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The Big Bed



Please note that this text contains one or more repetitions
of a specific BLUE WORD . It is
marked thus to draw your attention to it’s placement and
useage in an erotic environment. Enjoy........

Cheryl walked over to Kevin and patted him on the shoulder.
Jeffrey had changed her again, this time in ways not quite
yet visible.

"Kevin, it's not THAT bad... Really. Half the
people in the world are female, right?"

Kevin's face was still red. He was crying a bit.

"No... {sniff}... It's not possible. I'm

Jeffrey fired off a mental communication to Cheryl.

"He has to stay convinced that this is real. Otherwise
we'll lose him."

Cheryl put her hand on Kevin's forehead.

"You're burning up. It's the virus. It always
does this. We have to get some water and food into you. Many
of your cells are being replaced with new ones-- that's
why you're so hot."

"I am really hungry. I've got lunch in my drawer.
But I have to use the bathroom first."

Cheryl whispered loudly enough to Jeffrey that Kevin could

"She's got to get rid of all the stuff her body
doesn't need any more. She'll be all right afterwards."

Cheryl took a towel that she had brought with her, and wrapped
it around Kevin's shivering body. They helped him
through the quiet hallways to the ladies' room. He
cried out again when he realised where he was. Sue took him
inside and waited for him while Cheryl, outside, was supposedly
at the cafeteria getting something for him to eat. She was,
in fact, just waiting outside the door, holding the lunch
that Jeffrey had materialised. They all returned to Kevin's
office a few minutes later, and fed Kevin the mean that Cheryl
had "bought".

He'd be very hungry for a while and would eat his own
lunch later. Kevin, though still upset, felt better.

"I still can't believe it. You've ruined
my life. How am I going to live like this? I can't face
my friends."

It was time for the final act to start. Cheryl spoke.

"Kevin, you're not alone here. You'll make
lots of new friends. You're very pretty. Isn't
she, Susan?"

Jeffrey nodded.

"I mean, just look at the way you've developed.
You'll have everyone here after you. Except the women,
but that was the idea, right?"

Kevin nodded silently.

"Look at all you get to do now. You can have children.
You get to see life from both sides, where the rest of us won't.
Not until the virus goes into full production, and even
then it only works once. Besides, there's one very
good benefit... The REAL reason you're a woman now..."

Kevin was almost cheerful.


Cheryl, all of a sudden, had a masculine voice.

"Because you wanted to make love with me, and now you
can. I can't believe you, of all people, didn't

"You're a... man? But how?"

"I can't believe I had you fooled all this time.
I was a victim of the test of a reversible virus a long time
ago, and it didn't work. Only changed me enough to sound
female and look it from a distance. They're supposed
to change me back eventually, though. For now they gave
me a new identity and lots of money."

"And... you're STILL working here?"

"Of course. Lets me monitor the progress and help
out with my own cure."

She unzipped her pants, and pulled her penis from it.


Kevin's towel fell away.

"You ARE male..."

Cheryl advanced towards him.

"Good thing, huh? Come on..."

...her penis grew hard, and she started to undress. Kevin
backed away. Cheryl had breasts, but they were extremely
underdeveloped. Her clothing was padded to make her look
female. She disrobed. Kevin shook his head. Seconds later
she was on top of him. Kevin was too weak now, Cheryl overpowered
him, rolling him on his front, climbing on his back, and
recklessly plunging her penis into him. It was difficult
at first. Kevin wasn't ready. He hadn't asked
for this. He struggled for a minute. Cheryl clasped Kevin's
breasts, and worked her penis inside from behind him. Her
other hand went to the front of Kevin's pussy, and her
touch excited him. Jeffrey sat on the desk and watched with
interest. Cheryl slid her cock into his cunt easily now.
Kevin couldn't say a word. It was over quickly, Cheryl
squirting her come inside, and pulling herself from him
before he could learn what a female orgasm felt like. She
got off of him, and got dressed before he could recover,
stuffing her penis back into her pants and tucking it in
so it wouldn't show. She and Jeffrey helped Kevin to
his feet, and into his chair.

"Sorry to be in a hurry, " Cheryl said, "but
we haven't eaten yet and there's only a few minutes
left to lunch."

Kevin looked at the clock.

"Sue here brought some clothes for you, and I even
think we got the right size."

Jeffrey took, from Cheryl's bag, some clothes.

"Now here's your panties, and I think this bra
should be about right..."

He handed the bra to Cheryl, who started putting in on Jeffrey.
Kevin grabbed it and angrily threw it down.

"I can't wear girl's clothes."

"Now now, Kevin, it's only appropriate. You're
a girl."

She took the clothes and put them in the drawer.

"You'll have to start learning a lot of new things.
Clothes are one of them. You can't just sit here naked.
Put the stuff on when you're ready, it's right
here in your drawer."

Kevin didn't look up. Cheryl and Jeffrey headed for
the door. Jeffrey looked at the clock once more on the way
out. The door clicked shut. Jeffrey and Cheryl ran back
to the maintenance room, changing to their original forms
on the way. They sat down where they were before, leaning
against each other. The Device, red, reappeared in Jeffrey's
lap. He looked at the timer.

"Almost perfect. There's about ten minutes
left before everyone gets back, like the clock said. Here

He pressed the STOP button, and suddenly they were sitting
a slightly different way, eyes closed. They opened their
eyes. The box was blue. They hurried out of the closet. The
halls were still empty, thank goodness. They went back
to Jeffrey's lab.

Kevin opened his eyes. He sat in his chair for all of five
minutes pondering his fate; worrying about whether or
not he was really pregnant, how he would learn all the things
he now needed to know, and so on. It wasn't until he looked
at his feet, trying to decide what kind of shoes he would
have to buy, that he realised that his own shoes were still
on his feet. In fact, he was still dressed. He checked himself--
no breasts, and the cock that he was so proud of was still
there. What a realistic dream!
He was overjoyed that none of the events he had just imagined
had happened. Meanwhile, Cheryl was hugging Jeffrey.

"We did it!" , they both told each other.

