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The Blackmailed Neighbors


"Well, for Christ's sake, would you look at that!"
the big man muttered
to himself, staring out the window. He turned to speak to
a dark-haired
young woman lying on a couch across the room.

"Hey, Anna, you'd never guess what's moving
in across the street!"

"Let me try, " she replied in a bored voice.
A moment passed. "Sword
dancers?" she asked sarcastically. "A flea
circus?" A troup of trained
walruses and their sealion manager ?"

"Cut the comedy, " the big man said, flushing
angrily at the mockery in
the woman's voice. "Get off your lazy ass and
come over and look."

The woman settled back on the couch, but curiosity got the
better of
her. As she got up, the robe she was wearing parted for a moment,
showing a flash of smooth bare thighs. Taking her time,
she walked over
to the window and looked out. She had to stand close to the
man but was
careful not to touch him. Each time a shift in his position
brought him
closer to her, she moved back the barest fraction of an inch,
enough to keep them separated.

"Well, what do you think of that little cunt?"
the man asked with a

Across the street a large moving van was backed up to a house.
Two men,
obviously the drivers of the van, from their overalls,
were carrying in
furniture. Another man stood nearby, watching, but Anna
knew that none
of these people, nor the van, was what had captured the interest
of the
man next to her. A young woman, blonde, with a stunning figure
excitedly directing the two workmen. She was wearing a
pair of tight
white shorts and a halter top which did little to hide the
movements of her large, obviously well-shaped breasts.
"Well ... how about it?" the big man asked impatiently.
"Oh, Max ... for Christ's sake, " the woman
said disgustedly. "So it's a
cunt. To listen to you talk, anybody'd believe you
never saw one

"God! I sure as hell haven't seen many like that, "
he answered, licking
his lips nervously. "Oh, my fuckin' balls. Look
at the way her tits
are bouncing ... and look at her ass, just trying to bust
out of those

Anna didn't say anything more, but she had to admit,
Max did have a
point. She couldn't help admiring the other woman's
admittedly lovely
young body. Nor did she fail to understand Max's obvious
lust for the
girl. She felt a mild rush of interest herself as she watched
the young
blonde moving between the house and the van, getting in
the men's way,
trying to help them carry some of the smaller items. A good
body, she
thought lazily, and wondered what the girl would look like
without those shorts and that silly halter. I haven't
touched a woman
for a long time, she mused. I wonder if her tits are as solid
as they
look. Yes, she could understand the interest of the man
next to her in
the girl, but she was repelled by the crudity of his lust.
She watched
him excitedly staring at the girl, his eyes glittering,
his hands
clenching into fists, and from time to time, his thick tongue
over his lips, trying to moisten their heated surfaces.
A real pig, she
thought with disgust.

"l've gotta have a better look, " he suddenly
said. "Get me my

"Oh, for Christ's sake, Max. lf you stand here
gawking out the window
with a pair of binoculars growing out of your head, they'll
see you.
You want them to think there's a bunch of weirdos over

"Goddamn it, Anna, " the man snarled at her,
jerking his small eyes away
from the window and fastening them angrily on her. "I
said to get the
binoculars. Now don't give me any of your smart-ass

Anna held her ground for a moment, her dark eyes locking
with Max's pale
gray ones. Then her gaze dropped and she left the room without
a word,
returning a minute later with a pair of binoculars. Max
moved back from
the window before he placed the binoculars against his
eyes and began to
scan the little party across the street.

"l'm not as dumb as you think, " he told
Anna. "They can't see me this
way, back from the window. For one thing, it's darker
in here and bright
sun out there ..." His voice caught and stopped. "Christ!"
he said
sharply. "She's bending over facing me. Wow
.... What a pair of tits
...!" He fell silent, staring intently through the
binoculars for
several minutes. One large hand dropped down to the front
of his pants,
and Anna saw with disgust that he was slowly massaging the
growing bulge there as his penis hardened and swelled under
restraining material. God, he could get it up watching
a cow piss, she
told herself acidly.

Anna was a medium-size woman, in her late-twenties, but
her lush, well-
developed figure made her seem bigger. Her coloring was
dark, with skin
the color of ivory, set off by thick dark hair that cascaded
down over
her shoulders and framed her face in heavy tendrils of smoky
When she wanted to, Anna would let her hair fall forward,
her dark lustrous eyes, which she knew how to make glitter
in sulky

Max was a much rougher-cut figure. A big, bulky man of about
fifty, he
had once been very good looking, and he still retained traces
handsomeness, but they were for the most part buried under
a disfiguring
coarseness brought on by decades of dissipation, sullied
by an innate
cruelty that had hardened his features while his body thickened.
hair was turning iron-gray, cut in a bristling crewcut
that only
enhanced the air of violence that hung about the big man
like a constant
threat. The two of them, he and Anna, made an incongruous
couple, and
many people had asked themselves what the two were doing

Anna still stood near the window, watching the little drama
across the
street---the laboring men, the obviously excited young
blonde, the other
man, standing and watching as the draped furniture and
heavy boxes made
their way from the emptying van and began to fill the house.
Must be
her first house, Anna thought, gauging the other woman's
excitement. I
wonder how it feels to be excited over something? She wondered
if they
were newlyweds, but from the watching man's semi-indifferent
doubted it. Her scrutiny shifted to him. She judged him
to be a little
younger than herself, and a good-looking man. He was tall
and slender,
without being thin. Good shoulders, Anna thought approvingly.
He had
fairly short hair, black, just long enough to hint at a frustrated
desire to grow it longer. Even at his distance she could
make out a few
tendrils curling over his ears. Wonder what kind of a man
he is! Anna
thought. I wonder how he treats his little wife!

Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud guffaw from Max.
The overeager
young woman across the street had been trying to carry too-heavy
a box
and had dropped it, spilling its contents all over the lawn.
She stood
in despair a moment, looking down at the scattered pile
of small items,
some of them still rolling across the grass. The girl looked
up at her
husband for encouragement but all she got was a condescending
Superior bastard! Anna thought with irritation, as the
man ordered his
wife to pick up the spilled contents of the box.

"Oh, Christ, will you look at those buns!" Max
yelled in glee as the
girl bent down and began putting the various items back
in the box.
Even without the binoculars Anna could see the flimsy white
material of
the too-tight shorts suck up in between the girl's
ass-cheeks and ride
high to bare the gently rounded swell of her lower buttocks.
She was
kneeling, her legs spread a little, ant the tight mound
of her pussy
bulged enticingly between well-rounded thighs.

"Anna, I swear I'm gonna get into that ass, "
Max was mumbling, more to
himself than to her. "I swear I'm gonna split
it wide open with old
Fred here, " and he obscenely squeezed the ever-growing
bulge in the
front of his pants.

