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The Embassy (bi:group)


Adam Stringer had been around. He had served a four year
hitch in the
Marines most of which had been spent in the American Embassy
in Tokyo
as Liaison Officer to the Ambassador. At one of the many
parties at
the embassy he had met Nobu and Shoko Takada about 3 months
after his
tour of duty started. They were a wealthy, middle aged couple
who had
taken a liking to him and had become very friendly. Actually,
than friendly, since the Takadas had introduced him to
threesomes and
bisexuality during the course of their friendship. It
had happened one
night after a party at the embassy when Nobu had suggested
that Adam
come back to their place for a nightcap or two and what followed
was a
wild night of sex during which Adam sucked his first cock
and found
that he loved it almost as much as pussy. After that night,
he spent a
lot of his free time at the Takada's home in the Tokyo
suburbs and they
introduced him to many exciting bi men and women of all ages.

Both Nobu and Shoko were very attractive people and both
were fairly
tall for Japanese, although not quite reaching his 6'3"
height, and
very well built in all respects as he had found out that first
with them. They were very free sexually, and surrounded
with people who enjoyed the same lifestyle. This was very
unusual in
Japan as in most cases the husbands were wild sexually but
their wives
either knew nothing about it or didn't want to know.
Over the years,
the Takadas had cultivated a fairly large group of couples
and singles
like themselves and managed to introduce Adam to most of
them. Shoko
was constantly prodding him to find a nice girl and get married
and had
managed to introduce him to a few single women but, although
he liked
them, he wouldn't consider settling down with them.
Sometimes, while
he was down eating her pussy and Nobu was nibbling on his
cock, she
would be running her hands through his hair and trying to
think of some
young girl he would really like.

One day, while he was at his desk at the embassy, Shoko called
and asked
him to dinner that night as she had someone coming over that
she wanted
him to meet. She sounded genuinely excited and he told her
he'd be
there about 7 pm. The maid showed him in and led him into the
Sitting on the couch with Shoko was the most gorgeous creature
he had
ever seen and his breath was cut short for a moment by her
Shoko was a beautiful woman but this girl made her beauty
pale by
comparison. She was wearing a short skirt and tight sweater
and her
full breasts were straining against the material. She
and Shoko stood
up as he approached and he saw that she was tall as a Japanese
and had
what looked like a sensational figure. Shoko introduced
Mashiko and
told him that her family had just returned from a government
posting in
France and that she had recently graduated from the Sorbonne
in Paris.
As they shook hands, he felt the vibes and just knew that
she was
someone special as far as he was concerned. From the warmth
of her
greeting, he assumed that she must have felt the same way
and they hit
it off from the start.

During dinner, she told them of life in Paris for the last
three years
and made some innuendos that let them know she was no virgin.
dinner, as they sat in the library sipping cordials she
suddenly said,
looking at the Takadas, "I want to talk to you very
frankly and hope
that you'll take what I say without being angry with
me. I'm not the
same little girl that left here three years ago. I met some
people in Paris who showed me some wonderful things that
I've embraced
fully. I'm telling you this because I know about you
and my parents.
I sneaked downstairs, or at least to the first landing,
a few times the
year before we moved to France. and watched the four of you
have sex in
the living room. You have no idea how much that sight turned
me on and
when I watched my father suck Nobu's penis while mother
was sucking
you, I had a fantastic orgasm. All through my time in Paris,
constantly thought about those sex sessions you four had
and would
fantasize about them in the middle of having great sex.
I know both of
you for practically all of my life but since I watched you
having sex,
all I want to do is to have sex with you and hope you're
not mad at me
for peeking. As far as Adam is concerned, I would love to
get together
with him also and if you agree, I'd love to have a foursome."

Adam was stunned listening to what she was saying and couldn't
his ears when she included him. Shoko never said a word as
she slipped
out of her dress and walked up to Mashiko and asked if she
would help
her out of the rest which only included bra, panties, black
garter belt
and black stockings with high heels. Mashiko smiled happily
at her and
caught her breast in her hand and bent to kiss it exclaiming,
"It seems as though I've been waiting for this
for ages. Let me help you out of
your clothes as I want to worship every inch of your body
and while I'm
doing you it would be nice to feel what Nobu's cock feels
like inside
me" and, as she slipped out of her clothes, Shoko sat
down on the
couch and Mashiko settled herself between her sexy thighs
and began
kissing and licking her sweet labia and lifted her ass in
the air
presenting it to Nobu who immediately took advantage of
it and rubbed
his crown into her slit, which was considerably wet already,
and fed it
inside her comfortable cunthole. Adam was standing next
to him with his
erection standing straight out so he twisted his head and
caught the
crown with his lips and pulled him around so he could suck
properly. As he noisily slurped on Adam's organ, Mashiko
turned her
head and watched him eat cock for a moment and said, "If
I wasn't so
busy sucking this most delicious crotch, I would love to
watch you two
suck each other." "Don't worry",
Nobu said, you'll be seeing it a lot
from now on."

