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The Donor


I had been a sperm donor for four or five years - visiting
the nearby fertility clinic three or four times annually
to jerk myself off into one of their little plastic cups
- when the letter arrived.

The need for sperm donors had only been brought home to me
when friends of my older sister had trouble getting pregnant
and found that their tests revealed it was the husband's
non-viable sperm that had been the cause of their difficulties.
But although at first they were devastated by this news,
they said that they had been made to feel just a little better
by being told that this was becoming an ever more common
problem in the community. It seemed that at that stage none
of the researchers was really sure why this was the case;
some thinking that the increasing prevalence of the ever-widening
range of chemicals in our society was the cause, others
that it was just a problem that has always been in the male
genome and that it was only because we were actually researching
the problem that we were finally discovering it existed.

They went on to say that whatever the cause or causes, fertility
clinics were always on the look-out for healthy young men
to act as regular sperm donors, and perhaps fired by youthful
idealism, I took myself off and registered with them. Having
been given a thorough medical check and found to be free
of any 'nasties' I made my first 'donation'
and when it was found to be full of healthily vigorous little
'swimmers', I was accepted. Since then I have,
as I said, taken myself off there three or four times a year
and hopefully done my bit for at least some unfortunately
infertile couples.

The contents of the letter were innocuous enough - advising
that some extremely generous, and anonymous donors had
endowed the clinic with funds sufficient for them to build
a new and rather specialised research facility that would
enable them to further investigate the more subtle variations
in male sperm characteristics - and in the process of doing
so, perhaps discover at least some of the causes of the increasing
non-viability of so many men.

The letter went on to say that as a long-term and regular
donor I had, if I agreed to be, been selected as one of a small
group of men who would then be tested in a range of new 'donation'
procedures - the initial purpose of which was to discover
if the quality of our sperm actually varied under such conditions.
I was then given a tentative appointment date and time for
a further briefing and asked to phone to confirm whether
that was or was not, acceptable. Naturally I was intrigued
enough to at least want to find out a little more about the
proposed research, and its methodology, so I confirmed
the appointment, and a week or so later, presented myself
for the briefing.

Having confirmed the basic details on my records file the
receptionist handed me over to two doctors, a male and female
both apparently in their late thirties, who took me through
to a very pleasantly furnished room where we were able to
sit and relax in three of the several comfortable arm chairs.
They introduced themselves and said that they would prefer
it if we could all speak on a first name basis - and that theirs
were Rosemary and Victor. Rosemary outlined the overall
purpose of the research programme; which was to discover
whether or not an individual's sperm varied from time
to time - which would require me to present myself once a
week for a period of approximately six weeks from the start
date of my particular programme. Then that they were also
researching whether or not the quality of the individual
donor's sperm varied in quality even within each ejaculation
- which would require them to not only analyse each donation
in much more detail than usual, but to also try to obtain
the maximum amount of ejaculate on each occasion.

She explained that these issues had been much on their mind
for some time, but that until they had received the fortuitous
endowment from a wealthy couple that the clinic had finally
been able to treat successfully, they had only been able
think about how such research might be carried out. But
once they had received the funding they had been able to
not only plan and construct the building but to also design
and develop the equipment they believed they would need
to enable them to achieve the very best possible results.
She went on to say that her primary role was in the technical
and laboratory processes involved in the research, and
that she would then leave her colleague to explain to me
what she called the 'nuts and bolts' of the procedures
I would be letting myself in for if I agreed to sign myself
on as one of their team.

Then, as Victor placed a large folder down on the table-top,
Rosemary stood and asked if I would like some coffee, and
when I said that I would, she went across to one corner of
the room to prepare it.

'As Rosemary told you Brian, we not only want to analyse
a much greater proportion of each donor's semen than
is usual in all such clinics, we also want to try to obtain
the maximum amount of it each time he visits us.' Victor
said. 'Now a small amount of quite separate research
has seemed to back-up the sometimes quoted belief that
the average male is capable of producing a larger volume
of ejaculate if he has been kept in a state of high arousal
for longer than might be usual in most sexual acts. Believing
that could well be true we have designed this clinic's
facilities to enable us to do exactly that; raise your level
of sexual arousal, and then keep it there for what might
sometimes seem to be a rather longer time than you might

Now at first glance what we have here might seem a little
odd to you, and to some they might even seem offensively
intrusive - if so, you are of course quite at liberty to leave
the programme at any time you wish.' As he spoke Victor
opened the folder and showed me the first of a series of pictures
that at first made very little sense to me.

