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The Dream


You enter the doorway of a dimly lit bar somewhere
on a little known back street in New Orleans. The bar is a
typical neighborhood bar off the gayly lit Bourbon Street,
smoke filled, dirty, filled with worn-out prostitutes,
beautifully dressed transvestites and an assortment
of misfits and drunkards. You, however, are anything but
typical. Standing in the doorway, your long, flowing hair
is backlit by the dingy streetlight creating an aura about
your head crowning your exquisite beauty. It is a hot and
humid summer night and I can see the heat in your moistened
skin glistening in the light.

You wear a black, silk sleeveless blouse which dangles
from your shoulders by fine spaghetti straps. The silk
clings to your slightly moisten body showing your every
contour from your slender waist to your ample breasts that
are aroused by your current thoughts of me. Your pants are
skintight, supple, black, Italian leather that seamlessly,
meld into the top of your black high heal boots. The pants
are so tight that they look as though they were painted on
revealing every curve of your body from your long, lushes,
firm legs, to your tight little ass, even giving me a glimpse
of your sweet, hot womanhood. I love those delicious curves.

Your eyes dart around the bar looking for me. You find me
alone in poorly lit booth in corner of the room sipping a
long necked bottle of bud. My eyes look towards the door
and lock on yours. Instant electricity is felt between
us. Your sensuous brown eyes want me and you can tell from
the look in my eyes I want or should I say I lust for you as well.

You walk across the room slowly swaying to the nondescript
jazz music being played on the juke box. Every man in the
place wants the beauty that just entered the bar but it is
clear that tonight none will have her but me. You put a quarter
on the pool table next to my table then slowly saunter over
to me whispering in my ear.

“How ‘bout a game mister?” “What are we playing for?” I ask as you select a long, thick
pool que and wrap your fingers around the tip. “Your body, we are playing for who owns your body tonight,
you or me?” You say as you playfully dance back over to the
table. “Rack ‘um, ” I answer and select the perfect que for myself
long and thin.

Ten minutes later, it’s your turn and the only thing left
on the pool table is the eight ball. It is perfectly lined
up to be sunk in far corner pocket. You bend over the table,
your back side to me, as you line up the last shot. All I can
think about is how wonderfully your leather pants shape
themselves to your ass. A smooth, swift stroke, the balls
click together and the game is over. I was wiped out. Oh well,
I my ego can not be completely dashed because it is only the
beginning of the evening and as you put it “you now own me
tonight”, which definitely going to be a great way to stroke
my ego.

I signal my driver to get the car, take a long, last gulp of
my beer, grab your arm and lead you to the door. Outside under
the street lamp my car waits. The driver opens the door for
us. We get in and as you slide into the huge back seat, you
bend over which allows your silk blouse to separate from
your body giving me a perfect look at your bare breasts.
They are incredible. Two pure white orbs of pleasure stand
before me. Each breast is perfectly shaped, round, firm
and glistening from the heat of the night. The white of the
breast is perfectly offset with red rose color of the nipple
and the surrounding areola. Each nipple is highly aroused,
standing out from your beautiful breasts like the pink,
hard erasers at the opposite end of pencils. They are eagerly
waiting for my lips to surround them and suck them and for
my tongue to envelop them. The size each breast is ideal
for my needs, ample enough to be sucked fully filling my
mouth, but small enough that they are and will always be
tight and exciting. Together they will be focus of much
of my intentions tonight.

I suddenly realize that I am staring at your breasts and
feeling guilty I look up to find you have caught me. But I
am encouraged by your smile that greets me with a knowing
look that tells me that you are excited by my attention.
You sit back in the seat and I slide over next to you. I open
the bar in the back of my car, grab two Waterford crystal
glasses and offer you a drink.

“Have any Bud long necks?” You ask.

I grab two bottles out of the refrigerator, pop them open
and pour each into the crystal glasses. Handing you a glass,
I offer a toast to us and the evening events. You down the
entire glass in one gulp leaving a small dribble of beer
in the corners of your mouth which you lap up with long lushes
tongue. Not to be out done I follow suit, downing my beer.

“Its thirty minutes to my house, please relax, ” I say with
a smile.

Your brown eyes are ravenous for me but having a driver in
the car initially inhibits your desires. You sit a distance
from me. I move towards you but you push me back.

