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The Clearing


A few of us are fortunate enough to be party to singularly
life changing events. There are people out there who are
waiting to make life happen. They spend their days fantasising,
concocting and acting out scenarios that shatter preconceived
notions of how life is lived. They may seem rare or even imaginary
to some of you readers but they’re there believe me. How,
you may ask, do I find them? It’s not easy I can tell you,
they’re only found if they want you to find them, but one
thing I will say is that they like people with a sense of adventure,
people who are not afraid to take risks, people who stray
away from the comforting confines of their homes and find
themselves in unusual places at unusual times.

It was a particularly warn night and I had trouble sleeping.
I got out of bed and turned on the TV, whilst sitting gazing
at a programme and not really paying attention I looked
outside at my car. I thought to myself ’I know I’ll take
a drive’. I dressed in T-shirt and jeans and got in my car
and headed off with no particular destination in mind.
About 3 o clock in the morning and the roads were deserted
save for the odd car. I got the feeling I was the only man on
Earth. I opened the windows and let the warm humid air permeate
the inside of my car. My brow was sticky with sweat and my
T-shirt clung to my torso.

It was strangely arousing to be driving at this hour and
knowing that I was the only one doing so. I pulled up to a set
of traffic lights and reached over into my glove box looking
for a sweet. Unsuccessful in my search I sat back up and noticed
a car had pulled up beside me. I turned my head glanced slowly
with intrigue as to who else shared the night with me. As
I turned my head my eyes slowly began to take in the vision
of the occupant of the adjacent car. I looked and gradually
made out that it was a young woman. She sat looking at the
lights and mirroring my action she turned to look at me.
I instinctively turned to face the road ahead. With my eyes
on the lights my brain began to piece together what it had
seen in that fleeting moment. She was definitely a young
girl, straight blonde shoulder length hair, attractive
and something else, something unusual. Yes that was it
her shoulder and the part of her upper body I briefly saw
was unclothed, was she? No it couldn’t be but was she naked??

I didn’t dare turn to look back and at that moment the lights
changed and she moved off slowly. I followed behind her
and occasionally glanced at her rear view mirror to see
her looking back at me. I saw her arm occasionally extend
to manipulate the gear stick and that too was bare. At the
next set of traffic lights she stopped and I stopped behind
her. I saw as she slowly turned her head to look at me. Did
she know me? My curiosity got the better of me and I drove
my car to pull up again alongside her. I again turned my head
and again looked, determined to get a better look at my lone
travelling companion. My eyes again took in her face, very
pretty but again I couldn’t help notice that I couldn’t
see a stitch of clothing on her save for her seatbelt across
her shoulders. She turned to face me and this time smiled
and undid her seatbelt. As the belt retracted she turned
her body to face me. All doubt I had previously vanished
as she turned I caught a sight of her full round and impressive

I sat and stared dumbfounded unable to take my eyes away
from her pert chest. What was the meaning of this? Who was
this girl driving on a solitary road topless? I, with some
force of will, looked up from her breasts and into her eyes
which were firmly fixed on mine. An indescribably lascivious
grin had formed on her beautiful face and I watched her lips
as she began to mouth something. I couldn’t make out at
first what she was mouthing and mouthed ‘what?’ back.
She again mouthed two words which I clearly now understood….’follow
me’. I nodded in assent a zombie-like nod that had no semblance
of a brain behind it.

The lights changed and she moved off. I put my car into gear
and pursued my whole body had become warmer and my pulse
and heartbeat began to quicken. I felt that strange feeling
in the pit of my stomach caused by a surge of adrenaline.
My hands and arms and legs were shaky and I had trouble concentrating
on the road and her car.

And so I tailed this gorgeous vision through the balmy night
as she drove her car to an even more remote area. The moonlight
shone and bathed the world in an incandescent and strange
glow. Houses became less frequent and were soon replaced
by country roads guarded on each side by tall trees. She
drove occasionally slowing down to allow me to catch up.
Every time she slowed my heart beat faster in anticipation
of her stopping.

I pursued her for a good twenty minutes and by that time I
was a long way from home in unfamiliar surroundings. Throughout
the entire journey my pulse rate was frantic I felt my self
becoming increasingly aroused and even though so far all
I was doing was following a car it felt like my penis was doing
the driving. I looked out and could see no sign of civilisation,
no street lights or houses, no people, nothing. I didn’t
know there could be a place so desolate and so unvisited.

