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The Coach (male/male)


I was 14 years old and a freshman in high school. In the small
town we lived in, you either played all the major sports,
or you were immediately branded and labeled a queer, a fag,
a homo, or whatever hurtful word the other kids could come
up with! At that time in my life however, I just wasn't
"built" for sports, except golf maybe, which
unfortunately wasn't even offered at the high school
I went to, and even if it was, it probably wouldn't have
even been considered a sport! I was tall and thin, and even
as far back as grade school I'd been teased that I was
built more like a girl than a guy! Of course all that would
eventually change, but that didn't help me back then!
I did try out for football, and all the guys gave me a really
rough time and even the coaches did too! All except for one,
Coach D. and he was actually pretty nice to me!

Coach D was a younger guy, just out of college and this was
his first job really, and he was the one who got me off most
of the practices, by having me sort of help out as his assistant.
At the same time I was still having a really tough time, and
I honestly think even the other coaches got a kick out of
making me do certain things, since it was obvious I was NEVER
going to get to actually play! One of my "responsibilities"
was to wait until everyone else had showered and changed
after practice, and then I had to gather up all the used towels,
and uniforms, and even the other guy's jock traps!
I had to haul them down to the school laundry each day, and
only THEN, could I go take my own shower, and of course it
was all both degrading and humiliating, but the last thing
I needed was more grief, if I complained!

"IT" as I refer to the incident now, happened
late one afternoon after practice. School hadn't
even started yet and we were still in "two-a-day"
practices. I'd done my thing, and was now back in the
locker room alone, or so I thought, and I was naked and in
the shower, when suddenly I heard a noise! There he was,
Randy W. and he was standing there in just his underwear
and watching me shower! "Ya know, the guys are right,
you do have a cute butt and you do look a lot more like a girl
than a guy"! He was laughing, but it certainly wasn't
a funny laugh! I then made the mistake of turning around
to face him, and he broke out laughing once again, as he pointed
down at my crotch! "Damn son, your dick isn't
much bigger than a girls clit either, ya know that"!

I should have at least tried to run, but then I wonder if it
would have done any good anyway, because suddenly Randy
had his shorts down and off, and HE was in the showers with
me! The "weapon" that dangled between his legs
certainly was a LOT bigger than mine, and as he approached
me he grabbed my arm, and it really hurt like hell! "You
know you little fagot, I've seen you looking at the
other guys while they're in the shower, and I've
seen you looking at their cocks, so don't even try and
deny it"! "I just broke up with my girlfriend
Brandy, and so I'm a little horny right now, and since
you're not much good for anything else around her,
maybe you can help the "team" out, by making
the team captain happy"! Suddenly I was forced to
my knees in front of him, and with his size and strength,
there was no way I could even begin to stop him!

He grabbed a handful of my hair, and then took his own growing
cock in his other hand, and then he quickly told me I'd
better not yell, or he'd beat the crap out of me! "your
lucky you little queer that all I want is a blow job and I'm
not gonna fuck you too, and if you yell out, if you EVER say
anything to anyone, then I'm not only going to beat
the crap out of you, but I'm gonna tell EVERYONE that
YOU, were the one that tried to grab "MY" cock
in the shower, and that's wahy I had to beat you up"!
"Now suck it bitch, and you've better do a damn
good job or your going to regret it, and I mean that"!
"Oh, and don't worry, I already locked the door
to the locker room, after you came back in, so NO ONE, is going
to bother us, and NO ONE, is gonna help you"!

His hips eased forward, and the head of his cock, which was
by the way, almost completely erect by then, touched my
lips! When I didn't immediately open my mouth he let
go of my hair and slapped me hard across my face, and once
again, ordered me to "suck"! Tears streaming
down my cheeks, and now resigned to the fact this was happening,
whether I liked it or not, I opened my mouth and let him slide
his hard cock inside, and then I started to suck! God I wanted
this over with, and I knew that the more I held back, or the
more I resisted, the longer it would take! And so being very
honest about it, I really started sucking him, and I even
reached up and began to fondle his big balls as I did it! Randy
groaned and hissed out a long "yes", and it was
so weird, because his touch was almost gentle then, as he
ran his fingers through my hair!