"Sounds like your usual technique, " Anna

"You got any complaints about the way I fuck?"
Max demanded, pulling the
binoculars away from his eyes and turning to glare angrily
at her.

"It'd take a book, " she replied, knowing
she should keep her mouth shut,
but led on by the desire to insult him. "A hundred volumes."
"You sure as hell never bitched while you were getting
it rammed up that
cock-gobbling cunt of yours."

"I was too busy trying to keep from throwing up, "
Anna responded
sulkily, pushing her luck. Max's face crimsoned.
He started to say
something but then jerked the glasses back to his eyes,
staring for a
moment at the blonde girl, who was still crouched down on
the ground,
her buttocks presented invitingly back in their direction
while she
laboriously refilled the box. Max looked back at Anna,
a cold grin
coming over his hard face, and Anna knew she had gone too

"See that ass out there?" he said in a silky voice.
"I'm gonna pretend
you're it. Now get over here and pull up your robe!"
"The hell you say!" Anna snapped back. "You
think you can fuck me just
like that ?"

"I know I can fuck you just like that!" Max replied.
"Now get your ass
in front of me and bend over. I want something for old Fred
here to do
while I watch that gorgeous little cunt across the street."
Anna was icy with rage. "You think you can use me like

"Like a piece of furniture, " Max cut in. "Now
are you coming over here
or do I have to drag you?" He was growing angry, too,
his heavy
features reddening and his eyes glittering hotly in their
sockets. The two of them stood, rigid, glaring at one another.
"You've gotten too big for your britches lately,
Anna, " Max said
quietly, his voice cold and deadly. "I can't
permit that. Now ... you
know what I can do ... if you make me ... So get your ass over
here ...
NOW!" The last words were shouted. Anna's gaze
faltered, then dropped,
and she moved slowly over in front of Max, her face working
repressed anger, but doing as he ordered.

"Wait a moment, " Max said, and dragged a heavy
table over in front of
the window. "Now lie down on your belly, " he
ordered. Knowing what he
wanted, Anna placed the upper part of her body on the table,
her feet
still on the floor. She gripped the sides of the table with
her hands,
knowing she'd need the leverage if she wasn't
to be pushed off onto the

"Okay, sweetheart, now let's see what kind of
a substitute you make, "
Max said. With one hand he pulled the back of Anna's
robe up, baring
her buttocks. The lovely satiny half-moons lay naked before
devouring gaze and Max ran his hand eagerly over their rounded
reaching between Anna's partly spread thighs to pull
cruelly at her
silky brown pubic hair. She jerked at his touch.

"I wonder if she's a real blonde, " Max
muttered, looking up from Anna's
lewdly bared buttocks to survey the girl across the street.
"I'm sure
as hell going to find out, " he vowed, and wasting
no more time, he
hastily unzipped his pants and reaching inside, pulled
his painfully
throbbing cock out into the open.

"Okay, Fred, it's lunchtime, " he fondly
said down to the swollen, blue-
veined rod that jutted out of his trousers, ringed by a fringe
of woolly
pubic hair. "Come on, bitch, open up!" he ordered
Anna, prying her
thighs apart with his hands when she hesitated. For the
moment Max
forgot his blonde obsession as he stared hungrily down
at Anna's
helplessly exposed genitals. Her full fleshy outer cuntal
lips pouted
from between her long sleek thighs, half-hidden under
their smoky veil
of pussy-hair, but he could vaguely make out the pink gleam
of her inner
slit beneath. Reaching down, he brushed the soft curly
tendrils aside,
and then brutally rammed one hard finger in between the
softly swelling
lips, feeling it grow wet with Anna's ever-ready vaginal
Christ! Get a cock near this broad and she starts dripping,
marveled. Which was a good thing, because he rarely took
the time to
prepare her for the sudden invasion of his huge, rock-hard
penis. At
that very moment, the only thing that held him back from
ramming the
aching staff he was slowly massaging, up into the lovely
body before him
was the concern that too much haste might hurt his tender

With that in mind, Max moved the bloated, purplish tip of
his massive
organ forward, using his hand to work it up into Anna's
hot wet slit,
watching in fascination as its blunt end pushed aside the
spongy outer
lips, making room for its engorged bulk.

"Mmmmmmmm, baby, " Max moaned, shutting his
eyes and imagining that it
was the blonde whose hot cuntal flesh felt so soft and slick
under his
touch. He reached down and began to press hard against Anna's
feeling the tender little button throb under his careless

He felt a long shuddering quiver ripple through Anna's
body, but he
couldn't have cared less how what he was doing felt
to her. What he was
trying to do was get her good and wet so he could get into her
muscular vagina easier.

Gratified, he felt fresh juices gush out of the trapped
woman's vagina
and coat his probing finger with their slick wetness. Max
worked his bulbous cock-head up and down Anna's rapidly
moistening slit,
coating its bullet-shaped head with her slippery secretions.
he moved his ready probe higher, pressing it for a moment
against the
tiny brown pucker of Anna's rectum, feeling her body
go rigid with fear.
Max chuckled, remembering the time he had fucked her there.
God, she
squealed like a pig, he thought in amusement as he remembered
how Anna
had squirmed in agony below his invading cock, trying to
escape from his
iron grip. He was tempted to do it again, but knew he'd
have to use all
his strength to hold her down and that would distract his
attention from
the blonde.

Below, stretched out on the cold surface of the table, Anna
was hating
herself as she felt Max's hands and cock roaming at
will between her
subserviently open thighs. The son-of-a-bitch! she raged.
One of these
days I'm going to cut his heart out! But she knew she
wouldn't do it.
No, not even that would break the hold he had over her. As
much as she
despised him, time and time again she would have to let this
hated man
defile her helpless body. A groan of self-loathing escaped
from her
tightly clamped lips as she felt a bolt of white hot feeling
shoot up
from her mauled clitoris as Max's hard finger dug into
its tender sense-
buds. What she hated most was the way her treacherous body
independently of her mind, finding pleasure in the disgusting
this half-animal did to it. If I just had the will-power
to lie here
and pretend it wasn't happening, the prone young woman
thought in
despair. But no! Already she could feel the hot wetness
of her
copiously reacting sex juices flowing between her thighs,
making her
vagina ready for the crude violation that was certain to
come. Her
genitals burned with an electric heat as Max's rough
fondling kindled
their inner fires.

"Unnnnnhhhhh, " Anna grunted as she felt Max's
cock-head suddenly slam up
into her only partially ready vagina. A bolt of sharp pain
made her try
to twist away from the brutal invasion of her tender inner
passage, but
Max's powerful hands easily held her down.

