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The Drive


He had been anxious all day because today was the day. He
left work early and quickly had the car in top gear and travelling
a steady ten Ks over the limit.

She was just a short seven hour drive up the road. A road that
was dual lane all the way and not too heavily laden with traffic.
‘Should be a smooth run’ he thought.

The only problem seemed to be an internal one in so much as
every time he thought of her he got a little excited. He didn’t
need to be thinking about sex, just her. Not a problem normally
but driving and stuck in the sitting position it could get
a little uncomfortable.
“I shouldn’t have worn tight jeans”, he muttered to himself
as he crept the speed up another couple of Ks. ‘No cops about’
he thought.
“Trouble is these jeans make my butt look so good” he said
to no-one in particular. He smiled at himself in a confident
way that he knew would disappear once he met her.

They had never meet face to face before but he knew that this
felt right. Well, good at least and right if he managed not
to stuff things up today. How would he recognise her? He
had seen a photo but they could be hard to translate to real
life particularly if you were a bit flustered, sweaty from
the excitement of the moment and just plain nervous that
you would do something silly. Still that was his style generally.

Perhaps he would ring and ask her something that would help
him in those first few moments. But what to ask. Certainly
not what that other bloke had blurted out. She would never
see him again for sure. Notwithstanding of course the fact
that he wanted her so bad he could taste it.

He knew what he wanted to ask but of course that would also
take a little guts or perhaps humour. Of course, even if
she told him, knowing the colour of her knickers wouldn’t
help him recognise as far as he could tell.

He slowed the vehicle slightly as it had crept up to the point
where they just might lock him up if they saw him. Funny what
excitement can do for you. ‘Settle down’ he told himself
without moving his lips, ‘it’s just a cup of coffee and unless
you spill it all over her or in your own lap you will probably

The first forty minutes went much like this with similar
thoughts continually circulating through his mind along
with pictures of her in various very cute outfits. Those
damn jeans soon put a stop to those each time though.

A quarter of an hour to go according to the signs and he really
started to wonder what would happen if he didn't recognise
her. Would she be angry? Who knows. He dialled the number.

It rang.

He put his ear piece in.

It rang.
He checked the number on the screen.

It rang.

He began to panic

She answered.

“Hello” a familiar voice over the phone that he hoped he
would get to know in its true dulcet tones.

“Hi, it’s me, ” nervous “What colour knickers have you
got on?” He blurted out before he could stop himself. One
of those moments where you know what you are about to say
a split second before you let it out but its too late. You
try to stop it but out it comes. “What colours knickers are
you wearing?”

She took it in her stride though. “Red, babe.” She answered.
“G string as I know you love them.”

Embarrassed but still alive he continued on with meaningless
conversation as she laughed at his stumbling way with words.

When he hung up he was only two minutes from the rendezvous.
Nervous but feeling better. Then he realised, he hadn’t
asked her anything else that would help him in that first
instant. That moment when all hung in the balance.

He pulled into the car park and quickly found a spot to park.
He had told her the colour of the car so maybe she would find

He got out and looked around. Nervous was an understatement.
The butterflies in his belly must have been having a hockey
match, and a rough one at that.

Not knowing what to do he checked three times to make sure
the car was locked. Then when he turned to go he looked up
and saw her.

The woman walking his way was absolutely stunning. Class
oozed from every step she took and she had enough sex appeal
to sate ten men. ‘My god’ he thought. He was a religious man.
“My god, what a stunner.’ Actually he thought something
else but this story is rated G after all.

She was wearing a short skirt that showed off the majority
of her legs and a tightish blouse that accentuated her breast
to the max.

She walked straight up to him and as his heart beat on the
inside of his chest like ti was trying to get out and take
her for itself he tried to open his mouth and say something
just right. Nothing came out. Not even ‘what colour knickers
are you wearing?’

He was about to chastise himself for being so stupid when
she just walked straight by him.

“Thank god I didn’t say anything” he muttered under his
breath as he turned around to get one last look at the sexiest
arse he had ever seen before moving on.

She turned at the same time and seeing his eyes following
her caboose she smiled widely then turned back to face him.
They were both still between his car and the car beside.
He was now even more embarrassed that he had been caught
watching her bum.

Her smile turned into a laugh as she raised her skirt to reveal
her red knickers.

