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The Cosmetics Party


Part 1

My wife held a cosmetic party and I felt it sensible to go
for a drink with an old friend and leave the house to the women
who were invited. When I got back, most of the women had gone
except for my wife’s two sisters, her best friend and her
best friend’s daughter. They were all staying over for
the night and were enjoying drinking and gossiping together.
I had already arranged that I would use the guest room, which
was in fact a converted garage at the back of the house, so
that the women could have the run of things. I was going to
excuse myself and go to my room, but the women were already
merry and insisted I have at least one drink with them. They
were sitting around the table in the dining room and I sat
down amongst them and took the glass of wine I had been offered
and engaged in small talk. I was sitting opposite Molly,
although we both avoided catching each other’s eye. Something
had happened between us recently. Molly was petite and
attractive with a vivacious personality and there had
always been something between us over the years, but it
was not until I had been delivering something from my wife
to Molly’s house a few weeks earlier that for some reason
the dam burst and we ended up fucking in various places and
positions around her living room. It had been so intense
and horny that we had deliberately avoided each other since.
My wife had had a particular operation a few years before,
after which our sex life had quickly dwindled to nothing.
She had told me that she did not mind if I found sex elsewhere
so long as she did not know about it, but I do not think that
she meant her best friend. I was glad that the attention
of the table was focused on Sharon, Molly’s daughter.

Sharon, who was in her late twenties, had just returned
to the area. She had lived away for quite a while with her
partner, but that relationship had broken up. In fact,
it wasn’t the first break-up she had been through. As far
as I could see, she was developing a pattern. She would find
a partner; they would move in together, then she would put
on weight and end up miserable. When she was between partners,
she would lose weight and get back her hourglass figure
and begin to dazzle prospective partners again. Her mother
was like that all the time and I could tell that Sharon found
that a bit galling. Although she was between partners,
she still had some way to go to match Molly’s trim figure.
The other women were teasing her gently and she was bemoaning
the fact that she needed to lose more weight, when I did the
gallant thing. “You don’t need to lose more weight, ” I
said. “You look fantastic as it is.” I wasn’t just being
a gentleman. I liked her as she was. She was curvaceous and
nicely rounded, which to my mind suited her bubbly personality.
I don’t think anyone else saw the sharp look that Molly gave

Eventually, I left the ladies to it and retired to the guestroom,
which was detached from the house and peaceful. It was clear
that they had a lot more drinking and talking to do. I soon
fell into a pleasant sleep. I was awoken in the dead of night
by the feel of cool fingers sliding up and down my erect prick.
Whoever it was had burrowed under the duvet and my heart
skipped a beat as I felt moist lips fasten around the bell-end
of my cock. I reached under the duvet and stroked the hair
of the nocturnal cocksucker. Molly! She got to work in earnest
on my throbbing prick, one minute teasing it with her tongue
and the next sucking on it as deeply as she could. I began
to tense my stomach and thighs, while at the same time I twisted
a thick lock of her hair in my hand to let her know I was about
to come. In response, she wanked my cock while sucking the
end and as my spunk began to spurt she plunged her tightly
gripping lips down to my balls and drew every last drop out
of me.

With a final groan, I lay back on the bed with my eyes closed.
I felt the duvet being raised and pulled back and Molly climbed
onto the bed and lay down next to me with her soft breath on
my cheek. I smiled and opened my eyes. My God! It wasn’t Molly;
it was her daughter, Sharon who smiled back at me! She was
unperturbed by my obvious shock.

“You thought I was mum, didn’t you?” she said. “I know you
fucked her because she tells me everything. She also said
you were pretty horny, which I’m hoping to find out for myself.
I saw the way you looked at me earlier and thought that this
would be fun. Don’t worry; they are all in a drunken sleep.
They probably won’t get up ‘til midday.”

