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The Beach


Six months has past and it seemed like just last week. Tom
had been working hard to make very thing come together for
his dads business. He had got the proper management in place,
the right personal to get the work done, the right techs
to perform the work and the right amount of financing so
he and his dad could move the business to the next level of
growth. Tom had just finished his Masters in business in
fact his masters thesis was on preparing a business for
growth and he used his thesis in the real world on his dad’s
business. In appreciation His dad had given him three months
vacation just to unwind. It was the middle of July and the
summer heat was just starting to stay in the high 70s low
80s in northern Ohio. Tom had always had fun at Silver Lake
Michigan in his teen years when his family would stay there
for vacations in the summers of his junior and senior of
high school. There was water skiing, canoeing, speed boats,
4wheeling on the dunes in the restricted area for 4wheelers
only, and hiking on the dunes between Silver Lake and Lake
Michigan. Tom could always find some thing to entertain
himself, He though about Melissa. Tom decided that, that
was where he was going to start his vacation.

The drive took about six hours from home to Silver Lake
and on the way Tom was going over memoirs of his past visits.
His favorite memory was of the final night of his family
vacation of his senior year. He had just turned eighteen
and knew his way around on the dunes. He would hike up this
dune and down that one and some times hike the mile or so to
the beach of Lake Michigan. The hike would take about two
to two and half hours because of going over and around the
dunes. When you got to the beach at sunset, the view was spectacular.
Tom enjoyed this memory because of who he was with and what
had happen.

That vacation time there were two or three girls constantly
flirting with Tom and he enjoyed being the man of the hour.
One of the girls named Melissa caught Tom’s eye she was about
five foot four inches tall and kind of skinny but seemed
well rounded in the right places for a high school girl.
She had shoulder length dark brownish red hair, hazel eyes,
and a smile that would melt Tom’s heart every time she smiled
at him. Tom new he wanted to get to know her better every time
he saw her.

Tom was the athletic type of guy, he enjoyed weight lifting,
football in which he was a tight end for his team, rock climbing,
and hiking, so his body was well formed for an eighteen year
old. He would flex his muscles when ever he could, when it
looked like he wasn’t doing it on purpose, he didn’t want
the girls to think he was God gift to women, although he knew
he was. He wanted them to find that out for themselves.

The last day of the vacation Tom decided to hike the dunes
one last time to the beach on Lake Michigan side to watch
the sunset, but first he would swim for a while in Silver
Lake and see if Melissa would be around. Tom had knowledge
of women beyond his young years and yes Melissa did show
up to swim. She had on a red bikini which showed off her tan
skin. Tom could feel himself getting excited as soon as
he saw her. He had to keep telling himself that he had to cool
down or he would never be able to get out of the water. He swam
over towards Melissa and in doing so his manhood cooled
down. “Hi, he smiled to her.” “Hi Tom, ” she smiled back.
“Would you like to hike the dunes to Michigan side and watch
the sunset?” Tom asked. Melissa had thought that maybe
he wouldn’t ask her. She was the least brave of the three
girls that kept flirting with Tom, but she new if she didn’t
take her opportunity now she would never get the nerve to
go with Tom again.

“Sure, ” Melissa said. “Ok, lets get going now and we will
just make it in time, ” Said Tom. They got out of the water
and dried off. Tom dried himself off while watching Melissa
dry off. She turned toward Tom and then bent over to dry off
her legs and as she did so Tom could see the roundness of her
breast beneath her top. She had hoped that Tom had paid attention
to what she was doing. She slowly moved the towel up her leg
and when she came to the middle where she was already getting
excited she rubbed herself a couple of stokes not only to
get his attention but also to feel a little more enticed
with what the possibilities could be. She again made the
same movements up her other leg and again made a couple of
strokes in the middle looking up at Tom with a smile.
Tom’s excitement was beginning to show and Melissa smiled
with a giggle, which Tom knew she had seen what he had hoped
was not that noticeable.

