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The Birthday


The Birthday

Part One: Friday After Work Most of the time I don't
mind my wife's travel schedule for work. She's
not gone very often, only a day or two every other month.
I often use the time to surf the web and have some quality
"me" time, which, if you get my meaning, usually
ends with a mind-blowing, self obtained orgasm. That is
the usual, but this last time, well, it was my birthday she
was out of town. Our birthdays always meant the best sex
of the entire year, with the honored one being treated to
an evening of complete and total wish fulfillment. The
first year we were married Tina (my wife) dressed up as a
high school cheerleader and performed every act on me that
I had ever fantasized about during my teenage years, oral,
anal, everything, and the entire time talking as if she
was the head cheerleader and I was the football quarterback.
The next year she had read up on some of the basic bondage
rituals and surprised me with her dominatrix act. And last
year, on my, last year beat them all. She invited one of her
close female friends from work and the two of them completely
ravaged my body, then put on a show for me when I couldn't
do any more. I'm not as outwardly adventurous as she
is. While I'm quite kinky and perverted, I'm not
as comfortable with it. I'm shy and often worried about
what others would think if they knew. So when she had walked
in with Lucy last year it took me several minutes to talk
myself into it. I just couldn't bring myself to get
naked in front of Lucy right away. We had to down a bottle
and a half of wine first. Tina hasn't complained about
the sessions I've planned for her on her birthdays,
but I know they have never lived up to what she does for me,
and I really can't even begin to try. But it doesn't
stop her from outdoing herself each year. I had been looking
forward to this year for months, wondering what surprise
she had planned, but with only three weeks to go, her company
scheduled her on a weekend trip two states away. My birthday
was on that Saturday and she had to fly out on Friday and wouldn't
home again until Monday morning. Would she just postpone
the event to the next weekend, probably, but it still was
bugging me, until I got home that Friday. She had gone straight
to the airport from home earlier in the day, and had left
me a wrapped box sitting right inside the front door. There
was a tag on it, "Open me NOW!" Following the
directions I unwrapped the package, and inside was a brand
new laptop computer and leather carrying case, the real
presents from her that year. Taped to the outside of the
laptop was another note, "Turn me on. Your login is:
`Fucktoy' and the password is `pussywhipped'."
I was getting really excited, she had a plan to make up for
being gone. I did as directed and after login in, I was greeted
by a pop-up note giving me the first detailed set of instructions
for me to follow: "Hi Honey, Sorry I'm not going
to be there to fuck you properly, but I do have a wonderful
weekend planned for you anyway. Take this laptop, and drive
to the Capitol Crown hotel downtown. In the front pocket
of the laptop bag is the key to room 669. Do not bring any luggage,
only the laptop and the laptop bag. Everything else will
be provided. Further instruction will be waiting in the
room." I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you
that I gathered up the laptop, the bag and my car keys and
was out the door and halfway down the block before you could
even blink. My blood was pumping and my mind was racing.
Just what could Tina have in store for me? She was several
hundred miles away, but clearly had spent a good deal of
time this morning setting things up. Was she sneaking back
into town to surprise me? Seemed excessive, but birthday
sex has always been about excess. It was only a half hour
drive downtown, and I was soon in the elevator heading to
the sixth floor of one of the nicest hotels in the state.
I was fingering the electronic keycard that was waiting
for me in the front pocket of the laptop bag, just as Tina
had promised. As I got off the elevator and followed the
doors down, I could see that she had booked me I the corner
executive suite. She had really gone to extremes to get
this right. I slid the card into the slot and heard the lock
make a metallic sigh as it released. I opened the door to
my room and let it shut hard behind me. Sitting on the desk
inside the room were two glasses and a bottle of champagne,
resting in ice. There was a sealed note leaning against
it. I set down the laptop bag and opened the sealed note.
"Take off all your clothes and place them in the laundry
bag and place on the floor outside the room door. ALL of your
clothes. The hotel will launder them and return them tomorrow.
