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The Apartment Complec- Toni


The Apartment Complex

I moved into my apartment shortly after my divorce was settled.
I had found a room when my ex and I separated but with the divorce
becoming final I decided to move into more comfortable
accommodations. The complex was good sized but felt small
with several buildings each with eight units featuring
a mix of two and three bedroom apartments. It was not overly
new which helped keep the costs down but has may of the comforts
that many newer complexes had like a workout room, pool,
clubhouse and plenty of parking. Being located between
the university and the business district the complex attracted
a variety of people from student, young professionals
to retirees who don’t want the trouble a house entails.
In the time since I moved into the apartment to start my new
life post divorce I have met many very special people with
special talents that I wish to share with you, my readers.
I am 52 years old but have been graced with genes that help
me pass for about 10 years younger. I am tall, about 6’6
and a little overweight but working to loose the belly.
I was married for over 20 years and have one son. While I was
married for a long time it became apparent to both my ex and
I that we were not compatible and it would be better for both
of us to go our separate ways. My infidelities and habits
plus her anger issues and frigidity did not help matters
any. We went through a pretty painless divorce and remain
friends for the sake of our son but there is little emotional
attachment between the two of us anymore. I work as a corporate
trainer that puts me on the road from time to time but lately
has kept me close to home. One area that I have come to enjoy very much is the exercise
room in the complex clubhouse. It is not lavish by any means
with the equipment being somewhat old and out dated but
for me it works fine. It has a couple treadmills, an exercise
bike, an old universal gym and a few assorted free weights
and a bench. They have mounted a TV so you can watch if you
are on the treadmill or the bike and it is usually on sports
or one of the news channels. I have found that it is not used
much and I can enjoy a lot of freedom when I visit. I started going off and on shortly after I moved in. It was
one of my resolutions after my divorce to get into better
shape. I found out that rarely would anyone use the equipment
after 10pm. I started trying to go at night fairly regularly
but once my work schedule forced me to work nights for a week
and I went to the gym in the mornings. On my first morning
trip I went in just before 11 am and caught a brief glimpse
of a lovely young woman who had been using the exercise bike.
I had just settled in on a treadmill right behind the bike
when she got off and headed out of the gym. I only saw her for a moment but she was stunning. She appeared
to be an Asian girl about 5’7” and with a killer figure.
She was wearing biking shorts that hugged her hips and accentuated
her solid round ass. She had long toned legs that looked
like they were built to wrap around someone’s waist and
make sure they did not get away. Her tight jersey shirt hugged
her waist and gave me a good view of her full firm upper body
shape. I hoped she was a morning regular and planned to be
in the gym earlier tomorrow. The following morning I got into the gym about 45 minutes
earlier and my lovely was hard at work on the bike. I found
my treadmill that happened to be positioned right behind
the bike and gave a good view of the TV over her shoulder.
I felt I could enjoy the view while working out without being
too obvious given the televisions fortuitous placement.
I started walking as I watched her ride. She was dressed
similar to the day before and it made me wish I was a bicycle
seat as I watched her hips rock back and forth across the
black seat. The target of my attention looked back toward me a few times
but did not seem to notice that I was drooling at her from
behind. It did give me a chance to see her face and confirm
that she was a lovely Asian girl with beautiful features.
She had sexy dark eyes to go with her jet black hair. She wore
a little smoky eye shadow that accentuated her eyes even
more. She had a cute little nose and sexy small mouth that
usually was slightly open as she worked out. I am not sure
what time she came in but she worked out hard on that bike
up to 11 am when she dismounted, did a few stretches and headed
out the door like yesterday. I finished my workout and planned
on coming in even earlier tomorrow. I showed up at 9:30am and my lovely was not in the gym yet.
I had hoped to get on my treadmill as start early but an older
gentleman was using it at the time so I used the universal
to kill some time. At 10am sharp she came into the gym and
started a quick stretching routine. She seemed a little
preoccupied and was looking around a lot as she stretched.
Finally she got up on the bike and began her workout. The
older gentleman finished his on the treadmill about 10
minutes after 10am and I quickly took his place. I was worried
he may like the view too much to leave as I would have done
but luck was on my side today. She was wearing shorter workout shorts today that barely
covered her cute ass. She wore just a short sports bra on
top that showed off her tight abs and beautiful amber skin.
