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The Bus Driver


I was having text sex with a friend, centring
on a group of builders she had just driven past in her bus.
I offered to write an erotic story for her which fleshed
out what we had texted about. we discussed it an would like
to share it with you, so here it is, we hope you like it.

Her day off on Monday was a bust. Her planned rendezvous
with a lover hadn’t worked out and despite her best efforts
she had not found anyone to fill the gap. This after a week
of similar experiences was driving her a little potty.
And her normally reliable egg had been no help. So, it was
Tuesday and the first time a frustrated Sarah drove her
bus by the building site she was happily greeted by the glorious
sight of two young builders moving some wood. They looked
as if they could have been twins, as they were the same height
& build. The looked in their early 20s, both with the
same unkempt mid length hair, and healthy complexions.
Real eye candy. Sarah found herself staring at the muscles
in their arms rippling & tensing as the sun glistened
off the sheen of sweat. She licked her lips and purred to
herself as her mind wandered, imagining those arms wrapped
around her. She was bought out of her mini daydream by a car
tooting behind her. Sarah looked across at the "twins"
and they were looking back at her. She blushed a little at
being caught out staring as she drove off. A couple of hour’s
later Sarah passed the building site.

Again, slowing to catch the lights in the hopes she may catch
a glimpse of the builders. And she wasn't disappointed.
A new builder was facing away from her, his well-defined
back muscles showing as his tight t-shirt clung to him.
One of the "twins" from earlier saw her slow
and gave her a broad cheeky smile. This time Sarah didn't
turn away blushing, but sweetly smiled back. She drove
off as the lights changed, but laughed to herself as she
heard the twin get a serve from the other builder. On her
next loop both of the "twins" were outside and
having a smoko, coffee cups in their hands, leaning against
the fence looking up the road.

"Are they waiting for me? Shit, do I look ok?"
Sarah quickly checked herself in the mirror. "Not
to bad, " and she licked her lips to make them look
moist & sexy. The twins were definitely waiting for
her, as she saw the one that smiled at her earlier nudge the
other one. They both stiffened slightly, trying to look
more staunch and manly, broad smiles covering their faces.
Sarah returned their grins with a dazzling one of her own.
When they saw the response they got the two young men started
winking at her and elbowing each other. She giggled like
a teenager. As the light turned green she drove off, smiling,
then quickly told herself off. "They’re quite
young & you are behaving recklessly. But a little harmless
flirting isn't a bad thing. Can't wait for the
next loop." Sarah had done some prep work for the next
trip past the site. Her hair was done & make up freshly
applied. But when she arrived at the light there was no sign
of life. "Damn it they must have left for the day, she
said, realizing how deflated she felt. Well at least I am
on the same run for the rest of the week.

On Wednesday, on the first two loops she didn't see
any of the builders, and after all she had done, accenting
her black drivers uniform with a lovely yellow with black
polka dotted scarf. But on the third loop, the twins were
again out. As she had no passengers she opened the drivers
window. “Hello miss, ” said the cheeky twin “Hello, and it's Sarah, ” she replied with a laugh
in her voice. “Hello Sarah” said the other twin “Well how's your day going boys?” Both responded with “yeah’s” & “good’s”
and the like. The cheeky one finally said as Sarah was about
to pull of, "Oh I'm Todd and this is Mike."
“Well I'll see you next time round, ” she said
with a laugh as she gunned her motor and headed through the
lights. But as fate would have it, one of her bosses was on her bus
for the next drive passed the site. She saw Todd washing
down a concrete block with a hose. His t-shirt plastered
against his torso. And while not as cute as the muscly guy
from earlier, but was still very pleasant. Todd looked
up as he heard the bus. “Is he cleaning the path just so he can see me?” Sarah
asked inside her head. “Damn it, pay attention girl,
the boss is in the bus.” But she couldn’t help flashing
Todd a quick smile and a wave when he smiled up at her. She
looked up and it had not been noticed by her passengers.
“What am I doing? I feel so excited, and naughty, yet some
how giddy.” She continued to ruminate as she continued
her run. Of course they had packed up on her last drive past
the site, and again she felt oddly sad and empty. The unexpected
fun flirtations over the previous couple of days had certainly
been good for her ego. It was very nice to be desired she decided.

On Thursday, Sarah, wasn’t expecting to see the builders
on the site on her first loop, but was pleasantly surprised
when Todd and Mike were both working at the front of the site.
With them was the muscly guy again. Even though she had a
few passenger’s she couldn’t resist opening her window
and calling out, “Hello boys!” She said with a broad
smile and a wink. “Hello Sarah, ” replied the young guys together,
the other guy just looked up at her and then back down to his
work. “Catch you guys on the next loop, ” and off she drove
feeling very happy, but a little put out about the unfriendliness
of the other guy.

