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The Chair


I was at work and one of my co-workers was telling about a
party down in the city he said , "It's all day
long and over night, your going to need a hotel room."
So he gave me the invitation and said, "I hope to see
you there!" I had packed up and headed down to the hotel,
got my room and I was walking down the hall to find it....
Then a door opens, and a voluptuous black lady walks out
of a room , she had smooth skin the completion of a Hershey
bar and long dark hair, she was really good looking. Then
you walk out in to the door way with no shirt on, and only your
boxers and say to her "I hope to see you around"
she said, "yeah I'll see you soon" I continued
walking with a smirk on my face and thought to myself "BOOTY
CALL!" I laughed inside, she walked the opposite
way towards me and past me.
I hear "HEY YOU!" and turned around and you asked
me "Are you going to that party?" I said, "Yes
I am" then you said "I'll see you down there
then" I sarcastily said "SURE" you watched
me walk away for a minute then you closed your door , and
then I arrived to my room and closed it behind me. I was running
some bath water when I heard a knock on the door I opened it
and my friend said, "hey the party is beginning don't
wait too long" I told him, "I'm taking a
bath first I'll be right down." Walking out my
room a hour later fresh and clean wearing a slinky black
dress fitting my curves just right, mad cleavage flowing
from the top of my dress and stilettos black sandals .Shit
I know I was looking good lol. I walked down some steps to
the ball room, I had no ideal so many people were there. I
stood in the door way looking in the crowd for my friend,
I couldn't find him until I saw him walk up on to the stage
that was set up.
He then spoke in to the mic and said "Good evening ladies
and gentlemen to our 2nd annual Swingers Ball. I hope all
of you enjoy yourselves tonight, and please when things
get to hot and heavy take it to your hotel rooms!" The
crowd all laughed, my right eyebrow rose and my mouth dropped
"SWINGERS BALL!" I thought "what the
hell!" I walked up to the front near the stage and waited
till he walked off and snatched him to the side and said , "what
the fuck are you doing inviting me to a swingers ball, I could
kill you!" he put his hands on my shoulders and said,
"Ashly come on loosen up you just broke up with your
boyfriend you should go and have a little fun it's only
for one night!" I looked up at him and said, "Ok
I'll try to have fun tonight thanks" I walked
over to the bar and got a glass of orange juice and found a
table to sit at. I watched the couples and singles make out
and get their groove on to the techno music playing the strobe
lights making the party a bit intense.
I felt a hand side down the side of my arm and I look up and I
see you there and you ask me if you can sit down I said, "yeah
have a seat".... "you don't look like your
enjoying yourself" you said "Oh by the way my
name is Neal and what's your name?" "My
name is Ashly isn't it exotic I'm a virgin to the
whole swinger party deal. My friend didn't tell me
this is what it's all about." you looked at me
and said "Well if your not enjoying the scene here
you can come back to my room we can watch some movies if you
like, no strings attached." I said "Ok, don't
try anything funny!" So we arrived to your room and
you pulled a chair out and told me to have a seat "Do
you want something to drink?" I replied "Yes
please, just water." You went over to the fridge and
pulled out a bottle of water and handed to me took I slipped
and you took the bottle. I sat in the chair and you turned
the TV on I said "Umm Neal do you know that there are
naked people on TV?" You laughed and said "Oh
I'm sorry I left a porn in the VCR, let me take it out."
"No keep it in I wanna watch this." I said I watched
the 3 some on the television. You tied my hands and feet down
to the chair. "What are you doing?" I asked I
was frightened "Just relax and watch the movie. I
sat and tried to stay calm.
"So Ashly do you think that woman in the movie is enjoying
her nipples being rubbed like that?" I wiggled down
in to my chair. "Probably" I said "Well
if she's not enjoying that she's probably loving
that other guy licking her pussy, wouldn't you think"?
you asked. I said "yeah she looks as if she’s loving
it." You then sat in a chair behind me observing me
while I'm watching the movie
My head was cocked slightly to the right, eyes fixed on the
television screen and my lips slightly parted. You looked
briefly at the screen to see what I was viewing. One guy was
fucking the woman from behind while the other was feeding
her his cock. The urge to rub your cock through your jeans
was almost overwhelming. You leaned forward and whispered
“Do you think she’s really good ?" I shivered and tried
to move in the chair but couldn’t. My pussy was already starting
to ache and I tried to squeeze my thighs together to help
relieve it, but I couldn’t with the way you tied my legs to
the chair. “Untie me, ” I said, my eyes not moving from the
screen as the camera angle changed. The woman was begging
the guy to fuck her ass with his cock instead of his finger.
