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The Dinner Party


ames entered the dining room and moved towards the seat
at the head of the table. He looked at those assembled. They
included his co-host Peggy, a tall white woman in her early
fifties. She is a handsome woman built like a brick house.
She stood just less than 6ft tall and was a firm 40-28-38
with barely any fat on her body. Her shoulder-length blond
hair was tied in a ponytail behind her. She was dressed in
a dark pantsuit that evening and looked like she would be
at home in a meeting at a bank or insurance company. Peggy
and James have known each other for over twenty years. They
have been friends for most of that time, lovers for about
the last five years and they have been hosting special dinner
parties off and on for about the last eighteen months. James
slowly found out Peggy was bi-sexual and that was the basis
for the evening activities. Also at the table was Susie, a petite woman whose family
came from China. She was barely 4ft 10inches tall, slender,
and in her early 30s. Susie had shoulder length black hair
and bangs to just above her eyes, bracketing her petite
face. Susie had a blandly pretty face. She showed no curves
under the grey wool ankle-length dress that she wore. Also
seated at the table was Gita, a woman of Pakistani decent.
Gita was a short woman, 25 years of age with a round, attractive
face. She was just over 5ft tall but had a very curvy body
tightly wrapped into a sari that evening. She also had a
scarf wrapped around her head so that only her face showed.
Her outfit was gold in color with black and silver trim and
patterns throughout the material. Her outfit highlighted
her smooth, caramel-colored skin and large dark brown
eyes. Peggy was excited about Gita’s presence that evening
as she has a thing for younger Asian women. She finds them
very sexy and appealing. Peggy and Gita worked together
at the same accounting firm. Peggy first noticed Gita about
a year ago. Peggy noticed Gita’s eyes would follow her
wherever she went. Peggy could sense the woman’s isolation
and loneliness, a look of desperation in her eyes. Peggy
had a good idea of what kind of attention Gita was looking
for and was eager to try to help. Peggy began by befriending Gita and insisted they get together
occasionally on weekends for a girl’s night out. Peggy
would wear revealing, skimpy, and sexy clothes knowing
the temptation she presented would be difficult to resist.
Peggy would catch Gita staring intently with hunger and
longing in her eyes, drawn to Peggy's overflowing
cleavage. Peggy could see in Gita a woman that desired to
be lovingly touched and held close by another woman, a submissive
woman that needed to be controlled. Gita told Peggy about her troubled life. Gita was 25 years
old and unmarried. Not a day went by that her parents did
not make her feel bad about it. Her parents arranged for
her to go on dates with different men that were as uninterested
in her as she was with them. Gita confided in Peggy that everyday
Gita wishes she were never born. Gita was isolated, lonely,
and desperate for a reason to smile and feel self-confidence.
Peggy had heard that type of story before from other women
who kept their identity and sexuality repressed. Peggy
really began to care about Gita and truly wanted to help
the woman find peace and happiness in her life. Peggy wanted
nothing more than to hold and tenderly kiss Gita and tell
her that everything would be all right. Peggy also understood
that she needed to move slowly with Gita as not to scare her
away. Gita was obviously in a fragile state. Peggy and Gita
had become close friends over the course of weeks and months.
Peggy eventually confided in Gita that she was bi-sexual
and also told her that she found Gita to be very attractive.
Gita seemed shocked at first, but that fact had little effect
on their growing friendship. A few weeks after that, Peggy
had a few drinks on one of their nights out and pretended
to be drunk. Peggy ended the evening by making a drunken
pass at Gita. Peggy kissed Gita, forcing her tongue into
Gita’s mouth. Gita appeared to believe Peggy’s behavior
was alcohol induced and seemed to ignore Peggy’s advances,
pushing her away. Gita made sure Peggy got home safe. Soon after that, there was another evening when Peggy and
Gita had planned a dinner at an exclusive restaurant. Peggy
brought Susie along. Peggy introduced Susie as an old lover
who just suddenly moved back to town. That evening Peggy
and Susie had both dressed in short skin tight dresses that
barely covered their asses. Along with stilettos and a
few pieces of jewelry, that was all either woman wore that
evening. As they walked into the restaurant, Susie deliberately
dropped her purse then bent over to pick it up right in front
of Gita. The short dress she wore rode up Susie’s hips,
exposing her bare bottom and wet, clean-shaven pussy.
Gita appeared to be taken aback for a moment and blushed,
but continued the evening as if nothing out of the ordinary
had happened. Peggy remembered that evening with a smile. She remembered
walking outside and the cool breeze between her legs excited
her. Susie had dutifully shaved Peggy’s pussy earlier
that day, after which Susie eagerly licked Peggy’s pussy
and brought Peggy to a powerful orgasm. Peggy had fantasized
that it was Gita between her legs and hoped that one day it
would be. At the restaurant, Peggy and Susie sat on one side
of the booth while Gita sat across from them. Peggy caressed
Susie’s face and hair and showered her with loving attention,
kissing Susie and nibbling on her ears in full view of Gita.
Peggy’s hands wandered under the table and made it obvious
that she rubbed Susie’s legs and played with Susie’s
pussy. Susie sat back and spread her legs wider. Susie moaned quietly
and showed Gita how much she enjoyed Peggy’s attention.
They put on a show for Peggy’s new friend which heightened
Susie’s arousal. Susie always enjoyed putting on a show
in public and gets turned on by the attention. Susie was
a real exhibitionist at heart. Peggy checked Gita’s reaction. She looked dejected
and lonely. However at no time had Gita indicated that she
wanted to leave. Gita only sat there seemingly transfixed,
her eyes glued to the Peggy and Susie show. That was the point
at which Peggy decided to invite Gita to the dinner party.
Peggy felt confident that she had Gita right where she wanted

~ James decided it was time to start the evenings’ activities,
so he took one of his little blue pills. James then suggested
that they all retire to the living room as he put on some old
jazz music. James enjoyed listening to Louis Armstrong,
Ella Fitzgerald, and of course his favorite Billie Holiday.
The raw emotion and vulnerability in her voice was so appropriate
for a gathering of that nature. Peggy and James sat next
to one another on a love seat as Gita and Susie sat across
from them on a sofa. As the music played, James poured wine
for his guests and they talked, but the conversations were
awkward, especially for Gita who barely said a word. After
all, it was her first time at that type of gathering and she
was obviously quite uncomfortable and nervous. James
served wine and encouraged consumption in an effort to
get everyone and in particular Gita to relax. Susie was trying to get as close to Gita as possible. Susie
sat beside Gita on the couch and showered her with lots of
attention. Susie was enthralled with the exotic woman.
Susie complimented Gita on her looks and her outfit. Susie
was getting excited about making a new friend and the possibilities
the evening might hold. Gita was hesitant and she did not seem to know how to react.
Gita had never had that much wine before. Her body felt unusually
relaxed and she found it difficult to think clearly. Susie’s
attention made Gita feel uncomfortable, though on another
level she enjoyed another woman’s attentiveness. Gita
allowed Susie to continue without protesting. Susie felt the effect of the wine and the mood of the evening
and she became more comfortable and relaxed. Susie used
one hand and undid a few buttons on her high-collared dress.
Susie wanted be the person first to be undressed once things
got started and was in a hurry to get naked. Soon Susie undid
the buttons on her dress, and as she moved, James could see
her undergarments and bits of naked flesh as she snuggled
up to Gita. After about a half hour of uncomfortable conversation
and idle chatter, James signaled to Peggy that they should
take the women to the main bathroom for a communal bath.
Peggy took Gita firmly by the hand to lead her to the bathroom.
From the body language between the two, it was obvious that
Gita allowed Peggy to be in charge. The bathroom had a full
sized walk-in hot tub where the evenings’ activities
were to continue. Susie saw what was happening and let her dress slide off
her and onto the floor. Susie went into the bathroom wearing
only her white socks, a white bra and white panties. Gita became very frightened, not sure how she got there,
and even more uncertain if she wanted to stay. Gita thought
she should leave but could not bring herself to do so as she
was obsessed with Peggy, the lovely Amazon of a woman. What
she was felt towards Peggy clouded Gita’s judgment.
The wine and the anticipation of what might happen intoxicated
Gita and created uncertainty in her mind. Gita started to reflect on when she first saw Peggy at work
and no matter how hard she tried she could not stop her eyes
from following Peggy around. Gita had always been attracted
to women. It felt natural to be with women and awkward and
forced when in the company of men. The attraction to Peggy
that Gita felt was primal. She felt like an animal and not
quite human. Gita was unable to resist the attraction she
felt. Gita had always been weak. Her parents kept telling
her she was weak. They told her she needed a man to take care
of her and control her because she couldn’t think for
herself. Gita admired Peggy. Peggy was strong willed and
resembled the teacher Gita had a crush on in high school.
Her teacher was a strong white woman who refused to be intimidated
by her overbearing father. Gita felt overwhelmed and so
all alone and had no one to turn to. Gita needed help she needed
someone to tell her what to do. Gita remembered being excited when Peggy first asked her
to join her for a girl’s night out on the town. Gita had
a good idea in the back of her mind why Peggy had invited her
out but did not want to admit it to herself. All Gita knew
was that she wanted to, no, needed to be Peggy’s friend.
Gita also remembered the strange feeling of excitement
she felt when Peggy would dress in sexy revealing outfits.
Gita felt somehow complete in Peggy’s presence. When
Peggy revealed she was bi-sexual, Gita thought she should
have left and stopped associating with Peggy. Gita learned
as a child that it was perverse, disgusting and unnatural.
However, Gita could not bring herself to leave and somehow
began to feel that being bi-sexual was somehow natural.
Gita also reflected on that wonderful evening when Peggy
had forcefully kissed her. Gita did not know how to react
at the time and regretted not kissing Peggy back. She wished
she had allowed herself to enjoy the attention she was secretly
longing for. Soon after that, Gita began having dreams
about being naked at work alone in Peggy’s office. In
her dreams, Gita was anxiously waiting for Peggy to return
to the office and find that Gita was naked there waiting
for her. Gita would wake up with a strange combination of
fear, excitement, and arousal. She was mad at herself for
what she was feeling and for the dreams she was having. Gita
slowly became convinced meeting Peggy was her destiny.
For too long, Gita had denied herself. Gita was tired of
living a lie, tired of trying to be something she was not
just to keep her family happy. Gita was desperately looking
to Peggy to rescue her. Gita had put all her faith in Peggy
and was unsure of where the evening was headed, but wherever
Peggy went, Gita wanted to follow. Gita remembered the night that she met Susie. She could
not believe that Peggy would bring her female lover along.
Gita could also not believe that Susie would expose herself
like that; bending over in front of another woman and showing
off her private parts in such a way. Gita reacted to this
public display with confusion and unease. She also started
to feel jealous of Susie, especially when Peggy put her
hands under the table and started rubbing Susie’s legs.
