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The Boss and His Wife! (part 1)


It's strange how sometimes life throws the weirdest
stuff at you, but most of the time, if you just learn to go
with the flow, roll with the punches, you can seems to at
least come out on top, and sometimes, even benifit from
those odd curveballs life does throw you!

Such was the case of my new boss Richard, and eventually
his wife Denise!

Now, whenever I meet new people, I always at least try and
give them the benifit of the doubt. I try and see their good
side, long before looking at their flaws or their bad side,
and such was the case with my new boss, Richard. Several
of us were pissed off when they hired him in the first place,
thinking that the company should have promoted one of us,
instead of hiring a new supervisor from the outside, but
then again, we all know the business world, and how companies
think, and so what can you do except accept it, and try and
make the best of things. Then again, Richard just seemed
to be a real jerk, and asshole if you will, and even though
I tried my best to give him the benifit of the doubt, eventually
I found myself just not liking him anyway. That is, until
one day, when I met his wife, Denise!

Denise seemed to be the opposite of Richard in every way.
She was quiet, almost to the point of being shy. She was polite,
well-manored, and she seemed to be the kind of person that
never met a stranger either, as right from the beginning
of meeting her, she made you feel comfortable, and at ease.
It didn't hurt that she was damn cute either! She wasn't
the kind of woman you would call, "Beautiful",
but she was more of the "next-door-neighbor"
kind of cute that I for one find sexy! Denise was short, at
maybe five-foot one or two, and she had dark, brunette hair
that she wore cut just above her shoulders. She had pretty
brown eyes, and she was a little "plump" but
NOT fat by any means. If I had to guess, and I am pretty good
at guessing, I'd guess she probaly measured something
like: 34D-28-36, and so she did look damn sexy, at least
to me!

For the longest time, I'd only see Denise on rare occasions,
company parties and things like that, and then one nightShe
and our boss Richard showed up at this one woman's going
away party. Another employee, a woman also, hosted it at
her place, and it turned out to be one of those parties where
half the guests leave sometime between midnight, and two
in the morning, and the ohter half end up too drunk to drive,
and so they crash right there at her place. My girlfriend
at the time, and I were one of those that ended up crashing
at her place. I ended up sort of passing out right there on
her living room couch, and for lack of a better plan, my girlfriend
ended up crawling on top of me, and pulling a blanket over
the both of us, and then she passed out as well.

I first woke up around three in the morning, and I had to go
pee. I looked around, and there were three other couples
in the living room with us, all crashed as well, on various
chairs, or on the floor, and all sleeping. As I stumbled
down the hallway, and into the bathroom, I notice at least
two couples in one of the spare bedrooms, and they too all
apperaed to be asleep, and so I just went into the bathroom,
and not caring the door was still open, I peed! I have no idea
whether it was the flushing toilet that woke him, or if Richard
was already awake, but the next thing I knew, a very drunk
Richard was handing me a bottle of scotch, and telling me
to take a drink with him. What the hell, I was still "buzzed"
anyway, and so I took a swing of the scotch, and then he did

Richard slapped my on my back, and told me he really liked
me, and he hoped I liked him as a boss. Of course I lied and
told him I liked him just fine, and then he even got a tear
in his eye, as he told me that he knew most people didn't
like him at work, but he'd been hired to do a job, and
even though he didn't necessarly like being an asshole,
he knew that sometimes he needed to be, in order to get things
done. Now, I disagreed with him completely, but I wasn't
THAT DRUNK, or THAT STUPID, to say it openly, and so I just
nodded in agreement, and told him he was doing a good job,
and not to worry about what anyone else thought! Pretty
good "Kiss-Ass" if I do say so myself!

That seemd to really touch Richard, and yet another tear
rolled down his cheek, red from both the alcohol, as well
as his crying. He slapped my on the back again, and then sort
of pushed me toward the bedroom and told me he wanted to show
me something. There, sprawled out on the bed, passed out
drunk, was his wife Denise. She had on only a pair of panties,
and a bra, and she was laying there on her back, dead to the
world. Before I could say anything or excuse myself, Richard
asked me if I thought his wife was sexy, and I told him of course
I did, who wouldn't! He then told me that I could fuck
her if I wanted to. JUST LIKE THAT, he said it! Ah, I was a bit
stunned, to say the least, as well as, well fuck it, I was
tempted too, but I was also scared shitless as well! I mean,
this guy is my BOSS, for God's sake, and his wife is passed
out dead drunk, and we are in another woman's house,
and my own girlfriend is in the room next door!

