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The Black Dress


This is a work of fantasy. This has become one of my favorite
fantasies and I have decided to commit it to the written
form to be able to share it. Some aspects have been taken
from discussions my wife and I have had, and then they have
been projected out in the way I’d like to see them realized…maybe
one day. Thank you to Eviant for editing this work and providing
me with suggestions and insight.

I can hear the shower running in the other room and I can
smell the steam through the open door. Lying here on the
bed naked, my mind races as my heart rate slowly works to
return to normal. Julia is in the shower washing the sweat
and the semen from her exhausted body. The aroma of sex and
the chill of the sweat drying on my body tell me that what
has happened was real. My mind tells me that what it saw was
real. And most of all, her black dress pooled on the floor
at the end of the bed, tells me it was all real. Sitting up,
I look for my clothes and I hear the shower stop. A minute
later, she exits the bathroom, her body still glistening
with water as she dries her hair.

“Hey you, ” she says to me, “you okay?”

I looked at her nude form, the light from the bathroom casting
an almost mystical aura of light behind her.

“Yeah, I’m good. A bit tired, trying to process what
we just did, but I’m good, ” I answered her.

Sitting next to me on the bed she kisses me, whispering,
“I love you, ” as her lips trail down my neck.

Taking her chin in my hand I lifted her face to mine. “Are
you okay?” It’s an honest question.

Looking into my eyes she said, “Yeah, as weird as it may
seem. I’m really fine with it.”

Standing she pulled me up. “I think you’d better hop
in the shower and get cleaned up before you get all excited
again, we should be getting home soon.”

Reluctantly I agreed, and went to go clean up.

Fifteen minutes later, I was in the lobby checking out,
my hair still wet. The older woman working the desk had looked
at me in a knowing way as I checked out two hours after checking
in. Apparently the “we got a call from home” excuse
had been used a time or two. I didn’t care. I actually felt
a little smug standing there. Yes, my wife and I used your
motel room to partake in our carnal desires away from the
kids, I thought as I signed the bill. Two minutes later we
were on our way home.

As I drove along route twenty, my hand found its way to Julia’s
thigh. Slowly I worked it upward, passing the top of her
thigh-high black nylons, until my pinky was brushing her

“There’s no satisfying you is there?” she cooed
as she slid a little lower in the seat, allowing my fingers
easier access to silk covered pussy. Turning my hand I slid
my middle finger into her, drawing a low moan from her sweet

“Mmmm, what’s got you so worked up?” she asked as
she slid her dress up, exposing her nylon covered legs.
Slipping her thumbs into the waistband of her thong she
slid it off and tossed it my lap.

“That should make it easier, ” she teased as she reclined
in the seat with her legs spread. I renewed my manipulation
of her pussy, swirling my finger as it penetrated her. I
could tell she was nearing orgasm as her moans became louder
and louder. “Oh baby, I’m right there…oh God baby…Noooo!”
she moaned as I withdrew my finger before she could cum.
Slipping it between my lips I sucked her juices from it.

“I just want you horny for when we get home, ” I replied,
a smirk evident on my face in the glow of the oncoming headlights.

“You’re mean, ” she said, her sexual frustration
evident in her tone.

“Well I assumed you were pretty well spent after the night
we’ve had, ” I said.

“I was. I am, ” she said, “But thinking about it…it
drives me a little wild. Ya' know what I mean?”

I did. I knew exactly what she meant. From the moment she
stepped into the shower I had been replaying the past couple
of hours in my head, which had left me in a near constant state
of arousal.

“Yeah, I know what you mean, ” I told her, “I play
it back in my head and I get so horny I feel like I’m going
to explode.”

“You exploded pretty well earlier, ” she teased,
“are you sure you’ll be up for more when we get home?”
Reaching into my lap she found my rock hard cock in my pants.
“Well I guess that answers that.”

“I keep replaying it, hoping to burn it into my mind, I
don’t want to forget any of it, ” I tell her as my hand
again settles on her thigh, this time gently massaging

“Maybe next time we could record it?” she offered coyly.

The words caught me off guard, and I swerved a little to stay
in our lane. “Next time?” I asked, “You’d be up
for a next time?”

“Yeah, I think so, ” she replied, “as long as you
were okay with it.”