All of a sudden she hit her brakes hard and veered off sharply
to the left . I misjudged and went past. Cursing I broke hard
and came to a stop. The night was silent and all I could hear
was my heavy breathing. I turned in my seat to view the road
behind and saw nothing. I cursed again at my lack of attention
and reversed, my eyes desperately trying to pick up where
she had gone. It was then that I spied something that to this day is etched
in my mind.

Standing just slightly in view of the road and at the junction
of the turning she had made she stood, silhouetted by the
headlights of her car. I stopped my car and gazed out of my
passenger side window at a vision of almost life-threatening
sensuality. She stood there in front of her car with her
back to me. The light splayed and played on her naked body
hugging and tracing her immaculate curves. Save for a pair
of hiking boots she was unashamedly naked. I gawped at her
standing with her legs slightly apart, in complete awe
of her perfect figure. She had scandalously long athletic
legs, a slender waist. Her hair fell onto perfectly formed
shoulders, her back and buttocks were the stuff of dreams.
She stood statuesque and for a moment I wasn’t sure if
she was real. She held a small canvas bag somewhat relaxed
to her side. I sat transfixed as my whole body was rocked
by an avalanche of hormones.

Then she turned her upper body ever so slightly to look directly
at me. As she did so I again caught a glimpse of her incredulously
perfect breasts wrapped and projected in the headlights
of her car. She smiled that smile again and slowly and languorously
walked away from me and into the darkness behind her car.
Her headlights went off.

I clambered like an insane man at my seatbelt catch and undid
it. I almost fell out of my car and closed the door and locked
it behind me. I noticed I was breathing rapidly and heavily.
On rubbery legs I walked steadily towards her car. I looked
over the bonnet and saw no one there. Gradually I walked
around to the rear of her car but still no sign of her. Daring
myself I found my voice and said in a shaky and feeble voice
‘hello?’.. I was answered with silence. Forcing a
lungful of air I reattempted communication and said this
time in a more confident and clearer tone ‘where did you
go?’ This time my call was met with something that sounded
like a rustling of leaves. I walked rather awkwardly to
the source of the noise and said again ‘hello’. This
time I was greeted by a mellifluous giggle that sounded
like two crystal champagne flutes being gently tapped
against each other. This was followed by more rustling.

My eyes were getting accustomed to the dark and I saw movement
in a nearby thicket. I walked towards it with a mixed sense
of trepidation and elation. I heard giggling again and
this time it was more protracted and seemed to come from
all around. I began to doubt my senses as I approached the
thicket. I reached out my hands and pulled apart the leaves
but there was no buxom beauty waiting there. Frustrated
and immensely horny I began to pry apart the leaves and bushes
in the thicket and became aware of a faint scent of perfume.

She had been through here I was certain. These leaves and
ferns had brushed against her achingly perfect body. I
looked and envied them, that leaf had stroked her nipples,
that fern had touched her thighs, those twigs had scraped
her buttocks and some exceptionally lucky foliage had
touched her pussy. With an erection I can’t begin to comprehend
I forced my way further through the undergrowth until I
came out into a clearing.

Having broken free from the thicket I now stood in a clearing
surrounded on all sides by tall trees and bushes, carpeted
with grass which was peppered here and there with mossy
rocks. The moon shone directly above and permeated the
environs with a brilliant white glow that gave the entire
area an almost dreamlike quality. In the centre of all this
was a small lake. I panned around this sublime area but to
my crushing disappointment my naked angel was nowhere
in sight. I walked steadily towards the lake and as I neared
I caught site of a small object by the water’s edge perched
atop a large boulder. As I neared the object my heartbeat
again began to quicken as I slowly realised what it was.
The canvas bag…her canvas bag!

