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The Bus Ride


One year, I was faced with a summer and no teaching assignments
at the college where I was employed. I toyed with ideas of
renovating the house, taking a beach vacation, visiting
my brothers across the country, etc. An old roommate rang
me up on a visit to the campus and we spent hours recounting
our years as underclassmen. One memory he reminded me of
was the way I used to just take a bus ride on Friday evening
wherever the money in my pocket could take me on round trip.
I remembered so many different towns and cities AND people
I met that year doing just that.
More and more, the memories haunted me and finally, I decided
that was what I would do. Take a bus ride to someplace exotic.
Then it was just a matter of choosing the time and places
to go. You would be surprised at the low cost of such a trip
today. I finally decided to go to Alaska along the Alaskan
Highway by bus. I contacted the local bus station and found
the best times to arrange it, the costs, and the best place
to start, which was Seattle.
I decided that since it had been almost 20 years since my
last “bus trip”, I had better take a practice ride to see
if and how things had change since then. I decided to take
a weekend trip from Knoxville, Tennessee, to South Bend,
Indiana. That was an 18 hour trip one way, so with a layover,
I could make the whole weekend count.
As the Friday approached, I mentioned to my graduate assistant
what my plans were and she was shocked. She would never consider
a bus when a plane could do better and just think about the
people you meet on a bus. She couldn’t understand that was
the whole secret, the people you encounter. I began to gather
my “pack” of items needed for the ride: small cooler (beverages
and such), DVD player with headphones and DVDs and audio
CDs, a few books, and a deck of cards, a small surplus blanket,
and a neck pillow.
I wasn’t sure what else I would be allowed actually on the
bus as I sure it was dependent on how many people would be
on at any given time. I do remember that a man my size could
get away with sitting on an aisle seat near the back wheels
and keep from having to give up the window seat unless it
was really crowded. That would let me spread out a little.
I made a few calls and lined up a motel room in South Bend
for the night layover and confirmed the bus schedules.
My graduate assistant tried to talk me out of it one more
time, expressing her total lack of understanding for what
I was going to do. I told her that if I had no problems at all
and got back okay by Monday morning, she would have to take
the Alaska trip with me. (We had seen each other socially
a little but had kept it very discreet because of the small
college we were at.) She said okay but the only way she could
be sure was to meet me in South Bend that weekend and then
she would be sure that some of the trip would be monitored.
Knowing she was going to meet me there, made the trip all
the more exciting. As I packed my stuff, I could only think
of her at the motel in South Bend, and ended up packing some
of my XXX DVDs and my erotic literature. I was ready.
Getting on the bus in Knoxville, I asked the driver if we
would be changing buses between here and South Bend. He
said that only drivers would be changing unless the bus
broke down. I made my way to the back realizing there were
not that many seats left and no two seats together. I finally
approached an aisle seat near the rear wheels where a young
woman sat at the window. I asked her if she minded me taking
the seat and she just shook her head. Behind me about three
seats up, I heard a woman scream out, “Wendy, let that man
sit there!” I realized she was talking to the young woman
in the seat. I sat down and said, “Thanks, I am Paul”. She
just nodded and leaned back to the window looking just disgusted
and lost.
As I settle in the bus pulled out. I put my cooler behind
my feet on the floor and hooked up my DVD and headphones.
I just kept the blanket and pack on my lap to act as a desk for
the DVD and my water. As I put a DVD in, I realized I only packed
one non-X-rated DVD, so I slipped that one in. I wasn’t ready
to let my “neighbor” see that and get “momma” on my case.
I had been watching it for awhile when Wendy tapped my arm.
Pulling off my headphones, she was asking about the DVD
player. She had never seen one so small and portable. I paused
it and started explaining how it worked. I even pulled out
a second pair of headphones for her to watch along with me.
I thought she was about 15-16; mop head for hairstyle, and
wearing an open neck top and a skirt, relatively short.
I actually found myself looking her over as she began to
watch the DVD player. I realized she was going to be a ball
breaker when she got to college. Having gone through my
share of “fresh” freshmen, I thought I was a pretty good
judge of it. She would laugh without a sound and I could see
her young perk breasts push against her shirt. After the
DVD was finished, we talked some about who she was and where
she was going.
It turned out that she was a recent high school graduate
and had been awarded a full scholarship to Notre Dame in
Biology. Her parents had just gone through a very nasty
divorce leaving her mother with little or nothing. So the
only way she could get to South Bend was by bus. But “Momma”
didn’t trust her going all the way there by herself and she
wanted to see where her daughter was going to be living for
the next four years.