My mind was racing, wondering how and when it could happen
again. It had all happened so unexpectedly; everything
had seemed to be moving at light speed, and then it was all
over. Rewinding the movie in my mind, I pushed play and let
it start all over again…

We had just left dinner. The meal had been superb. Her steak
had been cooked perfectly well, just the way she likes it.
Though we were a little over dressed for the place, she looked
amazing in her black dress. The first clue that the evening
had the potential to be out of the ordinary came when she
ordered a second pina colada. When we left, she wasn’t
drunk, but she wasn’t too far from it.

“I don’t want to go home yet;” she said, holding my
hand as we walked to the jeep, “let’s go dancing, or
find a band, or something.”

A quick call home to confirm that we had our sitter until
whenever we got home, and we were off. Driving around, she
placed her hand in my crotch and began rubbing until my cock
sprang to attention.

“Looks like someone else is as horny as I am; maybe we should
find a room? Like in the old days, ” she purred at me.

Glancing her way I asked, “Do we get a room or look for a

“Get the room, then we’ll go to a club, ” she replied,
“I’ll wait in the jeep. If we go in the room first, I don’t
think you’ll get me back out. Well you won’t get me out
until management throws us out for the noise complaints.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. My normally reserved wife
had just told me she wanted to fuck me silly. Pulling into
the first motel I found, I parked in front of the office.
Ten minutes later I was pulling out with a key card in my pocket.

“The guy at the desk said there is a decent club three blocks
up the road. He said the D-J plays a good mix of rock and hip-hop, ”
I told her as we pulled into the flow of cars. Sure enough,
the club he had described was where it should be. Finding
a spot remarkably close we parked, and walked a block to
the club.

There was a ten dollar cover. We paid and went in. The thumping
bass assaulted us as we went through the doors. There was
a horseshoe bar on the left with a few high top tables scattered
in front of it. The remainder of the place was a dance floor,
with a small spot for the D-J.

Taking me by the hand she led me to a spot on the crowded dance
floor. Throwing her hands over her head she began a slow
grinding dance in front of me, getting close and wiggling
her way down my body. Standing, she gripped the bottom of
her dress and hiked it up just enough to show the tops of her
stockings. My jaw dropped. My conservative wife was letting
her hair down in a way I’d only fantasized about. Snapping
out of my trance I put my hands on her hips and ground my pelvis
back at her. We danced without breaking for about twenty

With the end of the current song approaching she got close
to me and whispered, “I’m hot, I need a drink. Bar?”
Nodding my head in agreement, we left the throng of writhing
bodies in search of refreshment. Finding one open stool,
she sat and I ordered: a beer for me, and Malibu rum and coke
for her. I watched as she killed half the glass. Matching
her feat with my beer, I set it on the bar.

“You gonna' be okay tonight to enjoy the room?”
I asked.

“It’s my last one, ” she replied smiling. “The
dancing seemed to sober me up some and I wasn’t ready to
lose my buzz yet.”

Draining the rest of my beer, I set the empty bottle on the

“I gotta' use the restroom. You gonna be okay?”
I asked.

Nodding her head yes, she continued nursing her drink.
I turned around and surveyed the landscape, searching
for the restroom sign. After a minute I saw it on the far side
of the dance floor. Setting off I did my best to skirt the
moving mass of bodies in my way.

Ten minutes later, I approached the bar, bladder drained.
My heart hammered as I saw a short blonde woman sitting where
my wife had been. Scanning the bar she was no where to be seen.
Facing the dance floor, I looked for her, expecting to see
her calling me to her with a seductive pull of her finger,
her hips swinging sensuously from side to side. Well, I
was halfway right.

Julia was facing me, but she couldn’t see me because her
eyes were closed. She was swinging her hips in a side to side
and circular motion, causing her ass to grind into the young
guy standing behind her with his hands on her hips. I stared
in disbelief as she slowly worked her dress higher on her
thigh, just as she had done earlier in the jeep. I watched
with a mixture of jealousy and unadulterated lust as this
guys hands roamed my wife’s lithe body as the music continued
to pound around us. My cock throbbed when he cupped her breasts,
pulling her back to him. When the song ended, her eyes opened
and she saw me staring at her. Turning to look at her dance
partner, she said something to him then turned and walked
to me.

“Hey you, ” she said as her hand slid between us to my
crotch while she hugged me. Feeling my hard cock she whispered in my ear, “Just as
I thought.”

“Who’s your friend?” I asked sliding my own hands
over the firm globes of her ass, and pulling her tight to

“That’s Sean. He saw me sitting at the bar alone and
asked me if I wanted to dance, ” she answered, “so I
figured what the heck.”

“That was dancing?” I provoked her, “I have a feeling
that if the song had gone any longer he would have taken you
from behind right there on the dance floor.”