Unable to hold himself back any longer, Max had lined up
his bulging
cock-head with the pink-petaled fleshy opening of his
captive's vaginal
hole and then driven his hips brutally forward, ramming
the rigid fleshy
pole up into the surprised woman's futilely squirming
body. It took
several hard, powerful thrusts to do it, but eventually
Max's rubbery
cock was buried all the way up to the hilt in Anna's body,
his pubic
hair brushing obscenely against her tightly puckered
asshole. Taking
one last look at the way the thick stump of his penis jutted
back out
from between Anna's swollen cuntal lips, Max picked
up the binoculars
and once again began to examine the crouching girl across
the street.

"Oooohhh, you tender little cunt ..." he moaned
as he began to slowly
fuck in and out of Anna's vagina, "I'm gonna
throw it to you just like
this." And he continued to look at the tight white
shorts stretched
over the girl's buttocks as she knelt, imagining it
was her he was
sliding his cock into. One big hand resting on Anna's
buttocks below, kneading the firmly rounded globes with
his fingers,
savoring the creamy feel of the skin, leaving angry red
marks behind
when he dug in too far.

Oh, the bastard! What a cock! Anna moaned to herself in despair
as she
felt Max's huge meaty shaft slithering in and out of
her overfilled
cunt, stretching her, opening up her insides with its relentless
advance. She cursed the way her body reacted to her tormentor's
undeniably big organ, but there seemed to be nothing she
could do about
it---except for the time he had taken her in the asshole,
and the pain
had been so bad that the only thing she'd wanted to do
was get away.
There was pain now, too, but already it was changing to an
pleasure as her vaginal opening widened to admit Max's
plunging member. He was in deeper now, and as Anna felt the
rubbery tip
of his cock shoved hard against the sensitive opening of
her cervix, the
last of Anna's will-power faded.

"Ooooohhhh" she moaned, embarrassed to hear
sounds of pleasure coming
from her throat. She fought to hold herself back, but another
of Max's
deep thrusts pounded up into her quivering belly, weakening
the last of
Anna's resolve. Her fingers gripped the edge of the
table and she
raised her ass off the cold hard surface, making it easier
for Max to
gain entrance to her now voraciously churning pussy.
"That's the way, you blonde cunt, " Max
was saying, oblivious to Anna's
presence as he avidly watched the distant girl through
his binoculars---
sensing the hot, wet, cuntal flesh wrapped so satisfyingly
around his
shuddering cock, but preferring to imagine blonde pubic
hair there,
rather than Anna's silky dark strands.

Doubly humiliated, Anna gritted her teeth as she lay on
the hard table,
her head twisted sideways, dark hair spilling over her
face, obscuring
her features. I hope he gets it over with soon, she said to
then the further thought crept treacherously into her
mind---as soon as
I cum!

Knowing that right now she was only a convenient vagina
to the man
fucking into her compliant body while he fantasized what
he was going to
do to the girl across the street added new dimensions to
Anna's hatred,
a hatred that grew with every moment's realization
that she was enjoying
what Max was doing to her. At least I can be quiet, Anna thought
despairingly and bit her lip to stifle the moans of pleasure
that Max's
deep thrusts were tearing out of her body. Beyond her control
now, a
powerful orgasm was beginning to build in the humiliatingly
young woman's genitals and she stiffened her body
to withstand its

From above Max could sense Anna's quickening responses.
He slid his
fingers down the cunt-slippery shaft of his relentlessly
drumming cock
as it slid in and out of Anna's gushing pussy-hole,
probing at her hot
swollen inner cunt-flesh with his finger tipsy discovering
how much her
formerly tightly clenched vaginal opening had flowered
to admit his
probing manhood. Keeping the binoculars fastened on the
stranger across
the street, he imagined it was her tender young body he was
and as he thought it, he could feel his own orgasm on the way.
"Oh, Christ, " he said as his balls began to
harden and draw up into his
body. He slit his hand madly over Anna's naked twitching
brutally fondling the smooth hot flesh. Just as he felt
the first hot
rush of his sperm, he impulsively rammed the tip of one finger
up inside
the excited woman's rectum, as far as it would go.
Anna's whole body jerked under this new assault, and
her fingernails
scraped across the table's hard surface. She was already
trembling on
the brink of orgasm, and Max's finger in her ass, in
addition to the
wildly stimulating feel of his thick semen rifling in hot
rushes up into
her womb, touched off a white-hot explosion in the helplessly
young woman's ravished body.

"Aaaaaahhhhh, " she choked out, forgetting
that she wanted to keep
silent. Her pelvis began to work madly up and down, slamming
her hips
down against the table, pushing her cunt back against Max's
thrusting loins. Her vaginal muscles worked spasmodically,
desperately at Max's thick spouting shaft, forcing
their combined cum
back out around the jerking member in a heavy spray which
gushed over
the edge of the table and soaked the front of Max's pants.
"Hot little bitch, " Max managed to grit from
between clenched teeth as
he hung onto Anna's twitching buttocks with one hand.
The scene through
the binoculars was misty, but he clung tenaciously to the
image of the
crouching young blonde as he emptied the last of his balls
into Anna's
churning cunt.

Totally exhausted by the intensity of her orgasm, Anna
was lying limp
upon the table, and when Max looked down as he withdrew his
shrinking cock from Anna's dripping cunt, he was mildly
surprised to see
her dark, cum-dripping pubic hair---he had half-expected
that it would
be blonde.

"Okay, babe, " he said matter-of-factly.
"You've done your usual gushy
job. Now, for Christ's sake, get me something to wipe
this gunk off my
pants, " and he looked down disgustedly at the thick
wet smear that
covered his fly and dripped from the end of his cock.

Awakened from her post-coital reverie by Max's crude
words, Anna slid
off the table standing on shaky legs, and quickly covered
her naked
loins with her robe. She hated to be this way in front of Max---
flushed, disoriented, breathing heavily and raggedly,
so she made no
resistance to his order for a wash-cloth and went to get
him one, glad
to be alone. When she returned, her breathing was under
control and her
usual cool, bored manner had returned.

"Christ, what a mess, " Max muttered as he scrubbed
at the front of his
pants. "I never saw a woman make such a mess."
"At least half of that stuff is yours, " Anna
remarked dryly. "I hate
the thought of it being up inside me.

"Come on, don't give me that shit. Hell, you loved
it. You don't think
I heard you panting and moaning while I was throwing it to

"A mere bodily reflex, " Anna said in irritation,
smarting under his
words. They were too true.

"Bullshit, " Max replied crudely. "You're
the biggest cockhound I ever
met. Get a hard prick near you and you start salivating.
You'd fuck
anything. Hell, if the offer was made, you'd fuck a

"I just did, " Anna said with loathing.

