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The Coach


What a great ass. Firm, round, young, covered with sweaty
workout gear, moving back and forth, back and forth. I wonder
what that would be like bent over and sliding back on my cock,
asscheeks jiggling as it was drilled. That's all I
could think when I watched it move through the gym towards
the locker room. I had been thinking that a lot lately, and
it was starting to make me think about the promise I made
to my new boss. When I was hired as the Assistant Athletic
Director at Southwest State University, he told me flat
out, "If the administration catches you fucking
any will be your ass, and my ass too." It's
not that I was worried about him. John Sorenson was a good
boss, well-liked in the university, and if the truth be
known, probably not above fucking a coed or two himself.
But rules were rules. I guess the trick would be not to get
caught. I turned my thoughts away from the lycra-covered
walking away from my office, and tried to concentrate on
the budget in front of me. The new guy on the block always
gets the shit work I guess, but a job is a job. "Fuck
it, " I said, "I'll go work out a little
to clear my head." One of the perks of my new job was
access to all university facilities, and SW State had some
good ones. I shut the door, stripped down and started to
get dressed to work out, when the door flew open, a very irate
women's basketball coach flew in, and the door slammed
shut behind her. "What's this shit about my travel
budget being trimmed! You assholes always give first class
to the men, and we get stuck sucking hind tit, Brad White?
I'm sick of it and I want...." She stopped in the
middle of her ranting and obviously noticed that I didn't
have anything on but a T-shirt half over my head. "Oh,
sorry. You always wear that to work? Very appealing."
I had met her only once, but it was clear that Ann
nice." Lynn Johnson was a knockout. Tall, about 6-foot,
very slender, but muscular, with short hair that some said
made her look like a dyke. I didn't think so, and REALLY
didn;t think so when I saw her looking at my dick and licking
her lips. "Planning to meet someone here, or just
waiting for the first thing that came into the office?",
she asked. "Actually, I was just getting ready to
go work out, this fucking budget is driving me nuts.",
I said. She came around the desk and grabbed me, saying, "no
sense in going to the gym, I'll bet I can give you all
the workout you need right here." "Some of my
girls said the new guy was a real good looking stud. Let's
find out." With that she dropped to her knees and started
licking up and down my shaft, down around myballs and back
to where she started. "Holy shit, " I thought,
"I hope that warning from the boss doesn't mean
staff too." But fuck that, this chick really can suck
dick. She wrapped her lips around the head and startd working
with her tounge, side to side and up and down. "UUUUMMMMM.
You taste great, " she said, "I need some more
of this." She went back to working on my dick, now standing
at full attention. Her hands slid around my legs to cup my
ass, her nails digging into me to push more of my dick down
her throat. All I could hear was slurping and sucking noises,
and I hoped the neighboring ofices ignored it. Finally,
she came up for air, stood up and started undoing her silky
blouse. "God that makes me hot. I want some of that
in my pussy." She finished with the last button and
slid the blouse off her shoulders. Holy shit...built like
a brick shit-house. Her tits were set high on her chest,
topped with bright red nipples that were now hard as rocks.
Her shoulders were broad, lined with muscle and sinew.
This was a woman that worked very hard at staying in shape.
She dropped the blouse on my desk, and unzipped her skirt.
It also dropped on the desk. The panties went on the floor.
"Sit down, " she
said, "let's go for a ride." Who am I to argue
with that, I thought. I sat on the edge on my desk, my dick
sticking out still wet from her blow job.She turned around
and bent over, wiggling her ass at me. "Like it?"