This way you won't be able to chicken out and leave.
After you have done this, set the laptop up in the bedroom
facing the bed, connect the webcam and microphone that
are in the side pocket of the bag to it, and follow the next
set of directions you receive." Ok, this was getting
good. I stripped out of my clothes and found the bag the hotel
puts in each room for laundry service and carefully slipped
the bag out the door. It wasn't long before I had finished
the card's instructions and had the computer up and
running again, this time with the webcam attached. The
reason for the cam became clear almost immediately, as
there was an instant message request from "Fuckgirl"
to view my webcam she had set the laptop up to automatically
login the IM program on start-up. I clicked yes and in only
a matter of moments there was another IM. "Looking
good, I was hoping this would work. Step back a step, let
me see your dick." I did as was requested, then turned
around and showed my ass as well, for good measure. I started
typing in a message when I was interrupted by another message,
"You don't have to type, that's what the
microphone is for, just talk." "Oh, ok, "
I said, feeling a little stupid. I quickly recovered sat
down on the edge of the bed and tried to be suave posing. "Is
this good?" I asked. The answer popped up in the IM,
"Yes, now stroke it a bit, and get it hard. I want to
see it at full staff." I did as requested, and was quickly
hard as an iron bar, eight inches long and cut with a thick
full head. I showed it off, moving closer to the camera,
"You like my big fat piece of meat, don't you?"
I wiggled it then thrust it towards the camera. "You
going to be lonely tonight not having this in you?"
The message frame blinked, "You have been invited
to view Fuckgirl's webcam, click to accept...."
I clicked and before the picture cleared, I heard Lucy's
voice, "I won't be lonely, I'll have your
wife's pussy to keep me company." I quickly stepped
out of the frame and looked at the screen. There was Lucy,
fully clothed sitting in front of her webcam, with my wife
on the bed behind her laughing hysterically. "Very
funny, " I said, still standing out of the frame,
my dick quickly deflating. "Oh, grow up, "
Lucy said. "I saw you naked last year, I had your cock
in my mouth, why be so shy? And I was only kidding about Tina
and me. Unless you would like to see that?" "Hush,
Lucy!" my wife interjected from behind her. "That's
not his gift. Let me drive." Tina shooed Lucy from
the seat in front of the computer. "Why don't
you go take a shower, let me get things started for him."
"See you later lover boy!" Lucy said as she blew
me a kiss on camera and bounced off out of frame, her long
red curls the trailing behind her. "That wasn't
nice, " I said moving back to the front of the computer,
but sitting down on a chair only showing chest up to the camera.
"You better go and get a couple of strong drinks from
the mini-bar, and try to keep a buzz all weekend. You are
going to need it if you think you are going to start being
shy. This weekend is going to fulfill your deepest, most
secret fantasies, the ones you didn't know I knew about."
"Ok, I wish you could be here though, it's not
going to be as much fun without you here, " I said.
"No, I don't think my being there would help at
all. I'm going to watch, but stay quiet. If I was there,
it wouldn't be the same, " Tina answered then
looked at her watch. "You should really go take a couple
of shots from the mini-bar, then go get a nice hot shower
and clean up real well. The first surprise should be there
soon, and I want you to be ready. Leave the computer on, even
if the screen goes dark, the camera will keep running. I
will be watching the whole time, but I'm shutting down
my feed so you won't see me. Try not to even think about
it, pretend it isn't here. Just enjoy yourself; I arranged
everything so believe me when I say it is all ok. Don't
question, just follow your lust. I'm going to record
this whole thing. You will be able to play it back later if
you want to relive the weekend. And when you see your surprises,
I know you will." Part 2 Friday Evening Being the dutiful
husband I did as Tina suggested. I was quite excited, and
nervous. "My most secret fantasies" I wondered
what she had in store. Did she really know what my most secret
fantasies were? I wasn't even sure what the most secret
ones were. I quickly opened two bottles of bourbon from
the mini bar and downed them one after the other and got into
the shower. She had already done the two-girl thing with
me last year, and since I had mentioned that, along with
the dominatrix and cheerleader fantasies, it couldn't
have been considered a "secret" anyway. What
was there? Did she really know some of the things I thought
about when I was alone at the house and had to entertain my
dick without her? I doubted it. As often as husbands think
their wives are mind readers, there were plenty "what
were you thinking?" comments to prove otherwise.