Gita went into a state of shock when she realized that Peggy
was touching Susie’s pussy under the table. Gita wanted
to leave and get away but somehow she could not bring herself
to leave. Gita felt strangely excited and aroused. Gita
needed to see what would happen next. She sat across the
table from them and wished that they would invite her to
play. When Peggy invited her to the dinner party, telling her
that they had a special evening planned just for her, Gita’s
heart skipped a beat. Gita was excited to have an invitation
and to be Peggy’s special guest. Gita had a good idea of
what might happen that evening before she came to the dinner
party. After that evening watching Peggy and Susie, deep
down inside, Gita was hoping something like that might
happen tonight. Gita’s thoughts were chaotic and still
could believe that she was getting mixed up in something
like that. Her parents must be right. She was weak, unable
to resist, and unable to think for herself. Gita was hoping
and praying for Peggy to give her some direction. As she stood beside the hot tub, Susie took off what little
clothes she had left and, with no regard, tossed them towards
a chair. The clothes missed the chair and fell to the ground.
Susie ignored their plight and continued on her way. Susie’s
breasts were actually two large nipples on very small mounds
of flesh. Her ass was as flat as a board and she was clean-shaven
around her pussy with a small triangle shaped tuft of trimmed
hair just above her clit. At that point Gita struggled to get up and move away as she
loudly said, “I can’t do this, this is wrong. I’m
sorry, but I have to leave.” The internal conflict finally
came to the surface. What she felt was directly opposed
to what she thought. Her mind told her to leave, but she felt
the need to stay. Her thoughts were overwhelming her as
she trembled with fear. Peggy held Gita tight pulling her hair again and with her
other hand slapped Gita twice, hard, on her ass and commanded,
“Just relax.” Peggy then started aggressively kissing
Gita and assumed the forceful dominant role. Peggy had
grown to care deeply about Gita. Peggy understood the internal
struggles Gita must have been going through. Peggy could
see how deeply repressed Gita was about her sexuality.
Peggy decided to force the situation and hoped that Gita
had developed enough trust in her so that Peggy could help
Gita overcome her fears. Gita’s resistance melted away as a result of the stinging
on her ass cheeks and the aggressive kisses. Peggy kissed
Gita with deep passion, their tongues and lips danced together.
As they kissed, their bodies moved even closer together.
That kiss was what Gita had been waiting for. Gita started
to think about those dreams of Peggy she was having. Gita
both feared and wished that those dreams would come true.
Peggy knew that sometimes you needed to be cruel to be kind.
Peggy knew that Gita was very submissive and needed a firm
hand to take control. Peggy stopped kissing Gita and loudly
told her, “Of course you are free to leave. No one is forcing
you to do anything you do not want to do. Remember you are
here of your own free will.” Peggy barked at Gita, “I am very disappointed in you.
If you don’t want to be here with me then just leave, I don’t
want to ever see you again.” Peggy was being very stern
and forceful with Gita, telling her, "We planned
this special evening just for you, you are the guest of honor,
you should be grateful.” Peggy’s tone changed, and
became kind and understanding as she said, “I know you
have been watching me, following me with your eyes, longing
for my touch.” Peggy then softly, lovingly said, “My
sweet little pet, I am also longing for your touch. I want
to hold you close. I want to make you happy.” Gita stood there in the hot tub in tears from the scolding
Peggy had given her and fearful that she might never be with
Peggy again. Gita also felt mesmerized as Gita had never
been kissed by a woman like that before, it was even better
than the first kiss they shared. Gita could not bring her
body to move. Gita’s only thoughts were to stay warm in
Peggy’s embrace and hoped that Peggy would continue
passionately kissing her. Gita had been secretly longing
for Peggy’s attention ever since she first laid eyes
on Peggy. Gita then stammered, “I’m sorry Miss Peggy
for my childish behavior. I am so scared I don’t know what
is happening to me. I have never felt like this before. I
keep thinking this is wrong and that I should leave.”
Peggy firmly responded, “I understand sweetheart,
don’t be frightened. Please trust me. Don’t be scared.
Don’t worry about tomorrow and forget about yesterday.
Just try and enjoy this evening as if it was your last night
on earth.” Gita responded quietly, “I trust you Miss Peggy. I will
listen to you and I will do as you tell me to.” Peggy then replied, “That's a good girl, just calm
down. Do what I tell you to do and this will be a magical night
that you will never forget.” Gita began to somewhat relax. Susie came up behind Gita
and removed the scarf Gita had wrapped around her head.
As the scarf left Gita’s head, her long thick black hair
cascaded down her back to the top of her ass. Susie slowly
unraveled Gita from the sari she was wearing. Peggy kept
Gita occupied with deep, long passionate kisses. As an
aggressive Susie was removing her sari and undergarments,
Gita revealed a curvy body with large full breasts, full
round nipples, an amply curved bottom, and an extremely
hairy crotch. As she was being undressed, Gita looked around
with fear in her eyes but reluctantly allowed Susie to undress
her. Peggy let Gita go and Gita covered herself with her
hands and showed the discomfort and insecurity that kept
her repressed. Peggy looked at Susie and Susie knew what to do. Susie moved
over behind Peggy as if she was her personal assistant and
held the back of Peggy’s jacket, which allowed Peggy
to take out her arms. Susie then took the jacket and put it
on a hanger, placed on a hook on the wall. Susie then returned
to Peggy and helped her out of her blouse, again placed on
a hanger, then hung on a hook next to the jacket. Susie helped
Peggy out of her bra and revealed two very large firm breasts
with disproportionately small nipples and very small
nipple rings. Susie folded the bra and placed it on the same
chair Susie had tossed her own undergarments towards earlier.
Susie returned to kneel before Peggy, undid the button
holding Peggy‘s pants up and pulled Peggy’s pants
down past her hips and onto the floor. After Peggy stepped
out of her pants, Susie neatly folded them and placed them
on the back of the chair. Susie returned as Peggy lifted
her foot so that Susie could take off Peggy’s sock. Then
Susie gently kissed Peggy’s toes. Peggy pulled her foot
away from Susie’s kisses and placed her barefoot on the
ground. Peggy then lifted her other foot and moved it in
front of Susie’s face. Susie did the same with the other
foot; she slowly removed the sock and lovingly kissed Peggy’s
toes. After Susie had cleaned Peggy’s toes with her tongue,
Susie took the socks and again neatly placed them on the
chair. Peggy was then left only weary her pink and red panties.
Susie returned to Peggy and again kneeled before her, her
face moved very close to Peggy’s crotch and took a deep
breath. Susie enjoyed the aroma she encountered. Susie
grabbed the side of Peggy’s panties and slowly pulled
them to the floor, revealing a cleanly shaven pussy with
an unusually large clitoris. Peggy’s clitoris was pierced
with a little metal bar that had a small shiny diamond. Completely
naked now, Peggy grabbed Gita’s hand and led her into
the hot tub, where Gita and Peggy began making out again.
Slowly they moved together into the water until they were
up to their necks. While that happened, Susie took Peggy’s
panties and neatly folded them and put them on the chair.
Susie then went to James and helped him get undressed so
that they could join the other ladies in the tub. They were all in the hot tub at that point. Peggy lifted Gita,
with Susie’s help, so that the front of Gita’s body
floated. Peggy was still making out with Gita as the front
of Gita’s body was now bobbing at the top of the water line.
As Peggy and Gita passionately kissed, Susie started fondling
and suckling on Gita’s large breasts taking turns as
she went from one to the other. Gita’s body language revealed
that she was slowly surrendering to Peggy and the pleasure
she felt. Gita moaned and announced she was really starting
to enjoy the attention. James waited a few minutes and just watched the three women
making out in front of him. The sight of Gita’s hairy crotch
was so enticing it seemed to call out to him. He enjoyed the
sight of a freshly shaved pussy. He especially enjoyed
shaving a hairy pussy clean and after he saw Gita’s hairy
bush he desired to see what sweetness was hidden under that
hairy bush. James got out the shaving cream, lifted her
lower body out of the water, and very slowly put the shaving
cream around Gita’s hairy crotch. Gita reacted and tried to pull herself away; she kicked
her feet and struggled to get away from James’s attention.
Peggy grabbed Gita by her long hair and forcefully whispered
into Gita’s ear, “Take it easy, no one is going to hurt
you. Please trust me my love.” Gita stopped kicking though remained quite tense. She
allowed James to continue. When Gita heard Peggy say ‘my
love’, Gita realized that she had been longing to hear
those words. Gita was so fixated on hearing those words
she allowed herself to go and now felt somewhat at ease with
what was happening. James spread Gita’s legs open and rubbed the shaving
cream all around her hairy mound. He then removed a new razor
from the pack and started to shave her pubic hair. Slowly,
stroke by stroke a beautiful little brown pussy was revealed.
Once Gita was clean-shaven, the remaining shaving cream
washed away. James stopped for a moment to admire his work.
James looked down at the brown pussy lips and the pink flesh
in between and it reminded him of an exotic desert flower.
He then brought his nose close so that he could take in her
powerful aroma. Then with his tongue, he went in between
her lips to take in as much nectar as he could. He brought
his head up and licked his lips. He savored a woman like some
people savor fine wine, he appreciated each woman’s
unique taste. James then used two fingers to rub around
her pussy lips getting close to her clit. James could feel
her body react towards the direction of his fingers movements.
Gita had not yet relaxed, but the stimulation was weakening
her resolve. Gita was surprised by the fact James seemed
to enjoy her pussy, which she had always been led to believe
was something nasty and disgusting. Gita was finding it
difficult to believe that a man wanted to please her and
appreciated her womanhood. All the men she had known in
the past just used her for their own pleasure and treated
her as if her needs were not important, like she was not important.
She liked the idea of a man doing something to please her
and make her feel good. As Gita’s aroma grew stronger James could no longer resist.