There was a moment's silence while Max's face
reddened with anger.
"Why, you arrogant slut, " he growled, taking
a step toward Anna! His
heavy hand raised as if he were going to strike her. Anna
inwardly but stood her ground, glaring coldly back at Max.
They stood
that way for several moments, then Max's hand dropped
slowly to his
side. For the first time Anna realized that Max had never
struck her. All the violence he'd made on her had been
connected with
sex. The hold he had over her forced her to obey him, and what
seemed to want most was her subservience and humiliation.
But they both
avoided direct violence, perhaps sensing that the delicate,
web of their forced relationship would come apart the instant
he hit
her, and not even Anna wanted that. As much as she hated her
it was a known world, and without its routines, as humiliating
as they
were, there might be no way to hold back the ultimate disaster

"You gotta big mouth, " Max growled. Anna made
no reply this time---just
stood sullenly, watching Max finish cleaning the front
of his trousers.

"Okay, " he said. "Get some clothes on.
We're gonna go meet our new

"You think that's smart?" Anna asked.
"Maybe it would be better if you
just kind of sneaked up on them slowly."

"We'll do it my way, " he snapped back.
"I said I was gonna get into
that little cunt, and I meant it. We gotta have a plan of operation---
like a battle plan. And any good general will tell you the
important thing is to have good intelligence. So we're
gonna go out and
gather intelligence---a reconnaissance mission. But
we can't do it with
your bare ass waving all over the street, so get dressed."
"Why do I have to go?" Anna asked.

"Because you make good cover, " he replied.
"If we go as a couple,
they'll react to us as a couple. If I go alone, there'll
be a natural
guard up."

Anna took her time getting ready, happy to have the chance
to make Max
fume. She took a quick shower, saying she could hardly go
out to meet
his intended smelling like a rutting sow. Then she dressed
smiling inwardly at Max's impatience to be off to the
hunt. But she
caught herself choosing her clothes with care, picking
the sexiest ones,
and she became amused at herself. Who's doing the hunting?
she asked
herself, thinking of the handsome young husband. Or was
it only the
husband? Her mind returned to the innocent blonde seductiveness
of the
young wife, dressed in her too-revealing shorts and halter.
"Hey, not bad, " Max leered when she was ready.
"You're gonna blow that
dude's mind so much he won't even notice I'm
there." Anna had finally
settled on her most simple outfit as the most effective.
It was a thin
summery dress, almost a shift, short-skirted to show off
her elegant
legs with the soft material clinging seductively to her
hips and belly.
The low-cut top left no doubt that she wasn't wearing
a bra. Her heavy
breasts shifted and jiggled with each move and her nipples
dimples in the flimsy material. Maybe it will get hint,
she thought. I
might as well have some fan, too.

Max and Anna went out into the street. The moving van was
empty, all
the furniture and boxes were in the house. The workmen were
closing the
big doors of their van and one was presenting the young husband
papers to sign. The blonde girl was sitting wearily on the
front steps,
and through the open door behind her could be seen a litter
of packing
material and half-emptied boxes.

"Hi, " Max said heartily, holding out his hand
and walking up to the
young man as soon as the workmen had driven the truck away.
"My name's
Max Flaherty, and this is my, uhhh, niece, Anna Collins.
Looks like
we're gonna be neighbors. We live just across the street."
The young man shook hands with Max and nodded to Anna. "Glad
to meet
you, " he said to Max, but his eyes kept returning
to Anna. "I'm Jack
Hollister and this is my wife, Pam." The young blonde
had gotten up as
soon as she saw Max and Anna approaching, and she joined
the ritual
agony of introductions by stiffly shaking hands with the
Anna was watching for Max to do something boorish, but he
behaved well
enough, confining himself to one quick glance down into
Pam's cleavage
as she shook his hand. Deciding to enjoy herself, Anna moved
seductively as she knew how, amused by the way Jack Hollister's
followed her body.

"I'm sorry the place is such a mess, " Pam
was saying inanely, as if it
could be anything else on moving day. "Won't
you come in, " she asked.
"I've already unpacked some of the glasses and
right now I'd certainly
love a drink." She looked questioningly over at her
husband, as if
awaiting his approval, but his eyes were still on Anna.
The young
blonde's eyes clouded a moment, but she seemed to shrug
off her
husband's new interest as something inevitable.
"Well, we don't want to bother you just when you're
moving in, " Max said
unconvincingly, darting another glance at the lush valley
between Pam's

"Oh, please come in, " she said and then blushed
a little. "It's the
first house of our very own and we'd like you to be our

How touching, Anna thought. A genuine little housewife.
And bored.
Her sharp eyes had taken in several signs of the deadly tedium
often invades modern urban marriages. Jack's eyes
boldly on her body
and Pam's dogged acceptance of it told at least part
of a story, and
Anna became interested in learning more. Although the
other woman's
life-style was obviously light years away from her own,
Anna instantly
liked her. Under what seemed at first a scatter-brained
and easily
dominated personality, Anna sensed in Pam a native intelligence
sense of humor, buried now beneath an almost humorous innocence.
guessed Pam's age at twenty-two or twenty-three.
Pam led the way into the house, picking her way between piles
of boxes.
Max walked along behind her, feeling the blood pound in
his veins as he
watched the young blonde's scantily clad buttocks
sway and jiggle with
each step. Someday soon, he promised himself. Jack had
himself behind Anna, and knowing his eyes were undoubtedly
on her body,
she used her practiced seductiveness to make her own hips
perform a
sensuous dance under the clinging material that drew attention
to them
as it slid clingingly over the near-naked flesh beneath.
Drinks were brought, and after the first few sips, tongues

"What line you in?" Max asked Jack.

"I work in a brokerage house downtown, " the
young man replied.
"Assistant vice-president."

"Damn good job, " Max said, seemingly impressed.
"Which company?" When
Jack told him, he whistled in surprise. "One of the
biggest in town, "
he said.

"What do you do?" Jack asked.

"Oh, I'm kind of retired, " Max replied
vaguely. "Made a little a few
years ago and now I just sit and enjoy life. Kind of boring
so I try to find ways to liven it up."

"Did you say Miss Collins is your nieces'

"Uhhh, yeah, " Max replied, remembering his
earlier cover story barely in
time. "Her folks died and I took her in until she could
get on her own
feet." A look of sudden inspiration came over his
heavy features.
"Say!" he salt. "Maybe you could help,
being so high up with your
company and all. You think you could help Anna get a job there?"
Anna looked over at him in surprise. The last thing she wanted
now was to have a job. Putting up with what Max demanded of
her was
work enough, and she hated the thought of giving up her leisure.
she was curious enough to find out what Max had on his usually
mind to hold her peace and see what developed. She could
always back
out at the last minute.

