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The Ancient Ritual


The Ancient Ritual (Part
The smell of smoke drifted across the fields just before
the spring planting. It was time for the ceremony. Gwnyd
was especially looking forward to this years ceremony,
it wasn’t his first ceremony, but he knew he was going to
have the girl he wanted tonight. Though part of the ceremony
was supposed to be that you didn’t know who you left the sacred
fire with that night, he had managed to sneak into Merwyn’s
hut this afternoon without her knowing and found what she
was wearing tonight. Though everyone wore essentially
the same thing, and it was truly very hard to tell the difference
between different people, he was sure he could recognize
the women he was falling in love with.
This was the only time a year Gwnyd would be able to fulfill
his hearts desires and lay with the women he was in love with.
A year before, Merwyn had been the virgin who had represented
the goddess at the ceremony. The God the year before had
been a young man named Fyrd. Merwyn had become an acolyte
of the priestesses right after the ceremony. It had been
completely unexpected. Gwnyd suspected that it had something
to do with the ceremony, though he had never Fyrd about it.
Actually Gwnyd had been extremely jealous of Fyrd for him
having the honor of portraying the God for Merwyn. Though
Gwnyd and Fyrd had been friends prior to last year’s ceremony,
they had not spoken since. They would now never speak again.

Last fall, while out on a hunt, Fyrd had been gored by a bore.
Gwnyd had been there, he had watched his former friend die
from fever two days later. After that Gwnyd had
mourned his former friend’s death more than anyone. He
felt somewhat responsible for what had happened to him.
They were supposed to be hunting together, but they had
separated almost immediately when the hunters had split
to force out the boar they were hunting. Gwnyd had gone running
to Fyrd when he heard his former friend’s scream, but he
was too late, the boar had gored his friend and would have
finished him off then and there if Gwnyd hadn’t shown up
and killed the boar with his flint tipped spear.
Now all of that was in the past, and Gwnyd was walking towards
the fire that was burning bright at the top of the hill. He
was walking alone from the village. Most of the village
was already on top of the hill. The music was to start when
the sun set, and would continue until the moon rose a few
hours later.
The music would start shortly for the sun was near setting
and it cast shadows all across the land. Gwnyd arrived in
his costume of a bear skin, deer antlers, and a coyote skull.
He knew he must look terrifying. He also knew that the bear
skin adequately hid his identity so no one would know who
he was. He had already picked out some of the villagers based
on their size and shape that was a dead giveaway no matter
how good their costume. He also had spotted Merwyn across
the fire. It had taken him a few minutes to find the special
cuffs on the robe she was wearing, that he knew only she was
Gwnyd’s eyes wondered around the fire, taking in the details
of his tribe’s costumes for the festival. He saw many of
the young men staring at his younger sister Aylyn, who was
this year’s virgin goddess. She and a young man named Arnek
were this years representatives of the goddess and the
god. Gwnyd felt a pang of understanding how the young men
staring at his sister felt. He had been one of them the year
before. Sure he had left the circle with a beautiful girl
named Mordryn the year before, but all he had wanted then,
as he did now, was Merwyn. As Gwnyd felt once again the pang
of jealousy he had felt the year before, the sun set and cast
the world in darkness.
The music began softly, as Arnek began the dance of the God
around Aylyn. Now they were the focus of attention. Arnek
had been practicing the steps to this dance for months now,
since he had learned he had been chosen to represent the
god this year. Soon all the people in costume would join
in the dance.
Mother’s were already heading off to put their children
to bed, while the older people of the village joined them
and would not participate in the ceremony. They would watch
the children who were not of age to participate. The children
had been allowed to drink of the mead, which had been made
weak for them.
Actually, most of the people had been drinking the alcoholic
drink this night. Many batches of the honey wine had been
made just for this ceremony. Gwnyd had decided not to join
in on the drinking and festivities that had occurred before
he had arrived at the top of the hill. He wanted to be completely
sober for this night. He was bound and determined to make
sure he took the woman he loved this one night a year he could.

Still people were drinking more of the mead, and he watched
intently as he saw Merwyn take a large cup full of the wine.
He could tell by the way she was walking that she had been
drinking earlier with the rest of the village. The music
quickened and livened as more wood was thrown on the fire
to make it rise even higher.