Tom smiled back, “Lets go we don’t want to be late.” Late
for what, ” She question? You’ll have to come along and
see, Tom replied with a smile. “Ok I’m ready, she replied
as they both put their towels over their shoulders, Tom
picked up the flash light that he had brought, so the he would
have a light on the way back after the sunset, and started
to walk up the first big Dune. Melissa was a few feet back
and down from Tom so she had an excellent view as Tom climbed
the dune. She could see his hamstrings flex as he climbed
and the rounded shape of his butt under his trunks. “I wonder
how those buns would look with out the trunks, ” she thought.
She smiled to herself as she climbed. Tom reached the top
first and turned and held out his hand to Melissa the helped
her up. Melissa grabbed his hand and Tom easily pulled her
the rest of the way up. She made it to the top and the Tom pulled
her close to his body. He put his arms around her and said,
“I wanted to do this since the day I first meant you and your
friends. “I wanted you to hold me but I was to shy and I wasn’t
sure you even liked me.” Tom dropped the flash light and
moved his hands down from around her waist to her lower back,
down to her butt and pulled her closed to him. She could now
feel his excited manhood against her; she smiled and looked
into Tom’s eyes. Tom kissed her and she knew that the desired
she felt for him was real. When their lips parted they both
knew that they wanted more of each other. They released
each other, Tom picked up the flash light and started down
the other side of the dune gaining speed and laughing as
their feet went deeper into the sand until they reached
the bottom. They continued their conversation learning
more about each other and what each other liked and disliked.
They found they had more in common than they had thought.
They made it to Lake Michigan side just before sunset.

They found that that the beach was all to themselves Not
a person in site on the beach or in any boats on the lake. Tom
knew it was a secluded area of beach but he thought that there
might be some boats around on the lake. Tom said, “It looks
like we got the beach to ourselves.” “That’s good, I like
being here with you alone to watch the sunset, Melissa replied.
Tom smiled and laid his towel and flash light flat on the
sand. Melissa laid hers beside his. The sun had just started
to melt into the lake. The rose, yellow, and red colors were
just starting to appear in the sky. Tom and Melissa sat down
on their towels and watched the colors change in the sky
as the sun went down. Tom held Melissa’s hand she turned
and smiled. “I’m glad that I am here with you, ” she whispered
as she moved her head to lie her head on his shoulder. A few
moments past and Tom turned towards her, he was holding
her left hand, and with his left hand he touched her shin
to raise her head. Their eye meant for a moment then closed
as their lips touched. Melissa brought her right arm around
and put it on Tom’s shoulder. Tom moved his tongue inside
Melissa’s lips and their tongues began to dance together.
Tom moved his left hand down from her shin to her neck and
rested it there playing with her ear lope. Tom lowered both
him and Melissa down till they were laying in there sides
next to each other. They continued their kissing as Tom
moved his left hand towards the front of her neck and down
front of her chest till he was in between her round breast
that was only being held by her bikini. He moved his hand
over her left breast and under her bikini top. Tom held her
breast which was just a little bigger than the cup of his
hand. He could feel that her nipple was hard and knew Melissa
was enjoying what he was doing. Melissa moved her head away
for a moment and let out a small moan; she then moved closer
to Tom and reunited their lips.

Melissa could feel his erection against her body and that
excited her more because she knew that Tom wanted her. Melissa
moved her right arm off his shoulder moving her hand to the
small of his back pulling her closer yet to Tom. She moved
her body back and forth against him and Tom moved his head
away and let out a moan and smiled. “You are so good, I love
how you make me feel, you are so beautiful, I wish we had come
here earlier in my vacation than on the last day.” “This
is your last day here, ” she whispered? “Yea, we are leaving
tomorrow, ” Tom replied. “Then you need something to remember
me by, ” she whispered with a smile.”

Melissa pushed Tom over on his back, “close your eyes, ”
she whispered. Tom did what she wanted and closed his eyes.
She didn’t know for sure if she could do this but she was very
excited and she wanted Tom to know that she loved being with
him. She said to herself, “I can do this, ” and with that
she took off her bikini top and bottoms and straddled Tom’s

Tom’s eyes opened with surprise and excitement. Here was
Melissa completely naked straddling his hips and the only
thing between them was his trunks. His erection bolted
up against her and he moved his hands to her waist and then
up to her breast. She started to rock back and forth as he
began to play with her nipples. “OHHHH, that feels so nice
Tom keep doing it.” She moaned softly. She lowers her body
forward so that their lips could meet and their tongues
could begin their dance again. Tom moved his hand from her
breast down to her bun cheeks and began to help her move back
and forth on his cock. He was feeling so good and wanted more.
“I need to take my trunks off, ” he whispered in between
kisses. Melissa smiled, “let me do it, I have never taken
off men’s trunks before.” Tom nodded and Melissa moved
to his right side. He could see the curly hair of her pubic
area, and his cock jumped more. Melissa grabbed the sides
of his trunks and pulled down. Tom arched his back so that
his cheeks were off the ground. Melissa pulled the trunks
the rest of the way off. Melissa admired his cock as it jumped
up in the air a little higher every few seconds.