Jack took the bait. As soon as he'd seen Anna he'd
wanted her.
Engrossed by the lovely seductiveness of her artfully
exposed body, he
hardly knew what Max looked like---he had only eyes for
her. She isn't
wearing a bra, he thought excitedly, amazed at the way her
retained their shape, standing out from her body firm and
full. They
jiggled but they didn't sag. He forgot for the moment
that his wife was
at least as beautiful. She was familiar to him by now, and
Anna was
unexplored territory. The thought of having her in the
office, under
obligation to him, began to look appealing.

"I'll see what I can do, " he replied. "Why
don't you come into the
office tomorrow, Anna, and I'll introduce you to the
big boss."

Anna shrugged. What can it hurt, she thought ... other than
this guy's
wife. She caught Pam's eyes on her, but when she turned
to the girl she
had already looked away. She knows who's going on,
Anna thought
guiltily, and determined not to let things get out of hand.
She had to
do what Max demanded, but she hated the thought of hurting
people, if there were any such thing. On closer inspection,
Anna began
to revise her opinion of Pam. What had first seemed to her
to be
simpleness could just as easily be explained as resignation
confusion. From the looks the young wife cast toward her
husband, she
was painfully in love with him. He was handsome enough,
Anna thought,
but there was a certain weakness that showed at times in
his face---
something about his mouth and eyes. There's trouble
here, she thought.

When Pam went into the kitchen to mix more drinks, Anna followed
"Excited about your house?" she asked.

"Oh, yes, " Pam replied, suddenly animated.
"I've always wanted a place
of my own, but I never thought it'd be as nice as this."
"Pretty fancy, " Anna agreed, looking around
at the large, well-equipped
kitchen. "But from the sound of your husband's
job, I guess he can
afford it."

Pam's face clouded over again. "Yes, he makes
plenty of money, " she
said sadly. "But there's so much pressure he
doesn't have much time
left over for anything else. I don't know how much the
house can mean
to him---he's either at the office or sleeping."
Pam suddenly flushed.
"I'm sorry, " she said quickly. "I
invited you here for drinks, not to
hear our problems "

"I know all about them, Pam, " Anna said with
a warm laugh. "I, too, was
married to a career, way back there somewhere. It was rough."
"What happened?" Pam asked, her blue eyes large
and curious.

"We got divorced. What else?" Anna said bluntly,
and then regretted it
as she saw consternation in Pam's eyes. "But
it doesn't have to be that
way, " she added quickly. "We were wrong for
one another from the start.
One of those stupid impulse marriages."

"Oh, " was all Pam could say. Anna felt a warm
rush of affection for the
younger girl and impulsively put her arm around her and
squeezed. A
radiant smile lit up Pam's face and she gave a brief
answering squeeze
before moving away, a little embarrassed. My God, she's
healthful, Anna
thought. Pam's hair was a bright shining gold, making
her blue eyes all
the more noticeable. Her skin was rosy and clear, shining
with health,
and her deep red lips were full and sensuous for a blonde,
framing small
perfect teeth. Once again Anna began to understand Max's
with the girl and she herself wondered how Pam would look
naked. She
determined to do her best to keep Max from damaging her too

"Well, you people look tired, " Anna said when
she and Pam came back into
the living room. "I think we'd better drink up
and go." Max shot her
an irritated look but she refused to notice. There were
good-byes at
the front door and then she and Max were crossing the street
to their
own house.

* * *

"What the hell did you think you were doing, telling
me when it's time
to go home, " Max asked her angrily as soon as they
were inside the front
door. "I decide what the strategy's going to
be. Hell, I was really
making tracks in there."

"Yeah, like an elephant, " she replied. "I
thought your eyes were going
to pop right out of your head and fall down in between Pam's

"Who the hell was going to notice. Hubby was following
you around like
a dog. Shit, he wouldn't have noticed if I'd fucked
that luscious
little broad right there."

"Well, she sure as hell noticed. She was edging away
from you every
time you got near, but that's easy to understand, the
way you were
slobbering. That's a nice kid, too nice for whatever
you have in mind."

"You know Goddamned well what I have in mind, "
he replied with a leer.
"I'm gonna fuck that little jewel, and after
our visit, I don't think
it's gonna be too hard."

"Oh, you just think old irresistible Max Flaherty
can entice any lovely
young newlywed into his arms. Don't you realize she's
madly in love
with her husband ?"

"Yeah, and that's the key. He's the weak
spot. Hell, didn't you notice
the tension between them? They've got troubles, and
I'm willing to bet
those troubles start in the bedroom."

"That's nothing new. With you, all troubles
start in the bedroom."

"Sticks and stones, " Max mocked. "I'm
in too good a mood for you to be
able to piss me off. I'm sure I'm gonna get a hunk
of that gorgeous
blonde tail, and more than once. When you turn on somebody
like that,
there's no turning them off. Hell, she's horny
... I just know it!"

Anna's silence was a confirmation of Max's theory.
She, too, had
noticed it. There was more to Pam's obvious discomfort
than just
loneliness. Hubby put his soul into his work, probably
neglecting his
young wife. No, there's more to it than that, she mused
to herself.
The way Pam had accepted it when Jack had been so obviously
in her, another woman, was the clue. Maybe she's frigid!
Anna thought
with sudden insight, or something close to it. Wouldn't
that be a joke
on Max. But he thought differently, and he was seldom wrong
in such
matters. Max had a built-in radar for detecting frustrated

But there's something wrong there, Anna thought to
herself. And I bet I
get pulled right into the middle of it!

"Hey, what was that shit about my getting a job?"
she asked suddenly.

"That's part of the plan, " Max said smugly.
"Hell, that's the whole
plan. I saw that guy looking at you. You were smart to put
on those
clothes. You'll have him eating out of your hand in
no time, and with
him out of the way, it'll be clear sailing for me right
into Pam's snug
little harbor."

"Oh, no, " Anna exclaimed. "You can't
make me do that! I'm not going to
do anything to fuck up anybody's marriage."
"Oh, yes, you are, " Max said coldly. "What
the hell did you dress up
for that way if you didn't have the same thing in mind?"
Anna bit her
lip, cursing herself for being a fool. "You're
gonna move your ass into
junior's office and stick it in his face, until he'll
do anything to
fuck you. Then the rest is mine. You understand ?"
"I won't do it!" Anna said flatly. "I
like that girl. The husband you
can have. Just another hungry hunting cock, like all the
rest. You can
do all the foul things you want to my body---that's
part of our
agreement---but you can't use me to hurt other people."
Max moved close to Anna, taking her shoulders in his big
meaty hands.
He squeezed, making her flinch with pain despite herself.
"You'll do anything I say, " he snarled,
his eyes only inches away from
her own. "That's our real agreement. I've
kept my part, now you keep

"And how long is all this going to go on? When will I
be free of you
and all the shit you send my way?"