No, I was completely at a loss as I showered, soaping up real
well and fighting the urge to play with my dick while standing
in the warm downpour. Even though I knew I was about to be
treated, and treated well from the sounds of it, my little
soldier was begging for some R&R. I heard the sound
of the door closing. This made my dick harder. I turned the
water off and wrapped a towel around me, talking my dick
back down. "Why don't you make yourself comfortable?
Have a little champagne, I'll be right out, "
I said to the mystery person who had entered. "Ok,
no rush, we have all night, " said a familiar female
voice. It was someone I knew, I could tell, so that eliminated
the theory that it was going to be a prostitute. Who was it?
The suspense was making it hard for me to relax and soften
my member. I didn't want to walk out there with the towel
forming a tent big enough for a circus. I was trying to be
cool about it. "I've poured us each a glass, I'll
meet you in the bedroom, " the voice called out again.
I was even more certain that I knew her, but was still completely
uncertain where from. I ran my hands through my hair to get
it slightly back in order. Having rushed out of the house
without being able to pack a bag, I had no comb or brush. My
dick was under control again and I took one last look in the
mirror to make sure I looked fine and strolled out of the
bathroom and into the bedroom, and was almost knocked over
by the shock of who was waiting on the bed. Tammy, my wife's
younger sister, sprawled out and waiting. She was wearing
a black t-shirt that was straining to contain her breasts
and blue jeans that looked painted on. Tammy was just 19
years old, a sophomore in college, and had one of the most
incredibly beautiful bodies in the world, she was 5'7"
and barely 120lbs, dirty blonde hair, cut shoulder length
and legs and breast that were perfect. But all of that was
nothing compared to how smooth, firm and round her ass was.
I hadn't seen her since last summer when we were on vacation
at my in-laws house. But I had thought about her since, picturing
her in her swimsuit in the swimming pool, or laying face
down, soaking up the sun with the top untied, the perfect
round flesh of her breasts exposed on the sides, and the
bikini perfecting outlining the curves of that wonderful
ass. I realized I was a fool to think my wife hadn't noticed
how my gaze would usually drift when we were poolside. "Tammy,
I umm, " was all I managed to say as I stood in the doorway,
suddenly afraid that the big top was about to be raised again.
"Sorry Jason, I have my orders, that towel has to go, "
Tammy said setting down her champagne glass and slowly
standing up. "Let me get it for you." Her fingers
slowly traced down my stomach then gently slid between
my skin and the top of the towel and released it to fall to
my feet. Her fingers kept going and she circled them through
the patch of hair crowning my cock. "That's better.
Let's have some champagne and then you can undress
me. Won't be as quick. But we'll make it fun. I know
you have wanted to for awhile." She led me to the bed
and handed me the other glass of champagne once I was comfortable.
I downed the whole glass in one shot and held it out for a refill.
"Slow down a bit, I can't have you passing out
on me, " Tammy said as she refilled the glass. I took
a smaller sip this time and was soon recovering from the
shock. "So, you are my gift? My secret fantasy? How
did you know that I...." "Seriously, you guys
think you are so sly when you sneak looks. But come on, your
swimsuit gave you away. You didn't get really hard,
but there was enough of a bulge every time I was around to
give you away. Tina and I started keeping score of how often
you would look." "Oh, so it was that obvious?"
"Yeah. Of course I didn't mind. I even tried to
make the show a little better for you each time. If it wasn't
for my mom constantly coming out back, you would have seen
even more, " Tammy said, taking a sip of her champagne.