He was floored. Such outstanding beauty standing there
right before him had suddenly turned into the sexiest scene
he had ever witnessed.

Her eyes travelled to the uncontrollable bulge in his jeans,
which were now becoming his friend in keeping things together
at least, and she smiled in appreciation. She was impressed,
not so much at the size of the bulge although she had seen
a lot worse, but just at the fact that she had that effect
on him. She had been waiting for this moment with as much
anticipation as he had and was feeling very much in the same
vein now, but of course her excitement was not visible to
the naked eye.

He walked towards her, mouth dry and not knowing what to
say or do. He had been through this moment a thousand times
in his mind and he wanted so much to get it right, Should he
hug her, maybe give her a kiss on the cheek? Nothing too strong
to begin with, he didn’t want to ruin something that held
more promise to him than anything he could think of right

As he got close she dropped her skirt, allowing it to regain
it’s more traditional position. He hardly noticed though
as his eyes were now very firmly focussed on hers and for
the first time he thought he recognised something less
than the complete confidence she had displayed until now.
She was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on
and he could see now that she was very much keen to engage
with him.

He had thought all along that he wanted to hug her on arrival,
to be close to her, to smell her hair and her perfume. These
were things he knew would live in his memory for ever more.
He knew that holding her in his arms he would be able to feel
her body through her blouse and that this would give further
rise to the beast that he would have to control. Should she
feel how he was reacting she may not be impressed but how
could he hide it?

They were within touching distance now. He knew it was time
to make some decisions.

“Hi there, so we finally meet.” He blurted out with little
self confidence and a great deal of excited nervousness.

“I have been thinking of this moment all week.” She replied
in a voice almost matched to his in its crackling tones.


One more step each and they were very close. He couldn’t
help himself. He reached out and took her in his arms. Suddenly
a quirky poem called dating that he had written some years
before came to his mind but as she sunk into his embrace he
instantly knew that this was not going to be one of those

She accepted his embrace readily and as she allowed herself
to sink into him and almost be swallowed up to the point where
they were almost one he got the first faint whiff of her hair.
He was in paradise he thought. Things could not possibly
get better.

A first hug should be a quick affair, more polite than anything
else. Simply a way to say hello and show there is a level of
comfort and intimacy between tow people. This was not a
regular first hug. It seemed to both of them that it would
never stop and neither one cared too much to change that

He moved his head back slightly to look into her eyes and
she responded by looking deep into his. It was as though
she was begging him to kiss her and he felt under her spell.

Their lips meet, gentle at first, like two people who cared
a lot for each other and wanted to let the other person know.
Her lips meet his and he felt a fire burning throughout his
body. A spark had crossed from her to him and vice versa.
Without warning the kiss became more urgent. Both seeking
the other out, a kiss not of people who cared deeply about
each other, rather a kiss between two people who wanted
each other, craved each other. A kiss of two people who had
to be joined as one and share everything their bodies had
to give. Electricity seemed to flow from his fingers and
course through her body and at the same time her desire flowed
from through her clothing and into his body. Flowing through
him, searching out his heart and his soul.

A kiss so intense, a moment so perfect, that people on the
street stopped at stared. Most people never got the chance
to experience what they were now looking at as they never
allowed themselves this greatest of pleasures.

No longer was he unsure, no longer nervous, but his problem
with his jeans was now a very big one.

They had come for coffee but somehow they now felt as though
they had shared a hundred coffees.

“Forget the coffee babe, let’s go back to my place and be
comfortable.” She almost pleaded, the need inside her
to be with him was so strong now.

He imagined her again, red G string and a sexy bra. He knew
from their long embrace that she was indeed wearing a bra
and he just knew it would be sexy and a matching red. He wanted
more than anything to go back to her place but he couldn’t
bear to let her go. Not even for a moment. She felt so right
in his embrace.

He followed her in his car, the whole time promising himself
that next time he came to see her he would wear loose fitting

Everything seemed to be a blur to him. They were again kissing
but this time at her place. That was the only change though.
The passion was still there in the same levels. Their lips
seemed to be a perfect match, made for each other. His hands
traced lines across her back and he could feel her soft skin
through the blouse. Somehow the blouse just seemed to disappear
and beneath she wore a red bra just as he had pictured. Her
skirt dropped to the floor and he was once again struck but
the fact that she was more sexy than anything that he had
seen, live, in film or on paper. He knew he was unusual in
so much as he was the only man in the world right now that was
getting this view. No-one else could ever imagine the beauty
he saw before him at this moment.