I walked shakily, my legs had once again begun to lose feeling
and my cock began to gradually harden once more. How strange
that even the idea of something attached to her could arouse
me. I was now by the rock looking at the canvas bag, a seemingly
uninteresting khaki bag with a knotted drawstring. My
curiosity aroused, I picked up the bag and felt its weight.
It didn’t seem to contain much and I undid the knot and
emptied the contents onto the flat surface of the rock.
My cock again reacted with gusto as the contents toppled
out onto the rock. A blanket, a towel, a condom and a bottle
of baby oil. I rummaged through the bag to see if there was
anything else but it was empty. I set the bag aside and pondered
the meaning of it all when again there was that laugh. This
time it came from the trees at the far side of the clearing.
I was maddened by the whole situation and in a somewhat angry
and pleading voice I said ‘come out so I can fuck you’

The laughter stopped.

I strode with purpose towards the trees on the far side of
the clearing determined to put an end to this game. As I walked
the heat of the night and my unabated arousal caused me to
take of my T-shirt and throw it haphazardly to the floor.
I continued towards the trees with a confidence brought
on by my desire. As I approached the trees my eyes began to
squint to try and make out her shapely form amidst the foliage
but so far there appeared to be just more trees. Having got
to the periphery I stopped in my tracks as a sound caught
my ear. It was the sound of splashing water. I turned my body
slowly to face the lake and I saw her !

She was partly immersed in the lake, the water I could see
was shallow and came up to her thighs. There she stood in
the water facing me; her wet, perfect body shimmered in
the moonlight. I drank up the sight of her there, the epitome
of womanhood.

Her wet hair clung to her head in such a way as to augment her
devastatingly beautiful face. She appeared almost ethereal
as if transported directly from heaven. But there was nothing
heavenly about that body. Never had my eyes set upon such
a vision of potent sexuality. The water clung to her and
this coupled with the moonlight had an effect like an iridescent
film had wrapped itself around her figure. Her slender
shoulders, her collarbone, only served to frame her exquisite
breasts. Her nipples I could see even from a distance were
monumentally hard. Utterly dumbfounded I had forgot to
breathe and gasped taking in a lungful of warm night air.

My eyes went out of focus as my prick strained with a longing
turgidity against my jeans. They refocused and again appreciatively
moved over her body, her flat toned stomach, her curved
hips and just above the surface of the water hovered her
tight velvety mound. I could have written a 1000 page tome
on her body alone such was the sheer wonder of it. She stooped
down and cupped her beautiful hands and immersed them slowly
in the water. I watched utterly spellbound and she raised
her hands out of the water and splashed the contents of her
hands over her chest. She gasped slightly as the water eagerly
painted her breasts and ran down in rivulets over her body.
I confess that my mind at this point was no longer anywhere
near my body, God only knows where it was. Being bombarded
by sights of infinitesimal eroticism caused that part
of my brain that I use on a day to day basis to vacate the premises.

Standing in the water with a look of complete control and
just the most magnificent sexuality, she turned her body
away from me to face the rock. This was part two of the onslaught.
I had just about fathomed her mesmerising body from the
front and now I was to be subject to the intense pleasure
of seeing her from behind. Her back was something close
to flawless, sculpted, slender, toned a true work of art,
and then as if that wasn’t enough her celestially beautiful
buttocks that conveyed femininity, sexuality, power
and a myriad of other delights. The back of her legs were
athletic yet graceful.

The sheer magnitude of sensuality that exuded from her
precipitated my body to automatically shed the remainder
of my garments. It was a weird highly pleasurable sensation
as I completely autonomously took off my shoes, undid my
jeans and my boxer shorts. Certain events drive you to act
in certain ways and this event drove me to be completely

With her back still to me she turned her head and smiled.
In that moment I uttered a million silent thank you’s
to the world. She slowly began to walk away from me, her body
incomprehensibly glorious in motion as more of it was revealed
as she departed from the lake. She walked out onto the grass
towards the rock. My feet and legs began to walk forward
and I got that strange sense of involuntary movement. They
didn’t guide me around the lake however, no, I realised
that whatever she was emitting had wrapped itself around
me and pulled me into the lake. I didn’t resist, I couldn’t
resist and before I knew it I was in the lake moving towards

I waded through the warm waters of the lake which at its deepest
point came to my midriff. I kept my gaze firmly on her as she
stood still, with her back to me. I couldn’t believe that
I was nearing her and as I waded closer her body just got increasingly
more incredible. Some part of me began to fear that she would
just disappear, surely a form as magical as hers couldn’t
be there to touch. I was now in that part of the water where
she had been. Her body had been caressed by the same water
and I was walking through it. That thought alone was enough
to give me such a stupendous erection I thought the sheer
weight and buoyancy of it would cause me to float backwards.