Nobu loved sucking cock and it showed as he sucked it lovingly
and as if
he needed it to survive. As he nursed on Adam's crown,
he played with
his balls and continued stroking into Mashiko's deep
hole. Adam heard
the sexiest sounds he had ever heard as Mashiko came. Her
voice was
muffled by Shoko's pussy but the tone made his penis
jerk in Nobu's
mouth and before he knew it, he was shooting his cum and Nobu
gulping down each load as it shot out. While he was feeding
Nobu his
cum juices, Nobu's organ swelled and he began spurting
hot cum deep
inside the wonderful cunt as Mashiko pushed against him
to get more.
Just as his last spasm ended, Shoko let go and wet Mashiko's
face with
her copious juices and the four of them stayed locked together
for a
while until Shoko asked if they could all get up as she had
to visit
the ladies room. They sat back and Nobu refreshed their
drinks and
Shoko returned. Mashiko looked at Adam and asked, "Do
you get together
with Nobu and Shoko often?" He told her that he's
only been with the
embassy a short time and they started having sex a couple
of months
after he met them. She asked if that was his first experience
with a
bisexual couple and he told her that they took his virginity
since he
had never sucked cock before and Nobu showed him how good
it could be.
"I want to watch you suck Nobu. I was tremendously
turned on watching
Nobu suck you and now I'd like to watch you do him."
He told her that
he would not disappoint her and that, sometime before the
evening was
over, he would suck Nobu who was his first cock and therefore,
first love. Then he added, with a smile, "Of course,
I'll only be
doing it because you want to see it, not for myself."

As they sipped their drinks, Mashiko told them about the
friends that
she had met in Paris. Some of them were American students
but most
were French and all were very sexual. A French college professor,
from her school, taught her to love sucking pussy and a French

businessman taught her the techniques to satisfy any man
but the
biggest turn on for her was to watch two men having sex while
a woman
was going down on her. As she talked, Adam was eating her
up with his
eyes and, as soon as she finished the sentence, he arose
and walked up
to her. She arose as he approached and, without a word, they
into each other's arms and kissed. Their hands roamed
all over their
bodies and then Adam lifted her in his arms and lowered her
to the
carpet as their lips stayed locked together. They took
turns sucking
on each other's tongues and then he trailed his lips
down her neck to
her fully erect nipple and sucked the enlarged, hard flesh
into his
mouth. He ran his tongue over the rigid button and treated
it like he
would her clitoris and found that she was responding beautifully.
he licked down over her stomach and pressed his lips to her
mound of
venus which was covered with a very short black fuzz. When
he got down
to her slit, he was in heaven! The first thing he noticed
was her
aroma which had his cock throbbing, and then her taste which
magnificent. He licked her labia and her clit, which started
to peek
out from her hood. Each time his tongue caressed her little
she would cry out "Oh God, that feels good!"
and quiver a little. When
he dipped his tongue into her hole, she would lift her hips
to meet it
and gasp as he sucked out her juices. Then he raised himself
up and
fit the head of his cock to her waiting cunthole and thrust
it inside
as she gasped in pleasure. "Oh, I love the feel of your
cock inside
me. Give me more. I want to be filled with your penis and never
you to take it out." she cried. As he stroked back and
forth, he
glanced over and saw Nobu and Shoko watching them while
playing with
each other and it sure was a sexy sight. Mashiko saw him glance
them and looked over and saw what they were doing and said
to him,
"Would you like them to come over and join us"
and when he agreed she
asked if he would prefer cock or pussy. "I always enjoy
sucking cock
while I'm fucking a sweet pussy." he answered
so they lay down on their
sides and he continued stroking into her as Nobu came over
and lay down
and offered him his beautiful, thick, fully erect organ
to suck on to
his heart's content. Shoko got comfortable alongside
Mashiko and had
her rest her head on her thigh as she fed her pussy to suck.

Adam was in heaven from the wonderful sensations that Mashiko's
was giving him as well as the immense pleasure he was deriving
sucking Nobu's beautiful penis. His penis was a thing
of beauty. It
was thick and long and had a big sloped crown with a very pronounced

ridge all around it and Adam loved wrapping his lips around
the ridge
and licking up Nobu's precum which he considered nectar.
He nursed
lovingly on the irresistible crown and fed on the delicious
oozing out onto his tongue. At the same time, his penis was
caressed by an absolutely wonderful and talented cunt
since she
contracted around his shaft as he withdrew and was milking
his organ as
they fucked. He heard Mashiko mumbling about how delicious
pussy tasted as she talked without removing her lips from
the sweet
cunt and Shoko stroked her head and told her, "I love
the way you suck
me, Mashiko. I want you to know that you can have my pussy
anytime and
anywhere you wish." and Mashiko mumbled her approval
as she continued
nibbling on the swollen labia and rigid clit.

Shoko was the first to reach Nirvana as she held Mashiko's
head tightly
to her cunt and fed her a constant flow of her juices in one
spasm after another. This seemed to trigger Mashiko as
her body tensed
and her cunt gripped his organ tightly as she convulsed
in orgasm. Her
cunt was contracting around his thick shaft and he felt
his orgasm
rapidly approaching and let himself be carried away by
pleasure as his
organ started shooting hot cum deep inside Mashiko's
gripping pussy.
Just about the time he let go, Nobu cried out and gripped
Adam's head
tightly as he fucked his mouth and his penis started spurting
his cream
down Adam's throat. Adam backed off a bit and caught
the second spurt
on his tongue so that he had a chance to enjoy its flavor before

gulping it down. He kept nursing on the sweet cock long after
the last
spasm and slowly they all started to move and Adam withdrew
his penis
from Mashiko and they all lay back to rest. He realized that
there was
something very special about Mashiko as far as he was concerned.
woman had so captivated him before. He loved being around
her and
having sex with her was so utterly fantastic, he couldn't
believe it.
As they lay there a moment still resting, she was looking
at him also
and their eyes locked and something very special traversed
the space
between them and somehow he felt even closer to her than

