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The Best Laid Plans (fm:interracial)


The drone of big jet engines changed to a high pitch, as the
flaps were
lowered, slowing the 747 as it began to circle Melbourne
for a landing.
Two months before, I had been offered the opportunity of
a transfer to
work with our new joint venture partners in Australia.
A handsome pay
increase made the decision easy. My knowledge of the island
was miniscule, coming only from some books, National Geographic,
a few
movies, and watching the Olympics in Sydney a few years
ago. My general
impression was that the people were a friendly lot, and
open as a
whole. That was a positive and I saw no negatives as I assessed
possibilities. I watched the runway rise to meet us as we
touched down, placing me on another continent for the first
time in my

I was anxious to meet my new associates, and wondering how
I would fit
in as I hurried to claim my luggage. As I approached the baggage
area, I was surprised to see a young man holding up a large
sign with
"John Redfield" printed in large red and black
block letters. I walked
over to him saying, "I'm John Redfield."

"Mr. Redfield, welcome to Melbourne, I'm Jim
Taylor. We have arranged to
get you through the security formalities as quickly as
possible." I was
certainly impressed with that, knowing it can be quite
a tedious
process at O'Hare International in Chicago. As Jim
had said, it was a
mere formality, taking only a matter of minutes, and we
were quickly on
our way to the office of Telco Communications, where I was
ushered into the office of John Ferguson, the CEO.

He rose from behind his desk as I was shown in; came around
to greet me
with a firm hand shake, and added that Aussie g'day
mate, with a
friendly smile. A quick glance around at the comfortable
furniture and
his totally clear desk, except for a computer monitor,
and a framed
picture of his family told me that he was a man who got things
through others. He spent no time at all trying to impress
me with his
importance, which told me that he was comfortable with

After a few moments of pleasantries, John took me up to the
top floor of
the building to another pleasant surprise. They had set
up a reception
for me with finger food and drinks. Everyone looked up as
we walked in,
then formed a sort of reception line which John guided me
introducing me to each one and telling me a little of what
they did for
the company. Toward the end of the line, I caught a glimpse
of a
slender woman with full dark hair, and just for a moment
our eyes met
as I moved in her direction through the line. I remembered
little of
anyone else, and when I finally got to her, I forgot the little
I had
retained of the others. I tried to maintain a professional
attitude, as
I gazed into her dark, dancing eyes, which seemed to catch,
reflect the rooms bright lights.

Holly, extended her hand immediately, avoiding any awkward
moment of not
knowing whether I should try to shake her hand or just say
"G'day John" rolled off her tongue like
melted butter.. Her hand was
small and delicate but felt strong in my grasp as for a moment
my gaze
swept her figure, noting the flair of her hips almost hidden
under a
full mid calf length navy skirt. I shifted my eyes quickly
back upward
and did not miss the quick intake of breath, revealing the
arc of her
breasts covered by an ironed slick white cotton blend blouse.
buttons open at the top, revealed a delicate neck, just
a hint of
cleavage, and a rolled blue and red accessory scarf tied
loosely under
the wide collar, finished off the slightly sexy, but yet,
appearance of this captivating woman. Her dark brown eyes
danced as our
hands touched, and I looked intently into her face, saying,
"I'm John
Redfield. It's a pleasure to meet you Holly, and I look
forward to
working with you." Even in that brief moment before
we moved on, I
sensed a connection.

The lights dimmed after the introductions and everyone
began to break
into small groups: some talking shop, and others, mostly
the older
ones, trying to appear interested in each others ailments.
I talked to
as many as I could, while munching on some tasty little meat

appetizers, which hoped was not kangaroo, but every now
and then, I
scanned the room in search of Holly. I knew I saw her look
quickly away a couple of times. I smiled inwardly, basking
in the knowledge that she
was checking me out. As the reception began to wind down,
I made my way
over to where she was standing, wanting to catch her before
she also
took her leave.

