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The Boss's pet!


This is a story of how my sexual appetite was changed for
me, I am now 39 still married with one son, and my Boss is 27
and a single woman. Thank you to Drlicksgood for helping me with this and posting
it for me.

I Became the Boss’s New Toy!

Day1 I’m 38 and married, and Diana is my boss. On Monday
I was sitting next to her in her office when she put her hand
on my thigh, sliding it up under my skirt. I hadn't had
sex with a girl since college, so it was a complete surprise.
I didn't know what to do, but without my thinking about
it I found that I had opened my legs for her. She gentle caressed
the inside of my thigh, she didn't touch my pussy, and
though I'm sure I would have let her. She kissed me,
still with her hand up my skirt, and then told me we had better
get on with the work. I was in a daze the rest of the day.

Day4 After a day or two when nothing else happened I had decided
that the whole thing was a spur of the moment thing and that
was that. Then she asked me to go for a drink with her, and
would I wear stockings instead of my usual tights. She took
me to a club in the pink triangle where I felt uncomfortable,
especially when she started openly fondling my bottom
in front of her friends. When we danced she put her hands
on my bottom, under my skirt. I suppose it was Ok because
other couples were doing the similar things, but I felt
really embarrassed. Afterwards she took me back to her apartment, and asked
me to undress for her. Again I was very embarrassed and nearly
rushed out of the door, but by then my pussy was overruling
my head, so I guess desire made me stay. She is a very good
lover; she had me gasping when she buried her face between
my legs. When I had had all I thought I could take, she produced
a strap-on thingy and fucked me doggy style till I came screaming.
Although she didn’t come whilst doing this, she wouldn't
let me between her legs, and obviously didn’t like it
when I touched her breasts. Her pleasure seems to be in dominating
me and making me wild with desire. While she was using the
strap-on she put a wet finger in my arse hole, which made
me feel humiliated and abused, but also increased my desire.
She told me that next time she would be putting the strap-on
thing in my arse. I didn’t know how to handle that. My husband never does
that, in fact nobody ever had. But I don’t know how to say
no to her, and actually didn’t know if I wanted to. Day8 A week had gone by, and Diana has ignored me. I was getting
desperate for her attentions. I’m normally fairly conservative
in how I dress, but I began going to work in stockings under
my shortest skirts, and my usual modest blouses were exchanged
for low cut tops. I let her know that I would be staying late to finish the file
I was working on. I took the file into her office to ask her
about it, and then dropped it as I was leaving. I gave her
the back view as I bent down to pick it up, keeping my legs
straight. She must have been able to see all my bare legs
above my stockings, and my pink panties. Before straightening
up I turned and smiled at her. She raised an eyebrow, that’s
all – but she did work late herself, and when everyone
else had left she called me into her office. She locked the door behind me and immediately took me in
her arms and kissed me deeply. Within no time she had her
hands under my skirt and slid down my panties. I stepped
out of them and she picked them up and put them in her purse.
Still kissing me she started rubbing my pussy, I was very
wet already, but then she put one hand behind me and slid
her finger into my arse. Wow, total violation, total humiliation,
but I didn't care I didn't want her to stop. She
finger fucked my arse, holding my pussy with the other hand,
till I came. When I had calmed down she said we'd go to her place and
she'd do supper. In the taxi she put her arm round me
and started kissing me. I loved it, but realised that the
driver was watching us in his mirror and I got very flustered.
However I soon forgot him when she slid her hand under my
skirt again (remember I had lost my panties). This time
she went for my pussy. I should have kept my knees together,
but no chance; they parted without any decision from me.
She had me cumming as we turned into her road, and I was still
shaking when I had to get out of the taxi and stand up. She made pasta and opened a cold white wine. We ate in the
kitchen, on stools, and talked about work, Afterwards
she suggested we take our drinks through. "Through"
of course meant into the bedroom. She closed the door and
stood looking at me, raised her eyebrow and half smiled.
I knew what she was asking, so I got undressed without a word.
I did it slowly folding my clothes carefully, starting
with the stockings, and then I lifted up my skirt to remove
the garter belt, remembering too late that I had lost my
panties. Ah well! I took my top off slowly, and then undid
the bra, lowering it slowly because my breasts are starting
to sag. Finally I dropped my skirt, turning my back on her to pick
it up, then blushing as I realised what I had shown her. I
stood with hands on hips looking at her looking at me. She
didn't say anything but after she had studied me for
an age (more blushes from me) she spread her hands, I spread
my legs. She must have seen my arousal, because my pussy
and inside the tops of my thighs felt soaking wet. It was
a relief when she indicated a twirl, so I turned round to
give her the back view. I looked round at her and tried to
smile. After she had studied me she came up behind me, put
her arms round me and her hands onto my breasts. She caressed
them quiet hard, and teasing my nipples till they felt huge,
kissing me again till I felt breathless.