Arnek began the second part of the dance. This part of the
dance was a dance of seduction, though it was not supposed
to be regarded in that way, everyone knew it was. Arnek began
by undoing his tunic and letting it fall to the ground. He
was a good looking young man, fine featured muscles and
the tattoos he bore on his chest and arms like the rest of
the tribe, danced in the shadows of the firelight on his
topless body.
The rest of the men of the tribe followed Arnek’s lead and
were taking off their tunics. The heat from the fire was
beginning to make the men of the tribe sweat as they danced
in complex circles. Sweat ran down Gwnyd’s chest and back
through the intricate spirals tattooed on his own body.
He was the only man in the group who had not taken off his tunic.
That was because he was not wearing a tunic, he was wearing
just his bearskin cloak. He didn’t even have on pants underneath
his cloak. The cloak was warm and he had been sweating all
The women of the tribe now joined in the dance. They began
interweaving among the men surrounding Arnek, in his erotic
dance for Aylyn. The women would not remove their gowns
and robes until the ceremony was finished and they had left
the fire.
Merwyn had joined the dance with the rest of the women. She
was intoxicated. She was realizing as the dance began to
move faster that she had drank more than she had meant to.
She was sweating underneath her robe.
Merwyn had searched all day for any hint of which man in costume
was Gwnyd. The year before she had been the virgin goddess
at this ceremony and lost her virginity to Gwnyd’s friend
Fyrd. She had also felt close to Gwnyd, but she had fallen
in love with Fyrd. She felt lucky that she was able to have
the man of her dreams for her first time at the ceremony.
She was not as lucky as she had thought. Fyrd was not a good
lover, and her first time was not has pleasurable as she
had expected. The worst part of the night for her was finding
out that Fyrd felt nothing for her. In truth he felt nothing
for any women, as she found out that night, after their horrible
love making. Fyrd was attracted to his friend Gwnyd.
Merwyn had felt horrible at the end of last year’s ceremony.
That was why she had decided to join the priestesses. She
had known how Fyrd’s friend Gwnyd felt about her, and realized
the jealousy he felt for not being chosen for the ceremony
with her.
The consequences of those selected for the ceremony last
year had affected everyone in the small tribe. The challenge
was only Merwyn knew all of the consequences of the ceremony.
She could not handle it. Like Gwnyd, she had mourned Fyrd
greatly. She had gone into solitude with the priestesses
for three moons without seeing any male in the tribe.
This was extremely difficult in such small quarters, but
she had managed it. When she had seen the grief that Gwnyd
felt after Fyrd’s death, she had fallen in love with him.

Now she wished she could take back her decision to become
a priestess. Unfortunately that was not possible. This
night was her only chance to be with the man she believed
she loved, and she was determined to make sure she was. She
had purposely let Gwnyd into her hut earlier that morning,
to make sure he saw the edition to her priestess robe she
had made in the cuffs. Unfortunately she had not been able
to get the chance to get in and see what costume Gwnyd had
made for this ceremony.
Now she saw that there was only one person across the fire
still covered completely in costume. She wondered if it
was Gwnyd who was in that costume. At that thought she felt
a rush run through her body and a bit of fluid ooze from her
pussy. She was excited for the end of the ceremony, that
wasn’t going fast enough for her. She was going to be with
Gwnyd, and that made her heart beat faster as she danced
around the fire.
Arnek was close to the end of the ceremony. The priests had
changed the rhythm of the music again and Arnek began taking
off his pants. He now danced naked around the fire. The other
men had followed his lead, and were all dancing naked around
the fire. They still had their masks on, but it was more obvious
to whom each young man dancing was.
Once again Gwnyd didn’t remove his bear tunic like the others.
This was disturbing some of the tribe. It had never happened
before, and they were not sure what was going on. Some of
them suspected that it was Gwnyd underneath the bearskin
but no one was sure.
The dancers were now all covered in sweat and some of the
men’s cocks were hard in anticipation for what was to come
at the ceremonies end. Some of them even had little droplets
of pre cum glistening at the end of their cocks.
The priests once again changed the beat again. This was
the signal for Aylyn to get undressed and for the joining
of the gods to happen as the moon rose in the east. One could
see the faint glow of it on the horizon as Aylyn stood and
in a quick movement removed her robe and stood in front of
the village naked.
While Aylyn was doing this, Arnek had circled around the
fire and was now on the other side of the six foot
flames. As Aylyn stood naked across the circle from him,
Arnek took a few quick steps and leaped through the flames
to land just in front of Aylyn. Just behind Aylyn sat a padded
stone alter. It was covered in moss and grass, and was meticulously
shaped into a bowl shape specifically for this ceremony.