"I didn't mind you looking. I enjoyed it. No touching
though." "Oh, I thought that was...of course,
I wouldn't begin to..." I stammered. "Oh,
sorry, I didn't mean that like that. You get to touch
tonight. Touch and be touched, " Tammy said, trailing
her fingers up the side of my leg. "This is your fantasy
gift. But, this is it, just one night, and never again. Maybe.
Depends on how it goes." She finished her glass of
champagne and leaned in close, "So, what would you
like tonight, the shy demure little flower, `Oh please
mister, may I see it? It won't hurt me will it?'
or the hot and horny temptress, `Give it to me bad boy, I want
to eat you up!' You get to pick." "Well,
I guess it might be best to go with the temptress and all..."
I said, still completely nervous and in awe of what was going
to happen. "Good choice, with you being such a little
mouse about it and all, one of us is going to need to take charge.
Plus I can be myself, I'm really not the demure little
flower type." She refilled her glass and took a sip.
"Well, I'm feeling quite horny, I think you need
to get these clothes off me. Are you up to it?" "Sure, "
I said reaching for the zipper of her jeans. "Not that
way, " she said slapping my hand away. "We are
going to make it a game. See that duffle bag over there? Bring
it over here and I'll explain how it will work."
I got up, dick still pretty rigid, and walked over and returned
with the bag, my dick bouncing in front of me. "What
kind of game is it?" I asked setting the bag down. "It's
a trivia game, I'll ask you questions, you get one right,
and you get to help me out of one piece of clothing."
"And if I miss one?" I asked. "That's
what the bag is for, open it up." I did as I was instructed,
and inside found a plaid skirt, a white blouse, panties
and a bra. "You miss one, you have to put one of those
on. If you get me naked before I get you dressed, then you
win." "And if I lose?" "Look under
the clothes." At the very bottom was a paddle covered
in black leather. I recognized from the dominatrix birthday
a few years back. "Once you are completely dressed
up, I'll ask one more question, if you lose, I get to
use that on you." "Tina lent you her paddle."
"No, I lent it to her that time. Along with the rest
of the gear when she told me what she wanted to give you."
"I guess that's why I couldn't find where
she hid the stuff since. I kept waiting for her to bring it
out again." "It was all mine, she just borrowed
it." It occurred to me that it had been two whole years
since that encounter, meaning Tammy had owned all that
equipment since she was 17, or possibly even longer. I was
beginning to see that the "demure little flower"
certainly wasn't in her style. "So let's
get started. Are you ready for the questions?" Tammy
asked. "Sure, what's the subject?" "Sex!
Idiot. I should make you put on the panties just for asking
that." She smacked my ass playfully. "Ok, first
question, I'll make it easy at first: How many people
are in a m鮡ge a trois?" "Three."
I replied, happy to know the first one. "Come and take
it, shirt or pants, either one, pull them off me, "
Tammy said. I opted for the shirt, correctly guessing that
there was no bra underneath for as I raised it over her head,
those delectable breasts popped into view. The smooth
soft skin forming perfect orbs, capped with the most amazingly
pink areolas and from there two inviting nipples begged
to be sucked. I had to touch them, and not caring if it was
part of the game or not I did. Taking them, one in each hand,
I caressed them gently, enjoying the texture, the firmness,
everything about them. I bent down to take them in my mouth
but was stopped by Tammy's hand. "It wasn't
that hard of a question. There will be plenty of time for
that. Let's continue, next question. How many guys
have I fucked? You don't count cause we aren't
there yet." I had no idea, I figured she wasn't
a virgin, fuck with a body like that I KNEW she wasn't
a virgin, but until tonight, I had no idea she was this horny.
I figured I would take a guess, and since it worked last time,
I went with, "Three." "Wrong, nice that
you didn't say too large of a number, but wrong. Here
are your panties, " Tammy said pulling the white
silk panties out of the bag. "Are they yours? Do you
think they are going to fit? I'm a bit heavier than you."