"Oh God yes Steve, you suck cock even better than that
bitch Becky, and SHE'S really good at it herself"!

"Hum, that's it, just like that, don't stop"!

"Your gonna make me cum any minute, I'm so fucking

Suddenly he grunted and then groaned and then his hips sort
of lurched forward, and I actually felt his hard cock sort
of expand in my mouth, just before it started shooting!
His moans were loud enough that I actually got scared someone
would hear him, and then I'd not only have him to worry
about, but EVERYONE would know I'd sucked his cock!
Besides that I now had another problem as well, because
he was holding my head, and I couldn't pull back off
of him, as he was cumming in my mouth! It wasn't like
I had either a whole lot of choices or options, and so I started
to swallow, and I kept right on swallowing, as he filled
my mouth with blast after blast, of his hot, sticky cum!
If there was ever a time when the size of a guy's balls
really did indicate the size of his hot load, it was there,
and it was right then with Randy, as he shot off in my mouth!

Finally it was over, and his cock had stopped shooting and
I'd swallowed his entire load, and I felt his hand ease
up on my head, and his body start to relax! It's so weird
however, because at that point I KNOW I could have gotten
away, and at the very least I could have backed off, and spit
his still hard cock back out of my mouth! Just the opposite
however, I let him keep his cock i my mouth for several minutes
AFTER, he'd finished cumming! Finally HE was the one
who took a step back, and his now slick cock slipped out of
my mouth! I was still just kneeling there, my face red from
the slap and stained from my own tears, and once again Randy
laughed, as he pointed down at me, and more specifically
at my crotch!

"Why you little slut, don't tell ME you didn't
like that, because your pathetic little cock is as hard
as a rock"!

Oh my God, he was right! Not only was my cock hard, but my balls
were even all swollen up and ached, needing some relief
of their own! I bowed my head as I heard Randy walking off,
and talking more to himself than he was to me, as he was saying
that this was a good thing, and we definitely had to do this
again, and soon! Soon I heard the locker room door slamming
shut and he was gone, and I stayed in the shower a good half
hour more, crying and trying to rise his filth off of me!
At the same time, I could STILL taste the remains of his cum
in my mouth, and my own stupid cock was as hard as a rock, and
it wouldn't go down! Finally I got out dried off and
dressed, and then ran out of the gym. I peddled my bike home
as fast as I could! I went straight up to my room, telling
my parents I wasn't feeling well and that I was going
to go to bed!

Of course mom came up to check on me, and seeing that I was
OK she left, and as soon as she was gone, I made sure my door
was shut and locked, and I stripped naked and got in my bed!
I was almost instantly stroking my own hard cock, and I closed
my eyes, and all I could see, was Randy's big hard cock!
I didn't want to think about that, I swear to God I didn't
but no matter how hard I tried his cock was ALL, I could think
of, and then finally I climaxed myself! I then did something
I'd never, ever, done before! I had puddles of my own
hot cum on my stomach and chest, and I slowly scooped some
up, and then slipped my fingers inside my mouth and sucked!
I liked the taste! Oh God NO, I "LOVED", the taste
of my own cum!

I lay there in mny bed for a very long time, a million and one
thoughts all racing through my head! I KNEW I was gay, I wasn't
a queer, I wasn't a fag! I mean just looking at a girl's
tits under a sweater made my cock instantly hard! Just the
smell of a girl's perfume made my cock twitch inside
my pants, and the VERY few times I'd actually touched
a girl ... well their skin always felt so smooth and so soft,
that just touching it made me feel almost like I was going
to cum in my pants! At the same time, my own cock was STILL
as hard as a rock, and the moment I closed my eyes and started
jacking off again, THERE was Randy's big stiff cock!
I just finally gave in, remembering everything, or at least
all the good stuff. The way his cock had tasted, the way it
had felt in my mouth, and most of all how it had felt when he'd
climaxed, as well as how his hot cum had tasted!