While she was talking, she was running her hands over her
appetizing, swollen tits and teasing her large nipples
so that they became erect. I looked at her; jutting breasts
like perfect globes; fecund belly that seemed to gleam
in the half-light; strong rounded thighs slightly parted,
revealing a shaved mound that looked as mouth-watering
as a plum pudding on Christmas Day. I began to feast on these
delights, savouring each like a gourmet at a banquet. I
spread her lips and licked and probed her juicy pussy with
my tongue until her hips heaved and bucked and she begged
me to fuck her. I obliged with her legs over my shoulders
and her fingernails clawing at my buttocks, while I maintained
long and deep controlled strokes into her grasping cunt
and at the same time finger-fucked her moist bumhole. I
refused to let her quicken the pace until I was ready, but
when I let her go I was grateful that we were detached from
the house as she came in noisy waves as I unloaded my hot seed
into her sucking, glutinous fanny.

We collapsed side by side in post-coital exhaustion. I
don’t know why her relationships had failed. As far as I
was concerned, she was the most delectable sex goddess
any man could hope to find next to him in his bed, as she lay
on rumpled sheets with her firm thighs turned outwards
and reeking of sweet sex.

Part 2

While I lay back on the bed, basking in the pleasant glow
that emanated from my prick and balls, Sharon slipped on
her teeshirt saying that she had to go back to the house for
something, but that she would be back. I assumed that she
was going to get a cigarette out of her bag, knowing her to
be a smoker, but the thought that she was coming back filled
me with a mixture of fear and longing. Did she want more?
More to the point, at my age, could I keep it up? She returned
shortly with her handbag, which she dropped at the side
of the bed. I watched admiringly as her voluptuous body
came into view in the half-light as she pulled her teeshirt
over her head. By the time she snuggled down next to me, my
cock was erect. With gentle, tantalizing lips she worked
her way down my body, pausing only to kiss the throbbing,
almost painfully hard, tip of my prick, before moving down
to my balls, which she began to lick and nibble. Instinctively,
I raised my hips off the mattress. Her hands were rubbing
the back of my thighs while her tongue started to delve deeper
into the space behind. Her fingers slid up and down the shaft
of my twitching cock as with her other hand she began to probe
my bum with the tip of her finger. This was private territory
to me. Mentally, I had always placed a ‘no trespassing’
sign there, but I found I could not stop myself groaning
out loud. Encouraged, her tongue and fingers began to lick
and push with more urgency until I was almost bouncing off
the mattress. Suddenly, she stopped and raised her head.
“Don’t move, ” she said in a throaty voice. She leaned over
the side of the bed and lifted up her handbag, reached inside
and withdrew a pink velvet bag tied with a drawstring. Releasing
the string, she drew out a slim clear plastic dildo. “Whoa, ”
I cried out, “where the hell did you get that from?”