she said, spreading the cheecks wide and sliding a slender
finger into her hot crack. She pumped a few times with that
single digit, and pulled it out, slick with her juices,
brought it to her nose, sniffed once, then licked off her
wteness. "I love that taste, you will have to try it
sometime. I need a dick first." With that, she slowly
backed herself onto my pulsing cock. She reachedback and
grabbd the shaft, holding it far down at the base and stuck
the tip, just the tip of my dick into he pussy. "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH
that feels wonderful." she sighed. Then she slammed
her bush down to the desk, impaling herself on my dick so
fast she let out a gasp. She just sat there for a minute, gathering
her breath, then started to pump. Her legs spread wider
to get just a litle more dick inside her tight box. The muscles
in the backs of her legs and her ass tensed as she pounded
her box onto my lap. Sweat started to run off my nose as I grabbed
her hips for more leverage. Again and again I pushed her
back onto my dick, until I felt her pussy grabing the tip,
then the shaft, then the base of my dick. "I'M
screamed, as she collapsed back onto my chest, the sweat
running off her back, down the crack of her ass to mix with
the cum leaking out of her. We sat there for just a minute,
letting her catch her breath. I reached around her and cupped
those wonderfully formed tits, nipples still hard as rocks,
with sweat making her slick. One of my hands travelled down
her flat, muscular belly to find her clit. The button was
there, sticking out and pulsing from her orgasm. My fingers
rolled her clitty, making her start to moan and stir once
more. "I'd love to eat you, "I said, "swap
places with me." With a soft "plop" she
pulled my cock from her cunt, turned around and mashed those
titsinto my chest. "I'd like that too, "
she said, "lick it all the way out." She sat on
the corner of the desk, and spread her long legs wide, pulling
her thighs apart to give me more. I kneeled on the floor,
and started licking up the inside of one thigh, and down
the other. That drew moans and contented sighs from above.
I snaked one hand around her ass, cupped it and drew it closer
to my face. Her sweet-smelling cunt was stil leaking, the
juice running down my chin as I mashed my tounge inside her.
"AAAAHHHHHHHHHH, I love a man who goes right to the
heart of things.", she said. My tounge continued
it's journey inside her cunt, lapping and sucking
all of her wetness out. Finally, I couldn't take it
anymore. I stood up, grabbed her ass and drew it right to
the edge of the desk, and sank my dick all the way in. Ann moaned
and grunted as my dick hit bottom, my public hair grinding
on her mound, by balls slapping her ass. "Fuck me hard, "
she said, "like you really mean it." I was giving
it my best shot. My dick pistoned in and out of her hot box,
slaming her ass down on the desk. Her tits bounced in tempo
to my thrusts, sweat beads flying off her nipples and landingon
my chest."I'm gonna cum...cum allover you."
I shouted. She surprized me by reaching down and grabbing
my dick, yanking it out of her pussy and grabbing the base
tight. "Shoot it, " she said, "give me
the load right on top." She gave a final squeeze to
the base of my dick, and I swear the tip swelled up larger
than it's ever been. I groaned as the cum travelled
up my dick, and exploded from the end, showering her belly
and tits with it. She squeezed tight again, after the first
stream, and a second shot out, this one splashing on her
neck and chin. And a third, ribbling down her lower belly
to drain onto her mound. "I'll have to come in
to complain about my budget more often, " she laughed,
"This has been a great morning." I couldn't
help but think there would be more to come from Ann the basketball
coach, and wondered if any other staffers at SW State were
hot to trot as well. CHAPTER 2 Lynn left after cleaning herself,
and my desk, off a little bit. As she dressed she toldme a
little bit about the guy I replaced. He apparently was a
suffy SOB, always sucking up to the administration, and
gunning for the top job in the department. Sorensen, the
AD, apparently hated his ass, and fired him after one heated
arguement that Lynn said could be heard all over the building.
Good riddence, I thought. I think I'm gonna like this
place. Jut then the phone rang, it was Sorensen, asking
if I had a minute, and please bring the budget work with me.