Soon I had a new load of my own hot cum to scoop up and swallow,
and that's exactly what I did, before I finally fell
asleep for the night! I was so scared to go to the practices
the next day that I played sick, and thankfully whether
mom believed me or not, she let me stay home! Yes, I was honestly
scared shitless of Randy, and I didn't want to get beat
up, but at the same time I was honestly a LOT more frightened
of something else! I STILL, couldn't get those mental
pictures of his big hard cock out of my mind! I jerked off
five times that day, and twice more that night, and every,
single time I did it, I was thinking of Randy's hard
cock! The next day however, I was out of excuses, but I was
in for one HUGE surprise, when I showed up for practice!
I saw Randy alright, but not once did he even look in my direction,
and he looked like it was HIM, that someone had beaten the
crap out of!

I didn't hear it directly, but I did overhear, apparently
Randy had a run in with someone, but no one knew who! All anyone
knew was that he definitely WASN'T his normal smart-ass
self that day! After everyone was gone that evening, and
my nightly chores were done, I was just about to strip and
get in the shower, when Coach D came in. He smiled at me and
ask how things were going, and I told him fine, and then he
said that he needed to talk to me, and to stop by the coaches
office after I was through! Later, sitting in the office,
Coach told me that while he wasn't taking me off the
team, he knew just as everyone did, that I wasn't "built"
to play! And so he'd already cleared it, I was still
on the team, but starting when we were back in school, I would
now be his full-time assistant! I was grinning from ear
to ear!

The only other thing coach told me before I left that day,
was that we had a lot to do to get ready for the upcoming season,
and that "he'd" actually been promoted
himself, to defensive, coordinator, and so we really did
have a lot to do together! He said he'd already cleared
it with my parents for me to come over to his house that next
evening, so I could help him start to sort through all the
previous years game films. He told me to come over around
six, and we'd even grill some hamburgers, before we
got started! I was one happy, happy camper, and to me at least,
it was like suddenly waking up one morning, and discovering
it was Christmas day, right in the middle of July! I was so
happy when I got home, and mom and da were just as happy for
me! At the same time, later that night in bed, I was of course
masturbating once again, and STILL, all I could think of
was Randy's big hard cock!

Ah, but the next day I was so excited that I could barely contain
myself, and I knew coach had said six that evening, but I
was there by five-thirty! "The eager beaver"
he said has he greeted me and then invited me inside, and
then we sat down, because he said he wanted to talk. He told
me that when I was in his home, I would be considered an adult,
and that as long as I kept anything and everything that happened
there strictly between he and I, then he would treat me not
only as an adult, but even as his equal! THAT, really made
me feel good! We went out back so I could watch him cook, and
when he opened a bottle of wine he didn't hesitate to
pour me a glass right along with his own! Not like I'd
never had alcohol before, but never right out in the open
like this, and NEVER served by an adult! I honestly felt
like a man!

After dinner I figured we'd get started, but instead,
coach opened another bottle of wine, poured us both fresh
glasses, and told me to follow him into his living room and
take a seat. We both sat on his couch, although we were sitting
a couple of feet apart, and then he started talking, and
it really caught me off guard! He asked if I'd seen what
had happened to Randy, and of course I told him I had, and
then the first surprise came when he told me that "he'd"
been the one who';d done it too him! I just sort of sat
there, and I knew coach wanted to go on, but then he hesitated
for a moment, before speaking once again! He then told mt
that I had to promise, and I had to swear, that anything,
everything that was either said or done in this house, would
always stay just between us! I told him of course, but he
made me say it out loud back to him, and it was only then, that
he told me he'd seen what had happened!

I was instantly horrified, and I just knew coach would hate
me and he'd think I was some kind of freak or some kind
of fag, and I guess he could see all that and more in my face,
as he reached over and laid his hand on my thigh! He immediately
told me to calm down, and that he hadn't seen "everything"
but he'd seen enough to know what had happened, and
to KNOW I wasn't doing it because I'd wanted too!
He said the only reason he hadn't rushed in right then,
was that we were pretty much "though", and he
hadn'[t wanted to humiliate me! He then went on to say
that as I already knew now, he'd taken care of the problem
for me, and that my secret was forever safe with him! I must
have said thank you about a dozen times before he stopped
me, and then he sort of got this serious look on his face,
and said we needed to talk more!