Nobu refreshed their drinks and as they relaxed Shoko said
to Mashiko, "
We're going over to your parents' house tomorrow
night. Would you like
to join us?" Mashiko told her that although she was
turned on by watching the four of them have sex, she would
rather not
join them and didn't think her parents would be comfortable
Shoko said that she understood and then asked Adam if he
would like to
join them and meet her parents. Adam declined out of respect
Mashiko as he didn't feel it would be right for him to
go. Mashiko
looked at him with approval in her eyes and squeezed his
hand in
thanks. Since it was getting late and Nobu had an important
meeting in
the morning, they decided to call it a night. Nobu told them
that his
chauffer would drive them both home but Adam told him that
he had his
car outside and would drive Mashiko home. After they cleaned
up and
dressed, they said their goodbyes to Shoko and Nobu and
made plans for
the four of them to get together again over the weekend.

As Adam drove her home, she rested her hand on his thigh and
electricity between them caused his cock to awaken and
he asked her not
to do that while he was driving as they might wind up wrapped
around a
telephone pole and neither of them wanted that. She pulled
her hand
back immediately and then blurted out, "I had an absolutely
time tonight and hope you feel the same way." He told
her that he felt
it was very special and that he couldn't wait until
they see each other
again. "How about tomorrow night?" she asked.
"Nobu and Shoko will be
having sex with my parents and I'm sure they'll
let us use their
place." He heartily agreed and she told him that she
would drive her
car there this time so that he didn't have to make the
long drive out
to her house in the middle of the night. After pulling into
driveway, she asked if she could play with his cock for a
minute before
going inside and he unzipped and withdrew his already semi
erect organ
and balls and lay back as she fondled his equipment lovingly.
grasped his thickness in her hand and looked into his eyes
and said, "I
love this cock of yours and can't seem to get enough
of it." Her words
sent him on a wonderful high as he loved hearing her say that
and he
leaned forward and brushed his lips over hers as their tongues

intertwined. "Will you please feed me some more of
your delicious cum
before I leave?" she asked. He told her that his penis
was hers to use
as she wished and he would love to be sucked to orgasm as it
will give
him something to think about on the long drive back.

The moment her lips closed over his organ, he was in heaven
and told her
so. Her mouth was like magic and as she bobbed her head up
and down on
the thick pole, she pulled on his balls with one hand and
stroked his
shaft with the other. She had him in another world in no time
and he
was surprised to realize that he was going to cum so soon
after all the
action he had tonight. She felt his penis swell in her mouth
and then
start spurting hot cum which she hungrily swallowed as
each load shot
onto her waiting tongue. She drained every drop of cum from
his balls
and tried coaxing out more until she gave up with a shrug.
She looked
at him and smiled as she said, "You better whip up some
more of your
delicious cream before tomorrow night, as I'm going
to be very
thirsty." As he returned his equipment to its place,
he assured her
that she had nothing to worry about since it seems that she
can make
him cum whenever she wishes. She leaned over and kissed
him and as she
turned to leave told him that she would call Shoko in the
morning and
arrange things for tomorrow night.

He drove back to the embassy thinking about how much he owes
the Takadas
for introducing him to Mashiko. He couldn't believe
the way things had
turned out and that he had such strong feelings for her so
soon. After
all, they had just met tonight and he had already investigated
inch of her body and found it fabulous! He adored Shoko not
only for
her beauty and sexual talents but also because she was a
good loving
person and knew how to nurture a relationship and keep it
going. He
thanked the day that he had met Nobu and Shoko as they opened
a whole
new world to him which he loved. Before he knew it, he was
pulling up
to the guardshack outside the embassy gates and couldn't
wait to
undress and collapse on the bed.

During the next few months, he saw a lot of Mashiko. They
mostly played
at Shoko and Nobu's house either when they were there
or away. Mash
invited him to dinner at her parents house a couple of times
and they
were very prim and proper, never mentioning anything about
Nobu and
Shoko. In fact, when Shoko's name came up in conversation,
Adam was
sure he saw Mashiko's mother blush slightly. Thoughts
of those two
mixing it up with the Takadas constantly crossed his mind
every time he
had dinner with them and he was sorry that he wasn't
going to be able
to experience either one of them since they did turn him
on. He had
pressed Mash to tell him how well her father was hung and,
from her
description, he knew that he was missing something nice
but, c'est la

He awoke one morning with a huge hardon and dreams of Mashiko
his cock but he decided not to stroke as he wanted plenty
of cum in his
balls since he was meeting Mashiko at the Takada's
later on. They were
in Kyoto for a couple of days and gave them the run iof the
house while
they were gone, as usual. The day passed very slowly for
him but
finally it was time to leave and he got into his car and headed
to the
suburbs. Mash, as he started to call her, had called him
earlier in
the day and told him to meet her there about 7 and that Shoko
arranged for her staff to make a sumptuous dinner for them.
He pulled
into the driveway about five to seven and the doorbell was
answered by
the maid, Mineko, who showed him into the library where
Mash was
sitting with a drink in her hand watching a tv program. When
he walked
into the room, she stood and greeted him with a warm kiss
and loving
hug. "I dreamed about your cock inside my cunt and
I woke up wet and
horny so I had to jill this morning. I hope that you showed
restraint than I because right after dinner, I want to make
you cum all
night and want your beautiful balls nice and full."
And with that she
put her hand over his crotch and squeezed it gently. Just
then the
maid came in and announced dinner so they followed her into
the dining
room and were served a magnificent meal during which they
everything from world politics to how good Nobu and Shoko
Dinner was European style as was almost everything in the
household. Her cook was Italian and turned out fabulous
meals which
Adam appreciated very much. Anyone who worked for Nobu
and Shoko was
very discrete as they came across many things from time
to time that
the Takada's didn't want anyone to know about.
Mineko had once joined
them to make a foursome and was a wonderful sex partner.
She was bi
also and they were able to experience all sorts of wonderful

combinations with her.