At first glance it looked like a fairly standard, padded
massage table, but one that had for some reason had a long
but narrow slice taken out of one end of the middle of it.
'During these trials Brian you will not be expected
to simply masturbate with just a few girlie magazines to
help you along - you will be lying face down on such a bench,
and be able to watch various kinds of videos that will be
showing on a TV screen set in the floor beneath you. The reason
for this channel down the centre of the top half of the bench
is so that your genitals can protrude down through it - and
they will be connected to a specially designed electro-stimulator
operating beneath you, and that same piece of equipment
will also be used to collect your eventual discharge.

At that stage Rosemary returned with three coffees and
as she placed mine in front of me, she said. 'The electro-stimulator
has of course already been thoroughly tested Brian, and
-' she added with an almost wickedly mischievous smile,
' - it must produce rather dramatic effects because
I understand the researchers who ran the trials were all
queuing up for a second and third go on it!'

'That's as maybe Rosemary.' Victor broke
in. 'But Brian is not just here for some sort of mechanically
assisted relief, the very fact that he is talking with us
not only demonstrates he understands the serious nature
of this work, but also his desire to assist us in a practical

And of course he was quite correct, that had been my primary
motivation - however, the cheeky grin Rosemary had given
me while telling me of the apparent effectiveness of the
electro-stimulator certainly gave the whole concept
a rather more excitingly interesting edge. But even as
the thought of what such a piece of equipment might actually
do to me was drifting around inside my head, I realised that
Victor had continued on with explanation of what I could
expect if I signed on to their project. 'In addition
to the electro-stimulator beneath you there will be another,
much smaller of course, inserted into your rectum, to provide
similar stimulation to your prostate gland. Have you ever
had a rectal examination Brian?' he asked.

When I nodded that I had, he continued. 'Well I can assure
you from my own personal experience on this particular
aspect of the business, that you will find this part of what
we plan to do much, much more pleasant than that procedure
would have been for you. I don't know if you are aware
of the sensitivity of the prostate to quite gentle pressure,
but in fact many men swear that they are able to achieve an
orgasm from just such stimulation. Now whether that is
true or not, having already submitted myself to this piece
of apparatus I can assure you it definitely gives you a stronger
one! And that is of course exactly what we will be after from
each of you.' he added before continuing to explain
what else would be expected of me.

'Before we start we would require you to complete a
rather lengthy questionnaire form Brian - not covering
your medical and physical details, we already have those
on file of course - but one that delves rather more deeply
into your personal sex-life. Some of that will be used,
anonymously of course, to provide a profile of each of the
men involved in the research, but other parts will be used
to assist us in preparing a video that is tailored to your
own personal tastes, so that we can ensure we provide you
with the very best chance of achieving a state of the highest
possible sexual arousal.'

Even as Victor was continuing to show me pictures of the
components of the apparatus and explain the other, but
what were for me the less significant intricacies of his
part in the overall programme, I found myself thinking
about what I might have quite unwittingly stumbled into.
If I understood them both correctly, by allowing myself
to be signed up for their scientific trials I might not only
be contributing to a better understanding of some of the
problems besetting many couples baby-making attempts
- but could also look forward to experiencing at least half
a dozen of what might prove to be some the most intense orgasms
I might ever experience.

So, did I want to put myself in such a position? You bet I did!

Then as we continued sipping our coffees the three of us
spoke in more general terms about their expectations as
to the duration and hoped for results of the research, and
then, having taken the questionnaire form to fill-in and
return a few days later, we shook hands and I left.


I left it until that evening to take out and settle down with
what turned out to be a much more voluminous questionnaire
than I had expected - but a quick, somewhat cursory glance
through it reassured me that I would in fact only need to
complete just one section. It had obviously been designed
to cover as many aspects of male sexuality as possible,
with separate sections for; homosexual, bi-sexual and
a range of other activities that I frankly preferred to
not even think about. However, even just the heterosexual
section was large enough to keep me busy for the best part
of an hour.

The clinic not only wanted to know such things as; my preferred
type of sexual partner - blonde, brunette, red-head, Asian,
women of colour, etc. - but which of a long list of sexual
activities I most enjoyed us participating in. There was
a simply enormous selection of such things to choose from;
ranging from mutual masturbation, through a wide variety
of every imaginable physical position, then a long list
of much more fetishised behaviours - many of which I had
never even heard of. And by the time I had finished ticking
what were for me the most appropriate boxes I was beginning
to think that although I had always considered myself to
be a rather creative lover, if the large number of un-ticked
boxes were any indication, I might have in fact been rather
too unimaginative.