Back to the grind I guess. I walked into Sorensen's
office, noticing there was no secretarysitting on her
usual perch. That suited me fine. She was an old fart, no
other way to put it, but she was the sister of the Dean of Students,
so Sorensen couldn't fire her. Where's Ms. Conner, "
I asked as I walked into his inner office. He laughed and
said, "I told her to take the rest of the day, that
you nd I would be in here crunching numbers all afternoon
and into the evening." He must have read the look on
my face, because he laughed and said, "Don't
worry, your preliminry numbers are fine, we'll go
with them. I hate the old bat, I dream up ways to get rid of
her, she's always listening through the walls and
doors, trying to find something to report about me to her
brother." "Actually I just wanted to see how
you were making out. Everything going OK?" I told
him yeah, things were fine, and I really liked the fringe
benefits, the use of facilities and everything. "I'm
a pretty good judge of character, " he said, smiling."I
think I can trust you with the really special benefits."
He rose from his chair, motioning me to follow him into a
small conference room. "Watch this, " he said.
He reached under a large blackboard, hit a switch, and slid
the board to one side. "I had this installed a couple
of years ago. I realise it makes me something of a dirty old
man, but what the hell." The board covered a two-way
mirror, that had to be mounted over the lockers in the women's
locker room! And what a sight it was. The women's swim
team had just finished workout, and were showering before
going home. The 15 swimmers were all in great shape, long
lean arms and legs, tight buns, and the majority with not
a hair on their cunts!"Most swimmers shave down, "
he explained, "cuts down on drag. At least that's
what they claim." "I'm not so sure though,
watch this, it happens every day after workout. Water and
exercise must make them horney." I turned my attention
to the showers, and watched in amasement as the toys came
out. Probably 10 huge dildos had materialized out of nowhere,
and where being soaped up and jammed into the nearest available
cunt! "Holy shit", I said, "are they all
lezzies?" Sorenson shook his head, "Hardly,
I've seen most of them fuck the baseball team in that
shower, late at night when no one is around. I noticed a couple
of keys were missing some years ago. I never bothered to
change the locks. I imagine every athlete has a key to get
in this place after hours by now. They don;t steal anything,
they're all good kids, and it gives a good show."
I had to agree with him, it WAS quite a show. A brunette that
I recognized from around the department, who is always
thought was a little bit
prissy, was sitting on the floor, warm water beating down
on her from a shower head, eating the hairless pussy of a
blond. The blond was writhing above her, standing on wobbly
legs, trying to recover from what had to be a gut-wrenching
orgasm. The brunette, whom I remembered was named Jan,
was shoving a jet-black dildo into her cunt, pounding it
in until she too, screamed with a cum. A short red-head,
with a neatly trimmed fire-red bush was lapping greedily
at the clit of a bald beaver tucked in between the legs of
a dark-
haired girl who looked like a body builder. I DEFINETLY
remember seing hr around the gym. Her name was Karen. Evryone
knew Karen. She was a school record holder in a number of
events, strikingly beautiful, and strong as hell. She
worked hours on free weights, toneing and sculpting her
body to perfection. I think she was almost there. Karen's
eyes were closed, and her head was
throwback. he as bviously enjoying the attention her clit
was getting from the red-head. Suddenly she grabbed the
flaming red hair, jamming the owner's tounge deep
in her bush, and held it there while she came. Karen swivled
around and pushed the red-head down to the floor. She grabbed
her thighs and spreasd them , kneeling down to lap at that
fire-red bush. Red and karen had aobviously done this act
before, because Red just leaned back and started to enjoy
herself. Karen's head started bobbing, licking up
and down Red's slit. Red's tits were firm, tipped
with enormous nipples, were slick with the soap and water
from the showerroom.her hands went up and rubbed and pinched
her nipplesmaking them stick out further than I thought
possible. Ksren's hands joined Red's on her its...massaging
and pinching nipples until a scream of pleasure came from
her lips. Karen was still licking and lapping, her head
moving faster and faster as she urged Red to cum. Red started
to shudder at the tips of her toes, they curled and uncurledalmost
spastically. Her legs starts to shake, then it crawled
up her belly, and centered in her chest, her tits shaking
and bobbing. Red grabbed the back of Karen's head,
jamming it down into her cunt for a final time as she came.