I was dumbfounded and couldn't think of a damn thing
to say, except that I'd better go check on my girlfriend!
I looked up at Richard, and he had this dumb grin on his face,
and he told me to wait, that he wanted to show my something
else. Suddenly he bends over, and shakes his wife, she doesn't
budge. He then says "See, she's out cold",
and then he reaches down, and lifts her bra up and over her
big tits. "Take a look at these babys", he tells
me, and then he tells me it's OK to touch them if I want!
Now, his wife does have BEAUTIFUL tits, I'll give you
that, and he tells me that they are 34DD's, and so I was
a little off in my guessing. He again insists that I touch
them, and I know he's not going to be satisfied, until
I do, and so I reach down, and fondle his wife's big tits,
for only a second or two! DAMN, even passed out drunk, her
nipples get hard!

Wouldn't you know it, right then, I hear a woman clearing
her throat, and I turn, my hand still on one of Denise's
big tits, and there stand my girlfriend, hands on her hips,
and, well, let's see, NOT a good look on her face! I hear
her say someting about how we'd better go now, and as
grabs my arm and JERKS me out into the hallway. Now I might
still be too drunk to drive, but Debbie, my girlfriend,
is more than sober enough, as she drags me out the door, and
then out to my car, demanding the keys, and I'm damn
sure too frightened to argue with her as I hand them over!
Lucky for me, Debbie is as horny as she is mad, and after I
tell her what happened, leaving out the part about Richard
telling me I can fuck his wife, she drives us to the closest
hotel, and then we fuck our brains out, before both falling
back to sleep!

The next day I patch things up with Debbie, and we end up staying
at the hotel another night, even though both of our apartments
are within a thirty minute drive away. Hell, she just wanted
to be pampered, and so was I to argue, after she'd just
caught me fondling another woman's tit! Oh, and the
other thing that definately pissed Debbie off, was something
I forgot to tell you earlier, and that is that both Richard
AND his wife Denise, are in their early fourties, while
at the time, Debbie and I, along with most of the people at
that party, are all in our twenties! I was actualy 23 at the
time, and Debbie was 22, and so she thought it doubly gross
that I was fondling a 40+ year old woman's tit, a woman
old enough to be my own mother! Hell, secretly, I thought
to myself; a tit is a tit, who cares how old the woman it belongs
to is, but I dam sure didn't tell Debbie that!

I was really nervous about the next Monday at work, but in
the long run, Richard acted like nothing had ever even happened,
and so I purged my mind of all thoughts of that Friday night,
and just went about my normal business, the rest of the week!
That very next weekend, Debbie was going out of town to visit
her mother. He parents were divorced, and he mother hated
me, and so when she'd go to visit her, that was one trip
she always made alone! When she'd see her father, I
would go. Her old man loved me, but her mother didn't
and so I was going to have the entire weekend to myself, something
that hadn't happend in a long time, or at least since
the last time she'd seen ther mom!

Friday afternoon arrived, and then it was five O'clock,
and time to get off work! I talked several people into going
next door to this little restaurant/pub we all hung out
at and sometimes ate luch at, for a few "after-work"
drinks. All in all there turned out to be about a dozen of
us, a mix of male and female, and one of the first questions
I got from one of the females in the group was, "where
was Debbie". This particular woman had been trying
to bed me for some time now, and she made no secret about it,
and so it didn't surprise me that she was curious as
to why Debbie hadn't met me there, like she usually
did whenever we had one of our Friday night, impromto parties.

When I told her Deb was gone for the weekend, she started
getting way to cozy, and since she was good looking, and
under different circumstances, I would have loved to have
"bedded" her, I sort of did my best to TRY and
stear clear of her. That is rather hard to do in a small group,
but I did give it my best shot! I guess we were all on about
our third drink, when suddenly, out of nowhere, in walks
Richard, his wife Denise in tow! Now, we were already sort
of a rowdy bunch, and the addition of Richard and Denise
made the three tables we were already occupying overflow
even more, and so the manager of the place offered to open
up their "party area" for us, and move us in there.
We agreed, and all began to move our things, drinks, purses,
briefcases, ect, into the next room.