"Holly, it seems everyone thinks I am tired from my
trip and that I
should get some sleep." She smiled as I spoke. "But,
so far anyway, the
jet lag seems to be at bay, and I was wondering if you might
dinner with me. I don't really know where to go, and
I don't have a car
yet, so I'd be at your mercy. I'm only staying a
few blocks down the
street. Jim let me drop off my luggage on the way here. I'd
like to
talk with you over a couple of drinks and some food. Maybe
you can fill
me in on who's who and what's what. Oh hell, have
dinner with me Holly.
I would like my first dinner in Melbourne to be with a beautiful


I looked down at her, my best smile spreading over my face
as I waited
for an answer. She blushed, looking away for a moment, then
saying "I'd
love to John. There is a place just around the corner from
where you
are staying. Oh, and if you look on the television when you
get back
there, you'll find a set of keys to a new Camry, parked
just outside
your door, which we leased for you, " Holly said with
a smile and a
saucy toss of her full chestnut hair.

"Who picked the Camry?" I asked.

"I did, but you can change it for something else if
you like."

Aside from being enthralled with her voice and manner,
I was certain
that I was going to like this woman. My last two cars were
Toyotas. We
agreed that it might be better, for appearance sake, to
separately and meet later. And she wanted to freshen up
a bit, but told
me to meet her at a little Italian place, which as she had
said, was
just around the corner from where I was staying.

I didn't see her at first, as my eyes swept around the
mostly empty
restaurant, when I walked in an hour later. The lights were
turned low
for the sake of ambiance, but finally I spotted her tucked
back the
most dimly lit corner of the restaurant. An inward smile
warmed my
heart, as I wondered if Holly had chosen the corner so we
not be so
noticed. It reminded me of when I was growing up in Chicago,
and some
of the secret meetings I had with girls who would never have
allowed to go out with me.

"Ah, there you are, " I said as I approached
the table. "This is nice and

Holly smiled as I sat beside her, and leaned over to give
her a short
peck on the cheek. Then taking her hand in mine, and looking
into her
eyes, I said, "I'm glad you accepted my invitation."
I gave her hand a
soft squeeze and asked which was our waiter so we could place
our drink

Our conversation flowed easily as we exchanged the usual
things about family, work and school. After we had ordered
our second
drink, I began to share some more intimate stories of my
background and
the frustrations I had growing up in an upper middle class
community. In grade school, my older sister and I were the
only black
students. And in high school, there were only a few others.
I told her
about my sister Genelle, now, a beautiful black woman;
tall, slimmer
hipped than most black women, but rounded in all the right
places. She
was a cheerleader in high school and also in college at Northern

Illinois University, in De Kalb Illinois, which is only
an hour from
our home. Holly's interest peeked as I told of watching
her our living
room sofa with Chris Jenkins, our neighbor and former quarterback
our high school football team, when we were home for spring
break from

Chris's family and mine were all good friends and were
at each others
homes quite often when we were growing up in Glen Ellyn Illinois.
particular night, our parents were attending some teacher's
when he came by the house. We decided to have some popcorn
and watch a
movie, but did not have any Pepsi, so I went to the store,
a few blocks
away, to get some. I knew Chris had been hot for Genelle for
a few
years now, and she had always liked him, but it would have
been frowned
upon for them to date. What Genelle did not know, was that
Chris and I
had planned this when we were home for Christmas. I stayed
gone for
quite a while, as we had discussed, and when I did return,
I wanted to
see if he had made any progress. Instead of going in the front
which would have certainly given them warning, I walked
to side of our
house where I could look into the living room from the shadow
of a
large silver maple tree.

They were kissing passionately and Chris had his hand inside
of her
knee. Genelle's skirt was half way up her thighs and
her blouse was
open. Her bra was obviously undone in the back as I could
see one of
her full firm breasts. Genelle put her hand on his as he began
to move
his hand up her leg, which consequently caused Chris to
hold still for
a moment, but he continued to kiss her. After a few moments
however, he
pulled back and seemed to be saying something to Genelle,
then he
leaned in to kiss her again. Whatever he said must have been
because, this time, as they kissed, she put both of her arms
around him
and as she did, his hand again began to creep slowly upward
between her
legs. Her legs parted slightly as if to signal that his advances
be welcomed. Chris did not need an engraved invitation.
I could tell,
even from outside the house, that Genelle was getting very
aroused. She
sort of slid down more on the sofa, moving toward his roaming
almost as if she were trying to get his hand to touch her pussy.
shortly, when he did, her hips begin to move against his
hand. Then her
hands went to the back of his head, where her fingers began
though his dirty blonde locks.