Next loop Sarah saw there was only two of the builders out
front, Todd and the hard bodied builder again. She got a
proper look at him this time and liked what she saw. He was
tall and broad with cropped brown hair, and his face was
as rugged and chiselled as his firm cut body. They both stopped
what they were doing as her bus slowed. She had practically
a full bus and was going to struggle to catch the red light,
so decided against shouting across the road. “Not the
most business-like behaviour, ” she told herself.
But that did not stop her from slowing down and dazzling
them both with her smile. Todd responded, by returning
her smile and adding a head nod, but the other builder, just
got back to work, smiling to himself. “What was his problem?
Why did he ignore me?” and similar thoughts ran through
Sarah’s head as she continued the rest of her loop. By
the time, she had returned to the building site she had decided
to show that pretty boy, and was prepared to hit him with
both barrels. She had no passengers and had arranged it
that she was a few minutes ahead of time, knowing that they
would be on smoko break. As she pulled over opposite the site, she smiled and said
“Hi” to Todd and Mike. “Having a nice break lads?” “Yeah we’ve just put a brew on, would you like a cup?”
Mike asked audaciously “A coffee would be lovely, ” “How do you have it?” Todd asked “Mmmmmmm, any way you want honey, ” she thought, but
replied “One of everything please.” A sweet smile
spread across her face. Both boys laughed, and Todd popped into the building and
returned with a hot cuppa. Todd passed the mug through the
window and they chatted away, with Sarah asking questions
about the building as she shamelessly flirted with them.
After 5 minutes, she downed the rest of her coffee and handed
her mug back. “Thank you guys, I really needed something hot” “Anytime, ” said Todd with a wink, “Just ask.”
Mike smiled at his cheeky suggestion laced with innuendo.
“Why thank you Todd, ” Sarah replied, “I might just
do that, that’s if you can provide it.” And she drove
off leaving them standing with their mouths open. She giggled to herself, pleased with her teasing, but still
a little let down that the pretty boy wasn’t there. And
damn it, they don’t seem to be there when she returned
on her next loop. Oh well there is always tomorrow.

Friday came, and she would be finishing earlier today.
The day was fine and sunny and Sarah was looking forward
to a little flirting, then changing into a summery dress
and heading into town. “Mmmmmmm, can’t wait, ”
she thought as she slipped her slinkiest panties into her
bag with her dress & shoes. “And if that pretty boy
is at the site I will have him under my spell as well, all though
3 out of 4 wasn’t too bad.” But Sarah wanted all 4.

The first couple of loops were the same as normal. Smiling,
chatting & flirting with Todd and Mike. Although she
was convinced that none of the three of them knew if she was
kidding or serious when she made a few sexual innuendos.
And to be fair neither did she. On the third loop she had no
passengers and stopped when Todd offered her a cup of coffee.
This time he was there, the rude bugger. As Todd ran to get
her a coffee she said “Hi, I don’t think we’ve met yet. I’m…” “Sarah. I know, ” he said, very sure of himself. “I’m
Kelly, I see you’ve been keeping the boys entertained
over the past few days.” ‘Well Kelly, they have been giving me a bit of excitement
in my otherwise boring days, ” she said taking him all
in. She did like his broad muscular shoulders, short almost
shaved hair, strong chin, beautiful green eyes, and he
did have a large bulge in his… “Shit, did he just see
me check out his package, ” she thought, her cheeks reddening.
The smile behind his eyes and his slight chuckle he had to
himself confirmed that he had noticed. “I hope you like what you see Sarah.” Making her flush
even further. Luckily Todd turned up with her drink, so she could change
the subject, as for the first time, in a while, she had been
lost for words. Kelly walked off a little way and let the
banter go back to its normal manner. Soon enough it was time
for her to hit the road. Thanks & goodbyes were exchanged.
“See you on the next loop Sarah, ” said Todd “Oh, no this is my last run of the day, I’m off out for
a meal and a few drinks” “Hot date aye? Who’s the lucky guy, ” said Mike.
“Or girl!?” piped in Todd in his normal cheeky manner.
“No one, I am footloose & fancy free.” Her eyes
glinting. “Why don’t you join us for a BBQ and a few beers, we’re
just about to finish up, ” said Todd, “I’m sure the
boss wouldn’t mind, and one of us will make sure you get
into town.” Kelly finally piped up and said “Nah, she wouldn’t
want to hang out with the likes of us.” “Kelly that arrogant prick. I’ll show him, ” thought
Sarah. “Boys I’d love to join you. I’ll be back in about an
hour.” And with that she was off, a feeling of triumph in her heart,
until she looked in her rear vision mirror and saw Kelly
staring after the bus with the biggest shit-eating grin
on his face. “Have I just been played?”

About an hour later a very sexy woman strutted down the street
wearing a red summer dress. Sarah had on a lovely dress,
her sexy mini panties, strappy black shoes and a smile.
No bra. She’d thought it was a good idea, because (is)
sat nicer without, but the movement of the dress had made
her nipples erect and she remembered that in a certain light
it was a bit see through. The guys had been looking out for
Sarah and were somewhat surprised when this woman turned
out to be the bus driver they had been flirting with. “Wow Sarah you look fantastic, ” said Todd, and a murmur
of agreement was echoed by Mike. “You shouldn’t have dressed up for us love, ” said
Kelly wandering around the corner of the building. “I didn’t, you cheeky bugger, ” winking at him as
she said it. “What does a lady have to do to get a drink around
here?” Todd stepped aside and said, “ Shit sorry, just come around
the corner, what will you have?” “A beer, anything’s fine.”