After dinner, they decided to have coffee in the library
before going
upstairs and, as they sat there drinking their coffee,
they started
telling each other what they were going to do to each other
as soon as
they get in bed and both of them got horny as hell just talking
it. Mineko came in and asked if they wanted any more coffee
and Adam
told her that were going upstairs now and don't want
any more. She
gave them a knowing look and said, "Don't forget
to call me on the
intercom if you need anything at all." and then turned
and left the
room. Adam took Mash's hand and they walked with hips
touching up to
the bedroom. As soon as the door closed behind them, they
tore off
their clothes and ran into each other's arms. They
held each other
close and ran their hands over each other's bodies
as their tongues did
a mating dance. Adam's erection pressed up against
her stomach and she
looked down at it and then took him by the hand and led him
to the bed.
"Lie down on your back so that I can have my desert,
please. I
purposely didn't have any cake because I knew I would
be having your
cock for desert so please feed me, my darling. Your poor
girlfriend is
starving for your delicious penis." and he spread
his legs and ran his
hands through her hair as she bent her head to have her desert.
had anyone sucked his cock as beautifully as Mash was doing
right now
and he gave himself up to her completely. She owned him at
that moment
and all he wanted out of life was for her to never stop sucking
He rewarded her efforts by feeding her a huge amount of cum
as spasm
after delicious spasm wracked his body and fed her the desert
she so
craved. After making sure that she got every drop, she lifted
her head
and gave him a satisfied smile as she said, "Now that
was the best
desert in the world! Franco Brunelli in Rome couldn't
create anything
more delicious!"

She told him that she was very horny from sucking him and
would love to
get off. "Lay back and relax, my darling. "Now
it's my turn to have
some desert and I can tell you right now that Brunelli couldn't
get close to matching the flavor of your delicious pussy."
he told her
as he settled himself between her spread thighs and dipped
his tongue
into her wet slit to lick up her tasty nectar. As his tongue
between her labia, she gasped and held her pussy against
his mouth as
she moved her hips sensuously and ran her hands through
his hair. Just
then, there was a knock on the door and the butler, Yoshi,
stuck his
head in and asked if there was anything he could get for them.
As a
long time employee of the Takadas he was used to the sexual
scenes in
the house, whenever they had guests, so was not in the least
to see Mash being eaten. She was in another world as Adam's
tongue and
lips were playing a symphony over her pussy and anus and
motioned Yoshi
to come over next to her. She reached over and unzipped his
fly and
reached in and withdrew his cock and balls. Yoshi was a short
guy with a weightlifters build and his cock was exactly
like that also.
It was fairly short but very thick and had a huge crown which
found exciting. She pulled him closer and flicked her tongue
over the
tiny slit in the head which drew a gasp from him. Then she
nursing on his cockhead as she slow fucked Adam's voracious
mouth. She
loved sucking cock while she was being eaten. In fact, she
eating pussy while she was being eaten also so as long as
she sucked
something, she was happy. Right now, she was off on planet
9 as she
sucked deeply on the thick penis and fed Adam her clit to
suck. Yoshi
was a moaner and gasper and he was doing one or the other all
her sucking. Adam looked up as he nibbled on her erect clitoris
watched her suck that thick beauty and got the urge to suck
it also.
He lifted his head and asked if she would like to switch places
him as he would love to suck Yoshi's cock. Reluctantly,
she let his
fireplug slip out of her mouth and groaned at the sudden
cold air on
her pussy as Adam stood up and helped her to her feet.

He put his arms around her and they kissed a deep, beautiful
soul kiss
before breaking and getting down to their new positions.
Adam lay back
and gave himself to the mouth that began to do wonderful
things to his
cock. He loved the way she sucked him and let himself be taken
on a
beautiful trip during which he spotted a very thick and
very suckable
cock and guided it to his lips as he began to suck Yoshi's
organ. As
his lips closed around the thick crown, his tongue found
a huge drop of
precum that had just oozed out of the slit and he found it
delicious so
he kept feeding on the nectar and teasing his big balls to
coax out
more. Mashiko had him in another world from which he never
wanted to
return especially with that beautiful penis in his mouth.
He loved
cock as much as pussy and was really enjoying the thick piece
of meat
in his mouth especially with Yoshi moaning and gasping
each time he
moved his mouth around. Then Yoshi started breathing heavy
and placed
his hands on Adam's head as he fed his penis to him. Adam
felt the
shaft swell in his mouth and backed off a bit to capture his
jets on
his tongue as he loved tasting it before swallowing it.
Yoshi had a
wild series of spasms which shot load after load into Adam's
mouth and Mash lifted her head from his penis as she envied
him for
drinking all that delicious juice, and then went back to
the cock that
she found was getting to be very special to her. Adam felt
his orgasm
approaching and held Yoshi's softening penis in his
mouth as he fed his
to the fantastic mouth that was driving him wild. Then he
drew the fat
cock deep in his mouth as his organ started shooting jets
of hot cum
into Mashiko's fantastic mouth. It took a while for
him to come down
and then he let Yoshi's penis slip from his mouth as
Mash lifted her
head and smiled at him saying, "That was one beautiful
session, darling
and it looks like we both enjoyed what Yoshi fed us for desert.
you Yoshi, you can return to whatever you were doing now"
and he bowed
and, after straightening his clothing, turned and left
the room
thanking them both and bowing all the way to the door.