Her mother was sitting up three rows from us with her two
little brothers, a result of an affair her mother had that
caused the divorce. Wendy was a little beside herself about
having her mother along but I tried to explain that it was
normal at any school for a parent to accompany their child
on the first day to college. Wendy reacted to my use of “child”
by insisting she was no child anymore. That was why she was
going so far away so she could learn more about life than
what her mother tried to “program her” with.
Wendy reached into her small purse and pulled her driver’s
license. She was trying to show me she was 20 years old as
of last week. I was a little nonplussed but she explained
that her mother had her held back in fourth grade because
she didn’t like the fifth grade teacher. As we talked, Wendy
opened up her whole life history to me.
It seems that early on in Wendy’s education, she had been
tested as gifted but since the school she went to didn’t
have advanced programs, her mother would interview each
level teachers and force the school to let her have a choice.
What Wendy didn’t know until high school, was that her mother
would screw the teacher into accepting Wendy as a student
(shades of Forrest Gump).
She was tiring of talking and started asking me about why
I, a college professor, was taking a bus somewhere. I began
to tell her about my early trips as a freshman and how I was
trying to see if I could enjoy the bus trip as I remembered.
She was amazed that I would just get on a bus and go somewhere
I never had been before and with people I never had met. I
said that was easy. Going somewhere you have been to means
you have to choose what to do and where to go, so you won’t
make same mistakes or see only the same stuff again. She
was growing excited about it, I could tell. She mentioned
that maybe after getting a part-time job at school, she
might try the same thing.
I laughed and asked her how her mother would take to that.
She replied that her mom already thought she was a “slut”
anyway, but what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. I grinned
again having heard that from so many freshmen before. I
warned her that it might be dangerous for a young woman like
her to try something like that today. I actually said something
like, “you know there are all kinds of perverts running
around.” She laughed and said after living with her parents
as she had, she wouldn’t be shocked at anything or anyone.
I was embolden by her frankness and decided to talk about
her social life which I figured couldn’t be too much under
her mother’s tutelage. She said she had a couple of “boyfriends”
at church but her mother didn’t let her go out on actual dates.
So, she and her boyfriends would play “Post Office” and
such in one of the church rooms on Sunday nights. She said
she knew more than those boys had known about sex so she showed
them what she could under the circumstances. Suddenly,
I asked, “you’re still a virgin?” She looked at me and then
with a quick look in her mother’s direction, she replied
that she was technically. She had never gone all the way
but had used a candle one night pretending that she was her
mother when one teacher made a house call.
Wendy said she was so afraid her mother would catch her
because she bled so much afterwards. She got to the bathroom
and just used one of her mother’s tampons as she was only
allowed to use a napkin. Her mother didn’t want anything
in her daughter’s vagina before she was married. I laughed
a little and she did as well. She said she and the candle were
great friends that year until her mother found it one day
and remarked how this candle got worn down without burning
and threw it away. Wendy said it took her six weeks to buy
a new one that was the right size.
I was laughing inside so hard visualizing these two women
trying so hard against each other. As I visualized it, I
also was visualizing Wendy using the candle and playing
around with her “boyfriends”. I looked down at her and saw
that her small perky breasts were doing just that, “perking
out” at me. I unconsciously licked my lips and suddenly
realized Wendy was looking at me. I knew instantly that
she knew what was in my mind as I watched her blush.
She then said, “Turnabout is fair play. Tell me about your
girlfriends”. We talked about how I was divorced and why.
And then she led me back to when I had “my cherry” popped.
I laughed and said it was life changing for me at that time.
I went on to tell her that actually I hadn’t even kissed a
girl in high school, but by the end of my freshman year in
college I had done everything but… She was surprised. She
thought all boys had sex before they graduated. I said for
some guys that wasn’t a problem but I had been a “nerd” before
there were such things. Also, most of the guys in my high
school were worried about being drafted for Viet Nam.
She was surprised I was that old. I merely said thanks and
went on to tell her that as a freshman I had been working at
a local restaurant as a short-order cook. When my draft
physical came up, one of the waitresses that I had a crush
on got it mixed up that I was actually going to Viet Nam and
busted my cherry one night. When I told her it was just the
physical and that I was not going to Viet Nam, she said well
I’ll teach you how to love a woman like me. Wendy’s face was
flushed and her perky breasts were pushing too hard against
her shirt.
