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The Appartment


Nicole looked nervously at the front entrance to her apartment.
She had walked around the building 3 times deciding how
best to avoid Bob Harrison the dirty fat smelly landlord
as she was 2 months behind in her rent. It had only been 6 months
since she moved into Jesrsey, New York and she was already
regretting her decision to leave home in favour of attending
college in the Big Apple.

She had thought that her savings would last her at least
8 months before she had to look for a part-time job, but the
cost of living even on the outskirt areas off Manhattan
Island was frightful. Now, the pretty 42 year old brunette
found herself out of money, without friends in a big city
far away from home. As a final recourse she had moved to the
lower end of Jersey, and found that even in this less trendy
part of the Bronx, all she could afford was a small one room
apartment in a dirty old three story building owned and
managed by an equally disgusting middle aged, beer bellied
and balding landlord, Bob Harrison and his 30 year old degenerate
son Jessie.

Nicole shuddered involuntarily as she recalled her first
encounter with Bob. She was scouting the area for cheap
apartments when she was caught in a sudden unexpected shower.
Soaked to her skin, she had no choice but to seek temporary
shelter in the old depressing building across the road.
With her clothes wringing wet she stood in the porch of the
building and was grateful when Bob opened the front door
to let her into the dim musky smelling building. Even then,
she felt uncomfortable as he openly perved at her from behind
the counter, savouring her ivory white flawless complexion,
and how the wet clothes clung to her young lithe body, accentuating
firm supple breasts. Bob knew from 5 minutes of casual conversation
that she was from out of town, and in desperate need of cheap
housing, and offered her a rate she could not refuse.

In hindsight, Nicole had regretted taking up the offer.
Not only was the apartment small, cramped and old, she soon
discovered that she was the only single white female tenant
in a building tenanted to characters that were best described
as the "low lifes and rejects" of society. The
shower offered only luke warm water (which was acceptable
now in the hot summer months, but would fast become a problem
during autumn and winter), and she had a vague suspicion
that Bob had been into her room when she was in college. Some
of her underwear had mysteriously disappeared in the past
weeks. He certainly did not hide his physical attraction
to her and had mentioned several times over that he had been
wiling to accept other forms of payment as in-kind settlement
of her rental if she had a cashflow problem. The first time
he suggested this, Nicole almost had a hear attack since
she could not even bare to be in the same room for 5 minutes
with the smelly, hairy caveman.

It was now mid summer and Nicole in thesweltering summer
heat for Bob to leave the building for his afternoon lunch.
She could feel her light sweater clinging to her damp skin
and she longed for a nice cool shower to wash away the city
grime and sweat. At long last, she spotted the familiar
figure of a fat and balding man, dawned in his usual disgusting,
sweat stained singlet, leaving the building.

Nicole quickly made her way across the street to the building
and rushed up to the 3rd story. She fumbled in her bag for
her keys and tried to open the door to her apartment. After
5 frustrating minutes, she realized that Bob had changed
the lock to her front door. Her heart sunk in dismay as she
accepted the fact that she now had to face Bob and negotiate
a way out of this mess. Slowly she made her way down stairs
and saw that Bob had taken his lunch back with him from the
deli and was tucking with much relish into a greasy, bloody
steak. He looked up and greeted Nicole;

Bob: "Good afternoon little Missy, don't think
I saw you come in this afternoon, was waiting to discuss
a delicate matter with you"

Nicole: "Why did you change the locks to my room, I
told you I would have the rent money by end of this month".

Bob: "Ahhh my dear, but that was what you told me the
month before, and the month before that too…….you owe me
3 months rental, you do realize that".

Nicole: "The money is coming, you will get it this
month, I am good for it"

Bob: "Oh yes little missy, I know you are GOOD for it,
I am a kind soul and do not expect full settlement, but I do
need some token payment, just as a gesture of good faith……"

Nicole: "Well I don't have a cent on me at the moment……..unless
you count my lunch money which adds to only 5-6 bucks".

Bob: "Well that is unfortunate, but you are a talented
young missy and I am sure we can work out some form temporary
up front settlement….."

Bob did not hide the meaning of his words as he leered openly
at her, revealing 2 crooked black teeth. Nicole flinched
as she caught a whiff of the smelly pungent breath, as he
exhaled. He got up from behind the counter and approached
her, she wanted to run as she smelled the putrid odour of
his unwashed sweat stained odour. A fly buzz lazily, settled
on a piece of crumb on his singlet and he ignored it.

