trying not to get too enthusiastic . . . saving his cum
for later. . . .

. . . I spent the rest of the drive teasing Jim’s hard pole.
When we got in the house, I told him to wait in the living room
while I got into my “Kelsey” persona. Then I went to the bedroom
and quickly undressed, put on a pair of black panties, and
sprayed some of Kelsey’s perfume on my wrist and behind
my ears. My pussy was on fire by this time, but I suppressed
the urge to even touch it because I knew once I started . .
. I might not be able to stop myself.

I put a little more perfume on Kelsey’s g-string, and then
put it on the bed. I put the radio on to a station playing the
same kind of pop music that was playing in the club earlier.
Once everything was ready, I went to the living room door
and said, “Sir, its me Kelsey.” I smiled my warmest, most
sincere smile. “Your VIP room is ready now . . . I am sorry
that you had to wait, but everything is ready for you now.”

Jim came to me and said, “That’s okay, I understand.” At
that point I took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom.
I had him sit on the bed, and I danced for him for a few minutes,
like Kelsey had. Once I had the mood set, I straddled his
lab cowgirl style and gave him a deep French kiss. He breathed
Kelsey’s sent and I felt his body tense with the excitement
her smell created in him. I said, “How do you like this special
VIP room Sir? There are no limits here. You can do whatever
you want to me . . . I am yours to use.” Then I told him “You got
me so wet earlier, I had to change my panties.” With that,
I reached around him and picked-up Kelsey’s little black
g-string. I felt electricity shoot through my body as I
remembered Kelsey sliding it aside so that I could see her
shaved snatch. I smiled to myself as I imagine Jim’s reaction
when he finds that I shaved my snatch “stripper style” just
before we left for the Play-pen. I know it will itch like
the dickens when my pubic hair grows back out . . . but it will
be worth it. I then put Kelsey’s g-string close to Jim’s
face and say “See, you can smell my juices all over my panties.
Do you like the way I smell Sir?” Jim takes it from my hand
and holds it to his face. He drinks her sent in deeply and
responds with “oh yes Kelsey, you pussy smells very tasty.
Lay back on the bed and take your panties off so that I can
eat your sweet smelling cunt.”

Jim then pushes me to the bed, and I slip my panties off. He
slides between my legs and dives strait for my soaking wet
pussy. My hips buck to meet his tongue thrusts and my mind
spins while I listen the slurping sounds he is making. He
stops for a second and looks up at me from between my legs,
in a low voice he says, “yes Kelsey, you honey pot tastes
so good . . . and your shaved pussy lips feel so soft and smooth
against my lips.”

With that, I say “Please Sir, don’t stop . . . please make
me cum . . . I need you to make me cum.” Suddenly he is tongue
fucking me again . . . then he moves his mouth to my clit while
he plunges two . . . then three fingers deep inside my sopping
fuck-hole. I cry out to him, “oh Sir . . . I am cumming now .
. . you are making me cum sooo hard . . . please don’t stop .
. . ahhh . . . I am cumming again . . .”

After several minutes of me grinding my pussy into his face,
the waves of orgasm begin to subside. Images of Kelsey dancing
for me . . . her pretending to eat my pussy . . . her dancing
for Jim have been flashing through my mind . . . adding to
the intensity.

With a breathless whisper I say to Jim, “Oh Sir, I have never
cum like that before! You are such a wonderful pussy eater
. . . thank you.” As the feeling of weakness in my legs begins
to lessen, I pull Jim up to me and he begins kissing me. He
moves to my neck, ears . . . his hands fondle my electrified
breasts. I can taste myself on his lips when he kisses me,
I pretend it is the taste of Kelsey and I feel excitement
building in my body again.

Jim then sits up, Kelsey’s panties and my panties are together
in his hand now. He holds them too his face and while I watch
her sniffs them deeply. Then he stands next to the bed, still
smelling the panties and says, “Okay Kelsy, it my turn now
. . . undress me so that I can fuck you.” I move to him and begin
with his pants. As I pull his pants and underwear down, I
gasp out loud (like I imagine Kelsey would in his fantasy)
and say, “Sir, your cock is so big.” Then as I put my hand around
the base, “And soooo harrrrddd. I have never been fucked
by such a thick, long cock before.”