Kevin's bubble had just burst. He was hungry, and opened
his drawer to get lunch. Sitting there, in the drawer, were
the bra and panties that Sue had given him. They were EXACTLY
the same as the ones they were about to outfit him with just
minutes ago. He never had put anything into that drawer
except lunch. He sank back into his chair, having lost his
appetite. The Boss walked into the Lab. An imposing man
in his 40's, he was officially called the inter-department
co-ordinator, but was responsible for most everything,
and thus everyone called him The Boss. He was friendly,
but very firm about people doing the work they were being
paid for. Cheryl started slinking towards the doorway,
then realised that the Boss had brought two sandwiches.

"Missed you at lunch, Jeffrey. I figured you had to
be doing something important."

He handed one sandwich to Jeffrey and the other to Cheryl.
Jeffrey looked at his sandwich, and set it down. The boss
had forgotten that he didn't like ham sandwiches.
Well, he MIGHT eat it if he was hungry, but later. Cheryl
bit into hers.

"Thanks, " she mumbled with a mouthful.

The Boss hadn't left, so Jeffrey decided it was time
to show him some of the latest developments he'd been
working on. He had almost finished a sort of recording machine
that could record everything in an enclosed area at once.
There was a camera under development in a different department.
Together, you could record a place for a while, and then,
at any time in the future, you could use another system to
play back any view at any angle. By manipulating controls,
you could move a "virtual camera" to any point
in the area.

It would produce perfect 3-D images. Of course, Jeffrey's
dream at that time was to hook the recorder up to the Device--
HIS device. IDT's version didn't have the interface
for the recorder, but his did. That's why he made sure
he was involved with the recorder project, so he could build
his own. Jeffrey showed the boss an optical cartridge.

"It DOES have some recordings on it now, " he
claimed, "but we can't play them back quite yet.
That's why we don't know if the bugs in the original
camera affected it or not."

Suddenly, the doors to the lab burst open. It was Kevin,
who stormed in. He was mad.

"You're out of here, Landers. You and your girlfriend
here set me up with the Device. That's the only explanation."

Cheryl, to Jeffrey's surprise, was the one to answer.

"But Kevin, YOU said I HAD to have sex with you."

"Yes, but with you as a girl..."

It was the wrong thing to say. She stopped her approach at
Jeffrey's words.

"I love you, Cheryl."

"I love you too."

She sat down, her anus gently taking Jeffrey's penis
inside. It felt good. Her bowels spread as they touched
Jeffrey's body, letting her down onto him as much as
possible. She faced away from him still. Her weight pushed
Jeffrey's pelvis underwater. She lay down on top of
him, facing the ceiling. Deirdre started closing the lid
on the tank. She set her legs on top of his, and her shoulders
pushed his under the surface. Bubbles came from his mouth
as her weight pressed him to the bottom of the tank. Two wet
arms came from the solution and wrapped around her, under
her breasts. She felt his penis send her a message, which
she returned. She let the air out of her lungs, and she sank
into the solution, bubbles coming from her also. Deirdre
closed the lid, which locked shut. It was completely dark.
The sound of a motor outside the tank got a little louder,
and another motor started. The new genetic material started
flowing into the tank. Jeffrey tightened his grip around
Cheryl. He could hear their hearts pounding. It was uncomfortable
and claustrophobic, the two of them motionless. Physically,
it was fine, but the sensation of drowning underwater was
disconcerting. The first-stage changes seemed to take
forever to start. Jeffrey felt a tingle in his penis. Cheryl's
anus tingled also. The two openings joined together inside
her body. It was one of the shortcuts they had taken with
the program to save precious living tissue. Cheryl's
skin became soft and pliable, as did Jeffrey's. His
arms started to sink into her. Her body was becoming soft
and pliable, as was his. He squeezed her, until his arms
sank into her body and disappeared. The separation between
the two bodies was dissolving. New skin formed around the
two, sealing them inside the shell of the new body that would
soon be theirs. Cheryl's pelvis sank into Jeffrey's
as her bowels joined his pelvis. Their blood streams interconnected.
Their digestive systems connected together; the new body
used the first part of Cheryl's, and the last half of
Jeffrey's. The new skin sealed them together part
by part-- two legs fastened together, pelvis, torso, and
head. Within, they dissolved as new parts formed. Urine
and faeces passed from opening in the new body. As the old
matter left them, the new body grew smaller. This stage
took the longest. The new combined body, as the new parts
formed, would shrink from its previous size, which held
both Cheryl and Jeffrey's original selves, to the
ordinary size of only a single human. Inside that body,
the structure they had designed was taking shape out of
a nebulous form. In the second to last stage, most of the
internal organs, now unified, were solidified and started
to function as normal. There was one heartbeat. The last
of their old selves was eliminated into the tank and washed
away by the machines connected to it.. Finally, the skin
around them became tight, taking its final shape, and started
to insulate them from the nutrient solution in the tank.
This was the most important step-- if it wasn't finished,
they'd die of infection or exposure when the tank was
opened. The new body was hairless except on the head, and
between the legs. It wasn't exactly as Jeffrey had

A beeper sounded in the Lab. Deirdre, who had been watching
the clock, literally, for the last twenty minutes, already
had her hand on the tank's lid. She waited about five
seconds, and opened the tank. At first, the glare on the
surface of the solution prevented Deirdre from seeing
anything at all. Her friends' new body was still submerged,
lungs full of solution. She waited over a minute before
Cheryl and Jeffrey co-ordinated themselves. A head came
bobbing out of the tank. Liquid spurted [color
black] from the mouth; and a few seconds later, it was coughing,
and finally, breathing. A hand reached up out of the solution.
Deirdre took it, and helped the person out of the tank. The
person who left the tank looked very much like Cheryl, but
was younger. Deirdre looked into the tank, to see if Jeffrey
was inside. The tank was empty. Cheryl looked pale. She
was decidedly skinny, and had no breasts. The dark pubic
hair between her legs prevented Deirdre from seeing if
anything was underneath. She didn't say anything.
Clearly, something was wrong.