“They don’t only sell perfume at these parties, ” she said.
“Look, it’s even got its own tube of jelly.” I watched her
apply the jelly liberally all over the dildo, naively thinking
that I would soon be using it on her. When she had finished
she retreated backwards until she was once again licking
my prick and sucking my balls. Maybe I had realized what
the dildo was for because when I began to feel its cool smooth
tip playing around my hole I was powerless to do anything
but moan and push myself against it. Sharon lifted her head
from my balls and moved her lips over my cock, which she drew
into her moist mouth. At the same time she began to tease
the entrance to my hole with the dildo, which was slick with
jelly. Part of me wanted to feel it enter and part of me wanted
to recoil, but my cock knew which side it was on because it
got even harder. With a final long suck, she released my
cock and lowered herself on top of me so that her luscious
tits were squashed against my chest and my prick was pressed
into her soft round belly. “I want to fuck you like a man fucks
a woman, ” she whispered, at the same time pushing my thighs
apart with hers. Still teasing my hole with one end of the
dildo she pressed the other end against her fanny like it
was her own prick. “Are you ready to be fucked?” she breathed.
The tremor in her voice told me how much she was turned on
and my reply was to spread my legs wider and press myself
against the tip of the dildo. She groaned more than I did
when she first penetrated me with her prick-dildo. This
was an all-time first and the walls of my hole instinctively
tightened around it but the jelly smoothed its passage
as she pushed it in further and further. Her lovely round
bum began to rise and fall as the slick, viscous dildo slid
in and out of my hole. She was fucking me! I would never have
believed it, but it was sensational. My prick was trapped
between our bellies where it was getting the wank of its
life and she was fucking me, with her fist and the other end
of the dildo buried in her fanny and her juicy labia lips
smeared against my balls. All the time, she was whispering
breathlessly in my ear things like. “This is your first
time, isn’t it? How do like being fucked by my hard prick.
I’m gonna fuck your brains out.” When I raised my legs and
wrapped them tightly around her, she went so crazy that
the bed started rocking. She raised herself on one elbow
so that she was looking directly into my face while her swollen
tits danced against my chest. She was still talking but
her speech was so interrupted by gasps and thrusts that
it sounded as though she was using a broken microphone.
“You just love me fucking you, don’t you? I’m gonna make
you come like you’ve never come before.” That was no idle
promise. Apart from the fact that my prick was still trapped
beneath her urgently moving belly, the sensation of her
pretend prick now fast-fucking my tight hole was enough
to make me come on its own. I squeezed her large pink nipples
tightly as spunk jetted out of my cock onto her belly and
she came all over me at the same time, thrusting into me as
if she was filling me up with her juice through her prick-dildo.
By the time she withdrew and rolled off me, just like I had
done many times before with a woman, we were covered in cum.
After I had got my breath back, I got up shakily and brought
a couple of towels from the shower cubicle. While we cleaned
ourselves up she said, “I’ve always wanted to do that. I’ve
been underneath a few guys in my time and they have always
seemed to have a better time than me. To be honest, I thought
it would be like some kind of revenge, but it was amazing.
I’ve never felt so horny. I bet it would be even better with
a strap on. What did you think? You seemed to like it.”

I was about to say that it had made me realise that anything
was ok if it gave two people mutual pleasure, when a light
shone through the venetian blind that covered the window.
I knew that it was the security light above the backdoor.
Sharon raised her head and peered through the blinds. “God!
It’s my mum, ” she cried, slipping down the side of the bed
and rolling underneath it.

Part 3

Molly was heading across the patio towards the door and
was about to enter the guestroom. Her daughter, Sharon,
was hiding under the bed and I was lying in the bed thinking
that the place stank of recent rampant sex. I pulled the
duvet up to my chin, closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.
The door opened softly and I heard soft footsteps approach.
Then there was the rustle of nylon before the duvet was eased
back and the cool naked body of Molly eased in next to me.
Compared to her daughter, she was petite and her nipples
felt hard against my skin. I still feigned sleep as she nuzzled
my neck while her delicate fingers began to work their way
down to my cock, which had collapsed with exhaustion. I
was grateful that I had cleaned myself up a few minutes earlier
otherwise her hand would have encountered a quagmire of
my spunk and her daughter’s juices. She was undaunted by
my flaccid condition and began to stroke my balls and murmur
in my ear. I did my best to play dead but the old soldier, who
should have been out for the count, slowly began to rise
to attention. It was against my will. I was desperately
trying to cling to the fact that her daughter, who I had just
fucked and who had even fucked me with a dildo, was lying
just beneath us under the bed. Somehow, the smell of alcohol
mixed with her perfume gave Molly a decadent fragrance.
A warm fire still glowed in my bum, while her nimble hands
were coaxing my cock into a stiff erection. It was no good.
I fluttered my eyes as if I was just awakening and at that
signal Molly began to ease herself on top of me and rub her
pussy against my prick. She seemed sleepy and still half-drunk
but that only seemed to make her more sensual as she rubbed
her clit against my prick and drove her tongue into my mouth.
Her thrusts became more urgent and she began to impale herself
on my cock, but only an inch at a time, which made me start
to reach for her. Gripping the cheeks of her pert bum, I drew
her roughly on to me and pushed myself as deep into her as
I could go. She gasped as I began to fuck her hard and fast.
Part of me just wanted to fuck her to get rid of her, but another
part of me was enjoying it more and more. I could feel her
juices flowing over my balls as I hammered into her, every
now and again giving her a slap on her bum. I wanted to come
but I couldn’t. I was as hard as a rock and my balls were aching.
Maybe I would never come again after my session with Sharon.
Maybe I had given all I had to give. Molly was riding hard
though and with gasps and moans she began to come so that
her juices squelched around my stiff prick. Eventually,
she collapsed on my chest with a squeal. Regaining her breath,
she looked into my face with wonder and said, while squeezing
my prick with the walls of her cunt, “You’re still hard.
You haven’t come yet, have you?” Her eyes lit up. “Come on, ”
she said. “Do it my favourite way.”