Bob: "Come with me to my office in the back, I will give
you the new keys, I just need you to sign some papers first".

Nicole breathed a sign of relief, so that was all, she quickly
followed both behind the counter, to a small dimly lit room.
There was a big king-size bed with a dirty stained mattress.
Bob closed and locked the door and produced a key.

Bob: "I belief this is what you want, but you really
don't expect me to hand it to you free of charge, its
time you worked for it."

Nicole was silent, she did not wish to return home to her
parents and ask for money. She knew she had no options. She
decided to play his perverted game.

Nicole: "Well what exactly do you want? I have nothing
that will interest you at all"

Bob: "Oh how wrong you are, YOU interest me a great
deal, how old are you, 21? All I want is a chance to get to know
you more personally, up close and intimate….you know what
I mean…."

Bob sat down on the mattress and motioned for her to take
a sit beside him. Nicole took a seat, making sure to place
some distance between him. He leaned edged closer to her
and she cringed as he placed a hairy paw on her bare knee.

Nicole: "Is that all……….."

Bob: "Yes, just an hour or so of quality time with you
is all I want, so simple……"

Nicole: "I wont have to do anything……."

Bob: "Nothing at all… just sit back and enjoy
old Bob's attention and company…that's all,
and you get your key after that"

Bob waited anxiously for her response. Nicole was very
conscious that his hand was slowly edging up her bare white
thighs, exploring the hem of her dress. Finally she nodded
her head in quiet resignation. She could put-up with the
old pervert for an hour, for 3 months rental it was worth
it and preferable to afew hundred hours of waiting tables.
Bob smiled in eager anticipation as he realized he had what
he wanted.

Quickly he sat next to her and moved his hairy paw further
up her left thigh. He had not washed his hands after his steak
and burger lunch, and Nicole tried to ignore the greasy
feeling of his fingers as they edged quickly to the spot
between her legs. Bob certainly wasted no time and wanted
to collect on his prize before she changed her mind. Suddenly
his probing fingers were gone.

"Stand-up, I want to get a look at the merchandise
up close". He said hoarsely.

Nicole stood up and Bob took a good look at the object of his
fantasies the last few months. Nicole looked even more
beautiful up close. She did not resist as he unzipped the
back of her dress, and unhooked the shoulder straps, allowing
the dress to slide down her long slender legs. She stepped
out of the dress, revealing more supple white flesh and
a lithe figure, covered now only by her lacy bra and panties.
Bob wasted no time, unhooking her white bra with trembling
fingers and stared hungrily at the small firm white breasts
that greeted him, each perfectly capped by a small pink

Nicole shuddered as he suddenly took her left nipple in
his wet mouth, sucking noisily and hungrily, before moving
to her right nipple. He tried to cover her whole breast with
his mouth and she winced as his unshaven beard pricked and
irritated her sensitive fair skin.

Roughly Bob pushed her onto the dirty smelly mattress.
It was a hot summers day and humidity was worse in the small
windowless room. As Bob removed her underpants, Nicole
felt a brush of air making contact with her damp sensitive
skin between her legs. She looked down to see that Bob was
burying his nose and mouth in her panties, and knew where
her missing underwear had gone. "Oooh so sweet…."
He muttered…."Now for the real thing….." He
turned his attention back to Nicole and stared lewdly at
the sweet spot between her long bare legs, and the small
turf of pubic hair surrounding the small pink crack.

Nicole resisted the natural desire to squeeze her legs
shut, as the lecher dove between her legs and explored her
sensitive folds with his nose, tongue and mouth. "I
love long dark haired bitches like you with ivory white
skin, ice queens on the outside, but smoldering white heat
on the insides…." She could feel his wet tongue probing
the entrance of her vagina, probing, exploring the area
before wiggling into the warm inviting interior. Suddenly,
it was gone as Bob stood-up and quickly tore his singlet
and pants off.

Nicole noted with dismay that Bob was even more disgusting
in the raw. His chest, under arms and beer belly were covered
with coarse black hair, and as he removed his stained and
filthy underwear, a gust carried the smell of stale urine
and semen over to her nostrils. An immense phallus unleashed
itself and Nicole noted that it was at full erection, throbbing
obscenely with the tip capped a drop of clear fluid.