Sarah walked with the three guys around to an area with a
table covered in sauces, rolls and other bbq goodies. It
was surrounded by an assortment of chairs, with a large
chilly bin loaded with beers set to one side. There was a
fourth guy, someone she hadn’t seen before tending the
BBQ covered in steaks, sausages and chops. “Boss, this is Sarah” “Hello Sarah, my name is David, it’s very nice to meet
you, ” he said in low almost growling voice while he stepped
over and shook her hand. There was something in the way he
touched her hand that send sparks through her. And he was
looking Sarah up and down. She couldn’t help feeling
she was being inspected, but some how didn’t feel creeped
out at all. “Thank you for joining us, its not often we
have such beautiful company to our Friday knock off BBQ’s.”
“Thank you for inviting me, David” Sarah replied,
all the time telling her self, “Please don’t blush,
please don’t blush.” He was of moderate height, solid
build, short brown hair, dark sparkly eyes (“are they
brown or black” she thought), but looked too young to
be called “Boss” a title normally for a guy in his forties.
Their eyes connected and she was stupefied. He held her
hand for slightly longer than was necessary and she was
still unable to speak. “Here you go, ” Todd said thrusting a beer into her
other hand, “Hope it’s ok.” “Mmmmmmm, lovely thanks.” The trance, which was only
a couple of seconds long, was broken. Then the general chitter
chatter, light flirting and laughs from the previous few
days resumed. The boys were fun and Sarah was really enjoying
herself. She was enjoying the attention and played along
with the normal BBQ jokes about her “wrapping her lips
around a sausage” or “did she want any more meat”
and the like. She knew that each time they jumped up to get
her something it was so they could get near her to see her
breasts through her top. Every now and then she would steel
a glimpse at David and see him watching her. She was enjoying
their company immensely. Even the stuck-up Kelly seemed
less of a prick. They had all eaten, and the beers were getting
lower and Sarah was starting to feel a little tiddly, not
drunk, but just enough to loosen her up. “Well what are you guys are certainly are getting through
the building.” “Would you like a look around the building?” asked
David “Yes, thank you David, ” Sarah answered, careful
to use his full name after he had corrected her earlier when
she had called him Dave while they were chatting. “I’d
love to have a poke around.” David raised his eyebrows at that, and said “ok, boys
as I cooked, you can clean up while I show Sarah around.”
Grumbles were there, but the builders got up and started
to clear every thing away, and David stood, followed by
Sarah. His hand pressed into the small of her back as he guided
her into the building behind them. That sent shivers down
her spine and directly to her pussy. Was it the frustration
of no recent sex, the week of flirting with the builders,
the alcohol, the presence of David & his controlling
hand, or a combination of all of these. What ever the case,
even if she could convince her mind she wasn’t randy,
she wasn’t going to be able to convince her body. David
showed her round and when they went upstairs he had to walk
up behind her as there was no banister. His hands firmly
gripping her waist as they went. “Shit. Did I just moan out loud?” Sarah thought to herself,
“god I hope not.” But she didn’t turn to look at him
just in case. He then led her out the back of the site to the
office to show her the plans and the artist’s impressions
of the finished building.

“Taking me to show me your etchings then, ” She said
getting somewhat brazen as the combined buzz from the alcohol,
flirtation and build up of her sexual energy. He laughed
at her little joke as he got the artist’s sketches out
and laid them on the desk. As she leaned over the desk she
knew he was getting a great look down her cleavage. She knew
that it was having an effect by the bulge in his pants as he
stood to walk around next to her. "I must apologise for my men being so forward and brazen, "
He offered, "but they are a little young & excitable."
he gave a sly smile to Sarah, who was now standing backed
up against his desk. "But you did lead them on quite
a bit." He moved towards her & offered, "Here
let’s make you more comfortable by taking off your wet
clothing." as he stood directly in front of Sarah.
She looked totally puzzled. "What?" she queried and her look turned to surprise
as he sank to his knees in front of her. "What wet clothing?" she asked totally bewildered.
Reaching forward David placed his hands on the outside
of her warm bare knees and slowly slid them upwards on the
silky smooth skin of her firm thighs. "Shit, what is he doing?" she thought as she
looked into his eyes. "I should stop him." But
she couldn't move, his gaze hypnotized her. His straying hands slowly slid under the hem of Sarah’s
dress, and kept going until he felt the waistband of her
panties clinging to her hips. "These!" He calmly stated as his fingers hooked
into them and pulled them down her thighs in one swift movement.
"Hey, you can't do that, " she cried out,
the fresh air hitting her pussy, evaporating her juices.
"God, I am wet too, " she thought. "Yes I can, " he said to her with a big grin on
his face. "In fact, I just did, " and her panties
reached her ankles and without thinking Sarah automatically
stepped out of them. David picked up her damp panties and passed them up to her.
"Here, put them on the fan, they are so small that they
will be dry in a couple of minutes." Sarah felt how wet her panties were as she turned slowly
and placed them on the fan. As she was turning she could feel
his breath on her pussy as he pushed up the bottom of her dress.
Soon the office was filled with the sweet aroma of excited
pussy as the fan wafted Sarah’s scent around the office.
"Now wait a minute...." Sarah started to say
as David fully lifted her dress to her waist. "Why?" He asked as her well trimmed pussy came
into view at his eye level, while he remained knelt in front
of her. The moisture on her bare pussy lips glistened below
her small triangle of hair. Again she was lost in her thoughts
as she was a complete sucker for a man on his knees between
her legs. "Well Sarah?" He enquired, shaking her from
her thoughts. "Huh?" But she got no further as David lent forward and quickly
ran his tongue up the full length of her damp lips in one long
lick, exiting with some of her nectar on his tongue. "Mmmmmmm, very tasty Sarah, " he proudly smiled
at her as he reached between her warm thighs to get her to
ease her legs apart, which she did without any resistance.
His hands reached up on to her hips and pushed her back a couple
of inches until her bum brushed against the edge of the desk.