"Cheryl?" she said to herself.

She answered her own question, apparently.

"Yes, Jeffrey, I'm here."

Both had the same, high-pitched voice. Cheryl looked at

"Cheryl! What happened? We're female!"

"You'll know in a few minutes, " she answered

She was still dripping wet. Deirdre was concerned.

"You're both in there? Two, not one?"

Cheryl answered.

"Yes, for the moment. I'll let Jeffrey talk."

Deirdre shook her head as if she didn't get it.

"W-what happened? Jeffrey?"

"Yes?" s queaked Cheryl.

"No, Jeffrey. Try again. You can make your voice lower."

And, suddenly, it was.

"Like this?"

Deirdre gave Cheryl a towel. She started to dry herself

"Your minds are separate?"

Jeffrey's lower voice answered.

"Only for the moment. Once we enter each other's
minds we can't come back. Cheryl, what did you do? I
have no... penis!"

Cheryl's voice was high-pitched again.

"That's right, Jeffrey. I changed us before
we left. It's the last surprise I could ever keep from

"You mean... We're a girl?"

Jeffrey's voice asked.

"You'll know in a minute. Come on. Let's
get it over with."

Jeffrey's voice answered.

"I thought you'd never ask. But let's have
a shake first. You get it. It's your body and you know
how to handle it."

"No, silly, it's OUR body. You know as much about
it as I do."

"Will you just drink a shake, please? I'm hungry!"

Cheryl walked a few clumsy steps, picked up the shake, and
drank it.

"What are you doing?" asked Deirdre.

Cheryl's voice answered.

"Finishing what we started, Deirdre. We've
got to learn the rest of everything about each other. Then
we can stop talking to ourselves. We'll be one. I feel
like-- he's here with me and we're about to make
love. It's so exciting... so tempting..."

"I am with you, Cheryl. Come on inside."

Cheryl sat down on a chair. She closed her eyes, and was breathing
deeply. She opened her eyes about four minutes later, and
sighed once, as if in ecstasy.

"It's done."

"You mean Cheryl and Jeffrey are gone?"

Deirdre asked.

"Well, they're still here, kind of. But we...
or I... think as one now. I can hardly describe it. I've
learned so much about... everything...

"What happened to you? I thought your body would have
a... well, you know, male parts."

"Cheryl changed my body before we left."


Deirdre asked, "...How could she do that without
asking Jeffrey? You both told me that you had agreed on a
specific body, and she made you into a female!"

"There." It was said.

I looked over at Sophie listening for her reaction, though
when it came, it was with a hard slap across my face.

"YOU BASTARD!" she yelled, tears running down
her face.

"Who is the bitch? Is it that slut April? I'll
kill the slag, really, I will!"

"Calm down Sophie" I said, my face still smarting.

"It's not April".

April was an ex-girlfriend, a dirty 16 year old punkette
girl, who'd introduced me, and half the guys at school,
to the sensation of a good blow-job.

"It's Juliette. You know, Jimmy Konig's
kid sister".

At this Sophie appeared to relax.

"Juliette Konig? You mean that little brunette kid?
Shit Ian, she's only in 7th grade, you cradle- snatching
pervert! That doesn't let her off the hook though.
I'll make her suffer..."

I suddenly felt angry with the slut. Who was Sophie to tell
me what I could and couldn't do?
Anyway, Juliette hadn't known about her, and certainly
didn't deserve to face the wrath of Sophie because
of a single innocent night of love.

"I don't need to take this Sophie. Fuck off and
find someone else to play your slutty games with. I'm
going home."

Sophie suddenly went quiet and threw her arms around me.

"Oh Ian...I'm sorry... Don't finish with
me - remember I'm your slave girl, and you've got
to look after me..."

"All right" I told her.

"But I'm going home anyway. I might call you later...
Meanwhile see if you can steal some of that stuff from the
cellar, in case we want to play some more games another day."

Sophie smiled demurely, and nodded, as I dressed and prepared
to leave. As I walked out she pressed a photograph into my
hand. Kissing me, she said "It's for your collection
Ian. My little ten year old sister, Melissa. I guess this
is to tell you that you can have her when you're ready.
I'm sorry for getting cross, and this is my way of apologising."

When I reached the house, I found it empty, a note quickly
scribbled and placed on my bedroom door.

"Dear Ian, Your father's furious with you for
leaving Judy alone last night. However, it seems that this
time you've been lucky. Dad's mother's sick
in Vancouver, so we're going up to sort her out, and
have decided to stay up there for a few weeks and see some
of the family. Since we obviously can't trust you to
look after the house on your own, I've asked my sister
to come over. I've locked up your bank-book and told
her to spend your motor-bike money herself if you give her,
or Judy, any trouble. Your father's told her that you
only respond to hard punishment, so don't be surprised
if that's how any wrong-doings are rewarded! Be good
Ian, and we'll see you soon, Love, Mom."


I thought allowed as I read the letter. Aunt Tina was OK,
in fact, from my memories of her, the Canadian woman was
quite attractive, and she was a lot younger than Mom. A few
years ago, she'd competed as an athlete for the Canadian
Olympic team, and had been the star of the family - the press-cuttings
of this physically perfect specimen of a woman had fast
vanished from Mom's dresser into my stash of fantasies.

When she became too old for the squad, she'd extended
her fame by having a short, messy relationship, with an
ex-convict who'd ended up beating her and running
off with her medals. I'd never been entirely sure why,
but Dad had always seemed sympathetic to the fiancee, referring
to her as 'that Canadian dyke', this infuriating
Mom and inevitably leading to arguments.

My anger was due to the bank-book black-mail. I'd been
saving every penny I could since I was fourteen, for a decent
motor-bike, and in a month would be finished. Now, all my
efforts might be in vein. As my thoughts wandered between
anticipation of once again seeing my Aunt, and concern
about my plans for a black Kawasaki vanishing, I heard a
knock on the front door, ran down, and opened it.

"Hi IAN!"