As I got nearer I saw her reach for the towel as she began to
dry her hair. This was the first earthly action on her part
that brought me out of my awe and made me realise she was real.
But with that thought came another realisation, she was
indeed real, those lips could be kissed ! Those shoulders
could be nuzzled ! Those breasts could be fondled ! Those
legs could be wrapped around my waist ! That pussy could
be…. I swallowed hard and everything became taut as I
prepared myself for a physical encounter. She dried her
hair for a few seconds more allowing me time to approach
her. She then moved her hand to the bottle of oil and undid
the cap. At this point I was emerging from the lake less than
a few meters away from her. As my wet body began to rise out
of the water I looked down and saw my prick surface, as hard
and upright as any of the obelisks scattered around the
clearing. The walk across the lake towards her had primed
my penis to a level of hardness I didn’t know was physically
possible for me to achieve.

I emerged from the lake damp and hot and stood still. She
was only a few meters away now. I watched in continued amazement
as she, with her body facing away from me picked up the bottle
of baby oil. She then inverted the bottle over her right
shoulder and allowed a small drizzle of oil fall onto it.
She then repeated the motion over her left shoulder and
replaced the bottle on the rock. With serpentine grace
she began to slowly massage the oil into her shoulders and
around her neck. She again picked up the bottle and squeezed
a more liberal amount onto each of her arms and again massaged.
I watched utterly absorbed as she gently and gradually
oiled her whole body, her back, her breasts, her buttocks,
her thighs and calves, in this manner. It was literally
the most awesome spectacle I had ever observed. My whole
body felt like it was about to combust or ejaculate fire.
Every part of me became phallic from the tips of my toes to
the hairs on my head. She then turned and presented me with
the sight of her goddess like body, the moon played over
her oiled figure rendering her at that moment a level of
beatific fuckability that no man would ever be able to resist.

It has been said that prolonged exposure to ugly or dreadful
sights can make humans insane. The same could be said for
prolonged exposure to intense beauty. I really thought
my mind and will were broken beyond salvage. Only my cock
seemed to know how to respond and when she looked at it, it
stared defiantly back at her. Sensing the inevitable I
(or should I say it) moved towards her. A look crossed her
face, one that was a mixture of mischief and trapped vulnerability.
It seemed to say ‘okay I’ve taunted you long enough
but be gentle’. She put her index finger gently against
her lips and moved her body back against the rock. This show
of hers had me walking faster towards her. I was now so fiercely
in need of her I was afraid of what I might do.

She pressed herself up further against the rock as if a part
of her wanted to escape but there was nowhere to go. ‘Goddess
I am come’ I thought and I was on her. The first part of me
that touched her happened to be that part of me that was extended
further from my body than any other appendage. My ridiculously
engorged member glanced the side of her hip as I moved in
and pressed my body up against hers. The sensation of our
first contact was unforgettable. My cock pressed hard
up against her oiled stomach I let my hands move next over
her arms and shoulders. She sighed sweetly, the first time
I had witnessed something audibly emanate from that perfect
mouth. She retaliated with her hands which she ran over
my back. Our faces now inches away from each other kept in
abeyance. Our eyes locked on each other’s whilst our
arms, hands, legs, breasts, chest, cock visited each other
with obscene recklessness.

We gazed into each other whilst the rest of our bodies, pulsed,
hardened, throbbed. Parts of us became hot, wet and sticky.
The oil which she had covered her body with was now shared
with me. Muscles flexed, nails scratched, fingers locked,
it was a physical free for all. My hands came to rest on her
neck and here they became gentle. I stroked her neck with
loving tenderness and respect in some way worshipping
it for supporting such a beautiful face and equally wondrous
mind. Her eyes widened and I softly yet eagerly pressed
my lips to hers. She moved her hands away from wherever they’d
been violating my body up to sides of my face and rested gently
there. We kissed softly, languorously, playfully our
lips and tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