“Untie me, ” I whispered again.
You grinned and moved to my side. With the lightest of touches
you ran one finger over my nipple and watched as my body trembled.
My nipples were protruding through my bra and black tight
dress. You pressed your finger a little harder against
it, feeling how hard and tight it had become in a very short
time. Smiling as you pinched my nipple fairly hard and then
backed off. My eyes met yours. “Untie me.” I said “Watch
the movie and relax.”
“I can’t relax … this is mean … untie me please.” You moved
behind me, taking my head between your hands and moving
it until I was looking at the television again. “How do you
think it feels to have your ass fucked while another guy
is licking and sucking on your pussy, Ashly?” “Oh God, ”
I moaned. Your hands moved down and cupped my breasts. You
squeezed them, feeling my nipples hard against your palms.
“I love your tits, ” you whispered into my ear. You looked
up at the screen. “Look at that–she’s sucking his big cock
while one guy eats her pussy.” Then you felt my body tremble
again and you let go of my breasts, taking my nipples between
your fingers and began pinching and twisting them you drove
me wild.” Oh god, ” I whispered as I pushed back on the chair.
“Fuck! …”
“Like how they’re both fucking her now, Ashly? Look at that,
she has two cocks pounding into her now fucking her hard
fucking her pussy and her ass at the same time do you see that?”
“Oh God, ” I whimpered as I watched the cocks move hard into
the woman. You worked my nipples harder and I closed my eyes
and put my head back, moaning loudly. I wanted to cum I had
to cum. I shifted and pushed down hard against the seat of
the chair until I could feel it against my pussy and then
I ground myself against it, finding some small relief from
my ache. My nipples were on fire with desire when you released
them. My whole body was shaking and my mind whirled. I was
so close to orgasm and you stopped. “please!” I whimpered,
tilting my head back, trying to look into your eyes, my own
eyes pleading. “What?” “Touch me. Go back to my nipples
and pinch them fuck me God, do anything, just touch me.”
I pleaded with you, you watched as my hips moved back and
forth and you smiled knowing I was getting so turned that
you were going to get what you wanted for sure that night.
“I think you should go back to the movie, ” you said and moved
back behind me.
I watched the characters had changed. Now two men and a woman
were on the screen, all dressed and sitting around a table,
apparently in a meeting no, they were discussing a football
pool in which the lowest scorer had been the woman and now
she had to pay her debt. I figured the woman wasn’t going
to need any cash to pay it off. For a moment I forgot about
my ache and concentrated on what little story there was.
The woman, who turned out to be the boss of the two men, had
promised to give them whatever they wanted if she lost.
It was never explained what each guy would have done had
he lost. I hate when the plots were so sloppy someone was
cheating! You sat back in your chair and watched me as I watched
the movie. You smiled as you wondered if I realized I was
slowly rocking against the chair.
I shifted slightly as I watched. The woman sat primly in
her business suit as the first guy appeared in front of her,
his slacks already sporting a tent. With expert fingers
she had his belt undone and his wet hard dick out of his pants
in seconds flat. She didn’t tease him with licks; instead
her mouth engulfed his big dick and he grabbed the back of
her head and steadily fucked her hungry mouth. The man growled
things like “yeah, suck that big dick” and “oh fuck yeah,
I’m fucking your mouth” as the woman happily moaned and
sucked. I watched jealous of the woman on the screen who
probably didn’t like sucking cock even half as much as I
did. My mouth was dry I wanted a dick in it.
“Hey?” I turned my head and was surprised to see you stretched
out across the bed, completely naked and slowly stroking
your very swollen dick. my body trembled.” Yes?” you said
“Come here.” “Why?” you asked “I want to suck your cock, ”
I said honestly. You smiled and moved to my side, your dick
level with my face. “You’d like to suck this?” you asked,
stroking it near my face.
“Oh yes, ” I whispered as I eyed the pre-cum dripping from
the tip. I tried to lean over to lick your cock but couldn’t
reach you. “Come closer.” You checked the screen and then
looked back at me, smiling at the passion you could see in
my brown eyes. “She finished that guy and is on to the next,
don’t you want to see his dick?” “I want your dick in my mouth.”