Just then the lights of a car swept over my hiding place as
turned the corner by our house causing me to step further
back into the
shadows, so I would not be seen. By the time I was able to regain
position and see them again, Genelle's skirt was up
around her waist
and Chris had his hand pushed down inside her panties. Her
dark curly
pubic hair was visible around his hand, and Chris had his
mouth on one
of her tits, sucking her nipple as Genelle's head rolled
from side to

Not long afterwards, Genelle began to buck her hips wildly,
with her
legs opening and closing slowly on his hand. Chris had big
hands, with
long fingers, and I could see that two of them were sliding
in and out
of Genelle's pussy. Finally she stiffened, pushing
her hips up to him,
then she fell back with her eyes closed. Chris stopped sucking
nipple, pulled back, and just looked into her face for a
moment. Her
eyes were still closed and his hand continued to stroke
her pussy, but
much more gently now. I continued to watch, as she opened
her eyes
smiling up at him, then pulling him to her for another long
kiss. As
they kissed, she reached over to cup his balls for a moment,
unzipped his pants and without hesitation reached in and
took his cock

Somewhere during my telling of the story, Holly began to
rub her fingers
softly up and down my arm and she did not flinch when I put
my hand on
her knee. As she stroked my arm, I slowly eased her skirt
up and my
fingertips began to move in small circles around the inside
of her
knee, occasionally reaching around and back to the bend
of her knee,
stroking softly, then sliding the balls of my fingers a
few inches up
the back side of her thigh.

During our high school days, Chris had quite a reputation
with the
girls We had showered together many times after football
practice, so I
had seen his equipment, but his white cock in my sister's
dark hand,
appeared much bigger than I had seen it. I suspected she
could have
used both her hands on it and had plenty of room left. A short
later that suspicion was confirmed as Genelle knelt in
front of Chris.

By the time I reached this part in the story, my fingers had
crept moved
up the inside of Holly's thighs. Then as I told her how
my sister had
both of her hands around his thick white cock and the rest
in her
mouth, one of my fingers moved to trace Holly's pussy
lips through her
panties. She looked up, squeezing my arm as I leaned in to
kiss her
lips and my finger moved softly over her pussy. Her panties
already damp as my fingers slid under the leg band to touch
her bare
pussy for the first time. My fingers dallied in her pubic
hair while I
sucked on her lower lip for a moment, then pushed my tongue
between her
parted lips. Holly was breathing hard when my middle finger
parted her
pussy lips and slid into her slit.

I had just broken the kiss with Holly when the waiter came
back to see
if we were ready to order. I ordered another drink for us,
and some
food. All the time the waiter was talking to us, I kept my
finger in
Holly's pussy slowly stroking up and down with the
callous on the
inside of my finger sliding over her clit. When the waiter
walked away, I pulled my finger out of Holly's pussy
and rubbed it on
her lips. She licked her juice off my finger and as she did,
I leaned
in to kiss her lips so I could also taste.

When the waiter had brought our drinks, Holly urged me to
tell more of
the story of my sister and Chris. I smiled at her and continued.

Genelle was on her knees stroking his cock with long strokes
up and down
his length, looking up at him. Chris got a big smile on his
face when
she put her other hand on his cock and started to jack him
off with
both hands, then leaned down to take the top few inches of
his cock in
her mouth. My sister, not only didn't know I had made
an agreement with
Chris to give him this time alone with her, but that he would
do the
same for me with his sister Katie. We had not discussed many
other than we would not interfere. The scene before me was
so hot, that
if I had not been worried about someone seeing me, I'd
have taken my
dick out and masturbated right on the spot. Chris did not
last too long
when Genell got his cock in her mouth, perhaps because she
was not too
experienced enough to delay his climax. As soon as he started
to cum,
she backed off and Chris shot his load, hitting her in the
face and
spraying all over her blouse. She got up immediately and
went into the
bathroom. Chris wiped himself off on his underwear. I almost
out loud.

I waited a while longer, and when I entered the house a few
later with the Pepsi, Genell had changed her blouse and
cleaned up, and
Chris had a big grin on his face. I made no mention of this
to either
of them, at that time or ever. We had our popcorn and watched
a movie
before Chris went home. I saw him put his hand on her thigh
times during the movie, and every now and then she would
reach over and
rub his cock through his pants for a moment. I figured there
would be
more to come from Chris and Genelle.

We went to bed shortly before our parents came home. For
a while I laid
awake, lightly stroking my dick as I envisioned my time
with Katie,
Chris's younger sister, who just happened to be the
captain of the
girls basketball team. She had this long flowing blonde
hair, which
she'd put in a pony tail for the games, and tits which
had a lovely
sway as she ran up and down the court.