She undressed quickly and matter of factly, but kept her
bra on. A pity, because her breasts looked as if they would
be great to play with, but I've never seen them. Although
I was expecting it, I felt myself go pale as she went to the
bedside drawer and got the strap-on thing out. I watched
her step into it and do the belt up. She stood looking at me,
with the thing poking out so aggressively. I stared at it,
then realised that I had to do something, or give in to my
fears. I walked up to her and kissed her (it’s usually
her kissing me) and put my hand on it, working it up and down.
I reached down for the balls, then realised of course there
aren't any (felt silly) After working it for a bit,
I realised that it was exciting Diana, obviously her end
was rubbing on her clit. I dropped down on my knees and deepthroated
it as much as I could. It was bigger and fatter than my husband,
but not that much, I decided. Against the wall she has a big chest of drawers, she looked
at it and then at me. With fast beating heart and a feeling
of dread, but also anticipation I slowly walked to the chest,
and bent over it. I grabbed hold of the back edge of the top
and spread my legs. I could just see her in the mirror, and
she stood looking at me spread waiting for her for ages,
leaving me in despair. Finally she approached me, and started rubbing the thing,
first against my soaking pussy, then between the cheeks
of my arse. Where do you want it? She asked. Where did I want it? I knew
where she wanted to put it, but I didn’t dare to ask. Fuck
me I stammered, put it in me. I asked where you want it? Do you want it in your cunt or your
arse? She said very angry, icy cold! Oh please, in my arse, in my arse and in a small voice and please
be gentle I pleaded. She had a bottle of lube amongst her make-up (how much had
she planned this?) and she put lots on, and then eased the
tip into my arse. It hurt, really hurt and I think I cried
out as she eased it into me deeper and deeper. I felt a sudden
urge to shit, and cried against it. Then it was deep inside
me and I felt my muscles relax allowing her to move deeply,
completely into me. I heard myself groaning. She asked
if it felt good, yes I replied between the groans, and it
did! Without conscious thought I found myself moving to
meet her thrusts. I felt totally violated, humiliated
but hugely and darkly excited. I wanted her inside me totally.
I stopped groaning and felt my excitement mounting. She
reached in front of me and touched my clit. I felt myself
cumming. As I started to cum she began spanking my bottom
with her other hand. Quiet hard, each one stung, and echoed
loudly round the room. It was the most fantastic orgasm
I have ever had!! She pulled out of me gently and I felt my arse gape before
closing. She helped me from the drawers and led me onto the
bed. She lay down beside me and held me tight. I began to cry,
I don't know why, I wasn't hurting, just emotionally
drained I guess. I slept for a while in her arms feeling tender
and loved, before she gently woke me up and told me it was
time to go home. I dressed without a word, leaving without
my panties (I dare to ask for them back) and she called me
a cab. When I got home I was amazed that it was only just past midnight.
So much happened yet so little time... I dropped my clothes on the floor and fell into bed. Thank
goodness for the alarm clock! Day9 The following Day I was just finishing for the day when
she called me in to her office again, we sat side by side on
her couch and, very matter of factly, and she put her arm
round me and kissed me deeply. Of course I spread my legs
for her. She didn’t take off my panties, just worked round
them and onto my wet excited pussy. I remembered with a jolt
how it felt when she masturbated me, already I am familiar
with her gorgeous touch, very gentle then a squeeze on my
clit, Then more insistent. I hoped she was going to go down
on me like the first time, but she didn't. I guess that
was an introductory offer (new customers only). I felt her fingers inside me, until she is finger-fucking
me and working her thumb on my clit. Meanwhile her other
hand worked my breasts. Harder now, squeezing them and
pinching my nipples. I give myself away when I’m about
to come, throaty noises, gasping etc, and as I got near,
she stopped. Her fingers stilled in my pussy (though I was
very aware of them still in there) her thumb left my clit,
and her other hand stilled, just holding my breast. When
I calmed, she began again, but again wouldn’t let me cum.
I don’t know how many times she did this, but I was reduced
to saying "Please Diana, let me cum, please please"
She teased me for a bit, saying things like "Oh, does
my slut want to cum does she" with me begging for it.
She consented after what seemed an age, and as I came, she
squeezed my nipple harder and harder till I was crying out
for her to stop, and crying out for more, all at the same time.
She held me gently while I calmed myself, and kissed and
sucked the nipple she had squeezed. I didn’t know what to do with my panties. I was still wearing
them, but the crutch was soaked. She said that it was a pity
I was wearing them, they had got in the way, and were now too
wet to go home in anyway. Was she seriously telling me not
to wear panties to work? With the short skirts I am now wearing
it doesn’t seem a good idea! When I got home I was hoping my breast wasn’t bruised!
I had a quick look in the bathroom as soon as I got home and
was horrified how red it was, all round the nipple, but then
I realised it was only Diana’s lipstick. I managed to
get it all off. I should say my husband works away often and my son is at university.