She worked out hard as she always did for her hour ride on
the bike. When she finished she hopped off and moved between
the bike and treadmill to do her end of ride stretches. I
watched as she spread her legs and bent over from the waist
toward each toe giving each leg a good stretch and me a wonderful
view of her tone body. She then reached down in front of her
and pushed her ass out reaching in front of her as far as she
could. I could not keep my eyes off her ass as she was right
in front of my treadmill. My eyes finally roamed down between her legs and I found
her looking right back at me with a big smile on her face.
She stood up and turned to me and saying ‘Caught ya”
as she smiled at me with a wonderful friendly smile. I stammered
out an apology for staring and she said it was ok. She said
that she liked it when guys looked at her. That is one of the
reasons she works out so hard, to keep them looking. She
put her hand on my machine as I turned it down so I could talk
to her. I found out her name was Toni and little else. She
seemed very reluctant to tell me more about herself and
adeptly steered the conversation toward me. I don’t
think I have ever had such a nice conversation where I learned
so little about anyone. She asked me if I was new here as she had only seen me this week.
I said I was fairly new but usually do not have the mornings
free. She said it was her lucky week then and asked me if I
wanted to join her for lunch. I accepted quickly and asked
where she lived so I could pick her up. She said she would
rather meet me here at the clubhouse for now and said to meet
her here at noon. She left quickly after that leaving me
with lots of questions and a bit of a hard-on. I showed up at the agreed upon location and found Toni waiting.
She looked even better wearing an over the shoulder tee
that made it clear that she was not wearing a bra. The top
stopped just above her waist revealing just enough skin
to be very sexy. Her nice breasts pressed against the fabric
of the tee giving me a nice understanding as to their size
and shape. She wore short cut-off jean shorts that just
covered what they needed to and 4’ wedge sandals that
made her legs look like they went on forever. Toni took me by the arm and we headed out. She drove and we
went to a local sports bar that was open for lunch and featured
some of the best fried fare in the area. She downed a ton of
wings as we shared a large plate the spicy delicacies. We
spent more time talking and I learned a little more. She
was 21 years old and she worked nights, taking one class
in the afternoons. She planned on getting serious about
college eventually but she was making good money at her
job and liked what she was doing for now. She did not tell
me what she did or where and that left me more questions.
She skirted the personal questions with skill and kept
the conversation simple and basic. We talked more about
my job and history that we did hers. I was able to get her phone number but she said she had her
phone off when she worked and slept so if I were to call it
would have to be in the mornings or afternoons. She said
she worked 6 nights a week and used her one free night to relax
by herself. She dropped me off at the clubhouse when we ended
our date and went off to her class at the college. I still
did not know which building she lived in or what she did that
she liked so much but did not like to talk about. I also did
not know why she asked me out for lunch, someone that was
old enough to be her dad, after being caught staring at her
in the gym. My mind raced at the thought of what she could be doing for
work. My dirty mind went to stripper or hooker with the night
hours but I did not see her doing either. She looked like
a model but I did not know of any that had to keep such regular
hours. I kept wondering as I planned to meet her again the
following morning in the gym. We met that morning and several more after that while my
work schedule had me on nights. We went to lunch every afternoon
and she found ways to look sexier every time I saw her. I finally
got the nerve to ask her why she was being so friendly with
me and she said that she liked older guys. We older guys were
usually more respectful and polite even when we lusted
after her young body. Younger guys were usually crude and
had expectation that she did not care to deal with. Plus
she said that, from what I had told her, I seemed to be a nice
guy that could use a friend. I had to agree with her and let
the question drop even though I had all sorts of nasty thoughts
racing through my mind. The following week I had to return to my regular work schedule.
Toni and I chatted a few times on the phone and I strained
to find a way to meet up with her again. I knew I could always
find her on my days off but those two days seemed so far away.
Toni beat me to the punch, however, asking me if I wanted
to share a pizza for dinner one night. I quickly said yes
and she said she would come by the following night for dinner.