"John, you must tell me about Katie now. You simply
must. Please John,
please" Holly pleaded, in her captivating little
Aussie accent. She had
moved her hand to my thigh and was moving her fingers up and
down the
inseam of my pants, just above my knee, as she encouraged
me to
continue with the story.

Katie had just turned 18, and was in her senior year, about
to graduate.
She was tall; standing 5'10", with long shapely
legs; two years
younger than Chris, and a year younger than me. The Glenbard
girls basketball team, with Katie as the leading scorer,
from the power
forward position, had just won state for the first time
in school

Chris asked me the next day when he came by as I was just finishing
with the yard work, if Genelle had talked to me after he left.
"Sure, "
I said. "Why?" I had this blank expression on
my face, which confused
Chris, and he didn't know what to say, so he just said,
"I was just
wondering. Hey, are you still coming over tonight?"
I was smiling to
myself, knowing he wanted to find out what she told me. But
he would
have to ask her, if he wanted to know.

"Yeah, I'm coming, if my dad doesn't work
me to death today. I thought
we were home for spring break." Chris laughed, saying
he had some
things waiting for him at home too. I had gotten. up early
and had the
grass cut and did the trim, even before the dew had evaporated,
so I
could be ready for Saturday night.

Katie and I had always talked to each other in school, as
well as when
our families did things together, and the four of us had
been friends
since we moved to Glen Ellyn ten years earlier, but I had
never really
been alone with her. I was wondering if I would get as far
as Chris had
with Genelle, but figured that I had a good shot, in that
we had grown
up together, so she was comfortable with me. And, thankfully,
it was
not one of those "love him like a brother" relationships.

By the time I arrived at the Jenkins' home, at about
7pm, I was really
excited. I had for years, been thinking about how to get
a chance with
her, with things being the way they were. It was not unheard
of for
whites and blacks to date or even get married, but my family
opposed to it and so was hers. It was ok to be friends, but
would have been out of the question. Mr. Jenkins liked me,
and so did
Mrs. Jenkins, but if Katie had asked to go out with me, he
would have
blown a fuse. She didn't get to date much anyway. With
basketball, and her community service work, she didn't
have much time.
Katie was a serious student, never receiving anything
but "A's" all
through high school. She was valedictorian of her class
and she got a
full scholarship to the University of Illinois. Actually,
she wound up
with two; one for academics and the other for basketball.
She chose the
academic scholarship, just in case she got hurt or something
couldn't play ball.

Katie's parents had gone to a St. Patrick's Day
dinner/dance at the
county club, which meant they would not be home until well
midnight. At first the three played some pool in their basement.
had a nice table and the four of us had played a lot over the
After about half an hour, Chris suddenly remembered that
he had to go
over to another friends house for a while to help him with
some project
they were working on and had to finish before he went back
to school.
We both told him to go ahead, and we would just play pool till
he got
back. Then we had planned to play miniature golf. Katie
and I kept
shooting pool and listening to some tunes on the stereo.
She was really
a good dancer and occasionally she would dance around while
I was
trying to shoot. Genelle and Katie had always used this
tactic when we

She was a real distraction in her skin tight jeans and form
button up sweater, but not so much that I could not beat her
if I
really wanted to. I had always let her win most of the time
when we
played together, if I could do it without letting her know.
We would
tease each other, trying to make each other miss our shot.
That's what
she was doing now with her dancing. I was lining up for my
shot when
she leaned over the pocket I was shooting for; first shaking
her tits
at me, then dancing around, showing off an ass so fine I wanted
to lick
it on the spot, then taunting me, saying "I bet you
can't make it---I
bet you can't make it." Katie and I, it seemed
had always been able to
amuse each other, even as children.

