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The Countess


The Countess

The sun was setting red behind the hills that lay ahead And shadows filled the woods around as swiftly daylight
fled The carriage wheels did rattle loud within the silent gloom
As through the dusk the carriage raced to beat the coming

And ‘pon the seat two trav'lers rode with cloaks held
tightly closed Against the chill of coming night to which they'd be
exposed For late they'd left the lodgings where they'd
spent the prior night And now they raced to reach an inn ‘fore gone was all daylight

But rising moon and howling wolves did end that wistful
hope Tho' still they whipped their horses on upon that lonely
road For never had they traveled through those woods by night
or day And would not yet have traveled there had not they lost their

But still they thought to find an inn or lodging for the night
If but they simply traveled on some place would come to light
But through the darkness long they rode without a gleam
of such And from the heavens moonlight flowed as through the night
they rushed

And then upon a hill ahead they spied a castle dark But for a single light within it all looked cold and stark
And even tho' by moonlight washed it still looked grim
and bleak And towered strange against the sky up on that hilltop's

The two who rode said not a word, here was no place to stop
But still the road they followed turned towards that cursed
hilltop And as they neared the castle gate which fronted on their
road A carriage wheel ‘gainst stone did grate and smash to bits
a spoke

The carriage jumped and nearly turned and one who rode did
scream And from the crash a wood tie broke and set the horses free
They bolted off along the road, their hoofbeats fading
fast While yet the carriage madly danced then came to rest at

Then checking that they were unhurt the trav'lers
climbed the hill Passing through the castle gate in darkness deep and still
For clouds had now obscured the moon and wolves had ceased
to howl No birds did stir, nor crickets whirr, nor little creatures

The night, it seemed, did hold its breath awaiting the next
scene For what did lay but just ahead was something few could dream
And so the two who rode before climbed up the rocky hill And one banged on the castle door beneath where light did

The banging echoed in the night, so quiet was the dark And then went out that single light to leave behind no spark
And then that door, so great and huge, did slowly open in
And light of just a sliver's size appeared cold, pale,
and dim

And then with groan like human voice the door did open wide
To show a man with candle lit who waited just inside He wore a robe of finest silk and pants of matching blue His eyes were full of warmth and wit and kindness through
and through

"Come in, come in, " he cried at once, "Don't
stand there in the cold. You're welcome here, and stay you must, at least till
day unfolds." And then the two who stood outside did sigh with great relief
And smiling now they entered in their host to warmly greet

"Sir, I am Count d'Angeles; I fear that we are
lost. And ‘pon the road outside just now our wheel was torn by rocks.
This lady here with whom I rode throughout this horrid night,
The Countess Vee d'Angeles, my dear, beloved wife."

So saying this the trav'ler shed his dark and heavy
cloak Revealing ‘neath its solid cloth his fine and splendid
clothes And then the man who'd met the door did stretch to them
his hands And taking theirs into his own he held them in his grasp

"Well met, my friends. Well met indeed! On this so
‘horrid night'. If I may serve in any way, be sure ‘twould be delight."
"Oh, sir, " said Vee, "you're much
too kind, much more than we deserve. If but a room here we might find, you'll more than thanks

"Absurd!" did say her husband then, "if
more he'd like to do. Why, I'd not mind a meal and wine, and brandy when I'm
through." "Food and wine I'm sure we have, " their
host said with a smile, "But let me first take cloak and wraps, and bring you
in meanwhile."

And saying this he closed the door, again with human groan
And took the Count's extended cloak while Vee untied
her own Removing it, her bright red dress did shine in candle-light
And when he saw her loveliness, her host's eyes grew
more bright

Her hair was gold, eyes hazel-bright, her nose of perfect
shape Her lips were red and smiling full, her skin a faultless
plane Her dress was cut with neckline low, and tightly fitted
waist And cleavage of full breasts did show a form of peerless

And handing to her host her cloak, her eyes did sparkle bright
And ‘pon her lips her tongue's tip showed for just a
moment's sight And leaving ‘pon those lips so red her moisture from within
She smiled warmly at her host and he returned a grin

"And where's this food?" her husband said,
not noticing their looks "I'd eat right soon, or be half dead, if need,
I'd even cook!" "Oh, no, " did say their host at once, "I'd
ask thee not so much! But simply follow me in here, and I will deal with such."