Melissa face turned a little red because she had never seen
a man’s cock in full erection and it looked so long and hard.
She could see the veins pushing against cock skin just waiting
for release of his cum. She moved her right hand to his erected
cock and slowly put her hand around it. Tom brought up his
right arm and put his hand on her shoulder pushing her to
let her know that he wanted her on top of him. Melissa smiled
and brought her left hand between her legs and she could
feel the dampness of her juices already lubing her virginal
lips. Melissa straddled Tom again and as her body came down
she pushed his erection against his groin and spread her
virginal lips so that his cock was against her clitoris.
Tom could feel the heat from her body and he arched his back
to grind his cock harder against her.

Melissa could feel the sensation of his cock throbbing
against her clitoris and she began to rock back and forth
again. Melissa felt greater tingling going through her
body as she moved. Tom moved his hands back to her waist again
helping her to move back and forth. He wanted inside her
so much. He moved his hands up her stomach and to her breast
playing with her nipples between his thumbs and his index
finger. Melissa breath began to get move rapid and she let
out an “OHH baby you feel so good, ” and she moved her hip
back a forth faster. Tom could feel the heat and the moisture
BABY I’M CUMMING” was the last thing tom heard as she collapsed
on top of his body. He could still feel her hips quiver a little,
as she laid exhausted, his cock still throbbing wanting

Tom put his hands on her butt and puller her down close to
him. Melissa put her hands on Tom’s chest and forced her
hips harder against his cock. Tom could feel his balls getting
cool from the juices that had just came when Melissa cummed.
Melissa smiled and whispered, “That felt so good sweetie,
now it’s your turn. With that she began to kiss Tom first
on the nose then their lips meant, next she moved down to
his neck, and blew on his ear lobe. She lean to her right side
and moved her left leg in between his, then she leaned to
the other side and moved her other leg inside of his. Tom
was now lying there spread eagle with his cock still throbbing
away and Melissa kneeling in between his legs. She continued
to kiss his body as she moved down his chest. She moved her
head to his left nipple and played with it with her tongue,
then sucked on it a little. “Do you like your nipple sucked
like I do?” she said smiling. “Yea, but I enjoy more what
your hand is doing to my cock.” While she was kissing him
she had moved her right hand down to his cock and was moving
it between his cock and his balls. Melissa was driving Tom
nuts. His cock was at full staff and throbbing for release
of his juices.

Melissa moved her head down his chest kissing his abs as
she went. She continued playing with his chest with her
left hand. She made it to his cock and holding it still with
her hand she took one long stroke with her tongue, up his
cock to the tip, just like she would if it was a lollypop.
She could taste her juices still on him and she giggled.
“I have never tasted what I taste like.” Tom smiled, “I hope
you are willing to see what mine taste like.” Melissa looked
up and smiled. “I told you I wanted to do something that you
could remember me by.” Melissa smiled again and began to
rub his cock up and down and at the same time play with his
balls. Melissa could feel his cock throbbing more and more
so she pulled her hand tighter on his cock and lower her head.
Opening her mouth, she let her tongue swirl around the head
of his cock. , MMMMMMMM, Melissa you make it feel so good.”
Tom moaned as he arch his back to meet her downward thrust.
Tom was about to cum and Melissa wanted him to remember this
for a long time. She put her lips around the head of his cock
and swirl her tongue as she sucked. This was driving Tom
to the extreme. Tom’s whole body was waiting for the final
explosion. He moved his body to the rhythm of her hand. “OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH
baby I can’t hold back any more. You make me feel sssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooo
GGGGGGGGG, ” Tom’s body writher with each explosion of
cum landing in Melissa’s mouth. She gagged at the amount
but tried to swallow as much as possible. Some came out of
her mouth and ran down his cock and around her hand. Tom’s
body collapse with exhaustion, warmth and total fulfillment,
he couldn’t believe how she made him feel so totally good.

Melissa looked up at Tom and smiled. She moved up kissing
as she went first his abs, then his chest and neck and finally
their lips came together their tongues dancing. Tom could
now taste the mixture of his cum Melissa’s juices. He thought
it might taste different, but it wasn’t at what he thought
it would taste like. He hugged her as they kissed. “You are
every good; I will remember tonight for a long time, ” Ton
whispered as he smiled at her. They kissed for a while longer
and then each got their suits back on. “I wish this wasn’t
the last night I will be here, ” Tom said. “I know I wish it
wasn’t either, ” replied Melissa.

Tom and Melissa grabbed their towels and the flashlight
and made their way back over the dunes. They promised to
keep in touch with each other and to let each other know what
was happening with each other. They kissed and hugged,
and each held the other not wanting to let go but finally
they did. Tom went back to Ohio and Melissa stayed home at
Silver Lake.