Day10 I Dressed in a short skirt (but not my shortest!) and
briefest black panties. When I got in I make straight for
the washroom, took them off, then panicked and put them
back on again. Later, in Diana’s office it was hard to keep crossing
my legs and flashing my stocking tops without showing my
(illegal?) knickers. It obviously frustrated her, because,
as I got up to go she said my name, when I looked at her she gestured,
obviously asking me to raise my skirt. I’m sure I went
as pale as death. Of course I understood. What could I do?
I shook my head, in that moment she looked very angry, lent
forward and lifted my skirt. For a fleeting moment I hoped
that my stocking tops and the sexy tiny lace panties would
melt her, but I should have known better. She half turned
me, then, still holding my skirt up with one hand, delivered
a vicious smack to my bare thigh. It was so hard, so loud and
so unexpected that I cried out. I felt my eyes water with
shock and humiliation. Diana turned her back on me, I fled.
Now what?? I went straight to the ladies room, where I dried
my eyes and calmed myself. Then took my panties off and put
them in my purse. I was puzzled and embarrassed about the
dampness on them. There had been nothing sexual, why was
I getting wet? Anyway, straight back to her office knocked
on the door. A curt enter from her. I walked in; she still
had a face like thunder. I didn’t say anything, but stood
in front of her, legs apart and lift up my skirt. She gazed
at my damp pussy, smiled, then leant forward and pushed
her face into. Her hand followed, round the back seeking
out my arse. It was lovely. Licking and sucking my clit and fingering
my arse, what more could a girl ask for, and in company time?
She told me not to cum, and I tried and tried, but her probing
finger and her busy mouth soon had me shuddering and gasping.
Afterwards I needed time to calm down, and then I went back
to my desk in a dream. As I sat down I saw an angry red bruise
forming on my thigh, I didn’t care.