We talked back and forth for several more minutes, and in
the end, I felt I not only needed to open up to him, and that
I could open up to him and be totally honest, but that he wanted
me too as well, and so I did, and I do mean EVERYTHING! I have
no doubt that the alcohol we'd consumed so far definitely
aided in lowering my inhibitions, but it just felt so good,
like a ton of brick being lifted off of me as they say, to just
so totally spill my guts to him! Coach just sat and patiently
listened, not saying a word, as I told him everything, including
my masturbation, what I was thinking about, Randy's
hard cock of course, and EVEN, about tasting my own cum!
If there was a detail I left out, I certainly can't think
of it! Finally I shut up, and he poured us BOTH more wine,
and then he told me it was my turn to sit and just listen, while
he talked to me!

You know Steven (I loved that he called me Steven, instead
of just Steve) You know Steven, everything you've
told me is perfectly natural and perfectly healthy! Not
only is it good for your body to masturbate, but it's
good for you mind as well. As for the other things, and all
you've been feeling, well no matter what anyone else
tells you, even all of that is perfectly natural and healthy
as well! I won't say most, but I will use the word "majority"
and so the majority of men and women out there are what they
call "straight" meaning they are only sexually
attracted to members of the opposite sex, or at least "they"
believe that is true! Then there are those out there who
are gay, or homosexual, or in the case of woman, the more
popular term is lesbian as you know! In this day and age,
gay men and lesbian woman are both becoming more and more
accepted, but there is yet one more group!

There really are those people out there, who are sexually
attracted to BOTH sexes, and they are call, "bisexuals".
Now while a whole lot of people seem to be able to at least
acknowledge bisexual women, and even somewhat accept
them as a group, there truly are, also bisexual man out there,
and they are not nearly as accepted, not even close! I'd
say that most bi men are about as accepted as gay men were
a half century ago, practically not at all! You hear about
many famous gay me, and many famous lesbian women, and you
even hear about many famous bisexual women, but you NEVER,
hear about bi men, and for right now at least, that's
just life! At that point Coach stopped talking, sort of
letting it all sink in! It made sense, all of it did, but exactly
what did any of that have to do with me?

Almost like he was reading my mind, coach started talking
again, and the very first thing he said, was the answer to
the question I hadn't asked out loud! Steven, with
everything you've told me so far, with not only your
reactions but even with you "actions", I have
no doubt in my mind, that you are most probably bisexual!
It might not be something you've ever even thought
of, or it might be something you've just never admitted
to yourself, but unless there's things you HAVEN'T
told me, I'd have to say that I at least think I'm
correct! His words shot though me, and two things almost
instantly happened. The first was light a light bulb going
off in my head, just like in the cartoons, and the second
of course was denial! I immediately started stammering
out that I DID love girls! I like the way they looked and smelled,
and even though I'd yet to "taste one" I
liked the way they felt!

Coach smiled and then told me he agreed with me, but then
pointed out several of the things I'd already told
him, and especially my seeming fixation with Randy's
hard cock! Suddenly that light bulb still going off in my
head got even brighter! he was right, he had to be, I was bisexual,
and NOW "I" knew it was true! Once again, mind-reader
coach immediately jumped inside my head, inside my thoughts!
It's OK Steven, I promise you it's really OK, and
since you've already given me your word, I'm going
to tell you something that NO ONE in this town either knows,
or needs to know! "I'm bisexual too"! Holy
crap! Coach, I mean coach likes guys? I mean he likes girls
too, but he also likes guys? Suddenly his voice snapped
me back out of my daze, and he asked if I trusted him, really,
really trusted him, and if so, he promised there was one
way we could both find out for sure!