In that room, they had several large booths, and whether
it was on purpose, or purely an accident, as I slid into one
booth, Pam, the girl who was after me, slid in on one side
of me, and before I could retreat, Denise slid in on the other
side of me, her huband, my boss, Richard, on the other side
of her! I was, for a lack of better words, "trapped"
between the two women, neither of whom I had any business
sitting beside in the first place! Oh Well!

Our first order of business at the new table was to order
more drinks, and besides the scotch and water I was drinking,
Richard insisted we share a toast of a shot of Cuervo Gold
Tequila, his favorite! That was all I needed, since I was
already getting light-headed, but I didn't want to
be the party-pooper either, and so I did my shot of tequila
right along with the rest of the gang. Everything else was
cool for the next several minutes, and even though pam was
sort of leaning on me, she was at least behaving herself.
A couple of minutes later though, and I couldn't say
the same about Denise, Richard's wife! Suddenly I
felt a hand on my thigh, and then the hand slowly worked itself
toward my crotch. I squirmed a little in my seat, and looked
over at her, but she wasn't even paying attention to
me, other than her hand of course, as she carried on a conversation
with someone across the table!

She didn't waste any time in locating my hard cock through
my pants, and soon she was rubbing it up and down, basically
stroking me off, through my pants! Hell, I was only human,
and yes my cock was very hard, and yes, her hand job felt really
good, but if I hadn't been drinking, and didn't
already have a pretty good buzz, would I have stopped her?
I'd like to think I would have, but who knows? I mean
honestly, she really was almost old enough to be my mother,
and her husband WAS sitting right on the other side of her,
and he WAS my boss after all! So, what the hell was I thinking,
and better yet, what the hell was SHE thinking?

Now, keep in mind a couple of things. I was fairly young,
in my early twenties, and even though I liked to think of
myself as a man of the world, I still had a whole lot to learn
about life itself, and life in general. Hell, I had no idea
what swinging was, or who swingers were, or what an "open-marriage"
was? As a matter of fact, you could probably fill a whole
lot more pages with what I DIDN'T KNOW, than what I did
know, at least at that time, and at that point in my life!
And so, I guess in a way, I really was like a "babe in
the woods" when it came to this kind of thing! I have
to admit though, at the same time, it was sort of flatering,
and it was an ego boost, and so I played along, as a matter
of fact, I play right into their hands, even if I didn't
know that's exactly what I was doing!

I danced with Pam several times, and more than once she hinted
that we ought to get out of that place, and go someplace else,
like her apartment maybe? I held off though, at least trying
to be a good boy, but then I danced with Denise also, and man
was I glad the dance flor was as crowded as it was, expecially
during the slower songs! About the only name I could give
the way Denise and I danced together was, "Dirty Dancing"
and even more dirty than the movie by the same name, even
though it had yet to come out! Her big tits felt so nice pressed
into me, and she rubbed her body on mine, and I held her tight.
My cock was rock hard by then, and I was definately horny,
to say the least!

It was a couple of hours later, and I'd left the table
to go to the men's room. As I was finishing up, and walking
out the men's room door, Richard came up to me, and asked
me if I'd like to come over to their house for a little
while and we could continue our partying there. I still
didn't really get it, I swear I didn't but I knew
something was up. I tried to think of a craceful way to bow
out without hurting his feelings or pissing him off, but
I couldn't and so the best I came up with was that I could
drop by for a bit, but I really had to be getting home soon
after that. He bought it, or at least I thought he did, and
so we went up to the table, and I was glad Pam was out on the
dance floor, because SHE would have started asking questions,
and THAT, I didn't need! I hurried out of the place right
behind them, and then I thought about something else!

It occured to me that I could simply let them get ahead of
me in the traffic, and then head home, claiming later that
I'd lost them, and didn't know what else to do.
It was a perfect plan, except for one minor detail, and that
detail was Denise! As I headed to my car, and they headed
to theirs, I suddenly realized that she (Denise) was walking
beside me, and then she was standing at my passenger door,
waiting for me to unlock the car! As she hopped int omy car,
she commented that she'd decided to ride with me instead
of Richard, just in case we did get separated in traffic!
All I could think to say was, "Hum, what a great idea!".
(So much for "MY" plan!)