And saying this he led them through the castle's lofty
halls So large the candle's flick'ring light could
scarce reach to the walls And then at last they came up to a chamber far within Where burned a roaring fireplace well-fueled with mighty

And there the candles all were lit, on stands throughout
the hall And on a glitt'ring chandelier, and fixed to ev'ry
wall And furnished well was this great room with sofas plush
and fine And chairs and tables ev'rywhere of many shapes and

But largest of these furnishings was one of solid oak A table carved from one great tree with wood as dark as smoke
Its surface smooth like darkened mirror, its legs like
sturdy limbs And just above, the chandelier hung bright with candles

And ‘round the mighty table's edge, and up and down
its legs Were figures carved with grinning heads which everywhere
did play In lustful games and naked joys most graphic'lly exposed
In bas-relief they intertwined in ev'ry kind of pose

And up upon the table-top a candelabra stood The light from all its candles lit reflecting in the wood
In female shape with many arms, ‘twas cast in solid gold
Male organs held in golden palms, their tips to candles

And then the three did enter in this chamber bright and vast
And Countess Vee did stop and look, and hand to breast, she
gasped, "Oh, my, good sir! This room is grand! How wondrous
it all looks. I'd never dreamed that such could be outside the realm
of books."

"You are too kind, " their host replied, "but
thank you for your words. Indeed, ‘tis here I spend my time when I'd not be disturbed."
But to the Count all this was nought, for ‘pon the table stood
Fine ale and food and brandy-wine near ev'rywhere
he looked

"Why, sir, " he said, "this is most fine!
As if you were prepared To have us here with you to dine and all this food to share."
"Oh, no, I fear, " their host replied, "I
do this ev'ry night With hope that some will join me here, if such might ease
their plight."

"Indeed it does. Indeed it does, " the Count
replied with glee, "Unless we don't sit down at once, for such my
plight would ease." "Oh, yes, at once, " their host replied, "I
do so prattle on. I'm so unused to company. I've been alone so long."

And saying this he seated them with one upon each side The Countess Vee upon his left, the Count upon his right
While at the table-head he sat and served them both with
food With slices of a pheasant breast, and wine and cheese and

And then at last the Count sat back and belched explosively,
"My word, I'm glad we found you here! This should
just do for me." "I'm pleased indeed, " their host replied,
"that I could offer aid. But try this noble brandy-wine, ‘twill grace the meal you've

And saying this he poured it out in goblets of pure gold All crusted with bright gems and jewels and etchings finely
scrolled As such, indeed, were all the plates and knives and forks
as well Each one reflecting ev'ry face and candles' light
which fell

But for himself he poured no drink, tho' he'd sipped
wine before He said the brandy made him sleep and guests he'd not
ignore The Count drank deep, the Countess sipped, but soon both
heads did fall To rest upon the table-top, by slumber-deep enthralled

And when she woke the Countess found she was hung up with
chains Her arms and legs full wide outstretched, her body all displayed
For not one stitch of clothing still did cover any part Tho' warm enough her body was, her back to that great

A golden bar her feet did spread and chains her ankles bound
Her wrists in chains from overhead which held her off the
ground And in a chair before her eyes her host did sit and watch Tho' still the silken robe he wore, the pants he'd
worn were gone

And opened wide was that blue robe exposing his hard pole
Which, while he sat and sipped at wine, his fingers gently
stroked "Oh, this?" he said, his goblet raised, "Not
what you drank, I'm sure. And of the Count, if you do care, I'll gladly tell you

Vee could not speak for in her mouth a gag of cloth was tied
And so she nodded slow her head, a dazed look in her eyes "I left him in the woods alive, but naked as you are.
I doubt that he will long survive; pigs rarely get too far."