I shared some of my water with her and decided to chance
one of my favorite DVDs for her entertainment. As I got it
in the player, we realized that the sun had gone down and
the bus was dark. She rubbed her arms and said she had gotten
cool. I told her let’s just pull the seat arm up between us
and share my blanket. She says cool. We got the seat arm up
after a little difficulty and then moved closer to each
other with the blanket on top.
I started the DVD and we watched. I was growing in my shorts
so I moved a little and adjusted myself to let it stretch
down my leg more comfortably. I noticed a warm aroma from
her and correctly interpreted that as she was getting turned
on by the DVD. I took the advantage and said let me put my arm
around you. She looked at me for a moment and I followed up
quickly with, “It will keep you warmer and you can rest you
head on it.” She looked me in the eyes and then said okay.
More comfortable now, I restarted the DVD. She was amazed
at the movie. She said she had heard about them but never
actually seen one. I could smell her hair, freshly shampooed
that morning, and her fragrance from her turn-on to the
DVD. I began to make a few jokes and comments on the DVD near
her ear where only she could hear with the headphones on.
She moved a little tighter to me as if seeking more warmth
or comfort, so I dropped my hand down her side from my arm
across her shoulders to help “cuddle” a little tighter.
My thumb accidentally touched the side of her right breast.
In that moment I realized why her breasts seemed so noticeable,
she had no bra on. I left my thumb and hand just lying against
her side as she made no move to stop it.
As we watched more of the movie, she began to move her legs
a little, crossing and uncrossing them. I began to make
small motions with my thumb and hand on the side of that small
breast. Each time I whispered something in her ear; I would
softly blow and give a light kiss on the ear. She finally
crossed her arms over her breasts, and I was now holding
her hand that was “guarding” her breast. As the movie ended,
she said something about going to the restroom and we got
untangled so she could go to the back of the bus. As she came
back, her mother asked her what she was doing. Wendy just
replied, “Going to the bathroom and going to sleep now,
so leave me alone.”
With that she plopped back down, only this time she dropped
right on my knee. She was expecting the seat arm to help her
sit in the seat properly. I could feel the heat coming from
between her legs and I was as hard as my pants would let me.
She dropped her hand down to help move her into the seat and
as she moved, her hand met my cock on the side of my leg.
I knew she knew what had happened as she hesitated suddenly
but not removing her hand she sat on into her seat. I said
you want under the blanket again and she said, “Yes, but
go ahead and put your arm around me so maybe I can nap.” I obliged
and we got all settled in. I pulled her close and started
another DVD. This one was about a girl looking to lose her
virginity but not getting to until the end of the movie.
As we watched, I went back to what I was doing with my hand
against the side of her breast. Her hand on my leg just laid
there but would move a little back and forth every so often.
She was driving me wild.
I made up my mind to go for it. As the movie came to an end,
I took her chin in my left hand and turned her face to me. As
she looked at me with a flushed face and her hand on my leg
squeezing slightly, I reached down with my lips and lightly
kissed her. As I did, my right hand cupped her breast and
massaged the nipple that was sticking out so far and I moved
my leg just enough for her hand to lie on top of my cock as she
was squeezing. Her lips softly opened and a slight moan
came from them as I softly inserted my tongue. With that,
she sucked down on my tongue like a milking machine and began
to rub my cock from outside my pants.
I sat back to catch my breath and I placed the player on the
floor. I then turned more towards her and brought my left
hand under the blanket. I went to kiss her again and used
both hands on her small but excited breasts. She moved around
on the seat and placed one leg up on my lap. I took my hand and
ever so lightly placed it on her leg. I began to slide it up
under her skirt. I reached over to kiss her again and she
literally slid herself onto my lap forcing my hand up her
skirt. My fingers found no resistance as they met her bush
without panties. As my fingers began to ply open that hot,
moist center of her, she whispered in my ear that she had
removed them because they were so wet earlier.
My fingers found her clit and softly I rolled it in my fingers.
Wendy began to buck and moan. I continued to cover her mouth
with mine to prevent any louder noises. She reached down
and pulled her skirt up enough for her to spread her legs
wider and she slumped down so as to give me greater access
to her love canal. With the blanket over us in the dark, only
the “knowledgeable” would have guessed what we were actually
about. I was a little concerned about Momma but I was committed.