She flinched as Bob crawled over her and raised her arms
above her head. In one swift motion, he whipped out a pair
of handcuffs from below the pillows and anchored her wrists
together over the bed posts. She had no chance to protest
as lecher moved his coarse hands all over her body. He started
kissing her arms and slowly moved downwards towards her
left arm-pit, pausing for a while as he noted the smooth
damp cleft, before burying his nose and mouth in the highly
ticklish area. He took his time to explore the exposed sensitive
area, savouring her sweet natural scent. Goose bumps appeared
on Nicole's skin, as it was aroused by the unbearably
ticklish sensation and she twisted and turn but was helpless
as her body was trapped beneath Bob's massive of blob.

Nicole: "This was not part of the bargain………"

Bob : "Fuck the bargain, I never ever thought that
I would ever lay my hands on a prime piece of real estate like
you. I have seen college bitches like you from the down town
areas, with your trendy clothes and superior attitude,
you don't expect me to pass of a chance like this do you?"

Nicole could hardly breathe as she was pinned underneath
his immense bulk. His coarse chest hair was rubbing against
her supple skin and she could feel his putrid breath and
smell his overwhelming body odour. Bob suddenly got off
the bed and left the room, returning a minute later with
his equally disgusting son, Jessie.

Nicole had seen Jessie several times and he resembled his
father in every aspect, if anything, Jessie would turn
out even more disgusting then his father as he had severe
acne problem all over his body and face.

Bob smiled: "It seemed such a waste to have a prize
like you to myself so I bought you some company, you know
Jessie, and since Jessie has not had much success with other
girls, we thought he can start with you……"

Nicole was horrified: "No, please, I change my mind,
just let me go and I will leave now"

Her question was only greeted by silence, and a conspirational
smile between father and son.

Jessie: "Ohhh I want her now dad, can I please please
have her please"

Bob: "Well we can share, you start on top and I begin

Nicole let loose an ear piercing scream, but was silenced
immediately by a gag tied around her mouth. Jessie had taken
of his clothes and she was horrified to see his body covered
with acne scars and pimple. He had obviously been scratching
some of them and there was puss oozing from the broken pores.
With eager hands Jessie started fondling her breasts,
kneading them and pinching her unresponsive nipples.
He was salivating as he hungrily latched on to her right
nipple with his mouth and tongue, sucking hungrily, whilst
the rest of his hands continued to prod and feel her body…..moving
finally to her left breast and painfully pinching her left

Bob moved between Nicole's legs. She tried to squeeze
them shut, Noting her resistance Bob gave a nod to his son
and Jessie promptly fastened his teeth around Nicole's
right nipple. The intense pain caught Nicole by surprise
and she relaxed her legs for a moment, which was all the time
Bob needed to pry her legs open and settle his bulk between
them. This time, he ran his nose and tongue up along her right
inner thigh, savouring her silky smooth skin, as he inserted
his index finger painfully into her vagina, taking his
time to explore the warm moist confines. Suddenly, Bob's
tongue and mouth moved up her leg to settle on her vagina
and he started sucking at the sensitive folds like a vacuum
cleaner with his index fingers still inserted.

In spite of herself, Nicole could feel a warm urgent need
building within her. Suddenly she gasped as Bob's
probing tongue found the sensitive nub of her clitoris.
Bob could feel her body tense and focused on the sensitive
nub, lashing again and again at it with his tongue. Nicole
could feel a warm sticky wetness spreading between her
legs and Bob finally pulled his finger out of the now wet
orifice, examining it in fascination. Nicole could see
the finger was wet, he placed it to his nostrils and inhaled,
savouring the scent, before inserting it back into her

In the mean time, Jessie was exploring every nook and cranny
of her body with his tongue and mouth, leaving a slick sticky
trail of saliva across both her breasts and nipples. Nicole
shuddered as she felt him running his wet tongue over her
exposed left armpit, working his way slowly all the way
down the side of her stomach. Jessie stopped and said…hhh
she does not like that Dad, well I am gonna paint her body
with my spit" he laughed.

This time he latched on to her left nipple and sucked hungrily
on it again and again. After a while he smiled in triumph
and said.."Look, I got one little pinky nippy hard
and erect, lets see about the other one now"

Nicole tried to fight the wave of pleasure that was slowly
engulfing her body. She could not believe that the two perverts
could be having this undesired effect on her. But little
by little she could feel the small bolts of electricity
spreading quickly across her body. Her legs want slack
and her whole body relaxed as she unwillingly surrendered
to the insistent tongue that was lashing at her clitoris,
and the mouth that was sucking on her now erect nipples.