I was to order the pizza and have it there when she arrived
at 6pm. The pizza guy had just left as I heard the knock on my door.
I opened the door to find a stunning Toni standing there.
She was dressed in a flirty short skirt and camisole. Again
she had on tall heels that made her legs look wonderful.
She said that she had to work tonight but missed our lunches
together. I told her that I had missed spending time with
her as well. She smiled her sweet but somewhat wicked smile
as we settled on the sofa to enjoy our pizza. I had found that Toni was always liked to touch me when she
was close to me. It usually was a soft touch on the arm as we
sat at a table during lunch or holding my arm as we walked
to or from the car. She always seemed to position herself
so she was next to me, even once making me move so I sat next
to her on one of our lunch dates. Tonight was no different
but it was her hand roaming to my thigh that made it special.
The feeling of her young hand so close to my cock made it grow
hard without any thought on my part. I am sure she knew what
she was doing to me as I saw her glance that way a couple times
but she never said anything and did not stop. I was not about
to have her stop such a pleasurable thing and was determined
to enjoy whatever time I had with this young beauty. When we finished eating Toni looked over at me and took hold
of my hand. She asked me if I would like to come watch her work.
She said she was not going to tell me what she did until we
got there but felt that I would really like watching her
work for a while. She said that there were strict rules for
visitors but she said she was sure I could follow them and
not cause any trouble for her. I would have agreed to almost
anything to spend more time with Toni. She took me by the
arm and we headed across the complex. Toni lived in an end unit at the far end of the complex. She
was in one of the three bedroom units on the top floor. As
we headed in I was greeted by a very cute girls dressed in
a baby doll. Toni introduced her as Misty one of her roommates.
She smiled at me with warm smiles and seemed excited that
Toni was having a visitor tonight. In addition there were
a couple other girls dressed in jeans and tight tees lounging
around. One got up as Toni came in and she introduced her
as Micky, her work assistant. Toni sent Micky to get her
room ready as she had me follow her down the hall. Toni told me that Misty had just finished her shift. The
other girl in jeans was her assistant Tanya. Her other roommate
Rachel was out right now but would be in later, probably,
she said with a questioning tone. Toni led me into her room
and asked me to sit down in a lounge chair that was on one side
of the room. The room was standard for the complex with a
queen bed in the middle. There were several shelved with
nick knacks over the headboard. At the foot of the bed was
a lot of computer and camera equipment. Toni sat on the edge of the bed looking at me with a big smile.
She said that she worked as a cam model. She got paid to let
people watch her play with herself in her own bed and she
wanted me to watch her too. She said having someone real
makes it a lot more fun. She asked me if I would stay for a while
and watch her work. I quickly said yes, that I would love
to see what she did. Toni’s smile grew very big when I agreed
to stay. She told me that there were a couple rules that I
had to follow. First was that I had to remain silent and let
her do her job. She got paid to interact with the people online
and that needed to come first. Second, Micky was her director
and timekeeper and she kept things moving. I needed to follow
her directions when needed. Third I needed to be naked as
she wanted to see my reactions as she worked. I agreed to all her rules as she told me that she worked in
sessions that were usually about 30 minutes of pre-play
where she drew people into her sessions followed by a 45
minute session. After each was a 15 minute break until she
started again. She ran group sessions were several people
would sign up (i.e. pay) to interact with her. She had a keyboard
where she could respond with the others in the chat room
but she never actually saw anyone else. The room had sound
so those online could hear her but she did not hear them.
Micky ran the camera and monitored the video feeds to make
sure everything went over ok. I was surprised at the technical
sophistication of the whole process. Toni went to the bathroom to put on some last minute makeup
and told me to get comfortable. I felt a little strange stripping
down and settling into the chair to watch but the idea did
turn me on as well. Micky looked me over as I sat down and gently
fondled my cock. She looked at my cock and told me not to be
surprised if Toni wanted to suck me on camera. She said that
Toni occasionally would include a visitor if they had a
nice cock and that I had a very nice cock. Toni came back in and walked over to me. She ran her hand over
my cock and giving me a kiss on the cheek. She said she thought
I had a nice cock and she was right. She smiled at me as she
backed up and climbed on the bed to start her work. Toni turned her attention to the camera and began to work.