She relieved him of those troublesome jeans at long last
and felt a surge of freedom and relief. This was not something
you planned nor something that either of them expected
to happen. They were simply following a path that was clearly
mapped out for them. Taking his hand she led him to the bedroom.



Now that he was free of the jeans it seemed his body (or parts
thereof) wanted to now escape his underwear.

He held her close to him again and the kiss had the electrifying
effect it produced earlier. They were both now down to underwear
and he could feel her nipples reaching out to him through
her thin lacy bra. They somehow felt as though they were
reaching out, searching for him, wanting to connect with
his body, skin to skin. They were alive and wanted to taste
the droplets of sweat that rolled down his chest now and
taste the desire that flowed within them.

He undid the bra and let it drop to the floor. He had never
done that task with so much ease in his entire life and he
realised that everything that had led to this moment was
meant to be. Her breasts now pressed against his chest and
the touch of her bare body on his was almost too much for him
to hold in. His will power would have to be strong.

He cupped one breast in his hand and naturally the fit was
perfect. He traced lines across her nipple as he stared
with joyous wonderment at the beauty each breast held.
He had released himself from the kiss in order to watch the
beauty unfold before him and now he leaned loser again and
kissed her neck. His kisses traced a line down her body until
he reached he pert breast that still beckoned him on. He
took her in his mouth and sucked ever so gently to begin with.
The taste of her breast was better than any tonic he could
have found on any continent of the world. His tongue began
to flick her nipple now and the breath that escaped her mouth
was light but unmistakable. He could feel her passion on
the back of his neck as her breathing altered with every
stroke of his tongue. His hands caressed her body as he continued
to be engrossed her perfect breasts.

She led him now to the bed and they lay down next to each other.
He moved onto his knees and gently started to kiss he chest,
then her belly. He stopped to explore her button with his
tongue, darting in and out, amazed at how she tasted so different
from one point to another and how each taste was just as it
should be. He could smell her aroma now as it released itself
and sought him out, beckoning him to continue and to taste
the truly wonderful nectar that he knew was now only inches
away. She had removed his underwear and he was now so hard
that he though he would soon burst.

His kisses reached her panty line and beyond. She was now
losing control herself as he removed the famous red panties
and let his kisses replace them. Her hips moved involuntarily
off the bed as she tried to get the very best from the man she
had suddenly realised was perfect for her. Everything
fitted, everything felt so good. She knew he was nowhere
near finished and she hoped this would go on forever.

It was as though he had swallowed a potion that made the world
into paradise. He moved between her legs and the long sweeping
strokes of his tongue had her moaning with pleasure. Her
taste was exquisite and the more he drank the more she flowed.
He had dreamed of how magnificent she would taste but even
his dreams had not prepared him for this. He felt he could
stay there forever. His tongue found her most desirous
area and he took it gently into his mouth sucking her in as
deep as he could. His fingers now followed her lustful stream
until they found the opening and reached in to the source.
He worked the wall of this amazing cavity as he sucked on
her and within minutes she had climaxed. Heaving on the
bed she appeared spent but his tongue reached for her again
and flicked her red desire continually until she again
screamed in unison with her release.

He was over her now, more ready than he had ever been. Slowly
he positioned himself as she welcomed him to her. Together
they moved as one and complimented each other with such
a passion that the lust that had coursed through both bodies
now combined to create an energetic, hectic performance
that even mother nature would have believed possible.
His own sheer hunger for the woman he was united with drove
him on and as she reached the heights of her pleasure once
me he joined her and exploded inside her.

So worn out they were unable to move they simply lay in each
others arms for close to an hour.

She was asleep in his arms within minutes, obviously comfortable
in his arms. He simply lay there and watched her.

Naked breasts slowly rising and falling with each breath,
nipples still semi pert perhaps a sign of what she was thinking
as she dozed. The amazing lovemaking they had just experienced
would take a while to wear off.

He thought she looked so beautiful lying there, naked,
relaxed, naked, peaceful, naked.