Then setting to the side his drink, he stood and walked t'wards
Vee Still stroking soft his hardened self, he smiled pleasantly
"I hope you liked your meal, my love, but now I fear
I must Exact that charge that all must pay who to my doorway come."

Then stepping up before her form, still stroking at his
shaft He reached out to a white, full breast and took it in his grasp
And gently he did feel its shape and squeeze and mold it soft
Then closed his fingers ‘round its tip and pulled its nipple

Then to her other breast he moved his fingertips to play
While leaning down his mouth to suck the nipple that was
raised And tho' she writhed within her bonds, the Countess
Vee still hung With no defense for all her charms from fingers, lips, and

And then his finger slid between those lips between her
legs While yet his mouth sucked at her breast and tongue ‘round
nipple played And slowly back and forth he slid his finger in that cleft
Soft-sliding through her fleshy warmth which soon grew
hot and wet

And then he felt her open up and blossom ‘round his hand Her lips engorged in heavy folds where wetness swiftly
ran And then he dropped down to his knees before that gorgeous
view Then turning ‘round, his head leaned back, then ‘twixt
her thighs went through

He rested on an arm outstretched held just behind his back
As happily he licked and drank the moisture from that crack
He sucked upon the wet flesh there, his tongue stiff probing
up And licking, darting ev'rywhere within that fleshly

As Vee looked down she saw his hand massaging well his rod
His thumb caressing ‘round its head to moisture from it
draw And soon she saw his wetness pool atop his shaft's pink
head As slickness from that helmet spewed and ‘round his shaft
was spread

And then she felt his face move up some further ‘long her
crack And press itself between those cheeks which graced her
lovely back And then she felt his tongue slide out to taste her tightest
bud Still looking down she saw his hips begin to buck and thrust

And as his lips did fasten ‘round and hard her bottom suck
She felt him probe her bottom's hole with thick and
hot-wet tongue And then his fingers entered her from in between her legs
And slid there up and down inside that slick and molten cave

To deep inside they probed and thrust in endless rhythmic
pulse And spread apart and twisted ‘round between those tender
folds And deeper still they probed inside to ever deeper go As in and out and up and down between Vee's legs they

And Vee did spread apart her knees to welcome in his touch
As ev'ry stroke between her legs did kindle greater
lust And then he thrust his fingers deep, and held them far inside
And Vee did moan and squirm in lust, impaled between her

And then he moved and knelt again, then raised up to his feet
And still his hardness gently stroked while yet he looked
at Vee Her gorgeous breasts, full, white and round, by dark pink
nipples tipped Her shining eyes of hazel-brown, her soft, exquisite lips

And while she watched he rubbed his thumb across his shaft's
pink head And coated it with moisture which from that small mouth
was bled Then reached he out to Vee's full breasts and rubbed
his moisture there Upon those nipples firm and taut up-lifted in the air

And then between her legs his hand did rub upon her flesh
Then slid one probing finger up into her dripping depths
While gazing at Vee's lovely eyes, he pumped his finger
in And rubbed it ‘round that molten cleft, and in and out again

Then to his lips he drew his hand, all wet with Vee's
hot dew And sucked upon his finger wet with that delicious juice
And then he touched his shaft again, combining their two
tastes Then up to Vee's delightful lips he did one finger raise

Then ‘round the gag that held her mouth he coated her red
lips Caressing soft that cherried skin with one wet fingertip
Then to her eyes he raised the gag to close off all from sight
Then ‘round her waist he wrapped his arms and held her body

Her mouth released, Vee's tongue escaped to run along
her lips And touch and taste the flavors there with her sweet, pink
tongue's tip And then upon her lips she felt the hot breath of her host
And felt his hardness ‘pon her skin as distance ‘tween them