I had to stop and laugh now as she stopped dancing to lean
over the
corner of the table, and shake her tits at me again. So I said
to her,
"what do I get if I do?" She was really getting
into her tease now,
seeming to forget that her big brother was not there. We
had only
rarely been alone since we were in elementary school. Katie
seductively as she undid the top three buttons of her sweater,
leaned over the pocket I was shooting for again, saying
"hmmm maybe a
kiss, " in answer to my question. Now this was getting
interesting. She
raised up again throwing out the challenge. "But
if you miss, you have
to stand on that table and sing a song to me, " pointing
in the
direction of the coffee table centered in front of the brown

I had sung in the boys glee club in high school, and was in
a coral
group in college. Singing was not something which appealed
to most of
the other school jocks, but it had always served me well
in attracting
the girls. Missing the shot would not be a bad thing, even
though I
knew I could make it easily. I looked down her sweater at
the now
visible valley of her cleavage, and purposely hit the shot
a little too
hard. The ball rattled around, not going in, but hanging
just on the
edge of the pocket. Katie laughed, shaking her ass at me
once, before
sinking her shot to win. I moaned loudly, complaining that
she had used
unfair tactics. Katie simply walked over to the stereo,
swinging her
ass like a model on a runway, and put on Percy Sledge singing,
"When A
Man Loves A Woman, " which I knew very well. So with
only token griping
and little hesitation, I stepped up on the coffee table
and began to
sing along with Percy. Katie sat on the sofa looking up at
me, not
remembering that her sweater was still undone, and giving
me a good
look at top half of her breasts, above the lacy red bra which
the lower portion of her lovely orbs.

If you know the song, it's one you can really get into
and I did. I
think Michael Bolton also recorded it a few years ago. Katie
sat with a
sweet innocent smile on her face, looking up at me through
big blue
eyes. As the song ended, I got down from the table, preparing
to sit
beside her on the sofa, but she had set it play over and over,
instead of sitting, I took her hand, pulling her into my
arms to dance,
and continuing to sing softly into her ear. Somewhere during
the song,
Katie pulled slightly back, looked up at me with her eyes
and said offhandedly, "I know John."

Wondering what she could have meant, I asked, "what
do you know?"

"I know you let me win." She giggled. "I've
always known."

I considered trying to deny it, but decided instead to use
it to my
advantage. So I gave her my best smile, asking, "so
do I get my kiss

Katie punched my arm, but didn't answer for a moment.
She just glanced
down at the floor, then when she looked up at me again, she
smiled and
just said "yes" as pulled me to her. We kissed
softly for a while,
before I pulled her closer kissing her harder. The kiss
lasted through
the rest of the song. By then we were both breathing a little
and I had slid the tips of my fingers under her sweater in
back and was
rubbing them across her back, just inside the waist band
of her jeans.

As my fingers began to stroke her soft skin, Katie broke
the kiss,
looked up at me, pulled me to her again, then sucked my tongue
into her
mouth. I slid my fingers down lower, softy rubbing around
her tail
bone. By then she had started to make little whimpering
sounds, and
rubbing her fingers along the back of my neck. My cock was
rock hard
and I knew she could feel it pressing into her. As we continued
to sort
of sway to the music, I began to walk us toward the sofa. When
back of her Katie's legs touched it, she just say down,
pulling me down
almost on top of her, but I managed to come down beside her.
My fingers
came out of her jeans as we went down, so I moved my hand around
to her belly and began kissing down her chin to her neck,
kissing and
licking in the hollow of her throat, then up the side of her
neck to
suck her ear lobe, as I rubbed my fingers across her belly,
pushing then under her sweater to rub the warm delicate
skin of her
stomach. Katie's fingers kept rubbing the back of
my neck as I kissed
around her neck and down to her chest to the flesh now revealed
by the
three open buttons of her sweater.

She moaned louder as I began to kiss and lick down into her
cleavage and
may have been so distracted, that she did not notice as my
opened the button in front of her jeans, revealing the lacy
top of her
red panties which matched her bra.. I licked along the top
of her bra
as my fingers deftly began to slide the zipper of her jeans
down. I did
not know how far she had let anyone go before, but I was not
going to
rush. I figured that Chris would not come back for at least
a couple of
hours, so I was going to take it step by step. As I got Katie's
about half the way down, I began to stroke her feathery soft
pubic hair
through her panties with just the tips of my fingers.

By now, I had begun to lick the flesh of her breasts, kissing
all around
each one before moving to suck her nipples through the thin,
transparent, cloth of her red lacy bra. My fingers reached
lower, for a
moment feeling the mound of her pussy, but then, as I felt
her fingers
leave my neck, I pulled back, moving my hand back upward,
sliding under
the bottom of her sweater again, to touch her belly. I guess
that in
her mind, this presented less of a threat, because Katie's
immediately moved their original position behind my neck.