“I think you should watch that, ”
you said, motioning to the television with your head, still
stroking your dick.
“I can’t. Neal, Neal, just step over here and I promise you
a blow job that’ll blow your mind too.” You smiled and moved
behind me, taking my head gently in between your hands and
turning it so I was facing the television again. “Look at
how his cock just seems to be made to fit inside her pussy,
Ashly. Watch how wet his shaft is when he pulls back and,
oh God, see how hard he’s fucking her? Do you want that? Can
you feel that big cock just slamming into your hot pussy?”
You stopped and listened to me breathing, which had become
ragged. Pressing your lips against my ear, you said, “I
bet you’re just soaked, aren’t you, Sweetie? Your pussy
must just be dripping and I bet it’s aching, isn’t it?”
I started to shake, my hands balled into fists. You were
right that my pussy ached against my panties. I ground down
on the chair and pushed my hips forward; causing my panties
to slide between my lips a little further with each forward
movement. I could feel the material against my swollen
clit, just barely touching it, and I growled out of frustration.
“Damn it , I need to be fucked.” I turned to try and look at
you, hoping a desperate look would get to you.
You didn’t give me what you knew I wanted. You didn’t want
to look into my eyes at that moment because you might just
give in. Instead, you rested your dripping dick on my shoulder
and rubbed it slowly back and forth against my smooth skin.
A mixture of amusement and arousal washed over you as you
watched me try to lick your dick but I couldn’t reach. With
your index finger, you scooped some pre-cum off the tip
of your dick. Moving in front of me, you reached out and slowly
ran your finger over my bottom lip, slicking it with your
cum. Your dick lurched as I quickly moved my head forward
and caught your finger between my teeth, my tongue cleaning
off your finger. You left it there for a second and then pulled
it from my mouth, watching my tongue run over my bottom lip.
You smiled and moved behind me, once again, almost feeling
bad as I let out a little whimper.
I sighed and turned my attention back to the television.
The second guy had taken his boss-lady into what looked
to be a bathroom and had her bent over the sink. He knelt behind
her, licking her ass and then slapping it a little harder
each time, so her cheeks were turning rosy red. The woman
moaned and told him to treat her like the slut she was. I smirked
and wondered if that line would work on you. I was about to
ask you when the guy grabbed a handful of the woman’s hair
and pulled her head back. They kissed hard as the camera
zoomed in to his hands squeezing her breasts and then tugging
roughly on her nipples.
You stood behind me and slid your hands down my dress, over
my breasts and then back up. As your hands moved up, my whole
body leaned into them. Your fingers moved to the straps
of my dress and slid them down slowly. Untying one hand at
a time and then tying me back up you very carefully you pulled
my dress up from the bottom and slid the whole dress from
over my head. You looked down into my cleavage and sighed.
My breasts were cupped firmly in a black bra, trimmed with
a little lace, and you could clearly see my big dark nipples
through the thin material. Your dick pushed against the
back of the chair as you leaned over and kissed my ear. “He’s
going to fuck her doggy style.” I pushed back against the
chair and closed my eyes for a moment. I wanted to be the one
having I pussy fucked. I opened my eyes when I felt your fingers
circling my nipples and then cried out when you took them
both and rolled them between your fingers and thumbs.
You massaged my breasts and pinched my nipples, watching
the pleasure on my face. In an instant you were in front of
me, knelt between my legs, your face level with my breasts.
You looked up at me for a second and then leaned into me, taking
my nipple into your mouth and roughly lashing your tongue
against the material, my nipple hard behind it. You sucked
hard, nipping at the material and then sucking again as
you pulled your head back. You listened to my moans and felt
me pushing my body against yours and you wondered if you
should have tied me at the waist too. Pulling your head back,
your eyes focused on the soaked material around my nipple
and your cock lurched again. Taking my breasts in both hands,
you pushed them tightly together until my nipples were
just an inch away from each other and you sucked and licked
from one to the other, moving in frantic motion which drove
me wild. “Fuck, oh fuck …”
I was wiggling wildly and let out a little scream when you
pulled down one of the cups and latched your mouth finally
onto my bare nipple. You sucked greedily, feeling my nipple
in your mouth with your tongue as the other one was being
entertained by your fingers. You leaned into me, trying
to push me back into the chair but I fought against you, looking
for something to rub against. You pulled back and smiled
at me as you unhooked the front of my bra and slowly pulled
it away from my skin. You sighed and said, “You have great
“Then suck them, ” I growled. My body ached for release.