He brushed the hair back behind her ear so he could study
her face more closely. Although she had been the most sensual
person he had ever seen he still hadn’t realised just how
beautiful she really was.

He could feel himself rising again and smiled to himself.
He was never this quick to recover under normal circumstances.

It must have been nearly an hour that he lay there just watching
her sleep. His hand occasionally tracing lines over her
body and each time his fingers rode over her breast she produced
a smile. Asleep or awake she had a wonderful smile and he
was addicted to that smile. He could tell himself all sorts
of things about what had happened and what would happen
in the future but deep down he knew he could never be without
that smile.

Eventually she woke and looked up at him, her eyes betraying
the way she felt and he was pleased. She reached out and pulled
him to her and he was astounded at how aroused he became at
her touch.

“Would you like something to eat sweetie?” She asked, thinking
he might need his strength if she was lucky.
“That would be great thanks babe.”
“How about cherry ripe mini muffins?”
“My favourites. I am a very Licky man.”
“Ohh yes babe, you really are.”

She put on a fresh pair of knickers, the new style that looked
a little like the shape of some mens underwear but of course
much more lacy and sexy. They were a patterned colour of
pinks whites and maroons. He thought again how sexy she
looked and knew she looked that way no matter what she wore.
His mind wandered a little and he found himself thinking
of her in stay ups. White stay ups. He knew he would not be
able to keep his hands off her then, he was having enough
trouble now.

In the kitchen she was preparing the cakes and a drink and
he walked up behind her and took her in his arms. Her back
to his front, he pulled her close again and she could feel
his desire pressed up against her. She immediately wanted
him again, her juices flowing so freely it surprised even
her. He kissed her neck and she lay back into him accepting
everything he had to give her. His hands cupped her breasts
and her nipples responded instantly. His kiss moved to
her shoulders and then the shoulder blades. He wanted to
explore every inch of this woman, know every inch of this
woman intimately. His kisses reached the small of her back
and she had to put her hands on the bench to steady herself.

His hands now caressed the front of her legs as his kisses
once more reached her panties. It seemed she was not destined
to wear panties for very long at all today. His kisses reached
her bum at the same time his fingers reached the first drops
of her wetness. She was now very much braced as the lust she
felt for him reached dangerous proportions again. His
tongue explored her with unrelenting eagerness from back
to front and as he delved deeper she leaned forward over
the counter to allow him to go where she so desperately wanted
him to go. The moment her juices touched his tongue he was
again astounded at the exquisite taste that was her. This
time though he had no time to drink from the cherished cup.
He stood tall again and his hardness was now pressed up firmly
against her. She opened her legs wider and allowed him to
enter her wetness from behind.

The entry was always wonderful but today it was indescribable.
Heaven. He worked deeper and deeper inside her as she pressed
back against him, his manhood becoming stronger and stronger
with each deep thrust. Writhing in pleasure they continued,
he was strong and in no rush now. His pure passion and animal
lust had caused him to be a little quicker than he wanted
the first time but now he was past that and it was all about
her pleasure. The moans of pure lust that escaped he body
let him know she was truly enjoying this and wanted him to
take as long as he liked. The more he pressed himself into
her the more she responded. She wanted him, needed him,
had to have him release within her. The rhythm became frantic
as they both reached breaking point again. She could feel
him grow to the point of release within her and as she sensed
his imminent release her own climax rushed on her from deep
within. They came together and she could not contain the
scream of pleasure that escaped her lips.

Sated once more they sat together and ate the muffins and
drank coffee.

She looked at him with longing eyes once more but she knew
that all the longing in the world would not allow either
of them to rise once more.

“I think I need a bath sweetie. Care to join me?”
“What, naked?”
“Completely my sweet, completely.”

The bath took long enough to draw for them to have another
drink and talk about the weather, childhood, family and
anything else that came up in such a short time. Of course
he kept the humour going as he loved to make her laugh, loved
to watch her laugh.

She hadn’t bothered to put panties on again this time as
she figured they would only end up in the wash after a very
short time. Besides, she was running out of sexy panties
and she didn’t want him to see her in the comfy ones just yet.
That’s not to say the sexy ones aren’t comfortable, just
that she didn’t want to wear the kind of knickers her grandma
wore while he was here.