"They're not mine, I bought them for you. I'll
give you a pair of mine if you promise to wear them to work
one day, the to bed when you fuck my sister. These are specially
made for guys that like to play dress-up, the help hide your
package if you tuck it back." She said as I slid them
on. I was unsure what she meant so she showed me, taking my
dick in hand and tucking it between my legs and into the panties.
"So?" I asked. "Yeah, you look good, "
she replied. "No, I meant what was the correct answer.
How many guys have you fucked?" I asked. "I'll
tell you, but only if you add the bra, " was her reply.
She picked up the bra and held it out to me by one finger, and
looked at me with a sly smile. I thought about dropping the
question, but I was curious, just how many guys had she been
with? So I took the bra and began to put it on. It was stuffed
well enough to give the illusion that I was a solid b-cup.
"You are looking like quite the stunning young lady.
And the answer was eleven. Next question: How many women
has Tina slept with?" "One, Lucy, last year
on my birthday, " I replied without hesitating.
Tina had said it was her first time then, and seemed a little
nervous during it. Since then it had become an inside joke
that the two of them were sleeping together. Any time she
was late getting home, it was because she "stopped
by Lucy's for a quickie." So I was not expecting
to be told I was wrong. "At least three. You know about
Lucy, but then there was Krista, her roommate in college,
and of course Vanessa. Vanessa and Tina were quite the item."
"Vanessa? Her best friend from high school Vanessa?
The maid of honor at our wedding Vanessa?" "The
`eat my pussy while wearing your wedding vail' at the
bachlorette party Vanessa, yes." "Jesus,
I never had a clue, " I said. "Of course not,
or you would have been enjoying the show long ago. I believe
you owe me a skirt." I picked up the skirt and slid it
on. Suddenly realizing I was two questions away from getting
my ass spanked while dressed as a catholic school girl.
"Next question, how many guys has Tina slept with?"
I stopped to think on this one. We had done the whole "let's
compare our pasts" thing when we met that senior year
in college. But she never mention the Vanessa or Krista
relationships. She had told me about Roger, the guy she
dated almost all the way through high school, then Steve
the guy she slept with to get back at Roger, then Brent and
Rick in her freshman year of college then me. So five including
me. "Seven, including me, " I replied, having
guessed that like the lesbian question Tammy knew of people
I didn't. "I'm impressed, I thought for
sure Tina wouldn't have told you about them all. Can
you name them all?" "That wasn't the question,
if you want me to name them all, you will need to throw in your
panties as well as your jeans, and I will have won."
I was finally feeling comfortable enough to assert myself.,
and I didn't want to let on that I had no clue about two
of the guys. "Didn't think you could. That's
ok. Come and claim your prize for the right answer, "
she said slightly thrusting her waist towards me. I knelt
down and began to peel her jeans off her. She was wearing
a pair of black lace panties underneath. Kneeling there,
less than a foot away from her 19 year-old pussy, I was beginning
to tremble with joy. The sweet scent of flowers was unmistakable,
but underneath, I could make out the tangy scent of her juices,
beginning to boil. She knew what was up and placed her hands
on each side of my head and guided me slowly to her crotch
and held my face there pressed against the lace covered
treasure. Without hesitation I began to devour the lace
with my lips, licking and sucking on the rough fabric. I
soon had my mouth open wide and was completely engulfing
her lace covered pussy. She let out a moan as I continued
to work her lips with mine through the fabric. I was being
stopping by that point, and getting a mouthful of fabric
in my teeth I pulled down, freeing her pussy from the lacy
covering. The pure, pink skin, unspoiled by a single hair
was even more beautiful than I had imagined and I went straight
to work on it again with my mouth, savoring the unobstructed
access. Tammy was sighing and moaning, letting her fingers
entangle themselves in my hair. She stopped and grabbed
my head and pulled away. "That wasn't fair. You
didn't earn the right to remove those. You have to put
this blouse on to even it out." She grabbed the white
blouse and tossed it to me. I slipped it on and moving forward
enough to step out of the panties that had fallen around
her ankles she helped button the middle two buttons. "Let's
tramp you up a bit, " Tammy said. She grabbed the bottom
of the blouse and tied the loose ends together. This left
my stomach exposed and with the top buttons undone, the
bra was visible, along with the fake cleavage. "My,
don't you look sexy? Next time, I think we should wax
your stomach and shave your legs, and I'll certainly
remember a wig." "Next time, I thought you said
this was it?" I asked "I said `maybe.' A
girl can change her mind, can't she? We'll see
how the rest the night goes, and maybe I'll surprise
you one day. Let's take a quick break, have some more
champagne and I need a cigarette. You smoke too right? Nothing
sexier than seeing a catholic school girl tramped out and
smoking. Well, a catholic school girl tramped out and smoking
with another one eating her out maybe, but that's for
another time. I'd have to get Tina an outfit as well."