“Now, now, now, not so fast mister lets remember who owns
who here, ” You say with a smile. “But Alley” “No buts mister, this is my night tonight and don’t you forget

You move towards me. Both your hands surround my head, stroking
my hair. Your eyes stare deeply into my eyes and then you
lightly kiss my lips. Your lips are soft and moist. Mine
are the same. Our lips melt together in a passionate embrace.
I move to put my arms around you and tenderly hold you. Our
lips are the center of our desires. We move our heads to gain
new positions for our lips to entwine. Our mouths open and
our tongues enter each others mouths. Our tongues dart
in and out stimulating more passions between us. Our heads
move more feverishly, our bodies move closer, lust is in
the air.

You wrap both your legs firmly around my left leg pressing
your pussy into my thigh. Every time you move your legs I
hear your leather pants stretch and re-contour to your
long, sensuous legs. This drives my imagination to think
of what wonder pleasures the leather between your legs
is going through

You move one of your hands and start unbuttoning my shirt.
Once open, your hand finds my chest and starts to very, lightly
stroke it. You stretch out your fingers and run them through
my chest hairs. Knowing what an incredible sexual stimulus
arousing our nipples can be, the tips of your fingers reach
the nipple of my right chest. You expertly arouse my nipple
by lightly touching, rubbing and twisting the tiny tip
of the nipple. This stimulates our kissing into greater

Our kissing is no longer centered on our lips alone. You
kiss my lips, ears, and neck. It is as if you can not get enough
of me nor can I get enough of you. We are two hungry animals
whose drive for pleasure overwhelms all other sensations.
Your hand slowly moves to the top of my pants and undoes the
restraints to my manhood. Open to the air, fully aroused,
you start to lightly stroke my member with your finger nails.
Very lightly, very slowly, so as to drive me crazy with desire
for you, you stroke me from the base of my shaft to the bulbous

Your head is now buried in my chest passionately engaged
in licking, sucking and biting. You first bath each nipple
with your tongue in long slow exquisite strokes. Then your
mouth surrounds each breast completely and you suck in.
I fill your mouth with my chest and you continue to lick my
nipple with your tongue. I moan your name over and over again.
Your left hand is still lightly stroking my penis but now
your right hand is cupping my balls while gently manipulating
them. You are riding my left leg with your pussy as though
I were a horse. I can feel the heat building between your
legs. I can smell the combination of smells of leather,
sweat and the wonderful scent of the juices emanating for
your pussy. I can hardly wait to taste between your legs.

My hands are now manipulating both of your breasts simultaneously.
I lightly rub only the tips of your nipples by opening my
hands flat and moving, the slightly rough palms of my hands,
in a circular motion over the tips of your nipples. Skillfully
I stimulate your body through your nipples, you feel the
soft roughness of the palms of my hands ever so lightly touching
only the very tips of your hard, erect nipples. The palms
of my hands continuously move so the stimulation of your
nipples never seems to end.

Your legs are wrapped tightly around my leg and you are grinding
your pussy against my thigh. It feels as though you are fucking
my thigh. You are sucking my chest so hard that it feels like
you are going to suck a portion of my chest off. You are still
lightly, ever so lightly stroking my shaft, driving absolutely
mad with desire.

You think why do I not just explode with pleasure right now
right in your hands like so many other men you have pleasured.
I do not because that would be greedy, thinking only of my
pleasure and you know that I will wait for the ultimate pleasure
deep inside you only after you have been totally satisfied
by multiple, deep, penetrating orgasms. You also know
I have incredible self control from sexual experience
we have had in the past and thus know that it will be hours
before I finally release my first explosive pulse of seamen
deep in your vagina.

I am still driving you crazy by lightly brushing the tips
of your nipples with the palms of my hands. I can feel you
tingle with pleasure. You are totally overwhelming me
with your passion.

The car suddenly stops. We have arrived at my home. It is
almost impossible to stop the love making between us. Somehow
we decide that a bed would be more comfortable. We put back
on most of the clothes that have come off as the door opens.
We get out of the car walk across the gravel driveway to a
servant who opens a massive set of double front doors. We
are unable to let each other go. We cling to each other’s
bodies as we walk up the central staircase to the master
bedroom suite of the massive two story colonial mansion
I call home. I open the doors to my suite and lead you over
to an oversized four-poster bed. I close the doors behind
us for the night.