Aunt Tina had changed since the photographs had been taken
that I'd spent many a night fantasising over. She was
smaller than I remembered, about 5'3 and had cut her
long brunette hair short so that she looked kind of boyish,
(a bit like a singer on one of Judy's posters, Jane Wiedlin).
Her wide eyes, and cute snub-nose made her look cute in a
pixie type way, though with her well defined muscle tone
visible under fairly scant clothing I wouldn't care
to mess with her!

"Err, Hi Aunt Tina" I replied, as she marched
in, leaving her suitcases at the foot of the stairs.

Grabbing my hand, she pulled me into the kitchen, pushing
herself up onto the table while I sat down.

"So what have you been up to, my little nephew?"
she asked.

"Actually, let it wait, let's go into town and
get a milk-shake together and we can chat there!"

"Hmm. Aunty? Are you not going to get changed first?"

My The 28 year old Aunty was dressed in the tiniest pair of
stretch-lycra running shorts her long legs apart, as she
tapped a pair of Nike-Air boots, their laces apparently
missing, onto the kitchen floor. More disturbing was the
black running vest that hardly concealed a detail of her
over-sized breasts, high at the neck, but only just reaching
low enough to cover her prominent nipples. As she tapped
her feet, the shirt bounced up and down, and I was terrified
her tits would 'fall out' at any moment.

"Are you embarrassed with your Aunty?" she
asked, laughing.

"Well, you'll just have to take me out as I am,
because I can't be bothered getting changed!"

When she drove to town, she inevitably chose my normal hang-out
to buy us a drink. The other guys watched her, as she walked
in and ordered two Bud's.

"You're old enough now to enjoy a real drink with
your Aunty Tina" she told me, as we took a table, sitting
opposite one another.

She asked me about school, about my interest in motor-bikes,
adding that she'd bought one herself a year or two before.
As we chatted a couple of young girls, aged maybe 13 and 14
came in, obviously having been to majorettes practice,
from their short pleated skirts, and little white boots.
As I tried to keep my eyes off them, I saw Aunt Tina blatantly
move her head towards the counter, smiling brightly when
a gust of wind from the opening door caused the skirt hems
to flick up and reveal pairs of tight teenage panties.

"Sexy kids huh?" she said in a slightly husky

"Well, erm, sure Aunty" I replied, confused
by the strange woman.

I found myself increasingly able to answer her questions
honestly, and even told her about Sophie and Juliette when
the "girl-friends" question arose.

I avoided too much detail, but she seemed happy enough,
telling me that we should arrange a dinner party so that
the two girls could meet and maybe make-up any differences.

As we prepared to leave, I heard the door open, and a silence
descend on the milk-bar's inhabitants. Looking over
my shoulder, I saw two 17 year olds from school walk in, both
guys with a bad reputation for bullying the younger boys.

"Here comes trouble" I told Aunty as she followed
my stair.

The two of them muttered an obscenity at the older majorette,
then spied Aunty and myself by the window.

"Well if it isn't our shit-for-brains friend
Ian. Who's the slut you've got with you today?"

I'd been through this before, just ignoring them as
they tried to insult me in front of the respective girl.
This time, however, things were very different.

Aunt Tina stood up, and licked her lips at the boys.

"Hey, forget Ian. You're the kind of boys I want."

Lifting her breasts as she spoke, she said to the first,
"go-on... touch them."

As he reached forwards, she raised one of her long athletic
legs, and drove a pink sneaker deep into his abdomen. As
he folded to the floor, she kneed his dumb struck friend
in the groin, toppled him over with a hand, then kicked his
face against the hard, tiled, cafe floor.

As she stood, victorious, over the two boys, the majorettes
walked over.

"Gee ma'am. That was great!"

"It's nothing kids, just what they deserved"
she told them as they looked up at her in awe.

Aunt Tina seemed kind of flushed, as she invited them to
join us, the two guys being dragged out by the bar's
owner. He motioned to a waitress that drinks were on the
house, and soon we had a table full of bud's with a few
cokes for the younger girl.

"So girls, do you know my nephew Ian."

They shook their heads, as Aunty continued "He's
a good looking guy, don't you think?"

"Sure" said the thirteen year-old.

"Well, he's all right. But you're really
pretty ma'am."

"Why Thank-You!"

Aunty replied, reaching out, and after brushing a blonde
lock of hair from the cute girl's face brought her hand
to rest itself on the kid's bare young thighs.

"You're a very pretty little girl, yourself.
Here, help yourself to the beer".

As the young teen downed her third bottle, and Aunty placed
an arm around her, the friend who'd been quietly observing
these going's on spoke up.

"Nikki... Don't you think we should go now?"

"No, not yet... I'm not anyway."

Aunty stopped any further concern by saying that she'd
drive the two girls home, but after dropping off the first,
turned into our street.

"Nikki... Do you want to come in and join us for a coffee?"

"Sure! That would be great!" replied Aunties
luscious little catch, and soon the three of us were back
inside the kitchen.

"So what do you do at majorettes practice Nikki?"
asked my aunt, sitting herself in front of me.

"Gee.. Well, we learn to play the tambourine, and
swing batons, then we do some dancing!"

"Would you show Ian and me your dancing?" she
asked, the kid immediately agreeing and proceeding to
jump and twirl in the middle of the kitchen floor.

As I watched, I found myself becoming more aroused both
from each glimpse of the baby-doll's tight little
knickers, and my own Aunt's obvious interest in them.
I felt Aunties sneaker moving up from between my feet to
the crotch of my jeans. Dirty Nikki was relishing our interest,
and as she pirouetted would flick up her short blue and yellow
ra-ra skirt so that Aunt Tina could enjoy a sustained show
of the cotton panties that hugged her skin so tightly. As
a finale the kid turned her head towards my pretty Aunty,
put her thumb cutely between her lips, pouting, and pushed
a leg forward, another backward, as she lowered herself
into the splits. Aunty suddenly exclaimed at me.


"Wha...What Aunty?"

I replied nervously. She pulled her toe back, then kicked
me hard in the crotch.