I drove two fingers into her vagina and began to fuck her
with them. She was biting my ears and tongue. With my thumb
in command of her clit, my two fingers in her twat, I then
put the remaining fingers already covered in her moistness
up her ass. With that she came and came hard. She kissed me
and screamed into my mouth. I let her come down some before
I withdrew my fingers. My other hand was busy with her tits
alternating between pinching and massaging the whole
She looked at me catching her breath and said she had never
done that before. I said really? She said using the candle
had given her some pleasure but she had never “cum” like
the boys did before now. I smiled and said you have so much
more to learn. She complained that had she known me before
this, she would have applied at my small college. I laughed
and said she would never have liked it.
She reached over and held the outline of my cock and said
what could she do for me? Well, I sat up a little better and,
with a quick look around; I unzipped my pants under the blanket
and said, “Show me what you did with your boyfriends.” With
that she pulled herself up beside me and began giving me
a hand job. Her hands were so soft but I wanted more. I whispered
to her, “Have you ever kissed anyone down there before.”
Her hand stopped and she looked at me questioningly. I said,
“Have you heard of a blowjob?” She said she had but she couldn’t
understand how blowing on my cock would do me any good. She
had done that with her boy friends but they didn’t like it
too much so she just used her hands. I told her it was “blowing
on it” that made it good. She said well tell me what to do.
So I had her lean over under the blanket and kiss my cock.
I then told her to pretend it is my tongue and open her mouth
for me to kiss back. She hesitated only slightly and then
I felt her lips on the head of my cock. Such sweet soft virginal
lips as any man could desire.
She began to kiss on it and around it. I was reaching across
her back and grabbing her tit again. She moaned once while
the head was just in her mouth and I said, “Great”, so loud
I looked around quickly to see if anyone else had heard me.
She began to suck the head of it and it was heaven. I then put
my left hand on her left breast and move my right hand to her
backside. As she grew more confident with my cock, I grew
more brazen by putting my fingers in her twat again. She
moaned again and lifted her head to whisper, “don’t stop
please!” I told her to try and suck my cock as deeply and as
hard as she could. She nodded and went to it. She tried to
get it in all the way but it the gag point. I put my middle finger
in her twat and my thumb in her ass, rotating both. She then
gobbled back down on me. This went on for about 2-3 minutes
as I began to get closer. She was getting closer too as her
motions were in the same accelerating rhythm as my fingers.
Finally, I began to feel the point of no return approaching.
I desperately wanted to blow in her mouth as I realized she
had never done that before. I took my left hand and held her
head to my cock and began to come. She tried to back off at
first but my hand wouldn’t let her move her head. With my
right hand, I rotated my fingers even more, feeling her
clench as she came again. As she came, she swallowed my cum
and continued to suck me dry.
As her twat and ass relaxed, I pulled my fingers out and
was licking them off as she raised her head. I took her face
in my hands and kissed her deeply, tasting her cum from my
fingers and my own cum still in her mouth. What ecstasy!
She pulled herself around back into her seat and tried to
straighten up a little. I tucked my cock back in my pants.
I realized were getting close to a stop so I rolled the blanket
up and stashed my player and stuff under the seat. She said
she needed to go to restroom and I quickly said, “Bring me
your panties back, when you return.” She said a reluctant
okay and went back to the rest room. Just then her mother
stuck her face in mine and asks me if “Wendy was any problem?”
I replied that she wasn’t and that I hardly knew she was there.
Her mother returned to her seat with no further comment.
Wendy returned and as she sat down, she pressed her panties
into my hand. She whispered, “I used them again to wipe myself.”
I replied, “Perfect” and held them to my face to smell. She
said, “Are we going to have any time to do anything else?”
I told her it depended on how many people stayed on the bus
at the next stop and what her mother might do. She said she
could fix her mom good for the rest of the trip, if I promised
to show her more of what she didn’t know. I said okay and began
to think about what else and, of course, where else.
At the next stop, we realized there was going to be a short
layover while they switched drivers and it would be enough
time to catch a bite to eat. I talked to the new driver and
found that we would be losing nearly all of the folks behind
us in the bus at this stop and no one else was getting on. My
mind began to plan. I looked around the bus station, found
the men’s restroom, and went in. To my joy, there were the
old faithful condom machines. I bought a couple of them
and then went out to get something to eat.