And then his tongue did touch her own with tang like lightning-fire
And as his mouth enclosed her own she felt his wet desire
As slickness slipped from his hard shaft pressed hot against
her skin While yet her breasts with moistened tips did stick and
cling to him

And then his tongue did slide into her wet and hungry mouth
And wet and thick it washed her own and darted all about And then his hands caressed her back, then slid down to her
cheeks And firmly slid into the warmth and wetness in between

And then one hand did lift itself to her taut-nippled breast
To squeeze and pull the hardness there while yet her mouth
he kissed And then a sound of baying wolves did faintly echo in As if a quarry they had found and hunting would soon end

And then a long and piercing scream did tear and rend the
night A scream of pain and grim despair and overwhelming fright
And then it stopped and all was calm as if none such had been
Excepting Countess Vee's veiled thoughts that in
her head did spin

Her host was as the night then was, as if nought had occurred
His kiss was strong as was his touch, and neither'd
been disturbed But for a moment Countess Vee did pause and pull away And then surrendered to her lust as if no thing had changed

And then her host did move around to hold her from behind
His hands around her breasts tight clasped, his lips her
neck did find And as he kissed and sucked her flesh the Countess Vee did
feel His hardness at the back of her, its tip at her dark seal

And as his hips did thrust himself against that tiny fist
And ‘tween those cheeks so soft and full his hardness pumped
and slid He moved one hand down ‘tween her legs, to wetness hot as
flame One finger sliding gently past that nest shaped like her

Then rubbed he hard and fast upon the tiny nub of skin That hard between those fleshy lips in warmth and wetness
hid And as he rubbed his tongue did trace the outline of Vee's
ear While yet his hardness pumped and probed the entrance to
her rear

And in the throes of his hand's touch, Vee pressed her
body back Her tight-closed bud slow op'ning up allowing in his
shaft And slowly he did slide that pole into her deeper warmth
All thick and hard in manhood full her depths he did explore

And gently pumped within that sheath but slowly in and out
While yet his hand between her thighs did madly flick about
And as Vee's breaths did come in gasps while in the chains
she hung Into her ear he slid the tip of his hot, probing tongue

And then she felt from her backside his hardness slowly
slip As his hands moved along her sides to firmly hold her hips
And then his tongue did trace a line across her neck and down
Along the valley of her spine, then to those full, white

And then again his hands did move to slide behind her back
And taking hold upon those globes, they widened far that
crack And opened up to her host's view that hole so lately
left Now sore a bit from being used and from his tip still wet

And then she felt his face intrude between those soft, white
curves And then she felt his tongue slip to the very brink of her
And as his hands did spread her wide to open up those lips
His tongue did press itself inside exploring with its tip

And then his hands released their hold and moved to cup her
breasts While ‘round his face her flesh did fold and mold in soft
caress And pinioned by a golden bar and chains from which she hung
The Countess Vee could not move far, no matter what was done

And so she hung all parts exposed to any dream or whim Her eyes by soft, cloth blindfold closed, her nerves aflame
within And so she hung while her host pressed his face against her
flesh Exploring deep with his hot tongue, his hands upon her breasts

And then he stood and she could hear him moving to his chair
And picking something up, but what she was all unaware Until she felt against her lips a goblet rim soft pressed
And drank the thick and heavy wine he poured with gentleness

And then she felt the goblet's jewels abrade her nipples
taut As slowly ‘cross her breasts' hard tips the heavy cup
was drawn And then above her breasts she felt the goblet's golden
edge And then the wine wet-spilling out across her full, white

Her senses keen as any blade as sight was all denied She felt the flood across her breasts, the drips that crossed
her thighs And then upon her nipples cooled by wine's wet, sticky
breath She felt her host's hot, hungry mouth attach to her
full breast