She flopped down on the bed and pulled out a couple of cigarettes
and I poured us each another glass of champagne. She lit
both cigarettes and handing me one, I sat down next to her.
"So, you don't have any more clothes to take off,
and I don't have any more clothes to put on. You said
there was one more question." "That's
right, " she said between drags. "See if there
is a pen in the drawer over there." I got up and checked
through the desk in the far corner of the room and found a
couple of ballpoints. "There's paper too, you
need some?" I asked. "Yeah, bring it over."
She took a drink of her champagne as I walked back, trying
my best to look sexy, even though I felt silly dressed that
way. She took a pen and the paper. "I'm going to
ask you a question. I'm writing down what I believe
to be the answer on this paper. If I am correct, and your answer
matches what I wrote down, you are going to get the spanking
all catholic school girls crave." She held the notepad
up so I couldn't see what she wrote, then she placed
it face down on the night stand. "You ready? This is
the big one." "Sure, fire away." I said.
"Have you ever fucked another guy?" My face
was turning bright red. I was speechless for a moment. I
glanced over at the dark computer screen. Tina said she
would keep watching, but I couldn't tell if she was
still there or not. I had to assume she was, and that my truthful
answer might shock them both. "No, I haven't.
But I have thought about it." Tammy's arms flew
up in the air, "YES!" She kicked her legs on the
bed. "Turn the pad over, read what I wrote, read it
out loud so Tina can hear." I flipped over the note
pad and scrawled across it was, "Not yet, but you want
to." "I knew it, I knew it. Tina didn't believe
me." Tammy was clearly gloating. She stamped out
her cigarette, and gulped the last of her champagne and
stood up. "Well, bend over you naughty little tramp,
it seems to me you deserve a good spanking." She picked
up the paddle and my dick swelled up, getting rock hard at
the prospect. "Face the bed, lean forward, place
your hands on the bedspread, you fucking little slut, "
Tammy commanded, twirling the paddle in her hand. I did
as I was told, and she flipped the back of my skirt up, exposing
my silk covered ass to her. "Naughty girl!"
she said as the first blow landed, it hurt, but it was that
good hurt, she followed up with a smack of her hand and then
rubbed my ass to sooth it before the next blow. "Thinking
about boys, you tramp!" Thwack! She repeated her
move. "Thinking about their cocks!" Thwack!
"Thinking about sucking their cocks!" Thwack!
"Wanting them to stick their cocks inside you!"
Thwack! "Feeling their hot cum fill you up!"
Thwack! "You've been a naughty little slut, "
she said grabbing the back of my head, "you need to
think about pussy for awhile." She pulled me up and
forced me to my knees, placing her pussy on my face. "Eat
my pussy, you filthy slut!" I did as instructed. I
buried my tongue in her. I licked and I lapped, I tickled
her clit, sucked it into my mouth, held it between my teeth
as I flicked it hard with my tongue. All the time she moaned
and sighed in passion. She was delicious. Tasted better
than anyone else I had ever eaten. Her pussy might have been
nice, but it had been her ass that had gotten me in trouble.