Looking me in the eye she said, “Yeah me too…too bad
the song ended, huh!”

I was floored. We talked and fantasized about a threesome
more times than I could count. On more than one occasion,
she had more than warmed to the idea, and we had talked about
how to find the third. More often than not she would only
indulge my fantasy using toys. Yet here we were in a club,
where my wife of ten years had just let a stranger feel her
up on the dance floor, and then told me in no uncertain terms
that she wanted to fuck him.

“Are you suggesting….?” I offered, needing her
to finish the thought.

“…that we invite him to our room and have the threesome
we’ve talked about so much? Yes, that’s what I was thinking,
if you’re up for it…which it feels that you are, ”
she finished.

“Let’s do it, ” I said, giving her ass a firm squeeze.
She turned from me and waved him over to us.

“Sean this is my husband, Jake. Jake, this is Sean, ”
she said making the introductions, “Jake and I were hoping
you’d come back to our room with us and see where the night

Sean was taller than I, easily six foot one. He looked every
bit the stereotypical college man. Where I carried some
extra weight, he was lean and toned. My hair was a contained
mess at its best, and he looked as if he stepped from the pages
of an Abercrombie ad. She obviously knew how to pick ‘em.
Mixed with the apprehension that she’d be concentrating
all her desire on this young stud was a bit of pride in the
fact that this young stud had come on to my thirty five year
old wife.

“Sounds good to me, ” Sean said. “Lead the way.”

The ride back to our motel room was short, allowing for
no conversation other than our assurances to each other
that we were up for what was about to go down. Pulling in to
the space in front of our room, Sean’s car slid in next
to us.

Opening the door I entered and placed the room key on the
table in the corner of the room. I watched as Julia walked
in and stood between Sean and me. After he closed the door,
she turned slowly to look at me and smile before turning
back to him.

“This is our first time, ” she offered him, an obvious
nervousness in her voice, “so I’m not really sure how
it should all start.”

“I think you need to lose that dress first, ” I said.

Looking over her shoulder at me with a pouty look, she asked,
“Unzip me please?”

Stepping forward, I slowly undid the zipper of her dress
and stepped back, eager to see what came next.

As if dancing to a song only she could hear, Julia began moving
from side to side, rolling her hips as her hands roamed her
body. I watched as she slowly slipped the straps of her dress
off her shoulders, letting the dress pool at her feet. Leaving
her shoes behind she stepped from her dress and walked to
between the beds, wearing her black thigh high nylons,
her black strapless bra, and her black thong. Placing her
leg on the bed she ran her hands slowly up her legs, and started
to remove the nylons.

“Leave them on, ” Sean suggested, “you look amazing
in them.” I liked the way this guy thought.

Hooking her thumbs into her panties she slowly worked them
over her firm ass, bending at the waist to slip them over
her toned legs.

For a thirty five year old woman, she looks unbelievable,
I thought as my eyes roamed her curvaceous form.

Standing again she turned to face us, flinging her thong
by my head. Reaching back she undid her bra, and tossed it
at Sean. We watched as she seductively stalked towards

Falling to her knees she trailed her hands over his chest,
coming to rest at the buttons to his jeans. Reaching into
his pocket Sean withdrew a few condoms and tossed them over
her head onto the bed. Her fingers making quick work of the
button fly, she had his pants and boxers around his ankles
in seconds, his thick cock springing to attention in front
of her wide eyes. His dick had to be eight inches long and
at least two inches thick.

“Oh my God, ” Julia gasped as it struck her on the cheek.
Wrapping her hands around the base of it she gave it a few
slow strokes, moaning as she felt it throb in her hands.
Opening her mouth she guided him in as far as she could take
it, her lips stretched to accommodate him.

Sean let out a guttural moan as his knees buckled slightly
under the attention she was paying his cock. I watched in
a heightened state of excitement as my wife sucked his cock
like a woman possessed. From the noise he was making I knew
she was swirling her tongue around him as fast as she could
while sliding her hands along his thick shaft. I could see
that she could only get about half of him into her mouth,
but she was working him over good, trying desperately to
get more of his massive dick in her mouth.