She checked the water temperature and he watched her every
movement. Entranced by the flow of her body and when she
bent over the bath he was absolutely engrossed. ‘I have
never been so completely taken by a woman that I couldn’t
look away’ he thought to himself. ‘You would think that
after all the lovemaking tonight I would be satisfied but
I just can’t get enough of her.’ He wondered if he should
tell her that. He smiled at that thought because it reminded
him of his favourite saying when he was young. ‘If you want
a woman so bad you can taste it, tell her about it. It might
just do the trick !!’

She turned and looked at him again. A broad grin covering
her face, so pleased that he was still watching her, wanting
her, finding he attractive enough to ogle on her. She knew
this was special.

He knew this was special.

She slipped into the bath with such grace, such poise that
he found himself wanting her again.

He joined her in a far less graceful way but she watched him
all the way in as well.

Sitting at either end of the bath they chatted and looked
into each other’s eyes. He wanted to always meet her gaze
but his eyes kept travelling to her breasts. They were just
above water line but when she moved in certain ways they
were temporarily submerged. The water glistened as it
beaded on her breasts and hung from her nipples. Swollen
nipples that were in danger of cracking if he continued
to caress and kiss them as he had been. And wanted to.

They moved from time to time to keep comfortable and his
foot ended up between her legs. She smiled. He moved his
toe over her in a couple of slow movements and she pushed
herself toward him. They still wanted each other so much
but they were human after all. She was wet, wanting to take
him just once more before he left to drive to God knows where
but she also knew they would both be swore tomorrow as it
was. His toe continued to caress her and she marvelled at
how he could make her feel so sexy, so horny, with nothing
more than his toe.

She closed her eyes and let his toe move gently over her,
teasing her, enticing her juices to flow once more, but
she knew it was a simple pleasure this time. Funny though,
it didn’t seem to matter. The fact that he wanted to touch
her and she wanted to feel his touch was enough. That his
touch made her feel the way it did was a bonus, a divine bonus.

They dried off and sat on the couch together arms around
each other knowing the time to say goodbye was getting close.
They were comfortable of course because they knew this
was not the end but the beginning. Their worlds would now
never be the same. The loneliness they didn’t even know
they felt would somehow never be part of their life ever

The drive was uneventful apart from the fact that she never
left his mind for more than a few seconds at a time. He was
better prepared this time and wore loose fitting shorts.
A much more comfortable experience.

He arrived at the motel and found himself wishing they were
booking in together. Perhaps one day, he thought.

The room was lonely and empty and he decided to write to pass
the time. Eventually he was tired enough to go to sleep and
as he drifted off he whispered into the vacant room “Good
night my sweet, ‘til we meet again.”

He awoke in the morning, her taste still on his tongue, her
scent on his fingers and her smile and sexy body clear in
his mind. He was fully erect in seconds as his mind drifted
to its pictures of her from yesterday. His hand needed to
touch something but as it slowly made its way to his hardness
it changed direction and picked up the phone.

He dialled her number hoping she would be awake. She had
said she was an early riser and lord knows he had certainly
risen this morning.

“Hello?” Her familiar voice travelled down the line to
“Hi babe, just ringing to say good morning.”
“Thank you, that is so sweet.”
I was thinking of you all night. I woke up wishing you were
here with me.”
“Me too.”
“I wanted to kiss you as you lay next to me.”
“In the bed.”
“No silly, where did you want to kiss me.”
“I wanted to start on your lips.”
“Just start?”
“Yes, I am so horny thinking of you. I wanted to kiss your
neck, your shoulder, take your breast in my mouth and suck
gently on it, feeling your nipple harden as I did so.”

She was already excited and her hand touch her semi erect
nipple, wishing it was his hand. She teased the nipple slightly
and let it grow.

He heard a slight moan on the other end of the line. “Are you
okay babe?”
“Yes, sorry. You are just making me very horny. It is difficult
to control when I hear your voice.”
“So what are you doing?”
“What do you mean?”
“Are you touching yourself?”
“Yes, playing with my nipples, but I wish it were you not
“Then close your eyes my sweet and imagine your hand is really
my hand. Do everything I say and I can also close my eyes and
picture you.”

She closed her eyes and imagined the touch she felt was his.
She knew how she liked to be touched, god knows she had pleasured
herself often enough. This time however it was different.
She felt him through her own hand.