That was eight years ago and still Tom remembering it like
it was just yesterday. Now Tom was heading back and just
thinking about it was making his member start to get hard.
The memory did make the drive seem shorter. Tom and Melissa
had promised to keep in touch with each other and they had
through email. Instant messaging and on the phone but that
would get expensive because of how long they would talk.
Tom had gone to her college graduation when she got her degree
in childhood education, and Melissa had gone to his when
He got his degree in business. The trouble was that they
were so far apart they could never get the time to just be
alone when they had chances to be together.

Melissa and Tom told each other about their boy friends
and girl friends. They told each other everything. Melissa
told Tom about her relationship with this one guy Don and
the relationship last quite a while. Even to the point that
Melissa had thought that He was the one she would marry.
Tom had mixed emotions about it. He was sad that his relationship
with Melissa would probably lessen, but yet he was happy
for her that she had found someone that she wanted to share
her life with. Tom encourages her to go for it if he was truly
the one for her. Melissa was engaged to Don and they had even
set a date. Then the next thing that Tom knew, it was off and
she wasn’t seeing Don any more. Melissa hadn’t told Tom
what had happen and he thought that was strange but his wasn’t
going to push the subject because he was glad that their
long distance relationship was still going good in fact
it seemed to be getting better. That is why he had called
Melissa before he left for his trip to Silver Lake to make
sure she would be around and that they could actually spend
some alone time together.

Tom got to Silver Lake around three in the afternoon. He
unlocked the time share condo he was staying at and unpacked.
The condo was situated so that you could see the lake and
dunes and he would be able to see the sunset on the dunes.
Tom took a shower to freshen up. Got on his shorts, tee shirt,
and sandals and gave Melissa a call to see if she was home.
The phone rang several times until he heard a familiar voice
not Melissa’s but her mother. “Hi Mrs. Crane, is Melissa
there?” Tom asked. “Hi Tom, you know that I told you, that
you could call me by Pam, we have known each others family
for so long. How is your mom and dad.” Mrs. Crane asked. They
are doing just fine and they asked me to say hello for them, ”
Tom replied. “Well, tell them hi from both I and Ben. We would
really like to get together with them sometime in the near
future. We have so much fun together, ” Mrs. Crane replied.
“Melissa is here, just a minute I’ll get her, ” Mrs. Crane
said. Tom waited on the phone patiently, and then he heard
the familiar voice that he wanted to hear. “Hi Tom I wasn’t
sure what time you would be up here so I was just staying around
the house to be able to get your call, ” Melissa said. “Oh,
so you were just waiting on me, ” Tom said light heartedly.
“No, ” she said quickly. She didn’t want Tom to think that
she was just waiting on him, although that was the truth
she was just waiting on him.

“I called to see if you would like to go on a hike on the dunes
and maybe hike over to Michigan’s side and watch the sunset, ”
Tom asked. “Sure, would you like to make it a picnic, ” Melissa
asked. “Ok, How long before you want me to pick you up.” Tom
replied. “Give me about thirty minutes, ok, ” she replied.
“Ok, see you then, Tom replied. Tom thought that it was nice
of Melissa to offer to pack a picnic. He had hoped that the
area of beach that was secluded eight years ago might still
be secluded today. He grabbed a towel to take with him and
he was off to Melissa’s parent’s home. It was just five minutes
away so he thought He would stop by the local store and buy
bottle of wine. He wasn’t sure what Melissa was packing
but he thought that a dark wine and cheese would taste good
in the evening; he almost forgot to buy a cork screw. I hope
she brings some glasses, he thought. Tom had just about
five minutes to go by the time he got out of the store. He was
just a couple of minutes late and no one though a thing of

Tom was walking up the driveway as Melissa came out the front
Door. She looked great and all so very sexy. She had on a red
tank top with a pair of denim shorts that were the very short
type. She was no longer skinny with a few well rounded spots,
she was fully woman. Her young breast from years ago had
matured to at least a size or two. It would take more to hold
them now than it did back then. He was not complaining, Tom
would love to hold her breast again. Her waist was still
small and her hips had filled perfectly with her height.
All in all Tom thought a thirty six- twenty four- thirty
six was about what Melissa’s figure was. She had a back pack
on and as she walked up she stood in front of him for a second,
he could see her breast just jutting out at him, and then
he moved closer, and kissed and hugged her. He couldn’t
put his hands on her back because of the back pack so he moved
then down to her buns and pulled her close to him. While they
kissed and hugged for that brief moment, Tom could feel
her breast tight against his chest and Melissa could feel
his body against hers. She moved her one hand down to his
bun and gave a little grab. She pulled her head back a little
from the kiss and smiled. “I’m glad you have some vacation
time, maybe we can make up for lost time, ” she whispered
in his ear. Tom smiled and asked, “Are you ready to go.” “Yea
let’s go, ” she replied. They got in the car and headed to
the dunes which where close enough to walk to but the car
was a little more private. Tom put his hand on her upper thigh,
“I missed seeing you, ” he said. “I miss seeing you too, ”
Melissa replied and smiled. Tom’s hand on her upper thigh
was already starting to turn her on.