My heart nearly stopped as she lifted herself off me and
rolled off the bed on to her feet. I was terrified that she
might see Sharon under the bed. I knew what she wanted and
almost leapt to my feet and pushed her back onto the bed so
that she was on her hands and knees on the edge of the mattress.
Without preamble, I rammed my rock-hard cock into her wet
pussy. I knew this is what Molly loved from our previous
hot session of a few weeks before, but this time it was as
if I was twice as big and twice as hard. I cupped her small
breasts and pulled against them every time my prick slipped
deep into her cunt. She cried out as if every thrust hurt
but nonetheless rammed herself back onto my cock harder
and harder. I wanted to come but I still couldn’t, which
just made me go at it even faster. Then the most incredible
thing happened. I felt two hands caressing my ankles and
then my thighs and looked down to see Sharon’s face protruding
from under the bed watching my cock spear into her mother’s
soaking fanny. I began to tremble when Sharon reached up
and began to knead my balls with one hand. Now I was starting
to come. Sharon squeezed my balls even harder which made
me fuck harder and faster than I had ever done before. Molly
was virtually screaming as my swollen cock convulsed before
exploding deep into her contracting passage. Thankfully,
Sharon disappeared under the bed as I withdrew my still-stiff
prick from her mother’s shuddering hole, because drops
of spunk and fanny juice fell onto the rug where her face
had been a moment earlier.

I got rid of Molly pretty easy after that. She had got more
than she bargained for and was still half-cut and a bit dazed.
When she had gone, Sharon eased her naked body out from under
the bed. “I think you had better go too, ” I said self-righteously,
but she just grinned.

“I couldn’t help it, ” she said. “When you were fucking
mum I couldn’t stop playing with myself. It’s like, now
I’ve achieved my ultimate fantasy of fucking a man like
a man fucks a woman there are no taboos. Being wicked is so
damned sexy. Anyway, look at you, you’re still rock hard.
I bet even Viagra wouldn’t last that long.”

I winced as her hand touched my throbbing cock. “I don’t
think it will ever go down again, ” I said, half-seriously.

“Now, that sounds like a challenge, ” she said, pushing
me back down onto the bed.

Part 4

I didn’t know what Sharon had in mind as she straddled me
with her strong round thighs while I lay back on the bed.
My newly bionic cock seemed set in concrete as it stood proudly
parting the lips of her fanny, and the tip almost disappeared
into her deep-set belly button as she leaned over the side
of the bed to retrieve her handbag. I should have been beyond
surprises, but I am sure my eyes must have widened when she
withdrew another velvet bag from her handbag; this time
blue and bigger than the pink one she had revealed earlier.
From this bag she withdrew a huge dildo made of clear blue
plastic with a bulbous end like a big cock and a smooth ring
further down. “No way, ” I said vehemently.

“This one’s for me, ” she said. This dildo too had its own
tube of jelly and she began to apply it to its end and along
its length like a snooker player waxing his cue. When she
had finished she lay down on her side next to me. My cock,
which I had begun to suspect had become clinically paralysed,
stood up proudly by the light from the window. She turned
towards me and stroked it affectionately. “What we’ve
got to do is go to the limit, ” she whispered. “Then it will
get back to normal.”