"OWWW" I yelled as she crushed my balls with
the hard toe of a Nike, causing me to topple backwards on
my chair, and land on the floor.


Aunty stood over me, as she yelled, looking frightening
but sexy with a definite twinkle of excitement in her eyes.
She pushed her thumbs into the waist of her running shorts
and peeled them to her ankles, showing herself to be bare
of both panties and pubic hair!

I found myself enjoying her dominance, and the air of sexuality
that she projected.

"I..I didn't only want to fuck Nikki Aunty. I
wanted to fuck you as well".

It was out before I could stop myself, Aunty smiling as I,
her sisters son, propositioned her.


"Y-Y-Yes Aunty. You must..."

Nikki was giggling away at this spectacle, and at Aunt's
command started removing my shoes, while she pulled off
my shirt, and loosened the waist of my pants.

"Nikki, pull at his jeans for me darling".

Nikki obediently tugged, my Levi's slipping off to
expose my hard penis to the pretty woman and little blonde
girl. Aunty took a length of clothes-line and soon had my
ankles individually tied to legs of the table, whilst my
wrists were tied together and stretched behind my head
to a radiator pipe.

"Darling, sit on his face for me babes?"

Little Nikki stood over my face, smiling like it was her
birthday, and spread her legs apart, bringing her young
pussy against my face.

"Isn't his little willy horrible Tina"
said the little slut, as my nose pressed against the thin
material into the groove of her labia.

"I like your pussy much more! It looks a bit like mine
but the bit that sticks out is much nicer!"

Aunt Tina's labia and clit protruded more than any
other I'd ever seen, and she played and tugged at it,
as the kid looked on in admiration.

"Come to me baby" Aunt asked, laying herself
on the floor, her legs spread.

"Aunty...please... finish me first" I pleaded,
my penis throbbing uselessly in the air.

"Shut up Ian! Nikki, please would you put your little
panties into his mouth to shut him up?"

Nikki peeled them off then deftly pushed the sweat and girl-cum
soaked cotton into my mouth. After removing the rest of
her outfit she lay herself between the older woman's
thighs, and writhed as Tina's fingers went straight
for her pert young ass. Aunty rolled over so that she was
on top of the kid, and lowered her head down to the girl's
little cunt, lapping at it furiously. The child was soon
emitting shrieks of pleasure as she enjoyed, maybe her
first ever orgasm, a tongue pressed deep into her pre-pubescent

"Let's help Ian cum baby-doll" said Aunty,
picking a feather-duster up from a cabinet, and flicking
on the kettle to make a coffee.

The two naked girls, came tow me, this time Aunty lowering
her dripping cunt over my face. I immediately started licking
up and down her cunt until I felt a tickling sensation from
Nikki running the duster up and down my cock.

"Touch me properly!"

I tried to say, but the panties made it come out as an indecipherable

"What's wrong Ian? Do you want us to stop?"
asked Aunty, leaving me painfully on the verge of orgasm
as she squeezed Nikki's hand and walked back to make
the coffee.

Nikki continued to move the feathers up and down the length
of my rod, sometimes flicking it at my balls, and the tickling
sensation was starting to change from being pleasant to
agonising. As I repeatedly neared the point of orgasm,
my haunches would rise, and she'd withdraw the duster,
over and over again.

"I think that your a pathetic little man Ian!"
said Nikki, enjoying my humiliation, as I thrust uselessly
at the feathers.

Sweat was starting to drip from my body, as I heard Aunt Tina
say "Shall we let him cum now?" to cute Nikki.

My athletic dyke relation approached holding a steaming
cup of black coffee.

"Ian - where are the spoons?"

I tried to nod towards an obvious drawer below the sink-unit
but she ignored it.

"What's that Ian darling? You want me to use your

I shook my head vigorously, but she just continued to Nikki's
obvious amusement.

Brandi gasped at each nip. Paula could tell Brandi was enjoying
the tit eating, but she was eager to taste her friend's
cunt. She wanted to wait until after Brandi had loved her
tits though.

They switched positions and Brandi went to work on Paula's
boobs. Paula became so excited by Brandi's feasting
that she forgot about her desire to eat her pussy. Brandi
reminded her with a kiss on the neck and whispered, "Let's
eat each other now."

Paula laid on the hood of the car on her back. Brandi climbed
up after her and straddled her head. Paula reached up and
grabbed Brandi's waist and guided her twat down to
her hungry mouth.

As Brandi felt the first movements of Paula's tongue
on her hot clit, she leaned over to bury her face between
Paula's legs. Taking in the smells of her friend's
pussy, she was amazed at how much she liked the aroma. Actually
doing what she had seen in those movies was exciting, but
the smells she hadn't been able to imagine and they
added a whole new dimension to the experience.

Brandi placed her lips over her friend's clit and sucked
as she licked its firmness. Paula was super sensitive and
writhed under her body. Knowing she had found the spot to
drive Paula wild, Brandi continued working on her clit.

Brandi suddenly felt the pressure of a finger being slid
in her pussy while Paula continued sucking her clit. It
felt like a little dick and her vaginal muscles grasped
its length. Paula inserted another finger momentarily
and began fucking Brandi with them.

Brandi repeated these actions to Paula's pussy. She
then had a great idea. Remembering how turned on Paula had
gotten while being double fucked, Brandi pressed her other
two fingers against Paula's tight asshole. Her anus
constricted at the slight intrusion, but Brandi slid the
fingers in easily with one thrust. Paula tensed and screamed
in Brandi's pussy, but didn't miss a suck or stroke.

Brandi soon felt a pressure at her own anus as she pumped
her fingers in and out of Paula's twin holes. She relaxed
at the anticipation of what she knew was coming. Just as
Paula's stomach churned with her orgasm, she slammed
her fingers deep into Brandi's ass. The suddenness
of the thrust and the taste of Paula's cum in her mouth
brought Brandi to her own climax.