He leaned forward and licked Gita’s pussy between her
lips and up to her clit. From her reaction, James could tell
his advances were not completely welcome though she allowed
him to continue without protesting. Gita was beginning to enjoy being treated as if she was something
special for once in her life. Though Gita still kept her
eyes closed most of the time, only occasionally was she
brave enough to peek out and see what was happening. Gita
slowly started to enjoy the experience. As Gita moved her hips James moved his tongue and lips in
time with her movements. James forced his tongue in as deep
as possible at first, licking at the bottom of her pussy
hole then bringing his tongue up and pressing his nose up
against her clit. He repeated the up and down motion with
his tongue and nose. James tried to get as far inside Gita
as possible while rubbing his nose against her clit. James
could feel his penis getting rock hard. He was so very aroused,
his senses filled with the sex of the exotic woman. He wanted
to cover his face with a woman’s juices. James was beginning
to sense Gita’s stimulation and excitement as she was
rocking her hips back and forth, she pushed herself up towards
James’s face. James started to suck gently on her sensitive
clit between his lips. Gita moved faster and faster and
James could tell she was almost ready to cum. James then
used two fingers to penetrate Gita’s pussy as he forced
them inside. Gita struggled against his insertion. Gita was not ready
for that and at first felt violated by having a man forcing
his fingers inside of her. Peggy assertively ordered Gita, “Settle down.” After overcoming the shock of James’s finger penetrating
her, and because Gita wanted nothing more than to please
Peggy, Gita started to settle down just as Peggy had commanded
her to. Gita was falling further under Peggy’s spell
and was becoming more willing to do as she was told. Gita
felt safe and secure in Peggy’s arms. Gita noticed that
she was starting to become aroused by the attention James
was giving her. Gita felt strange tingling sensations
in her pussy. Gita felt a wonderful kind of warmth, almost
like electricity pulsating through her groin. After several
more minutes of being toyed with, Gita could no longer hold
back. The physical stimulation overwhelmed her. She had
been struggling to resist but she could no longer deny the
feelings emanating from in and around her pussy. Gita started
to tremble and shake as an orgasm slowly rippled through
her being. Peggy was kissing Gita aggressively and holding her close
as Gita closed her eyes. James took his fingers covered
in Gita’s juices and placed them onto Gita’s lips for
her to get used to cleaning up her own cum. Gita quickly reacted and turned away from his fingers,
but Peggy forcefully grabbed her and told her, “Open
your mouth. Lick his fingers clean and thank him for letting
you cum, like a good girl.” Reluctantly, she took James’s fingers into her mouth
and licked his fingers clean of her own juices. After his
fingers were clean, he removed his fingers from her mouth
and Gita whimpered, “Thank you for letting me cum.”
Gita could not believe what was happening to her and what
she was allowing to happen to her. She thought to herself
that she had been violated, how could she actually thank
someone for that? Yet she wanted nothing more than to please
Peggy and do as she was told. Gita then thought that if Peggy
wanted her to clean his fingers and say thank you then it
must be the right thing to do. Gita came from an extremely conservative background where
a woman’s role and sexuality were clearly defined and
deviations were not tolerated. Gita had always felt the
need to be close and intimate with women, these feelings
she could not allow herself to accept because of the world
she grew up in. Gita was now vulnerable and trembling in
Peggy’s arms floating in the hot tub, eyes closed not
knowing what to do or say next. Gita was just happy that Peggy
was there to take care of her. Susie then looked at James with lust in her eyes and he knew
exactly what she wanted. He looked at Susie and asked, “What
is it that you want, you nasty little slut?” Sheepishly Susie asked, “Sir, may I please lick the delicious
pussy of this sexy bitch?” James then told Susie, “You will have to ask Gita and get
her permission.” Susie then looked at Gita and asked, “May I please lick
your pussy?” Susie began to beg, “Please I really,
really want to lick your pussy and know what it tastes like.”
Gita closed her eyes and didn’t respond. She was not ready
for the question and or the situation and did not want to
acknowledge the request. Peggy got involved again and demanded, “Stop playing
games. You know why you came here this evening. You know
you want this to happen. Susie only wants to make you feel
good. Susie really enjoys licking pussy. Now give her your
permission. Don’t worry, I’m right here.” Gita reacted to Peggy’s harsh words and the warm coziness
of being held tight, then nodded and meekly said, “Ok,
Susie please lick my pussy”, barely opening her eyes
as she said the words and peeked in Susie’s direction.
Susie positioned herself between Gita’s legs and slowly
nudged James out of the way, so that she would be alone ready
to feast. Gita had calmed down a bit and was slowly opening
her eyes. Susie brought her face down close to Gita’s
pussy. At first, Susie could smell the slight remnants
of the shaving cream but as her nose got closer to Gita’s
groin, she was overwhelmed by Gita’s pungent odor, stronger
than she had ever smelled from another woman. The smell
drew Susie in closer. Susie started licking Gita’s pussy
savoring each lick. Susie stuck her tongue as deep inside
Gita as she could, covering her tongue, lips and even nose
with Gita’s sweet nectar. Susie slowly teased Gita,
pressing firmly down on her clit with her tongue and moving
back and forth, back and forth. Susie moved to Gita’s
clit, gently sucking at first, then with more vigor as Gita
reacted to the stimulation. Susie returned to pressing
down on Gita, her tongue moving back and forth, back and
forth. Susie could feel Gita being carried away from the
stimulation. Susie really enjoyed having an audience
viewing her wantonness; she wished that there were more
people here to watch her put on a show. Susie was getting
very wet and excited at the thought of people watching her
covering her face in Gita’s juices and eating out that
aromatic and flavorful pussy. Gita, after some hesitation, started to enjoy being serviced
by the talented Susie. Gita could sense that Susie was also
enjoying herself between her legs. Gita was again surprised
that Susie, like James before her, relished the smells
that Gita had been led to believe were filthy and repulsive.
Gita felt good about being a delicious meal that Susie wanted
to devour. Gita was still in Peggy’s arms being held tight. Gita
became more involved and relaxed. Gita started watching
what was going on and paying more attention as opposed to
earlier when she seemed frightened and kept her eyes closed
for most of the time. After several minutes of Susie licking
Gita’s pussy Gita was startled and moved away from Susie
as Susie’s hand moved under Gita. Susie had just forced her tiny index finger into Gita’s
asshole while licking Gita’s pussy. Susie enjoyed anal
play and knew what she was doing and knew exactly how to give
pleasure. Susie wanted nothing more than to share with
this exotic brown-skinned beauty the joy she felt in giving
pleasure to another woman. Peggy had to again tightly hold unto Gita and gently kiss
and caress her as she could tell that Gita was freaking out
about having her ass played with. Gita somewhat relaxed again and began appreciating the
attention she was receiving from Susie. Gita could not
believe how good it felt having someone lick her down there
and how much better it felt when Susie was using her finger
to massage her asshole. After several more minutes Gita’s
body became weak, her reactions were more pronounced and
her moans louder. Gita could no longer deny Susie’s stimulation
and another orgasm shook Gita’s soul. After Gita’s orgasm had subsided, Susie turned to Gita
and told her, “I really enjoyed licking your pussy and
making you cum. I hope to get another chance to eat you out
again, thank you.” Susie then moved the finger she was
using on Gita’s asshole and put it on Gita’s lips. Gita again freaked out and again Peggy had to grab Gita by
the hair to hold her still and forcefully told her, “Lick
it clean and thank Susie. Before I spank you again” Gita with a bit of fear in her eyes took Susie’s finger
and licked Susie’s index finger clean then said, “Thank
you Susie.” Gita felt so warm inside and her mind was reeling
from the depravity of what just happened. James then told Susie, “You did a great job. You are a hungry
little Chinese slut aren’t you? The way you were feasting
on that sweet little brown pussy.” Susie, smiling with pride, replied, “Yes, Sir!” She
truly enjoyed putting on the show and appreciated the compliment.
After a few minutes of everyone soaking and enjoying the
hot tub Peggy again whispered into Gita’s ear, “Susie
looks very beautiful now, doesn’t she? I know Susie would
like a turn kissing and making out with you. I want to watch
as you and Susie make out. I am going to enjoy watching my
two little girls playing with each other.” A look of reluctance come across Gita’s face and her body
turned away. Peggy firmly held Gita and quietly said, “Don’t worry
my dear. Susie is not going to hurt you.” Peggy stroked
Gita’s hair and caressed her face. Peggy’s continued
forcefully, “Take it easy my love. Now be a good girl for
me and do as you are told or else.” Gita slowly accepted what Peggy was telling her and hearing
Peggy call her ‘my love’ again melted away Gita’s
reluctance. Gita’s ongoing obsession led to an inherent
trust of the older, stronger woman. Gita’s resistance
was slowly being replaced by obedience. Gita did not know
where the evening would lead but the possibilities both
frightened and excited her. Peggy grabbed Gita’s arm and led her to Susie. Peggy started
to kiss and caress Susie and then forced Gita in front of
Susie so that Gita could take a turn doing the same thing.
At first Gita was uncomfortable tasting herself on Susie’s
lips. Gita barely knew Susie and thought to herself why
should kiss her. Yet somewhere deep inside the idea of kissing
Susie felt right and natural. Gita could not find a reason
to stop so she continued enjoying herself kissing, caressing
and holding Susie close fulfilling long repressed yearnings.
Susie took the initiative, leading Gita and showing her
what to do and how to do it. Susie took Gita’s hand and brought
it up to Susie’s breast and showed Gita’s how to play
with her nipple and massage her breasts. Susie was kissing
Gita and their tongues and lips intertwined. Gita was tentatively
massaging Susie’s breasts, allowing Susie’s firm
nipples to slide between her fingers as Susie had shown
her. Susie also played with Gita’s much larger breasts,
aggressively massaging them with her small hands. Susie
moved forward so that their bodies were pressed firmly
together, Susie pressed her pussy against Gita’s leg.
Susie rode Gita’s leg and rubbed her pussy up and down
on Gita’s thigh as they continued fervently making out.
That was the point at which James grabbed Peggy and directed
her attention to his throbbing penis. Peggy grabbed his penis and slowly started stroking it
as they both watched the two other girls necking. James
had not cum yet so Peggy knew it would not be long before he
did. She stopped stroking him as he sat down in the hot tub.
Peggy moved over and put his hard dick inside of her soaking
wet pussy, slowly sitting down on his penis. Peggy had her
back to him so she could face forward and in such a way that
they could both still watch the girls making out. Peggy
was moving up and down on James frantically. Peggy was really
getting turned on as she watched Gita and Susie and was waiting
to feel James ejaculate inside her. Peggy continued her
up and down motions, desperately waiting for him to explode.
It was not too much longer before James winced and grunted,
filling her with his semen. Peggy gradually stopped riding
him and eased herself off his sensitive member. Gita and Susie were still intertwined with Susie in control
and Gita tentatively following. Peggy went over interrupting
the ladies and grabbed both of them by their hands as she
separated them. Peggy led them out of the hot tub to where
there were several towels waiting on a small bench. The
girls dried each other off and Peggy signaled for James
to join them. All three lovely ladies then helped dry him
off. Gita felt both relief and disappointment in being separated
from Susie. Gita felt relief because things were happening
so fast. She felt disappointment because she was getting
carried away with the new found intimacy of being with Susie
and the warmth she felt inside. James then whispered to Peggy, “We need to go to the bedroom
now.” Peggy smiled and replied, “Yes Sir, ” and led the girls
by the hand to the bedroom. In the bedroom there was a large king size bed with four brass
bedposts and attached to the posts at the head of the bed
were two fur-lined handcuffs. Peggy was holding both ladies’ hands but let go of Gita
as she took Susie to the bed. Peggy attached Susie’s wrists
to the handcuffs connected to the bedposts. Susie smiled as she laid there naked, her hands cuffed to
the bedposts, legs spread wide, eager with anticipation.