I would of almost been there before you pulled away and I
knew you suspected that. Your fingers traced a nipple as
you turned your head and looked at the television behind
you and then back at me. “The naughty little slut is about
to get her pussy fucked hard, ” you said as you a finger moved
down my stomach to my thigh, where you rested your hand.
I looked up to see the guy help the woman to the floor. She
was on her hands and knees practically yelling at the man
to fuck her, which he did. “How come she asks and receives
and yet here I am …” “You can’t believe everything you see
on television, ” You said and then smirked at the dirty
look I shot you. You watched for a moment and then said, “Look
at how he pulls his cock right out, waits for half a second
and then just rams right back into her.” “I can see that, ”
I said, my voice was shaking.
You kissed my knee and then moved up my thigh you could see
my panties. “You look a little wet, ” you said. “Duh!” You
then detected a hit of anger in her sarcasm.
you grinned and put your head down between my thighs, licking
from one to the other, leaving a trail of wet kisses behind.
Your mouth was inches away from my pussy and it was so tempting
to just give up the tease and take me. You licked my inner
thigh and suddenly had my pussy right against your mouth
as I jerked my body forward. You kissed my hot wet panties
and then backed away. “Bad girl.”
“FUCK YOU!, ” I said without a smile. “No, no, I think you’d
like that.”
I smirked and turned my head back to the television. “You
do realize that eventually you will have to let me go and
the chances of me having sex with you are getting smaller
as each minute passes.” It was more of a statement than a
Ahh, the threats. “I better make this good, then, ” You
said and then laughed quietly then I growled playfully
at you. You opened the small fridge and pulled out the bottle
of water I opened, and then found a straw. “You better have
some of this, ” you said as you put the straw to my lips. “You’re
losing a lot of liquid and I don’t want you dehydrating on
“You’re so thoughtful, ” I said as I sipped the water. It
felt good in my mouth and I hadn’t realized how thirsty I
was. When I was finished, I released the straw from my lips
and smiled up at you. “Thanks.” You smiled at me, feeling
warmed by my smile. If I had asked at that second to be let
go, You would have done it. Instead I leaned back in the chair
and sighed. You screwed the cap back on the bottle and then
held it against one of my nipples, which tightened instantly
from the cold. You moved the bottle to the other nipple and
watched as it too hardened. You looked at my face to see you
didn’t have my undivided attention.
“My God, look at him licking her pussy it’s like he hasn’t
had anything to eat for a week. Fuck, he’s driving his tongue
right into her…” I moaned and shifted slightly, pushing
my pussy hard against the seat of the chair. You pulled out
one of the desk drawers and removed a toy, a vibrating egg.
You looked up at me and smiled. I was completely hypnotized
by images on the television. You studied my face, moving
from my eyes to the tip of my nose and then my lips. Down my
neck your eyes moved slowly until they rested on my breasts.
You liked how big and round my nipples were and found yourself
itching to touch me. Instead you squeezed your hands together,
making fists . You rested your index finger on the little
egg and slowly pushed it against the seat of the chair, towards
my pussy. When my finger made contact with my panties I jumped
and looked down.
“It’s about time, ” I whispered and rubbed against your
finger. You watched your finger disappear under my pussy
as I rubbed back and forth. You could feel your finger sinking
between my lips and my warm juices soaking your skin. Looking
up you caught my eye and then I looked back at the television,
still rubbing myself against you. You moved your finger
a little, pressing your knuckle against my clit, causing
me to tremble slightly and press down harder. As I rubbed,
you slowly removed your finger and watched with delight
as I continued to rub; only now I was doing it against the
toy. You sat on the floor in front of me and watched my face
as you turned the dial on the remote. You could tell the instant
the egg started to vibrate.
I closed my eyes and threw my head back as the vibrations
shot through my pussy, igniting every nerve in my body.