On the twenty-minute ride to their place, Denise actually
behaved herself, which I found difficult to believe, after
all the crotch rubbing and dirty dancing we'd done
so far that evening. She did lean against me, and it was so
weird, so odd for me, because after all, she was another
man's wife! We got to their place OK, and as soon as we
were inside, I asked where the bathroom was, and as I went
where Richard directed me, he started fixing us some drinks,
while Denise went to go and, as she put it, "freshen
up some". I was out before she was, and Richard guided
me into their gameroom. It had a pool table and a dart board,
and a full-size foozeball table, as well as a full-size
air-hockey table, and one of those video poker machines
next to it!

Next to the gameroom, was a door, and it lead out to a fully
enclosed, screened in porch, with a Jacuzzi, hot tub, and
then out another door into their backyard, where they had
a beautifully landscaped swimming pool! I had to admit,
the place was georgous! It wasn't half as beautiful
though as Denise was, as she stepped into the room, clad
only in a VERY skimpy, little bikini! As soon as she saw Richard
and I, she commented on the fact that we were still dressed,
and when she saw the look on my face, she corrected herself,
changing still dress to why we weren't in bathing suits?
Richard told her that he'd just finished showing me
the hot tub, and he hadn't gotten around to asking me
if I wanted to take a dip yet, and then he turned to me and asked
me if I wanted too. What the hell? I told him I didn't
have a swim suit here of course, and he told me he had several
guest suits available, and then showed me into the small
shower/changing area, just off of the hot tub room.

What could I say, NO? I was already there, we were three adults,
and no one had forced me into coming, and so I went into the
shower room, and found a swim suit that fit, and put it on.
When I came out, Denise was already in the water, and she
was topless! My mouth dropped open, and then she stood up,
and I could see she was bottomless as well, hell, she was
completely naked! My eyes also zeroed in on another thing
as well, and that was that she had a smooth, shaved crotch,
and from what little I could see in the dim light, a very beautiful,
pussy! Seeing my reaction, Denise pointed to the sign I'd
failed to see just to the left of the hot tub, and it read:

"Absolutely NO Clothes Allowed in Hot Tub!"

She laughed and said she was sorry they hadn't told
me before, but they'd both figured it would be easier
to get me out of swim trunks, than all the clothes I'd
been wearing when I'd come into their house! Jus then,
Richard returned with three plastic cups, all filled to
the brim, with whatever drink he'd just whipped up
for all of us. At that point, I didn't care anyway, and
I took a big gulp, after he'd handed me my cup. DAMN,
if there was anything but vodka and ice in the cup, I would
have been surprised as it was so strong, but I needed a still
drink right then anyway, and so I took a second big gulp,
before Richard cleared his throat, and laughed, telling
me I'd better slow down, or I might pass right out there
in the hot tub! Oh, and by the way, HE, Richard, was completely
naked as well!

It was the first time I'd ever seen a man naked, this
close that is, since my football playing days back in High
School and College, but locker rooms were somehow different,
at least to me! I couldn't help but look down at his crotch,
and although he was mostly soft, you could see he did have
a growing erection. His cock actually looked kind of small
to me, and I was willing to bet that when we were both hard,
which "I" already was, that my cock was bigger
than his, but that was something I wasn't quite sure
I wanted to see, at least not yet! Richard stepped into the
water, and then sat on one side of Denise. She then patted
th water on the other side of her, and urged me to get naked
and get in. When she saw my hesitation, she laughed, and
told me that if I got in with my swim suit on, htey'd make
an exception to the rule this one time, but only if I promised
to strip it off, under the water.

I felt like I could deal with that rule, ans so in I went, and
then once I sat down, I slid the swim suit off, and then tossed
it to the side, out of the water. Denise looked over at me,
and said something about how that wasn't so hard was
it, and then we all luaghed, and then Richard proposed a

"To new friends", he said, and then we all rasied
our plastic glasses, and clinked them together, and then
down our drinks! The wramth of the water, the bubbles, and
the warmth of the alcohol, all made me feel more at ease,
and so I relaxed a bit, and slid over next to Denise, as Richard
got out of the hot tub, to get us more drinks. The moment he
was out of the room, Denise turned to me, and leaned into
me, and kissed me. It wasn't just a friendly kiss either.
Oh I mean it was friendly alright, VERY friendly, more like
boyfriend/girlfriend, lovers kind of friendly, as her
tongue slipped into my mouth, and we kissed deeply!