Day15 Since that lovely sex in Diana’s office she ignored
me for several days. Despite my efforts at flashing my legs
(and possibly occasional glimpses of my bare pussy) in
her direction she has been purely businesslike the past
two days. I was getting more and more desperate. I had thought
that, after the last time, and my capitulation over the
panties, things might happen more regularly. But what
I have learnt about Diana is to “never” assume anything.
When I got home my husband was already home and in the bath.
He was going out to watch football later. I quickly peeled
off my clothes and jumped in the bath with him, but we hadn’t
time for more than a kiss and a cuddle. I had just climbed
out myself, and put on loose baggy pants and a sloppy jumper
(nothing else) – ideal for lounging round in, but very
unsexy, when I heard him talking at the doorway. I thought
it was one of his friends come to pick him up for football.
But then I heard a woman’s voice at the door. I went through, and there was Diana, dressed as I’ve never
seen her, also in loose baggy pants and a jumper, and clutching
her briefcase in front of her. She explained that she was
sorry to disturb us at home, but the file I had been working
on needed to be finalised tonight. I didn’t know what
she was talking about, there was nothing I could think of
that was urgent. She stepped up to me, now with the briefcase
down by her side, and gave me a peck on the cheek, and pushed
herself against me as she did so. I nearly jumped back in
shock and surprise as I felt her strap-on hard against my
stomach! I don’t know if I went pale, or bright red, but
I suspect both at the same time, and felt weak at the knees.
My husband said he had to dash, and to be sure to offer Diana
a drink. She said she’d love a glass of wine, and going to get it
allowed me time to calm myself and summons up my resources.
My thoughts were how unsexy I looked, and I had no makeup
on. She looked at me and smiled, raising her eyebrow. "What?"
I stammered. She said nothing, but continued to stare at
me with the eyebrow raised. I knew of course what she was
asking, no, telling me to do, but this was our home; I had
never been naked here except for my husband. I shook my head
and started to stammer this out, she just looked at me, and,
of course, I gave in. She led me to our dining table and I obediently
stretched out across it, legs spread. Good girl she said, and began to caress my arse, and down
between my legs. I could feel myself getting very wet. She
produced a bottle of lubricant and applied it to my arse
hole, pushing a greased finger in as far as she could, and
stroked between my legs, exciting my clit, and getting
me even wetter. Suddenly she began to smack me, short, sharp
smacks, pausing a second between each. What am I doing,
letting a fully clothed woman spank my bottom, but I found
I was lifting my buttocks to receive each smack. Now arch your back more. Come on, lift your arse up for me
I lifted. Another load of smacks, this time very hard, so
that I shrieked with each one .I began to cry, not from the
pain, but from shame and humiliation. When the spanking stopped, I looked round behind me to see
her undoing her trousers and taking out the thing. She stood
behind me, holding me round the hips, pulling me gently
towards her, and began to ease it into my arse. It felt enormous inside me, it filled me totally, and violated
me completely, and felt fantastic. She fucked me for a long
time, getting faster and faster and harder and harder.
She told me when to cum by touching and pinching my clit.
She pulled out of me gently, turned me round and kissed me,
wiped tears from my eyes with her fingers and helped me dress.
We sat on the couch and she held me tightly, comforting me,
while we finished our wine, then she said she had to go. She
kissed me long and deeply, and left. I went through to the bedroom and examined my bottom in the
mirror. As I feared it was red where she had spanked me. I
decided that I didn’t mind, in fact felt rather proud
of it, especially as my husband would be too tired to notice