Her scream of pleasure reached me through the glass of the
two-way mirror, and it was so loud that others in the room
stopped to watch. Then it was over. Everyone started to
collect themselves fromt he floor and various benches,
and with a pat on the ass here and there, they all wandered
off to dry off and get dressed. CHAPTER 3 After the session
in Sorenson's conference room, I finally figurd out
the little speech he gave me about not diddling with the
staff was only for show, probably to help him figure out
who could keep a secret. I wasn't about to disappoint
him.The women's basketball coach and I had done the
beast with two backs a number of times in the last couple
of weeks. She had a great appetite, and an even greater imagination.
We fucked in my office, her office, on the roof of the gymnasium
at night, in the pool one very early morning before the swimmers
came to practice, and caught a quickie in the women's
locker room sauna, barely escaping detection from a group
of visiting coaches in town for a clinic. Life was good.
It was about to get better. I was working late one Thursday
night, trying to figure out a hopelessly fucked up schedule
made out by the previous occupant of my office. My desk was
about a foot deep in paper, covered from one end to the other.
"Fuck it, " I thought, "Leave it for tomorrow."
I grabbed my briefcase, stuffed it with the most pressing
of the problems, and locked my door. My office is located
in the back corner of the building, forcing me to walk all
the way through the building to get to the parking lot. The
building was fairly quiet, just a couple of students playing
basketball in one end of the gym, the constant twack of raquetball
players in the courts off the gym, and the clanging of weights
in the weight room upstairs. Just on a hunch, I decided to
look in the weight room to see who was there. I had become
good friends with a lot of the stduents and staff who worked
out a lot, and I thought I might be able to grab someone to
go for a beer. As I walked up the stairs, I heard grunting
and groaning, followed by an enormous crash as a a heavily
loaded barbell dropped to the floor. As I rounded the corner
and looked in the door, I saw the wonderfully formed ass
of Karen, the body building captain of the swim team, at
the base of a deep-knee squat, straining to push back up.
She was facing one of the mirros that surrounds the room,
her eyes shut in concentration. I have seen a lot of bodies
in my time, and hers was by far the finest piece of sculpture
I have ever seen. She iswell- bstacked, unusual for a body
builder, and the muscles on her chest made her tits stick
out high and firm. She was wearing a short muscle shirt and
running shorts, very tight, obviously with nothing underneeth.
Her leg muscles strained , trying to bring her body back
up after the squat. She let out a gut-wrenching grunt, and
forced the weight up, then opened her eyes and leaned into
the squatrack in front of her. "Very nice, "
I said, "you are quite a piece of work." She picked
up a towel, wiped the sweat off of her neck and tight stomach,
and said, "I'm quite a piece as well. You should
try it sometimes." I told her about my Sorenson's
warning not to be caught fucking co-eds.She just smiled
and said, "We'll hve to work hard at not getting
caught then, won't we?" She motioned me to follow
her, and walked to a back door of the weight room. "There
are all sorts of hiding places in this place, " She
said, "It just takes a while to find them. I've
been here 4 years, and I know most of them." We walked
through a narrow hallway, and through a maze of what appeared
to be steam pipes and electrical boxes. As she walked under
pipes and around old equipment, she said, "I've
beenwatching you for the last few weeks, you and Coach Johnson
really fuck up a storm. I watched you in the pool before pratice
a couple of weeks ago. I almost jumped in with you, but I was
too buzy watching. She stooped under a small doorway, and
walked up a narrow staircase. I was kind of curious, but
didn't mind the view, Karen's tight running shorts
were sliding over that firm ass about 6 inches from my nose.