Susie knew that she would now be getting the attention she
craved. Susie had been a bit jealous of Gita and the attention
she had gotten earlier but felt relieved it was now her turn.
Susie was so wet and horny now. Susie’s mind was racing
thinking about what may be in store for her and the fun she
was about to have. As Peggy handcuffed Susie, James reminded her, “You
have to ask her permission before you can cum.” Susie just smiled and nodded in agreement and said, “Of
course Sir.” Peggy then turned to Gita and told her, “You are now going
to please Susie. I will show you how to please another woman.”
Gita remembered that night when they went to dinner and
saw Susie’s pussy, the tinge of excitement she felt.
Gita had tried to deny those feelings. Gita thought she
was better than that, better than feeling excited by seeing
another woman’s pussy. Yet Gita could not deny the sense
of eager anticipation mounting inside her. Gita was still
quite hesitant and not quite willing to accept her new reality.
Gita was not sure if it was the wine or the devotion she felt
towards Peggy, but Gita could not find the will to resist.
“This evening is not only about getting pleasure, it
also about giving pleasure. A good girl enjoys giving pleasure
as much as getting pleasure, ” Peggy berated Gita as
if she was a small child. Gita paused for a moment, but nodded in acquiescence. Peggy
pulled Gita onto the bed in between Susie’s legs, which
eagerly spread wide open. Peggy went down on Susie, licking
her wet pussy lips, showing Gita what to do. Peggy then brought
her head up and told Gita, “It is your turn now.” Gita did not move, she was staring down at Susie’s wet
pussy. Peggy then grabbed the back of Gita’s head and forced
her down so that Gita’s lips were touching Susie’s
pussy lips. Peggy smacked Gita, ten times, hard on the ass
and told her, “Lick that sweet little pussy and stop playing
games. You and I both know you want be with another woman,
now do as you are told or I will spank you again.” Gita was distraught. She could not believe that Peggy spanked
her, it was so humiliating. It was like when she was a little
girl and her mother would spank her for being bad. Spanking
and being told what to do was the way Gita was raised. Gita
began to accept her place between Susie’s legs. Gita
wanted to please Peggy and be a good girl for her. Gita, fearing another spanking, started to lick Susie
like a dog licking someone’s hand. Gita obviously did
not know what she was doing. Peggy then pulled Gita away
and went down on Susie again, showing Gita how to lick a pussy
explaining again what to do. Gita then went down again and
tried to do what she was just shown. That went on for a while.
As time went by, Gita was getting the hang of licking Susie
and felt more relaxed and confident. Gita slowly started enjoying her role in giving pleasure
to another woman. After all, this is what she had been longing
for after all these years. Gita felt that being controlled
by Peggy gave her direction and purpose. Gita knew she needed
that forceful little push to get started. Gita’s senses
became aware of the unique smells and tastes she encountered
while licking Susie. It was strange and a little unpleasant,
but as time went by Gita began to appreciate if not enjoy
the new sensual experience. Gita, slowly but surely, was
opening herself to new possibilities. Susie was writhing in pleasure, moaning and breathing
heavily. She enjoyed being handcuffed and being Gita’s
practice dummy, so to speak. Susie’s pleasure increased
with the thought that it was Gita’s first time with another
woman. James was getting very aroused by what was unfolding in
front of him. He was really turned on by the entire reluctant
lesbian scene and he did not want to break it up. James again
signaled to Peggy that he was in need of sexual release again
and firmly ordered her, “Come here slut, now.” Peggy then forcefully whispered into Gita’s ear telling
Gita that, “You are on her own, don’t stop licking Susie
until she cums. Do you understand me, my pet?” Gita looked up at Peggy and weakly nodded, “Yes Miss Peggy.”
Gita slowly moved from hesitation to acceptance of her
place between Susie’s legs. James commanded Peggy, “Bend over bitch, ass in the air.
Your face down near where Gita is licking Susie so you can
continue to watch and tell her what to do.” Peggy did as told, providing him access to her eager pussy.
James went behind Peggy and positioned himself in such
a way that he could still get a good view of Gita and Susie.
Peggy’s head was now resting down on a pillow beside Susie’s
hips. James slowly pushed his erection between her pussy
lips until he was inside her. James moved in and out, first
with short strokes, then longer and longer strokes until
he was deep inside her. James could feel her pushing back
against him. The whole time, he watched as Gita was licking
Susie and Susie was moving her torso, restricted by the
handcuffs attached to the bedposts. Susie really enjoyed the attention Gita was giving her.
Susie started to encourage Gita and told her, “Stick
your tongue deep inside me. Cover your face in my cum. Now
press down on my clit with your tongue. Push down now with
your tongue on my clit and rub back and forth, that’s it.”
Susie’s breathing soon got heavy. Susie also really
enjoyed watching Peggy and James doing the dirty dance.
Susie thought to herself, ‘Gita is not a bad little cunt
licker. She just needs a little more practice that I will
be happy to give her.’ James asked Susie, “Is Gita doing a good job, slut?”
Susie moaned, “Oh yeah Gita is starting to do a good job
now Sir.” James then grabbed Peggy by her ponytail pulling her head
back as he continued riding her hard trying to get deeper
inside her with every thrust forward. James then whispered
into Peggy’s ear, “Tell Gita to put two fingers inside
Susie’s asshole. You know how much Susie enjoys that.”
Peggy then told Gita, “I want you to put two fingers into
Susie’s asshole and fuck her ass with your fingers.”
Gita did not respond. Peggy then softly continued, “Sweetheart
don’t think about it, just do it. I enjoy watching you
learn how to please another woman. This is becoming a very
special evening. Please don’t make me spank you again.”
Gita was dizzied by the threat of another spanking and hearing
Peggy call her sweetheart. Susie, short of breath, pleaded with Gita, “Please,
please put your fingers in my asshole. Oh God please fuck
my ass with your fingers.” Gita, with Peggy’s guidance eventually managed to get
two fingers into Susie’s tight ass moving in and out,
back and forth massaging Susie’s asshole with her slow
movements. With two of Gita’s fingers inside her, Susie thanked
Gita for the anal massage, “Thank you. Oh that feels so
fucking good.” Susie also began to give Gita more instructions,
“Suck on my clit like it is a little Popsicle. Oh yeah like
that. Move your fingers faster, go deeper. That’s a good
girl, Gita, just like that”. Gita was now trying her best to meet Susie’s demands encouraged
by Peggy’s positive reinforcement and threats. Gita
felt good knowing her actions pleased Susie and knowing
that Peggy approved of her actions. James continued riding Peggy hard and with each long penetrating
stroke was closer to cumming inside Peggy’s inviting
pussy. He was getting more and more turned on watching Gita
and her new found enthusiasm for pleasing Susie. After
several more minutes of trying to get deeper and deeper
inside Peggy with each stroke he finally came inside her.
As he came, he looked at Susie and could tell she was almost
there too. As James gently slipped out of Peggy he told her, “I want
you to get the nipple clamps from the night table and put
them on Susie‘s nipples. You know how much Susie enjoys
that”. Peggy retrieved the nipple clamps from the night table,
and tightened the clamps on Susie’s swollen nipples.
That was it, within a couple of minutes; Susie loudly pleaded,
“Please can I cum. I need to cum so fucking bad. Oh my fucking
God please.” James responded, “No you have to wait. I want you to show
Gita what an obedient little Chinese slut you are.” Susie begged and pleaded, “Can I please cum now. I promise
to be a good obedient little Chinese slut. Oh please, please,
please Sir.” James then told Gita, “Stop what you’re doing.”
Gita ignored James command and continued licking and fingering
Susie. James grabbed Gita by the hair and firmly pulled her away
from Susie’s hot pussy. James then looked at Gita who
had obviously been lost in the moment and told her, “I
said stop.” James continued, “Gita, you really look
like you were enjoying yourself there. You’re a natural
and you look so good with Susie’s juices covering your
face.” Gita looked perplexed as she removed her fingers from Susie’s
ass. Gita could not believe that she was actually enjoying
the experience and did not want to stop. What James had just
told her made her feel good about herself. Yet doubts still
lingered as Gita thought to herself, ‘I should not be
doing this, this is so very, very wrong. What if her family
found out? What would they think? What would they say? What
would they do?’ James looked at Susie and asked her, “What do you want,
you nasty little Chinese slut?” Susie was begging, pleading, “Please let me cum Sir.
I need to cum so fucking bad. I am so horny right now. I’ll
do whatever you want Sir, just please let me cum.” James replied, “Of course you will do whatever I want
you to do.” Then James told Susie, “If you want to cum
you need to beg Gita to finish the job, but this time I want
to see four of Gita’s fingers fucking your asshole.”
Without hesitation Susie begged Gita, “I am such a horny
little Chinese slut. Please finish licking me and fucking
my asshole until I cum. Oh Jesus fucking Christ please.
Please, oh please. Use all four of your fingers to fuck my
ass. Please you can put your whole hand up there if you like.
Don’t worry I can take it. I need you to make me cum. I’ll
do whatever you want Gita. Please make me cum.” Gita was perplexed, she could sense that Susie was in agony
but it was quite surreal for Gita. Gita was still trying
to make sense of all that was happening as Susie was begging
and pleading for Gita to finish her off. After about a minute
or so, without prompting from either Peggy or James, Gita
returned to licking Susie’s pussy. Gita was learning
her place and what was expected of her. Gita slowly began
forcing her small little hand, fingers first, into Susie’s
asshole. Gita was now licking Susie and moving her hand gently in
and out of Susie’s anal cavity. After only a couple of
minutes of Gita’s renewed stimulus Susie was again begging
to cum, pleading, “Holy fuck, oh my God. Please can I cum
now Sir?” James grabbed Gita gently by her hair, pulling her away
from Susie and asked her, “Do you think Susie deserves
to cum?” Susie loudly moaned, “Please Gita, please make me cum.”
Gita was again stunned, trying to understand the dynamics
of the situation and whispered, “Yes” as she nodded
the affirmative. James then told Susie, “You have my permission to cum”
and he directed Gita, “Go ahead I want to see you make my
little Chinese slut cum all over your face.” Gita returned to her task, feeling somewhat confident
and more comfortable. She was tired of trying to think for
herself. She wanted to submit to someone else’s will.
Gita felt comfortable following orders and instructions.
She had found her place and was now eager to serve. She remembered
growing up she was rewarded and praised for being a good
girl and doing as she was told. Gita wanted to be a good girl
for Peggy. After about a minute or so Susie started to convulse and
scream, “I’m cumming. Oh fuck, oh God. Gita you are
a good little cunt licker. Thank you, Gita. Oh thank you.”