They looked at each other with smiles on their faces for
a long time
after Yoshi left and sat down on a comfortable couch opposite
the bed.
Adam went to the bar and made them some refreshing drinks
and turned to
her asking, "How did you actually feel when you watched
your parents
having sex with Nobu and Shoko?" She smiled ruefully
and told him that
when she first watched them it was exciting and when her
father and
Nobu started sucking each other, she went wild as she had
never seen
two men before. As she watched, she said she started to have
feelings for a while but when she saw how much they were enjoying

themselves, she let her sexual cravings take over and masturbated
watching them. She thought that her mother and Shoko were
together and loved watching them do each other. "But
no matter how
much it turns me on, I can't see myself mixing it up sexually
with my
parents and I really don't think they would allow it
or want it
anyway." she told him. They decided that, since it
was getting late,
they better start heading home as he had an early appointment
and she
had about an hour's drive. As they washed up and dressed,
they made
plans to get together again the day after next and Adam asked
her to
meet him at the embassy as he would like to introduce her
to his
associates and show her his quarters.

On the appointed day, she pulled into the embassy driveway
and the
Marine guard passed her through with a salute since Adam
had left her
name on the visitor list. Now that he was in his element,
in his
familiar surroundings, he was thunderstruck when he saw
her come into
the main foyer. She was absolutely gorgeous and he knew,
at that
moment, that he wanted this woman for the rest of his life.
introduced her to the Protocol Officer and some of the deputy

assistants and secretaries and then led her upstairs and
introduced her
to the Ambassador. After a short pleasant chat with him,
Adam took her
to the third floor and opened the door showing her in with
a flourish.
"My quarters, Madame." he said. "How
many women have you had in that
bed, Captain?" "The truth is none. I would never
bring a women for sex
here at the embassy." he told her. "What about
me? You brought me
here!" she prodded him. "I didn't bring
you here for sex." he said.
"Well then, why did you bring me here?" she asked.
He looked at her
thoughtfully and then said, "As a matter of fact,
I want to ask you a
very important question. Will you marry me?" She
looked stunned for a
moment and then a big broad smile lit up her face as she put
her arms
around him and kissed him with a big, "Yes, yes, yes!
If you didn't
ask, I was going to propose to you!" she added. He asked
her if she
realized what this meant. "From now on my cock will
be the only one
you play with and no one else including women. Do you understand?"
said with a straight face and she burst out laughing which
made him
break up also and they held each other close for a few moments
the feelings coursing through their bodies.

" I would love you to fuck me right now" she said.
Adam didn't hesitate
a moment and started to undress as he walked to the door and
locked it.
When he turned, she was spread eagled on the bed on her back
and he
never saw a more beautiful and exciting sight in his life.
His penis
was fully erect and swaying from side to side as he approached
the bed.
"I'm already very wet so please put that gorgeous
tool of yours inside
me, right now", she pleaded and he rubbed his crown
between her labia
petals and into her pink wet hole. She was very wet and warm
and his
organ slid in slowly as he looked into her eyes and fed her
his thick
erection inch by excruciating inch. Her face was screwed
up in passion
as his cock slowly filled her vagina and she started to whimper
moan about how good he felt. Her cunt had a mind of its own
wrapped itself around his shaft and milked it each time
he moved even
the slightest bit. She always sent him off on wonderful
trips and this
was no exception. Her pussy was bringing on a beautiful
orgasm and he
gave himself up to the pleasures he was experiencing. Then
his thick
organ exploded in her cunt and hot jets of cream shot into
her depths
as he shook in spasms until he finally quieted down and his
stopped jerking inside her. As he was coming down, she started
shake and quiver as her orgasm struck and she pushed herself
against him as her juices flowed over his penis. They stayed
together for a while until, Adam suggested that they get
dressed and go
back downstairs before the embassy is abuzz with gossip.
When they
were dressed and presentable, they went back downstairs
and he
introduced her to some of the other people that worked with
him and
then took her to lunch at his favorite restaurant near the

They were having dinner at Shoko and Nobu's tonight
and he told her that
he was glad he decided to take the day off considering the
occasion it turned out to be. After lunch they went shopping
for an
engagement ring and talked about when and where they would
get married.
Mash told him that her parents had an inkling that something
was up
from her actions and had been questioning her the past few
days. When
they left the jewelers, she took out her cell phone and asked
him to
wait a moment as she had to call her mother and tell her the
news. It
looked like her mother approved since Mash was laughing
in happiness
and when she got off the phone, she told him exactly that
and that both
her mother and father were very happy for them. Then she
looked at him
and said, "Wait until Nobu and Shoko hear the news!
I can't wait to
tell them when they return!" she gushed. They stopped
in to a coffee
shop before heading back to the embassy to get their cars
and talked
about their future. She asked Adam how long he would be at
the embassy
and he told her that it would be at least another two years.
that, I'll have to decide if I want another four year
hitch or take a
discharge." he told her. "Talking about discharges,
I can't wait for
yours tonight!" she said with a coy smile. He told
her that they would
have to discuss the pros and cons of leaving the Marines
for the
private sector but, under any circumstances, he would
be heading back
to the States so she should plan on living there, wherever
they decide
to settle down. It was about time to leave so they headed
back to the
embassy and he asked her to follow him in her car as they drove
to the
Takada mansion.