"When I decide, and maybe that'll be when I die
of old age."

"Some people die from accidents, " Anna gritted
out, her eyes burning
with hate.

Max shook her, making her head snap back and forth. "You
know better
than that, " he snarled. "Anything happens
to me and those letters get
mailed automatically. You know what would happen then,
don't you?"
Anna was still glaring defiantly up at him.

"Don't you?" he shouted, shaking her again.
Anna seemed to shrink under his gaze. The hatred faded from
her eyes,
replaced by a dull despair. She nodded her head feebly.
"That's a good girl, " Max purred sarcastically.
"You love your old Dad
too much to take chances, don't you? It's very
touching to see such a
devoted daughter ..." his voice took on menace, "who
knows her Daddy's
welfare rests on her ... and on what she does or doesn't

"You pig, " Anna whispered.

"Sticks and stones, " Max answered mildly.
"But you will do it, won't
you? You'll go down to that big brokerage house and
sweet-talk junior
into finding you a job. And then you'll wiggle your
asset until he
can't help but stick something in it ... right?"
"Right, " Anna murmured.

"Attsa good girl, " Max said with false good
will. "And you know what?"
he added.

"What?" Anna asked dully.

"We're gonna have a lot of fun, you and me, "
Max smiled happily.

"We're gonna have a hellion lot of fun."
* * *

Across the street, Jack and Pam Hollister were getting
ready for bed.
Jack was already under the covers ... naked ... looking
appraisingly at
his wife as she undressed. Pretty good, he thought to himself,
the sleek rosy loveliness of her body as she stood naked
a moment before
getting into bed. The overhead light threw deep shadows
under her full,
taut breasts, where they thrust out from her ribs, making
them look even
larger than they were. In fact, damn good!

But Jack's thoughts were with Anna, and the way her
scanty dress had
clung seductively to her body. His interest in his wife
at the moment
was to compare her to what he hoped Anna would look like naked.
experienced a slight shock when Pam turned around and he
caught sight of
her silky blonde pubic hair, nestled in a perfect vee where
her slender
milky thighs molded into her slightly swelling lower belly.
pussy hair'll be dark, he told himself. Dark and thick.
What a break
she needs a job. I'll get her into the office some way,
and after that,
it'll only be a matter of time. I saw the way she was looking
at me!

As Pam slid into bed next to him, Jack's hand automatically
found its
way to her belly and began to slide lower, towards her softly
pubic hair.

I'll pretend it's Anna, Jack thought.

"Oh, not tonight, please, " Pam said quietly.
"I'm too exhausted from

Chapter 2

As soon as the first bright rays of the morning sun came streaming
the window, Pam's eyes flew open. Only half awake,
it took the young
blonde several seconds to remember where she was.

Oh ... our new house! She stared at the unfamiliar ceiling,
and then
over at the windows. Those curtains will have to go, she
disapprovingly. Knowing there was a lot of work to do and
an exciting
day ahead, she wanted to bound out of bed and get started
moving, but
Jack was still asleep and she know he would awaken if she
got up. Let
him sleep, she thought. He works so hard!

Pam looked over at her sleeping husband, admiring his dark
He was lying on his back, mouth slightly open, looking
uncharacteristically young and defenseless. Just like
a little boy, Pam
thought, and remembered when he used to look that way almost
all the
time, when they were still both in school.

Things had changed a lot since then. They had been married
just a
little more than a year, and already Pam had trouble recognizing
husband. It's the job, she thought. The job is doing
it to him. But
the job was what they had dreamed about while they were still
undergraduates---a job with a big company where Jack would
have a chance
to work his way up and earn them the good life they both looked
to. And it had gone even better than they planned. Jack rose
until he was the youngest assistant vice-president the
company had ever
had, and now, at twenty-six, he promised to be the youngest
president, if he got the promotion. If Jack got it and not

But Jack had a way with the boss. Pam knew Jack would eventually
the promotion, and at first the knowledge had thrilled
her. But then
she had met the Boss, J.B., as he liked to be called, and she
had seen
the way Jack acted in his presence, and she hadn't liked
it at all. It
wouldn't be right to say Jack fawned on the man---he
was too correct for
that---but there was an undoubted air of subservience
in his manner.
"For Christ's sake, how do you expect me to act?"
had been Jack's
response the one time she had voiced her feelings to him.
"He's the
boss!" And she had never mentioned it again.

But Jack had changed. As he sank himself more and more totally
into his
work, always striving for promotion, making every act
and word count in
that direction, he correspondingly withdrew something
of himself from
Pam. He was moody and absent-minded at home, going over
and over in his
mind the day's events at the office, wondering if he
had made any
mistakes, wondering if he had done all he could to make himself
by J.B. He was short-tempered with Pam, irritated when
she broke in on
his thoughts, and when she complained about his distant
manner, he
looked at her in amazement. "How can you say that?"
he demanded. "I'm
doing it for our future!

And then there was that other problem, Pam thought, her
mood darkening
as she lay in bed thinking. I should getup, she thought.
I mustn't let
myself get depressed again. But the thoughts kept coming,
floating up
from deeper and deeper levels. Yes, Jack's preoccupation
with work was
a problem between them but there was another, more serious


Pam twisted uncomfortably in the big bed, tortured by conflicting
emotions, trying to sort out her confused thoughts. Her
mind drifted
back into her past, remembering. She remembered how she,
at nineteen,
totally inexperienced, the result of an overprotected,
upbringing, had been confronted with the handsome young
Jack Hollister.
How excited she had been. Compared to her and to her boring
Jack had seemed the embodiment of wordly wisdom---good
sophisticated, witty, and with an enchanting aura of something
wicked about him. Jack had obviously been around.

Longing to escape from her strict upbringing, the young
Pam had been
irresistibly drawn to Jack. He invited her out, and on their
first date
had shocked her by boldly slipping his hand inside her dress
caressing her naked breast. At first the innocent young
girl had been
too shocked to resist, letting him massage her virgin nipple
just long
enough for her to realize how good it felt. She had made him
stop, of
course, and promised herself she would never go out with
him again. But
she did!