As she traced a line slowly, gently, over her belly down
toward her legs she knew it was him, not her that was turning
her on. Her hand reached her pubic her and played there for
a moment just as he was describing. The hand then travelled
to the side slightly and to the top of her leg avoiding contact
with her clit and pussy. She so desperately wanted him to
touch her there. She knew she would be extremely wet.

He then moved her hand over and as she contacted her soaking
pussy lips for the first time she had to gasp for breath.
Her own hand had never felt anything like this before. It
felt as though both he and she had control, two hands as one.
She opened her legs wider to allow full access and her fingers
traced lines over her outer pussy lips before moving to
the inner. She desperately needed him here now. She wanted
his tongue, lusted for his breath on her pussy. She slid
two fingers inside her now and they entered with extreme
ease. She was soaked just at the thought of him. Her hips
moved up off the bed as her mind told her to push towards him.
Take more of him. Her fingers moved slowly in and out then
she removed them altogether and moved to her clit taking
her juices with her. Her clit reached out to take the juices
hungrily, it felt so good as she made herself wet there.
She continued to move form pussy to clit transferring juices
and building excitement. So far she had done as he had said
but as her excitement built she dropped the phone and her
other hand began to assist.

One hand now played with her clit as the other searched her
inner walls for that perfect spot. Her mind now was so tuned
that there was no question the hands belonged to him. Her
back arched, she writhed with pleasure, every touch of
his hand so welcome as her hunger for him was fully released.


In one huge moment her climax descended on her and she erupted
from within, her passion exploding and filling her with

He was on the phone still and somehow knew exactly what was
happening. His hands had moved just as her had. He knew the
moment she was about to climax and he joined her in that ecstasy.

She couldn’t talk for lack of breath but he understood.

He waited until she recovered. “Thank you.” She spoke in
stages, still effected by her a shortness of breath.
“It was truly my pleasure.” He replied and blew her a kiss
down the line.
“I am imagining you hugging me right now and it feels so perfect.”
“I am holding you so close I can feel your heart beat, babe.”

He felt like he could not get enough of her and hoped she felt
the same. He had been nervous that first meeting but now
he was struck by pure excitement each time he thought of
her. Had she been all he had hoped that meeting? All that
and more. He knew he had to see her again on the way home and
this time he would be the proper gentleman. A meal, conversation,
wit and anything else she might desire.

He had woken that morning full of enthusiasm and as soon
as he could leave work he did. He chose not to wear jeans this
time and almost gave away the underwear as well but in the
end he figured he needed to have things contained and not
having to make adjustments to alignment as he drove.

He reached the town in good time and drove straight to the
prearranged meeting point. A small intimate restaurant
on the edge of town. When he entered she was sitting there
waiting. Her face radiant, lit up by a broad smile that made
it appear a ray of sunshine had picked her out and was highlighting
her to the world.

They ate and talked with a gusto that belied their feelings
for each other. Both knew that although they dearly loved
the company of the other and the conversation being shared
they also had a longing to share their bodies completely.
Sadly though he had to drive home that night and their time
was almost at an end. They walked hand in hand to the car and
he marvelled at how such a simple thing as holding her hand
could make him so happy. At his car they stopped and looked
into each others eyes. An awkward moment when both desperately
want to kiss the other but are too shy to be the instigator.
Today though there had to be a kiss, a kiss that would last
until the next time they met.

She learned toward him only slightly but it was enough to
plant the seed. He took her in his arms and pulled her close.
Their lips meet and the familiar desire welled up in each
of them. His tongue sought out hers and they danced the open
mouthed tango to a faster beat than would normally be recommended.
The urgency of their desire lit a flame beneath them that
would not be extinguished ever.

His hands caressed her body beneath the sheer black dress
she had chosen. He had no doubt her lingerie was sexy and
matching but he wanted to see it, to feel it anyway. So passionate
was the kiss that they didn’t care about the fact they were
on the street. His hands slipped underneath her dress and
stroked her leg higher and higher. Her moan went directly
into his mouth and was lost on the ears of those who stood
close by.