All the time her heart was pounding and her mind was racing.
"Oh my god, I have to stop this. Ohhhhhhh!" she
moaned as David’s mouth eased forward to lick her pussy.
He felt that the desk was taking her weight he pushed Sarah's
knees further apart until her pussy lips eased apart. He
then placed his hands under her thighs and around her hips
to run his hands onto the warm pliable flesh of her ass as
he clamped his mouth onto her pussy, plunging his tongue
deep inside her soaked pussy. "Ahhhh, " Sarah cried out in both pleasure
and surprise as she threw her arms behind her so she could
better support her weight as she leant back. David's hungry tongue plundered her depths as his
nose rubbed against her hood covered clit. Sarah suddenly
gripped the back of his head with one hand and forced him
hard against her mound. His fingers sank into the ample
flesh of her buttocks to ensure he had a firm grip on her as
she started to squirm on the desk. Suddenly Sarah reached forward with one hand, grabbed
the back of his head & pushed his face even harder against
her mound as she cried out "Bring me off please."
the effects of the afternoon, and last few days got to her.
He had eased one of his hands forward and spread the fingers
onto the top of her pussy lips and gently ease them apart
to fully expose her erect clit. David lashed his tongue
hard across her sensitive bud making her squirm on the desk.
He then spread his fingers and her pussy lips as wide as he
could and licked her pussy from top to bottom. Deeply with
a wide flat tongue to excite her entire pussy. "Fuck
yes, make me cum now, " she demanded. He didn't
argue and changed his attack to take her bud between his
lips to gently draw on it with suction and his lips. This sent Sarah into a loud screaming orgasm, as her hips
humped on the desk and her mound ground against David's
face. And he drank down all of her juices as He released her
bud and lapped up the steady flow escaping her twitching
pussy. As he continued to lick the inner lips of her pussy one orgasm
rolled into another. "Oh my goodness I needed thaaaaatttttt, "
Sarah was thinking as another small orgasm came over her.
Eventually, despite loving the attention her pussy was
getting, Sarah had to grip his hair and tugged him back away
from her now "to sensitive" pussy. David rose
to his feet and took her chin in one hand and lent forward
with juice-covered lips to kiss her open, panting mouth.

"I taste so good, " as she enjoyed the flavour
of herself as their kiss got deeper. Their tongues intertwined
as they hungrily devoured each other in lust and desire,
each with a need for their own selfish satisfaction. As
they kissed he reached down to start pushing up the front
of her dress. Once this goal was achieved David broke the
kiss and stood back to admire the sexy woman in front of him.
He marvelled at the way her dress, pushed up, showcasing
her open, shaved pussy with it's small covering of
hair on the mound. But gravity kept making the dress fall
down and hide her breasts. He wanted to see all of her so he
reached forward to grip the sides of her dress and started
to lift it over her head so he could see the beauty that was
concealed. Sarah did not object, but sat upright allowing
the dress to be removed and folded over the chair. "Holy
hell, how did I get into this situation???" "You beauty, " David groaned out loud in appreciation
as he once again stared at Sarah intently, breaking her
thoughts and making her insides melt. He sank downwards
supporting himself on the edge of the desk to take one of
her stunning breasts deep in his mouth. "Oh! This
is soooo good, " she thought as he drew on the firm
coloured flesh of her breast. Her nipple immediately hardened
as he tweaked it with his tongue and she purred and sighed
in appreciation of his gentle suckling of her breast. His
hand gently cupped and teased her other breast as his tongue
continued to explore the flesh filling his mouth.

By the time he had swapped and paid attention to her other
breast, David was desperate to free his swollen cock from
its confinement in his jeans. He wanted to fuck this wanton
woman as she squirmed and writhed on the desk. Sarah was
of the view. "Hurry up David and get those jeans off!
And fuck me!" But David had a different idea and wanted
to enjoy every moment in the office, so he eased his free
hand down between her thighs to lightly tease her clit some
more and moved his slick finger down to play with her asshole.
Sarah groaned loudly at all this attention to all her holes.
Suddenly she had needs of her own that needed satisfying
and she sat forward, pushing his arms out the way and started
to undo his belt, and jean buttons. He started to delve his
thumb into her sodden pussy, and his finger into her butt
hole, and began fucking her like it was two small cocks.
Sarah quickly thrust his jeans and boxers down to get her
hands on his rock hard meat. He stood there looking at the
heavily panting woman in front of him, as he continued frigging
his fingers in and out of her dripping sodden pussy and twitching
ass. "Sarah you are one fucking horny woman who needs fucking
here and now, " David said in a low growl laced with
animal lust. "Please fuck me good and hard, " she replied.
With that he swept a pile of paperwork from the desk to make
more room before reaching under Sarah’s thighs to lift
them up in the air and tilt her back flat onto the desk. He
shuffled around to the end of the desk, turning her on her
damp arse cheeks as he moving his hands to grip her ankles
and eased them high and wide apart. He looked lecherously
down her thighs to the V between them showing a glistening,
gaping pussy. The delicious prize to be taken, to be filled,
to be fucked, to be filled with cum. David pulled Sarah back
down the desk so her arse hung over the edge slightly and
she was stretched out full length on the desk, her eyes saying
'Fuck me' as she stared back into his eyes. The
sexual tension that had built up, the lust for each other
determined it wouldn't be gentle. It would be raw sex,
pure and simple, fucking each others brains out in wanton
need for release and pleasure.