Relinquishing his cock from her lips she slid her mouth
along his hard shaft, leaving a wet trail of saliva for her
hands to use. Settling the fat head of his dick at her lips
again, she began taking him in again, this time getting
him about three quarters of the way in. I watched as she jerked
him faster and faster all while sucking him as hard as I’d
ever seen her do. About three minutes of this was all Sean
could handle.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming, ” he yelled, after he’d
sent his first spurt into her mouth. Julia moved her had
away quickly, gagging. She wasn’t one to take a load in
her mouth.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry, ” Sean offered as she went to
the bathroom to rinse, “I just assumed you wanted it that

Sauntering over to him she stroked his softening cock a
few times and kissed his cheek, “No problem, let’s
just make sure it doesn’t happen again, okay?”

I watched as my gorgeous wife approached me wearing only
her thigh high nylons, running her hands over her nude body.
Standing in front of me she stared into my eyes as she undid
my pants, causing them to drop around my ankles. Kneeling
in front of me, she lowered my boxers and guided my steel-
like dick to her parted lips.

“Ohhhh yessss, ” I moaned as she took me in. I stared
into her eyes as she slowly slid her mouth along my cock while
gently playing with my balls. She was as slow and tender
with me as she was wild and fast with Sean. The image of her
in front of me with another man’s cock in her mouth combined
with the blow job she was giving me was too much to handle.

“Baby I’m right there, ” I warned her.

Freeing me from her mouth she said, “I know. I want you
on my tits.” She stroked me four more times and I gave her
what she wanted, groaning as my semen landed on her chest
in splurts.

Standing, she pulled the cover from the bed behind me and
wiped her chest clean. Then she leaned close to me and whispered
in my ear, “Are you ready for this?”

“Are you?” I answered, kissing her just below her ear.

“Yeah, ” she said as she turned from me. Walking to
the other bed where Sean’s condoms were, she placed two
of them on the nightstand and tossed one to him.

Sprawling back on the bed she asked him, “Are you ready
for some more?”

I swear I saw his semi erect cock literally spring to full
attention at her words. It was obvious that the reality
of bedding this beautiful woman had just set into his mind,
and he couldn’t wait to stick his thick cock into her.
Tearing open the condom he rolled it on and climbed onto
the bed behind her.

“How do you want it?” he asked, slowly stroking his

“This will work, ” she answered looking over her shoulder
at him, “I don’t suppose you have any lube?”

“I carry the rubbers, but I don’t carry lube, ” he
replied with a chuckle.

“This wasn’t something we planned either, ” I said
as I sat on the bed across from them. The spoon position was
one of our favorites, and I could she how excited she was
to take this young stud in her as far as she could.

“Guess we just use spit, ” Julia said putting some
in her hand and stroking his dick with it.

Sean lifted her right leg and guided the thick head of his
dick to her wet opening then gently began to push at her when
she said, “Wait, one sec.” Patting the mattress she
said to me, “Come here.”

Climbing onto the bed with them, I laid on my side in front
of her and she pulled me into a hug. Looking back to Sean she
said, “Okay, go ahead.”

Face to face, I watched her as another man entered her for
the first time since we were married. Her lips parted and
her eyes grew wide as she gasped loudly, sucking in air.

“Ungggghhh….God it feels huge, ” she moaned to
me as her fingers dug into my back, “how much do you have
in me?”

“Just about half, ” he replied. He ran his right hand
along her thigh up to her breast and down again, “You want
me to stop?”

“Yes. Take it out and put on some more spit, ” she moaned.
“I’m excited but not enough to handle something like
that with out some help.” Her face relaxed as he withdrew
his thick member.

Sean slid from behind her and stood at the end of the bed.
He grabbed her ankles and gently turned her to her back.
I slipped from the bed and knelt along side her at her head.
Sean pulled her towards the end of the bed until her heels
were touching her ass at the edge.

“My girlfriend swears that the only things she loves
more than my cock in her pussy is my tongue.” Sean stuck
it out and rolled it around.

“Holy shit!” Julia gasped. His tongue was so long that
when he stuck it out he could touch the bottom of his chin
with it. “Holy shit!” she repeated again as he knelt
at the end of the bed between her parted legs. He placed a
tender kiss on the tiny patch of hair she kept above her pussy,
and then his mouth found her sex.

“OH FUCK YES!” Julia cried out. Her eyes grew wide and
her mouth formed a perfect O as Sean tongue fucked her.

I stood next to the bed slid my cock between her parted lips.
She moaned around it as I slowly fucked her warm mouth. Julia
grabbed at the sheets and moaned as Sean continued pleasing
her with his tongue. His head moved hardly at all, but whatever
he was doing had Julia in fits. She writhed and moaned on
the bed crying out, “Oh my gawwdddd” when I slid my cock
from her mouth. After another minute or so Sean lifted his
head from her pussy.

“Do you think you’re ready?” he asked.