The two young women laid entangled, licking each other's
crotch clean. Brandi turned and laid next to Paula. They
kissed and held each other for a while as they restored their

A bright light suddenly fell upon their bodies and a dark
form appeared behind the beam. The girls sat up in shock,
grabbing for something to cover themselves, but finding

"What have we here?" said the voice of the police
officer as he lowered the light to examine the young bodies.

"Two beautiful, young ladies lying on the hood of
a car on a street in the middle of nowhere naked as jay birds."

Paula managed to speak first, "We just stopped to, "
but she couldn't continue her explanation.

"Fuck each other, " Brandi said cautiously,
trying to determine how much trouble they were in.

"I see, " said the officer.

"I could take you in for indecent exposure and public
lewdness for what you were doing out here."

Paula pleaded, "Please, don't do that. We weren't
doing any harm and no one was around to see us. If my parents
found out, they would kill me."

"I need a better reason than that, " said the
officer in a firm voice that gave away a hint of anticipation.

Brandi decided to try something. She stood and whispered,
"We're both spent, but we could give you a blow
job you wouldn't soon forget."

The officer looked at her, admiring her body, and said,
"Are you trying to bribe an officer of the law with
sexual favours, Miss?"

Paula stood and followed Brandi's lead, "Yes,
we are. Is it going to work?"

Brandi stepped up to the officer and rubbed the bulge in
his uniform. "I think this officer is going to draw
his gun and shoot us, Paula, " she said playfully.

She unzipped his pants as he removed his gun belt.

Brandi pulled down his pants and underwear. When she looked
back at his cock, she couldn't believe the size of it.
Paula stepped behind Brandi and took a look at his dong and
exclaimed, "My, God! That thing must be twelve inches

Brandi had never believed there was a cock as big as Mr. Martin's
had been, much less the monstrous size of this man's.
"That's why the guys call me Horse, " said
the officer.

"Well, we'll do our best to break you, Horse, "
said Brandi as she kissed the head of his cannon.

Paula knelt next to Brandi and helped her lick up and down
his dick. They squeezed his hairy balls and fingered his
ass as they licked and kissed lovingly on the incredible
phallus. Brandi was the first to try swallowing it.

She placed her lips around the head and slowly descended
the shaft. She got half of it down before she had to stop.
Paula took her turn and managed eight inches. She was anxious
to take the whole thing so Brandi licked on his balls while
her friend continued trying. The next time she took nine
inches, then ten, but she couldn't take any more than
that. Brandi tried again and got up to nine inches down before
she relinquished the massive pecker to her friend again.
He was getting close to shooting his load as Paula finally
managed to get the whole twelve inches in her throat.

Having accomplished that feat, Brandi took over one last
time and managed to inhale ten inches. As she sucked up his
rigid tube, a giant surge lifted from his waist. Brandi
quickly let Paula place her lips next to her own on the glans
just as several sweet, hot, sticky wads of cum shot out.
The girls swallowed every drop that he surrendered to them.

The officer slowly dressed himself. He looked at the girls
and said, "You girls better get home. Have a nice night."

He turned and went back to his car.

The girls jumped in their car and drove home. They were both
thinking as they left the officer behind, "We already
have had a nice night."

Chapter 3 Detention

Brandi wore a leather mini-skirt and tight T-shirt to school
Monday. She turned the heads of all the guys and most of the
girls. Today was going to end with a bang and she wanted to
hint to everyone what she was in school for that day. No one
would ever guess, of course, but they would enjoy watching
her flaunt her sexy, young body.

The bell rang at the end of the day and the halls emptied quickly.
Brandi entered Mr. Martin's office alone. Mrs. James,
Mr. Martin's secretary, was sitting at her desk. She
was a beautiful woman, and for a woman of forty she was extremely
well built and in great shape.

Mrs. James stood and said, "You must be Brandi."

"Yes, " Brandi replied simply.

"Mr. Martin has been waiting anxiously for you. Follow

Brandi followed the woman to Mr. Martin's office.
Her ass swayed gently with each stride and Brandi found
herself mesmerised by its motions. Through the thin material
of her clothes, Brandi could tell that she wore no panties
or bra. Mrs. James was a woman that Brandi would like to have
sex with some time.

Mrs. James knocked on the door and opened it without waiting
for a response. She introduced unnecessarily, "Brandi
is here, Wayne."

"Thank you, Julie. Close and lock the door, please, "
he requested as he turned to face Brandi, "Come here,

As Brandi walked around the desk, Mr. Martin took off his
shirt, exposing his broad, muscular chest. She noticed
that he had already removed his pants and was now sitting
in his chair totally nude. His monstrous prick was standing
at attention.

Brandi knelt to take him in her mouth, but he stopped her.
"Not yet. You and Julie are going to fuck on my desk
first, " he said smiling.

Brandi turned and saw that Mrs. James had not left the office.
She was just finishing undressing. Her tits stood out proudly.
Her pussy lips puckered hungrily. She sat on the desk in
front of Brandi and spread her legs apart to give her a good
view of the treasures that waited to be plundered.

As Brandi took Mrs. James' tits in her mouth and sucked
them gently, Wayne stripped her from behind. When she was
totally naked, she sat next to Julie on the desk. She stretched
out over the desk seductively.

"You really got a hot one, Wayne, " Mrs. James
commented, "She's ready, willing, and able
to please."

"You both look a little hungry, " Mr. Martin
smiled, "Why don't you eat each other?"

Mrs. James straddled Brandi's head and lowered her
pussy. Brandi thrust her tongue out as it came closer, anxious
to taste the older woman's snatch. As her lips covered
Mrs. James' hard clit, Brandi felt the firmness of
Mrs. James' tongue probing deep inside her cunt. The
two women ate ravenously at each other's mound until
they both came in powerful orgasms.

Mrs. James got off the desk. She walked over to a cabinet
on the other side of the room. When she returned, Brandi
noticed that she was holding a thin, wooden yardstick and
a strap-on dildo.