"I hope you are ready for this?" David asked
giving her the last opportunity to say no. She thought "I
don't think I could stop myself if I wanted me to."
So she answered in the only way she could, "Condom, "
and pointed at her handbag. "Aren't you a glorious slut all prepared to go
out fucking tonight?" he playfully taunted, as he
rolled the condom down his cock. "I guess I am, " Sarah giggled to herself, but
her musing was interrupted by David stepping forward and
pressing his hardness up against her, catching her just
between her two holes. Sarah quickly reached down and guided
his prick to her pussy lips. As soon as he felt her juicy lips
touch the head of his prick he lunged forward with his hips
and at the same time pushed her ankles further apart. Sarah yelped as his swollen hard cock forced into her sodden
pussy right up to the hilt. This gave way a deep "mmmmmmm, "
as his balls slapped hard against her ass, "Oh yes!"
she groaned, "Fuck me! Hard!"

Sarah had never had such wanton, lustful, rough sex before
and was loving it. The power of being subjected to the desires
and needs of someone else which then set her body on fire,
was so powerful and satisfying. And he responded to her
teasing and challenging him, and when he talked 'dirty'
to her during sex it excited her no end. As this thought went
through her head, and as if on queue, David said, "I'm
going to fuck you until the desk is awash with your pussy
juices and you beg me to fill your hungry pussy with my cum."
Increasing his grip tighter on her ankles David eased his
hips back until the tip of his cock was about to leave her
pussy. He then eased his hips upwards & forward to resume
his original place with the swollen head just inside her
lips. Then he thrust deep inside her again. "Yeesss, " she exhaled as once again his balls
slapped hard against her with the force of the thrust. He
then started off at a slow pace pushing his full length in
and out of her hot wet pussy, holding her ankles tight to
stop her sliding on the desk. Looking down he admired this
beauty with her breasts rolling on her chest, rising and
falling at the same pace as their fucking. "Oh that feels soooo good, " Sarah thought
as she smiled. This then changed into a broad grin as she
saw his facial expression as she started to bring her pussy
muscles into play, massaging his prick as it ploughed in
and out. "Fuck that feels amazing, " David groaned,
enjoying the wonderful sensations coursing through the
length of his prick. "You are one fucking sexy woman
Sarah, " he complimented. They both fell into a regular
quiet pace of fucking, with just the sounds of their laboured
breathing & slapping skin filling the air, to mix with
the sweet smell of sex wafting around powered by the desk
fan, which was keeping them cool as they fucked each other.
David eased his grip on her ankles and gently, but firmly
slid his hands down the front of her legs, over her knees
and onto her upper thighs, where he pulled her tight against
his body on every inward stroke. Sarah could see him staring
at her stunning jiggling tits as they rolled around with
the rhythm of their fucking. Flirtatiously. Her hands
swept up the side of her breasts to cup them and thrust the
hard, erect nipple up towards him, teasing him to fall forward
and suckle her once more. "I've got so much cum to fill your hot pussy, "
David grunted, as his balls start to boil as they slapped
continuously against her on each inward thrust, "and
I am going shoot all of it deep inside you, " "Yes lover, I'm ready for you, " she breathed
breathlessly back as her muscles clamped down hard, squeezing
his prick deep inside her. "Fuck me, hard!"
Sarah was thinking, "This is an amazing fuck, ”
as our hips humped back at each other in perfect rhythm.
"Come on, come on, " she goaded him on. He sank
his fingers into the tender flesh of her thighs making her
cry out loud as he fucked into her like an out of control jackhammer.
David wasn't going to last much longer, so he released
one thigh and reached up to close one hand over her erect
right nipple, sliding her hand away as he clamped down on
the hot full flesh. His palm pressed her nipple into her
breast and rubbed it in a slight circular motion, making
her squirm even more. They were grunting, purring, and
breathlessly calling each other’s name as they fucked
themselves almost into oblivion. Suddenly Sarah's
muscles clamped down hard onto David’s swollen prick
as she exploded into an orgasm, humping him for all he’s
worth. He pressed down with each hand on both her stiff nippled
tit and her firm thigh trying to hold her steady as he felt
hot wads of cum break loose from his balls and shoot up his
prick, splashing the inside of the condom. "Fuck yes....Fuck yes...... Fuck YES!" Sarah
shouted out loud with each plunge of his exploding cock
deep inside her juice-saturated cunt. Her legs clamped
around his hips as she tried to draw him even further into
her as she milked every last drop of his cum out of his throbbing
cock. Again her mind wandered “Holy crap I can feel his
cock throbbing and the gushing of cum through the condom.
I wonder what it would feel like if he was cumming into me.”
Sarah thought as they both fought for their breath as their
bodies continued to grind against each other as they enjoyed
their post orgasm glow. Sarah pushed his hand off her breast,
leaving the red imprint of his fingers on her lovely skin.
She then unhooked her legs from around his waist and gently
lowered her feet to the floor. David stood there and admired
her stretched prone figure with her tits rising and falling
as she tried to bring her breathing under control. She felt
his cock slide out of her now well-fucked pussy. "Mmmmmmm,
that was just what I needed, " she thought basking
in the afterglow. Then she felt tingled through her body as David run his hand
down over her stomach and across her mound to her swollen,
exposed clit. He brushed lightly across it's bud,
making her flinch, before dipping two fingers into her
saturated pussy to coat them in her juices. Her clit was