Though the music was still playing and the dancers dancing,
every eye around the fire was on Arnek and Aylyn. Arnek slowly
lifted Aylyn into the air as if she was as light as a feather.
He then gently set her down on the alter where he spread her
legs revealing her swollen virgin lips. At this point Aylyn’s
nipples were hard with anticipation. Arnek bent down and
kissed Aylyn ever so gently on the mouth. He continued kissing
her on her face, moving slowly down to her neck. As he kissed
her he gently caressed her breasts with his hands, occasionally
pinching her hard nipples in between his fingers. He moved
from her neck up to her ear, where he nibbled ever so gently
on the outside of her lobe. This was the way the ceremony
was supposed to be, Arnek was pleasing Aylyn so much that
small moans and gasps were already leaving her lips. Arnek
worked his way back down Aylyn jaw to her mouth and this time
kissed her very passionately. Aylyn’s body arched up to
meet Arnek as he kissed her. He moved his was down her chin
and neck to just between her breasts. His mouth began to
tease each breast individually, slowly circling his tongue
around each nipple. He had yet to suck on either one, until
suddenly he quickly moved his mouth to her right nipple
and began sucking hard on it. Once again a moan escaped Aylyn’s
mouth. She was already very wet from anticipation, and
close to orgasm. Arnek moved his was down between Aylyn’s
hips, where he began licking the inside of her upper thigh.
He enjoyed teasing her, making her pelvis thrust up towards
his mouth, and moving away so she could not have what she
wanted. Finally he moved to her pussy lips where he gently
licked the outside of the lips, enjoying the taste of her
juices that glistened there. He moved his way to her clit
where he began sucking and licking vigorously. Almost
instantaneously Aylyn reached orgasm, where upon Arnek
drove his tongue deep insider her, lapping up her juices.
Aylyn continued to orgasm, holding her breath and letting
out loud screams of ecstasy. As her orgasm finish Arnek
rose, and took his cock in his hand and began rubbing it on
the outside of Aylyn’s pussy lips, covering his cock in
her juices. Just as the moon made if fully above the horizon,
Arnek gently pushed the head of his cock inside Aylyn, causing
an immediate orgasm from her. The ceremony was over, and
the virgin goddess was no longer a virgin, though she was
still in ecstasy with the pounding of Arnek’s cock inside
her. Her screams and his moans could be heard through out
the circle as Arnek rose close to climax and continued to
pound Aylyn’s tight pussy.
The rest of the village was turning away to take their own
partners into the fields and repeat the love making of the
god and goddess. Gwnyd found Merwyn quickly and led her
away from the fire towards the stream at the bottom of the
hill, and the wooded area that surrounded it. Unknown to
Gwnyd, Merwyn had a surprise for him and at this point she
was sure it was him. Though she had no control over who took
her away this evening, she was sure the Gwnyd would make
sure he was the one who did.
To be continued….
Gwnyd led Merwyn down the grassy slope towards the stream.
The dew covered fields dampened both of their feet as the
approached the shadowed branches of the willows near the
stream. The moon cast eerie shadows among the branches
as they stepped into a small clearing Gwnyd had prepared
specially for this night.
Merwyn had seen Gwnyd leave the village late in the afternoon
the day before, and had followed him and seen his preparations.
She knew all of the things he had planned, and had made plans
herself. All that night before she had made her plans, and
even now they were beginning to take shape.
The priestesses were required to stay celibate year round
except for this one night. In reality, many of the priestesses
found other ways to meet their sexual desires. All of the
priestesses lived in the same hut in the village. Their
hut was off limits to all of those in the village who were
not initiated into the mysteries, despite the fact that
Gwnyd had broken this strict rule earlier in the day, it
was still the rule.
Many of the priestesses never enjoyed this night where
they were forced to lay with a man. They had found their sexual
desires met by the other priestesses. It came as a shock
to Merwyn in the first month she lived with the other priestesses.
She soon discovered it was part of the initiation, a part
of the initiation that was kept secret from the priests
and all men in general. This was the sexual initiation to
being a priestess.
The sexual initiation involved three parts. The
first part of the initiation was learning how to pleasure
oneself. Though most young girls had experimented with
and discovered their sexuality at young ages, most had
not learned how to reach the long lasting multiple orgasms
that were required of the priestesses.