Day18 Diana stopped by my desk just long enough to tell me
that she was going to the club with friends, would I come
too? When we arrived we met up with D’s friends I had met
there before, a funny lot, but I didn’t care, I was here
because of Diana. I was wearing my usual, skirt, stockings, and no panties
of course, and when we danced I’m sure D was showing everyone
my bare bottom. She had her hands behind me, under my skirt,
and the way she was pushing my skirt up, I guess I was showing
the world everything. We sat down and immediately her hand was back up my skirt
and onto my pussy. One of the other women, Laurie, asked
Diana if she could dance with me. I was horrified; this woman
Laurie is really butch, baggy clothes, cropped hair, tattooed
arms and rough looking hands. In my youthful encounters
with girls, I never went for the butch type, always found
them rather frightening, and I still do! Also I was upset
that she asked Diana, not me. I’m not Diana’s property,
am I? Anyway, Diana immediately took her hand off my pussy and
said of course. I looked at her in despair, but she just smiled
back and told me to go and dance with her friend. Laurie pulled
me against her, and I could feel a strapon pushing against
me. What to do? I was struggling in her arms, trying to keep
away from it, but then thought if Diana wants me to do this;
I’ll try to make her jealous. Also, in my heart of hearts,
I must admit that strap-ons are a real turn on for me. So I pushed up against it, manoeuvring myself so it was against
my pussy, and I guess masturbating myself against it as
much as dancing. Her hands were all over my bare arse, but
I didn't care! And when she kissed me, I kissed her back,
opening my mouth for her insistent tongue. I’m sure I
would have had an orgasm right there on the dance floor if
we had carried on much longer. Anyway Laurie led me back
to the table and pulled me down next to her. I looked at D in
despair, but she just smiled. This time it was Laurie’s
fat fingers on my pussy. There I was, skirt up, knees widely
spread, with her hand working on me and with my hand masturbating
Laurie’s strapon through her trousers. Her insistent
fingers, her mouth on mine and the feel of her strapon in
my hand, soon finished what the dance started and I came
gasping. Even then Laurie wouldn’t let me go back to Diana, but
kept me with her. She abandoned my wet cunt, and turned her
attention to my breasts, which she soon had out and in her
hands. I guess having had my orgasm my lust was slated and
I was able to fight back. I pushed her away, grabbed my purse,
stood up and ran, pulling my top up as best I could, saying
I needed the washroom. I ran straight out the door, and found
a cab to take me home.

Day22 Diana has ignored me since the incident in the club
with her friend Laurie. I spent a miserable weekend worrying
about her. By the end of yesterday I was getting desperate,
and felt so horny. So today I’m dressed entirely to please her, I know I want
her so much. Wearing no panties is such a sexy thing. I’m
constantly aware of my naked pussy, and think that everyone
must realise how I’m dressed, but I dare not put my panties
on in case D decided to make up. I worked late and Diana was still in her office (waiting
for me?). When everyone else had left I timidly knocked
on her door. Taking all my courage I went in and immediately
said how sorry I was that I ran out on her. We discussed it
and I ended up sitting on her knee. After we had kissed for a bit, and a few tears from me, she
told me I would have to be punished for my behaviour at the
club. I smiled for the first time, not because I was about
to be punished, but because I was accepted again Over my knee she said Yes Diana I said meekly. Holding my skirt up, I stretched out across her knee. I loved
the feel of her warm leg and the material of her skirt on my
pussy. She started caressing my arse, (not what I was expecting, )
then down between my thighs, I spread them without being
told to. She soon had me deliciously wet and open for her and I began
to feel my orgasm approaching. You guessed it! It was then that she started to spank me –
hard. It went on for ages. I began to weep but still she spanked
me. Her hand moved from my bottom to my pussy, it was a real shock
when she spanked me there, but fortunately not as hard.
It must have turned her on because the spanking became caressing
and then finger fucking. This time she let me cum, and it
was tremendous! She helped me up and led me to her couch, where we kissed and
cuddled some more. It was lovely wrapped in her arms. She said she had to go; I could stay in her office until I had
got myself together enough to go home. She made no mention
of a date or anything, so as she was leaving I told her that
my husband was away this week and would she like to come for
a meal tomorrow, she said she’d be delighted. Of course, being alone in her office I had a little snoop
round. All her desk drawers were locked except for the top
one, and there inside it was a whip, with rubber strands
and a dildo shaped handle. Of course I had to give the handle
a trial run before I went home.