tingling and inside her head she was begging for attention.
"I really want to cum again, I hope he plays with my
clit some morrrreee." She exclaimed as David gently
coated her clit with the juices off her fingers. Sarah's
hips bucked on the desk but she couldn't escape with
her legs hanging either side of his, as he traced his fingertips
lightly over her pussy lips in a long circular motion before
dipping back into her pussy for more juices to continue
the massage. Sarah groaned aloud on the desk and cupped
her breasts as he continued to tease her with the sensual
massage.. Seeing her lovely tits, crested by the very erect
nipples, protruding from her massaging hands, made him
switch his attention. He dripped two fingers of each hand
in turn into her pussy to liberally coat them with her cum
before reaching up to coat both of her erect nipples. "That is so hot" Sarah cried out as one of her
hands shot down between her legs and sank two fingers deep
inside her own snatch. "I'm so fucking horny, "
she thought as her fingers flashed in and out of her pussy
as David continued to rub globs of cum into the flesh of her
tits. He pulled gently on her nipples, stretching her stunning
tits up towards the ceiling, again making her cry out in
ecstasy. Her thumb stretched out to rub her clit while two
fingers continued to plunder her cunt. Now her whole body
was shaking as she blew herself away into another orgasm
and trashed under the assault of her own fingers and the
tension in her nipples and tits caused by David. By now he
was hard again and he yanked her fingers from her pussy and
slammed his hot meat into her again to enjoy the last moments
of her orgasm as she played her muscles along the whole length
of cock. It didn't occur to her that he didn't have
a condom on, she just loved the feel of his cock. She felt empty when he pull his cock out of her pussy
and pulled her to her feet to hug and kiss her. His rock hard
prick twitching against her mound and she realized he was
going to fuck her again. They kissed only for a minute as Sarah regained her breath
coming down from her orgasm David then spun her in his arms
and pushed her so she lay face down on the desk. "Hey! What are you doing?" she thought and was
about to voice this when she felt his hand pressed in the
small of her back, wedging her tight to the desk and turning
her lovely ass upwards. She felt exposed, her winking ass
and smooth pussy lips both covered in her cum, open to his
view. David ripped his length in his other hand and guided
it between her cheeks to find her dripping pussy. Once his
tip nudged between her lips she caught her breath. "Condom, "
but she felt that he was wearing one as the head entered her
pussy. David thrust forward with all of his might and pinned
her to the desk with his first deeply penetrating thrust.
"Oooo Yeessssssss!, " she sighed and his hips
knocked the wind out of her as they slammed into her glorious
ass. Her wonderful cheeks made a lovely buffer as he started
to slam into her with all of his might. It was then that they both noticed Kelly standing in the
doorway watching and pumping his long slim cock. The only
evidence of how long he had been standing there was how erect
his cock was. "Boss I came to see what was taking you so long, and
now I know" He said as he walked over to the couple humping
on the desk. "Mmmmmmm his cock looks as nice as I imagined, "
thought Sarah as she licked her lips without realizing
it. "Aren't you the greedy slut, " Kelly said
as he offered his cock to Sarah.. "Mmmmmmm, " she moaned as she slipped the velvet
smooth head into her mouth. She swirled her tongue under
the rim as she hungrily sucked, tasting his salty pre-cum.
She them felt David begin to move again, and she hadn't
realized he had stopped to watch her suck Kelly’s cock.
"God Sarah, you have fucking incredible pussy muscles, "
He praised. "Mmmmmmm, thank you, " she garbled her mouth
now working up and down the cock shaft with butterfly kisses..
Then she felt David reach forward and run his fingers down
her long smooth back, before sinking them into her hips
to gain purchase as he continued to thrust deep inside her
pussy. She was now wanking Kelly’s cock with one hand
while her head bobbed up and down on the cock head at the same
time.. "Wow I am being spit roasted and I am loving it, "
she thought, savouring the moment and the effect it was
having on her mind and body. "Oh baby you have such a wonderful ass." David
said giving it a playful slap. "Hmmmpp, " was the response partially in the
shock of the contact and also that it made her shoot forward
taking more of Kelly’s cock into her mouth. And he moaned
in ecstasy. Sarah could tell by the urgency of David’s fucking and
the twitching of his cock deep inside her juicy pussy that
he was going to cum soon. But then, she realized. so was she.
Kelly’s saliva coated cock fell from her mouth, her hand
still jerking up and down his shaft. "You are such an amazing fuck Sarah, " David
said out loud just as his cock swelled again and shot his
second load of spunk into the condom as he buried his cock
deep into her honey pot. Sarah was still recovering from
her last orgasm but felt his cock pulsing as he shot more
threads of cum. "I wanted sex and god he has just fulfilled that wish, "
she thought as David pulled his cock from her drenched pussy.
She was still absentmindedly jerking Kelly’s cock.
"I think I should get some of what you just gave the
boss, don't you?" Kelly said as he moved behind
her and slipped on the condom on that David gave him out of
her bag. He then (he) rolled Sarah onto her back for the second
time that afternoon and positioned his cock at the entrance
to her pussy. He then slowly eased his cock inch by inch into her pussy.
She gasped at the difference in feeling as David's
cock was wider and filled her completely, and Kelly’s
was a little longer and when he was fully inside her, it made
her eyes roll back in her head. The he started to grind his
cock in and out of her, rubbing his pubic bone against her