She and Micky were a well oiled machine as Toni interacted
with those online and Micky used the camera to capture her
sexy features. I watched Micky’s monitor as she panned
up Toni’s long legs and Toni lifted her skirt to flash
a pair of lacey black panties. Toni would roll over and Mikey
would zoom in on Toni’s ass barely covered by her sexy
thong. I watched as Toni ran her hands over her tone and tight
body touching her self and appearing to enjoy every minute
of her on screen time. Finally Micky said they had 6 people sign up and it was time
to start the show. Micky hit a few keys and Toni started talking
to the camera. I watched as Toni performed for the camera,
looking innocent and sounding naughty. The mix was a real
turn-on and I stroked my hard cock as I watched her slowly
strip off her clothing. Toni was every bit as nice looking as I expected. Her body
was nice and tone with perk full breasts and a beautiful
shaved snatch. Her firm, tight body was a joy to see and I
almost came just looking at her touching herself. Her pussy
lips glistened as she ran her fingers softly along her slit.
I watched as she slide a finger into her pussy with one hand
and squeezed her tits with the other. Micky masterfully
worked the camera to give those viewing a good show and highlighted
the best actions. Toni looked over at me as she moaned with
her fingers inside her watching me stroke my hard cock.
She licked her lips as she eyed my cock. Toni pulled her fingers out of her pussy and reached up under
her pillow. She pulled out a vibrator that she showed to
the camera. She typed and talked asking if the viewers would
like to see her use her toy. The answer came back as expected,
a resounding yes, and she slowly licked the toy to get it
nice and wet. Toni inserted the toy into her pussy and turned
it on. The low hum was muffled by her moans as she slide the
toy in and out of her pussy. Micky zoomed in on her pussy as
the toy fucked her and then on her face as it showed how much
she was enjoying the feeling. I watched the camera zoom
back as Toni built up to a climax. It was pure pleasure watching
her hips rock and her body react to the waves of pleasure
that spread through her. Toni recovered quickly and sat up looking at the camera.
She thanked everyone for helping her cum. She made it like
everyone online had a part in her climax. She then said that
she had a special treat for everyone. She said that she had
a friend visiting today and that he had a really nice cock.
She asked if the viewer would like to see her suck a real cock.
The answer was a definite yes again. Micky motioned me to come over to her and she whispered to
me where to stand so I did not get into the picture. They only
wanted my cock in the shot. I stood at the side of the bed and
Toni took hold of my cock. She stroked me as she talked to
the camera about how nice and big I was and how nicely shaped
my cock was. She talked about how she was not sure she could
take all of me but she was going to try. Then I watched as she
ran her tongue over my head and looked up at me with a smile.
Her lips opened and she took my cock into her mouth letting
her tongue bathe my shaft. Toni pulled my cock out of her
mouth and began to lick my shaft, getting it good and wet
before returning to the head and sliding me in again. Her
tight mouth felt so good and I had to concentrate not to shoot
my load right away. Toni worked my cock in and out going deeper each time. She
would occasionally pull out to talk to her viewers and tell
them that she was going to try to take me all the way in but
I was so big she was not sure she could do it. She would return
my cock to her mouth and take me a little deeper again. Finally
she said it was time and she drove my cock down her throat
and held me there. The feeling was wonderful as Micky got
some good close-up if my cock buried all the way into her
mouth. Toni slowly withdrew to accentuate how much she
had swallowed. She smiled as she looked into the camera
as she kissed and licked my swollen head. She asked her viewer if they wanted to see her take my cum
in her mouth. The answer was another big yes and she began
to work me to climax. Once I heard her say that I relaxed and
allowed the pleasure to come. She looked up at me watching
my eyes as she sucked and licked my shaft. I nodded my head
when I was about to cum and she locked her lips around my crown
working my shaft with her hand. I let loose my load into her
mouth and she drained every drop. When she was sure I was
done she turned to the camera and Micky got a good close-up
of her mouth full of sticky white goo. She then swallowed
and showed the goo all gone to the delight of her viewers.