I had guessed right, she didn;t have anything on under the
shoorts, or the shirt, her boobs bouncing a little as we
walked. I could see the outline of her cunt as the shorts
creeped into the crack of her ass. Finally we came out in
a large room, that looked over the gym through wire mesh
windows. I was full of gym mats, equipment, and bundles
of old towels."All the athletes have found this place
ovr the years. It's just kind of passed down as we all
move on, " she said." I put my briefcase down,
and reached under that cropped T-shirt. Her tits were still
covered with sweat, and rock-hard under my fingers. I rolledher
hipples around as she closed her eyes and moaned. "God,
that fels great. I always get so horny after I work out, "
she moaned. She pulled my shirt over my head, and started
running her hands over the outline of the dick in my pants.
I pulled her T-shirt off, and slid the shorts down her long
legs. There was not a hair to be ssen on her body, the lips
of her pussy flared out, inviting me to stick a tounge in
as deep as I could. Karen pressed her crotch forward, into
my face, and said, "I knew you would be a good lay, I
sat there with 3 fingers in my cunt watching you fuck Coach
Johnson. God, I was so hot the rest of the day I even sneakd
into the locker room before afternoon practice to get off
with a dildo." Her tight legs locked onto the sides
of my head as she pressed her cunt further down on my tounge.
She rubbed her pussy back and forth on my face, fucking it
until her clit rubbed on the front of my teeth. "AAAAAAAAHHHH
HHHH....that's what I was looking for, chew on it,
make me cum, " she grunted. I grabbed her clit ith
my teeth and rolled it around with my tounge. You would have
thought I shocked her with a live wire. She started pounding
her cunt into me, grabing my head and forcing it back and
forth. Finally, she pressed once and held it, while cunt
juice gushed over my chin. I lapped it up before it finished
cuming out of her, and licked up her slit to her flat belly.
"Holy shit, " she said between deep breaths, "What
a face fucker. Thatwas incredible. What a workout."
By this time my cock was straining to break out of my pants.
I wiped the cum off my chin as Karen dropped to her knees and
stripped my trousers down. She pulled down my shorts and
licked the full length of my rock-hard dick. Without a word,
she pushed me back onto a pole-vault mat, and straddled
my legs. I could se the muscles working in her arms and chest
as she reached down to grab my cock. "I like strong
women, " I said, "fucking improves muscle
tone." She laughed and drove herslef right onto my
dick. She was still wet for the ferocious orgasm from a few
minutes before, so I slid all the way in without a stop. Her
hairless cunt lips rubbed back and forth on my balls, and
pushed out to get more of my dick into her cunt. I grabbed
onto her hips, and slowly pushed them up, then drove her
back down to the hilt of my dick. Karen put her hands on my
chest, and started to ride, pushing her crotch into me with
such force that it drove my ass back into the mat. Sweat popped
out on her tits again, to match the sweat running off of me.
I reached around her ass and cupped the cheeckes, feeling
the muscles tense as she pounded her cunt onto my dick. We
had slid down the mat so much, my ass was hanging over the
edge, so I rolled us over and stood up. "Roll that wonderful
ass over here, " I said, as I slipped a finger into
her cunt. She answered by rolling onto her stomache and
sliding back until her feet were on the floor. She looked
back over her shoulder and smiled, licking her lips as I
pushed her ass checks apart and rubbed my dick on thesmooth
lips of hr pussy. I parted them ith the tip of my dick and slid
it in, until my balls rolled against her. I reahced own and
grabbed two hndfulls of tit, and started fucking her hard.