Amidst the soft sound of wet lips brushing against each
other came occasional sighs and moans from her. These sweet
sounds seem to reverberate around the clearing, float
in the air and become lost in the trees. I moved my lips away
from hers and kissed her neck. She took a hold of my hair and
ran her slender elegant fingers through it. Still kissing
her neck I moved my hands to her sides and up her hips and let
them rest on her waist. Her skin was flawlessly smooth.
I wished I had more than two hands so I could experience every
part of her simultaneously. Her toned thighs were pressed
against mine and my cock which I couldn’t believe was
getting harder was pressed up against the upper part of
her thigh and lower stomach. Still buried in her neck I continued
kissing and licking until it was slightly red. She had in
the meantime run her fingers down my back in such a sensual
way as to cause my whole body to quiver and onto my buttocks.
She squeezed my bum gently at first and then with more force.
When she dug her nails in I took this as a sign to move away
from her neck, down over the ridge of her collarbone and
then onto her left breast.

Sensing the majesty of the moment and still a bit apprehensive
over the reality of it all, I lapped up her majestic tits.
I held nothing back and kissed and licked her tits as if I
had a gun to my head. With an almost heroic intensity I exercised
every one of my facial muscles in pleasuring her breasts.
My tongue felt like it was possessed as it licked and oscillated
at her nipples. Not looking up to see her face I could none
the less hear her response. Her breath came in short gasps
and pants, her moans were loud and unrestrained. I enlisted
the aid of my hands and fingers and kneaded her breasts and
hoisted them to allow my tongue to pleasure her under her
nipples. All the while she playfully ran her hands over
my buttocks and my sides. My prick stayed erect and I began
to think it would never become flaccid again.

After a marathon session of fondling her breasts she moved
her hands up my body to my arms and I felt a gentle force pushing
me away. I continued unabatedly savaging her bosom and
this time she pushed harder. I backed away and looked at
her. Her face showed all the signs of sexual receptivity,
her cheeks were flushed, her mouth appeared dry her brow
was slightly moist. She was smiling and panting. She took
her hand and placed it against my chest over my heart which
was beating like some cosmic drum. She then, with her hand
still on my chest maneuvered her body away from the rock
and circled around me. I followed her motion so that I was
now inbetween her and the rock. Stuck between a rock and
what I can only describe as the angel of sex she pushed me
gently so that I was pressed up against the rock. She then
placed her other hand on my shoulder and pressed down so
that I was forced to sit on the rock.

I experienced the cold damp and mossy surface of the rock,
as I sat, against my buttocks and the back of my thighs but
even this seemingly un-pleasurable sensation felt glorious.
As I sat I saw my full erection protruding from my body pointing
up to the sky as if thanking whoever was up there for this
moment. She then leaned over me to grab something from behind
me. I took the opportunity as she did so to nuzzle her breasts
and armpits. She struggled to get whatever it was and began
moaning again as I the opportunist went to town on her tits
and my hands began to snake over her hips. She then moved
back with a look of slight admonishment on my face as if to
say ‘control yourself’.

I saw what it was she had reached for and swallowed hard.
She flicked open the cap of the baby oil bottle once more
and squirted a small amount onto her hands. She then placed
the bottle on the floor, I think she knew better now not to
reach over and place it on the rock. She massaged the oil
sensually into her palms and slowly and with infinite sexuality
walked towards me. I steadied myself for what was about
to come and prayed that it wasn’t me well not just yet.

Despite steadying myself my whole body, soul and psyche
convulsed in a wave of pleasure when she wrapped her hands
around my penis. She gradually used her oiled hands to stimulate
my already titanium like cock. I gasped in pleasure as she
stroked my cock, both her hands moving up and down my shaft.
I looked up at the sky and wasn’t sure if the stars I was
seeing were in the sky or behind my eyes. And then the feeling
changed. I stayed looking up because I knew what was happening
now and to look down at that moment would have caused me to
blow my load half a mile into the trees.

She was using her mouth now. ‘Oh fuck’ I exclaimed,
the first time words had escaped my mouth. This exclamation
was proceeded by a slew of ‘oh god, oh fuck, oh yeah, shit
yeah..etc’ I felt her warm mouth her tongue working even
gracing my balls every now and then. I tried to find something
on the rock some crevice or niche to get some purchase because
I thought I’m gonna fall off the world any moment.