“I bought a bottle of wine and some cheese; I hope they go
with what you brought, Tom Said. “Well if you think they
go with hot dogs, chips, we are good to go, ” she replied.
“I don’t have a cork screw, did you bring one, ” Melissa
question? “Yes, I did, by chance did you bring some cups, ”
he questioned. “By chance I did.” she replied smiling.
“I have a jug of water so I needed the cups for that, ” Melissa
said. “Do you have matches or a lighter, ” Melissa question?
Check out the glove compartment I think I have a lighter
in there. Melissa checked the glove compartment and found
a lighter. She gave it to Tom and he put it in his pocket. They
arrived at the parking area of the dunes and parked. They
got out the pack and tom’s towel and put the wine and cheese
in the pack along with the towel. I’ll take the pack, ” Tom
said. “No I’ll take the pack first and when I get tied you
can take it, ” Melissa said. “Ok, if that is what you want,
Tom smiled. Tom knew that Melissa was athletic and that
she liked to prove that she could do just as well as anyone
else. Maybe that is why what happened eight years ago happen,
because she was trying to prove her self, something to think
about, Tom thought.
They had made it up and down the first two dunes and where
half way up the third have and Tom saw the Melissa was getting
tiered. “Can I help you, ” He smiled. “Yea, I guess so, pull
me up this dune and you can have the pack, ” Melissa replied.
Tom grabbed a hold of her hand and helped her make it up the
third dune. When they got to the top he pulled her close to
him and kissed her saying, “I’m proud of you, you did real
well and I think you deserve a kiss and a hug.” He pulled her
closer to him and took the pack off her shoulders; laying
the pack to the side he hugged her moving his hands down to,
her butt, pushing her closer to his pelvis. He kissed her
nose then her upper lip and then a full kiss the tongues found
each other and played together for a moment. Melissa could
feel his cock starting to get hard and said, “Is that your
lighter I feel down here, ” as she was saying that she moved
her hand in between them and rubbed his cock for a few slow
strokes. He smiled, “Yea that is my lighter and maybe later
we can see what it can lite up.” They both laughed and Tom
picks up the pack and they went on their way to the beach on
Lake Michigan side, all the while talking about what had
happen to each other since they last saw each other.

They came to the area where they were eight years ago. “The
beach and water looks just as cool when we were here before,
I hope it is just as secluded too, ” Tom said with a smile.
Melissa agreed with a smile. Tom laid down the pack, ” I’ll
get some driftwood gathered so we can build a fire, ” Tom
said. He looked around and saw that his luck was with him,
it was still just as secluded. I’ll lay out the blanket,
was Melissa’s reply. Tom took only a little time to fetch
the wood and had a nice pile for a fire. Melissa had already
laid out the blanket and was lying on her back enjoining
the sun when Tom got done. Tom laid down beside her on his
side looking at her, and seeing how beautiful she was not
only physically but also her inner self. He had been looking
for someone like her since he was in high school and she was
always here just waiting for Him. Tom put his left arm on
her flat stomach and leaned over and gave her a lite kiss.
She turned towards him to continue the kiss. His hand moved
around to the small of her back, lightly puling on her tank
top his hand was on her bare skin. Looking into each others
eyes Tom Whispered, “I’ve missed you.” Melissa moved her
right arm putting her hand on his chest saying, “I’ve missed
you too. She could feel his pecs and how hard they felt. Moving
her hand around on his chest she then moved it to his neck
kissing him again she said, I want you so bad, but we should
eat first so we don’t have to carry everything back.” They
kissed again; Tom moved to kiss her ear lobe and whispered,
“Ok I can wait for just a little bit. He pulled away slowly
and winked at her as he got up.