clit on each in stroke. The play before hand, plus the different
feel of this new cock, started the flutter of an orgasm,
which made her pussy muscles contract, palpitating up
and down his shaft. That was too much to bare for Kelly and
he lost all control. His hips started thrusting deep inside
Sarah, and picked up pace. She gasped as the flutter, became
a wave and she came again, her hips rising to meet every one
of Kelly’s thrusts. He fell forward and took one of her
erect nipples in his mouth and licked, sucked, and lightly
nipped at the nipple standing proud from her breast. Suddenly there was a cry of "Todd, you've got
to come and see this, " from Mike who was standing
in the doorway. Within minutes the two young builders were
stood at Kelly's side looking down in total amazement
as Kelly pistoned in and out of Sarah's cunt and sucked
hard on one nipple while Todd reached forward to play with
her other nipple while he rubbed his cock. Both Sarah and
Kelly’s breathing quickened in time thrusts as they
became more urgent, spurred on by their audience. Sarah's
pussy started convulsing, gripping Kelly's cock.
Instantly Kelly stiffened and came, the contracting around
his cock was too much. His buttocks clenching with each
thrust as he pumped into her. She was moaning, grunting
and hissing as their joint fucking pushed her over the edge
and into the waterfall of another orgasm. As he finished
cumming, he continued to grind away as she came down from
the high she was on, her pussy still sending little sparks
of sexual energy through her body. "Fuck. Sarah your pussy is awesome, you are fabulous, "
Kelly said as he pulled out and threw the cum-filled condom
in the rubbish bin. He then leant over and kissed Sarah.
“Thank you love, have a good weekend.” And with a quick
nod to the boys in the office, he left tidying himself up
as he went, as Sarah tried to catch her breath, revelling
in the quick, but satisfying fuck she had just had. “What must I look like, ” she thought as she looked
up to see Todd and Mike, each fondling one of her breasts,
ogling her body, which was still shaking as it came down
from the peak of her orgasm. Her pussy was still twitching,
and the desk was wet with her pussy juices from cumming so
much. David lifted Sarah up into a seated position and kissed
her. “Are you alright honey?” Sarah nodded yes. “Are you ready for more.” Another nod. "Sarah I want you to suck Mike’s cock, " said
David in his low rumbling voice. “Yes please, ” said Mike. "Yeah go on Sarah give him a tongue lashing!"
chimed in Todd. "Argh, I can’t resist David. Oh well fuck it! Why
not" was all she thought as she dropped to kneel in
front of Mike and he stepped forward to take her head in his
hands and she wrapped her hand around his hard throbbing
cock. And then it happened; she reached forward to take
his six inches into her mouth in one long swallow. "Fucking
hell, " groaned Todd in amazement as he came into
the office to see Mike being blown right in front of his eyes.
"Oh yes baby, " Mike groaned out loud as he ran
his hands through Sarah’s hair, coaxing her to fuck his
cock with her mouth. "Mmmmmmm that's it baby,
suck me hard and deep." Todd had a quick look around to David who gave him a nod to
proceed, before he stepped behind Sarah and reached down
to fondle her breasts. "Oh my god, I don’t know how much more I can take of
this, " Sarah thought as she moaned out loud around
Mike’s prick lodged deep into her mouth. Then she started
bobbing up and down his length, and he just rolled his head
backwards and groaned "Ohhhhhhh, " as his
hips started to gently thrust back and forth in harmony
with Sarah's administrations to his prick. David was now sitting on the desk chair watching the action
unfold in front of him. Sarah didn't seem to be objecting
or fighting with the attention of the two young men, so no
harm seemed to be being done at the moment and David stayed
out of the way. Sarah was certainly relishing her task. "Sarah you really know how to eat meat, " said
Todd as he watched her working hard on Mike’s cock. It
wasn’t long before her expert mouth had Mike crying out
"I'm going to cum in your mouth" and Sarah
certainly didn't try to pull her mouth off his thrusting
cock. "He deserves this after keeping me so entertained
all week." Sarah thought as she continued to milk
his cock to the point of swollen to burst. "Swallow me baby, swallow me, " Mike cried
out as he started to thrust harder into her mouth. "Yes,
Yes, Yes, " he shouted out loud as he shot his load
deep into her throat and Sarah swallow it all, moaning at
the feeling of control she had over this young buck and the
effect Todd was having, playing with her breasts, neck, back and
ass. His hand slipping around to tickle her pussy and ass.
A minute later Sarah licked the tip of Mike’s cock clean
before standing up, smiling at the cheeky young man, only
to be surprised by Todd gripping her hand and spinning her around to face him.
He enfolded her body in his long arms and pulled her to him
for a deep kiss. Sarah thought as he "obviously doesn’t
mind the taste of cum, " so she fell into the kiss.
As he continued to kiss her he ran his hands down her back
and cupped her buttocks in his strong hands. Todd then pushed
Sarah back against the wall and lifted her legs high. Sarah
was pinned against the wall, as if suspended in the air &
unable to move away, but she didn't seem to be objecting.
Either she was totally surprised or she had no objection
to having a 'bit of rough'. Todd thrust a finger deep in her pussy, and proudly announced
"What a lovely wet pussy you have Sarah, just ripe
for some real fucking, " as he smiled towards the
other two in the office. "Hey just a minute, " was all she had time to
think before Todd dropped his shorts & boxers to expose
his short but fat cock to Sarah's glistening pussy.
He turned his head when David whistled to get his attention
and accepted the unwrapped condom. Sarah smiled a thank
you to David. "Thank heaven he did that, " as
in her wanton state of desire, she just wanted to be fucked,
and had forgotten about condoms. Todd slipped the condom