“What have you got it mind, ” I asked, knowing that after
this long night I would fall in with whatever she said. She
handed me the big blue dildo. “You don’t have to be too gentle
with me, ” she said. “All you’ve got to do is pretend its
your own cock. Just stroke it between my cheeks and when
I’m ready start to push it in slowly.” She was still running
her fingers lightly up and down my straining cock as I began
to stroke the big blue dildo between the fulsome cheeks
of her lovely, twitching bum. She was the conductor even
though I held the baton. While I stroked, I sucked at her
big nipples like a greedy baby and before long the big cock-end
of the dildo was sliding gently in and out of her hole. Each
time it slid in and out, I felt her rapid contraction but
with each stroke she squeezed my concrete erection while
moaning dreamily. I turned towards her and pressed my body
against her pulsating flesh and I was not surprised when
she began to slide the dildo she had used before between
my tensing buttocks. Feeling her full breasts against
my chest and the warm lips of her fanny rubbing against my
cock, I let her take control as she began to expand and contract
her buttocks to draw the big blue dildo further into her.
We were connected and I did the same to almost suck the dildo
in her hand into my suddenly greedy hole. I wanted us to be
in perfect tune and in every way we were.

With our rhythm established Sharon shifted and pushed
my hard cock into her pussy and drew it in so that I could feel
every ripple of that once slippery passage. She groaned.
“Are you sure it hasn’t grown, ” she breathed as the first
rays of early morning light streamed through the blinds.
The juicy slip and suck of her bum on the big dildo seemed
to have as much effect as my hard prick, as her pussy, which
seemed much tighter than before, became moist. We walked
on gilded splinters of ecstasy until eventually we were
fucking and bumfucking each other on a mounting wave of
wet passion. Dildos no longer needed a helping hand as our
bodies slapped against each other and our hands roamed
and clawed at flesh. She started to come and I could feel
her stomach muscles hardening as she sucked me in as far
as my prick would go and I knew that only my balls and the ring
on the big dildo was stopping both of them from being swallowed
whole. Lights began to dance in front of my eyes and my balls
felt as though they had shrunk to the size of peas while the
bell-end of my pumping cock deep inside her felt as though
it had swollen to the size of a football. Like a man retching
on an empty stomach, I was coming but it seemed as though
I had not one drop of spunk left. Somehow I knew that if I did
not empty my cock it would stay rock hard like this forever
and I was desperate. Sharon was gasping and digging her
nails into my back while flooding my balls while I hammered
through the longest orgasm of my life. And then, without
warning, an electric shock shot up the back of each of my
legs and sizzled down the length of my cock like the crackling
fuse of a rocket and the swollen end exploded in a gush of
hot spunk. Sharon stiffened and her eyes popped and then
she came in a flood for one last time as the dildo that had
been buried in her bum shot out with an audible pop. We lay
in each other’s arms exhausted. Then the miracle occurred.
My ramrod prick began to shrink until finally it slipped
out of her wet pussy and flopped onto her thigh in a puddle.
“Mission accomplished, ” she said rolling out of bed and
reaching for a towel. “My work here is done.”

She shimmied her luxurious body back into her long teeshirt
while I lay back on the bed with my eyes half closed. Leaning
forward, she kissed me lightly on the forehead and said,
“You’d better get some sleep. You look knackered.”

“I’m fucked, ” I said wearily.

“You and me both, ” she said chuckling and opening the door

Part 5

I received a text on my mobile that simply said’ “I’ve got

I didn’t recognize the number and I was intrigued so I sent
back a reply, which was, “What?”

A response came back that made my balls tingle. It said,
“What I need to do it properly. Sharon xxx.”