Inside the small diner, I saw Wendy and her mom and brothers
eating. She saw me and waved for me to join them. I went over
and began to listen to “mom’s” diatribe about men in general
and about her daughter wanting to run away to school. I tried
to act like a professor facing an incoming freshman’s parents
and talked about how school would mature her daughter and
give her daughter better ways of making her dreams come
true. Her mother just said, “Dreams, hell, that is all that
girl does anyway is dream.” I just gave that professorial
smile and said most freshmen are that way.
She obviously didn’t care about me or her daughter’s upcoming
education. I began to really feel for Wendy. I knew as naïve
as she was and with the little support she got from her mom,
she was going to get into problems quickly. I knew I had to
help someway, somehow, and fast.
As we got back on the bus, I offered to move but Wendy grabbed
my arm and said, “Please, no, stay.” I sat down back in the
freshly cooled seat we had done so much to heat up earlier
and wondered if my desires would hurt or help her in anyway.
I decided that I was going to try and nap a little and maybe
I could dampen my desires enough to figure out what I could
do for Wendy.
I took my shoes off to let my feet relax. It always feels
good to do that when traveling whether by bus, train, car,
or plane. I noticed she had move the seat arm back up from
between us and she was getting the blanket around both of
us. Her wadded and wet panties in my pocket were not helping
me at all. I noticed she had taken her shoes off as well. As
we pulled out of the bus station, she asked if I had anymore
DVDs to watch. I was hung, so I gave in. I pulled another one
out that was about teenagers and sex in the back seat. It
was a favorite of mine as it had the “tiny tit teens” in it
that made it so believable. And that reminded me of Wendy’s
beautiful tits.
We started the movie and she put my arm around her neck again.
This time she actually placed my hand on her breast to stay.
I lightly squeezed and she scooted closer to me. My cock
was trying to stretch out again so I told her to hold the player
for a minute while I repositioned him to stretch more easily
down my leg. The movie played and we began to play with each
other as we could under the blanket.
Half way through the movie, there was one scene that showed
a couple in the back seat arguing about not having a condom.
He, of course, was saying if she would only take the pill
and she was saying her parents wouldn’t let her but she wasn’t
going to take a chance to get knocked up. Wendy paused it
and said that is what my mother should have done when she
was going out on her dad. I said, well, there are other ways
of having sex without vaginal intercourse. She looked
at me funny and said like what. I said just watch the movie,
as I knew what was coming next.
The couple began to play around again and this time while
he was eating her out, he began to tongue her asshole. At
this moment I move my arm down behind Wendy’s back and began
to finger her pussy and asshole from underneath her. She
moved to let me get my fingers in and was moaning lightly,
saying she liked that. As the moving went on, it showed how
the boy got the girl cumming and then stuck his finger in
her asshole. She came, Wendy came, and my wrist almost broke.
Wendy said I have never played there before. I said it is
fun when it is right. She said do boys like it as well. I said
most do but you have to do it gently and slowly at first. She
said, like you did me? And I said, yes. She was using her hand
to open my pants again and said can I do you as well that way.
I said, "I have to slide my pants off because I wasn’t
wearing a skirt like her." She blushed and said, “Pause
the movie, I want to hold you and touch you. So I placed the
player back on the floor and slid my pants and underwear
down passed my knees. She had lowered her head onto my cock
and was doing a repeat job of blowing my socks off. I slowed
her down and had her turnover lying on my lap under the blanket.
She was face up to me and was able to stretch her legs out against
the window. Her legs were just short enough not to show her
feet above the seat back.
As she turned over slightly to begin sucking my cock again,
she placed her hand between my legs and began to massage
my balls. I had to concentrate on something else quickly.
I pulled the blanket up over my head to cover us completely
and let me watch her. I then began to play with her beautiful
breasts and her clit, which she brazenly had left opened
with her legs up the window. As she sucked me, I could tell
by her hand digging around she wanted to get to my asshole.
I stopped her for a minute and adjusted how I was sitting
to allow her access to my hole. I then took my finger; put
it in her mouth getting it wet and then placing it on her asshole,
showing her to “lube” it first. She was a bright student
and did just that. As I played with her tits, twat, and ass,
she began to suck again with gusto and push her finger into
my asshole.
With her finger massaging my prostate, my cock seemed
to grow two more inches, and I knew I was getting close. I
told her so and she just winked at me. As the cum rose in my
cock, I felt her holes began to clinch my fingers. I blew
off like Mount St. Helens but I didn’t have to hold her head
this time. She just hunkered down and sucked away, while
she came all over my hand, seat, and side of the bus.