They fought their way through the usual heavy late afternoon
traffic and
finally pulled up in the driveway laughing because they
had called each
other constantly on their cells all through the drive and
it was almost
like being in the same car together. Mineko greeted them
at the door
and told them that dinner would be ready soon per Mashiko's

instructions. They went into the library and poured themselves
a drink
when the phone rang and Yoshi told Mash that Shoko was on
the line for
her. She picked up the phone and listened for a moment before
out laughing and thanking Shoko and Nobu for their congratulations.

Then she handed the phone to Adam who listened as Shoko told
him that
Mash's parents had called them at their hotel in Kyoto,
all excited,
and told them the news. She told her that, when they heard
the news,
they cancelled a morning meeting and will be home tonight
around 10 so
that they could all celebrate and Mash cupped her hand over
the phone
as she told Adam that Shoko and Nobu would be home tonight.
Just as
she was hanging up, Mineko walked in and announced dinner.

Dinner was delicious, as usual and they went into the library
to have
some coffee and continue their never ending discussion
of their future
life together. Adam noticed that Mash's eyes were
following Mineko
around the room so he asked her if she would like to invite
her to join
us upstairs and she smiled at him and said, "You read
my mind
beautifully. Wouldn't you enjoy having her join us?
He nodded his
agreement and called to Mineko who was on the other side
of the room
straightening up the bar, "Mineko, would you like
to come upstairs with
us? Both of us guarantee you a good time." "Of
course", she replied,
I thought you would never ask!"

He asked her to lead the way and they headed up to their room.
Mash was
squeezing his hand as they walked and both their eyes were
riveted to
the gorgeous undulating ass in front of them as Mineko put
on a show
for them. They undressed as soon as the door closed behind
them and
Mash was the first one on the bed. She called to Mineko to
lay down on
her back between them as they wanted to feast on her for a
while before
they do anything else. Now Mineko was a pretty girl, almost
looking, but her body was wicked! Large, full breasts capped
extra large nipples, flat stomach, great thighs and legs
and a fabulous
ass. Nobu and Shoko knew how to pick them because she was
Mash parted her thighs and called Adam over to share the
sight. The two of them gazed at the delicate labia which
looked like a
Georgia O'Keefe painting and Shoko tweaked the little
button which was
just peeking out of its hood as Mineko sighed and moved her
hips up.
Adam could see that Mash was working herself up to sucking
beautiful cunt before her so he moved up and brought his
lips to
Mineko's and slipped his tongue between them as he
ran his hands over
her full breasts and hard nipples. He dipped his head and
began to
suckle her breasts and bite gently on her erect nipples.
By this time,
Mashiko had been running her tongue up and down the sweet
slit enjoying
the nectar flowing from the pink hole and Mineko was gasping
moaning as she had one hand on Mash's head and the other
on Adam's as
he sucked her nipples. "Please don't stop, either
of you, I'm going to
cum in a minute!" she said as she raised her hips and
fed Mash more of
her vagina. Her body shuddered and she emitted a low growling
moan as
she wet Mash's face with a flood of her juices. Mash
had a surprised
look on her face as Mineko's cunt erupted in a series
of spasms
spurting white cream with each quivering spasm. She covered
the hole
with her mouth and tasted the offering which she found very
pleasant so
she fed on each load as it spurted out onto her tongue until
Mineko collapsed back on the bed and she pulled her mouth
from the
wonderful crotch.

Adam was horny as hell as Mash had been playing with his erection
sucking Mineko so as soon as she got up, he moved over in between

Mineko's sexy thighs and inserted the head of his penis
into her still
throbbing hole. It slid in smoothly and she gasped, "Ohhhhh,
feels sooo gooood. Fill me with your cock, I can't wait!"
As he fed
her more of his meat, Mash straddled her head and lowered
her crotch to
Mineko's waiting mouth and he heard her say, "What
a gorgeous pussy! I
want to bury my face in it and smother myself in it!"
and then he
heard her moans as Mash rubbed her crotch all over her mouth
watching Adam fuck her.