I’ll start the fire, how about you open the wine and get the
cheese out, ” Tom said. “Ok” was her reply. Melissa got
out the wine and cheese and the hot dogs, buns, chip and put
them in the corner of the blanket. Tom took off his shirt
and started to make the fire. Melissa opens the wine to let
it breath. She then watches Tom make the fire. Tom had everything
ready for the fire; he lit the kindling and got a small flame
going. He bent over to blow on the flame a little to get it
going bigger. While he was doing this in his hands and knees
Melissa was taking in the view of his behind. She wondered
if it looked as good with put his shorts on as it felt when
she grabbed it earlier. Tom was finished and the fire was
going good. He came back and brushed the sand off of and then
sat down by Melissa. She poured them each a glass of wine
and gave one to Tom; the sun was just starting to set. “What
a perfect ending for a perfect day, here on the beach at sunset,
with my best friend, enjoying a cup of wine with cheese and
hot dogs, and having my best friend be the sexiest and erotic
woman I know.” Tom proclaimed. Melissa took notice of the
part about being his best friend and the sexy and erotic.
“How do you know that I am erotic, ” Melissa replied with
a smile and a slap on his thigh. “Not many girlfriends would
stroke their boyfriend while others cold see just to tease
him, ” Tom said smiling. “Ok, I guess you are right, ” was
her reply as she took another sip of wine as they talked.
She thought about when she stroked him earlier, was that
erotic? Maybe so, Maybe Tom just brings out the erotic part
of me. I want him so much and I want him to want me. I don’t think
he knows how much I really want him. Maybe tonight I can show

They both had a few more sips of wine and some of the cheese
while waiting for the fire to make some hot coals so they
could roast hotdogs. Tom was thinking how lucky he was to
be with Melissa and the thoughts kept coming back that had
Melissa married Don I would never be here today. Tom had
to ask her what had happen. He knew it might be a sour subject
but he had to know. He took another sip of his wine and asked,
“Can I ask what happen between you and Don?” “Why do you ask, ”
She replied. To be truthful I was thinking how lucky I was
to be here with you today and that if you had married Don this
would never had happen, ” Tom replied. Melissa liked what
Tom said and decided to tell Tom the whole truth. She couldn’t
tell anyone else because only Tom would understand if anyone
would. “Everything was going great; I thought he was the
man of my dreams. We had many things in common. We had fun
together and I enjoyed being with him. One night we had went
out to dinner and went back to his apartment which we had
done lots of times to listen to music and to be with each other
He had always been loving and tender towards me. When we
got to his home we cuddled on the couch. And you know one thing
led to another and soon we were both naked in his bed. I was
feeling very excited but I had those thoughts in the back
of my head that we should wait. And I told him so. He laid on
his back with his hand under his head much like you did when
we were here eight years ago. I moved over and put my head
on his chest and said that I was sorry and that we could still
have some fun. He pushed me away and said you bitch you just
like to tease, and that I didn’t love him. He got out of bed
and went to the bathroom. While he was in there I got dress
and left. I walked out here on the dunes for a while and I knew
if that I was not going to be in sharing my life with someone
that was going to call me a bitch. He called the next day to
try to make up but it was over. I couldn’t tell my mom why because
then I would have to explain about what happen between me
and you and I didn’t want her to know that. Tom you make a lasting
impression in me by letting me be me and not trying to make
me do what you wanted. I guess that was what I have compared
all my relationships as to how you treated me, ” She ended
with tears in her eyes.

Tom could see a tear drop running down her cheek. He only
a swallow left in his cup which he finished then he moved
closer to her and put his arm around her shoulder and hugged
her. Melissa finished her cup of wine and sat it down. “Being
with you makes me feel warm and protected.” Melissa softly
said. Tom just held her for a few minutes. I’m sorry about
what happen and I wish that it hadn’t had to happen to you, ”
Tom softly sad in reply. “I always wanted the best for you
and I had hope Don was the one, but I also felt bad because
I knew that if he was the one then I would have to distant our
relationship more. Tom took his left arm and brought his
hand to her shin turn her head towards him and softly said,
“I too have always compared whoever I was with to how I felt
when I was with you. You made me feel whole and no woman that
I have met in the last eight years has made me feel that way.”
Melissa was filled with emotions and couldn’t believe
what she was hearing. Tom felt the very same as her. Tom looked
into her eyes still glistening from her tears. “Sweetheart,
I have always wanted you, ” Tom whispered. Tom and Melissa’s
lips met and their tongues intertwined with each other,
as they lay back on the blanket.

Melissa and Tom had already began to feel the warmth run
trough their bodies from the wine and now the touch of each
other made that warmth evermore aware in them. Melissa
brought her right arm under his and again put her hand on
his chest. She could feel the sweat beginning to dampen
his skin; she played with his chest hairs. Tom moved his
arm from her shin down to her waist. He put his hand under
her shirt and moved his hand to the small of her back; partly
putting his hand under her shorts he could feel the beginning
valley between her cheeks. His cock was starting to wake
up and was starting to get hard in his shorts. He pusher on
the small of her back and she inched closer to him.