I gently take off your silk blouse and take my time as I fold
and drape it over a chair at the end of the bed. It is hard to
believe that after our experiences in the car that I could
still have this much control. Shouldn’t I be ripping off
your blouse, pants and boots as well as mine and simply fucking
the hell out of you. Our bodies glow with the incredibly
stimulation we have put ourselves through. But I want to
use control and patients to my advantage to further heighten
your passions. I do not want this night to end quickly.

You lay down on the bed fully expecting me to next strip-off
your boots and then your pants leaving your totally available
for my pleasure. But I hold my distance with my body and hands
allowing only my lips to touch you. I know that you crave
to be touched fully, completely, solidly but I want you
to wait I want you to crave even more and finally you will
beg, even cry for me to touch you. Who cares who owns who’s
body as long as there is pleasure?

I bend over and lightly smother each breast in turn with
alternating kisses and burst of my steamy hot breath. I
take what seems like to you an eternity to gently kiss and
blow on each nipple and every inch of the breast. Your move
to force my mouth to touch your harder but I move away thwarting
your efforts. I then move my mouth so that it is centered
over your left nipple. I circle your excited nipple with
my hot, wet tongue. I move over to your left nipple and give
it equal time for pleasure. I then flick the tip of the nipples
with the tip of my nimble tongue. Finally, extending my
tongue from my mouth a slowly lap each breast until each
breast glows and glistens with my saliva. Endlessly, slowly
almost mechanically, I lick each breast from the base of
the cone to the tip of each excited nipple. Using these long
slow hot strokes of tongue your exciting becomes evident.

You moan slightly and I feel a quiver in your body. Yes, I
think, this is just the beginning of your orgasms this evening.
Your eyes are tightly closed and your moaning becomes louder
and deeper. Your body is flush with excitement. You move
your legs so that your tight leather pants ride up your pussy
stimulating your orgasm to reach its peak first peak. You
want to touch yourself with your own fingers to sustain
and intensify the experience. I grab your hands not allowing
you this pleasure so early in the evening and continue to
lick and suck only your breasts. Your legs thrush about
the bed in an attempt to move the leather so that is presses
you as you would have your fingers, rubbing your clitoris.
The orgasm deepens and you struggle to get your hands free.
But my strength is absolute and freedom is not possible.
Finally, the first orgasm subsides and your moaning and
movement cease. Your eyes open and you become totally focused
on me.

You are still dressed and laying on the bed so I have no direct
evidence orgasm that has just occurred. I know that you
want to be touched all over your body, so, I stand up and undo
the zipper on the side of your leather boots. I pull each
of them off in turn. I next grab the toe of each sock and pull,
they release into my hands and I throw them to the floor.
Finally, your pants must come off but between the sweat,
tight fit and the fact that they are leather I have to peal
them off you. They can not resist my desires. You wear no
underwear. So, the perfect body is now naked and ready for
pleasure. The leather has made your legs glow from our passions.
As smells of sweat, leather and your womanly juices are
intoxicating. I lightly stroke your thighs. I stare at
your body with fiery passion.

I now must attend to myself and rip off all of my clothing
readying myself for infinite pleasures. You have always
liked my body strong and muscular.

I stand next to you while you lay on the bed and you stare at
my full erect penis. You want me. You tell me to stand still
infront of your while move to sit on the edge of the bed. I
look down at your pussy and notice moisture starting to
stain the bed. You are highly stimulated, out of control.
Good, my plan is working.

“Don’t move.” You order in a rather low seductive voice.
So I grab two of the four posters on the bed and steady myself.

You approach my penis, open your mouth, soften you lips
and surround only the first inch of my cock. You allow only
the head of my cock to enter your sweet mouth. Your tongue
circles around the head, first clockwise and then back
counterclockwise. Occasionally, your tongue flicks
the center of my cock where ultimately I will eject my sexual
fluids, you are temping them to come. You continue to use
your fingernails to drive me wild. You stroke all the exposed
parts of my cock from my balls to my shaft. I feel my cock throbbing
in your mouth waiting to explode.