They also asked as to what time of day I felt I considered
myself to be at my sexual peak - and whilst I had always enjoyed
what I liked to think of as a 'morning glory', and
thought there was no better way of spending an evening than
in a series of long, slow sessions with a similarly like-minded
woman, I knew that my most explosively dramatic climaxes
had usually come when I had been able to participate in an
'afternoon delight' - so, as my work enabled me
to take the odd afternoon off, I ticked that little box.

Having returned the form, and while I waited to hear back
from them, I began thinking about what I would be saying
to the young woman I was currently seeing as to why our sexual
couplings would from time to time over the subsequent weeks,
be interrupted. Victor had explained that one of the few
demands the clinic would place on me was that I desist from
any form of sexual activity - including masturbation -
for at least forty eight hours before each of my appointments
with them. So although she and I weren't actually living
together, we were seeing each other, and more often than
not, having sex most days of the week. After toying with
a variety of excuses, each sounding more ridiculously
inept than the one before it, I decided that perhaps it was
a case where honesty might well be the best policy. Of course
there was a risk that the idea of me being a sperm donor might
either embarrass or offend her, and perhaps even the thought
of me jerking myself off into a little plastic cup could
turn her off - but, I thought, surely most women should be
able to think a little more highly of a man who is prepared
to do his bit to help other, less fortunate people.

As things turned out she was quite blasé about it all, and
in fact I even got the sneaky impression that she might be
thinking that a couple of nights a week free of my demands,
was a bit of not totally unwelcome news.


It was about ten days before I received a confirming letter
back from the clinic, which set out my schedule of appointments
during the following six weeks - and so, one afternoon a
week later, I presented myself to the receptionist at their
front desk.

Victor came out a few minutes later, greeted me, then took
me down a corridor to a room that was dominated by the real
life version of the bench I had seen a picture of in the folder
he had showed me at our previous meeting. 'This is Kelly.'
he said, introducing me to a young woman standing beside
it. 'She will be taking care of you Brian.'

Right then my very first thought was - 'Why the hell
do they need all the expensive equipment they've told
me about?' - Kelly was an absolute stunner, and if she
were in the mood to, could herself have quite easily given
me the most massively eruptive ejaculation!

She was tall, only just a little shorter than myself, with
softly waving light-brown hair, a face that was made beautiful
by its clear and brightly flecked hazel eyes, plus a cute
little turned-up nose and a pair of full, dark ruby-red
lips. Although much of the rest of her was cloaked in a knee-length
white laboratory coat, it fitted her so well that it clearly
outlined the shape of the slim but decidedly curvy body
beneath it, and from what little I could see of her legs,
they looked just as phenomenal as the rest of her.

'Hello Brian.' she purred in a vibrant and darkly
seductively voice. 'Let me say just how much we appreciate
you helping us in this most important research. And if there
is at any time anything I can do to make it either less embarrassing,
or more pleasant for you, please don't hesitate to
tell me.'

I wondered if Victor hadn't been standing there with
us, would I have had the nerve to tell her what thoughts I
immediately had as to how she could very easily make it not
only pleasant, but positively exhilaratingly wonderful
for me! However, he was there, and as I reached out and took
Kelly's soft, proffered hand, I merely mumbled something
ineptly polite in reply.

'Each time you visit us we will ask you to first take
a shower Brian.' Kelly continued. 'I'm quite
sure you understand the reasons for that - and once you have
dried yourself just hook one of the clean, dry towels around
your waist before coming back out here. Is that all right?'

'Of course.' I replied. 'Perfectly understandable

'Good, I'll leave you two to carry on now.'
said Victor. 'If you need to ask me any questions Brian,
just let the receptionist know, she will know where to find
me.' And with that, he left, and Kelly went across to
open a door to another room, where the shower was.

The effect that just that short time in Kelly's presence
- and the thoughts the sight of her had prompted - was clear
to see when I began stripping off; my cock, although by no
means erect, had already begun to at least partially inflate,
already hanging thick and heavy with the initial flow of
blood that just those momentary thoughts had triggered.
Perhaps under other circumstances I would have been awkwardly
self-conscious of my unwarranted reaction to her, but,
I rationalised, I was there to not only get an erection,
but to climax - so in one way, I had made her job just that much
less onerous. And with that thought in my head, coupled
with the continuing imaginings of what might actually
lie beneath that pristine white coat, while I washed myself,
I allowed my cock to steadily grow both longer and firmer.