She pushed back and the end of each stroke, wanting to get
more inside her. Watching her hairless cuntlips gripping
my dick at the end of each stroke, the disappearing as I drove
back in, almost drove me nuts. Karen pushed her legs back
against me, so I could feel the muscles ripple during each
stroke. I could feel the beginnings of a great cum rolling
through my balls, and started to pick up speed, pushing
harder and faster, then with one final stroke, slammed
her ass and held it, as a river of cum spewed out of me. I pulled
my still-hard dick out of her, and turned her on her bck,
and she reached up and milked the last few drops onto her
heaving tits and belly. We collapsed onto the floor, cum
still dripping from my dick, and wound up in a heap leaning
against the mat. trying to catch my breath, I said, "That
was one of the best fucks I'veever had." Karen
just smiled, grabbed an old towel from a nearby stack, and
wiped the sweat off her face. "Thanks, " she
said. "I love fucking, plain and simple. Anywhere,
anytime. It's too bad you haven't been here longer."
I couldn't help but agree. Chapter 4 Sitting in my office
a few days later, Larry Duncan, the assistant baseball
coach, stuck his head in the office, and announced, "You
and me aregoing for beers later, no arguement, no problem."
Slammed the door shut and bounded back down the hall. Larry
and I had become close friends in the short time that I'd
been with SWU, and occasionally kidnapped one another
to local watering holes to drink until we dropped. I know
it's kind of a juvenile thing to do, but shit, I'm
not THAT old. Yet. After work, I collected Duncan, we piled
into his Jeep, and hit the road. "Where to?",
he asked. "Surprise me.", I said. It had been
our custom to look for places far off-campus, as to not test
the department [policy about fucking around with coeds...thinking
that a few beers would cloud our judgement, and we would
throw caution to the wind. I say we because I stumbled upon
Larry and half the women's gymnatsics team doing some
gymnastics of their own late one afternoon in the coaches
sauna. I KNEW he fucked around, I know i did as well, so we
usually would kep each other out of harms way. Usually.
The jeep pulled into the back lot of a place called "The
Dive", named for it's appearance and reputation.
Very seedy, very close to campus, evry close to the department,
and very popular. We walked in the back door, grabbed a couple
of cold ones from the water tank/beer cooler by the door,
paid our bucks, and went in. The Dive is very dark, with loud
music, and dozens of small, out of the way corners and cervices
to talk, or fuck, or whatever. We rounded a half-wall, and
saw a table full of sweaty spandex, coeds stopping off for
a beer after working out. I recognized at least 2 of the women,
both knokouts, both had given me the eye in the past. "Hi
Coach White, Coach Duncan" one of the group said.
"Care to Join us?". Silly question, I thought.
Many, many, beers later, there were only 5 of us left at the
table, Me, Larry, Nancy, one of the two I had seen before,
and Kelly and Barb, who were roomates. Barb was a swimmer,
whom I had seen in the shower scene through Sorenson's
2-way mirror. Flaming red hair, a marked passion for dildos,
she said. larry had his hands busy under the table, fingering
Nancy's cunt, whilehe got a hand job from barb. Kelly
had her tounge halfway down my throat, and was rubbing her
tits all over me through her skimpy top. Larry groaned,
"I'm gonna cum if you don;t stop that."
To which Nancy smiled, and dropped her head under the table.
larry's eyes went wide, as Barb jerked his dick into
Nancy's waiting mouth. "Holy shit, " he
gasped "This is incredible." Nancy brought
herhead up, licked away a drop of cum that had dribbled out
of the corner of her mouth, and said, " Why don;t we
get out of here, and go have a REAL party." "Our
place, of course" Both Kelly and barb shouted in unison.
We collected ourselves, and ran out the door, following
3 of the hottest pieces on campus. Barb and Kelly shared
a converted loft apartment on top of an old warehouse about
a block from the bar. "We're the only ones in the
building right now, " Barb said, "the bottom
2 floors haven't ben finished yet." "sometimes
we watch the construction workers who are re-doing the
place while we diddle each other. They probably can see
everything we're doing, but who gives a shit?"