Jim chuckles, I can tell that I may be laying it on a little
to thick, but I know all guys like to believe that their members
are awe-inspiring and even a little scary. I move forward
and kiss the head of his monster hard-on. His hand reaches
for my hair and he pulls me back. He says, no my wife already
gave me all the dick sucking I want tonight, I am going to
fuck your tight ass now.”

I do my dramatic gasp again, and give a stuttered response,
“But Sir, I have never taken a man back there before . . . and
you are so big, I don’t think I can do it.” Jim smiles and says,
don’t worry . . . I can tell that you are a little slut who likes
to fuck . . . and all cock-sluts enjoy pleasing a man with
whichever hole he wants to use.” I give Jim a sad puppy-dog
look and respond by moving to the night stand and getting
some lube.”

I hand him the bottle and say, “I am yours to use for your pleasure
Sir. Please be sure to lube me up real good . . . and I beg you
to please remember that it is my first time taking a man inside
of me there.” Then I turned around on my hands and knees and
moved my ass where he could reach it from the side of the bed.

Jim then parted ass cheeks and poured a generous helping
of lubricant into the crack of my ass. I jumped at the coldness
of the slipper liquid and Jim responded with a chuckle.
While his fingers began lightly probing my butt-hole he
said, “Just try to relax Kelsey, I will be gentle . . . ., ”
then with a mischievous tone, “ . . . at first anyway. Once
you get comfortable and relaxed . . . then I will pound your
ass until my cock is pumping cum deep inside your virgin

I felt one of his ease into my pucker ass . . . with steady pressure,
I felt him push it all the way in. I moaned as he moved it around
sum and the pulled it back out. Next he added more lube and
I he opened my anus up a little more with a second . . . then
third finger. In a low, lusty voice I said, “ahhhhh Sir,
that feels so good . . . I never thought this would feel so
pleasurable.” I heard him chuckle again and as he gently
. . . but oh so firmly “forced” all three of his fingers as
deeply as they would go . . . he said, “I told you all fuck-whores
enjoy being fucked in all their holes.” I cried out as my
asshole accepted his penetrating fingers . . . not loudly,
but enough to let him know that he was filling my up.

I said, “That makes me feel so full . . . . I am still a little
worried about your huge man-hood Sir . . . yet, your fingers
feel so good . . . I am ready to try now.” Jim then pulled out
and I heard him open the bottle again. The squishy noises
he made as he lubed up his hard cock let me know he was well
lubed. Then, I felt him positioning himself behind me .
. . felt the pressure of his cock-head on my tight sphincter
. . . his free hand reached for my hips and his strong grip
held me in position. He started pushing harder, and moved
his cock a little . . . working to gain entry . . . I caught my
breath a little as I felt my ass start to open-up to him . .
. I imagined that this was the first time I had taken him .
. . I wanted to please him with a realistic performance of
an “anal virgin.” Then I felt a shock of stabbing pain as
his cock head “popped” into me. I jerked forward, against
his grip and cried out with a little anguish in my voice,
“Sir, please stop . . . oh it hurts . . . you are so big . . . I think
you might split me open if you don’t stop.” I squirmed a little,
but did not fight hard enough to really try and break his
grip . . . I felt his other had grip my waist on my other side
. . . “Sir, please . . . I beg you . . . uhh, it hurts. . . but I want
you . . . ohh Sir . . .ohh . . .” I then whimpered a little, but
slowly stopped my struggling. Jim said in a firm voice,
“You know you really want my cock . . . just relax for a minute,
getting started is the worst part for you . . . if you relax,
you will soon be begging me to push more of my dick inside.”