Melissa moved her hand around to his back and could feel
the muscles of his shoulders. She moved her hand slowly
up and down his back. This made Tom cock hardens even more.
Tom moved his hand up her back and found her bra; he undid
the clasp and could feel her breast fall naturally against
his chest. “Guess it was holding a lot back, ” Tom whispered
with a smile. Melissa just smiled and continued to kiss
him feeling his back and going under his shorts to feel his
ass cheeks. Tom’s hand moved from her back to her chest just
below her breast he started to move under her bra when Melissa
whispers “let me help you with that.” Melissa sat up for
a moment and crossed her hands in front of her and pulled
up on her shirt. She pulled it over her head and as she did
so she grabbed her bra too. Her breast flopped with the freedom
of movement. Tom couldn’t believe how full and perfectly
shaped they were. Melissa moved back down beside him with
her breast against his chest. Tom’s cock was now at full
erection. They kissed passionately. Feeling each others
body where ever it was bare.
Tom moved his hand to her breast and she let out a small moan.
Her breast felt so soft and round. He squeezed then softly
and moved his hand to her nipple. Her nipple was already
erect and Tom lightly squeezed it between his thumb and
index finger. She let out another soft moan. Tom cupped
her breast and with another passionate kiss moved his hand
to her shorts. Melissa turned on her back so Tom could get
at her shorts button easily. Tom fumbled with it for jus
a second and then was to the zipper. He undid the zipper and
moved his hand under her panties and onto her pubic area.
With that Melissa arched her back up a little and whispered
with a moan, “Oh Sweetie I want you so much.”

Tom continues playing with her pubic hair and every once
in a while moves a finger down closer to her pussy. This started
sending tingling through Melissa’s body. She knew that
she wanted his and wanted him completely. Tom moved and
kissed her on the shin and then the side of her neck. Melissa
arched her back a little again and Tom’s hand moved more
to her pussy lips. Tom began to kiss her chest kissing the
valley between her breasts first then making his way to
one breast and around the nipple and finally kissing the
nipple then lightly sucking on it. Then making the same
path to her other breast. Melissa put her hand on the back
of his head moving her fingers through his hair pushing
his head harder on her breast. Melissa was getting more
excited all the while and Tom erection was now throbbing.
Tom moved his kisses down her chest to the flat of her stomach.
His tongue played with her belly button and she giggled.
“That tickles, ” She softly said.

Tom moved his body so that he was in between her legs again.
“Move your legs toward your chest, ” Tom said lightly with
a smile. Melissa did as she was told, she knew what was going
to happen next and she wanted him to do with her whatever
he wanted she was so hot for him. Tom took both hands and grabbed
at the sides of her shorts and with one quick pull her shorts
and panties came off. Tom was staring at her pussy lips glistening
with her juices from her excitement, in the twilight. The
sun was just setting.
“I want you so bad Melissa, ” Tom passionately said. “I
want you too, I want you completely, I want you inside of
me Baby, I wanted you for a long time and I have been waiting
just for this time with you.” She whispered. “OH baby please
don’t hold back, ” Melissa pleaded. Tom smiled and with
her legs still bent towards her chest he bent over and licked
his tongue up her pussy lips. A tingle went through her body
again. To took his hands and put them on her knees and gently
moved them apart. Her pussy lips moved apart ever so much.
Looking up at her from her pussy lips Tom passionately says,
“I want to show you how much I can make you feel good, then
we can see just how good we each can feel together.” “Baby
I’m feeling good already and you should be able to see that
by now, was Melissa’s reply. She could feel her pussy juices
starting to roll down her crack to her ass. Tom smiled and
began his work. He first licked up her juices that had begun
to leak then moving both his hands to the sides of her pussy
rubbing her lips softly, he then moved his thumbs on the
inside of her lips and opened her pussy wider. Oh so very
pink he thought, he lowered his head and began to play with
her clitoris. Not up and down but from side to side. Melissa
took a deep breath as tingling waves of enjoyment moved
through her body. Tom first went back a forth slowly letting
her catch her breath a little, then he started moving a little
fasted and pushing a little harder with the tip of his tongue
against her clitoris.