I licked my hands clean and bent over and sucked her tits
for a minute. She came up for air and said, “If you keep doing
that, I am never going to stop cumming!” She, like many smaller
breasted women have tremendous sensitivity around their
breasts. I told I couldn’t help myself as her tits were like
fresh bread from the oven.
She asked, “Did my finger help you better this time?” I
told her that many older men needed that to help get them
going anytime. It was always great for me. She then turn
on her back still laying in my lap and asked if we could watch
the DVD under the blanket. I just said cool and got it back
up. I took a quick look around the bus as I popped my head up
for air. Everyone was asleep or reading. So back under the
blanket I went. She hit the play button and we picked up on
the movie where we left it.
The girl had just cum hard and gushed all over the boys’
mouth and hands. He then said what about me? She said without
the condom, we ain’t going to do it. He stuck his fingers
back in her twat and added a finger to her asshole. She moaned
and begged him for more. He began to work both hands, one
with fingers in her twat and the other with fingers in her
asshole. Wendy was moving a little and her head next to my
cock was getting my attention again. She reached over and
licked it a couple of times smiling up at me. I twisted her
nipples with my left hand and then put my right hand on her
wet clit. She whispered, “Watch the movie.” I did but I didn’t
stop my fingers.
The girl was getting four fingers in the twat and three
up her asshole. The guy added one more finger to her asshole,
stretching it open. You could see the asshole grip and then
relax around the fingers. He was sawing them in and out of
her. My hand had four fingers in Wendy’s twat and it loved
it. I then changed and slid my hand lower to let my fingers
in her asshole. She moaned against my cock and took it in
her mouth to remain quiet. God, her mouth was heaven. As
the girl in the movie began to come again, the boy brought
his cock up to her slit rubbing it back and forth. This drove
the girl nuts and she was crying that she wanted him to fuck
her but not to do it either.
I bent over Wendy and started sucking her tits bringing
her nipples to a stiff hard. In the meantime, my fingers
had been filling her asshole with her own juices and I had
managed to get three fingers into her asshole. Wendy was
moaning on my cock but kept trying to see the movie. The movie
then showed what everyone expected, that was the boy trying
to slide his cock into the girl’s pussy. However, he got
in such a hurry he slipped it into her asshole instead. She
moaned, “Oh God, fill me up” and he began to fuck her asshole.
She continued to goad him to fuck her more and harder and
it wasn’t long before he and she came at the same time.
At this point, I had stopped sucking her tits so she could
see the movie and had put four fingers in her asshole. My
thumb was still working her twat but she was close to coming
again. As she did, she clamped her mouth around my cock and
sucked like there was no tomorrow. My cock responded to
such intensive attention and I came like a fire hose. I kept
coming and I realized she was going through multiple orgasms
as well. She was moaning and groaning, trying to swallow
my cum, and my fingers were fucking her asshole for all it
was worth.
As she and I both settled down, took a little longer this
time, I heard movement in the bus. I popped my head up in time
to see Wendy’s mother getting up like she was going to the
restroom behind us. I pulled my fingers out and got Wendy
up. Just in time, we had the DVD player out on top of the blanket
like we were watching a movie and no one the better knowing
what was under the blanket. Her mother stopped at us and
said, “What are you doing?” My hand was still covered in
Wendy’s cum and I swore I saw the shine of my cum on her lips.
Wendy reached to the floor and told her mom, “We are watching
this movie, IF YOU DON’T MIND?” Her mother said she would
talk to her later about her attitude and went on back to the
restroom. I breathed a sigh a relief and then used Wendy’s
panties to wipe my hand off.
I then pulled my pants up around my hips and she straightened
herself up so that the blanket could move to my lap alone
when her mother came back by. When her mother came back by,
she just said, “Dr. I don’t care that you are some high mucky
muck professor. I know what is right for my daughter and
that school up the road had better do her right or I’ll know
why.” And then stomped back to her seat.
Wendy wasn’t to be put off. She immediately spread the
blanket back over us and lay back down on my lap. She pulled
my hand down to her breast and had me squeeze them. She wanted
to talk about what she had just seen on the movie, the anal
intercourse. I told her that when two people do it tender,
slow, and with agreement, it was sometimes even better
than the “real thing”. Most of all, you couldn’t get pregnant
that way at all.