So, by the time I stepped back into the other room the still
stiffening length of it was making a rather distinct bulge
in the towel that hung from my waist - and it was something
that Kelly's sharp eyes certainly didn't miss.
'Ah, that's good Brian - I'm glad to see you
are not too embarrassed by what's about to happen,
a good sign that we will be able to achieve very good results
with you. You'd be surprised how some guys find the
whole procedure rather daunting - even after they have
been through the counselling and then signed themselves
up for it. I'm very glad to see that you're not one
of those. Now -' she added, '- before I ask you to
get up on to the bench I just have to attach a few electrodes
to you.'

As she spoke she snapped on a pair of thin medical gloves
with what was obviously practiced efficiency and then
picked up perhaps a dozen small electrodes, each one trailing
a fine wire behind it, all of which were obviously connected
to whatever was stored beneath the bench itself. 'These
will monitor a variety of body functions Brian; respiration,
heart rate, blood flow to certain parts of your body, and
a number of other but equally important functions. So would
you take the towel off now please!'

Although she spoke in a coolly dispassionate voice and
seemed to be concentrating on unravelling the dozen or
so wires, I saw her eyes flick briefly across at me, then
noticeably widen when she saw just what I had been shielding
beneath it. That reaction, plus both her nearness and the
feel of her hands pressing the sticky electrodes to various
parts of me were more than enough to continue, and perhaps
even speed up the blood flow to my genitals and by the time
she was ready to attach the last two my cock had filled and
stiffened enough that it had begun to slowly lift itself.

She looked up and gave me a small, tight-lipped smile. 'That
makes the final part of what I have to do so much less difficult
Brian - these last two need to be attached to the area just
at the very base of penis, and having an erection - even a
partial one - makes that so much easier.' As she spoke
she allowed the latex gloved hand that wasn't holding
the last two electrodes to drift lightly up and down the
length of the still rising flesh, her finger-tips triggering
tingling jolts of strongly excited pleasure. 'Ah!'
she breathed as she saw the strength of my immediate reaction.
'Mother Nature has been very generously kind to you
Brian - very generous indeed.' She added in a low, resonant
voice - then quickly and efficiently attached the last
of the electrodes and, after another, rather longer look
at the by then jerkily hardening length of my cock, said
that I should get myself up on to the bench.

Doing my best to ignore both the darkly misty look I thought
I had seen in her eyes, and the swiftly rising erection,
I hoisted myself up, and wriggling across until both it
and my balls, hung down through the channel cut down the
top half of the bench, I waited to see exactly what would
happen next.

But even as Kelly squatted down and began doing something
with whatever it was that was beneath me, I remembered the
description of the equipment that was to be used, that I
had read in the lengthily informative leaflet that had
accompanied the questionnaire.

A great deal had been made of the exhaustive studies that
had already been carried out in tracking down not only devices
that could monitor the various bodily functions they believed
to be involved, but even what kinds of materials existed
in a variety of industries that might prove beneficial
to their particular research project, always striving
to find those that best suited their particular needs.

One such material was what the actual 'penile sheath'
- as the leaflet had described it - was made from. This was
yet another of the myriad forms of latex, but one considerably
more technically advanced than that used in the gloves
Kelly wore, latex that in fact was embedded with hundreds
of tiny, almost microscopic electro-magnets. Electro-magnets
that reacted, attracting and repelling each other, as
extremely small electric charges were turned on and off.
And, the leaflet went on to say, these tiny objects were
aligned in two ways - some lengthwise, rows of them aligned
up and down the sheath - others, a dozen or so rings of them,
around it.

I recalled that even when merely reading about the design
- and the information that the basic principle of it was
that it should, as short, very fast pulses of electricity
were sent into it, emulate the stimulation the penis received
when pushing back and forth in a responsively pulsating
vagina - had been quite enough to start to turn me on. And
I could tell that the thought that such a sheath would soon
be slipped up on to me, was only adding to the strength of
blood flow to my already quickly engorging cock.

I also remembered two other almost equally exciting things
about what was soon to be attached to me. The first that the
inner lining of the sheath was made from a much softer, even
more flexible version of the latex - and that it had been
embossed with dozens of tiny nodules, each having a tiny
pin-prick hole in the tip of it, and that these were connected
to a small reservoir containing some sort of semi-sticky
lubricant. The second thing was that as one of the aims of
the research was to stimulate the body to produce the maximum
volume of semen, the 'on-again', 'off-again'
delaying of the eventual ejaculation was in part achieved
by the subject being fitted with two, also electro-magnetically
controlled, rings - one around both his cock and balls,
the other, around the very base of his cock.

Just as that final thought flitted through my brain, I heard
Kelly speaking. 'I'm just about to fit the electro-stimulator
now Brian, are you ready for me to do that?'

'Sure, go ahead Kelly.'