Susie then turned to James and panted as she said, “Thank
you Sir, thank you for letting me cum.” Susie looked down
at Gita and said, “That was great” as she wrapped her
legs tight around Gita’s head. Finally Susie relaxed
after her orgasm subsided but she kept telling Gita, “You
are such a good little cunt licker.” Gita, her face covered in Susie’s wetness looked up at
Peggy as if needing approval. Gita wanted nothing more
than to be Peggy’s good little girl. Peggy then leaned down and told Gita, “Baby girl you look
so sexy and beautiful right now. I am so proud of you sweetheart.”
Peggy gave Gita a big wet kiss and comforted her, “My sweet
little angel.” Peggy then instructed Gita, “Now I
want you go and let Susie lick all her juices off of your face
and clean your fingers.” Gita felt good about herself, proud that Peggy was praising
her. Gita did as told and moved into a position to allow Susie
to lick off the mess she just made on Gita’s face. Gita
then put her fingers in Susie’s mouth and Susie eagerly
cleaned them as well. Susie was thankful for the attention she had received and
the wonderful orgasm that had taken control of her body.
Susie again began to fantasize about being in front of a
large group of people being even more turned on by the perversion
and humiliation she felt imagining the possibilities.
Peggy then fell back onto the middle of the bed. After Susie
had finished cleaning Gita’s face and fingers Peggy
pulled Gita to her side. Peggy slid one arm under Gita, giving
her a big hug. Peggy slowly and gently ran her fingers through
Gita’s hair. With her other arm, Peggy reached over and
gently rubbed Gita’s ear and face as she directed Gita
to look up at her. They looked deeply into each other’s
eyes and then tenderly kissed each other. The two women
were in a warm and loving embrace. The older, more confident
Peggy was comforting and reassuring the insecure younger
woman. James released Susie from the cuffs and removed the nipple
clamps as Susie let out a small yelp. Susie then moved to
Peggy’s other side and snuggled next to her. Susie positioned
her head close to Peggy’s breast. Susie put a couple of
pillows under her head. Susie grabbed Peggy’s large
breast holding it like a baby holding her bottle. Susie
had started to suckle on Peggy’s nipple as she played
with the nipple ring between her teeth and with her tongue.
Susie enjoyed suckling on Peggy’s large breasts. Susie
remembered that she too was once reluctant, intimidated,
and frightened. She realized that she was only being afraid
of herself and afraid to enjoy herself with another woman,
afraid to enjoy her sexuality. Susie felt at peace, content.
In the company of these lovers, Susie no longer felt any
shame and did whatever she felt comfortable doing. They all laid there for a few minutes hugging and holding
onto each other, taking the time to enjoy the moment. The
scents of the women filled the air. After a few minutes of tender intimacy, Peggy started to
realize how very horny she was and looked up at James. She
became submissive when she was in need of release. James then asked, “What do you want my dear little slut?”
Peggy looked up smiling and said, “You know what I want
Sir.” James, toying with her, responded, “You have to beg me
for it you nasty thing.” Peggy impishly begged, “Please, can I cum now Sir. I need
to cum so bad. I'm so horny now. Please, pretty please.”
James looked bored and told her, “I am not convinced yet
that you really want to cum.” Peggy again pleaded, “Can I please cum Sir. I am such a
dirty slut and I am so very, very, very horny. I need to cum
so badly.” James replied, “I am still not yet convinced that you
really deserve to cum. I need to hear exactly what you have
in mind before I will allow it.” Finally Peggy, sounding like a horny teenager, revealed,
“Gita I have been dreaming about this moment for so very
long. Gita I want you to please lick my pussy and fuck my pussy
with the large dildo. I am so excited that this is may actually
be happening. You are making me so very happy being here
with me, my love.” Peggy sheepishly continued, “Sir
while she does that I want you to fuck my ass. I also want Susie
to get the nipple clamps and put them on me. After that I want
Susie to sit on my face while I lick her cunt and asshole.”
James smiled and asked, “Why would you want that?”
Peggy replied, “Because I am a nasty cunt licking, cock
sucking whore Sir and I know you are going to enjoy that as
much as I am!” James said, “Very well my dear, but you are going to have
to beg each of us to do what you want us to do.” Peggy blushed a bit as she loved being humiliated, so she
played along with James’s game. First Peggy looked at
James and begged, “Could you please, please fuck my ass
Sir?” To which James responded, “Ok if you really want me to,
you depraved whore.” Peggy then turned to Susie and asked her, “Susie would
you please get the nipple clamps and put them on me nice and
tight? Will you sit on my face so I can lick your pussy and
asshole until you cum all over my face?” Susie eagerly responded, “I would love to help you out
with that, you dirty, nasty whore. I am damn jealous of you
bitch. I wish that was me getting that action.” Peggy turned to Gita with a look of wanton lust in her eyes
and no longer in the dominant position begged her, “Gita
would you please, please get the large dildo out of the night
table and fuck me with it? Would you please also lick my pussy
and make me cum, my love? Oh, please Gita that would make
so very happy. I have been looking forward to this for a very
long, long time sweetheart.” Gita was puzzled and wondered what happened to the strong
woman who was so forcefully in charge earlier and said,
“OK Miss Peggy, if you really want me to.” Gita was eager
to do as she was told, eager to please Miss Peggy. It didn’t
matter to Gita whether Peggy was commanding her or begging
her, Gita was now eager to please. Peggy replied, “Of course, yes please dear right now
more than anything I really, really want you to make me cum,
my sweet little brown angel.” James then told Peggy, “Lie down on the bed where Susie
was before.” Peggy excitedly complied with his commands.
James then put the fur lined handcuffs on Peggy and reminded
her, “You are not allowed to cum without my permission.”
Peggy had a big smile and nodded in agreement and said, “I
know” as James cuffed her to the bedposts. James then turned to Gita and told her, “Go to the night
table, ” as he pointed to the top drawer. James then instructed
Gita, “Bring me the largest dildo you find in that drawer,
it is big and black”. Gita went to the night table and gasped as she removed a large
black dildo that was at least eight inches long and very
thick. Gita was unable to get her little hands around the
big dildo. Gita could not believe that that was really what
Peggy wanted. It looked so big, how could that thing fit
inside of Peggy and not hurt, Gita thought to herself. James then told Gita, “Get the large butt plug and lubricant
from the drawer and bring it to me.” Gita looked back at him, confused at the request. James then realized Gita had no idea what was he talking
about, so he described the butt plug and lubricant to her
and she then brought them to him. While that was going on Susie secured the nipple clamps
on Peggy’s firm nipples just above the piercings. Peggy
whimpered as the clamps were tightened. Susie gradually
moved herself above Peggy’s face so Peggy’s tongue
and lips could have access to Susie’s pussy. Susie smiled,
she was eager to ride Peggy hard and cum on Peggy’s face.
Susie enjoyed seeing the submissive side of Peggy and humiliating
her. Peggy had started to lick Susie with Susie grinding herself
onto Peggy’s face. James hated to interrupt but he told
Susie, “Get the butt plug and lubricant from Gita. I want
you to lubricate the butt plug and I want you to ever so gently
place it in Peggy’s asshole.” He also told Susie, “After
you are finished inserting the butt plug I want you to get
back up there and let Peggy finish eating you out.” Susie did as she was told and Peggy groaned loudly as the
butt plug was pushed inside her. Susie then returned to
her position above Peggy’s face and Peggy enthusiastically
continued eating Susie out. Peggy focused on pleasing Susie to help distract from the
discomfort of the nipple clamps and butt plug. Peggy concentrated
on Susie’s clit, sucking slowly, and then massaging
it with her tongue. Peggy was anxiously waiting to feel
Susie’s orgasm on her face. Peggy enjoyed the way Susie
tasted, quite different from any other woman she had been
with before. James began explaining to Gita how to use the dildo with
the different speed settings. He sat on the bed next to Gita,
who positioned herself between Peggy’s legs. He instructed
Gita, “Open Peggy’s pussy lips and press the dildo
in between her pussy lips and slowly, very gently push it
in.” He explained, “Use a back and forth motion to slowly
get the dildo deep inside. Turn it on so it vibrates on low.
I also want you to orally play with the bar piercing Peggy’s
clit. I also want you to sometimes suck on her clit, suck
nice and hard, she really likes that. Now do you understand?”
Gita looked up at him nodding in the affirmative and told
him, “I think so.” James sat there for a while and watched to make sure Gita
was getting the hang of it. Soon Gita seemed to be getting the hang of it and from Peggy’s
reaction, Gita was getting the desired effect. Gita mind
had cleared of the thoughts that tormented her. Gita’s
being tingled, her senses piqued with the warmth of Peggy’s
body in front of her as the taste of Peggy filled her mouth
and Peggy’s aroma filled the air. Gita thrilled in their
shared nakedness. She felt both shame and arousal in satisfying
her forbidden needs. Gita focused on the instructions
James had given her. Gita was excited at the idea of pleasing
Peggy this way, the woman she admired so much and had secretly
yearned for. Gita was thrilled with the effects she was
having on Peggy. Gita stroked Peggy’s cunt with the dildo
and sucked on Peggy’s clit with her lips and tongue. Gita
noticed that the taste in her mouth and the aroma that filled
her nose were somehow similar and yet different from Susie’s.
Gita began to appreciate and enjoy the tastes and scents
of being with another woman. It was an exciting new experience
learning how to please a woman as she filled herself with
another woman’s sexual presence. James then explained to Gita, “I am going to twist Peggy’s
hips around so that I can get behind her.” In a deliberate
tone he stated, “I want you to continue with what you are
doing. You just need to shift your position a bit.” James adjusted Peggy to get behind her so that he could start
to fuck her ass. He removed the butt plug from Peggy’s
ass that Susie had inserted earlier. Peggy shook as he did
so. James easily inserted his erection into Peggy’s
asshole, which had been stretched wide and lubricated
by the butt plug. Peggy winced slightly, his penis may not be a wide as the
butt plug, but his cock penetrated her deeper. Peggy enjoyed
double penetration; she loved how full she felt. Peggy
experienced both pleasure and pain being stretched wide
open and vigorously massaged. Peggy felt a thrill with
each thrust of the vibrating dildo and James’s penis
massaging her asshole. The pain subsided within minutes,
an orgasm slowly building. Peggy moaned, “Gita please
go faster with the dildo. Fuck me harder, go deeper. Please
make me cum Gita. I want to cum for you my love.” James pumped his hips trying to get his penis as deep inside
Peggy as possible. He saw that Peggy was going wild, her
hips pushed forward to greet each thrust of the vibrating
dildo in Gita’s hands. James was thrusting himself deep
inside her asshole as he felt the vibration of the dildo
massage his erection. Gita sucked on Peggy’s clit, nibbling on Peggy’s piercing
while she fucked her with the dildo, trying to keep up with
Peggy’s demands. Gita looked up at Peggy’s breasts
as they swayed back and forth. Gita was captivated, and
with her other hand eagerly reached up to touch Peggy’s
breast. Gita bravely touched Peggy’s nipple, the nipple
ring sliding between her fingers. Gita felt comfortable
fucking Peggy with the dildo. Seeing and hearing how much
Peggy enjoyed it helped. As Gita’s confidence grew,
she fucked Peggy faster and harder. Gita wanted nothing
more than to make Peggy happy. Gita was eager to please,
enticed by Peggy’s loving words and empowered by the
raw sexuality. Peggy relished that Gita didn’t need to be told to play
with her breasts. After several more minutes of the blissful
onslaught Peggy started loudly begging, “Can I please
cum Sir. Oh my God, please Sir, please.” James quickly responded “No you horny slut, not yet”.