Now, as I said before, I was young, I was innocent ina lot
of ways, and I was a bit naive', BUT, I wasn't stupid
either, and I now knew exactly where this was all heading,
or at least I thought I did. Hell, I'd heard of swingers
and swinging, and I knew what threesomes were, although
mostly guys my aged talked about female-male-female threesomes,
and no one really ever mentioned male-female-male threesomes,
but by this time, I was fucking horny, and I was a bit drunk,
and I was ready, to throw caution to the wind! IF, this was
what my boss and his wife wanted, then so be it! My hands went
up immediately, and I began to fondle her tits. He hands
went down, and she cupped my balls, as she began stroking
my hard cock! If I'd been 90 or 95% erect earlier, I was
damn sure, definately, 110% fully erect now!

When Richard returned, he saw us locked on our embrace,
and never said a word, but just sat down on the edge of the
hot tub, and dangled his feet in the water, as he watched
us making out. I did glance over at him, and his cock was completely
erect as well, and my earlier assumption had been correct,
I was "bigger" than him, at least in THAT department!
After several minutes, he sort of cleared his throat, getting
our attention and then he said we ought to move this into
their bedroom, and Denise sort of playfully pushed me away,
and then stood up, got out of the water, and then extended
her hand to me. I then got out too, and Richard lead the way,
as Denise and I followed.

Their bedroom was really something! it had THE largest
super-king size bed I'd ever seen before in my life,
and it was dressed in black satin sheets, and a dark grey,
satin, bedspread. The bedspread and top sheet was already
turned down, and there were candles burning everywhere.
There was also soft music playing, and the only thing that
seemed out of place, and immediately caught my attention,
was the very expensive looking video camera and tripod,
standing there, just off the foot of the bed. Richard saw
me looking oer at it, and he commented, telling me not to
worry about it right now, but later on he hoped I wasn't
camera-shy, because he knew Denise definately wasn't!
Damn, this was all TOO WILD, but hell, now I was getting into
it, and so what the fuck!

Denise and I dried each other off, and then got onto the big
king-size bed. We started out laying side-by-side, and
then she was kissing her way down my body, headed for my hard
cock. As she moved around, and got down between my legs,
she looked up at her husband, and told him that he was right,
that I did have a very nice, big, hard, cock, and then she
smiled at him and he told her to go ahead, and "enjoy"!
I have one thing, one word I can use to describe Denise's
cock-sucking skills, and that word is FANTASTIC! Man,
that woman KNEW what she was doing! I'd always thought
that up to that point in my life at least, Debbie, my girlfriend
was the queen of cock-sucking, but compared to Denise,
she was merely an amature at best! I guess there really are
some advantages to being older, like a whole lot of experience,
and Denise was eager to show me those advantasges as well
as her many skills!

For one thing, Denise did a lot of licking, as well as sucking,
and I guess that years of experience, and who knew with how
many different guys, had taught her all the right spots
to concentate on, on a guys cock and balls, and she sure as
hell knew what she was doing! I loved it when she would use
just the tip of her tongue, sliding it up and down the underside
of my hard shaft, and then licking all around the head of
my hard cock. Then, she would alternate, and use the flat
of her tongue, licking slowly and then quickly, like you
might lick up an ice cream cone. Besides all that, every
once in a while, she would suddenly get her mouth to the head
of my cock, and then suck me in, swallowing my cock as far
down her throat as she could, and almost being able to take
me all the way into her mouth!

At the same time she did all this, her hands were busy as well.
She would play with, tickle, and tease, and hold my balls,
and then I wold go wild every time one of her fingers would
suddenly "stray" and then rub my asshole. You
could tell she also took the opportunity to "learn"
asd she went as well, because once she knew my personal "hot
spots" she would concentrate on them for a while,
before going back to her own routine! She was so wild and
open too! What I mean by that is, I'd never had a girl,
a woman go near my asshole, much less lick it directly, but
when Denise began to see my reactions to her "touch"
the next thing she did was to replace her fingers, with her
tongue! My God, that woman had me so close to cumming so many
different times, and then she would sort of "ease
me" back down, and then build me up toward my orgasm,
once again!