Bob continued his relentless sweet assault on Nicole's
now engorged clitoris, lashing at it with his tongue. He
could taste the vagina juices that were slowly invading
Nicole's moist folds and hungrily covered the sensitive
nub of her clitoris entirely with his mouth, sucking hard
at it and taking in the juices. This sent bolts of electricity
through the length of Nicole's body as the first tell-tale
signs of an approaching orgasm took hold.

Nicole tried to block the waves of pleasure, but Bob'
tongue and mouth were merciless as they continued the sweet
torment. She could feel her whole body breaking out in sweat,
as every pore in her body seemed alive and awake. Bob inserted
two fingers into her vagina, stroking her and sucking her
clit, finally bringing her over the edge. Nicole's
body convulsed, and her back arched of the bed as the intense
orgasm took complete hold of her body. She was caught totally
off-guard and the alien experience overwhelmed her unaccustomed
sesnses totally. She felt her whole body lost in an endless
spiral the intense wave of intoxicating pleasure engulfed
her body. It was long minutes before Nicole's world
stopped spinning and she finally regained control of her

She looked down her body to see the triumph faces of Bob and
Jessie. Her surrender to the intense orgasmic experience
had excited both Bob and Jessie and opened the doors to the
public, an invitation to them to partake in the spoils.
The organs of both men were now fully erect.

Bob said to his son: "Well son, see what your old dad
can do with just his tongue. That was just the starter, now
for the main course".

Bob approached her wide spread legs again. Nicole willed
her legs to squeeze together, but they remained dead and
motionless on the bed. The intense orgasm had totally drained
her and her body was still recovering, unable to resist.
Helplessly she watched as the brute approached again,
as spread both her lifeless limbs. She caught a closer glimpse
of Bob's immense phallus, it was at least 16 inches
long, caked in scabs and covered with infected sores which
were weeping pus. The smell was nauseating as it throb and
pulsated like some mutated monster.

Bob stared at the small patch of pubic hair between her legs
excitedly, and the small perfect slit that was crowned
by Nicole's little pink nub. She was still wet from
her orgasm and her slipped two fingers into her vagina again,
wetting his fingers with her vagina fluids and smearing
it onto his obscene phallus…"Gotta get me some of
the sweet honey as lubricant"…he croaked.

Without further delay, he brought the tip of the phallus
into contact with her clit. Nicole flinched involuntarily
as she felt the contact, images of the infected scarred
organ even slightly touching her triggered a massive allergic
reaction psychologically. She mentally begged in silence
for a quick end. At least use a condom as he was infected with
some sicko sex disease.

Bob shoved more of the throbbing member into the small tiny
orifice. Nicole moaned in pain as her already abused vagina
stretched to accommodate the immense invading phallus,
totallyunaccustomed to its bulk and size. Still recovering
from her recent orgasmic trauma, Nicole's vagina
was totally unprepared for this successive invasion.
The entry was made more painful as the sensitive walls of
her vagina were irritated by the rough scabs and sores that
covered Bob's phallus.

But Bob was oblivious to her silent pleadings as he continued
to push his phallus in, thoroughly enjoying the warm, wet
embrace offered by Nicole's smooth pink vagina. After
what seemed like long minutes he finally grunted and opened
his eyes as he realized he could go no further. He stared
down and was pleased to see that all of his massive organ
had disappeared into the small orifice. Shifting his weight
to gain maximum entry, he stayed still for awhile as he savoured
the sheer skin to skin contact his organ had with the walls
of the tightly stretched vagina.

Tears of pain streamed down Nicole's face as Bob stretched
her legs still further apart and began slowly to withdraw
and insert the organ repeatedly. The constant friction
made by the scabbed skin and sores of Bob's penis against
the sensitive walls of her vagina as it slid in and out only
added to the pain caused by the original entry.

Bob had closed his eyes as he lost himself in the act, saliva
drooling down his slack jaws dripped onto the slick sweat
soaked surface of Nicole's stomach.

Jessie watched in wide eyed amazement as his father continued
the onslaught on Nicole. He could see that both her breasts
were bruised from his earlier ravage and the areas of her
ivory white skin that came in contact with his rough tongue
and mouth had broken out in patches of red rashes. Not to
be denied, he joined his father on the bed again, clamping
a hungry mouth once again on her right breast. His free hand
wondered over her body seeking her left breast, finally
locating it and clamping Nicole's nipples between
his long dirty nails.