His hand now reached her knickers and he could feel her wet
lust seeping through the thin material. She had chosen
a black G string with matching lace bra. He would have chosen
exactly this too had he selected for her. The growing crowd
was hushed as he gently removed her knickers. She arched
her back in a movement that showed how much she wanted him
now. He let his fingers explore her wetness and allowed
them to be soaked in her juices before he knelt before her.
She lifted her dress and gave him full access and his tongue
hastily searched out the nectar it was born to taste. Her
breathing quickened and as she opened her eyes and saw the
people watching on she became more engrossed in his attentions.
The people didn’t matter. It was all about him, all about

He picked her up gently and put her against the car. She unzipped
his trousers releasing him from captivity, then raised
her skirt. He positioned himself and with her help he entered
her once more. Again the feeling as he entered her was so
special and they were together once more as one. She sucked
him deeper and deeper into her, wanting more and more of
the man that had changed her life in the last two days. The
man who showed her that people do feel this way about each
other, there was someone who could make her feel special
and someone that she made feel special.

Their rhythm began to quicken and the gathered crowd now
held their breath as the climax drew close. Woman in the
crowd began to grown wet and men grew hard. Her pleading
for him to give her his all became more desperate and as they
again reached the summit the crowd, also in time, let their
release occur.

Against the car they kissed each other for almost fifteen
minutes before they separated.

Neither one wanted him to go.

“Stay the night with me sweetie.” She suggested with a voice
filled with hope.
“There is nowhere on this earth I would rather be babe.”
He replied

He woke in the morning and watched her as she slept. His hand
gently stroked her naked body and she smiled without waking.
A beautiful picture.

He knew he had to go so he quietly slipped out of bed and showered.
The water running over his naked body seemed to revitalise
him and he knew that he was still under her spell. He stood
for what seemed an age just letting the water wash away his
weariness and making his body feel as good as his heart and
soul felt. He was on top of the world, the beginnings always
did this, but this time he felt it even more so.

He towelled himself off, continually thinking of her naked
body just lying there in the next room and it was no surprise
to him that he was semi erect when he reached that area. He
finished getting dry and wondered if he should wrap the
towel around him in case he ran into her room mate but figured,
‘what the heck, she could do with a bit of excitement.’

He walked back to her room without incident and stood by
the bed watching her naked body, her chest rising and falling
with each breath. She was still smiling and her nipples
looked a little pert to him. She was obviously enjoying
her sleep. He hoped it was him her subconscious was playing
with and deep down he knew it was so. A broad smile spread
across his face and he didn't know why. He assumed it
was a reaction to her relaxed, contented look. He wanted
to reach out and touch her but thought he would let her sleep.
He found a bigish shirt in her wardrobe and a pair of boxers
in her draw. He couldn’t help but notice all the sexy knickers
she owned as he took the boxers from their resting place
and this made him extremely happy.

Dressed in the most boyish clothes she seemed to own he went
to the kitchen and made breakfast. Eggs, bacon and toast
were all just dished up when her daughter staggered out,
awoken by the aroma of breakfast so he handed her his and
took the other to the bedroom.

The smell of breakfast seemed to be the trigger to wake her
and as she rolled over and looked up at him her face broke
into a broad grin. “And you cook as well.” She said cheekily.
Her smile sent butterflies through his stomach.

He sat on the bed and watched her eat the first few bites then
asked, “Coffee with that?”
“Thank you, but aren’t you eating?”
“Gave it away to an eleven year old girl who looked awful
She laughed, “And she saw you wearing that?”

He had forgotten he still had her clothes on but they were
after all the most manly he could find. He vowed to go shopping
this morning. Her underwear was spectacular but that was
on her and there was no way he was wearing it.

She ate heartily while he gently kissed her cheek and neck
and let his fingers wander over her naked body. She felt
a warmth inside her at his gentle touch and hoped today would
never end.

As he kissed her neck he recalled all the different tastes
and scents that she had, every inch of her body having its
own individual fragrance. His nostrils took in the familiarness
of her neck and shoulders and he felt as though he had known
her forever.

They showered together and were unable to keep their hands
off each other and although it was quick the love making
in the shower was extremely enjoyable.

They dried and dressed, she in a pair of jeans and a low cut
blouse and he in his clothes from yesterday as a temporary
measure until he shopped. Standing in the bedroom again
he put his arm around her and it felt so natural. He pulled
her close and she buried her head into his upper chest and
shoulder. He knew nothing would ever compare to this simple

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