At first I did not know how to reply. It felt weird. I really
liked Sharon and at twenty years younger than me she was
a dream come true as a short-term fuckbuddy. But she was
strange. She had watched me fuck her mother, Molly, and
loved it and she had a strange fetish. She wanted to fuck
a man like a man fucks a woman. She had already tried it with
me with a dildo. In fact, she had taken me like a virgin and
the truth is, it had been sensational. That was during the
course of a steamy session of fucking though. What she was
telling me now was that she had got what she had said she wanted
to try; a strap-on dildo. In the cold light of day, it made
me nervous just thinking about it. I didn’t reply immediately,
but I knew that I would never meet anyone like her again,
so eventually I sent her a text saying, “Where and when?”

The reply was almost immediate. “Tonight ‒ 8pm. Mine. Can
you stay over?”

The nature of my work meant that I could arrange that with
no problem so I replied in the affirmative. That night at
8 o’ clock I knocked at the door of Sharon’s house, which
was in a small attractive mews in a nearby town. It took a
while before she came to the door and opened it just enough
to let me in. What she was wearing left little to the imagination,
being an almost see-through robe that revealed all the
delectable curves of her luscious body. I was nervous about
the main event that she had planned for the evening, but
whatever happened it would be worth it.

“Let’s go straight up, ” she said, leading me by the hand
to the stairs.

She had gone to some trouble to prepare the bedroom. The
double bed that dominated the room had a red satin cover
and candles flickered on every surface all around. I noticed
that the bedside table was covered with jars and bottles
of cream and aromatic oils and a heavy, seductive fragrance
hung in the air. Sharon kissed me and I could feel the pent-up
excitement transmit itself through her nerve endings.
Her hands became urgent as she began to remove my clothes,
kissing my bare flesh as she exposed it. When I was naked,
with my cock erect and twitching, she let her robe fall to
the floor and pressed herself against me. My hands reached
for her swollen tits and began to massage them while she
reached for my cock with one hand and began to stroke it.
She pulled me towards the bed and we sank down onto the red
satin cover, which felt cool as she pushed me onto my back
and leaned over me to take my cock in her mouth. As her moist
lips traveled up and down my cock she inched around so that
her lovely big bum was facing me, so I lifted her thigh over
my head and buried my face in her sweet smelling pussy. I
licked and tongued her ever more juicy cunt and sucked her
swelling clit while feeling the spunk begin to gather in
my balls as her head bobbed up and down on my cock with increasing
urgency. She knew the moment that my spunk was ready to rise
and tightened her lips around my cock and pushed down hard
to force it to gush out into her mouth. She continued to suck
greedily while I gripped her bum tightly and rammed my tongue
in and out of her pussy. Releasing my cock and throwing her
head back, she began to rock backwards and forwards and
each time she pressed back my nose buried itself between
her cheeks, which I could tell she really liked. She smelled
so clean and fragrant that I began to lick her between her
pussy and bumhole, which made her hips twitch and she started
to moan. Responding to her obvious pleasure I began to run
my tongue around the entrance to her hole, before pushing
it gently into that tight passage while pulling her cheeks
apart. She began to claw at her pussy and rub her clit madly
as I tongue-fucked her bum and then she came so violently
that cum from her juicy fanny squirted onto my chest. We
lay side by side in the candlelight after that. We didn’t
speak for a while but we both knew that the main course would
be next. The thought of it gave me butterflies in my stomach
and my prick began to rise.

Sharon looked at me and licked her lips as if they were dry.
Then she leaned over and opened a drawer in the bedside cabinet,
from which she withdrew a jiffy bag.

“I got it on the internet, ” she said reaching inside the
bag. She pulled out a strap-on dildo that not only looked
just like a cock but was disturbingly bigger than the dildo
she had used on me on the night of the cosmetics party.

“Bloody hell!” I exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, it will be fine, ” she said soothingly and
kissed me on the cheek.

Raising herself, she strapped on the dildo and lay back
so that it stuck up just like a mirror-image my cock. From
the bedside table she got a jar of jelly and handed it to me.
Her voice was husky when she said, “Rub it all over my cock.”