"Since you were caught fucking in the rest room, Brandi,
I am going to have to punish you, " announced Mr. Martin
taking the yardstick from Mrs. James, "You will be
struck with this stick on your bare ass until you beg us to
stop. Julie, turn her over and

Before she knew it, Mrs. James had flipped her onto her stomach
and was sitting on her shoulders so she couldn't escape.
Suddenly, Brandi felt the sharp sting of the yardstick
as it cracked against her butt. A burning sensation shot
through her entire pelvic area. Though the whipping hurt,
the fire that shot between her legs was exciting and pleasurable.
Mr. Martin struck her several more times, each fuelling
the blaze between her legs more. She was in pain, but her
ecstasy kept her from screaming.

Mrs. James turned and looked at Brandi. She said, "Wayne,
I don't think you're making an impression on her.
Her eyes aren't even wet yet."

The next three strikes were harder than any spanking she
had ever received for being bad. The pleasure stopped and
real pain and anguish started. She could feel welts rising
on her smooth ass from the blows. Tears filled her eyes and
she let out a scream.

Mr. Martin laughed, "That's more like it, darling.
We must get the message clear."

He struck her three more times very hard before dropping
the stick.

Brandi was crying loudly from the whipping. She was forced
to sit up as Mrs. James put on the dildo. She laid on the desk
next to Brandi.

"Punishment is over, " reassured Mr. Martin,
"Now we get to enjoy ourselves."

Mrs. James coaxed Brandi to straddle her and take the dildo
inside her aching pussy. Most of the pain had subsided from
her butt, but her pussy was still throbbing. As the firm
plastic slid deep into her wet cunt, she forgot the soreness.
She began rocking up and down on the artificial cock.

Brandi felt Mr. Martin's hands around her waist and
was expecting him to shove his prick up her ass. She wasn't
sure she was ready for that yet. When she realised that he
had impaled Mrs. James' cunt instead, she was grateful,
but a little disappointed, too. She timed her rocking so
that her down stroke made her ass slam into Mr. Martin's
thrusting stomach.

Mrs. James had been really turned on by Brandi's spanking.
Within five minutes, she arched her back and gasped with
her second orgasm. This day, when I returned from the shower,
(timed with Mike's of course), Mike made a pit stop
in the john. I continued to my locker, which was near Mike
Hogan's. I was out of deodorant, and having borrowed
from Mike in the past, and him being momentarily detained
I decided to help myself from his locker, as I knew he wouldn't
mind. But when I reached into his duffel bag I was startled
- my jockstrap was in his duffel bag. The one I had just taken
off before heading for the showers. How'd he get that?

No, I must be mistaken, it just looks like mine, a jock's
a jock, right?
But I looked further and saw a second one, which I recognised
as his. I looked it my own locker (where I now remember hanging
it) and mine was gone. What the fuck?
I took my jockstrap back and said nothing, while I pondered
this new development, and started making the connection
with certain other "personal" items that had
been disappearing the last couple of weeks.

I knew there was a connection. I decided to test him. I re-hung
my jockstrap where it had been, and poked around, waiting
for him to get back (must have been some shit!)
Eventually he got back. He didn't notice my jockstrap
right away, so I really poked around waiting for him to see
it. I watched him carefully, searching his eyes when he
began packing the his towel and last few articles in his
duffel bag. I think he saw that his "treasure"
had disappeared, he was kind of rummaging around in there.

Time to step up the pressure.

"Oh, Mike" I began, " I borrowed your deodorant,
"here, take it back".

And I tossed him the stick as he looked up. I don't think
he made the connection right away, as he put it back in his
bag. Then when I was sure he was watching, I took my jock off
the hook in my locker and stuffed it in my own bag. I looked
up as he turned his eyes. He was flushed, face red, strange
look. Ah-hah!
Caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

I said nothing more while we were in that room. We got the
rest of our things, exited the locker room, the school,
and were on our walk home. The silence was awkward for him,
I could sense his guilt and confusion. Obviously I knew
he had had it, and he was waiting for me to say something.
And I was searching for the way to say it. I couldn't
fathom his interest in my jock exactly, (I learned about
fetishes later as an adult), but I felt sexual, him wanting
it, and it must be something sexual with him. Did he want
me as much as I wanted him?
It would seem so.

Once safely away from the school grounds I confronted him.

"Mike" I queried.

"Yeah?" , he was nervous.

He knew it was coming and he could tell from my tone of voice
the day of reckoning had arrived.

"What were you doing with my jockstrap in your bag?"

"Huh?" , playing dumb, but it wasn't going
to work with me.

"My jock. I found it in your bag when I was looking for
the deodorant."

I said it unambiguously. Okay, get out of that one Hoagy!

His face was flushed and he was avoiding eye contact with
me. God, this kid reminds me of myself!
He was speechless, ignoring my last statement, but I wasn't
going to let it go. And I could feel a certain "nervous
energy" in my body building up.

And I was going to see this to the end. And I remembered this
little patch of woods a few blocks ahead (yes, for those
who read Volume II, it was THOSE woods).

"I said you STOLE my jockstrap. I found it in your things."

He just would not look up, eyes on the ground, his pace quickened,
we were walking fast, it was work to keep up with him.

"I don't know what you mean, " he stammered,
and after a pause, "if it was in my bag I must have got
it by mistake."

It was hanging on a hook in my locker". This lad was
in misery, and if we were walking any faster, we would break
the school record for the mile -)

"Slow down, Mike", I ordered, exasperated
with his denials.

He slowed, as commanded, but was still not going to talk
about it. We were almost to those woods.

"Mike, why did you take my jock? And another thing.
I've been missing a lot of stuff lately. Did you take
a pair of my underpants?"

Dead silence, lots of squirming. Finally I took his shoulder
and stopped him in his tracks. His body was tense and he looked
like he was going to collapse, or start crying or something.
He were standing right next to where the trees started into
those woods.

"Fuck, Mike! I had to go home without any underwear
that day. What kind of prank are you playing?"

I knew it was no prank, but I would cut him a little space here,
get him to admit it.

He shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know".

I don't know. How many times had I said that. I remember
that night under the sheets at John's (still Volume
IV), pretending to be asleep while John fondled me and when
confronted by him, "I don't know".