You take a bit more of my cock into your mouth and then release.
The first two inches of my cock are now darting in and out
of your mouth. Your strokes at this point are slow but steady.
The difference in temperature and feeling between soft,
wet, heat of your inviting mouth and the empty cool air outside
your mouth is incredibly stimulating. I become more excited
as you allow inch by inch, ever increasing lengths of my
thick cock into your soft, hot mouth. After a few minutes,
that seemed like hours, you finally you have my entire member
in your mouth. You still take it in and out of your mouth slowly
making me anticipate each stroke. But is this fair to tease
me? You see my knees start to buckle as my cock throbs and
you sense it get longer and thicker in your mouth. You start
to suck harder on ever stroke into your mouth. Your pace
increases. You think why does this man resist me and simply
explode with pleasure.

I see you getting more excite. The moisture is dripping
from your pussy. There is a pool of your juices soaking the
bed. Did you have yet another orgasm? I can imagine licking
that pussy right now. I want to have my head between your
legs. I want to smell you, touch you, lick you, taste you
and completely excite you. I want to feel your legs locked
around my head so that I am unable to get away, even if I wanted
to, which you know I would not.

I release myself from your mouth and you look at me mystified.
I lay you flat on back with your legs spread and hanging over
the edge of the bed so that you can fully enjoy yourself.
I drop to my knees and bury my head in your crouch. I lap with
my large hot tongue all around the outside of your vagina
centering on your clitoris. I taste all the wonderful pleasures
of your first orgasms.

I take my time licking you completely. I feel the tension
begin to build again in your body. You seem to especially
love it when I lick you slowly with my board extended tongue.
When I lick you with my tongue starting at the base of your
anus slowly moving to your vagina ending over your clitoris
you clearly quiver with excitement. My hot tongue lap between
your anus and clitoris over and over again. Each stroke
taking seconds, you anticipate my tongue ultimately reaching
your clitoris, with a shiver. You stroke my hair with your
hands while you quietly whisper my name, encouraging me
to continue. Your thighs stiffen and I see juices streaming
out of your vagina. Yet another orgasm begins. You crave
for greater activity from my tongue. Next, I focus efforts on the stimulation of your clitoris.
My tongue gently flicks your engorged clitoris up and down
in quick excited, soft strokes. I stiffen my tongue and
move my head side to side rapidly which moves my tongue left
to right and back again over the top of your clitoris. I circle
the entire clitoris with my tongue. I repeat each of these
actions in turn until I sense you need more than a soft touch
by my tongue. I suck your entire clitoris into my mouth and
holding your clitoris between my lips I lick your clitoris
firmly up and down, back and forth and in circles. I even,
very gently bite your clitoris. You moan my name and the
word please this time.

I am highly excited by your orgasm and want to build both
our excited states. I bore my stiff tongue deep into your
pussy. I am greeted by a low continuously moan. Juices seem
to spurt from your vagina. I hold my tongue deep inside of
you wiggling my tongue back and forth. You grab my head and
press me tight to you in an effort to get me to penetrate you
deeper. Your legs wrap around my head over my shoulders
and lock together holding me in place.

My hands move up your body to find your breasts. My thumb
and forefinger attached to each of your nipples. I expertly
roll your nipples between my fingers and thumb, squeezing,
twisting and pinching them to excitement. I manipulate
them just below their threshold to pain. In this case there
is much pleasure in pain.

I wonder if you can truly feel all of the stimulus I give you?
Can you feel the heat of my steamy breath on your clitoris?
Do you notice that my tongue is now darting in and out of your
vagina like a little cock producing a pool of sweat, saliva
and juices from our continuing rolling orgasm? Are you
at all centered on my hands manipulating both of your breasts?
Or do you feel it all as a blur of stimulation?

I lick you for seconds which leads to minutes which leads
to almost an hour. And you know that I can go on forever licking
you. You taste wonderful and I can sense your pleasure which
in turn gives me pleasure. You moan and grab my hair once
again moving my head back and forth, forcing my tongue deeper
into your pussy. I stiffen my tongue which results in me
continuing to thrust my tongue in and out of you. You thrash
about the bed you are so excited. You want penetration and
you are using my tongue like a little cock. But I sense that
now it is time for the real thing.