All the while all of this is going on, Richard also kept up
a running dialog, as his wife gave me head! He was stroking
hsi own cock, and watching her suck me off, and telling me
all kinds of things, like how good she sucked cock, and how
he'd bet that the last thing I thought would happen,
was his wife sucking me off. He'd then tell me how big
my cock was and how she was going to love me fucking her with
it, and other stuff like that, on and on and on! I had no idea
whether he was saying all of that for her benefit, his own,
or mine, or maybe all three of us, but I do know that it really
was turning me on, and I suspected it was turning her on as

And Then, It was time!

I felt my orgasm building, from deep inside my balls, and
I had a feeling this THIS TIME, even if she'd wanted
to stop it, I wouldn't have been able to hold back any
longer! My hips were moving and my breathing was becomming
more and more rapid. I was moaning and groaning, and finally
I told her, I announced to us all, that I couldn't hold
back in any longer, and that I was going to cum! Denise must
have taken my words for the truth, because suddenly she
stopped her licking, which was what she was doing at that
moment, and her mouth slid up my hard shaft, and then she
sucked my cock in! Right away she changed up her rhythm,
and her head bobbed up and down over my crotch, as my cock
slid in and out of her sweet, hungery, wet, mouth! I was right
there, right on the edge, and then I final squeeze of my balls,
and I exploded!

Oh My God! I felt like I was seeing stars, and my whole cock
felt like it had just exploded in pleasure as my cum shot
out and into her mouth, and she sucked hard and swallowed!
Richard was really into it now, hearin gme grunt and groan,
and watching his wife's head bobbing up and down ove
rme, and he was telling her to suck me hard, to swallow my
hot cum, and to not miss a drop! Denise was making little
"huming" sounds, and cooing, as she sucked
me off, and swallowed my hot cum. It was almost like she was
happy, she was estatic at making me cum in her mouth, and
my hot sticky sperm was her "reward", or at least
that's the way she made me feel!! She also did one other
thing that NO WOMKAN had done for me before, and that was
that even after I'd finished squirting into her mouth,
she still held my cock, firmly between her soft lips!

By the time she released me, and my cock slipped from her
mouth, I felt wasted, but I was STILL horny, and my cock was
STILL hard, and she really seemed to love that! She even
pointed it out to Richard, and that seemed to get him off
even more too! I was tired, but I also wasn't a selfish
lover, and so immediately I pulled her up to me, and I kissed
her deeply! Later on, she would tell me that it really turned
her on that I wasn't afraid to kiss her, after cumming
in her mouth, because I lot of guys just wouldn't do
that. Me, well I never gave it another thought, after all,
it was MY SPERM, I was tasting in her mouth, and so what the
hell was the big deal anyway?

After our kiss, I was immediately determined to return
the favor, to make HER feel as good as she'd made ME feel,
and so I quickly moved from kissing her neck to licking and
suckking her hard nipples, and then moving lower still,
as I licked and kissed my way down to her smooth-shaven,
crotch! As I neared my goal, and now I was the one repostioning
myself between HER legs, I took a moment to admire her, to
admire her womanly flower, her pussy, my ultimate goal.
Richard, watching like a hawlk as well, made a comment,
telling me to look at her pussy, and to see for myself how
beautiful she was "down there". She really
was, she really did have a beautiful pussy. Complete wiht
perfectly formed, wet, and swollen lips, and a beautiful
"opening", as well as a very well defined, and
somewhat large, clitorus!

I stopped again, and I smelled her. Her womanly oder was
intoxicating, and her pussy smelled so good! I breathed
her in deeply, and I knew right then, that she would "taste"
even better, but by then, I was ready to sample her fo rmyself.
And So ... lettin gmy tongue flick out, I slid it up and down
her wet crack, and I tasted her sweet pussy, as I began licking
her! Right away, her hands went to my head, and her fingers
tangled in my hair. I felt the bed moving, and I knew Richard
was shifting around. I then knew that as I began eating her
out, Richard we "up top" giving her tits and
her big, hard, suckable, nipples a work-out as well. Soon,
between the two of us, we really had her going, really had
her moaning, groaning, and carrying on! Seems that Ms.
Denise, was a really "loud" lover, and I absolutely
loved that!