Day23 I’ve just been in to see Diana (purely business)
but as usual as I stood next to her her hand was up my skirt
and onto my pussy, just gently feeling, She said how much she was looking forward to this evening,
and should she bring anything? As she said this she opened
her top drawer, and there it was, that whip. I went bright red, totally giving myself away, and stammered
something like Bring anything you like. What do you mean Sarah, anything? Oh, please don’t make me ask for it, but she did, and I gave
in, as usual Please bring the whip Diana And? Oh no, I’m not going to ask for that, please don’t
make me, but of course she did. And the strap-on, please (I’d never actually spoken
that word before!) Before Diana arrived I made up my breasts. Probably too
much, they look gorgeous, and sooo tarty! I put my apron
and heels on, nothing else. I had time to lay out the hors-d’oevres
and the things for the stir-fry (quick and easy) and there
she was at the door. Deep breath, smile, open the door. There she was, smiling
at me holding her briefcase and a bunch of flowers. A chase
peck from her, and I turned round and walked ahead. Revealing
my bare backside to her view. A cry of surprise and she pulled
me to her and kissed me deeply, still clutching briefcase
and flowers. She produced a small gift wrapped box in a bag with that flower
on it. When I opened it I found nipple clamps. A silver chain
with rubbery coated clips on the end that tighten by sliding
a ring up them. She said she had to prepare my nipples. She
licked and sucked them till they were really hard, then
put the clips on at the back of the nipples, almost on the
areoae. She said if I wanted more sensation, she would move
them to the very tips (No, that’s fine, thank you Diana).
She tightened them gently, but more than I would have! They
made me catch my breath, painful enough to make me constantly
aware of my breasts. She backed me onto the couch, head straight between my thighs.
As I came she pulled the nipple chain. Wow, it really hurt,
but I couldn’t stop moving against her mouth as I came.
When I had calmed down she allowed me to undress her. She
was wearing her baggy trousers and we can guess what under
them! She again stopped me taking her bra off, but I really
loved holding her “cock” and rubbing it. We ate the hors-d’oevres on the couch. She ate off me and
I off her (she drank white wine from my navel) I ate off her
“cock” but the rubber rather spoilt the taste! I told her her bra was going to get all messed up from the food,
so she relented and took it off!! Her breasts are lovely,
not as big as mine but much firmer, with gorgeous perky nipples
and huge pink areolae. She let me suckle them!! I couldn’t
leave them alone. I cooked the stir fry with D standing beside
me, her hand on my pussy gently caressing me. She ate one-handed
as well!

She returned to the couch and her briefcase, and produced
the whip. I was frightened but tingly all over. I just stood
there as she stroked me with it, then she started to lash
my arse. I quickly realised that although it stung a bit,
I had nothing to fear from it. After moving up and down my
back, and the back of my legs (that hurt more) she moved to
my front, and asked me to spread my legs. Now this was getting
more serious. She whipped the inside of my thighs, getting
alarmingly close to my pussy. This really hurt and I moved
my arms to protect myself. She told me crossly to keep my
arms by my sides, but after another lash that almost reached
my pussy, my arms were back again. She made me put my hands
behind my head, this somehow added to my sense of shame and
humiliation. She decided she’d done enough to the inside
of my thighs and moved up to my stomach. That was OK but then she reached my breasts. Every lash had
them jiggling about alarmingly, and I couldn’t keep
still. Only a few lashes had me crying. I was still standing
with my legs spread, and when I thought it was all over, she
brought the whip straight up between my legs onto my pussy.
The shock made me squeal and clutch myself. I don’t think
she even did it very hard, but it really stung, and shocked
me and it was in this state, with me sobbing, that she bent
me over the couch and fucked me, first my cunt and then my
arse. I was sobbing all the time she fucked me, but I didn’t
want for her to stop. She pulled the nipple chain as I came
so hard it pulled right off my nipples. She led me, still sobbing, into the bedroom and got into
bed with me, and held me in her arms till I slept. I woke in
the night to find her gently masturbating me, and when she
realised I was awake, she put her other hand round behind
me and a finger into my arse. It was gentle loving fucking,
while I suckled her breast. Afterwards I drifted back to
sleep in her arms, with my mouth still against her breast.