'Good - now although the sheath has its own source of
lubricant, the flow of that isn't started until I turn
the machine on, but as it makes it easier to ensure a really
snug fitting I'll just need to apply a little in the
more old fashioned way.' she explained, and before
I even had time to reply to her I heard myself give an low and
purely involuntary gasp of pleasure as once again I felt
the light touch of her fingers running slowly up and down
the length of my cock.

A few moments later I was forced to give an even louder response
as I felt something locking firmly around the base of it,
then again when something else was applied, perhaps even
more tightly, around both it and my balls. But if I had thought
those things had been arousing, they were actually no more
than a childish tickle when compared with the ten times
stronger thrills I felt when Kelly began to fit the sheath
itself on to me. Of course I had forgotten that as my erection
had grown my cock-head had become both enlarged and in that
process made much more sensitive, and as the entire length
of the sheath had to be eased up over it I was treated to the
breath-taking feelings the slightly knobbly lining generated
at it skimmed and slid its way upwards.

Yet even as I was receiving those undoubtedly intense thrills
I couldn't prevent myself from trying to visualise
what Kelly might be seeing from her position beneath the
bench. My ring tightened balls, and my still jerkily engorging
cock slowly disappearing into the pink latex sheath with
the wires and tubes attached to the tip of it - 'What
a bizarre sight it must make!' - I thought, but at the
same time also wondered if her view of it might actually
trigger some sort of sexual arousal in herself.

I admit that until that moment I had completely forgotten
that I too would soon have something to watch, had forgotten
the purpose of the rectangular area of non-reflecting
glass set flush with the floor immediately beneath my head
- the screen on which I would soon be watching the promised,
and, at least so I had been told, intentionally stimulating

'That seems fine!' I heard Kelly mutter from beneath
me. 'Does it feel quite comfortable Brian?'

'It's OK now.' I replied, then added. 'Though
sliding the sheath on was a bit more stimulating than I'd

'I noticed that.' she answered with a barely suppressed
giggle. 'But then you are rather more generously built
than I'd anticipated, so it was a bit of a tight fit -
but that should also ensure we get really good results.'
Then she was silent for a few moments before saying. 'I
don't know how you'll react to the last thing I
have to do though - inserting the prostatic probe.'

I admit that until that moment I had all but forgotten that
other part of the equipment, and my initial reaction to
the thought that Kelly was about to shove something up my
arse, was one of acute embarrassment. But then I realised
that was being a bit small-minded, and when I felt her hand
slip beneath me and indicate I should lift myself, I did
my best to relax. 'Just move your legs apart a little
please Brian, then push your bottom a bit higher for me.
The probe is already well lubricated so after a moment's
discomfort, it should be fine.' she said, in a vibrantly
caring tone.

She was of course absolutely correct, the initial pressure
on my anus was brief, then I felt the slim tube of the probe
slipping smoothly and deeply inside me. 'Of course
I'm flying blind with this Brian.' Kelly murmured
as the probe slid deeper. 'But you should feel some
kind of change in sensation when I reach the area closest
to your prostate, I'll take it very slowly, just let
me know the moment you feel anything please.'

Again she was dead right, a few moments later I felt a sudden,
and strangely pleasurable, tingling shock-wave rippling
through my groin. 'I feel that!' I grunted.

'Very good! So, that's it then, is it OK if I start
your video now?' she asked as I settled myself back
down on to the bench.

When I said it was I heard a soft click then she pushed herself
up to stand alongside me. 'I want you to try and forget
that I'm even in the room Brian, just let yourself go
- if you know what I mean. I don't want you to feel in the
slightest way embarrassed - we both understand exactly
why you are here, and why we are doing this project together.
But if at any time you begin to feel physically uncomfortable,
please let me know.'

Having said that, she stepped away and I watched as the screen
beneath me came to life.

Whoever had procured the video had not only thoroughly
read my responses to the questionnaire, but must have had
access to a range of films of a far higher quality than I had
previously come across; the story-line was exactly the
kind of thing that was guaranteed to excite me, and not only
the women, but also both the camera work and the production
itself were absolutely brilliant.

The plot was one that I'm quite sure most men have fantasised
about several times; a guy being treated by two adoring
and sexually compliant women - in my case the combination
of a blonde and a brunette. The scene opened with the two
girls talking together, exchanging their own fantasies
- which of course both just happen to revolve around them
being able to engage in a threesome with a guy and another
girl. The fact that this conversation takes place while
both girls are getting themselves ready for bed meant there
was plenty of time to watch each of them slowly undressing
and then slipping into their night clothes - the blonde
in an ultra-slinky pair of very pale pink silk pyjamas,
the brunette into a skimpy pair of lacy white panties and
a matching shortie nightie - and provided more than enough
visual stimulation to ensure my cock quickly reached its
maximum engorgement.