And as he sucked and licked the wine that coated her white
skin She felt the drips that crossed her thighs and, curving,
clung within And down this trail her host did move with busy tongue and
lips Then drank the wine from fragrant flesh, his tongue awash
in bliss

Then kneeling down before her thighs, Vee's host did
bend her knees Slow pushing back the golden bar, the chain above released
But only ‘til Vee sat back on the backs of her legs' calves
And then the chain above was locked and once again made fast

And then across her thighs and waist another chain was set
Which held her down upon her legs with knees and thighs widespread
And then her host did lie upon the chamber's cold, stone
floor And ‘twixt Vee's thighs he slid his head, her wonders
to explore

She felt his tongue arch stiffly up into her woman-flesh
And tho' she strained against her bonds they stood
strong ‘gainst her test And as his tongue did deeply probe the folds to his face pressed
His fingers held her flesh exposed and pulled it out wide-spread

And then, it seemed, his tongue went mad, and whipped back
to and fro' And pressed up in her molten flesh as far as it would go And all the while his mouth did suck her juices flowing free
And drank in all the wetness from that hot and fragrant spring

His tongue did race along that cleft from front to back again
And probed into each opening its tip could fit within And with each stroke it lashed across that tender nub of
flesh And drew from Vee's wide-open mouth a gasp with ev'ry

And then his mouth did take ahold of that most tender spot
And sucked it into his lips' folds and held it firmly
caught And then his tongue did whip across that pearl of smooth,
sweet skin That sensitive and tender spot that held such joy within

Then Vee did feel her muscles tense as shudders coursed
throughout While yet that tongue lashed at her skin held firm in her
host's mouth And then her breath caught in her throat while yet that tongue
did lash And then her juices all gushed out as muscles fell relaxed

And still that mouth did pull at her while drinking in that
flow And ‘tween her legs that tongue still lapped and raced back
to and fro' And then at last her host did rest, Vee's flesh still
in his mouth As ‘pon his face her weight was pressed, her wetness oozing

And then he slid out from between those thighs of joy divine
And licked his lips to taste once more the scent of Vee's
hot wine And then Vee felt his hands caress the softness of her hair
As for a moment quietly they simply silence shared

And then she felt his hands soft hold her head upright in
place And then she smelled his passion's scent but just before
her face And then upon her lips she felt his sticky, hot, smooth skin
And opening her mouth she sucked his length of hardness

At once he gasped in her wet heat, with shivery delight As standing just before her face his hardness he did slide
But slow within that joyous heat, across moist lips and
tongue His pole did twitch and jerk and pulse, by joys near overcome

He closed his eyes and pumped within that wondrous mouth
so soft As Vee did lick and tongue and suck his hot and dripping rod
And then at last he pulled away as Vee's red lips did
close And then he stood and took deep breaths his senses to compose

For moments he but stood right there, his eyes on Vee's
sweet flesh Her arms still chained up in the air, her full and milk-white
breasts Her wondrous lips and perfect face, so innocent to view
Beneath which a hot caldron seethed with wild and lustful

And then the chain around her waist he knelt down to release
Another chain he pulled to raise the Countess to her feet
Then kneeling down again he went to loose the golden bar
And then unlatched the clasps which held the chains that
raised her arms

Then free again with blindfold on, Vee by her hand was led
Across the chamber's stony floor to that great table's
head Then by her waist was lifted up by her host's two, strong
hands Then laid she down upon its top when such he did command

And then again her wrists were bound this time to table-sides
And ‘cross her waist a rope went ‘round which, too, was firmly
tied And then her feet near table's head were bound with
knees up high And fastened to the table's sides to spread apart her

Vee's host then took a flagon up of sweet and heavy wine
More like a flavored syrup than a brew that came from vines
And then he filled a cup with this rich, aromatic drink And placed two fingers in its depths which coated them like