“Yeah, let’s try again, ” she said.

Sean climbed back onto the bed as she rolled to her side,
patting the mattress again. I lay in front of her again and
kissed her as she hugged me. I felt a pang of jealousy when
Sean tenderly kissed her bare shoulder.

“Ok baby, here goes” he said.

Her face contorted in a mix of shock and ecstasy as he slowly
entered her again, her eyes closing in an effort to maintain
control. I felt her body tense as his thick penis stretched
her like never before. Opening her eyes she looked at me
and mouthed, “I love you” before another rush of pleasure
forced her eyes shut again.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssss, ” she cried out as he filled
her with one slow motion, burying his cock deep within her,
“oh God…oh God…please tell me that’s all of it…oh

Sean was moaning from behind her, his hand freely roaming
over her tensed frame.

“That’s all of it baby, ” he assured her. “This
is the tightest pussy I’ve felt in a long time, ” he
groaned as he held still in her, giving her time to get used
to his girth, “and you are so wet. I can feel your juices
dripping onto my balls.”

We lay that way for a good five minutes or so, with the occasional
gasp escaping her tender lips when he flexed his cock within

“Think you can handle more?” he asked her between kissing
her shoulder and rubbing her tits with his free hand.

“Just go slow for me, ” she offered with a quiver in
her voice.

Her face lit up in bliss when he began slowly thrusting into
her. I watched her body heaving to catch her breath as he
slowly filled her over and over.

“Oh shit I’m cumming, ” she yelled after only a few
strokes from his thick cock. Sean didn’t slow his pace.
He continued to fuck her through her orgasm as she gasped
for breath, her climax bringing screams of pleasure from

Looking at me she panted, “Go ahead baby…watch me.
You always fantasized about it…..ohhhhhhhh……watch
me get fucked by someone else…ohhhh yesssss.”

Moving to the other bed I did as she asked. I watched as this
young stud slowly filled her wet pussy over and over. She
stared into my eyes as he continued fucking her. I gripped
my hard cock and slowly began to jerk off to the sight of my
wife fucking another man a few feet away from me.

“You're so tight and wet, ” Sean groaned as he
continued pumping into her from behind, “I’m gonna
cum too…I can’t hold back anymore. Where baby?…Tell
me where.”

With a gasp she moaned, “I want to feel it in me.”

Gripping her thigh he gave a final thrust. With a grunt and
yell he came.

“Oh I can feel it spurting, ” she moaned as he filled
his condom inside her.

Withdrawing from her, an audible sucking noise could be
heard when his cock left her stretched pussy. She moaned
in what sounded like regret that he had to take his massive
cock from her.

“Excuse me, ” Sean said as he walked to the bathroom
to dispose of his condom.

“So how was it?” she asked me with a Cheshire cat grin
on her face. “Was it everything you hoped it would be?”

“It was better than I’d dreamed, ” I said moving
to her bed. Rolling her to her back I kissed her, our tongues
twirling around and around as my cock teasingly poked at
her wet opening. “Are you ok?”

“He’s a lot bigger than I expected, but yeah I got used
to it, ” she said smiling. “It was weird being fucked
while looking at you on the other bed, but it was really exciting
too.” Pulling me down atop her she asked, “Can we try it again
with me sucking you off this time?”

“Sounds like fun to me, ” I answered her sitting up.
Sean had found his way to the other bed while we were kissing
and talking.

Looking over to him I asked, “Do you think you could go

“I usually take a little bit to get hard again, but maybe
if I got a little show…” he trailed off, his request
hanging in the air, a seductive smile on his face.

I rolled Julia over and pulled her onto all fours. Gripping
her waist with one hand I guided my hard cock to her waiting
pussy. Rubbing it around and around I teased her.

“Oh baby please…just put it in…stop teasing me….”
She pleaded.

With a push I was in, making her moan as I sank my cock in to
the hilt. Holding her waist I moved my hips from side to side,
not giving her the motion she so desired.

“Baby stop….just give it to me…”she begged again.

“Tell me how;” I told her, “tell me how you want to
be fucked.”

Looking over her shoulder at me, she gave me the sexiest
look I’d ever seen on her face in all the years I’d been
with her. In a sultry tone she said, “Fuck me fast baby.
Make me come all over your cock.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. Holding her waist
I pounded her, thrusting my cock into her as fast as I could.

“Uh, ugh, ugh, ” was all she could manage as I slammed
into her, “Oh baby…I’m cumming…oh cummming….yesssssssss.”
She collapsed her upper body onto the bed, her ass sticking
up as I continued to fuck her.