The warm night air pelted my body as she pelted my member.
With her hands stroking my thighs and her mouth traversing
my shaft I felt wave after wave of indescribable pleasures
coarse through me. Every part of me felt like my dick. Knowing
how good it was making me feel she gradually slowed her fellatio
and came to a stop. I now felt safe to look down and saw her
mouth leaving my penis with a long glimmering string of
seminal fluid and saliva that connected her lips to my bellend.
Oh god I exclaimed one last time as she placed her hands on
my knees, pulled herself up, bent down at the waist and put
her smiling face up to mine and kissed me softly on the lips.

I breathed heavily as her lips moved from mine to my chest,
my entire body was in a sort of fluidic maelstrom. My penis
was moist and painted with her spit, the oil, my sweat and
my juices. I don’t think I’d ever known it to be so fully
erect, it was almost as if it had found a way to increase in
length and girth for this event.

She stood up now and I wanted to see if I could evolve her genitals
the way she had mine. I stood up off the rock and took her hands
in mine. I maneuvered my body the way she had before and turned
her so that she was now between me and the rock. I kissed her
forcefully on the mouth and used the force to sit her down
on the rock. Still kissing she took her hand and again wrapped
it around my member. With a superhuman display of willpower
I took her hand and pulled it off my penis. I then quickly
squat down and parted her knees to come face to face with

The sight that presented itself before me was life affirming
to say the least. She had an artfully crafted mound. She
was completely shaved her labia was symmetrical her whole
pussy was heartbreakingly (or ball-breakingly) perfect.
I moved my mouth closer and took in her scent. I stopped less
than an inch away and gently stuck out my tongue and made
a quick darting motion at her pussy lips. She moved slightly
in response and I used this as my cue to proceed further.
I began, slowly at first to tickle the peripheries of her
mound with my tongue. I heard soft moans of pleasure emanating
from above. My obtrusive cock was still throbbing as I began
to circle my tongue faster and with more force, lapping
and slapping against her genitals.

I proceeded in this manner becoming more creative with
my tongue which danced and skated over her glorious pussy.
I felt her getting wetter as I continued and smiled although
she wouldn’t be able to see it with my head buried between
her legs. With one hand wrapped around my cock I took the
other and began to gently pat her labia. Yes she was definitely
moist. I let my tongue run up the centre of her pussy and used
my fingers to pull back the small bit of skin above to expose
her small swollen bud. Here was the prize I had been seeking
exposed to the night air. I moved my adventurous tongue
onto her clit and began licking and circling my tongue over
it. Her moans became louder and louder as I circled my tongue
faster and faster. , Her panting and heavy breathing conducted
me I began to lose control of my mouth and began to frantically
kiss, lick and suck her clit. My mouth and chin were becoming
sodden with her juices. Her moans built up to quite a high
level of audibility and culminated in a crescendo of ‘ahhh’.
She tapped me gently twice on my shoulder as a sign to cease.
I continued for a little while longer and then moved my mouth

With my head still between her legs I looked up and saw her
with her body and head arched backwards like she was baying
to the moon. The sight of the moon between her tits rendered
me enthralled once more. I gradually rose as she was still
looking up to the sky and brought my face gently down towards
hers. I placed my hands either side of her face and kissed
her on the lips transferring her own wetness to her mouth.
We kissed long and hard both of us now sexually primed on
a logarithmic scale for the final showdown.

With my cock now as hard as a diamond and her pussy as wet and
swollen as a washed ripe strawberry we knew it was time.
I helped her off the rock and she stood and turned to reach
the items behind her. I wrapped my arms around her slender
waste and pressed by body up against hers my cock sensing
that intercourse was imminent pressed up and pulsed against
the crack of her buttocks and I kissed her neck and shoulders.
She giggled and sighed softly as she fumbled about and picked
up the blanket. She handed it to me over her head whilst I
continued kissing her back and armpits and rubbing my body
up against hers, my greedy hands went to her tits and began
stroking and cupping them. My need to fuck her now was stupendous.
She cleared her throat as if to grab my attention and I looked
up and saw the blanket hovering above me.

I reluctantly let go off her breasts, stopped kissing and
took the blanket. I walked towards the waters edge with
three legs and laid the blanket down on the grass. She then
walked towards me with the condom. The final item from her
back of treasures, taking off the foil pack with her teeth
as she walked she pulled out the condom from it’s packet
and threw the wrapper aside. I stood on the blanket waiting
for her massaging my engorged member. She joined me after
what seemed like a hellishly long time and put her face up
to mine and with her arms round my waist pressed herself
up against me for a strong sensual kiss.