He reached around, grabbed Gita by her long hair, quickly
lifted her away from Peggy’s pussy, and forcefully told
Gita, “Remove the dildo now.” Gita complied. Peggy reacted and pleaded, “No, please let me cum. Oh
my God I’m so horny right now.” As James continued his assault on Peggy’s asshole, he
leaned forward and quietly reassured her, “Don’t
worry my sweet little slut, you will get your chance to cum.
I just want to have some fun with Gita first.” James continued
his assault on Peggy’s rear. After several more minutes
he finally came and Peggy responded by pushing back as her
asshole clenched around his erection. James relaxed for a moment or two and then slowly withdrew,
as he did, he saw Susie riding Peggy's face hard while
Susie was pinching and pulling hard on her own nipples.
Susie could feel Peggy’s tongue rubbing hard against
her sensitive clit. Susie’s juices flowed onto Peggy’s
face. Susie began to quiver as the rush of an orgasm built.
Susie then looked at James feverishly begging him “Can
I please cum now Sir.” James replied, “You can cum now. You’ve been a good
little girl tonight.” Susie soon came, swearing, “Fuck, oh my fucking God.
Thank you Sir, oh God thank you, ” her body trembled and
shock. She fell back off of Peggy’s face onto the bed.
Everyone except Peggy had cum at least twice and Peggy again
begged, “Please can I cum now, Sir?” James replied with a devilish grin, “You can cum only
after Gita has licked all of my sperm out of your asshole.”
Gita looked startled and confused. She was starting to
feel more comfortable and confident with what was going
on, but that was pushing the depravity to new limits. Was
she really supposed to lick a man’s sperm from a woman’s
asshole? How could someone expect her to do that, who would
think of such a thing? Peggy then began to plead with Gita, “Please lick his
sperm out of my asshole. Don't worry I had an enema this
afternoon. You won't find anything nasty. Please
do it my sweetness. I need this so badly my love, please,
please.” James enjoyed making Peggy suffer like that, and he wanted
to see how far Gita would be willing to go. Peggy continued begging and pleading for Gita to do as James
asked. "Please Gita; oh please my love do it.” Peggy was
desperate for release and hoped Gita would be willing to
play along. Gita could not believe that she was actually thinking of
doing it. Gita was both embarrassed and excited by the new
nasty sexual adventure. Finally, Gita’s obedience
and subservient nature took over and she looked up at James
and timidly asked, “What do you want me to do?” Gita
was completely resigned to her fate. She had already done
many things that evening she could never have imagined
doing before. The more she thought about it and accepted
it as her place the more she started to feel aroused. Gita
was now actually looking forward to seeing what it would
taste like and how it would feel. James rolled Peggy on her side. She was still handcuffed
to the bedposts. He had Susie come and sit to one side of Peggy
so Peggy could spread her legs open as much as possible by
resting one leg on Susie's shoulder. Peggy's
asshole was gapping open and some of James’s sperm was
visible in Peggy’s anal opening. James explained to Gita, “Lick inside Peggy's asshole
and get your tongue in as deep as possible to lick out my sperm.
Also, press your lips firmly up against Peggy's rosebud
and try to suck some of my sperm out that way. Make sure you
get all of my sperm because only then will I let Peggy cum.”
Peggy was still begging and encouraging Gita, "Please
Gita, clean out my asshole with your tongue. Get all his
sperm, it would mean so much to me my love.” Buoyed by Peggy’s loving words, Gita bent down and began
to lick and suck Peggy's anal cavity. Gita stopped
thinking about what she was doing. More than anything,
she wanted to satisfy the beautiful Peggy. Gita could not
bring herself to believe that she was beginning to enjoy
herself and was turned on by the debauchery. With Peggy's encouragement, Gita lovingly took care
of Peggy. James was sure all his sperm was long removed but
enjoyed taking control of Gita and making her do his bidding
while pushing her limits. Peggy enjoyed the attention and wanted to test Gita's
limits. She wanted to see how far Gita would be willing to
go to please her. Peggy was pleased, sensing that Gita had
actually started to relax and enjoy herself in being with
another woman. James stopped Gita, motioning for to scoot over. He was
sure that Peggy was clean by now but for appearance’s
sake, he used his index finger and pushed it inside her anus
to make sure it felt clean inside. James then told Gita, “Good girl, you've done a good
job and Peggy is all nice and clean. Now go get the butt plug.
Put some lubricant on it and slowly insert it into Peggy's
asshole again.” While Gita was putting the lubricant on the large butt plug
James got Susie's attention and instructed her, “Get
the small white vibrator from the night table and bring
it to me.” Gita felt good when James told her she was a good girl. Gita
did as instructed and slowly forced the butt plug into Peggy.
As she was doing so Gita could not believe that Peggy could
get something that big in her asshole, let alone allow it
or even enjoy it. Peggy let out a loud gasp then said, ‘Oh yes my delicious
little piece of caramel candy. That’s it nice and easy
does it. You did that so well sweetheart”. James then told Gita, “Now I want you to slightly tighten
Peggy's nipple clamps.” Peggy let out a loud cry, instinctively saying, “Thank
you” as Gita tightened the clamps. Gita was in disbelief that Peggy said thank you to the pain.
Gita realized that that was what Peggy wanted. Gita marveled
at the woman that she was so attracted to. She was beginning
to understand exactly how strong a woman Peggy was. James then with an assertive tone instructed Gita, “I
want you to slowly start to fuck Peggy with the large dildo
again. Turn the vibrator on high this time. Then I want you
to return to licking Peggy's pussy and sucking on her
clit like you did before.” Then more forcefully James
said, “Do you understand me Gita.” Gita responded with a barely audible, “Yes I understand.”
Gita had begun to understand that James was helping her
please Peggy. James was teaching her, helping her in a way
that she never thought a man could do. Gita finally understood
that pleasing each other and feeling good was what the evening
was about. Peggy was babbling, “I am so fucking horny. I need to cum,
please hurry Gita.” Gita was delighted and felt energized and more alive than
she had ever felt before being naked in bed with Peggy. Gita
had no idea that feeling like that was possible. Every aspect
of her being felt electric and she felt so good, so very good
about the opportunity to please Peggy. Gita did not remember
ever having felt that invigorated before. Gita proceeded
to carefully follow the directions James had given her.
She wanted to make sure she did everything she could to please
Peggy. Gita inserted the dildo into Peggy’s wet pussy
and was surprised at how easily it went in that time. She
slowly started the in and out movements as she had done before
and then eagerly started to suck on Peggy’s clit, remembering
how much Peggy enjoyed it before. Gita soon began again
to move the dildo faster and deeper into Peggy. Gita was
starting to learn how to be a good lover. A warm feeling emanated
through Gita’s being. As James watched Gita pleasing Peggy, his attention was
drawn to Susie and what to do with the sexy little thing.
He then decided he would do what he knew Susie would enjoy
the most. After all Susie had been such a good little obedient
girl. James told Susie, “Get the lubricant and spread
it around your asshole. Then open your cheeks and slide
my cock in your asshole.” Susie eagerly followed his instructions and slowly with
the help of lubrication and gravity got most of his penis
inside her petite frame. She wiggled and moved her hips
to help accommodate his large member. James marveled at how his large penis could fit so well into
such a small body. He then handed her the small vibrator,
which he had earlier asked her to retrieve. He aggressively
told her, “Use that vibrator on yourself, bitch. I want
to feel your orgasm with my cock buried in your ass.” Susie did not need any more prompting. With one hand, she
started to push the vibrator inside her wet pussy, enjoying
the vibrations. Susie used her other hand for leverage
as she placed it on James’s lap so that she could better
move up and down on James’s swollen penis. Susie positioned
herself for maximum pleasure. Susie loved being fucked
in the ass and had the most powerful orgasms when there was
something up her ass and her clit was being played with.
James told Susie, “That’s a good girl. Ride me hard,
show me how much you like my cock deep inside you.” Peggy began to moan and loudly begged Gita, “Please make
me cum. Suck on my clit, yeah, really suck on it hard, that’s
it. Now fuck me harder.” Peggy arched her back and got
up on her legs forcing Gita’s face deeper into Peggy’s
crotch and the dildo was driven deeper insider her soaking
wet cunt. Peggy’s body was moving wildly, working hard,
trying to cum hard for her new lover. James watched Peggy’s wanton gyrations, and then refocused
on Susie commanding her, “Come on you Chinese slut, move
your ass. Play with yourself. I want to feel you cum on my
cock.” James’s words and watching Gita and Peggy were driving
Susie wild. Susie turned up the vibrator, all the while
rocking back and forth, up and down on James’s erection.
Peggy yelled about as loud as James had ever heard her yell,
“Suck my clit harder. Fuck me good, baby girl.” Then
Peggy finally started to beg almost incoherently, “Can
I please cum now. Please oh my God, please. I am ready to cum
now.” James said, “Yes my precious, beautiful whore, cum for
me now.” Peggy started to scream, “Thank you, oh my God thank you
Sir.” She kept repeating thank you as if those were the
only words she knew. Her body writhed and shook as an intense
orgasm rippled through her body. Susie was caught up watching Peggy’s intense orgasm.
Susie felt the pressure building up inside her. She pushed
the vibrator deep inside with one hand and moved her other
hand to use it to rub her clit between her middle and ring
fingers. After several minutes of savage movements Susie
excitedly begged, “Can I please cum. Please can this
Chinese slut cum on your big cock Sir?” James gave Susie his permission, “Go ahead my little
Chinese slut. You have been a very good girl for me tonight.”
James had really been impressed with Susie that evening
and he felt she deserved it. James felt Susie’s body clench
around his stiff penis as she had a deep and powerful orgasm.
Susie thanked him profusely for the orgasm, “Thank you
Sir. Oh fuck, thank you.” James withdrew from Susie and laid her gently on the bed.