The girls then discuss which of the various guys they know
would be the most likely candidate for such a scenario,
and having settled that, decide to actually ring him, and
make the offer.

The girls don't have to be too persuasive to get their
chosen guy to agree to their plan, then while they're
waiting for him to come over to join them, they decide that
a little girl-to-girl foreplay might not be a bad idea.
Now like many guys I've spoken to, the idea of watching
two girls pleasuring each other, is a real turn-on - and
the sight of those two beauties slowly exposing various
parts of each other's body, was itself excitingly
thrilling. Then watching them teasingly caress each other
was even more so, and by the time the blonde got around to
going down on the brunette I wanted nothing more than to
have the opportunity of doing just a little of what she was,
to either one of them.

But then I suddenly realised that although I thought I had
been totally concentrating on the delights on the screen,
I had at some level of consciousness, also become aware
of what was happening beneath me. I could feel the initially
slow movement of the moist warmth of the lining of the sheath
- feel the rippling pulses, as the dozens of electro-magnets
responded to the on-again, off-again current - feel its
stickily snug lining doing exactly what I had been told
it would. It really did feel just as though my cock was slowly
pushing itself back and forth into one or other of the two
girls' quiveringly receptive pussies!

Even as the first of a series of increasingly strong waves
of excitement began rippling up through me I watched as
the two girls flipped themselves over into the classic
sixty-nine position, and was then treated to alternating
close-ups of their fingers and tongues as they began to
delicately but insistently pleasure each other's
pussies. Each of them had gone for the shaved-pussy look,
so there was not a trace of hair to hinder or blur the images.
Moist and puffily pouting lips were gently parted as long
slender fingers slid effortlessly deep within. Tips of
already stiffened clits poked out from beneath protective
hoods, for quickly flickering tongues to teasingly stimulate.
Trickling beads of lubricant freely flowed, only to mingle
with the glistening strings of saliva.

The images were so close and so crystal clear that to a man
like me - who had always absolutely loved the time I spent
going down a woman - they were as powerfully effective as
if I had actually been licking and sucking on those two adorably
perfect pussies, and, at least inside my head, I felt sure
I could really taste their sweet acridity. In fact they
were so powerfully effective that when I allowed my brain
to click back into reality, I could feel my already swollen
balls tightening, feel the first signs of the draining
rush that would soon take me on to orgasm.

But even as I sucked in an extra large intake of air, preparing
myself for the inevitable rush that always literally took
my breath away, the sensors monitoring my reactions kicked-in;
I felt the motion of the pussy-like sheath slowing and tightening,
then the even stronger grip of the two rings that were there
for the sole purpose of preventing my climax's onset.

I heard myself groan with both disappointment and frustrated
tension, but even so, I still couldn't tear my eyes
away from the continuing display that was being played
out on the screen beneath me - couldn't stop myself
from watching as the two girls took each other on to the orgasm
I had been denied.

But even once they were done with each other I wasn't
really given too much of a chance to come down from the state
of high arousal those images had taken me to; just watching
them shower together, each gently soaping and sponging
the other's body, was quite enough to maintain it,
then seeing them choose and slip on the lingerie they had
decided to wear for the guy who was soon to join them, if anything,
merely re-stimulated it.

Although the brunette stuck with her original colour choice,
white - which made a dramatic contrast against her smoothly
olive skin - that time she selected a really snugly fitting
pair of skimpy satin panties and a matching and equally
tiny bra, over which she slipped a long but loosely fastened
satin robe.

But even though she too chose to wear a bra and panty set beneath
a flowing outer robe, both the colour and fabric the blonde
chose to wear were sufficiently different for her to make
an even more striking display of herself. All three items
were made from a very open pattern lace, in sheer black -
so almost every inch of her creamily white skin showed through.
And even though I had watched as she had slipped them up on
to herself, it was only some time later that I was to discover
that not only was the lace-work unusually open, but her
panties were also crotch-less!

As I said, by the time the pair of them had dressed and re-touched
their hair and make-up, I could tell from the feel of it that
my cock was still as strainingly engorged as it had been
earlier, and as they had no sooner finished getting themselves
ready for him, than their front door-bell rang, I knew I
wasn't going to be given time for it to do otherwise.

Now it would be both foolish and incorrect to say that the
guy who arrived really looked like me, but he was not so dissimilar
that I couldn't relate to the image of him, as might
have happened if he had been vastly different in size, colour
or build. So, once he arrived and the plot moved quickly
on to the three of them starting to get it together, it was
all too easy for me to once again find myself imagining it
was me doing, and having done to me, all the things that were
happening on the screen.