I did as she asked while she moaned as if I was stroking her
pussy. When her strap-on cock was glistening and slick
with jelly, she rolled over towards me and began to kiss
me passionately while at the same time stroking my cock
and balls. I squeezed and rubbed her tits while inevitably
her hand began to slide between my thighs and stoke my hole.
She was murmuring encouragement as she dipped her fingers
in the jar of jelly that was still on the bed. As she slid her
slippy fingers into my tight hole, my cock hardened and

“You like that, don’t you?” she cooed as she began to finger-fuck

“Oh yes, ” I groaned.

“Why don’t you turn over onto your hands and knees, ” she
suggested. “Then you will enjoy it even better.”

I was putty in her hands and did what she wanted. She began
to smother my buttocks with kisses while she continued
to finger-fuck me and then her tongue began to poke into
my crack and I began to buck and moan. Then she put her hands
on my shoulders and my stomach lurched as the smooth head
of her strap-on cock began to slide up and down between my
cheeks. She was quivering and I could tell that she was at
the peak of sexual anticipation.

“Ask me to fuck you, ” she almost croaked.

“Fuck me, ” I said with a lump in my throat.

She placed the bulbous end of her cock at the entrance to
my hole.

“Say please, ” she ordered.

“Please, ” I gasped as she began to push into me.

The bell-end seemed huge as it forced apart my hole and I
threw my head back and cried out, but it slid in and then my
hole closed around the shaft behind it. Her nails were digging
into my shoulders but she controlled her excitement and
continued to push the cock head in slowly. There was fire
in my belly as she began to work her strap-on cock backwards
and forwards inside me, each time going deeper until I could
feel her belly against my buttocks. As she began to fuck
me with longer strokes and as the cock began to glide through
my tight passage more easily, she began draw its bulbous
head in and out of my entrance, making me gasp each time.

“Beg me to fuck you harder, ” she said in an urgent, trembling

“Fuck me harder, ” I implored and reached behind with one
hand to squeeze one of her buttocks.

Her belly began to slap against me as she reached round for
my cock and began to wank me in unison, faster and faster
until I exploded and shot hot spunk all over her red satin
bedcover. She convulsed and cried out as if the spunk was
hers and she was shooting it into me. She seemed to have multiple
orgasms as she continued to fuck my hole and utter obscenities.
Eventually, she pulled away from me and collapsed in a heap
sideways on the bed. I lay down on my stomach next to her,
oblivious to the damp patches and waited for the throbbing
in my bum to subside.

Looking sideways, I was amazed to see Sharon stroking her
strap-on cock fondly.

“You think that’s real don’t you, ” I said to her.

“Mmm, it felt like it, ” she admitted. “Can I do it again?”

I thought about it. My bum was still singing.

“Only if you let me fuck you in the ass first, ” I said. I felt
I deserved that much.

“Yes please, ” she said smiling. She ran her fingers down
her strap-on. “You don’t mind if I keep this on, do you?”

And so I had hard-grinding, sticky anal intercourse with
my luscious bedmate while hanging onto her great bouncing
tits. When we both started to come, she grabbed my hand and
placed it round her strap-on prick and made me wank it until
she came with a yell. Sharon was weird, but being with her
and doing what she wanted, it didn’t feel like that. We were
in our own world of sex where anything was normal. We fucked
each other hard again that night. This time Sharon used
her strap-on face to face and slowly and sensuously while
kissing me deeply. We finally fell asleep wrapped in the
marvelous aroma of sex. Sharon didn’t take the strap-on
cock off. When I woke next morning, she looked at me through
sleepy eyes and smiled.

“Guess what, ” she said.

“What?” I replied.

“I’ve got a hard on, ” she said.

I visited Sharon twice more after that, but at her instigation.
I thought that if she made the running then she could call
a halt whenever she wanted. After not hearing from her for
some time, I heard on the family grapevine that she had a
new boyfriend. Even though I would miss the amazing sex
we had, I was happy for her.

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