Hell YES! Not only did I honestly trust him, but I wanted
to know for myself, NO, I needed to know, I HAD TO KNOW, for
sure! I was rapidly nodding my head yes, even before the
words yes came out of my mouth SEVERAL times! Alright then,
I want you to stand up, and I want you to take all your clothes
off right now! Strip, naked, and then sit back down on the
couch! I didn't hesitate, I did it! Coach then stood
himself, and although he stripped too, he did it much slower
than I had, almost like he was sort of putting on a show for
me or something like that! His cock was completely hard,
but it wasn't soft either, yet already I could tell
it would be bigger than Randy's cock when he was fully
erect! He told me to touch it, to take my time, but to touch
it, UNLESS, I didn't want too! I immediately reached
out and touched it! His cock jumped, and I swear I could actually
see it growing harder!

He then told me to hold it, and once again added, only if "I"
wanted too! I DID! The skin so soft, so smooth, and so warm,
and yet if now felt so hard, and so, well so powerful even?
I was in a trance, and have no idea how long I just sat there
holding his now hard cock! Once again, coach's voice
brought me back to reality! You like the way my cock feels,
don't you Steven! I nodded my head yes! I want you to
look down at your own cock, and I want you to SEE, how hard
you are, how excited we BOTH know that just holding my hard
cock has gotten you! I looked down, and of course I was hard,
and of course I was excited, I was VERY excited indeed! Suddenly
coach was pulling me to my feet. His hands felt so nice, as
they slid down my bare back, and he pulled me up against his
body! Oh God, his hands felt even nicer, as he then cupped
my bare ass cheeks, squeezing them, and pulling me even
tighter against him still!

I could feel his cock! I could feel my own hard cock, and I
could feel them rubbing together! His lips covered mine,
and his tongue slid inside my mouth as we kissed, and then
suddenly I was cumming! My cock jerked hard against him,
and my legs started to buckle, as I groaned into his mouth,
and I began shooting! I felt coach's hand tighten their
grip on my ass cheeks, and he was honestly holding me up,
more than I was even standing on my own! It was an intense
and powerful orgasm, and I could feel him going "hum"
into my mouth as he continued to kiss me, and I continued
cumming! I did gain at least a little composure as I finished
my orgasm, although coach was still doing more holding
me up, then I was doing actually standing on my own! As his
lips left mine, I immediately started to say I was sorry!

I don't think I even came close to getting my whole apology
out, before he cut me off, saying it's OK sweetie, it
happens, and it actually turns me on a lot that I excited
you that much! For some reason, coach calling me "sweetie"
seemed to turn me on even more! He then went on to tell me that
before the night was over, he planned on making me feel even
better than that, and as he lead me out of the living room,
and back into his bedroom, I knew that I couldn't wait
to find out how! The first thing was did was to take a shower
together, and I had a blast soaping up every inch of his body,
and then feeling him doing it to me! I wanted to make HIM cum
so badly, but he wouldn't let me, telling me more than
once, we'd have plenty of time for that later! As we
slipped into his bed naked together, the first thing he
whispered to me was that the key to really GREAT sex, was
taking your time and making it last!

We began to kiss again, and I really liked that! I'd
kissed maybe two girls up until that point in my life, but
there'd never been "tongue" involved
in kissing them! Some things we did were just instinct,
but a whole lot he was actually teaching me, but EVERYTHING
were were doing felt so good, and I loved every minute! After
a lot of kissing and touching, and some just holding and
hugging, coach asked some questions about when I was sucking
Randy off, and he made it clear that he knew I was being forced,
but he also was making me really realize how much it had turned
me on as well! I actually got to the question before he did,
asking HIM, if I could PLEASE do it for him! His cock tasted
good! It tasted so very good, and I think it wasn't just
because we had showered together beforehand, but even
more so because I was now doing this because "I"
wanted too!

As I sucked him, and I only use the word "sucked"
as a generic label, because he was teaching me so much more,
I quickly learned that every guy is different in what they
both wanted and needed! I'd mainly just sucked Randy,
while I spent a lot of time licking coach's cock as well
as his big soft balls! in the end however it finally does
come down to one thing however, and that of course was making
him cum! By the time we were at that point, I was literally
sucking him off! My lips sliding up and down his thick hard
shaft, as his hips bucked under me! It was so cool just before
it happened and he TOLD ME that if I didn't slow down
or stop, I was going to make him cum! It was of course like
a warning, and yet at the same time, and even in "my"
inexperience, I knew that he most certainly DIDN'T
want me to stop! A loud groan, his fingers wrapped in my hair,
and then ....