“Oh God, ” I moaned and then sucked in my breath through
my teeth. I grabbed onto the arms of the chair and dug my nails
into the wood. As I moved the toy moved harder against my
clit and I rocked harder. I could hear someone on the television
whimpering or was that me? A moment later my eyes flew open
and I looked down at you. “I’m going to cum, ” I announced.
“I’m going to fucking cum all over this chair and I’m going
to do it now!” I closed my eyes and threw my head back, my mouth
opened, and what started as a low moan turned into a scream.
You watched me, feeling your whole body responding to the
sights and sounds of my orgasm. My whole body moved in a series
of shakes and shudders and then dropped back against the
seat of the chair. You pulled the egg back and set it on the
floor beside you. When you looked up, I was looking down
at you.
“I think I needed that, ” I panted.
You smiled and stood up. “I think you might have, ” you said
as you leaned down and kissed my lips softly. “But that was
only the first and just a little one compared to what will
follow.” You kissed me again and again, tasting me and preparing
yourself for round two. “Untie me, ” I whispered as you
kissed me. “No can do.” You kissed my neck, feeling my pulse
against your lips. “Neal, I want you to fuck me.”
You closed your eyes as you kissed my lips. I muttered against
your mouth how much I wanted to be fucking you and how hot
my pussy was. You knew exactly what I was trying to do and
it almost worked. Reluctantly you pulled yourself back
and stood before me. You looked at me and then looked down
and smiled. “Something is very awake.” “Let me kiss him.”
“Uhm, no.” You turned and popped the finished video out
of the VCR and pushed the next one in. You hit fast forward
until the movie started and then let it play. “You should
watch this.” You moved behind me and waited as the guy on
the television told his secretary that in order to keep
her job she was going to have to start pulling her weight
a little more around the office. He was tired of her taking
two-hour lunches and so forth. She told him that she was
sorry but she had been shopping and then slowly pulled up
her skirt to show off her new black thong. You watched with
amusement as the guy told her how naughty she was being and
then insisted she pull up her skirt, lean over his desk while
he spanked her with a ruler. You pulled your chair back up
directly behind me and reached around, grabbing her breasts
and squeezing them.
“Are you going to spank me with a ruler if I’m bad?” I asked.
“Maybe, ” you whispered against my ear. “Or maybe I’d going
to bend you over the desk like that and fuck your little tight
pussy while I spank you with my hand." You pinched
my nipples and then rolled them between your fingers. “I’ll
have to lick your pussy first and then work my way into your
pussy would you like that?
“Uh huh, ” I moaned and wiggled in my chair. You held my breasts
together with one hand and the other slide down my stomach,
then your fingers made contact with my wet panties. I whimpered
again for you to fuck me. You slid your hand up and after grabbing
the waistband of my panties, you yanked up quickly, driving
the crotch between my swollen wet lips and hard against
her clit. I slammed back against the chair and then rocked
my hips. “Feel good?” …“Yes.” You pulled again and I moaned.
“How about that?” “Yesssss, ” I hissed. You let go of my
panties and quickly slid your hand down, your hand cupping
my pussy before squeezing it. “Your pussy is soaked.” you
squeezed again and I thrust my pussy against your hand.
“You want to be fucked, don’t you?”
“Uh huh, ” I whimpered. You released my pussy and rubbed
your index finger over my panties, pushing down hard against
my clit. “How badly do you want to be fucked?” I whispered,
“Like there’s no tomorrow.” You slipped your finger under
my panties and rubbed your finger up and down my wet slit.
“I bet you’d like my dick in here right now, wouldn’t you?”
you asked as your finger teased my opening. You held it there
and allowed me to press down, letting about a quarter of
your finger slip easily inside me. I wiggled it and I swore.
“Does that feel good, Baby?” You asked and I moaned in response.
You released my breasts and continued to rub your finger
between my lips, enjoying how my body responded to your
touch. I was primed and so ready and yet you wanted to keep
teasing. “I bet I know what you’d like, ” you said and removed
your hand from between my legs.
You kissed along my panty line, occasionally slipping
your tongue under the material against my hot skin. You
slipped your hands under my ass and lifted me against your
mouth. “Ohhh God, yes!” I moaned as you nibbled and sucked
on my pussy through my panties. I could feel your hot breath
against my equally hot skin. I trembled in your hands as
you attacked my pussy, growling against my swollen lips
and then you dropped me back to the chair. Without a word
you untied my legs and she stretched them out, feeling my
muscles tighten.