I standup and move on top of you spreading your legs to leave
you open for my penetration. With one hand I grab my cock
and slide the first inch my ejection into your pussy. You
made me wait for my blow job and now it is your turn to wait.
Only the head of my penis enters the insanely hot lips of
you pussy, you are on fire. You feel the rounded tip of my
cock pushing into your pussy followed by the v-shaped head.
The lips of the vagina then collapse around the edge of the
hood tightly sealing my cock in your mount. I pull my cock out of your red hot pussy to the open air and
see you look into my eyes with desperation. I can hear your
thoughts demanding I drive my cock deep inside of you. But
you will have to wait until I am ready. I repeat my one inch
entry over and over again until I can not take your pained
expression any more. I enter again this time with two inches
of my enraged cock. I drive two inches my cock in and out again
and again. A few more minutes pass and I add yet another inch
to my entry. I continue this process, entering with ever
increasing amounts of my length, until you have all of me
deeply bound in your pussy. Each stroke is as your earlier
blow job was, slow and methodical, driving up the anticipation,
driving up the pleasure.

But now my patients is at an end. It is time to rock your world
and mine. I first flip you over on to all fours and drive my
cock deep inside you. I pound my meat hard and deep. The drive
of my piston like entry is only stopped by the sound of your
soft little ass slapping loudly into my body. I hear you
moan every time I complete my thrust. I grab your hair and
ride you like a little bucking bronco. What a fantastic
ride I am having. I thrust and thrust and seem to be going
deeper into your body until I seem to hit the back of your
vagina. You moan almost scream in pleasure.

Unexpectedly, you grab me and flip me on my back on the bed.
It is time for you to ride me. First, you bounce up and down
on my cock like a pogo stick. Then you want it all and you grind
your pussy deep onto my cock. You are screaming my name over
and over again so loud that I am sure the police will knock
on the door soon. Your hair flies every which way in the passion
of the moment. I feel the pressure building in me. It is getting
too great.

Again I grab you and flip you onto your back and cover you
with my body. I grab your hands and hold them over your head.
I will not release until I am done. My cock is now thrust deep
inside you. I fuck you with wild abandon.

I whisper in your ear, “Suck my nipples please suck them
hard. Make them bleed.”

You suck and bite my nipple with all your might. I fuck you
as hard as I can. I wonder if I am going to rip you into two with
the power and speed of my thrusts. I must cum there is no holding
back now. The pressure is about to make me explode. I explode
deep inside of you. You can feel the first pulse of cum blast
the back of your vagina. I can imagine the power of this pulse
blowing through the back of your vagina.

You move over to suck my other nipple in an effort to keep
me going. I release your hands and you grab my balls. You
cup them gently warming and manipulating my balls. Two
more giant spurts of cum drive into the back of your vagina.
You do not seem to notice my explosions because you are in
the middle of a continuous series of orgasms that are so
deep that they are almost painful. But this could never
be truly painful. Instantaneously, you know that I have
released cum deep inside of you because your wave of orgasms
suddenly intensify. Stimulated by my ejaculation, you
are brought to a new level of orgasm that even you have never
before experienced. Your vagina grabs my cock which stops
me from driving my cock into you. Your vagina acts like a
hand and holds me deep inside you. You scream with pleasure.

One more pulse from my member, a moan of pleasure and I am
finished. I keep my hard cock deep into your vagina so I can
feel your overwhelming orgasm as it continues. Your orgasm
begins to subside and your vagina starts to release its
hold on me. I start to relax but my cock stays hard and deeply
embedded in you. I do not want to loose contact with you.
You still feel my rock hard penis pulsing with excitement.
I feel the heat of your orgasms subsiding but still rolling
over your entire body. Your vagina seems to grab and release
my cock in conjunction with these rolling orgasms. As I
relax, you do too and the frequency of these rolling orgasms
slows down.

Still joined, we collapse into each other, stimulated
and euphoric from our incredible sexual encounter. We
relax, readying ourselves for the next activities. I kiss
your forehead lightly and whisper Alley. You feel me still
lightly stoking your hair, your cheek and breast. My cock
stays engorged in you, throbbing with pleasure. Your vagina
still gently contracts around my shaft.

I must have fallen to sleep because the next thing I am aware
of is that you are nibbling on my limp cock in an attempt to
wake me. I will find out later that we both fell a sleep for
an hour but you have revived from your rest ahead of me and
have decided that you want more of me. This is not surprising
in that you are insatiable when it comes to sex.

I find you laying between my legs with my cock in your mouth.
My eyes open and you look up at me, pleading with me to get
hard. Your warm, wet, delicious mouth is easily enough
stimulus for me to come alive again. Your mouth feels the
blood rushing into my member. You feel tension start to
build in my entire body. My penis expands to fill your mouth
and beyond. You start to suck my cock gently at first, then
increasingly harder in an effort to coax my cock to grow
larger, stiffer and ready for you to play with. The harder
you suck the greater my cock extends and expands.