"Well what do we have hear?" he heard Nobu say
and turned to see them
standing in the doorway. "What are you waiting for,
an engraved
invitation? Come join us!" he said to them. He was
stroking deeply
into Mineko's fabulous cunt when Nobu came over after
undressing and
cupped his balls in his hand and told him he would very much
like to
feed on his cum when he's ready as he's very thirsty
from the trip.
Adam smiled and looked down at Mineko and told her that her
boss wants
his cum so he can't fill her with it and she pouted and
asked if she
could have it some other time and he assured her of it and
stroking as Nobu played with his balls and coaxed him on.
Shoko came
over and kissed him on the cheek as she slipped her hand down
them and felt his tool as it slid into the wet pussy. Then
she leaned
forward and captured Mash's nipple between her lips
and began sucking
on it like she was feeding. Adam felt his orgasm coming on
and warned
Mineko that he would pulling out in a moment so that Nobu
should be
ready for his feeding. Nobu covered his organ with his mouth
moment Adam withdrew it from her pussy and it started spurting
his cum
almost immediately thereafter as Nobu swallowed each
load with relish
and kept sucking deeply on the thick penis to get more. When
cock started to soften, Nobu got up and took his place between
thighs and fed his penis into her waiting cunt. She sighed
in pleasure
as she sucked Mash's pussy to orgasm. When Mashiko
recovered, she
lifted herself off Mineko's face and Shoko took her
place. Mineko's
hungry mouth covered her employer's cunt as she sucked
deeply on the
sweet meat and lifted her hips to meet her boss's thrusts.

"Now that's what I call a good employer-employee
relationship!" Adam
said as he and Mash watched the sexy threesome. Nobu had
his stomach
pressed against Mineko's and his cock deep inside
her as he lowered his
head and licked his wife's clitoris whenever it presented
itself since
she was fucking Mineko's mouth. The three of them seemed
lost in
pleasure and then Shoko announced her orgasm and bore down
on the
voracious mouth as she shuddered and shook in orgasmic
pleasure. Then
Nobu felt Mineko's cunt tighten around his shaft and
felt her press
against him to get more cock as her juices flowed down and
covered his
penis. The warmth of her wetness covering his cock sent
him over the
edge and he began pumping load after load of cum deep inside
quivering pussy. When the three of them finally parted,
Adam and Mash
brought them something cool to drink and all sat back to
relax a while.

"Congratulations, you two! Mineko, did you know
that they're getting
married?" Nobu asked her. She seemed surprised and
congratulated both
of them. Nobu suggested that after they rested a while,
the three of
them spend the rest of the evening pleasuring Adam and Mashiko
they were the "guests of honor". Mashiko smiled
at Adam and told him
they would be honored. Shoko told Mashiko that it seems
as though her
parents are thinking about having the wedding at their
house and she
had suggested that the reception be held at theirs and smiled
at them
as she mentioned that they would party all night. Mashiko
warned that,
as his bride, she had to have his first load of the wedding
night and
would decide at that time where she wanted it. They all gravely
as if it were a written law and then Shoko asked Mash to lay
back and
relax while she, Nobu and Mineko pleasured her. She told
Adam to relax
and watch as she wanted him hard and horny when it was his
turn and
then turned back to the delightful and inviting sight of
Mashiko and
bent her head to soul kiss her as Mineko licked her labia
and Nobu
sucked her nipples.

Watching the three of them pleasuring his woman, Adam's
penis slowly
began to rise even though he had recently emptied the contents
of his
balls into Nobu's wonderful mouth. Besides, his cock
had a mind of its
own and always stood up to look around and see what kind of
action was
occurring. After an orgasm or two, he found that his penis
stayed hard
for a long time and he experienced all the same sensations
but was
nowhere near cumming. He was a favorite with the entire
group who
called him "Perpetual Motion" or "PM"
for short. Right now, he was
sitting back and lightly stroking his beautiful erection
as he watched
Nobu get up on his knees and rub his beautiful, sloped crown
in Mash's
wet slit and tease her clitoris with it before inserting
the tip in her
pink opening and thrusting himself inside. Shoko was sitting
on her
face and feeding her every part of her crotch to suck and
he heard
Mash's muffled gasp as his thick cock filled her hole.
Mineko was
nibbling on Mash's nipples and fingering her clit
as Nobu stroked
smoothly in and out of her wet cunt. The sexy, swishing sound
Nobu's cock moving in and out of her vagina, along with
the slurping
sounds Mash was making as she voraciously sucked Shoko's
pussy made it
sound like a sexy symphony and was a real turn on. To see people

really enjoying sex with each other is a beautiful sight
and he was
surprised to see a drop of precum ooze out of his slit since
showed he was almost ready for action.

Then Shoko cried out and ground her crotch into Mash's
face as she
started to shudder and shake as her orgasm struck. Mash
was licking
her cunt furiously and sucking up every drop of juice Shoko
fed her and
then began quivering herself as her orgasm overcame her
and she wet
Nobu's thick shaft with her juices. When Nobu felt
this, and saw his
wife go into such a beautiful orgasm, his cock swelled and
shooting jets of cum deep inside Mash in spasm after wonderful
Adam watched as the three of them went to Nirvana around
the same time
and then realized that Mineko was the only one who didn't
orgasm. When
Nobu and Shoko disengaged and lay down alongside Mashiko,
Adam called
out to Mineko to come over as he had something for her. He
had covered
his crotch with a pillow and when she stood in front of him,
he pulled
it aside with a flourish displaying his beautiful erection.
face lit up, "That's a most beautiful sight and
exactly what I could
use right now. May I please sit on it?" He told her to
face him as he
wants to look at her face and into her eyes when his penis
is moving
around inside her and she complied. As she lowered her cunt
onto his
thick, hard pole, he watched the sexy expression on her
face and the
glazed look in her eyes as she took each inch inside her.
She moved
beautifully and it felt like her cunt was massaging and
milking his
organ with each motion. He leaned forward and managed to
capture one
gorgeous nipple between his lips as she continued slow
fucking him.
Then her motions began to become faster and faster until
she was
humping his cock like a bucking bronco and he could hear
Mash and the
others calling out sexy things to them in encouragement
Her eyes
suddenly opened wide and an expression of pure joy covered
her face as
he felt her cunt contract around his shaft and her body convulsed
in a
wracking orgasm. When she came back down after her long
trip, Adam
told her to go over with the others and rest and he'd
be right over.