“We need to get rid of these, ” you said as you yanked my panties
down and pulled them off my legs. You looked up at me and smiled
before slipping your hands back under my ass and raising
my pussy back to your lips. I draped my legs over your shoulders
right before you buried your face in my pussy. “Oh yeah …
oh fuck Neal … yes … oh God, yes … fuck me with your tongue …
oh fuck, fuck, fuck … oh I’m going to cum.”
First you felt my thighs tighten against your head and then
my body started to tremble. Unable to move your head, you
could still move your tongue and you licked furiously as
I came hard against your face. As my orgasm finished, my
thighs released their grip. You looked up at me as you gently
licked my pussy lips. I gave you a hazy smile and you took
a couple of swipes at my clit with your tongue and I jumped.
“Feel better?” “Yes, sort of, but …” You stroked my thighs.
His cock was throbbing hard. “But?” “Don’t take this the
wrong way, Neal … I mean, I really appreciate what you’ve
done here and everything, but … well if you don’t fuck me
this very minute, I’m …” Your lips were on mines instantly
and when you pulled away I smiled at you. “Fuck me, please.”

You reached down and untied my arms but I remained in the
chair. You took me hand in hand and pulled me up. I stood on
wobbly legs as you took me in your arms and held me tight against
you, your cock pressed firmly against my stomach. You kissed
me once, smiled and then quickly turned me around and bent
me over the chair. I moved my feet apart and wiggled my ass
at you.
“I think I’ll fuck that, ” You commented right before you
slapped it.
“Geeze, just fuck something, ” I laughed and wiggled my
ass some more.
You moved behind me with your cock in your hand. You ran the
head between my soaked, swollen lips, feeling it instantly
covered in my juices. Without ceremony, You placed it against
my opening, held onto my hips and thrust hard into me. We
moaned together and froze for only a second before you pulled
back and started a steady rhythm of hard long strokes. You
bit your lip and threw your head back, silently reciting
the words of a song as I slammed my ass against you. You could
feel the second I was about to cum before I screamed I was
going to. My pussy was starting to tighten on your dick and
you pulled back until you were completely out of me before
ramming hard back in and holding it there. I screamed, pushed
back and clenched you inside me while my body trembled.
When my body started to relax a little, you slowly started
to fuck me again.
“Mmm, ” I said softly and then slammed myself hard against
you, growling, “I think you should fuck me like you mean
it.” You grinned and held your pace. “Oh believe me, I do
mean it.” “No you don’t, it’s like you’re out for a leisurely
walk.” I held the chair and shoved back again. You slapped
my ass and then thrust hard into me, causing the chair to
almost topple over. “Nice day for a walk, ” you said through
your teeth. I was intentionally squeezing you with my pussy
muscles and you knew your time was limited.
“Oh God, yeah … harder, ” I growled. I moved down so my breasts
were flat against the cushion of the chair and I could feel
my nipples getting wet as they pressed against where I had
been sitting for over an hour. You pulled out and then slapped
my ass I moaned and wiggled it and then you smiled. “Do you
think you’re cute teasing me with your ass like that?” you
asked before slapping the other cheek. I answered with
an exaggerated wiggle. You could hear your own breathing
as you put two fingers into my pussy and slowly pulled them
back out. You rubbed my cream over my ass and then stroked
your dick a couple times before pressing the head against
me. “Oh God.” “You shouldn’t tease, ” you said and then
grinned, thinking of the long tease you pulled off. Your
hips moved forward and you watched the head of your dick
slowly disappear.
“Neither should you, ” I moaned and then caught you off
guard when I slammed back into you, driving your cock deep
into my pussy. “Oh Ashly, ” you whispered as you started
rocking against me. My pussy felt tight around your dick,
and as I squeezed you inside of me, you felt my fingers run
over your balls, playing with them, pressing them against
my body and then tugging them. “I’m not … o … fuck … Ashly.”
Your body shook violently as you slammed into me once more
and then came, jerking against me. You heard my moans on
top of yours and then felt my orgasm wash over my body. You
released your grip on my hips and slowly pulled out of me.
I turned in your arms and wrapped my own around your neck,
smiling at you. “Wow.”
you smiled and walked backwards, pulling me onto the bed
with you. “Thank you for being such a captive audience today.”

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