You head starts to bob up and down on my excited member. You
decide to use your hands to increase my pleasure. Your right
hand grabs the base of my cock lightly and starts to masturbate
the bottom half my shaft as your head continues to bob up
and down, impaling my cock into your supple hungry mouth.

You other hand is intent on exploring my backside. You know
how to manipulate me and thus you know that, like my nipples,
my anus handled by you can be a sensitive spot. Your hand
messages my right buttock and then inches over to my anus.
In one punishing thrust you drive your index finger deep
into my anus. You look up and see a rather noticeable expression
of pain on my face. But that expression soon melts back into
pleasure, incredible pleasure. You move the tip of your
finger in circles deep inside my anus. You know that all
is well with me as I express a sigh of pleasure. Your finger
starts to move in and out of my anus. I feel you rubbing your
aroused nipples over my thighs. Your eyes are closed as
you concentrate on your activities.

Your mouth continues to suck the head my cock while your
hand masterfully stokes the base. Your hand is firmly grasping
my shaft while vigorously moving up and down. You want me
to cum in your mouth but I will not.

Your index finger is plunging deep inside my anus. You added
a second finger to your index finger and drive them both
in deep. You look up to see me wince in pain as you spread my
anus further. As the expression of pain on my face subsides
you push a third finger into my anus. This time you hear an
audible expression of the pain in me but you hold your fingers
deep inside me until I submit back to pleasure.

I am finally totally in control of any pain I feel in my anus
and am more focused on my cock. The hand that is masturbating
me is moving forcefully, up and down my shaft, with such
speed that the exact motion is blurred. Your head is no longer
engaged in sucking my cock, you are simply watching your
hands at work with pleasure.

My cock is now highly stimulated and fully enraged. My excitement
is so great that it maybe the biggest you have ever seen it,
which after all was the goal of your activities. All of your
sucking and hand manipulation has left my cock beet red.
Throbbing blue veins stand out against the red background.
Both of our bodies are flush with sex and covered in sweat.
You notice that the sweat makes my muscles glisten in the
light and you smile.

It is time to move on to our next activities. My hands grab
yours and I get you release me. I look into your eyes and I
see you lusting for me. I believe that I am able bring to the
devil out of you. What next you think?

I open the table next to the bed and pull out four silk bindings.
I stand up and move you onto your back laying in the center
of the bed. The bed is wet from our lovemaking and the aroma
from our activities is intoxicating. I move to the top of
the bed and tie each of your arms by the wrists to the top two
posts of the four poster bed. This activity arouses you
with anticipation. I allow you to lick my balls as I tie you
to the bed and am straddling your face while I do the tying.
I hesitate to give me your fill of me. You suck both balls
into your mouth and move them around with your tongue. You
enjoy the feeling of my cock bouncing off your forehead
as you manipulate my balls. Next, I move down to the other end of the bed. I pull your body
down towards me to tighten your attachments to the top of
the bed. I then grab each of your ankles in turn and tie each
to the other two posts of the four poster bed. I walk around
the bed to test each of your restraints to assure myself
that each is tight enough to keep you from moving. I smile.
My work has been done very well. You are now tied firmly to
the four corners of the bed, spread so that you are totally
at my mercy. You do not worry because you know that I will
not abuse you or humiliate you, I will only guide you through
pleasurable extremes.

I return to the bedside table from which I earlier found
the silk restraints. I open the top draw and take out a bottle
of vanilla flavored oil and a silver Slim Jim vibrator.
You whimper with excitement.

I move back down to the bottom of the bed and take a good long
look at you. Your eyes are pleading with me to get on with
my play, your nipples show their excitement and you pussy
is wet enough to again start to soak the bed beneath you.
I love the way your body looks, it is sleek, athletic, glistening
with excitement. I also love that you have a body that is
so excitable and never wants to stop being stimulated.
I see you move against your restraints testing their resolve.
I sense you are quivering from the beginning of yet another
orgasm. I think, how easily you can be stimulated by the
right man.