Melissa moved her feet so that they lay on Tom’s shoulders.
She moved them farther apart and began a rhythmic movement
of her pelvis, moving closer to Tom’s tongue, and then slightly
moving away. The tingling waves of enjoyment were building
up in her. She put her hands under her thighs to spread her
pussy apart more. “Babyyyy YOUUU feeeeeeeell sooooooo
GGOOOOOOOod. I’m going to be cummmming ssssssssssssooooooooonnnnn, ”
she moaned between breaths. Tom moved his tongue back and
forth a little faster and every once in a while he would place
his tongue right on top and spin his tongue around it. “OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH
BAABYYY, was all she could say. She could feel the involuntary
twitches of her body coming closer together more and more.
Tom could feel her body twitching more and more closer together
too, and this made him even more excited knowing that he
could make her feel so good. His cock trained more against
its skin wanting the volcano inside to erupt. Melissa couldn’t
hold back any more. She brought her hands and put them in
Tom’s Hair pushing his face more into her pussy. Tim responded
playing harder with her clit, which was just what Melissa
wanted. Melissa’s body responded completely. Waves of
excitement poured over her. Her body shook from head to
toe involuntarily with excitement. “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH,
BABY. “ She moaned out loud as her body shook with excitement.
Tom continued to lick her pussy know not just her clit, lapping
up her juices. Melissa took her feet off of Tom’s shoulders
and put them to his sides. Tom moved up kissing her pubic
hair and then her lower stomach, up her chest making sure
to kiss each nipple then back towards her neck and up to her
mouth. Melissa grabber her towel that was laying to the
side and wiped his mouth and shim. “What, you don’t want
to taste your juices sweetie, ” He questioned lovingly?
“No, Honey, I just don’t want sand blowing around and sticking
to your face, ” she smiled. Tom smiled back and gave her
a passionate kiss their tongues meeting and dancing together.
Melissa could taste her juices in his mouth and this also
turns her on again. Toms Throbbing cock was against her
clit and was stimulating it a little. Tom moved his right
hand in between them and grabbed his cock directing it to
the entrance of her pussy, he moved it up and down for a couple
of times the get her slippery juices on his cock head. With
one hard stroke he plunged completely into her, bouncing
his balls against her ass. “Babe you feel so good, ” He breathed.
He began his rhythmic moves plunging in and out. Each time
stimulating her clit each time making her get excited again
for the second time. Tom could feel the warmth of her pussy
and also feel her pussy muscles tightening around his cock.
His pelvis began to move more quickly and he found that some
of the strokes were involuntary. Sweat began to bead up
on his forehead and Melissa wiped it away with her hand,
she wanted Tom to feel all of her, she wanted to feel Tom cum
in her. She moved her hands to his but pushing with him on
each inward stroke. She keep a rhythmic movement with her
pussy to his cock. Tom could feel the time of eruption was
near He plunged harder in to her’ he could hear his balls
slapping her ass; he could feel the rhythmic motions of
her pussy. He kissed her passionately with their tongues
playing as he plunged into her. He couldn’t stop know. His
body took over. He pulled away from their kiss his body arching
into her, very nerve ending in him was feeling the pleasure
that she was giving him. Melissa was bout to cum for the second
time just as Tom was about to cum. Her body started to shake
involuntarily, which put Tom over the edge. “UUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,
was all he breath as he exploded inside of her. She could
feel the hot steams of his cum shoot deep inside of her and
with that it brought her to cum for the second time. She thought
that the first time could not get any better but feeling
Tom cum at the same time sent nerve ends exploding with sensation.
were the moans she made as they cumed together. They both
collapsed in each other arms. Warmth, tenderness and exhaustion
were all they could feel as they caught their breath. Tom
rolled off Melissa on his side beside her; He laid on his
arm using his other arm to put his hand through Melissa’s
hair. They looked at each other, smiled and kissed several
short kisses. “You were great Babe, I have never felt so
good, ” Tim whispered to her. Melissa smiled, put her hand
on Tom’s chest and whispered to him, “So were you honey.
I guess I always wanted you ever since we were here eight
years ago, but I was afraid to tell you, and Don, well I thank
him because he was the one that proved it to me for sure. I
just didn’t know how to tell you, ” Tom smiled and with a
laugh said, “Well I guess I need to thank Don too. Maybe if
it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be here laying with you right
now.” “Are you making fun of me, ” she asked as she teasingly
slapped his chest. “No sweetie I’m just teasing I am glad
that we are here and that you wanted me as much as I wanted
you, He replied. They kissed, “lets go skinny dipping and
cool off, Tom said and with that they got up and ran to the
lake Tom was faster than Melissa and so she was able to see
that his checks were just as good looking as she thought
they would be. They played in the water for a little while
then got out dried each other off and finished their picnic
in the summer night watching the stars and telling each
other their dreams for the future. They fell asleep in each
other arms. Not wanting to be away from each other.

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