Just like with Randy, it was like I could really FEEL his
cock sort of expand, before it began to jerk in my mouth,
and then that initial rush of warm, wet liquid, as he began
Once again his words just shot through me, and once again,
his term of endearment, this time calling me "baby"
of course, made me feel even better! This time, different
than when Randy had surprised me and started cumming in
my mouth, I KNEW what I wanted to do, as I began to swallow
coach's hot load! It tasted SO GOOD, and I wanted MORE,
MORE, MORE, and I actually had a slight moment of disappointment
even, when I knew he was finally through! I stayed down on
his still hard cock a very long time, and even the first time
he sort of tried pulling me off, I shook my head no, and made
a humming sound around his hard cock! He moaned, and continued
stroking my head!

Eventually I did have to let his hard cock go, not that I wanted
too, and then I was back up beside him, and we were kissing
once again! "I'm going to make love to you now
baby, in a way that no woman ever can"! His words thrilled
and excited me, as he rolled me over onto my back! He was half
on top of me and half off, as he slowly started working from
y mouth to my neck to my chest, licking, kissing, nibbling,
and REALLY getting me hot! Down to my stomach, and then all
around my hard cock, and yet he wouldn't touch it (my
cock) and THAT, was driving me wild! His warm, wet tongue
slipped and slithered all over my little balls, and I really
groaned loudly, as he gently took them into his mouth and
sucked on them! I was just going wild, and then he did something
even beyond my young imagination, as he lifted my leg up,
and oh so slowly, began licking my ass!

OH MY GOD! I'd never felt anything to incredibly wonderful!
He used his tongue in so many different way, slowly sliding
it up and down my ass crack, and then stopping to just tickle
my asshole using only the tip of his tongue! I willingly
went over, as he flipped me over and onto my stomach, and
then he was spreading my ass wide open, as he went back to
licking me! I really loved it when he'd tickle my asshole
with just the tip of his tongue, but then I went wilder still,
when he flattened his tongue out, and then just drug it up
and down my ass crack, and then lapped at my asshole, like
a dog drinking water! I groaned loudly, and I even moaned
"NO" when he suddenly stopped, and then I felt
him sort of rustling around, as he pulled his nightstand
drawer open! A couple of second later, I felt the first warm,
slick drops of lubricant, as it dribbled it into my ass crack!

EVERYTHING he'd done and been doing to me so far had
felt absolutely incredible, and so I honestly trusted
that he'd never do anything to hurt me! The next ting
I felt of course was his hard cock once again, and as it began
sliding up and down my ass crack, I moaned loudly, it felt
THAT GOOD! I especially loved it when he'd pause, and
then just rub the large mushroom head of his hard cock back
and forth, across my slick asshole! He'd then go back
to rubbing his cock up and down my ass crack, until finally
he paused and leaned over me, and whispered in my ear! "I'm
gonna make love to you now Steven, I'm gonna fuck you
in the ass, and I'm gonna fuck you until I cum deep inside
that tight little ass of yours, would you like that"?
I groaned and told him YES, and then he told me to say it to
to him, and so I instantly told him to fuck me, that I WANTED
his big hard cock up my ass!

Up to that point coach had been sort of partially on top of
me, mainly supporting himself up on his hands, but now with
me still flat on my stomach, he straddled me, and then I felt
him pulling one ass cheek wide open, with one of his hands!
He must of have been holding his own hard cock in his other
hand, because then I felt that big spongy head once again,
as he rubbed it against my asshole! It was like I was in some
kind of sexual frenzy, as I moaned and rotated my ass under
him, and then I felt the head of his hard cock pressing tightly
against my opening, and so I just did what felt natural,
and I pushed back! The head of his hard cock penetrated me,
and I felt it slip inside, and it was truly the most wonderful
and incredible feeling, I'd ever felt in my entire
young life!