James then went and released Peggy from her cuffs and removed
the nipple clamps. Gita, without having to be told, removed the dildo and gently
withdrew the butt plug from Peggy. Peggy rubbed her wrists
and closed her eyes to gather herself for a moment. She rolled
over and cuddled next to Susie. Peggy recovered enough,
took the dildo from Gita’s hands, and started cleaning
it with her mouth, as if she was sucking on a lollypop. James now focused on Gita and told her, “You have shown
me you are good at eating pussy. It is now time to see what
kind of a cock sucker you are.” James moved some pillows
to where Peggy had been between the bedposts. He arranged
the pillows in such a way that he was sitting up so he could
see what was happening. With a firm voice and deliberate
manner, James called Gita over. Gita was frightened and unsure. Gita did not like men and
did not trust them. Gita had come to trust James just a little
bit. James enjoyed her and treated her better than any other
man had before. James helped her please Peggy and showed
her what to do. Peggy was a woman she admired so much and Gita
could see how much Peggy trusted James. Gita could only
comply with his demands uncertain as she was. Gita went
over to where James was and did as she told. James then grabbed Gita by her hair and brought her mouth
down close to his erection. James directed Gita, “Now
you are going to thank your host for this lovely evening.”
James continued, “You start by first cleaning the outside
of my penis with your mouth.” Gita looked at up at James, frozen with fear. James demanded, “Do as you are told. I am not asking you.
I am telling you. I mean now bitch.” James shoves Gita’s
face into his erection as he let her hair go. James reached
around and with his open hand smacked Gita’s ass twice
to get her attention. Gita, with her ass stinging, looked up at James and meekly
nodded accepting her task saying, “Yes Sir I will do as
I am told.” With trepidation, Gita tried to take his erect
penis completely in her mouth, which she was unable to do.
Gita could detect the flavors; they were different from
those she experienced with Susie and Peggy earlier. Gita
was trying her best to clean his erect penis with her tongue.
That was certainly not something she enjoyed as much as
some of the evening earlier activities, but she dutifully
continued as she had been directed. Gita’s only thoughts
at that point were to do as she was told. Peggy and Susie had recovered enough that they start to
watch and egg Gita on. Peggy said, “My beautiful little lover. You look so good
with that in your mouth. Make me proud and do a good job.”
Susie blurted, “Look at the little slut clean his cock.”
Gita was startled by Susie calling her a slut, she felt a
bit of a thrill thinking of herself as nasty and dirty. Gita
had cleaned as much of his penis as she could with it in her
mouth so she lifted her head from his erection and moved
her mouth down to a position near the bottom of his shaft.
She reluctantly licked the lower parts of his shaft and
balls. Gita was trying her best to use her tongue to clean
the parts of his penis she could not fit in her mouth. After a few minutes, James’s erection and testicles
were nice and clean on the outside. James told Gita, “Suck
my cock slut. I expect you to swallow all of my cum, every
last drop of it.” Gita tried to get as much of his penis into her mouth as possible
and moved her head up and down as best she could. Gita was
simply doing what she was told to do but she lacked any real
motivation. Gita started thinking about the men she had
known in the past and how they used her for their own pleasure.
Gita felt awkward and unsure. Gita was longing for Peggy’s
touch, which did not come. James was thinking to himself that Gita obviously lacked
experience and motivation. After several minutes he was
totally frustrated by Gita’s inability to give a half-decent
blowjob. James was in no mood to teach Gita right now. After
the ride Susie had just given him his only thought was about
his need to cum. James pulled Gita away and he sternly barked
at her, “This is not working. You are lousy at giving head.
It’s obvious you prefer licking cunt. I am going to let
you choose. Do you want me to cum in your cunt or in your asshole?
You decide.” Gita was dumbfounded, intimidated, and did not know what
to say. At that point Peggy chimed in and nicely told Gita, “Don’t
worry sweetie. He is not going to hurt you. I will help you.
I will take care of you, sweetie.” Gita then whispered to Peggy, “I’m afraid. What if
I get pregnant?” Peggy then said, “She wants you to give it to her in the
ass.” James shot back, “If she wants me to give it to her in the
ass. Gita has to ask me herself.” Gita was trembling a bit. Peggy’s encouragement had
helped and Gita whimpered, “Please sex me in my ass.”
James responded, “Good enough.” He then told Peggy,
“Get the lubricant and get Gita’s ass ready for me.”
Peggy got the lubricant and told Gita, “Lay down face
first across my lap, you sexy little piece of brown candy.”
Peggy applied the lubricant and started to loosen Gita’s
butt hole by gently inserting a couple of fingers into Gita’s
asshole. Slowly Peggy went in and out of Gita’s asshole,
then gently added a third. Gita was worried about what was going to happen to her next.
Not that she felt like she had a choice, Gita was simply concerned
about the pain and discomfort. James then demanded, “Susie clean the vibrator you just
used with your mouth.” Susie eagerly complied and said, “Thank you Sir, ”
after she did so. After a few minutes of Peggy preparing Gita, Peggy led Gita
to between James’s legs and turned her around so that
Gita’s back was to James. Peggy instructed Gita to open
her ass cheeks and slowly sat her down on his erection. At
first, she had a hard time getting the head of his penis inside
but soon the head of his penis slid inside Gita. Gita wiggled
down onto his shaft, taking in most of his penis with the
help of lubricant. Gita yelped, “Oh my God that hurts.” Gita felt a sharp
pain but not as much pain as she thought she would have felt.
Gita was surprised how easily it went inside her. The lubricant
probably helped, she thought. Gita was prepared for a much
more unpleasant experience but most of his penis seemed
to slide right in. Slowly the pain subsided and it gave way
to only a bit of discomfort. James then told Susie, “Turn the vibrator on and put it
into the little brown girl’s pussy.” James pulled
Gita’s arms behind her back and secured the fur covered
handcuffs on Gita’s wrists pulling her arms tight behind
her back. Gita was there with a vibrator in her pussy, James’s erection
in her ass and she was confined with her arms secured behind
her. Gita was overwhelmed from both of her holes being filled
and the vibrations inside her pussy. Her excitement heightened
to levels she could not have ever imagined before. Gita
was squirming and her breathing was pronounced and heavy.
James taunted Gita, “You are mine now, to do with as I please.
If you want relief, you are going to have to show me what a
good little cunt licker you are.” James reached around
and removed the vibrator from Gita. Gita shuddered as the vibrator was removed. Gita couldn’t
believe how good she felt with a penis in her ass and vibrator
in her pussy. After James removed the vibrator, Gita was
desperate for the vibrator to be returned to her pussy.
Gita was becoming a slave to her long repressed carnal desires.
James explained, “Before I allow you to have an orgasm
you are going to have to make both Peggy and Susie cum again
using only your mouth this time.” Gita was quiet and struggling to keep her composure as she
rocked back and forth on his erection. James reinserted
the vibrator into Gita and now she was being driven wild
by the vibrator in her pussy again. Those feelings and those
sensations were more intense than anything Gita had experienced
before and lifted Gita to a frenzied state of sexual arousal.
James continued to humiliate Gita, “I want you to beg
both Susie and Peggy to have them allow you the privilege
of making them cum with your mouth. You have to convince
me that you deserve the chance to make my lovely bitches
cum.” Gita found the idea of saying something like that totally
humiliating and degrading. Gita was now over excited and
over stimulated looking for any kind of relief but she still
wouldn’t allow herself to say anything like that out
loud. That was simply too much for her at that point. James removed the vibrator again and told Gita, “Listen
I took a little blue pill earlier and I can stay erect inside
you for a long, long time. We can be here for hours. I can see
how much you enjoyed being with another woman. Now I want
to hear you say it out loud and proud. I want you to beg me for
it, you lesbian slut.” Gita was grinding harder and faster against James’ lap.
Gita rebelled against her tormenter and loudly stated,
“I am not a lesbian. I am not a slut.” James grabbed Gita’s nipples and twisted them violently,
making sure to cause pain. Then James loudly barked, “Stop
wasting my time and stop lying to yourself.” Peggy jumped in and reassuringly said, “Gita, my love,
it is OK. I enjoy pleasing other women, and I enjoy being
a lesbian slut.” Susie said, “Yeah me too. I love eating pussy.” James gripped Gita by her hair, pulling hard to make sure
it really hurt, so Gita understood who was in control. James
taunted Gita, “I am in control now. You have been lying
to yourself for too long now; it’s time to face the truth.”
Gita, breasts sore, realized that she was moving faster,
moving up and down on James’s penis. Finally, she blurted
out, “Ok, what you want from me?” James pushed the vibrator back inside Gita. Her body reacted
to the double penetration. James assertively told her,
“I want you to be honest with yourself. I want to hear you
ask Susie to lick her cunt. I know how much you enjoyed it
the first time. You will feel so much better about yourself
once you say it out loud. In addition, from now on you will
call me Sir. Is that understood?” Gita was no longer in control. She desperately exclaimed,
“Susie can I lick your pussy, please?” Gita’s hormones
and animal desires had destroyed what was left of her inhibitions.
James told Gita, “I am still not convinced you really
want to lick Susie for me. I need to hear more before I allow
it. I want you to beg Susie to allow you to lick her delicious
pussy. I want you to tell Susie how much you enjoyed licking
her sweet pussy the first time.” Gita was losing it, trembling, shaking, and starting to
sweat. Gita was almost a complete emotional wreck and finally
begged, “I would love to lick your pussy again Susie.
I enjoyed it very much. Can I please lick you again and make
you have an orgasm with my mouth?” Gita was surprised
at the sense of relief she left having said that aloud. It
was like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. James smiled, knowing he gained control of Gita. James
then asked her, “Are you sure this is what you want? To
be my little pet and eat Susie’s pussy for me.” Gita was almost crying now struggling against her restraints
asking, “What more do you want from me? Oh God please.
How many times do I have to say it? I want nothing more than
to lick Susie for you. I am now your little pet, are you happy?”
James grabbed Gita’s nipples again and twisted them
hard and he sternly commanded, “You forgot to call me
Sir, bitch.” Gita sobbed, “Sorry Sir, I’m sorry Sir.” James growled, “Don’t let it happen again or there
will be consequences. Do you understand?” Gita whimpered, “Yes I understand, Sir.” James barked, “Now that you know your place we can continue.”
James signaled Susie to move forward and let Gita have access
to her pussy. Gita eagerly lunged forward towards Susie’s wet pussy.
Gita was now completely and totally unleashing her long
repressed desires, trying to devour Susie with her lips
and tongue. Gita felt possessed, as if an alien presence
was controlling her and making her do these things and she
was helpless to defy it. Deep down inside, Gita knew it was
a long neglected part of her being rising to the surface.
Gita had loudly proclaimed her sexual preferences and
she felt like the chains that held her down were removed.
James sensed from Gita’s movements on his cock that she
was enjoying the ride. Gita was now riding him harder than
ever before, her tight asshole held his penis firmly in
place. With his penis warm inside Gita, James could feel
the added stimulus of the vibrator in Gita’s pussy. James
soon exploded inside her, holding her wide hips tight as
he did. Gita barely reacted as James sprayed deep inside her. Gita
focused on eating out Susie, nothing else mattered. Gita
was desperate for her own relief but knew it would not happen
until James allowed it. Gita wanted nothing more than to
please Susie and to do what James told her to do. Gita focused
on sucking Susie’s clit between her lips and used her
tongue to rub the tip of Susie’s clit. Susie enjoyed Gita efforts and encouraged her, “Oh yeah,
just like that, suck it baby. Suck it harder. Oh fuck you
that’s so good, freaking amazing!” Peggy saw Susie was enjoying herself riding Gita’s mouth
and saw Susie start to pinch and pull on her own nipples.