over his cock and, repositioning Sarah slightly he just
rammed his thick rigid cock straight into her wet snatch.
Sarah screamed in surprise at the speed of his thrust and
the brutality of the penetration, but she was soon wiggling
her hips back and forward to accommodate more of his prick.
Todd began fucking like a jackrabbit, his ass jerking back
and forwards at great speed. Sarah knew he wouldn’t last
long, typical of such a young guy, so she coaxed him on, so
that she would have one more orgasm. “Come on Todd, fill me with your cock, make me cum!”
“Urgh, ” with that Todd came, with four big powerful
thrusts. He then pulled back from Sarah and let her legs
take her own weight. He leant in and kissed her on the neck,
and whispered sweet “thank you’s” in her ear. Sarah was leaning against the wall, her fingers playfully
running through the triangle of hair covering her mound.
“Right you boys pull your pants up and fuck off.” David
commanded’ “I’ll make sure Sarah gets home.”
“Yes boss, ” said Mike, “See you Sarah.” “Ok boss, ” said Todd having gained his breath back,
“Hope to see you again Sarah.” “Bye boys. You never know what might happen.” David stood as Todd & Mike left the office and walked
to Sarah. It was only now as she saw his cock bobbing as he
came towards her, that she realised he hadn’t got dressed
and had been enjoying the fucking she had been given. “Come and sit with me and relax, ” he said as he lead
her to the office chair. He sat down and indicated she should sit on his lap, which
she did, the juices from her well-fucked pussy leaking
onto his thigh. Sarah made to clean it up, and was stopped
by David. “So Sarah, did you enjoy your evening?” he said as he
started tracing around her back with his fingertips. She looked out the door and saw night had fallen. “Shit
it is night time.” She thought. “Yes I did, it was what I needed.” She replied, shivering
as the movement of his hand kept her nerves on edge, spreading
warmth to her pussy. “But…” Sarah noticed her hand
had automatically fallen on to David’s cock and she was
unconsciously stroking it. “But, what Sarah?” David enquired, enjoying the sudden
discomfort. “Ummmm.” “Did that last fuck leave you hanging, wanting to cum?”
“Yes, ” she whispered. “Would you like me to fuck you again?” David replied,
still stroking her back and ass, his other hand reaching
up to stroke & caress her face & neck. Sarah snuggled into his hand and moaned, “Yes please.”
“Sorry I can’t.” teased David, a laugh in his voice.
“You seem to have run out of condoms. I guess I’ll just
have to take you home now” “Don’t you dare, ” Sarah joked back, joining in
on the teasing. “I want you now.” And with that she stood,
turned to face David, straddled him as he stayed seated.
Then mounted his cock. She held his cock in place until the
head was just inside her pussy lips, and pointing in the
right direction. She then removed her hand and lowered
her self slowly onto his prick, her arms draped over his
shoulders, one hand gently running through the hair as
he kissed, licked and sucked each of her breasts & nipples
in turn. The feel of his cock sliding in and out of her slowly,
so she could feel every inch of his pulsating prick as she
began lightly moaning. “Oh god what a day, ” she thought, “I never bargained
on this when I smiled at Todd, but I’m glad I did.” The tenderness of the lovemaking, “yes lovemaking”
she told herself, was wonderful. Gone was the frantic straining
and grunting, replaced with small moans, whimpers, sweet
terms of endearment as they sensuously writhed together.
They we both tired and on edge. So their orgasms when they
happened crept up on them, slowly and lazily, like a Sunday
morning stroll. They were kissing deeply, with David’s
hands making her skin goose bump and their groins working
in a circular motion. When all of a sudden Sarah started
humping against him, rubbing her clit against his pubic
bone on every down stroke. She was getting close and was
squeezing David harder and harder around the neck, as he
began to match her motions equally. Sarah came, the intensity
of it made her hold her breath and stiffen, stuck in place
as if turned into stone by Medusa. David kept bucking up
into her convulsing pussy. “Oh God!” he said as his cock swelled. Sarah felt his cock and sank down and humped to and fro on
him as hard as she could, enjoying the sensations as he came
deep inside her. Their moans joined into laughs and they
kissed deeply as they caressed each other in the warm afterglow.
They sat there enjoying the sensations, quietly cooing,
until Sarah shivers as the night cold crept in the door.
"Come on love, let's get you cleaned up and I'll
get you home." "Sure thing, " said Sarah as she disentangled
herself from his body. David stood and grabbed a fresh towel from the locker and
handed it to her, "Would you like to grab a coffee or
something to eat on the way home?" "Yes, coffee would be great, " she replied
and chuckled to herself. "What's so funny?" "Oh, I normally have coffee with a new lover before
we fuck, not after." she giggles, and he smiles at
her little joke. "Come on girl, let's get that coffee."
he said handing her the dress and now dry panties

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it

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Amazing story!


kiwialibnz replies on 11/9/2010 3:27 pm:
Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed it. More to cum I hope


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Very nicely written. Keep that texting, and imagination,


kiwialibnz replies on 11/9/2010 3:25 pm:
Thank you very much Yes i will (and do), another story will be coming in due course.


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I love the way you have painted such an erotic picture here!!!

Each day do just one thing, just one, that pushes your boundaries takes you out of your comfort zone, even for but a moment.
But something that makes you feel alive annievamp1


kiwialibnz replies on 11/11/2010 12:36 am:
Thank you honey

Al xxx