She signed off telling them that she may have more special
treats later in the evening. Mickey ended the session and Toni asked me to sit on the bed
with her. She gave me a kiss on the lips and thanked me for
letting her suck my cock. I told her that I should thank her
and she just smiled. She said I have a great cock for her shows,
nice and big with its big head. It shows off well on camera
she told me. I said I just happy to be able to see this and be
a part of her fun. She smiled and said it was fun and she loved
doing it. She got up and headed to get cleaned up and dressed
for the next session. Toni put on the same outfit for her next session and cleaned
up her make-up after working so hard with her toy. I settled
back into my chair as Micky sat back and waited. I asked how
she liked the job and she said she liked it ok. She did not
have the personality for in front of the camera but working
behind the scenes is fine with her. She and Toni split the
money they make evenly and she makes enough to pay for school.
She said she attends college full time as a media tech and
this fits right into her future plans. Toni came back all dressed and ready to go. She sat on my lap
and put her arms around me giving me a nice kiss. She told
me that she wanted me to fuck her this session. She said when
the time was right she would kneel at the edge of the bed and
I could fuck her from behind, doggie style. I told her that
I would love that and then asked when I would get to lick her
pussy. She smiled and looked over at Micky. She asked if
that was something that would work. Micky said she did not
know why not. I would do it from the end of the bed so only the
back of my head was seen. Toni said we would try it in the next
session. I told her that I would look forward to that as much
as anything we did tonight. The session started like the last one after a brief teasing
time. Most of the people from the first show stayed on to
see her again as well as several new guests. Repeat business
was not uncommon but to have most come back was rare. Toni
slowly stripped again and then began to play with herself
as before. She pulled out a new vibrator and massaged her
clit this time. After she came she brought me in to fuck her.
Her pussy was so nice and tight. She moaned and talked about
how I filled her up so much while Micky worked the camera
on her face and my cock. I noticed that Micky had unfastened
the button on her jeans and had one hand in her pants and I
pounded Toni from behind. I reached around and began to rub Toni’s clit as I filled
her with my cock. She moaned more and felt her getting close
to another climax. I worked her pussy with my cock and fingers
until I felt her clench around my cock and let loose how good
my cock felt in her pussy. She looked into the camera with
a satisfied look that was wonderful to see. When I came I
pulled out and rubbed my cock against her ass cheeks and
shot my load on her ass and back. Micky caught the shot and
Toni slide down flat on the bed. She rolled to give the viewers
a nice view of her back as she took samples with her fingers
to taste. Toni again thanked the viewers for giving it to
her good and making her feel so good. Micky signed off the
session and leaned back in her chair. Toni looked over at me as I settled back into my chair and
told me I was a bad boy. She said she usually only came once
per session and did not want to get too worn out before the
night was done. She got up and gave me a kiss on the way to get
cleaned up and change. Micky looked over at me and said that
this had been one of Toni’s hotter sessions in a while.
She had been somewhat flat recently that I had really perked
her up. I looked at her open jeans and said that she may have
gotten perked up too. She smiled and said that happened
most sessions. I watched as she pulled her jeans off and
tossed them behind her. She had on a little red thong that
was obviously wet from watching the shows. She walked over
to me and ran her hand over my limp cock and asked that if I
had any energy left when they were done if she could have
some of me too. I told her that I would love to help her out
if I could. Toni came back wearing a see thru baby doll and thong. She
told me that she would invite me to lick her fairly early
in the session this time and then finish with one of her toys.
She said she was good at faking orgasms when she needed to
when playing with the toys. She noticed that Micky has shed
her self of the jeans and smiled. She pointed to her that
she had a pretty hot helper didn’t she. I agreed with her
as I watched her crawl into the bed for the next show to start.
Micky said the viewership had grown to near record highs
for them as the show started. Toni did her slow strip and
then had me crawl up between her legs. I licked and fingered
her snatch until I felt her body release and she moaned how
good if felt to have a nice tongue on her pussy. I licked and
sucked until I felt her orgasm recede and then slipped down
off the bed. I wiped my face off as I looked over a Micky. She
worked the camera with one hand and the other hand pulled
her thong to the side and had a couple fingers buried deep
inside. I moved up beside her and ran my hand up her thigh.