Turing to look back at me she moaned, “Do it baby, fill
my pussy with your cum…come on…cum in me baby.” Gripping
the sheets she yelled, “I’m cummming…..ungggggghhhh.”

It was all I could take. With a groan I pushed into her as deep
as I could and shot my semen deep into her. Falling onto the
bed I pulled her over with me, my cock still deep within her.
We lay there panting for breath for a few minutes. I opened
my eyes when I heard Sean’s voice above us.

“I’m ready, ” he said, his thick cock sheathed in
another condom.

“Hurry and clean up, ” Julia told me when she saw his
massive dick above her. “You lay on the bed Sean.”

When I returned, she was kneeling over his legs, his cock
aimed at her dripping wetness.

“Stand next to me so I can suck you while I ride him, ”
she told me as she slowly sunk down onto his cock, gasping
as it stretched her again.

I climbed onto the bed and slid my cock past her moaning lips
into her waiting mouth. Clamping down like a vacuum she
began sucking me with a wild abandon as she slowly rose and
fell on Sean’s cock. The room was warm and a sheen of sweat
appeared on her body as she worked us both over. I could only
stare with desire as I watched my wife’s body tremble
with pleasure as another man’s cock entered her where
only I had been before.

Julia’s body moved with a fluid motion, her legs lowering
her onto Sean’s hard cock as her mouth sucked me closer
to orgasm. Like a belly dancer she rolled her hips forward
when she settled on him, his massive dick buried deep within
her. I watched as her body trembled with enjoyment of pleasing
two men at once.

Wrapping a hand around my shaft, she began stroking me with
intensity, her goal to bring me to orgasm. Taking me from
her mouth, she stroked me as Sean began thrusting up at her,
bouncing her tits with each thrust.

“Oh yes…come for me…oh yes…fuck me…make me
cum, ” she howled as his waist pistoned into wetness,
pushing his dick into her over and over.

Stroking me faster she moaned, “I’m cummming, ”
causing me to erupt again, spraying my cum across her neck
and down her back. She collapsed on top of Sean as he pumped
his dick into her again and again, laying on him like a limp
ragdoll unable to string together more than one or two words
mixed with grunts and groans of pleasure as he brought her
to climax again.

Standing next to the bed, I watched as he gripped her hips
and flipped her to her back. Putting her nylon covered legs
over his shoulders he began pumping into her again, eliciting
gasps and moans from Julia as another orgasm crashed over

Clawing at the sheets she cried out in elation as his dick
plowed into her. “Fuck me, oh Sean fuck me, ” she rasped,
her voice growing hoarse from her cries of ecstasy.

Leaning his muscled frame over her, he thrust deeply into
her, the sweat from his brow dripping onto her bouncing
tits as he stuffed his thick rod deeper in her than I’d
ever been.

Groaning, he withdrew his massive prick and tore the condom
off. Stroking his cock with one hand he took aim at her firm
stomach, while sliding the middle finger of his left hand
into her wet pussy. Issuing a growl he came, spraying his
warm semen across her toned stomach.

“Aiiiyeeeeeee yessss, ” she squealed as his cum landed
on her heaving frame, his fingers bringing her over the
edge again.

Sean sat backwards between Julia’s spread legs when
his cock was spent sucking his fingers clean. “You are
completely amazing” he said with a grin.

Sitting on the bed next to her, I hugged her to me, turned
on by the scent of sex in the air, and her ravaged body working
to control its breathing. She wrapped her arms around me
and kissed my chest. We watched as Sean moved from the bed
and dressed.

“This has been unreal, ” he said as he tied his shoes.
“Thanks for a night I’ll never forget.”

With that he opened the door and left. We held each other
as we listened to his car pull away. Kissing the top of her
head I squeezed her tighter to me.

“I love you, ” she said, the power of her words unusually

“I love you too, ” I answered, releasing her from my

“I guess we should clean up before we head home, ” she
said as she slid from my arms.

“You go first, ” I told her. “You need it more.”

I watched as she walked across the floor, her natural wiggle
making her small ass move ever so slightly back and forth.
Trying to catch my breath, I gazed after my naked wife as
she disappeared into the bathroom while I worked to comprehend
what we had just experienced.

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The was one freaking hot story


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super hot story with great sex can not wait for the next one


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Well written....very erotic!


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Great in depth story, but would have thought if she was so
into you being involved, why not both of you getting her
at same time in a DP.....mmm!!!