To begin with they very quickly undressed him, then lay
him down on their bed, and while the blonde slipped off her
bra and let him caress and suck on her breasts, the brunette
got down between his legs and gave him one of the most phenomenal
blow-jobs I've ever seen - and even now I can still remember
a slow-motion section which showed her lips sliding back
and forth down over his taut and fatly bloated cock-head.
But long before she actually allowed him to come, the blonde
hoisted herself above him and, spreading the split in her
panties wide apart, gave him her pussy to lick and suck.

At that point the screen split in two; one half showing the
brunettes mouth slowly, very slowly but skilfully working
the guy's cock towards its inevitable climax, the
other, the guy's tongue doing the equivalent thing
with the blonde's clit and pussy.

And yet again, if it hadn't been for the suddenly tightly
gripping pair of rings around my own cock and balls, when
both the blonde and guy finally reached their orgasms,
I would have undoubtedly had mine too.

Although the guy may have looked a little like me, in one
respect he was completely different; whereas it usually
takes me some little time to recover from a climax before
I can even think about starting again, he was ready in no
time - but then maybe that was just because he had two such
stunningly beautiful women making a fuss of him!

Once they saw his cock was starting to get hard again, the
two girls stripped, and of course the sight of their curves
and eagerly sparkling eyes was more than enough to fully
fire him up - and in no time at all the three of them were twining
themselves together as each strove to both stimulate and
be stimulated by the other two.

I admit that in my own fantasies of what I would do if I was
ever lucky enough to find a pair of compliant women, I vary
the matter of 'who does what to whom', depending
on my mood at the time. Sometimes I imagine myself being
in the position similar to that in which the guy was originally;
having one squatting above me, while the other either gives
me a blow-job, or more usually, sits on my cock and fucks
me that way. But in all the variations I have imagined I have
never come up with the solution this trio did - getting themselves
into a position where he could actually fuck both of them!

Until then, although I had of course noticed that the bed
itself seemed rather higher than any bed I'd ever come
across, I had no idea it was like that for a particular purpose,
but I was very soon to find out that it was.

What they did was for the brunette to lay down right at the
end of the bed, so her legs hung down over its edge, then the
blonde got up kneeled astride her, positioning herself
so that when she got down on her hands and knees, her pussy
was immediately above the brunette's. Then, because
of the height of the bed, when the guy stood at the end of it
he was able to push his cock into either one or the other of
the two moistly waiting pussies.

If I thought the two previous sections of the film had got
me stirred up, their effect paled into insignificance
when I watched the guy thrusting in and out of one, then the
other pussy. By then it was all too easy to put myself in his
place - imagining myself doing it, imagining how different
each of those two pussies might feel, and also imagining
the different sorts of thrills that each or either one of
them would give me.

And of course, even as all that was going on inside my head,
beneath me, the electro-stimulator was playing its part
- the stickily slick sheath emulating at least some of my
imagined sensations as it pulsated and moved back and forth,
kneading and working my by then super-charged cock in much
the same way that I imagined either one of those lubriciously
tight pussies would.

But then, although my eyes never left the action on the screen,
out of the corner of my eye I detected movement - and glancing
momentarily sideways, I saw that Kelly had come to stand
alongside me. Even as I found myself wondering if she too
had been sneakily watching the same thing I had, I felt her
hand taking hold of mine, then guiding it, guiding it to
her leg!

The feel of the silky soft warmth of her skin was as erotically
charged as the film I'd been watching, and when I felt
her shift her legs a little further apart, and then her hand
pushed mine to move higher, my reactions went into over-drive!

'Do it for me - please Brian!' she whispered huskily.

Now I ask you, what man could refuse a request like that?
Certainly not this one!

So I lay there; my cock being slowly but insistently massaged
by the rippling movements of the electro-magnet controlled
sheath, my brain being filled with the fantasy images playing
out on the screen beneath me, and my fingers stroking the
already wet and thin silk covered pussy of the gorgeous

Once I was certain that she really wanted me to continue,
I managed to tug the panties to one side, giving my fingers
room to slip inside her, giving me the even more intense
thrill of feeling their wetly clinging folds - then pushed
my arm just that much further forward, so that I could both
embed my thumb inside her, and also reach up with my middle
finger, for her clitoris.

She gave a loud, gasping grunt when I found it - grunted and
wriggled herself even more firmly down against my hand,
and then the two of us headed towards our separate, but strongly
inter-linked releases.