Merwyn remembered this part of her initiation quite well.
She was to be trained by two priestesses whom she
soon became close friends with, Alyna and Maryna. They
were in charge of her initiation process into the deeper
sexual mysteries of the priestesses. The first part had
begun about a month after Merwyn first began living with
the priestesses.
It was a night of the full moon; the stars were out and dotted
the sky like snowflakes, in which the initiation began.
It was cold outside and there was a fire in the hearth. Alyna
and Maryna confidently approached Merwyn. They were all
very close to the same age, Alyna and Maryna had become priestesses
the summer before, and had finished their own sexual initiation
not long before the last spring ceremony.
“You begin your initiation tonight Merwyn, ” boomed Alyna.
“Now first you must remove all of your cloths, ” chimed
in Maryna. “We are in charge of your initiation, and for
that you must do exactly what we say, no matter what. Agreed?”
Merwyn shyly responded, “Yes, I guess so.”
As Merwyn stripped all of her cloths off, so did both Alyna
and Maryna. They were both extremely attractive young
women. Maryna had been selected the year before Merwyn
to be the virgin goddess, and she as well had found her place
with the priestesses. She had large breasts, full and firm.
She was not tall, and she had dark hair that highlighted
her sparkling green eyes. Merwyn immediately noticed
how beautiful she was naked, with her accented hips, breasts
and eyes. She had never been attracted to women before,
but now she was discovering that she could be. Alyna was
tall, with blond hair and brown eyes. Her family had been
Saxon slaves, and she had found life as a priestess instead
of becoming a slave herself. Her breasts were not as large
as Maryna, but they were still ample, with small, perfect
nipples. Her hips were not accented like Maryna’s were,
but her legs were long and flowing. They were both beautiful
women, and Merwyn felt her body relax and warm to the thought
of what was to come with these two women.
“Now, you are going to give me pleasure first, while watching
Alyna gives herself pleasure, ” ordered Maryna.
“But, you are not allowed to use anything other than your
hands, for now!” echoed Alyna.
Maryna sat down next to Merwyn and took her right hand and
placed it roughly on her own pussy. “Now begin, ” stated
Merwyn had no idea what to do. She stared intently at Alyna
as she lay down directly in front of Merwyn and spread her
legs. Alyna placed both hands on her own pussy and began
to gently rub and massage the outer lips of her own pussy.
Merwyn slipped her middle finger gently in between Maryna
pussy and started rubbing up and down. Merwyn was nervous
and her hand was shaking, she could not seem to keep a consistent
rhythm to her rubbing of the outside of Maryna’s pussy lips.
It showed because although Alyna was begun to moan slightly,
Maryna had barely seemed to notice what Merwyn was doing.

Maryna place her own hand on top of Merwyn and began to force
it into a rhythm. She said, “Now that is better, rhythm is
important, you need to be able to understand when you are
about to cum, and adjust the rhythm accordingly so as not
to cum too quickly, and to prolong the orgasm. Understand?”
“Yes, ” Merwyn replied.
A small moan finally escaped Maryna lips, as Merwyn continued
to be forced to rub Maryna’s pussy.
At this point Alyna had begun to stick her own middle finger
inside her pussy and was beginning to pump her hips up and
down vigorously. She screamed at Merwyn, “You are not paying
close enough attention!”
Merwyn immediately began to pull back from Maryna’s pussy.
But Maryna firmly forced Merwyn to slip her middle finger
into her pussy. This made Maryna involuntarily let out
a loud moan. This gave Merwyn more confidence, so she began
to spread Maryna lips apart and spread the small amount
of juices around as she pumped her middle finger in and out
of Maryna hole.
Alyna had at this point slipped three fingers
deep inside herself and Merwyn was watching her intently
as she moaned and thrust her hips up into the air. Alyna had
her left hand deep inside her pussy while her right hand
was pressed underneath quickly rubbing her clit. Merwyn
finally caught on to what Alyna was doing, so she slipped
her ring finger deep into Maryna’s pussy and began wiggling
them around in circles as she thrust in and out. With her
pointer finger and pinky she spread Maryna’s pussy lips
wide apart to reveal her pulsating clit. Maryna’s clit
intrigued Merwyn. She stared at it closely, which caused
a quick rebuke from Maryna. “You are supposed to be watching
Merwyn quickly turned back to Alyna, who was on the verge
of orgasm. Merwyn then had an idea and began rubbing Maryna’s
clit ever so gently with her thumb. This caused a huge gush
of fluid to rush out of Maryna’s pussy covering Merwyn’s
hand in juices that Merwyn was beginning to smell, which
was in turn, making her own pussy begin producing juices
and leaking out onto the fur covered floor.