I've heard so many different descriptions from so
many different men AND women, about the first time they
were ever fucked in the ass, some good and some bad! I think
not only is everyone different, but it also depends on who's
doing it to you, as well as their hard cock, their skill as
a lover and a whole lot of other circumstances! I can only
speak for myself however, and so that's what I'm
doing, and for me at least, from that initial penetration,
until his hard cock was buried as deeply inside me as he could
manage, I personally felt nothing but pleasure! At first
he went slow, pulling his cock only partially out of me,
and then slowly sliding it back in, and then he began to build
up speed, until he was really and truly fucking me! As hard
as coach was fucking ME, I was definitely fucking him back,
and it didn't take all that long, before I could feel
my own orgasm building!

Between the combination of his hard cock sling in and out
of me, as well as my own hard cock pushing into and sliding
against the bed under me, and the next thing I know I can feel
it coming, and then of course "I" was cumming!
Of course for anyone whose been there, it's not all
that hard to figure out what happened next! With my hot slick
ass now contracting around his still thrusting cock as
I climaxed, my ass was literally sucking his cock off as
well! Coach just started slamming into me, ramming his
hard cock as far up my tight young as as he could get it, and
I was still cumming, soaking the sheets under me, and at
the same time yelling for him to fuck me harder, and CUM IN
MY ASS! A very loud groan, and then his cock ramming up my
ass one last time! His body weight crushing down on top of
me, and then feeling his hard cock jerking inside of me,
as he emptied his big balls!

It was in a single word, INCREDIBLE!

We lay there for the longest time just like that! Me flat
on the bed, him on top of me, and his cock still buried deep
inside my ass! Slowly, little by little I felt his cock going
soft, and then it just sort of slipped out of me, as he finally
rolled off!

There really is SO MUCH MORE, but this story has also already
been so very long! That was what "I" call my first
"real time" with another man, even though I
had of course sucked Randy off! It was not only my discovery
of my bisexual side, but also discovering that when it comes
to sex with men at least, I am truly a "bottom"
as well!

Coach fucked me three more times between that night and
the next morning, and he also sucked me off, as well as me
getting in at least once blow job of my own! It was also through
coach, that I even got my first ever piece of pussy! A female
friend of his that lived in another town, that really got
off on sex with two bisexual guys!

once again, I feel like I'm really cutting this story
off just as it's getting started, and yet at the same
time, I have accomplised what I wanted!

More ... MUCH MORE ... if anyone is interested!

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More please !!!


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Dam hot story come back with some more have you been with
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You do have the best stories Steven...


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please continue, great story, my cock is still really hard,
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Yes you do have the very best storys..

I also am a bi-sexual male that loves to have a very hard cock
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What an amazingly erotic story!


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What can I say, as a bottom myself who can never get enough
great story write more.


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Hot fucking story! I felt like I was there. Had me hard and
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WOW!!! Great story. Wish I could have had that kind of experience
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More , More.


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Great story, I am still hard and looking for someone to Fuck
me I played football, look at what I missed


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Well told and very hot even for a woman. look forward to reading


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I like how begin with the horrible encounter and then the great discovery/experience with coach D. This story reminds me my boyhood memory.


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Wow great story did you get sucked off by the coach?


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more please,,,,,,,, loved it, thank you


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Wow! Give us more, part 2


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That is a very erotic story. So freaking hot. Hope to rea the next chapter.


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Great erotic story, well told. I loved the details of the Coach and you and your first time. Thank you Steven.


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I want that experience but with a versatile partner.


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Im very interested in the rest, this is one of my fantasies as well..Very hot


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I loved this story.Yes I know its very taboo getting fucked by an adult but I always wanted to and to read this turns me on to no end. Loved the story


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AAmazing, I wanted my coach to fuck me so much growing up. Your so lucky.


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Now I need my cock sucked !!! Oh well I'm cumming


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I always wanted to suck off and have my high school coach take me down. He was so hairy, masculine, huge, and hot. One day I tried peeking in his office to catch him changing after practice, got scared that I get caught.