I toyed with her belly button for a while, then rubbed across
the bottom
band of her bra, before moving up to feel the flesh of her
Katie pulled my head into her as I licked the top of her breast
and my
fingers pressed softly press into the bottom of her full
firm tit.
After a few moments, I moved a finger to lightly rub over
her nipple. I
could feel it harden as I rubbed and heard Katie moan louder.
At the
sound of her moans, I pulled back to look into her face, then
her lips again, sucking on her lower lip as my hand moved
to the
buttons of her sweater. I opened two more before pulling
back once
more to look into her eyes, wanting to see her expression
as I
unbuttoned the last two buttons of her sweater.

When we weren't kissing, Katie's head was on the
back of the sofa
moving from side to side, but now she looked down, watching
me as I
opened her sweater up and to see her tits for the first time
ever. They
were not huge, in fact not as big as my sister Genelle's
were, but they
were firm and stood almost straight out even without the
support of her
bra. Her nipples were visibly hard, pushing against the
thin red cloth
of her bra. I leaned back in to kiss her once more, and at the
time, reached to unclasp her bra in back. I kissed along
her collar
bone and then my kisses followed my fingers as I slowly slid
sweater off first one shoulder and then the other. She leaned
allowing me to slide the sweater down her arms and off.

As I leaned down to lick under her loosened bra, I snaked
my tongue down
to lick first one nipple, then the other as I slid her bra
straps down
and off her shoulders. Katie leaned back resting her head
on the back
of the sofa as I started to suck and nibble her nipples and
began to
roll her head from side to side once more. Her nipples grew
hard as erasers as I continued to torture them by raking
my teeth over
the growing nubs. Her moans became louder when I closed
my teeth on one
nipple and pulled back a little, stretching it out. Katie
moaned .

"Ohhhhh Johnny--Johnny."

Encouraged by her response, I went back to her pussy. I moved
the hand
which was feeding her nipples into my mouth, and ever so
slowly stroked
down her taut belly, again pausing to rub around her belly
before moving on down her abdomen, just touching her warm
soft skin
with the tips of my fingers.

When I reached the waist band of her panties, I traced my
finger along
the lacy little red fabric out to her hip and back to the center,
slid my fingers inside, moving slowly downward. I heard
her sharp
intake of breath as I touched her pubic hair, this time without
protective shield her of panties. Slowly moving my fingers
downward, I
felt her hips move slightly as a soft groan escaped her lips.

"Ooohhhhh Johnny noooooo"

It was the kind of "no" that encouraged rather
than discouraged, and
would certainly not cause me to stop. I did, however, pause
for a
moment, before moving up to kiss her hard. Katie immediately
pushed her
tongue into my mouth and moaning again as I slid my fingers
down to
softly stroke the lips of her pussy. Her jeans were so tight
that I
could not get my hand all the way down to cup her lips, and
the way she
squirmed around as I touched her pussy, caused the seam
of her skin
tight jeans rubbed the back of my hand raw, or at least it
seemed that
way. So I was content, for a while, to stroke the top of her
lips and
slide my finger back and forth over her clit.

Soon Katie was making little "oh-oh ooohhhh"
sounds in my mouth as we
kissed. Then she would pull back, look at me, and kiss me
vigorously attacking my mouth. After a few minutes , I began
to talk to
her between kisses.

"Do you touch yourself this way, Katie?"

"Do you ever think of me when you touch it?"

"Do you want to touch me?"

She seemed not to be able to really speak, but would just
groan and nod
her head in answer to each question. When I asked if she wanted
touch me, she pulled back and looked at me for a moment, then
slowly moved one hand from behind my head, first, placing
it on my
thigh, rubbing softly, then hesitantly, moving it to rub
over my
crotch before placing her fingers at the top of my zipper.
As she
started to pull it down, I kissed her again, lifting my hips
so she
could get it down. Then I pulled back to watch as her hand
crept into
my pants, watching her face as she touched my cock for the
first time.
Her eyes opened wide as she discovered that her fingers
would not wrap
around it. I began to plant little kisses around her face,
and my dick
pulsed in her hand as she just held it for a few moments.

Then I said, "baby, undo my belt and take it out."

She just pulled back and looked at me, not moving her hand
from my cock.

"It's ok baby, " I said before reaching
down to undo my belt and the
button on my pants for her. I lifted my hips again and pushed
my pants
down a little. Katie's eyes widened again as she pulled
my cock out of
my underwear.