Mike didn't know. I didn't know. There was just
something there that neither of us comprehended, that
we were different somehow, that this troubled us, confused
us as we would struggle through adolescence searching
for our identities.

"Mike, are you gay?" I asked.

"NO!" he shot back without hesitation.

A pause ...

"It's just that... it's ... I don't
know. Sometimes I feel weird. That's all ...

"I'm not GAY!"

We both paused to reflect.

"Come here, " I finally said, turning up towards
the woods, "let's talk about this somewhere

He was slow to follow but he did. He seemed somewhat relieved,
and glad to disappear from public, as if the world were watching
him try to explain what he didn't understand about
his sexuality.

In the trees I began in again, somewhat more earnestly,
"so what do you do with my things?" , as if I had
to guess.

His reluctance to talk was getting to him again, and once
again we had lost eye contact as he watched his feet play
with a stick on the ground.


"Uh, huh. You know what I think?"

I think you like to smell 'em or something and play with
yourself". He must have felt my eyes burning through
his skull. His features were even redder, it that's
possible, and I ... I ... I was getting hard, just picturing
him doing what I had just accused him of, yes, there was no
mistake, this situation, the intimacy - I was getting turned

He didn't deny it, nor did he admit it. His head hung
and he was on the verge of tears.

"Mike", I said softly.

"That's okay. I'm not going to tell anyone
about this. I do it too. I mean, I've never taken anyone's
jock or anything, but I jerk off sometimes, you know, like
when I'm between girlfriends", and every other
day as well. -)

Was that relief I saw on his face?

"You do?" he asked a little disbelievingly,
testing me perhaps.

"Sure. One in a while".

"What do you think about?" he asked, interested,
and more at ease.

Glad to be off the subject of the jock and onto something
... better?

"You know, when you're doing it."

"I don't know. All kinds of things. I like to dream
I'm fucking some girl ... sometimes I imagine I'm
getting a blow job."

All true.

"Yeah, me too. You think a girl would ever give you
a blow job?"

Hoagy asked.

I smiled.

"Already has. I came in her mouth and everything."

I was boasting.

"Man" was all he could say.

"I can't believe anyone could do that do you?
I mean suck on a guy's dick ... I wonder what it felt like
... for her, you know, I mean ..." his voice trailed

His voice expressed genuine curiosity, maybe more. Yes,
I had thought about this before too, what was it like to blow
somebody. Once in a while in my dreams I had imagined John
and I did that too each other (though we never did), but I
tried to keep such perverted thoughts from my mind. I looked
up, and saw that Mike was staring at the erection in my jeans.
He looked away when I looked up at him. Then I looked at his
own crotch. Seeing me do this out of the corner of his eye
he deftly moved his arm with the duffel bag to conceal - but
he was too late, as I saw the same betraying bulge in his trousers
that was raging in mine. There we were, two lads, horny,
confused, waiting for the next move.

In uncharacteristic fashion I made the next move. Mindy
watched as he walked through the arcade. His chest and arm
muscles rippled under the tight fitting tee shirt he was
wearing, and she felt an itching in her pussy when she looked
at his jeans, the material stretched tightly across his
firm buns and doing little to conceal the bulge in his crotch
of what had to be a huge piece of meat. Her eyes glazed and
she unconsciously licked her lips as she fantasised about
digging her heels into those fantastically hot buns and
pulling what had to be a beautiful cock-pole into her.

"What's a hot babe like you doing around this
bunch of wimps?"

Mindy, shocked out of her fantasy, Looked up and saw Billy
Bob standing right in front of her.

"Seems like a chick like you could find better pickings."

Before she had a chance to respond, Billy Bob boldly slipped
a hand up under her blouse and squeezed her tit. Not like
the furtive gropes the others had been giving her, he pawed
her breasts openly and obviously, right there in the middle
of the arcade where everyone could see.

Mindy was relieved that Billy Bob wasted little time inviting
her to go for a ride. Not that she really minded his public
fondling of her, her reputation was not all that great anyway,
but she was rather apprehensive about doing things like
that in public. As Billy Bob roared out of the mall parking
lot, he said "Gimme a beer. There's a cooler full
behind your seat. Get one for yourself if you want."

She had to get up on her knees to reach over the high-backed
seat and reach the beers, and while she was fishing a couple
of cans out of the cooler, Billy Bob ran a hand up the back
of her legs and started feeling her butt.

"Nice ass, Baby."

He grinned.

"That's what ol' Billy Bob likes; Nice firm

Mindy wiggled her butt a little and giggled. As she pulled
the beers from the cooler, she couldn't help but notice
the musky odour that permeated the back of the van. Must
have been dozens of girls across almost as many states that
had been laid back there, she thought, and chances were
she was going to be the next one.

Settling back in her seat, she popped the caps off the beers
and handed one to Billy Bob. She was surprised to see how
far they had gone as she glanced out the window. Billy Bob
had floor-boarded the van, and they were already screaming
down the expressway doing at least eighty five or ninety.
The sultry air whipped through the window, offering little
relief from the hot, clammy evening, and she sucked appreciatively
on the cold beer.

Billy Bob finished gulping his beer, tossed the empty can
out the window, then reached over and grabbed her by the
back of the neck.

"Time to get started, Baby, " he said as he pulled
her head toward his lap.

"Suck me."

The young girl had not noticed when he unbuttoned his jeans,
but now her face was mere inches away from one of the biggest,
hardest cocks she had ever seen. It must be a full eight inches,
she thought, and she shuddered slightly as she wondered
if the swollen shaft was so big it might choke her.

She had little time to wonder though as Billy Bob impatiently
pushed her face down. Mindy barely had time to open her mouth
before the throbbing cock was pushed between her lips and
into her mouth.

"Mmmfffgh, " she gurgled as the hot male meat
pressed urgently against the back of her throat.

"Ahh, yeah, baby!"

Billy Bob cried as he jammed the accelerator even harder
against the floorboard.

"Suck that dick, baby! Suck it for me!"

The initial discomfort of having so large a cock lodg

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