She looked over at me and removed her hand letting me slide
mine inside her. I fingered her pussy as she tried to concentrate
on her camera work. Toni was on her knees with her ass pointed
at the camera working a good sized dildo into her pussy for
the viewer’s enjoyment. The session ended with Toni
faking an orgasm as she pounded the rubber cock in and out
of her tight snatch. As the session neared the end I returned to my seat so Micky
could concentrate on her duties. Toni finished and gave
me another thank you and kiss as she headed to the bathroom
again. As soon as she was out of the room I got up and knelt
in front of Micky, spreading her legs and burying my face
in her pussy. I slipped two fingers in her tight pussy and
went to work trying to get this lovely girl off. It did not
take long as I felt her grab my head and push her hips against
my lips. I heard her moan and tell me not to stop as her pussy
tightened around my fingers. Finally she began to relax
and I was able to lean back and look into her eyes. She looked
down and thanked me as I stood up and saw Toni in a long sexy
gown watching me with a smile. Toni said that Micky usually
did not get that until the night was over but during breaks
was good too. Micky smiled a sly smile and then got ready
for the next show. Toni told me that they had two sessions left on her shift.
She said that she usually did a major toy show for this session
and then a viewer’s choice for the last one. She said that
she wanted me to help her with the toys and that Micky would
let me know when to help. The chat room had filled up to almost
capacity, more than she had ever drawn before according
to Micky. Toni started as she had most with a slow strip show
and slft fingering of her pussy. She pulled out her vibrator
and began to play with it in her pussy. After a while she switched
to a larger dildo that was about as big as my cock. She used
that in her pussy giving the viewer’s a good show of her
pussy being filled. She then moved onto the hands and knees
pushing her ass up and her pussy toward the camera. She shoved
the dildo deep inside her as Micky tossed me another dildo
and a tube of lube. She pointed to Toni’s ass and I got the
hint. I took the lube and spread it around her anus spreading
her cheeks to make sure camera caught the action. I then
lubed the rubber cock and pressed it against her ass. Toni moaned as I inserted the dildo into her ass and began
to work in and out. I took hold of the other toy and began to
work both in and out to her excitement. I heard Toni moan
out in pleasure as I worked the toys in her holes. Micky zoomed
in on the two toys penetrating her tight holes as the microphones
picked up her moans of joy. I pumped her with her toys as she
reached down with her hand and played with her clit. I could
feel her hips begin to rock and her breathing begin to shorten
as she approached her peak. She finally let loose and allowed
the pleasure to freely flow through her as she told the viewers
how much she liked the feeling of two cocks in her at once.
The session ended with her looking back at the camera, the
toys still inside her telling her viewers how great they
are and how good they make her feel. She then gave then the
challenge for the next session to the viewers to come up
what she was to do for them and to send in their votes via the
chat line once they signed up. It would be a viewer’s choice
show. Toni had me pull the toys out and toss then into a bucket beside
the bed. She got up and gave me a kiss and ran her hand over
my cock. She told me that I better get ready because regardless
of what the viewers say that my cock was going to be part of
the show. I watched as Toni took her toys and headed out of
the room. I looked over at Micky and noticed that she had
stripped naked. She was a cute girl with smaller pert tits
and a nice thin waist. She motioned me over and took hold
of my cock as I got near enough. She leaned over and ran her
tongue over my head tasting some drops of precum that hung
on the tip. She looked up at me and said I needed to be nice
and hard for the last session. It looked like I may have to
fuck again but it is still early in the voting. Toni came back dresses in a short night shirt and had her
hair pulled back in pigtails. She bounded up to me and wrapped
her arms around me and said Hi Daddy to me. I told her that
she was being a very naughty girl as she smiled a naughty
smile back at me. She looked over at Micky and asked how the
voting was coming. Micky said that right now it was getting
fucked from behind and sucking the cock again was running
neck and neck. With being fucked while having a dildo in
the ass was a close third and taking the cock in the ass a distant
forth. Toni seemed surprised and had expected that the
viewers would have liked to see her get fucked in the ass.
She climbed on the bed giving me a nice view of her ass as she
did. The pre show started and Toni worked the viewers to get them
on and voting early so they could be part of the process.