Between their first and second dates, Pam had several days
to think over
her attitudes. She had already been at school long enough
to realize
that most of the values her parents had taught her were impossibly
narrow, more the result of the bitter aridity of their souls
than of any
genuine moral conviction. Now Pam began to wonder about
sex and about
the incredible importance her parents had placed on virginity.
Dutifully, ever since puberty, Pam had scrupulously protected
virginity, holding her blossoming young body inviolate
from the
inevitable pawings of the few young boys her parents had
permitted her
to go out with. That hadn't been too hard, thanks to
their clumsiness,
and even in her first days in college she had been able to
temptation, even though she herself was beginning to have
to admit the
existence of strange longings high up between her firm
young thighs.

It happened very quickly. After her experience with Jack,
remembering the annoyance in his eyes when she had primly
made him stop
touching her breast, Pam decided to stop being a virgin.
It was an easy
decision to implement. A group of young sailors from a nearby
base were on campus one night, prowling for girls, and Pam
singled one
out as the man she was going to seduce---as the instrument
for ridding
herself of the virginity she now suddenly considered an

It hurt. Pam had been ready for a little pain but not for as
much as
she experienced, as she lay rigid beneath the madly fucking
sailor. He was more frightened than she was. Hoping to seduce
one of
the lovely young girls that filled the campus, the inexperienced
could hardly believe his luck when Pam, easily the most
beautiful girl
he'd ever met, picked him up. When he suggested they
go for a walk, she
instead invited him to her room. And when he placed a hesitant
hand on
her shapely young thigh, without another word she had stood
up and
undressed, baring her lovely, firm roses and ivory; body
to his stunned
gaze. He'd been so nervous that he was almost unable
to get an
erection, but nature had its way and soon he was clambering
over Pam as
she lay on her back waiting impatiently for her great experience.
It had miscarried. Certain that he was with a real pro, the
sailor did nothing to prepare Pam, and when he rammed his
iron-hard cock
into her unused vagina, Pam thought she was going to die.
Clenching her
teeth, afraid that the girls in the next room would hear
if she made a
sound, she had to lie there and bear it. When is he going to
finished? she kept asking herself. When is he going to be

When it was over, and the sailor had departed, feeling slightly
leaving a silent, guilty Pam behind on the blood-stained
bed, she had
vowed it would never happen again. Her parents had been
right, and God
had punished her. Never, never again.

But that didn't last long. She began to go out with Jack
on a regular
basis, and realizing she had already made the irrevocable
step, Pam let
nature take its course. Her body slowly learned to not only
respond to
Jack's caresses but to need them. They started slowly,
with Jack at
first only gently touching her breasts, filling her with
sensations of warmth and excitement as he tenderly stroked
their billowy
softness. Jack took his time, sensing he had a prize in Pam
and willing
to invest some effort, which was pretty much how he saw the
investments and bad investments. He was seeing another
girl, too, one
less scrupulous than Pam, and many nights, frustrated
from hours of
holding himself back with Pam, he would fuck the other girl
until she
begged for mercy. In his view, cunt was easy to get, especially
his looks, but there were few girls around with the beauty
and good
breeding of Pam Adamson. He was determined to marry her.
Finally, one night---Pam never quite knew how it happened
Jack had taken
all her clothes off and she lay naked on the grass behind
dormitories, shivering slightly in the cool breeze but
her blood on fire
from Jack's expert touch. For the first time she made
no objection as
his hands slid lower on her nude body. His lips on her nipples
kept her
from formulating any defense, and before she knew it, his
finger was
working insistently into her boiling hot pussy slit and
then was in her
vagina. Instinctively flinching, expecting the same
blinding pain as
when the sailor had broken her hymen, Pam was instead suddenly
by an incredible wave of white-hot pleasure. After weeks
of building
passion, she came almost instantly and, to both her surprise
and Jack's,
began to ride his finger like a bucking horse. Her body shuddered
twitched, lost in ecstasy and from that night on she never
again had the
will-power to stop her lover from slipping his marvelous
finger up into
her rapidly learning cunt.

Jack never told her how surprised he was to find she wasn't
a virgin.
He kept it to himself, though it galled him a bit. After all
trouble she'd given him, he'd at least expected
to be the first to pop
her cherry. But deciding to make the most of it, Jack quite
set about the rest of Pam's seduction. Within another
couple of nights
they were genuine lovers, and Pam thrilled to the feel of
Jack's lean,
sinewy body weighing hers down while his hard cock slid
pleasurably in
and out of her eagerly welcoming vagina. They made love
after that, and Pam began to develop an eager sexual capacity.
But her
response was shadowed by an odd constraint that was particularly
frustrating to Jack. Perhaps remembering her parents'
warning of the
evils of sexual license, Pam always held herself back,
never again
permitting herself the full abandon of that first unexpected
orgasm when
Jack had suddenly slipped his finger up inside her hungry
vagina. She
made love with her eyes closed, holding still, letting
it all happen
inside, even her orgasms, which seemed to blossom somewhere
far up in
her belly like the fire-ball from an atomic explosion.
Jack was irritated by Pam's apparent lack of response,
and by her
refusal to permit him to make any sexual innovations in
the way they
made love---missionary style, she on her back beneath
him, her arms at
her sides, or once in a while locked lovingly around his
neck. He hoped
that after they were married she would loosen up, but she
never did, and
as time went on, he began to complain bitterly. Pam was hurt,
and did
her best to comply with his wishes, but she just couldn't,
disgusted by
the things he wanted her to do. Pam never had a full understanding
her inhibitions, but somewhere in the back of her mind she
made a
connection between her unforgivable act with the young
sailor and the
terrible pain that had been her immediate punishment.
Despite her
apparent lack of religious conviction, a hellfire and
damnation view of
the cosmos had been firmly installed in Pam's psyche
by the twisted
teachings of her parents.

Deprived of full satisfaction at home, Jack had more and
more turned to
his work, which wasn't hard for him. Ever since he was
a young boy, he
had been oriented toward success. He would have probably
cooled toward
Pam, anyway, genuinely interested only in furthering
his own ambitions,
but their sexual troubles gave him a handy excuse. Pam sensed
this, but
since there seemed to be nothing she could do to change matters,
tried to blank the whole thing out of her mind. That was one
this new house meant so much to her---both something for
her to bury her
energies in and a justification for Jack's insatiable
desire to get

But there were reminders---like the obvious way Jack had
been staring at
Anna Collins the night before. It wasn't hard to understand.
Anna had
an earthy animal sexuality that even Pam could appreciate.
She felt no
resentment toward Anna---it was hardly her fault that
Jack was a
dissatisfied husband. Pam even liked the other woman,
sensing in her a
deep warmth to match her natural magnetism. She remembered
the way Anna
had impulsively given her a hug the previous night. Pam
knew she needed
a woman friend, one who might be able to teach her to be more
of a woman

The alarm suddenly went off, shattering Pam's mood.
Jack groaned and
turned over in bed, slowly opening his eyes and blinking
at the morning
light. He peered sleepily at the clock.