We ran up the stairs, as Kelly fumbled for her keys to get
the door open. Their apartment was basically one large
room, with about 4 different levels all around, a bed on
each of the two highest levels, with a huge kitchen and living
room. "I need to take a shower, " said Kelly
as she looked me in the eyes. want to help?" I follwed
her into the huge bathroom, watching as she stripped off
hat little clothes she had on. Kelly's tits were large,
tight as drums, and stuck straight out over a rock-hard
stomache. she turned away to start the water int he shower,
showing a great ass and long legs. Their shower was a walk-in,
with 3 sprays and built-in benches. No curtain, just glass
bricks all around. I stripped off my clothes and followed
her in. She tilted her head back to let the water stream over
he tits, making the nipples hard and pointy. she ran a hnd
down her belly to play with her cunt, and shuddered a little
when one finger disappeared into he trimmed bush. She drew
it out, and stuck it into hr mouth, licking of the juices.
I dropped to me knees, and started licking her twat, letting
the pounding spray of the shower clear my head. I found her
clit, and nibbled on the button, sending ripples up her
stomach muscles. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, I like to have
my pussy licked, " she said. I wasn;t about to disappoint
her by stopping, My tounge found the sweet juices running
from her cunt, as I spread her lips with my fungers to drive
deeper. She started fucking my face, sliding her cunt back
she shouted, "I'M CUUUUUMMMMMING" She
went weak in the knees as the orgasm swept through her guts,
floodding my face with her cum. I could feel it running down
my chin, mixing with the water from the shower running onto
the floor. She immediatly pulled me up, and grabbed my cock,
pumping it furiously. She pushed me backwards, down onto
one of the benches that lined the huge shower, and dove onto
my cock with her mouth. She deep-throated me right down
to the hair on my dick. Her ass was sticking up int he air,
letting the water from the shower flow right into her crack.
One hand was wrapped around my balls, the other buried deep
in her cunt. The sides of her mouth fell in, as she sucked
my cock down to the bone. Finally, I couldn't take it
any longer, grabbed her and dragged her up onto my cock.
She settled on it for a minute, then sank slowly to the hilt.
"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH", "she moaned, as
she began to rock on my dick. I reache dup and grabbed those
wonderful tits, rolling the nipples through my fingers
and leaning forward to lick them. "Harder, suck them
harder, " she moaned. I pushed her tits together,
roughly jamming the nipples into my mouth. I ran my tounge
around them, and bit down softly. "Harder, Bite them."
she said. I nipped at the boobs, and used them as handles
to slam her down onto my dick, watching as her stomache and
leg muscles worked to draw more of my dick into her. She reached
down and started playing with my balls, roughly running
her nails over my skin. At last I felt the cum running through
my dick. "I'm cumming, " I shouted. She
reached down and pulled my cock from her cunt, and milked
me onto her twat. I spewned a quart of goo over her, blasting
it from her cunt to her chin. She reached down with 2 fingers,
scooped up some, and dropped it in her mouth, swallowing
every drop, and licking her lips. We collapsed onto the
bench, and let the water cool two very hot bodies down. Chapter
5 We stumbled out of the shower and headed to the kitchen
to grab a couple of beers. As we came out of the bathroom into
the living room, I saw a set of shaply legs draped over the
back of a couch, the toes arched, and muscles straining.
As we walked around to the front, the moaning of a woman in
heat came filtering to my ears. "AAAAA AAH HHHHHHHH"
her red bush nose-deep on my friend Larry. His cock was being
sucked by Nancy, who had a large black dildo shoved up her
cunt. It was glistening as is slopped in and out of her tight
box. Larry's hands were on Barb's things, spreading
them wider as his mouth fucked her twat. Nancy's tits
were small, but firm, nipples as big as pencil erasers,
sticking out front hr chest. Barb's hands were on the
back of larry's head, driving his mouth tighter on
her twat as she struggled to cum. "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH
STOP, DON'T STOP, ". She screamed. "I'M
back arched up off the couch, nearly knocking all three
of them onto the floor. Nancy released her hold on Larry's
cock, long enough to anounce, "My turn." With
that she pulled Larry onto the floor, reached down and dragged
him under her. With a sign, she settled her cunt onto his
dick, still shining with her spit from the furious blowjob.