Day24 When the alarm clock woke me she was gone. I don’t
know when she left, but she had tidied up the apartment and
stacked the dishes. My nipple chain was in its box by the
bedside. Before I got dressed I stood and looked at myself
in the mirror. I have red marks on my breasts, thighs and
bottom. I stood gazing at them, and my hand crept down to
my pussy. I was shocked to find how wet I was, just from looking
at the red marks, I managed to control myself and get dressed,
but I really did want to masturbate standing there. Later in Diana’s office she turned me round and raised
my skirt and gazed for ages as my bottom. It was still red
from the night before, though it was fading. She didn’t
say much; just that it looked gorgeous, and sent me back
to work with a gentle slap on it. She has said that we are going to her club tonight. I didn’t
know what to say, but she said that she won’t let me get
involved with Laurie again so I guess it will be all right.
She will come and collect me from my apartment. A quickie
first? That will be nice! Diana arrived early; I just hadn’t got dressed, so I thought,
what the hell, I’m hoping for a quickie anyway, so I kept
her waiting at the door while I put on my nipple chain then
opened the door naked. I realised I’d done up the nipple
thing too tight, but it was too late to alter that. Diana was delighted, and we had our quickie, which left
me with a red bottom again! In the taxi she began to caress my pussy. I leaned back and
spread my legs for her. I don’t know if the taxi driver
was watching in his mirror, I didn’t care. But she is so so good at it, she knows exactly when I’m about
to cum, and she slowed right down and wouldn’t let me.
When I saw we were nearly there I was reduced to saying Please
Diana, but she said that would have to wait. As usual we sat down with her friends, Laurie was already
there, and moved to sit the other side of me. She soon had
her hand on my leg but Diana picked it up and removed it. They
glared at each other, but D is a tough lady and Laurie backed
down. Diana took me onto the dance floor, and soon had her
hands under my skirt and onto my bottom, I felt certain that
everyone would be able to see my bare red arse. Indeed they could, because later, when Diana went to the
bar, Laurie leaned over me, hand back on my thigh, she asked
me how Diana had made my arse so red. I was so embarrassed
and humiliated, I just shook my head, but she persisted,
and I told her with a whip. She smiled and said it looked lovely,
she’d love to caress it, and did I want to dance? I told
her no I didn’t. She gave me a piece of paper with her phone number on. She
said that none of Diana’s girlfriends lasted very long,
and when Diana had had enough of me, to give her a call. She
had her other hand on her ‘cock’ and was stroking it,
I realised I was staring at it, and hastily dragged my eyes
away, blushing furiously. We saw Diana returning, so Laurie
took her hand off my thigh (it had been creeping up and had
just about reached my pussy) and I hurriedly put her note
in my purse. Back at her flat Diana did the smile and the raised eyebrow
thing and I quickly undressed as sexily as I could. (I still
hate the way I respond to her signals, but I was too horny
to deal with that issue). I wanted to do it slowly and sexily,
but by then I was gagging for it, as they say, and I couldn’t
get my clothes off quickly enough. After I had stood for
inspection, legs apart, pussy and upper thigh glistening,
feeling shame and embarrassment, she undressed herself,
except for her bra again, and put the thing on. I sat on her
knee facing her, and at last we fucked!!! I did reach behind
her and remove her bra and she didn’t stop me so I had those
fantastic breasts to hold, but then she told me to put my
arms behind me and hold onto her knees. She began to slap
my breasts, making them jiggle about, Needless to say this
had me crying out with pain/humiliation/joy and I fucked
her even harder. Of course I soon came, and collapsed into
her arms, where she held me and kissed and cuddled me with
the thing still in my pussy.

When I got home and was getting my keys out of my purse I found
Laurie’s note. I was about to throw it away when something
stopped me. I folded it up and put it in a drawer. I am confused
about Laurie. I remembered her hand creeping up my leg.
With shame I remember how totally I succumbed to her that
first time. And Diana had been deliberately keeping me
aroused and horny. I’m also confused why I lied and told
Laurie that Diana had whipped me. She hadn’t actually,
just spanked me with her hand, but somehow that seemed feeble
when Laurie asked me the question. I can’t get Laurie out of my head, she’s the type of aggressive
lesbian I hate, but I can’t forget how much she excites
me. Looking back to this evening, it was such a shame the
Diana got back just as Laurie’s hand reached my pussy.
If I didn’t want her, why did I open my legs for her? It seems I have more questions than answers!

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Please continue...This story is fantastic...


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You are an incredibly sensual woman. I truly enjoyed your
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well written

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