"Christ!" he mumbled. "What the hell's
the damn thing doing going off
at six-thirty?"

"I set it a half-hour early, " Pam said quickly.
"I thought it would
give us a little more time together the first morning in
our new house."

"Oh, " Jack mumbled. "Guess you're
right. May need a little more time
to get going in a strange place." Doing his best to
wake up, he looked
over at his wife. She was half-sitting up in bed and the sheet
slipped down her body, baring her naked breasts. Automatically
reached out to trace his hand over their resilient loveliness.
He felt
her shiver in response. She always did like me to touch her
tits, he
thought to himself, even if she's too uptight for much
else. He
remembered how he'd wanted to make love the night before,
turned on by
watching Anna's ass move underneath her dress. His
blood began to heat
as he remembered how Anna had made him feel, and his hand
convulsively on his wife's breast.

"Owww ... you're hurting me, " Pam protested,
bringing Jack back to the
present. He looked at Pam again and realized that his cock
was getting

"C'm'ere, " he growled, and throwing
back the sleet, drew her to him.
Pam started to stiffen, still too full of the morning's
heavy thoughts
for love-making, but immediately reminded herself that
she was only
making things worse between her and Jack by her continued
coolness. She
made herself relax as his lips closed around her nipple
and was rewarded
by an instant trickle of pleasure.

How long since we've made love? she asked herself.
Over a week. She
lay back and let out a small sigh as Jack's mouth continued
to move over
her slowly responding breasts.

Anna had been wrong when she guessed that Pam was frigid.
Pam loved
sex, and wanted it frequently. The trouble was, Jack always
wanted to
go too far for her, and when she resisted his demands, the
whole thing
became a grim experience. Now, she let her eyes close dreamily
and lay
still on her back, letting him kindle her desire. A palpitating
spread downward from her nipples, heating up her belly
and making her
vagina tingle. She quivered when she sensed her husband's
hand on her
stomach, sliding lower, softly stroking her sensitive
skin. She let him
open her legs with his hands, beginning to breathe faster
when he ran
his fingertips up the insides of her now-trembling thighs,
gasping when
he made the first tentative contact with her eagerly waiting
pussy. She
had to clamp her teeth down hard on her lip to keep from moaning
as she
felt the familiar ecstasy of Jack's hard groping finger
slithering up
into her tender vagina. Oh, it feels so wonderful, she thought
awe. Why can't it he this way always? Her thighs felt
hot and wet as
she sensed her inner secretions pumped from her cunt by
insistently digging finger. Dreamily, Pam let her thighs
fall further
open as she felt Jack's body rise up over hers. She knew
he was about to
fuck her.

Looking down at his beautiful blonde wife, Jack temporarily
forgot all
about Anna Collins. Lying there naked, her eyes closed
and her blonde
hair streaming across the pillow in a swirl of gold, her
full, pink
tipped breasts rising and falling rapidly from her heavy
breathing, her
satiny skin giving sensuously beneath his exploring fingers,
he could
think of nothing else. The hot musky smell of her aroused
pussy filled
his nostrils, and looking down, he saw that her blonde pussy
curls were
darkening as her ready secretions bubbled from up inside
her vagina. He
withdrew his finger from her pussy-hole, gleaming with
cunt-juices. He
slid the slippery digit up and down her heated pink slit,
pressing hard
on her tiny, half-hidden clitoris, wanting to make her

Why doesn't she react? he thought for the hundredth
time. Hell, most
women, if he did to them what he was doing to his wife, would
come half
off the bed. But she lay there, eyes tightly closed, controlling
herself, the only evidence of her arousal, the deep flush
on her lovely
face and her telltale breathing.

Why doesn't she just let it out; he thought. Oh, hell,
we can't prosy
for miracles, and not wasting any more of his valuable time,
Jack seized
his hard, ready cock in one hand and scrambled between his
wife's sleek,
wide-spread thighs. He worked the swollen tip up an inch
or two into
Pam's tight vaginal opening and then, when he sensed
the first part of
the shaft was wet enough, slowly slid it the rest of the way
up inside.
As her hot slick tunnel closed around his throbbing penis,
Jack couldn't
help moaning. Well, one of as Is getting something out of
this, he
thought bitterly.

What he couldn't know is that, deep inside her body,
Pam was
experiencing a full range of sexual delight---right up
to the point
where it threatened to snap her iron control, and then she
would clamp
down, holding her reaction inside where it was safe. Behind
her closed
eyes she was in a dream-world of sensual ecstasy, her whole
thrilling to every movement of Jack's rigid cock inside
her eagerly
accepting cunt. A vague fear that if she let her tremendous
response show on the outside, she would somehow be punished
for it
constantly, Pam held back from acceptance of the full possibilities
sex. She had orgasms, quiet orgasms that happened somewhere
herself, in a vaguely defined area near her genitals, but
it was a
private thing that she kept to herself, afraid to let it
show in the
fear that it might be taken away from her. One was building
now, a
growing pressure that she knew how to defuse, so that instead
exploding the way it had done that first time when Jack had
thrust his
finger into her unexpecting vagina so long before, it would
wash over
her nerve ends in a controlled wave of pleasure. The closer
to orgasm
she got, the stiller her body became on the outside.

Raising himself up on stiffened arms, Jack stared down
at his lovely
wife. Christ, what's happening? he thought as she
grew completely still
beneath him. Did I do something to turn her off? Redoubling
efforts, he watched his long thick cock flashing in and
out of Pam's
cunt, moving the soft flesh with each hard stroke, wet and
with her hot inner juices, her soaked blonde pubic tendrils
wetly to the gleaming white shaft. I feel like I'm doing
this all by
myself, he thought bitterly.

An innate desire for power, the same force that drove him
at work, made
Jack want to force a reaction from his wife. He stared again
at where
his cock was burying itself rhythmically and, apparently,
in Pam's seemingly unresponsive cunt. Only her copiously
flowing cuntal
juices gave evidence that her body knew that he was there
at all.
Desperate, Jack suddenly tore his cock from Pam's
vagina, and glared
down at her sex-slippery loins.

Christ, she s so beautiful! he thought, his gaze lingering
over her
softly curved hips and thighs. He ran one hand lovingly
over her fleshy
outer pussy lips, slipping the edge of it inside the hot
wet valley
between, opening her inner depths to his gaze. He saw at
once that
Pam's normally button-like clitor

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i absolutely love this story and i wnna know more.Hope you
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Luv It so far. Lets hear some more !!!