We stood both of us on the blanket kissing and caressing
each other with such preternatural longing as if we’d
waited for this moment and each other all our lives. I wrested
the condom away from her hand and still kissing rolled it
onto my penis. Now that I was sheathed and ready we had only
one way to go and with a roiling and boiling lust in the pit
of my stomach I grasped my cock at its base and gently at first
pressed it up against the mouth of her pussy. She looked
at me fixing my eyes with hers and I saw every change of expression
on her face from anticipation to realisation to ecstasy
as I slowly introduced my cock inch by inch, into her inconceivably
tight warm snatch. We both in stereo let out an intense moan
of pleasure as I buried myself in her. My cock slid easily
and benignly into her, lubricated as she was by nature.
This moment alone would have me die a happy man.

Stood upright I let one arm fall free and the other wrap itself
round her waist. She placed both her hands on my shoulders
and the dance commenced. I rocked her body with slow measured
rhythmic thrusts up into her love canal. Using my legs and
bum to do most of the work I gently pushed and retracted my
cock in and out of her. What began as slow and gentle gradually
built in tempo and force. Her soft moans gradually turned
into louder ones which in turns became desperate wails
of pleasure as I began to pound her relentlessly. I too began
to cry out in extreme rapture. We carried on in the upright
position until at one point I began to slow and we took our
eyes off each other and went back to kissing. Our lips locked
and I slowly withdrew from the onslaught.

She then slowly knelt down and sat on the blanket and offered
up her hands. I took them and lowered my self down and sat
in a kneeling position. Kneeling down like this extended
my cock to quite and impressive length. She then stood up
and walked so that she stood with her pussy straight in front
of my face and her legs either side of mine. I stuck out my
tongue for a quick lick and as I did she lowered herself onto
my member in a squat position and once more we were inside
each other. This time it was her turn to ride me and with an
athletic grace she pitched her body up and down my shaft.
I grabbed her buttocks and guided her as she bounced up and
down with criminal abandon on my lucky cock. I used my fingers
to spread her butt cheeks apart and could feel the sublime
effect of her pussy lips part allowing deeper penetration.
With each bounce she became more excited, her breasts undulated
with hypnotic potency and her hair fell in front of her face
as she rode me to heaven. My balls were jostled with her motions
as If the vacuum of her pussy was sucking them up. I gritted
my teeth and my jaw clenched, this time I was louder than
her. She remained relatively silent as if all her efforts
were concerned in getting me to come.

I watched her chest bounce as she pummelled by penis and
then, with a force that was borne out of violent lust, I grabbed
her waist and pulled her down so she lay on the mat. With my
dick still in her I fucked her lying down. I arched my buttocks
and plunged my cock forcefully down into her. The weight
of my body pinned her to the ground. This position was tinged
with symbolism. Here I felt like I had wrested and trapped
an elusive fairy in a bottle and she was mine to do with what
I pleased. With a power and strength I assailed her snatch
with long, deep thrusts of my cock. I watched her face, her
eyes were closed and her head turned partly to the side,
she bit her lip, her face was an exquisite mix of pain and
pleasure. I thrust faster and deeper and she let out sounds
closer to screams. This spurred me on to further hammer
her and I buried my face into her neck biting her gently.
I’d never felt so much in need of someone ever. It was as
if I wanted her to become absorbed into me.

Drilling her with a relentlessness that was new to me I suddenly
became aware of everything. It was a feeling of extreme
euphoria, a higher state of consciousness. We became one
with our surroundings. The moon, the night sky, the trees,
the lake and the rocks were witness to our insane copulation
and I could have sworn they were affected by it. The noises
we made bounced off the surface off the lake and catapulted
themselves of the rocks. The moon caressed us with its light,
finding our muscles and curves. The trees in the breeze
buffeted warm verdant air onto our bodies. Mother nature
herself was urging us towards orgasm. I began to appreciate
the majesty of the encounter and my thrusts into her became
slower but still intense. I saw her face once more flushed
and indescribably beautiful. I slowed my rhythmic penetrations
and came to a stop inside her. We shared a look and both knew
where we would end it.