I then decided to test out a theory, and a little at a time,
as I slid a finger inside of her, and then slid it in and out
of her, I began to lick lower, and lower, and still lower,
until MY tongue was busy, working over HER asshole, just
as she'd done to me! Denise was going wild, and telling
me rather loudly, to "Lick My Ass!" Add to that,
whether by dumb luck or shear chance, I managed to find and
locate her "G-Spot, and this was in the days way before
the "experts" even bgan talking about a woman's
G-Spot, I found hers, and then she was really going wild!
Richard quickly took the opportunity to move his own mouth
down and into play, and as I licked her asshole, and fingered
her, he began sucking hard, on her swollen and very sensitive
clit!@ That was all it took a suddenly she blasted off into
an orgasm of her own!

As Denise thrashed around on the bed, moaning and groaning
and screaming out her pleasure, he pussy literally flooded
both of our faces, with her hot jusices, and we both concentrated
on turning one orgasm into yet another, for her! Denise
eventually had to shove both of us away from her crotch and
ass, and it took her several long minutes to settle down
enough to even catch her breath, but "rest"
wasn't on her mind, even after a couple of mind-blowing
climaxes, no, Denise was ready, she was ready and eager,
and she now wanted to fuck, to be fucked and be fucked hard!
Almost dragging me back up her body and on top of her by my
ears, as soon as I was "there" she spread her
legs wide, reached down between us and grabbed hold of my
hard cock, and then guided it right up to her wet fuckhole!

In a hoarse, raspy, voice, she whispered to me just seven
words, but I will never forget them, as she whispered to

"Fuck me with that big cock baby!"

Enough said, as I thrust forward, and slid into her hot,
wet, and very ready pussy! God she was tight, I have to give
her that much, she was so fucking tight, but man was she slick
and wet as well! In one stroke, I felt my crotch pree into
hers, as my cock sunk all the way up inside of her. She groaned,
and told Richard how "big" I felt, and how "full"
her pussy felt, filled up with me. She groaned again, and
then told him that my cock felt a thousand times better than
his little baby cock, and THAT really shocked the shit out
of me! I guess it was their game. I guess it was a turn on for
HIM as much as her, but all I knew was that I was getting to
fuck a very hot, very sexy, very wild woman, and so that was
more than enough for me! I began to fuck her. I began sliding
my hard cock in and out of her hot, wet, pussy.

I went slow at first, enjoying the feeling of each deep thrust,
but then eventually I began to speed up my fucking her. It
was then I had an idea, and I decided to try something. After
Debbie and I had begun fucking, and I found out that she was
one of those women who are difficult to make cum purely by
fucking them, we perfected a specific postion that we now
used, and it was a surefire way to not only get her to orgasm
fairly easily, but also to have more than one orgasm, every
time we fucked. And so, I decided to try my "special
position" out on Denise! I stopped fucking her, and
I felt her hands slap down hard onto my ass, attempting to
urge me on and make me continue to fuck her. I had my own ideas
though, and so I suddenly used my legs to pull her legs tightly

She got the idea right away, although she later told me that
she'd never done it in this position. After her legs
were squeezed together tightly, I slipped my legs over
hers and I straddled her, my legs still prone, but on the
outside of her legs. I then supported most of my body weight
on my hands, my arms outstretched on either side of her body.
In this position my cock was still deep inside her pussy,
but the lower half of my body-weight had my crotch pressed
firmly against her crotch. In this position, I coluld move
freely and fuck her almost as freely as if we were in the old
"missionary" position, yet my crotch, and
more importantly my pubic bone was pressed firmly against
hers and that cause my crotch to rub her clit hard, with each
and every thrust!