Nicole shrieked through the gag as a new pain added to her
current discomfort. Her supple body was now completely
buried under the gargantuan bulk of the two perverts. Encouraged
by her reaction, Jessie moved his mouth up her right breast
to her now erect nipples and attempted to engulf the entire
breast in his mouth, sucking hungrily. Saliva flowed down
the side of her breast on to the sweat soaked mattress. Suddenly,
he released the tortured breast momentarily, took a deep
breath, and then bite down hard on Nicole's erect nipple.
He could feel Nicole's body jerk in silent protest
as the bitter coppery taste of blood filled his mouth. After
what seemed like long seconds, he finally released the
abused nipple from between his teeth and used his tongue
to lick up the small rivulets of blood running down her breast
from the lacerated nipple.

The pain was overwhelming and Nicole was on the verge of
blacking out from the combined assault of father and son.
Bob picked up the pace, ramming his deformed organ into
her mercilessly. Again and again he pounded her and Nicole's
body shook under the impact like a lifeless rag doll, held
down only by Jessie's oral ministrations on her breasts.
Their sheer bulk was too much and she slipped in and out of
semi-consciousness as her senses attempted to take refuge
from the combined assault.

Through her haze filled mind, Nicole suddenly felt a familiar
warmth accumulating between her legs. The pain of the original
entry in her vagina was slowly replaced by a more sinister
teasing sensation. She shook her head in denial as she recognized
the early signs of another approaching orgasm. The first
clitoral orgasm had taken her unprepared, but this time
she would not allow either Bob or Jessie to gain a second
victory. She was determined to fight this round to the death
and willed her body to subdue the delicious wave that was
building slowly.

It had become a battle she must win, to salvage what was left
of her pride and humanity. Never would she allow either
perverts the satisfaction of knowing that they had conquered
her body twice. But how long did she need to resist the wave
of pleasure that was increasing in urgency and intensity
with each second. A quick look at the clock mounted on the
wall indicated it had been forty minutes since Bob's
first entry. She estimated he had to come soon, no human
being could last so long.

The seconds ticked by and minutes, neither Bob nor Jessie
paused in their attack, the minutes stretched on and on
approaching the hour. Already the warm sensation was fast
building into an urgent need, slowly but surely spreading
from her vagina, threathening to engulf the rest of her

Nicole realized desperately that she was fast losing the
battle. She was fighting not only against Bob and Jessie,
but ultimately also against her own body's forbidden
desires. As the state of her arousal increased, another
portion of Nicole's body slipped from her control.
She gasped as Jessie moved his mouth and tongue from her
right nipple and settled on her bruised and erect left nipple,
lashing at it repeatedly, covering it again in a wet slimy
coat of his sticky saliva, and bringing the it to a higher
state of arousal. He laughed out loud as he noticed the nipple
rising to full erection, twitching it repeatedly between
his fingers before returning to the left nipple with the
same object in mind.

Never in her wildest dreams could Nicole have thought that
the two deformed freaks of nature could provoke such hedonistic
urges that were fast overwhelming her body and senses.
Determined to resist she squeezed her eyes shut but realized
it was useless, her body shuddered involuntarily as she
felt Bob's massive organ sliding in and out of her vagina,
enjoying it as the immense organ filled her to the hilt,
moving easily now in and out of the wet passage. The constant
kissing of Bob's scabby uneven organ with her distended
clitoris was fast becoming unbearable. Her body glistened
in a fine sheet of perspiration, slippery with a combination
of sweat and saliva.

Slowly but surely the irresistible wave of pleasure spread
to encompass Nicole as her entire body became taut, in anticipation
of the delicious release that would follow. With a final
massive thrust Bob ground his organ deeper into her, grasping
her sweat slick thighs and bringing them to his bulging
stomach. Nicole gasped as she felt the immense organ swell
even bigger, finally triggering a delicious wave of pleasure
that washed over her, spreading quickly from her vagina
to the rest of her taut, sweat slick body, totally engulfing

Bob lifted his head with open mouth as he felt Nicole's
warm wet vagina contract around his organ, gripping it
in a warm wet embrace in a series of successive convulsions.
He grunted as he felt his organ release its load into her,
continuing to ride her like a man possessed as he released
more of his semen into her.

As the final vestige of control slipped from her, Nicole
clenched her fist in helpless fustration as the first wave
of pleasure reached a climax, arching her back again as
the strong intense contractions took completely control
of her body. She could feel the strong jets of semen squirting
into her, and waited for the climax to subside. But there
was no end in sight as her body gave in and surrendered itself
to a second even more intense wave.