She said that my fingers in her ass felt so good and it felt
like I was actually fucking her at that moment. I told her
that cocks were bigger that fingers and using lube first
would also help. She said I wish you could show me because
I know you wouldn’t hurt me. I told her there wasn’t anyplace
we could do that. She says here is your cock and here is my
asshole, why not? I tried to explain that wasn’t room enough
nor could we keep it quiet enough to do it. She looked up at
me and simply said okay.
She wanted to watch the end of the movie so I let her do so
while I played with her tits. As the movie ended, she complained
that it wasn’t fair as my playing with her tits got her all
stirred up again. She then sat up suddenly and said what
about the restroom in the back of the bus? I told her there
wasn’t enough room for me AND her to do that. She pouted a
little and I tried to tell her that she had a lot of time to
learn and do, not to try everything at once (and me with condoms
in my pocket!)
She said she wanted to watch another movie. So I got out
my last one, it was more about mutual masturbation which
I thought she would find boring at this point. She sat back
up in her own seat and I put my cock away for what I thought
was the final time. She began to watch the movie and I decided
to go to the restroom anyway.
Coming back from the restroom, I realized something was
happening to the bus. The engine just didn’t sound right
and sure enough it was slowing down. I look outside and we
were in the middle of nowhere. No street lights, no other
cars, etc. The driver pulled off to the shoulder and stopped.
Wendy’s mom started hollering about why are we stopping
and not going on with the driver. I walked on up and asked
the driver if I could help. He looked like he wanted to say,
shut the bitch up but instead asked me if I had a cell phone.
I reached to my belt only to realize it must have fallen off
in floor back at my seat. I said just a minute and I’ll get
it. Back at my seat, Wendy hadn’t even noticed we had stopped.
She was frigging herself away while watching the movie.
At that moment, she came, and I got her attention.
I took my cell phone back to the driver where he called their
dispatcher and told them we were broke down and where. I
realized we were still some 300 miles from South Bend. I
was not going to make it on time to the motel. At this point,
I really wasn’t going to have the strength to meet my graduate
student anyway. So after he finished, I called the motel
and told them to tell her what had happened. The driver announced
that the bus had broken down and that a new bus was on its way.
However, it was going to take about an hour to arrive.
Everyone started moaning and talking at the same time.
Wendy’s mom was getting off on the driver. I got back to my
seat and Wendy was furious at her mom’s actions. She said,
“I have to stop this.” And went up and physically drug her
mother back to her seat. Her mother then started in on her.
She came back ignoring her and just sat in one of the empty
back seats.
I just sat there and recalled what a hell of night I had just
gone through. I put a CD on the player and was listening to
some tunes, when the driver announced that somebody was
driving towards us. Everyone got excited until the lights
of the vehicles pulled up. There were 2 cars and a van. The
bus driver got out to talk to the other drivers. He returned
and told us that a bus was available for us at the next stop
but they had sent cars to take us and our luggage ahead as
it would be quicker.
So everyone got off and started claiming their luggage
and I helped the driver load the cars and van. It became clear
that these vehicles couldn’t hold everyone AND their luggage.
The driver tried to talk some into leaving their luggage
as the company would get it to them within 24 hours. I only
had my pack of stuff on the bus so I wasn’t really in a big rush.
I told the driver, I would stay and wait for the tow truck
to ride in with it. He looked at me with relief but then told
me it might be dawn before the truck showed up. I told him
no problem I didn’t have to be anywhere soon.
Wendy was behind me and she said, “I’ll stay also.” I swung
around to say, “No way.” Only to hear her mom yell at her,
“Wendy, you stay with the bus. I am going take your brothers
on in to wherever they are going put us up and then you join
me there, right?” The driver said he had to go as the company
rep. I told him we would be alright if he showed me how to lock
the bus up while waiting for the tow truck.
Wendy went back on the bus and just sat down in our seats.
The driver showed me how the doors could be locked from inside
and gave a number to use on my cell phone if something went
wrong. I patted him on the back and wished him well, realizing
that Wendy’s mom was in the van that the driver would be riding
with. He simply said, “I’m getting too old for this shit.”
I laughed and the thought stayed in my head as well, as I climbed
back on the bus with Wendy.
The vehicles pulled out and disappeared into the night.