Just as soon as Denise figured out what was going on, her
hands slapped down hard onto my ass cheeks, and her fingers
dug hard into my flesh, and she pulled me even tighter against
her as we fucked. Right away she was groaning, and in a very
few minutes, she was moaning loudly and announcing that
she was cumming! Locked together as we were, I could very
easily and very plainly feel her pussy contracting hard
around my cock, and even as she climaxed, I continued fucking
her, and almost as quickly as she came the first time, yet
another orgasm slammed into her, and she climaxed a second
and then a third time! Completely out of breath, and panting
wildly, Denise had to PUSH ME off of her, in order to regain
at least a little control of her body, as well as of her emotions!
Three VERY POWERFUL climaxes in a row, and now SHE was the
one that needed a little rest, not ME!

It was funny in an ironic way, because the next voice I heard
we Richard's and not hers, and it was HIM that suddenly
blurted out "Incredible, just fucking indredible!".
Denise was still trying to catch her breath but she did manage
a weak, "Ditto" in responce, and even I had to
chuckle at that one! I wanted to keep going, I was still horny,
but Denise needed a short break, and so as a JOKE, and I swear
it was a JOKE, I SWEAR, I looked over at Richard, still stroking
his own hard cock, and I said something about how I'd
broken my fuck-toy, I'd worn aout his wife, and now
HE needed to take her place. It WAS a joke, I swear, but no
sooner had I said it, than Richard slid down my body, and
before I could even protest, he had my hard cock, still slick
with his own wife's pussy juices, in HIS mouth!

Now while I had NEVER been "homophobic", I'd
never been attracted to another man before, much less thought
about another man sucking my cock, and yet here I was, in
their bed, a married couple, and I'd just fucked the
wife silly, and now the husband, who also happened to be
MY BOSS, was sucking my hard cock, and doing a damn good job
of it! Talk about a wild, yet totally awkward situtation!
What was I supposed to do? How was I supposed to act and react?
I had no fucking idea, and so I just lay there, letting him
suck my cock, and enjoying it too boot! Luckily for me, Denise
had recovered fairly quickly, and now she was ready for
more cock. As she moved around on the bed, I sort of yanked
my cock from Richard's mouth, and then as his wife got
on all fours, her beautiful ass pointing back at me, I got
up onto my knees, and got behind her!

I love fucking a woman "doggie-style" and apparently
it is one of Denise's favorite positions as well. Brabbing
her hips, I thrust my cock into her, and she groaned, as I
sunk my cock all the way inside her now even tighter pussy,
and then we were off and running as the saying goes! Let me
tell you, in that position, and with her slamming her ass
back into me, as hard as I slammed my cock into her pussy,
it didn't take me long, and then I began to feel those
first tingles, that warn you of an impending orgasm! NOw
I reallybegan fucking her hard, and my balls were slapping
off her ass, making smacking sounds, with each hard thrust.
Suddenly, I felt my whole body go stiff, and I slammed my
cock as hard, and as deep into her, as I could manage. I grabbed
her hips, and slammed her ass back into me, and held her there
as I climaxed, cumming hard inside of her!

She screamed: "Oh My God YES!" and then she too
climaxed, and for me at least, this was my very first time
to EVER make a woman orgasm, simply by fucking her from behind!
Suddenly, I felt a hard cock sliding up and down my ass crack
as I continued climaxing deep inside Richard's wife.
It was weird, but even I had to admit that it felt kind of good,
and then I felt the splashes, the first splashes of Richard's
cum, as he shot off, his hard cock squeezed tightly into
my ass crack. For the first time in my entire life, another
man was cumming on me, another man was climaxing, and it
was my body, if only my ass crack, that had brought him off,
that had caused him to orgasm and believe it or not, that
actually intensified my own orgasm, and I continued shooting
my hot sperm into his wife's hot, throbbing, cunt!

Finally, all three of us collapsed into a tangled heap of
arms and legs and bodies, onto the bed, and no one spoke,
as all three of us struggled to again catch our breaths!


This was only the beginning. It was only the start of what
was to become, one of the wildest not only nights, but weekends
I'd ever spent, not only back then, but even today as
well, it was a wild, hot, and exciting weekend that I shall
NEVER forget, and at this point, it was only just beginning!


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Excellent part 1 and looking forward to pt 2.


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a very well written story, i hope you write some more, it
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good story!! very hot! MORE, please!!


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WOW!!!! Very erotic and well written. Can't wait for
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WOW!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!! There's just nothing like sharing
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Talk about job benefits... sign me up!


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Great story can't wait for part 2


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