And then he traced the curving lines of Vee's full,
lovely lips And as her tongue did taste the wine, he leaned down for a
kiss And there their mouths did share the taste of liquid sweet
and thick As ‘round her lips Vee's host did run his tender, soft

But then his lips demanded more and sucked her tongue inside
His mouth did suck upon its length, his tongue ‘pon hers
did ride And wash and taste it everyplace, and stroke its wet, silk-shape
While yet he drank the juices with Vee's most delicious

And then he stood and drew away, then fingers dipped again
Into that syrup thick and sweet which coated both of them
And then he drew a circle ‘round Vee's nipples pink
and hard Atop those full, white-milky breasts like castles set
on guard

And then atop those nipple-tips he smeared more of that
wine And then he coated both her breasts one slow stroke at a time
Then leaning down he licked the base of one sweet mound of
flesh Then stroking up with just its tip, his tongue did climb
Vee's breast

And when it reached the nipple-top it flicked out hot and
wet Then travelled down the other side of that delicious breast
And when that silken skin had felt that teasing, licking
tongue Caress its ev'ry silk-smooth inch, the other would
be done

And there Vee's host did start anew by licking hungrily
His hot, wet tongue with all its width did sweep the flesh
of Vee Across and back and ‘round it swept on that sweet, supple
breast But never once the nipple touched until was washed the rest

And then her host did place his lips upon that sweet, pink
tip And suck it hard into his mouth and hold it with his lips Then with his tongue he whipped it hard and pushed and felt
its shape Then sucking hard he pulled her breast within his mouth
to take

And holding that warm flesh inside all soft and sticky wet
He closed his eyes in sheer delight and suckled ‘pon that
breast And then his tongue did wash and lick full ev'rywhere
it reached And then at last that beauty full was from his lips released

And all the while her breasts were sucked Vee throbbed and
shook with lust And moaning she felt wetness pool and ‘tween her legs to
run But bound she was to table-top and thus could little move
And only lie and feel the drips of her sweet, fragrant juice

And then her host did take a seat at table's head again
Tho' bringing ‘long some things to set between Vee's
feet wide-spread And then he looked at that sweet place between Vee's
parted legs All wet and red and open wide in gorgeousness displayed

And then his hand upon her knee, he kissed her inner calf
With loving soft, sweet, tenderness, and then he took his
glass And slow he poured it down the crease between Vee's
lovely hips Till ev'ry drop within was gone to coat those fleshy

And then he leaned his way ahead to drink that syrup-wine
Which with Vee's hot and fragrant juice so wonderf'lly
combined And as he licked and sucked and drank between Vee's
trembling limbs His tongue did dart and drive inside each place it could
fit in

Vee moaned aloud as he did suck upon her tender flesh And with each moan did come again more juice all hot and fresh
And gladly did her host all drink that wetness from her loins
And thrilled to think Vee's loveliness was his to all

And then again he sat back down and watched Vee's hips
soft bounce And pump themselves against the wood in lust most clear
pronounced Those lips between her legs were spread in blossom'd
beauty full Engorged and thick and brightly red, wide-open her pink

And then from off a plate her host did take a berry red All full and firm and thickly grown with leaves atop its
head And this into that open hole he slid slow in and out Until those lovely lips did hold that fruit in clinging

And then Vee's host did lick his tongue around that
fruit so held Then sucked it slow into his mouth to with his tongue wash
well And swallowing he cut a slice of cheese both long and thick
All white and smooth and rubb'ry-soft, shaped like
a candle-stick

One end he placed within his mouth to fully moisten well
Then slowly slid the moistened end into Vee's molten
shell And gently slid it back and forth to deep between her legs
Then left it there with just one end stuck out in gross display

And then again he fastened lips around Vee's dripping
flesh And slowly sucked the cheese out from Vee's hole so
hot and wet And when he'd done with all of it he sipped some wine
and watched That cleft between Vee's trembling legs with moisture
all awash