As he approached the others, Nobu told him that it was his
turn in the
barrel and asked Mash to please rise and allow Adam to lie
down in her
place. The three of them conversed in Japanese for a moment
and then
Nobu told him that it was decided. Mash and Shoko would start
off on
his penis while he is going to feed his cock to him and Adam
told him
that it sounded great to him and suggested that they get
started and he
lay back with his legs spread. Nobu straddled his body and
got on all
fours as he fed the head of his cock to Adam's waiting
lips. Adam
loved the smoothness and texture of Nobu's crown and
loved nibbling and
sucking it and, as he wrapped his lips around the beautiful
head, he
felt tongues flicking all over his crotch from his cock
shaft to his
anus and balls as Shoko and Mash diligently teased him.
Then he felt a
warm mouth encompass his organ and heard Shoko encouraging
Mash to suck
it good and that she can't wait for her turn. The two
gals shared
sucking his cock for some time and he busied himself sucking
every part
of Nobu's gorgeous cock from his swollen crown to almost
all the way
down to his pubic hairs as he deep throated the beautiful
penis. Then
someone sat on his cock and he glanced down to see Mash start
his organ like she was riding a horse while Shoko sucked
on her nipples
and played with her breasts. He loved this stage of sex that
he was
in. He was hard as a rock and had a wonderful cunt doing wonderful

things to his cock as he sucked the delicious penis in his
mouth and he
was nowhere near cumming.

After some time, he heard Mash cry out that she was cumming
and felt her
pussy tighten around his shaft as she quivered in spasm
after spasm
until she quieted down and Shoko asked her to please get
up as she
couldn't wait to have that beautiful erection inside
her and, as soon
as Mash lifted herself off Adam's thick cock, Shoko
lowered herself on
it with a big sigh as it filled her cunt. Adam was lost in the

pleasures she was giving him and what he was getting from
sucking the
gorgeous cock in his mouth. Nobu had his head back and eyes
closed as
he experienced the wonderful sensations that Adam's
mouth was providing
and when he happened to look down for a moment, he saw his
impaling herself on Adam's thick penis and the look
on her face as each
inch filled her was driving him wild. He began fucking Adam's
like it was a cunt and totally lost himself in the pleasures
it was
providing. Suddenly Shoko cried out in orgasm as she shuddered
bore down as far as possible on the thick organ filling her
cunt. Adam
felt his penis bathed in hot juices as she continued shaking
for some
time while keeping his penis deep inside her. He sucked
deeply on
Nobu's penis as it slid in and out of his mouth and down
his throat.
It felt wonderful and tasted even better especially when
a big drop of
delicious precum was deposited on his tongue when it oozed
out of the
slit. He loved feeding on Nobu's precum as it really
tasted delicious
and he considered it nectar. When Shoko lifted herself
off his
erection, Nobu told Adam that, since he was nowhere near
cumming yet,
he'd like to take his turn and sit on Adam's cock
for a while and asked
if one of the girls would please come over and sit on Adam's
face to
give him something to do while he was fucking him and Mash
immediately mentioning that Shoko had just cum so she would
gladly do
it and came over and straddled his face as Nobu smeared the
tip of
Adam's penis with KY and put some on his anal opening
as he lowered his
asshole to the beautiful erection and fit the crown to his
hole. The
head popped inside and he heard a gasp as Nobu allowed more
and more of
the thick penis to fill him and his moans were a very sexy
addition to
the scene. Mash was feeding him different parts of her crotch
to lick
and suck as Nobu moved up and down on his cock. Then he felt
hands on his balls and felt a finger smoothly slide into
his anus and
he was lost in the pleasures he was getting from all ends.

Nobu was breathing heavily and moaning as he fucked Adam's
thick penis
and his cock was standing straight out and throbbing as
he moved. Adam
reached down and grasped the thick shaft in his hand and
stroking it as Mash ground her cunt into his face. Soon he
heard Nobu
gasp and felt hot cum spurting over his chest and stomach
as he drove
his tongue deep inside Mash's hole. Nobu's ass
tightened around Adam's
shaft, with each spurt of his cum, milking Adam's penis
and, at the
same time, Shoko's fingers found his prostate which
she started to
massage causing his organ to erupt and start spewing hot
cum into
Nobu's ass just as Mash cried out and bore down on his
mouth and wet
his face with her orgasm.

After they all calmed down a bit, they decided to call it
a night as it
was quite late. Mashiko had told her parents that she would
be staying
over at the Takada's and would see them the next day
so she and Adam
went their room and cuddled as they drifted off into a deep
Just before dropping off, Adam thought about his future
with Mash and
considered himself one lucky guy to have someone like her
to spend the
rest of his life with. He looked forward to starting a new
life as a
married man and sharing wonderful and exciting experiences
with his
gorgeous Mashiko.

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This brings back a lot of memories with Aya our
Japanese exchange student. We are going to have to arrange
for her to come and see us, real soon.
Thanks for a wonderful story, keep them coming.


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Thanks for the comments Josh & Beth