The darkness settled around us and then Wendy said, “Paul,
we are alone now, right?” I said let’s at least look for some
seats where the backs go down a little further. While she
went searching, I locked the bus and checked my pocket for
the condoms. I heard her shriek that she had found two. Sure
enough there were two that folded back a good ways and the
two in front went forward at a good angle.
As I stood over her, she came into my arms and we kissed.
The kiss grew longer, deeper, and harder. I was surprised
as I felt my cock begin to grow again. I was rubbing up and
down her back and then she pulled away from me. Looking strictly
in my eyes, she pulled off her shirt and her skirt. She then
reached to my shirt and pants doing the same. Out popped
my cock for attention. She started to go back down on it but
I stopped her. I said I want this right for you as you have
already done me twice. She started say, “but…” as I knelt
down kissing her breasts and moving my lips down to her center
of pleasure. As my lips and tongue attacked her clit and
twat, my hands continued to rub her tits. She was moaning
and gushing hard. I laid her down on the laid back seats and
began to eat her pussy like it should have been done. She
was moaning to beat all times.
My fingers moved down to her holes and added their touch
to my mouth and its administrations. I could feel her building
to good climax and decided to let her run with it. I slowed
my tongue and started to tease her with it to slow her a little.
She was already begging me to fuck her “and to fuck her anywhere,
just do it!” I pulled one hand away and pulled out a condom.
Working her pussy with my left hand, I tore the package of
the condom with my mouth and my right hand. She was begging
me not to stop and to get to the fucking. Her head was rolling
back and forth with abandon. It had been a long, long time
since a woman as beautiful as this had begged me so hard to
fuck her.
I rolled the condom on my cock realizing that it was a little
sore from her working it so much earlier. I stood up and look
down at her. She reached for me and pulled me to her, kissing
me with all of her strength. Her cunt ground against my cock
and balls and I reached down to position my cock in her pussy.
Just as the head began to disappear, she screamed I can’t
get pregnant! I told her I had a condom on and to relax. As
I shoved on in her tight twat, I was amazed at how tight it
was knowing she had used a candle for a play cock. I went all
the way in and she came hard. I continued to slowly move in
and out of her beautiful pussy and I was again sucking on
those tits. She was moaning and crying that she never knew
it was this good. That was enough to keep me from cumming
for awhile. As my rhythm picked up, she began to buck with
me. I slowly felt her pussy tightening and loosening as
it was coming close to climax. I was way off so I decided to
go ahead and let her cum again.
Picking up my rhythm, she began to match me push and pull.
Finally, she began to cum with multiple orgasms. I was amazed
at this little woman and her capacity to cum. Realizing
this, I then removed my cock, the condom stayed in and I moved
it to her asshole. It was literally winking open and shut.
I slid my cock into her asshole slowly and was I amazed at
its tightness: even tighter than her pussy. She moaned
so hard and low, I felt the vibrations on my cock through
her rectum. This put me over the top and I emptied all that
I had left in me into her asshole.
She screamed and went limp. I was scared as she wasn’t moving,
then I saw her breasts rise and fall. I knelt down and using
my tongue and teeth I kissed her holes and pulled the condom
out, letting it drop to the floor.
I stood up and then lay beside her holding her. She was crying
and saying she understood why her mother went after other
men for now. I could have lain in her arms like that for ever.
I would have never guessed that my pre-Alaska bus trip would
be so exciting.
We napped and then I awoke seeing the sun coming up. I realized
the tow truck would be coming soon and woke her up to get dressed.
As we dressed, I couldn’t keep my hands away from those beautiful
tits. I told her she was going to have to wear a bra sometimes
otherwise the guys would just grab out in the open. She laughed
and said that is what her mother used to say, but as they didn’t
get any bigger in high school, her mother would say maybe
the sun will make the grow for you.
We were just sitting there listening to some tunes when
the tow truck driver showed up. He didn’t know anyone was
left behind and didn’t have room in his cab for us both. We
looked at each other and said we’ll just ride in the bus the
rest of the way. Which we did, and she rode me in the bus, and
we barely got dressed in time to see her mother waiting for
her at the bus station. As we climbed off and her mother went
off on her for something, the tow truck driver asked me to
make sure I didn’t leave anything behind. I looked in the
bus and on the floor right in front were 3 used condoms.
He looked at me as I scooped them and said, “What do you do
for a living buddy?” I told him I was a college professor.
With that he walked off muttering that he knew he should
have gone to college after all.

I’ll finish the weekend’s tale in the next part.

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