Peggy got behind Susie and pushed Susie’s hands away,
replacing them with her own. Susie’s hands shifted down to Gita’s head and Susie
shoved Gita’s face further into Susie’s pussy. Susie
violently started to ride Gita’s face. Gita reacted
with renewed enthusiasm to Susie’s hands holding the
back of her head. Gita was also getting very wet and aroused
both from the vibrator humming inside of her and the rapture
she felt from her face being between another woman’s
legs. James started to pet Gita on her shoulder and gently told
her, “That’s it, there is no need to pretend anymore.
No need to fight your natural desires. I am here to take care
of you. Everything is going to be alright now that you are
being a good girl.” James again removed the vibrator
from Gita and told her, “If you want me to put this back
then make Susie cum for me now.” Gita immediately felt a loss with the removal of the vibrator.
Gita’s first thought was that she wanted the vibrator
back. The feeling of having the vibrator in her pussy and
his penis in her ass was overwhelming. Gita responded to
James’s command with renewed vigor and the desire to
please Susie. Gita, having learned from pleasing Peggy,
refocused on aggressively sucking on Susie’s clit between
her lips. Gita liked the idea of making Susie cum. After several long minutes Susie begged, “Can I please
cum now. Oh my fucking God. Can I please, please cum Sir?”
James told Susie, “Go ahead my little Chinese slut, cum
hard for me.” Susie’s legs trembled as she gave way. Peggy held onto
to her as Susie collapsed from an amazing orgasm. Peggy
gently lowered Susie onto the bed to allow her to recuperate.
As Susie fell back she managed to say “Thank you, Sir.
Thank you, Gita. That was freaking amazing.” Gita was still riding James hard, panting, her face damp
and wet from Susie’s juices. Gita looked back towards
James with a look of desperation. James again pulled Gita by her long black hair drawing her
ear towards his mouth. James slowly reinserted the vibrator
and told Gita, “Remember no orgasms unless I allow it.
You still have to satisfy Peggy with your mouth my sweet
little pet. Don’t forget to beg Peggy and convince me
you deserve the chance to make Peggy cum.” Gita pleaded, “Miss Peggy can I please lick your cunt
and give you an orgasm? It would make me happy to please you.
I have always wanted to please you, Miss Peggy.” Gita
understood the game now, and was coming to terms with her
own submissive nature and her sexuality. James told Peggy, “I want you stand in front of Gita and
give Gita full access.” Peggy looked down affectionately at Gita passionately
and told her, “Everything is going to be alright now my
love. I want you to know how special this evening is and how
dear you are to me.” Peggy moved into place and Gita buried
her face in Peggy’s hot and steamy pussy. As Gita’s face met Peggy’s cunt, Gita felt renewed
excitement with James’s erection still inside her movements
became more pronounced as she rode him harder and her motions
became even more determined. Susie had recovered from her orgasm and stood behind Peggy.
Susie reached from behind and began to slap Peggy’s breasts
hard and roughly pulled on Peggy’s nipple rings, knowing
how much Peggy enjoyed that. Gita was there in all her glory, riding James’s still-hard
erection while feverishly lapping at Peggy’s cunt.
Gita’s arms were still pulled behind her and cuffed to
the bedposts. Gita was sitting on James’s lap under his
complete control. Peggy moaned as she looked down at Gita and grabbed the back
of her head to drive Gita’s face further into Peggy’s
sweetness. Peggy reassured Gita, “You beautiful little
slut. That feels so good. Oh yeah just like that, don’t
stop. Suck my clit, just like that. Oh God, yeah baby girl
just like that.” James also encouraged Gita softly, “You are being such
a good little girl now. I love to watch you lick cunt knowing
that you are doing something you enjoy so much. I am glad
I’ve helped you make your dreams come true, you dirty
little cunt licker.” Being called a slut and a cunt licker was actually turning
her on. Gita discovered that she enjoyed sexual humiliation
and degradation. Gita fixated on Peggy’s clit between
her lips and rubbed Peggy’s piercing with her tongue.
For once in her life, Gita was enjoying what she felt and
allowed herself to feel what she enjoyed. Peggy was holding Gita’s head and began sliding it up
and down to forcefully fuck Gita’s face when finally
Peggy cried out, “I am going to cum. Can I please cum, Sir.”
James told Peggy, “Go right ahead cum all over Gita’s
sweet cunt licking face. Show me how good Gita has made you
feel.” Peggy had a deep and long orgasm. Peggy’s body was being
supported by the smaller Susie from behind. Susie had let
go of Peggy’s nipples to use her arms to hold onto the bigger
lady. Peggy moaned, “That was just wonderful. Oh my God.”
Then a barely audible, “Thank you, Sir. Thank you, Gita
my love.” Gita no longer had anyone to satisfy, and became more and
more aware of her own urges and needs with the vibrator humming
inside her and James’s erection in her rear. Gita was
sweating, panting and moving uncontrollably. Gita felt
like she was ready to explode from pleasure but did not know
what to do as she awaited further instructions. Gita did
not like men, but she was beginning to enjoy James. Gita
was excited by everything she had been coerced to do. James
seemed to know what Gita needed even better than Gita knew
herself. James knew that Gita needed release but like a good girl
she was waiting for his instructions. James then asked
her, “Would you like cum for me, my sweet little pet?”
Gita did not mind being called his little pet. She had always
been told she needed a man to tell her what to do and she felt
like being his pet was the right thing for her, at least for
tonight. Gita started to beg, “Yes Sir, please I am so
very horny. I have never left like this before.” James then told her, “Beg me for it. Convince me I should
allow it.” Gita was beginning to understand the game and without hesitation
pleaded, “Can I please cum. I have been a good girl for
you, Sir. I want you to feel my orgasm with you inside me.”
James told her, “OK I will allow you to cum, but there are
some rules. First, the vibrator and my cock must stay inside
you until you cum. Second, I will release your wrists from
the cuffs and you will use your own hands to masturbate yourself
until you cum. Third, before you can cum you need to ask permission.
Afterwards, you have to thank me. Do you understand all
the rules?” Eagerly Gita responded, “Yes I do Sir, thank you. Yes,
I’ll do anything you want. Please, I just need some relief.”
Gita’s thoughts were scrambled and at that point, Gita
would do almost anything for relief. James then undid the handcuffs from Gita’s wrists. Without hesitation Gita started rubbing herself with
both hands. She was going wild with reckless sexual abandon.
Gita’s actions were no longer that of the conservative
young lady that had sat at the dinner table earlier. Gita’s
actions were now savage and primal. James encouraged her, “You are a nasty little slut. I
love the feeling of my big cock up your tight asshole. How
does it feel to have my cock up your ass and a vibrator in your
pussy?” Gita responded, “I can’t believe how good this feels
Sir. Oh my God this is marvelous.” Gita grabbed the vibrator
with one hand and tried to push it inside herself as far as
she could. She wanted to feel those vibrations as deep inside
her as possible. Gita was rubbing her clit with the fingers
of her other hand. With the vibrator inside her and her fingers
against her clit, she felt little bolts of lightning going
through her body. Gita was moving her pelvis back and forth
in a rocking motion on James’s lap. James could feel her body heave back and forth, as she tried
to get herself off. Peggy affectionately told Gita, “You are so sexy and
beautiful right now sweetheart.” Susie said, “Gita you look so fucking hot right now, playing
with yourself and our cum on your face and in your hair. You
go, you nasty little slut.” Within a minute or so Gita screamed, “Oh my God can I please
cum now. I am ready now. Please Sir.” James replied to her, “Yes Gita you can cum now. I want
to feel your orgasm with my cock deep inside you.” James
could feel her orgasm inside of her body as she clenched
around his erect penis. He felt her tremble and shake and
then he grabbed her wide hips and pumped her up and down on
his erection. Gita exhausted, leaned back onto his chest, and panted,
“Thank you Sir. Oh thank you so very much.” James continued to pump Gita’s ass up and down on his erection
as Gita’s body relaxed allowing him to do as he pleased.
It was not too much longer before James let go and exploded
inside her. James then let Gita down gently on to the bed as his penis
slid out. He reached down and carefully removed the vibrator
from Gita’s sensitive pussy. James lifted the vibrator
to his nose and told Gita, “This smells so very nice.”
James then put the vibrator in his mouth and licked some
of the juices off it and complimented Gita, “It tastes
even better.” Gita moaned and panted as she tried to catch her breath.
Gita was exhausted and was unable to bring herself to move
yet. Gita was physically and emotionally drained and completely
spent as she lay on the bed. Peggy and Susie moved on the bed to beside Gita each on one
side of her. They each grabbed one of Gita’s hands and
licked Gita’s hands clean. Peggy moved between Gita’s legs and gently licked Gita’s
pussy. Peggy’s dreams of being with Gita were now complete.
Peggy savored the sights, sounds, aroma, and taste of the
woman she had been yearning for. Gita’s breathing returned to normal. She opened her
eyes, suddenly looking vulnerable and uneasy. Peggy moved
up the bed next to Gita to hold her close. Peggy told Gita,
“Sweetheart, please don’t feel bad. There is nothing
wrong with enjoying being with another woman. Look, you
have made new friends tonight. We all help and take care
of each other. We don’t judge each other. We offer unconditional
love and support.” Gita looked at Peggy and smiled. Gita now felt good about
the evening and herself, well at least for the moment she
did. That evening, Gita exorcised some demons and long
pent up desires were realized. Gita would always remember
this evening. She had new friends and she had so much more
now than she did that morning, but was she ready to accept
a new reality? She started to reflect on her family and old
friends. James jolted Gita out of her reveries, handed her the vibrator
she had just used on herself and told her, “Clean this
for me.” Gita proceeded to follow James’s command and as Gita
raised the vibrator to do so, Peggy kissed Gita passionately.
Peggy grabbed the vibrator from Gita and forced it in between
their lips and tongues as they lovingly kissed. They finished
cleaning the vibrator as they passionately kissed each
other. Gita returned Peggy’s passionate kisses. Gita found
herself wanting Peggy now even more than when the evening
began. Gita was hoping the embrace would never end and was
looking for Peggy to protect her as thoughts of her harsh
reality returned. Gita felt secure in Peggy’s arms and
with her new friends around. Gita started to think about
the reality of her family and her old friends and their expectations
of her. Gita thought about what she had and what she had to
lose. Gita was at that moment content and happy in Peggy’s
arms, and for the moment, she never wanted to leave.

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