I have no real idea of how long it took us to get there - in some
ways no matter how long a time, it still wasn't enough
for me. I had never had so many senses being assailed so powerfully.
Visually, by the slow and thorough fucking the guy was giving
the two beauties on the screen. Tactilely, by the feel of
having Kelly's wetly receptive pussy-lips wrapping
themselves around my fingers. Aurally, by the slurping
sound they made as they slid in and out of her, plus the moaning
sighs and grunts coming from the screen beneath me. And
of course, internally, by the skilful and tirelessly insistent
stimulation the electronically controlled sheath was
giving to my by then very close to bursting cock.

When Kelly's orgasm eventually hit her she gave a long,
and vibrantly resounding series of steadily rising moaning
cries of ecstasy, and I felt my hand and fingers covered
with a sudden rush of her sticky fluid. Then, even as I was
doing my best to prolong it for her by working my fingers
even more briskly, I felt a sudden surge of super-charged
excitement as the prostatic probe added its stimulation
to all the others, and mine exploded - making me give even
louder, but far more gutturally raucous wails as I felt
the equipment beneath me urging my cock and balls to finally
blast what felt like the entire reservoir of churning semen.

And even when I was sure I had already given up every last
drop, I felt the relentless electro-stimulator continuing
to squeeze and pump me; successfully urging me to produce
just a few, much more reluctantly jetted spurtings.

Because the draining had been so massive, it took me a minute
or two to regain control of myself, and when I did and looked
around me I saw Kelly standing there, sobbing scarletly.

'I'm - I'm so awfully - sorry - Brian!'
she stuttered between barely controlled sniffling whimpers.
'I don't know what came over me - I assure you I've
never done anything remotely like that before.'

Of course, apart from anything else, I was anxious to reduce
the cause of her all too obvious embarrassment, so replied
as reassuringly as I could. 'There's no need to
apologise Kelly. I loved what you did, and apart from the
pleasure it gave me, I'm sure I came even more strongly
because of it - and after all, that is what we are both really
here for, isn't it!'

Although her face retained its crimson hue, she did manage
to bring her spluttering under better control. 'But
apart from being totally unprofessional, I've never
acted like that with anyone, at any time! I've no idea
what made me do what I did!'

'Well something obviously got to you Kelly - were you
watching the film?'

'Yes I was, I have to, so I can monitor the client's
responses - we need to understand what does and what doesn't
stimulate arousal, in case we need to make adjustments
for his future visits.'

'Well there you are then - I know just how much the film
turned me on, it obviously got to you too.'

'Maybe, but there was something else going on too -
I mean I felt myself reacting when you first came in Brian,
and then even more strongly when you came out after having
had a shower. But even so, I've still never done anything
quite so sluttish with any other man!'

'Please don't use that word Kelly - there was certainly
nothing sluttish about your behaviour, just sexy!'

'You don't think that was totally out of order
of me?'

'Good heavens no! As I said, I thought it was very, very
exciting, I loved what you did.'

She could obviously see that I really meant what I said -
that I wasn't just saying it to make her feel that much
better about herself - and she even managed to give me a crooked
little half smile as she replied. 'Well it certainly
felt nice Brian - though not as nice as I think you felt a few
moments later!'

I chuckled - 'You're not wrong about that, that
machine is fabulous - though of course it was still nowhere
near as satisfying as actually making love with a woman
you feel strongly about.' I added meaningfully.

She gave me a long, questioningly lingering look, then
seemed to mentally shake herself. 'That's quite
a different matter Brian. But for now, I have to get you unhooked
from the equipment - then while I am sorting everything
out you will probably want to take another shower before
you get dressed again.'

It only took her a few moments to remove the electrodes that
had been monitoring my responses, a few more to simply pull
the sheath down off what was left of my erection, then I did
as she'd suggested, took a shower before getting dressed
again. She was still tidying up the equipment when I returned,
and as I would undoubtedly never have a better opportunity
to do so, I said. 'What happened between us was very
special Kelly, at least for me it was - I'd really like
the chance of getting to know you, I mean as a real person,
not somebody in this fantasy space. Do you know what I mean?'

While I had been speaking she had been watching me with the
same lingering look I had seen earlier, and when it became
clear just what was implied by what I'd said, she smiled
- then after a short, thoughtful pause, she nodded.

'Well I don't know what time you finish here, or
what other plans you probably have for later, but could
we at least meet up for a drink somewhere?'

'I'd like that Brian.' she answered in the
same vibrantly seductive voice I'd heard the first
time she'd spoken to me - and as luck would have it, she
had no other particular plans for that evening - and so that's
how Kelly and I came to get together.

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