After a pause, I quieted down . . . and I felt Jim’s grip on
me tense . . . then he started to push his cock deeper . . . in
one slow, steady stroke my ass began swallowing his manhood.
I knew he was watching as his cock stretched my ass . . . I wondered
what it would be like to actually watch him do this to Kelsey
. . . or some other woman . . . I heard a low grunt deep in his
throat as my tight ass began to grip him. I whimpered, “You
cock is so big . . . you a filling me up . . . oh my God . . . ahhh
. . .”

We both gave a deep sigh when his cock finally bottomed out,
balls deep in my ass. He said, “Oh yes Kelsey, your ass is
so tight . . . it feels so good . . . my cock is all the way in now
. . . do you really want me to stop?”

I pretend to believe that he could actually stop now and
use a concerned tone . . . “No Sir! Please don’t stop . . . please
fuck my ass . . . I want you . . . I need you to fuck me . . . fuck
me hard . . . please Sir . . . please . . . .”

That was all it too . . . we gave ourselves to the sex . . . we
quit “pretending” and suddenly it felt like I was Kelsey
. . . like Jim was a stranger using me for his pleasure. His
groans . . . his forceful thrusts deep into me . . . I could
tell that to him, I was a strange . . . I was Kelsey . . . in his
mind I was a young woman he had never had before . . . a woman
was his to control . . . who saw him as a powerful man.

Jim lasted about 5-min then as he pushed himself into me
as hard as he could . . . I came . . . his cock bucking inside
my ass as it spurted jisum made wave after wave of orgasm
sweep through my body. We fell forward, him still inside
me . . . laying heavily on my back . . . his spent cock still
griped by my ass . . . a feeling of release flooding into us.

After awhile, I got-up and used a warm wash cloth to clean-us
up. I kissed Jim and told him, “Thank-you Sir, you gave me
the best fucking I have ever had. Now you should go home to
your wife though . . . I am just a plaything for you . . . she
is your true love.”

I then put on a robe and went to the Kitchen . . . I got us a drink
of cold water and went back to the bedroom. I said “well Jim,
did you have fun with Kelsey?” He smiled in reply and we cuddled
. . . as we drifted off he told me, “hun, you are the love of
my life . . . without a doubt.”


The next morning, over a private breakfast in bed, I tackled
the subject that has been worrying me for so very long. “Jim, ”
I said, “I am sure you remember our conversation in the truck
on the way home for you to be with Kelsey. I think it is time
for you to open-up to me and let me feel like you are really
being honest with me. Don’t worry about hurting me, I have
told you what I would need to get over any mistakes you may
have made. Also, believe me when I say that if you have fantasies
about other women . . . I want to know about them . . . maybe
even explore them . . . if you are honest with me and agree
to my conditions.

You know, if having a strange woman every once in a while
is something you really want . . . I can see it happening,
as long as she knows she is just a casual fuck for you. I would
have to be there, and you would have to make love to me right
there in front of her . . . tell me you love me . . . tell me thank
you for letting you have her . . . say that she is just a fuck
toy to you . . . all right there in front of her while you were
inside of me.

Of course you would also have to agree to letting me fuck
another man . . . and I would abide by the same conditions
if I decided to do it. I really don’t know if I would want to
have another man . . . but you would have to at least prove
to me that you are willing to let another man do to me the things
you actually do to another woman.

Ok . . . so I have said my piece . . . oh, and remember . . . the
kind of fantasy game we played last night was just a sample
. . . if that is as far as you want to go, I am good with that .
. . I just need to feel like you are honest with me now.”

So have you ever cheated on me Jim?”

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excellent story! when you need another man call me.
thanks for a hard-on, wheeles


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My husband and I had a similar experience in Atlanta, I just
didnt think about buying the G String. Good story. We had
the same fantasy


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This is a very good story. Is he going to give her an answer?
It's hard to believe a woman would think of something
like this.


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What's with all the '...' shit. You need to
spend more time on you grammar and less time on typing period.
Oh ya try writing in a word processor and use spell checker.

The story was good but with all the difficulty in trying
to read it, it sort of lost it's punch. Ultimately leaving
me soft instead of rock hard.