I loved the contrast of her white hand on my dark cock, as
she slowly
began to stroke up and down the length. My cock flexed in
her hand
again; this time causing Katie to let out a little squeal.
She laid her
head on my shoulder, just watching her own hand sliding
up and down my
cock. After a few minutes, I reached one hand to begin pushing
jeans down. Katie, moved her lips to kiss and suck on my neck
as she
lifted her hips allowing me to push them over her ass and
down to mid
thigh. My heart raced with excitement, but my movements
remained slow
and calculated as I pulled back from Katie's grasp,
and slowly moved
to kneel in front of her. My eyes were glued to her face as
I reached
for the waist band of her jeans and began to pull them down
her thighs.
Katie's eyes closed as she moved her hands to her tits
and began to rub
and squeeze her swollen nipples. I got her jeans below her
knees before
removing her tennis shoes and socks, then taking the bottom
of her
jeans, pulling her legs out straight, and at a snails pace,
pulled them
over her ankles and off.

Katie's eyes remained closed, with her head rolling
side to side as I
kissed the inside of her knees and started to tail little
kisses, licks
and nibbles up the inside of her thighs, just the way my math
had taught me when I was 15. {but that's another story}
My lips stopped
just past the midpoint of her thighs, as I paused to breathe
in her
smell. I could see the crotch of her red panties, the leg
and waist
bands of which were trimmed with a thin mesh, . She was wet
with sweet,
intoxicating juices, and I reveled in her smell. Katie
moaned and
opened her eyes as I filled my nostrils with her pungent
odor. I looked
up into her eyes as I moved slightly higher, then flicked
out my tongue
to lick the soaked crotch of her panties.

Her hands quickly flew to my head, pushing me back a little,
and moaning
"ohhhhhh Johnny, noooo. She was not holding my head
with any force,
and when I pushed forward to lick her crotch again, she moaned
more, "oooohhhh" lifting her hips and pushing
her pussy into my face.
My tongue bathed her crotch well, before moving my fingers
to slide the
narrow wet band of material aside. Her hips began thrashing
so hard I
had to hold them still in order to lick her bare pussy. She
kept saying
"noooo--nooo--Johnny, " but pulled my face
into her pussy harder.

When I parted her swollen pussy lips with my thumbs, to delve
my tongue
deep into her slit, Katie let out a long low moan saying,
" Oooooohhhh
shit baby. Please don't think I am a bad girl Johnny.
I know you may
not believe me but, no one has ever done this to me. No one
has every
even seen me before."

At that moment, it did not matter to me. I only wanted to make
her cum
and cum with my tongue. By now her head was back, lolling
side to side
again, and she began to say my name over and over, moaning
loudly, and
trying to pull my whole face into her pussy. When I moved
to capture
her clit in my mouth, sucking and licking, Katie almost
"Ooooohhhhhh Goddddd Johnny. Ohhhhhh baby."

I licked in long slow strokes over her throbbing clit for
a no more than
a minute, before raking my teeth over the little swollen
nub. At this
point, she began thrashing her hips around uncontrollably,
loudly, and then slumped back on the sofa. Her whole body
was went

I debated with myself over what to do, but at 19, my cock always
over my head. As Katie slumped against the back of the sofa,
I moved
both my hands to her hips and began to move her red lacy panties
under her firm ass, then slowly pulled them down her thighs.
When I
pulled them off her ankles, Katie's legs once more
fell apart in open
invitation. My youthful lust burned hotter as Katie's
naked body lay
slumped before me, with her long toned legs splayed open,
exposing the
large pouting lips of her pussy. Her mound was covered by
golden wisps
of delicate blonde hair, some of which I had seen on one occasion,

poking out the leg of her swimsuit, when we had been swimming
in their
pool. Katie's full breasts were rising and falling
with each breath,
and her nipples remained hard and swollen.

By the time she recovered from her initial orgasm, I had
removed my
clothes, and was kneeling on a pillow between her open thighs,
the head of my cock parting the lips of her pussy and siding
up and
down in her wet slit. As her eyes opened to see me rubbing
my cock in
and around her pussy, Katie looked down smiling softly,
as she observed
the contrast between my long dark cock and the delicate
white skin of
her thighs and belly. Then seeming to realize what I was
about to do,
she groaned. "Ohhhh Johnny, Johnny, I don't
know. I don't know. I‘ve
never felt like this, " then laying her head back
rolling it from side
to side again.