Larry looked at me and said the one word I will remember
forever, "Help." Looked to me like he didn;t
need much help, but he was mu friend. But before I could
do anything, Kelly reached down and gave my stirring cock
a quick pull. "Yeah, there's still something
in there, I think we can help everyone here." Barb
finally recovered from her orgasm, and licked her lips
when she saw Kelly's hands jerk my cock. She crawled
her way over to me, pushed me back on the coach, and slowly
licked my dick, from the tip, all the way to the hair on my
balls. Kelly stood for a minute, watching Nancy pumping
up and down on Larry's now-throbbing dick, and dropepd
to her knes above his head. she inched he way forward, and
began sliding her slit along his face. "Drink it in,
suck it dry, please" she pleaded. "Larry counldn't
say anything, but I could see his head bobbing back and forth
under her straddled legs. Kelly reached up and grabbed
those wonderful nipples staring her in the face, and dropped
her tounge to lick and carress them. I looked down at the
top of the red head sliding it's way along my dick, and
wondered if the stick could get and harder or longer. I was
as turned on as I had ever been, fucked like a mink minutes
before, now a hot little redhead sucking life back into
me. Barb dropped her mounth all the way to the hair at the
base of my dick, and swallowed deep. I thought I would shoot
my load right there, but she rached under my balls, and pressed
tight at the base. That shut down the cum, but made my dick
swell up even bigger. "Holy shit, " I said,
"come up here and sit on that before it explodes."
Barb smiled as she gave me one last nip on the end of my dick.
She ground her tits into my stomach and chest as she slid
her way up my body. I kissed her, sucking on her tounge that
had done so much for my dick just moments before. She turned
around, and backed onto my pole, now sticking straight
out like an arrow. She reached back and grabbed me at the
base, and slowly stick ny dick inside her outer lips. She
let go when we were attached, and inched her way back, making
me crazy with lust. She finally finished collecting my
dick in her cunt, and immediatly started rocking. I reached
up to cup her tits, using them as handles to drive her back
onto my cock. I lookd over and notced that Larry had swaped
places with his two companions. Kelly was on her back, legs
spread wide, driving Nancy's head into
her twat, as Larry drilled into nancy from behind. The blonde's
cunt was flared wide, to allow for Larry's member to
drive into her. The red lips of her cunt sucking in during
each stroke, and parting slightly when he puleld out. Kelly
had the didlo deep inside her twat, as Nancy chewed on her
clit, her hands sliding the black monster side to side and
back and forth, stretching her cunt to the limit.
Larry was grunting like a bull in heat as he slammed Nancy's
slit, his balls slapping onto her ass. nancy reached back
and played with his balls, encouraging him to fuck harder.
Finally, He pulled out with a yell, and scrambled forward.
nancy flipped ont her back, and stuck a funger deep into
her twat, shouting, "CUM ON US SLOP IT ALL OVER BOTH
OF US, DROWN US IN IT!" Kelly reached up and gave his
dick a final squeeze, and cum flew everywhere. On her tits,
on the couch, on nancy, on her tits, in their hair, God, what
a load! Barb saw what was happening, and decided she must
wanted some too, and dragged me back onto the floor, ripping
my dick from her box and milking me towards her face. "Cum
in my mouth, that really gets me going, please cum in my mouth."
She scooted her face closer to my cock, pumping hard with
her fist. Her tits dripped with sweat from both her amd me,
and she snaked her tounge close to the tip of my dick. I shot
a stream square onto her tounge, then another that caught
her in the chin, she reche dup and rubbed it into her face,
like some bizarre facial, and didn;t stop until the final
drop rolled off the end of ny dick onto her tounge. We all
collapsed in a heap, sweating, groaning, fucked out. For
the moment.

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