I move onto the bed between your splayed legs. I move up to
your crotch, your dripping vagina eagerly waiting for
my entry, but not yet. Anticipation worked once to get you
excessively excited. Will it work again? Can I hold out
and force you to anticipate or are you just too tempting?
All I can think of is driving my cock deeply inside of you.

I sit on knees between your legs. I grab my engorged cock
and guide the tip up and down the outside of your pussy. It
feels to you very much like my tongue that licked you just
minutes before. I trace the outside of your wet vagina with
the tip. I circle and stroke your clitoris. As I touch your
clitoris with my cock you shiver. Slowly and softly I slide
the tip of my cock back and forth, up and down over your clitoris.
The tip slides easily because your womanly juices continue
to drip from your vagina and lubricate my pathway.

My other hand moves to your breasts and starts to gently
messaging them each in turn. I softly manipulate your nipples
with my fingers. You move the lower half of your body in an
attempt redirect my cock inside your vagina but the restraints

But I can not hold back and I eagerly give in to your needs,
entering you with the first few inches of my cock. I move
my cock in and out of your vagina. I enjoy the feeling of tip
of my cock breaking through the lips of your vagina into
your steaming love pocket. I do not want to hold back as much
as I did previously in this session of our love making. I
too need the feeling of penetrating you. I want to feel my
cock locked deep in you. I feel the urgency you feel to join
with you to make a connection. But the connection will only
be three inches for the moment.

Both my hands are now free and I grab your breasts and message
them. I see your eyes close tight so that you can focus on
the experience. You continue to struggle against your
restraint, but your efforts are simply useless.

I enter you with only three inches of my shaft, just enough
to almost satisfy you. As you feel my cock slowly enter,
you anticipate it fully impaling you, bouncing off the
back of your vagina. But I never thrust completely into
your vagina so the excitement builds but only part way and
then I slide my cock back out. You seem to wince in disappointment
as I retract my dick. In and out, in and out I slide the first
three inches of my cock driving you wild with desire. But
you want it all. You want to feel me pounding deeply into
you. You want to feel my balls slapping up against your backside.
But there is nothing you can do to help yourself because
you are firmly bound in place. I will deny, for now.

I bend over your body and my mouth finds your left breast.
I suck your nipple hard into my mouth. I savage your left
breast with my mouth licking and sucking your nipple with
seeming abandon. I open my mouth so that my teeth reach the
edges of your breast. I close my mouth so my teeth lightly
rake over the surface of the breast ending at your nipple,
biting it gently. I move over to your right breast and repeat
the task. You shiver as my teeth move over your breasts.

I close my lips to a little circle just the size of the circumference
of your nipple. I suck in your erect nipple into the hole
made by my lips and push it back out with my tongue. I repeat
the process, suck in, push out, suck in, push out. over and
over again. It is like your nipple is fucking my lips. Does
it feel this good to being fucked?

I grab the outside of your breasts with both hands and push
them together so that your nipples touch. I resize my lips
for the circumference of both your nipples. I repeat the
process of nipple fucking on your combined breasts. Your
nipples stretch and further elongate as I suck them into
my warm moist mouth and they stay hard as my tongue pushes
them back out

You are once again out of control, thrashing against your
restraints. You want to grab me, throw me on my back, hold
me down and fuck me as hard and long as you can. You want to
grind my dick deep into the back of your vagina. If you could
get your hands free and get them on me you would NOT let me
go until you were completely satisfied and that would not
happen until you heard me scream and beg you to stop. Even
with all this sexual tension between us, I have not increased
the speed, the force or the length of my cock that I fuck you
with. I am driving you crazy with desire. Only three inches
of my cock pushing slowly, methodically into your womb.

“Fuck me damn you. Stop playing with me and fuck me. Fuck
hard, fuck me now.” You growl at me. But I am not done with
you yet.

I release your breasts, sit up on the bed, take my cock out
of your pussy and grab the bottle of oil from the bedside
table. You look at me with an expression which is a cross
between complete anger and absolute desire.

I straddle your chest with my legs, placing my member between
your breasts. I open the bottle of vanilla flavored oil
pour it liberally over your breasts and my cock. I spread
the oil over your entire body by rubbing it with my stiff
cock and soft balls. I spend extra time spreading the oil
over each of your nipples with the tip of my cock. I do this
by pushing the tip of my cock into each nipple, pushing oil
over the top of the nipple as the tip of the cock slides over
the top. I love the feel of the oil

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