The numbers climbed and Toni gave hints as to what she liked
and wanted. The voting kept Micky busy as she tried to keep
things straight. Finally the session started and Toni
used her innocent young girl look to tease and have fun with
the viewer’s. I watched as she slowly removed her panties
and began to play with her self as Micky announced that the
winning idea was getting fucked while having a dildo in
her ass and a blowjob finish. Toni smiles as she heard the
announcement and pulled out her toys to prep for her finale.
She kept her sleep shirt on but pulled it up to show off her
pretty pussy. She kept talking about how she was going to
like daddy playing with her pussy and ass. She took on the
character of a little girl who liked to have her daddy fuck
her. I got very turned on by the show and was more than ready
when it was my time to participate. Toni got on her knees and called her daddy over to play with
her. I took the dildo and lube and proceeded to work it into
her ass. She moaned about how good it was to have daddy home
to play with her. I worked the dildo in and out as she called
for her friend to play too. She reached between her legs
and I placed my rock hard cock in her hand. She guided me into
her pussy and I slowly pumped it into her tight hole. It was
so sexy fucking her and working the dildo at the same time.
Toni moaned and rocked her hips as I worked the two rods in
her tight holes. Micky had her fingers deep in her pussy
as she tried to keep the camera focused on Toni’s ass.
I also noticed a couple people at the doorway watching us
as I pounded my cock into her tight twat. I felt her body tighten
and her breathing change as she started talking about how
good daddy made her feel and how nice it is to cum with daddy’s
cock inside her. I felt her reach her limit and her body shook
and her hips rocked as the pleasure overtook her. Toni let
my cock slide from her pussy as she turned around and knelt
in front of me. The dildo was still stuck in her ass as she
took my cock into her mouth and began to work me to the finish.
Toni took my meat into her mouth and quickly began to drive
it deep into her throat, sliding it all the way in and out
with each stroke. The warmth of her mouth was fantastic
as she sucked me with a passion I have rarely felt. I signaled
her that I was getting close and she began to work my cock
with her hands holding the head just outside her mouth.
Micky zoomed in on her lips to catch the shot of my load entering
her mouth. I released my load and it mostly went into her
mouth with some dripping down her chin. Micky gave the viewer’s
a good shot of the cum on her face as she finished the session
and invited them back for another one tomorrow night. As the session was signed off there was applause from the
doorway. Toni smiled and introduced her other roommate
Rachael to me. She was a stacked blonde that was standing
there in a thong and panties. Rachael told Toni that her
show was so hot that she may have to steal it for herself.
Toni pulled me to the bed and said that was fine as long as
she found her own daddy. She gave me a kiss on the lips and
told her that this one was for her and Micky’s use only.
She laughed and turned town the hall. I watched as her cute
bare ass walked away. Micky shut down the equipment and crawled into the bed with
us. Toni looked at me and thanked me for staying the whole
night. She told me that not many guys last the entire time
or recover enough to do what she needs to be done. I said it
was my pleasure and the time went by really quickly. Micky
ran her hands up my leg and over my cock. It twitched at her
tough. She asked me if I was going to stay or leave now. Toni
looked at her and then at me telling me that Micky usually
spent the night here and that they took some time to release
some of her pressure after watching the shows all night.
Toni invited me to stay the night and help her take care of
Micky if I wanted to. I told her that if would not be fair not
to stay and help if I could. I did not get much sleep that night as Micky had as much energy
and desire as Toni that needed to be filled. I was able to
recover a couple times and give her what she desired as well
as watching Toni dive in to get her off a couple times. I called
in sick the following day and slept in with the girls. I woke
up later in the morning with Micky sucking my cock and Toni
lying there watching with her fingers in her pussy. I helped Toni and Micky out from time to time after that when
Toni began to feel the need for someone real and authentic.
I still try to catch her in the gym when I can and have even
watched a show or two when I have been on the road and had some
alone time to kill. Toni gave Micky my address and she had
visited me a time or two to release some stress that Toni
could not satisfy with her tongue or fingers. It never fails
to surprise me what one can find just a short distance from
your front door.

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