I reached up and spun her around bringing her ass to my face
and I devoured it. Biting on the fleshy mounds, licking
the trail from the small of her back down, and probing the
rosebud with my tongue and she bent over to give me complete
access. I was hoping my wife was watching, as she never let
me do that to her, finding the whole thing too ticklish to
stand. I was savoring every moment of it, the taste, the
feel, it was more than I could have imagined. Tammy stood
up, and flung me to the bed. I fell backward as she moved in
to straddle me. With one hand she yanked down my skirt and
panties. And then, in one smooth motion she mounted my dick
and was riding me like a pony, never releasing the hold her
pussy had on it. She thrust backwards and down and forwards
and up, riding me hard. I could hear the slick sound of skin
on moist skin with every thrust. Her moans were so loud,
I knew we were being heard on all six floors of the hotel.
She wasn't shy about it at all. "God, you have
a big cock for such a little girl! Ram my pussy with it! Nasty
little girl, fuck me good!" It wasn't long before
I had to shoot the load, I thrust my hips hard up and she clinched
her pussy tight as I squirted. She held it tight as every
last drop was released and then let go. She pulled off of
me and bent down and licked my cock clean. "I love the
taste of cock and pussy, cum and tang together. I hope you
do too, " She said as she swung a leg over me and offered
her cum filled pussy to me. I didn't say a word, I just
went to work. As with everything she had said and done since
coming in, she was perfectly correct. I had tasted pussy
plenty, and I had tasted my own cum before. I hadn't
had any issues with the taste of either but the taste of the
two together was one of perfect balance and I couldn't
get enough. She came three more times before I was done,
the last one sent a trickle of her pussy juice down my chin.
We collapsed on the bed and in minutes were asleep in each
other's arms. I awoke the next morning to her mouth
on my dick. She had a hand on my balls and she was masterfully
coxing my morning wood to get harder. One of her fingers
began to probe my ass and before I was awake enough to protest,
it slid in, much to my surprise. This caused my dick to straighten
up and I was cumming again in a matter of seconds. She caught
it all in her mouth and pulling off my dick opened for me to
see before gulping it down. "That was a special treat, "
she said. "I was only supposed to play with you last
night and sneak out this morning before you woke up. You
should rest up. Tonight is going to be even better. I helped
Tina with the selection. Searched all over campus, but
think I found just the right fantasy fuck for you for tonight."
She was pulling her jeans up over her naked ass as I slowly
sat up. I tossed her the t-shirt which had ended up on my side
of the bed. "Thanks for, well everything. It was better
than I fantasized." "You are welcome. I made
some coffee, How do you take it?" She slid the shirt
on and I got my last glimpse at her wonderful breasts for
awhile. "With cream, " I said, focused on those
breasts. "Guess I swallowed too soon then, "
she said and gave me a wink. She stepped into the bathroom
and poured a cup of coffee. "There's a message
on the computer." I got up and pulled up the message.
"You were amazing last night. Lucy loved it too. Got
us all worked up! *wink, wink* Your clothes should be back
from being cleaned by now, you can go catch a movie or something
this afternoon, but you have to be back here by six, and put
your clothes out to be cleaned again, like last night. That
way you won't run off." Tammy was back with my
cup of coffee, "I left you my panties. I hope you do
wear them to work and then when you fuck Tina sometime. Be
sure to have her tell me about it. Oh, and I took your boxers
from the laundry. I'll wear them the next time I plan
to fuck someone." "What did Tina say? She enjoy
the show? Everything set still for tonight? I'm driving
out there to watch with her and Lucy." "She said
she enjoyed it and everything is set for six tonight. That's
when the next fantasy girl is coming over." "No
silly. Tonight you are getting a fantasy guy. Hope he has
as much fun riding you as I did." To be continued....

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