Up to this point, her protests had been only feeble, so I
just gave her
a long "shhhh Katie, it's ok" and moved
the head of my cock to her
clit, rubbing it around the swollen little nub, then back
and forth
across it.. I could feel her hips slowly rising as if trying
increase the pressure of my cock on her clit, then falling
back, only
to rise again.

I lifted one of Katie's legs up and placed it on the sofa,
then knelt
between her legs putting my hands on her shoulders, and
easing her down
into a prone position, leaving the other foot on the floor.
I tried to
maintain the contact between my cock and her clit, as I slowly
moved on
top of Katie, then with one elbow beside her for support,
I moved the
head of my cock back between her pussy lips, searching for
entrance. As I pushed forward, my cock forced it's
way slightly inside
her warm velvet channel. Katie's winced in pain and
took a deep breath,
as she felt me push against her hymen. "Ohhh Johnny."
she moaned.

I pulled back slightly, waited a moment, then pushed back
in her pussy
hard. Katie cried out, closing her eyes tightly, when I
broke through
saying , "Ohhh damn-damn--damn." I could
see tears begin to trickle
down the sides of her face, so I did not move again until she
her eyes. Looking at me for a moment, she reached up to grab
the back
of my head, and pulled me down to kiss my lips, then pushed
her hips
up, talking into my mouth as we kissed, saying, "Do
it Johnny, do it."

I pulled my cock back and pushed deeper, feeling her stretch
to let me
in. When I asked if she was ok, Katie pushed my lips away from
saying, "yesss--yesss, don't stop Johnny,
do me, do me."

I began to slowly stroke in and out of her warm wet channel,
feeling it
open more and more for me. By the time I felt like I was about
in her, Katie began to push up to meet my strokes. I would
stay at the
same depth for a few strokes, then push in more. Each time
I went
deeper, Katie would moan louder and push up harder, trying
to get me
deeper. In no time at all, she had taken everything I had.
My balls
were slapping against her ass and Katie was grunting. "Yes-
ohhhh, yes

As she pushed up to me, I began to pump her pussy harder and
driving the air out of her lungs each time I slammed into
her hot
little hole. I changed the rhythm frequently form hard
driving strokes,
to long slow ones. Katie seemed to sense each change, and
stayed right
with me. Very soon she was moaning "Ohhhhhhh, ohhhh,
ohhhh" again, and
I felt her pussy clamp on my cock as she came again.

I held still, until her orgasm had subsided, then began
to fuck her
again, this time rising up on my elbows, letting the sweat
from by body
drip down on her. Katie now seemed to give herself completely
over to
the feeling, putting her hands on my ass and pulling me into
saying "soooo good Johnny sooo good." Then
saying "please don't think I
am a slut Johnny, it's just so good. Ohh fuck me baby
fuck me, fuck

I once more began to ram her pussy hard, slamming my dick
into her warm depths. Katie's pussy gripped my cock
again, just as I
felt my balls swell and release a hot stream of cum into her.
body quaked intensely, her head flew back and her hips shot
grinding against my dick, as yet another orgasm erupted
inside her. Her
pussy gripped me like a vise as my cream flooded her pussy,
stream after stream of hot cum into her. Every few seconds,
pussy quivered around my cock as I soaked in our juices.

Holly was now squirming around on my fingers as somewhere
in the story I
had slid two fingers deep into her pussy and her juices were
into my hand. Our food was long removed and forgotten and
occasionally did we take a sip of our drinks. Holly's
hand was inside
my pants, as she had unzipped me. I signaled the waiter to
bring our
tab, then turned to Holly, asking "Do you think you
could show me
exactly where you put those keys? I couldn't seem to
find them

Holly giggled, then leaned to whisper in my ear. "John,
a nice girl does
not go home with a man the first time she meets him."
I pulled back in
surprise to look at her. She giggled again and leaned to
my ear again.
"But I do have a new tooth brush at home, in case it might
be needed in
the morning." With that she eased out of the booth
and headed to the
ladies room.


Two weeks afterwards, I went home for a special graduation.
A tall
blonde girl, named Genelle, gave the valedictorian speech
. My sister
Genelle watched as her goddaughter talked about her years
in high
school, and her dreams for the future. Katie and her husband
sat beside
her, tears of joy running down all their cheeks.

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