I withdrew my cock, slowly from her. I was so close to coming
now that a slight breeze would have finished me. I stood
up off her and took her hands and hoisted her up. I arose a
different man, something had happened to me on the grass,
something that went beyond the physical. Her magisterial
sexuality had altered me. It was as if I had been baptised
into a new faith, a faith where she was the supreme being
and being erect to a point of incredulity was a show of allegiance.
She took my hand and led me to the lake.

She entered the water first and leading me by my hand I followed.
We walked to the centre of the lake and the water came up to
our thighs. She turned to face me and again held my gaze.
I fell into her soul there and then. She turned her back to
me and I knew this was the final part of the act. She moved
slightly to the side and then took her arm and placed it behind
my neck and around my shoulder. I instinctively lifted
her leg by placing my hand under her right thigh. I then grabbed
my nature hardened cock and she took her hand and helped
as we both inserted it into her pussy. Words fail as I try
and describe the sensation. Now inside her for the final
time I began slowly thrusting upwards into her as if hoisting
her up to heaven. I used my arms to help her pitch her body
up and down my shaft and there we stood partly immersed in
the lake fucking before the eyes of the night. I thrust upwards
harder and with each stroke our moans became louder. What
started softly soon became more urgent and frantic again.
We were both partly exhausted and mad but endured. I felt
her whole body pulse and undulate and her moans built to
a frighteningly loud level.

She was coming I knew it, a wild, violent wave of pleasure
descended over her as she cried out. I continued to thrust
as she moaned and gasped urged on by the pleasure I was giving
her. I carried on until I knew it was my time.

My own orgasm came slowly but assuredly. It began in my stomach
and then like a blast wave from an atomic bomb radiated over
my upper body and down until it enveloped my cock and balls
and upper thighs. I experienced a stupendous force blasting
each and every one of my nerve endings and then my dick hardened
to yet another level of turgidity before exploding, releasing
a gargantuan quantity of my cum into the condom. I cried
out with such vehemence as my dick expelled it’s contents
into the sheath. The first wave was mind bending and this
was followed by a succession of waves of ejaculation each
of them indelible. Amidst my cries I could hear hers. And
then we both became quieter as my thrusts into her became
slower and softer. Our moans were replaced by heavy breathing
and gasps for air. I thrust ever slower and then finally
we stopped.

Still hard inside her I kissed her neck and craned my head
round and lapped at one of her tits. She arched her arms back
and ran her hands through my hair. We stayed soaking up the
remains of each other and then I slowly slid my cock out of
her. We stood for a while in the water in a deep embrace. I
was still hard although less so. She then took my hand and
we walked out of the lake towards the grass.

I unsheathed myself, my cock felt tingly but still pulsed
and throbbed. She was now by the rock and with the towel dried
her transcendent body. She then began to place the items
in her bag. I rolled up the blanket and walked over and handed
it to her. She gazed at me with a look of sorrow and longing.
With a final kiss that could be the most passionate farewell
kiss any girl has ever given me, She slung the bag over her
shoulder and began to walk towards the trees through which
we entered the clearing.

I stood and watched as she walked, mesmerised by her swaying
hips and buttocks. There were a million things I wanted
to say but the awesomeness of her rendered me speechless.
She disappeared into the trees at the far side of the clearing
and I was left alone with the sound of rustling leaves my
only companion.

After a while I regained my senses and wandered around the
clearing to pick up my clothes and got dressed. I had some
difficulty getting my jeans on over my partly engorged
member ( god was it going to stay like this forever?). I walked
slowly to the trees and fought my way through the thicket
back to where I had left my car.

The night air began to clear my head as I approached my car.
I looked around for hers but she was long gone. I opened my
car door and sat in. I turned the key in the ignition but as
I did the sight of something embedded in the windscreen
wiper caught my eye.

I scrambled out of my car and slowly reached across the windshield
and took hold of a small piece of card.

I got back in the car and turned on my inside light. Looking
at the card there was an inscription that read

‘I’m only found by people who I want to find me’

I smiled a huge broad grin that exploded into an almost maniacal
laugh as I started my car and drove back home.

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Very good story, you have a very vivid imagination. I found
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The detail was great, thanks for the story

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