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The Carwash


Monday's usually suck but at 11:15 mine got a lot better. I got a message from one of my favorite BBC's. He asked what I was doing today and if I wanted to meet up. I said sure. We decided to meet after I got off work at his gym. I was wearing my dress and new shoes so I sent him a dirty picture from the bathroom at work with my leg up on the counter showing my new shoes off and my underneath my panty-less dress. He said Hell yeah he like them. I was thinking of his big black cock all day at work. Maybe the reason I didn't get much done today . 3pm finally rolled around and I typed the gym address in my gps and I was off...
I arrived at the gym around 3:45 and he was waiting right outside for me. He got in my Yukon and told me to drive to the car wash because there wasn't usually many people there. We picked a stall and he got in the backseat and so did I and I pulled the seats forward to give us more room. He was already pulling his pants down to reveal his unerect cock. I had to change that real quick. I didn't waste any time putting his cock in my mouth making it grow. I love feeling a cock grow in my mouth. I started out slowly and worked my way up to a nice sloppy blow job. Making sure to massage his balls as I sucked him. It may have been the sloppiest blow job I have ever given.
I was gagging on his cock and he loved it. He kept pushing my head down making me gag even more. He asked me if I was wearing panties. I said no of course not who wears panties with a dress. He told me to turn around and I knew I was getting ready to take his big black cock in my wet pussy. I turned around as he commanded. To my disappointment he brought a condom today. He soon was deep inside me making me instantly start moaning. He took his shirt off since it was so hot in the car and continued to pound me from behind. I could feel myself getting rug burns. I told him to smack my ass. At first he was hesitant to give my ass a good smack but then he gave my fat ass a good smack and that made me moan even louder. Then he told me to turn on my side and he started pounding me hard again. Then he noticed a lady had pulled up to the vacuum cleaner and he sat back down in the seat and took the condom off and I started to suck his cock again. He pulled all my hair back and grab hold of my head and push me deep down on his cock. I was gagging even more as he did this and thought I was going to throw up. I took a break and slobbered all over his cock and started jacking off with my hands I would lick the head of it as I was jacking it off. He asked me if I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I said yes and kept rubbing his balls and stroking his cock. I could tell he was about to cum and was getting ready for my treat. He started to cum and I took his big load of come in my mouth. When he was done coming I made sure to lick all of my treat off the head of his cock. he mentioned that he thought the lady vacuuming her car probably heard me. I said it wouldn't be the first time that happened .We were both very sweaty and I got him his towel he had brought to wipe off with. I climb back into the front seat while he cleaned himself off there was sweat all over the backseat from him. I then ask him the directions to get back to the gym so I could drop him off. As we pulled up the man leaving the gym probably thought it odd that a black man was climbing out of the backseat of the white girls car. It was very hot to be getting fucked in the backseat of my car at the car wash as people are washing their cars. I am very lucky to live the life of a Hotwife.

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Love the story my wife also likes being fucked by BBC.


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so glad you go with your instincts at the moment and enjoy life!


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I'd love catching you in the act!! Maybe youd like part two and three!!


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great read! i wish more people loved a big brown cock