Jessie watched in awe as both his father and Nicole were
in locked the throes of the intense seizure. After 10 continuous
massive ejaculations Bob withdrew his spent and shriveled
organ from Nicole's semen slick hole. He motioned
for his son to take up position. "Quick you idiot,
she is having multiple orgasms, lets see how long you can
keep her at it…."

Jessie eagerly inserted his fully erect organ in to Nicole's
still convulsing vagina. The phallus was larger than Bob's
measuring at least 19 inches, but Nicole did not seem to
notice as Jessie immediately rammed the immense organ
into her, in one quick motion. But he was unable to get the
entire phallus into the small orifice, especially since
it was still contracting in violent spasms.

He pushed again using pure brute strength and managed to
slowly force another painful inch of the phallus into her.
Nicole moaned as the immense phallus filled her to the brim.
But she was still caught helplessly in the throes of the
multiple orgasms and the full discomfort did not register
completely in her feverish state of arousal.Stretched
to its new limits, the immense organ immediately triggered
a fresh wave of pleasure in her Vagina and Jessie proceeded
to pound Nicole to the bone. Copious amounts of Bob's
semen were now squeezed out of Nicole's vagina trickling
freely down her crack and Jessie could feel his organ slipping
and sliding wetly in and out of the tightly convulsing walls
of her vagina.

Nicole shook her head in helpless dispair as another convulsive
spasm of pleasure engulfed her. Each wave of pleasure was
replaced by another higher wave of greater intensity and
Nicole thought that her convulsing vagina would turn itself
inside out. There was no end in sight as Jessie increased
the tempo of each thrust, pounding her like a mad man.

Nicoles eyes were glazed, her mouth dry and pouted and the
creamy white complexion of her face was now flushed and
red from her extended orgasm. Jessie looked down and was
fustrated to note that despite his best efforts, almost
a full inch of his fully erect phallus still lay outside
the moist inviting confines of Nicoles pussy. While she
was still in a feverish state of arousal, he sensed that
her climax was nearing its end as the convulsions of her
vagina walls diminished in intensity and frequency. Seizing
on this opportunity, he grasped her sweat slick thighs
and repositioned himself before placing the full weight
of his bulk between her legs.

It worked as the small the entire immense phallus disappeared
completely into Nicole's vagina. He stopped his pounding
staying afew seconds completely embedded within her warm
tight confines, never had he experienced such physical
enjoyment and he wanted the moment to last for ever.

Tears of pain clouded Nicoles eyes as her vagina was stretched
beyond its physical limits. She had expected the ripping
pain to bring the climax to a blissful end. Instead, her
disobedient body appeared to delight in the new sensation.
As Jessie resumed his pounding, he was now able to ram the
entire phallus completely into her. For Nicole, each thrust
provoked a fiery ripping pain in her loins which was strangely
erotic, blurring the threshold between pain and pleasure.

Just as she thought that she had experienced the final stages
of her last orgasm, the sheer size of Jessie's organ
triggered a final wave of unwanted pleasure. The liquid
fire in her loins spread quickly. Her back arched again
convulsively, with fist clenched and nipples fully erect
and thrusted upward, Nicole finally gave in hopelessly
to the inevitable. As Jessie intesified his pounding,
bolts of electricty engulfed Nicole and the final wave
of orgasm gripped every muscle in her body. Seized by the
final convulsions, Nicole's body lifted in a quick
succession of violent spasms almost entirely of the bed.

The final wave completely drained Nicole's already
tired and battered body of its reserves, overwhelming
her senses. At long last, she slipped into blissful oblivion
as her exhausted mind and body shut down completely. It
was just as well as it took Jessie another hour before he
shot his load into her.

Some hours later Nicole woken into a pain filled world.
Her whole body was caked in dried semen and cum, and the bed
sheets stuck to her back. She was curled up in a fetal position
and her body was covered in red marks. Her vagina was red
and sore and her pubic hair was caked in a yellow scummy discharge.
Neither Bob or Jessie were present, but they had placed
the new key to her apartment on the pillow, with a note stating
"Receipt for full payment of this months rental".

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what a sick, disgusting story. You can do much better than


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Ewwwww, yuck, disgusting and GROSS...

Always Keeping it Hott...


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Don't know about disgusting except
for the awful smells and oozing pus. Putting that aside
I think the author has a way with words. Now if those two perverts
were slightly decent looking nice smelling men, I think
I would enjoy being in Nicoles position except a big no no
to pain. Sex should be pleasure and not pain. Does this author
have any other stories? I sure love love to read more.