And then he took the food and wine and set them on the floor
His hardness fiercely, madly throbbed, release could
wait no more And climbing on the table-top Vee's host did guide
his shaft Into Vee's hot and aching hole to burrow deep at last

Then with his arms astride her chest, Vee's host did
slowly thrust His hips in rhythmic tenderness within her anxious lust
Then harder did he drive his stroke, to slam his pole within
His hardness stretching to its length to drive far deeper

And then Vee spoke ‘tween gasping breaths and pled her host
to please Untie the many knotted ropes her limbs to thus release And so her host untied the knots, his hardness twitching
red Then quickly drove himself into Vee's hot, wet hole

And straining in to deeper drive within the joy of Vee He thrust himself with all his might in vibrant ecstasy
And then Vee thrust her hips hard up to meet his downward
lunge And gasped as all his hardness deep within her body plunged

And then he froze, all muscles tight, his hardness arrow-straight
Then hard against his hips Vee pumped her molten-hot embrace
And then she felt his penis twitch and jerk convulsively
And still she thrust her body up his hardness to receive

And then she locked her hips ‘gainst his as deep within she
felt His penis spurting gobs within her deep and wondrous well
His body twitched and jerked and jumped as joy did overflow
His penis throbbing endlessly within that perfect home

And then at last his fluid spent to last enraptured drop
Upon Vee's body he collapsed to heav'ly lie atop
His shrunken flesh still held within Vee's warm and
clinging grasp She wrapped her arms around his chest while deep for breath
he gasped

She kissed his cheek and neck and ear, and wrapped her legs
‘round his While ‘pon his back she traced long lines with long-nailed
finger-tips She held him hard against her warmth, her thighs spread
wide apart Against his chest her breasts were pressed to feel his beating

And while she held him in her arms, her blindfold she removed
And then she gazed into his eyes of deep and shining blue
Then ran her fingers through his hair while in his eyes she
gazed Without surprise she noted that his eyes looked slightly

And then he moved to slide into the seat at table's head
And looking up with hazy eyes to where Vee's legs were
spread And as he watched she touched herself where fluid from him
dripped And milky drops that he had left hung wet on gorgeous lips

And then Vee slid towards his chair still rubbing on her
self And spreading wide those lovely lips where his eyes loved
to dwell And then she knelt between his legs and held his penis soft
And licked it clean around its head, her tongue like warm,
wet cloth

And then she sucked that flesh into her hot and hungry mouth
While yet her fingers stroked it too and pulled it all about
And even while her one hand stroked her host's still
flaccid flesh Vee's other hand played ‘round her hole ‘til both were
fully wet

And then those fingers she did raise to her host's waiting
lips To suck from them her lovely taste and lick her fingertips
And while he sucked upon her hand, Vee still sucked his flesh
too And ‘tween her lips felt flesh expand as slowly hardness

And still she rubbed upon his flesh but harder ev'ry
stroke Until she held within her hand a rod like wagon's yoke
And then she stood and pulled that flesh until her host arose
And then she guided him around by that stiff flesh enclosed

And then up on the table-top, upon his back to lie She dragged him by his hardened flesh and then the ropes
she tied She tied him down by hands and feet, one rope around his head
Till flat upon the table-top her former host was spread

Then from the plate upon the floor she took to hand a knife
And from the candelabra's store she took a candle bright
Then blowing soft upon its flame, she put the candle out
Which, whittled down to just her size, she stuck in her host's

And then she knelt just over him, her thighs spread far out
wide And slowly lowered down herself, that candlestick to ride
And then her juice came flowing out to drip on her host's
mouth As rubbing hard she touched herself while she rode up and

How well, she thought, her spells had worked, first meeting
with this fool Then causing that wheel to break down as she told it to do
Her host, she knew, would never know that he had been bewitched
And everything that he had done was just as she had wished

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I'm sorry. I have NO idea why this site broke my stanzas
up into scattered sentences! I wish I could fix it, but I
don't know how.