Alyna soon reached orgasm, let out a huge, echoing scream,
and clutched her hands tightly against her pussy, with
her hips raised towards the sky. Maryna was not far from
orgasm herself. Her hips were pumping hard into Merwyn’s
hand, and moans were escaping every few seconds from her
Alyna’s orgasm seemed to last forever in the firelight.
Her breathing would stop, and then she would scream again
as another orgasm racked her body. Her hands were hardly
moving now, just clutching her clit tightly and her entire
fist buried deep insider herself.
Merwyn then slipped both her pointer and pinky into Maryna’s
pussy. That was all it took, Maryna began to orgasm. She
grabbed Merwyn’s hand and tightly forcing it even further
into her own pussy, pushing her hips as far as she could into
the sky, and letting out a large scream. Maryna’s orgasm
lasted almost five minutes just holding Merwyn’s
hand in her pussy.
When Maryna was done with her orgasm, she laid there on
the fur, just catching her breath. She was shaky and weak
from the power of her orgasm. It did not take her long to recover,
and when she did, she stood with Alyna and they put on their
As they were leaving they said to Merwyn. “By next full moon
you must be able to bring yourself to orgasm.” Then they
walked across the hut to their own area, leaving Merwyn
to herself.
Merwyn lay there in wonderment for a few minutes, and they
she began to finger herself, exploring her own pussy and
seeing if she could get the same reaction out of herself.
Her initiation would continue in one moon’s time, and she
wanted to be ready.
Maryna stood in the shadows crouched down at the top of
the hill. Alyna was supposed to be with her, but Drerwyn
had found her before she could get away with Maryna. Maryna
watched closely as Gwnyd and Merwyn approached the stream
far below. She found Merwyn’s plan very exciting. Since
Merwyn had joined the priestesses Maryna had become close
friends with Merwyn, and she loved Merwyn in many ways.
She had seen how the events from the year before had hurt
Gwnyd. She actually found Gwnyd quite attractive, and
when Merwyn came to her a month ago, just after the end of
her initiation, with what she proposed to do this night,
Maryna had easily agreed. Now as she crept down the slope
in pursuit of Merwyn and Gwnyd, she was both nervous, excited
and turned on.
Gwnyd and Merwyn found themselves in the clearing, staring
intently at each other. Slowly, ever so slowly Gwnyd leaned
down and kissed Merwyn on the lips. Merwyn responded by
wrapping her arms around Gwnyd and pulling him closer to
her. They embraced in a passionate kiss, which quickly
led to the two of them lying on the ground kissing.
With the utmost care, Gwnyd slowly removed Merwyn’s dress
until she was lying naked in the woods under the moonlight.
Gwnyd had never seen a more beautiful sight in his life.
Merwyn was getting wet with anticipation of her surprise
for Gwnyd, she had prepared for this night ever since the
second part of her initiation. She had discovered then,
under the most unlikely of circumstances how much she wanted
to feel him inside of her. Now, that wish was about to come
true, and it thrilled her.
The moon between the beginning and the second part of Merwyn’s
initiation went very quickly. Every day she practiced
getting herself off. She was happier in the last moon than
she had ever been before. The problem seemed to be though
that the more she practiced the more often she felt the desire
to get herself off. The first few times she tried, she barely
managed to get an orgasm out of it, but quickly she learned
how to get herself off and have wonderful orgasmic releases.
They still were nothing compared to what she had given Maryna,
or what she had watched Alyna give herself, but they were
Merwyn was nervous as the day of the full moon progressed.
Though she worked and lived with both Maryna and Alyna,
they had not spoken about her initiation since, and tonight
she knew they would be returning to continue the initiation,
she had no doubt about that.
Finally, the night came and once again Maryna and Alyna
approached Merwyn with confidence. Maryna spoke first,
“Take off you cloths now! We must begin right away.”
Merwyn complied with outmost efficiency. She was nervous
still, but not as nervous as she had been the first night
when they had approached. She then stood in front of the
two women as their eyes roamed her body hungrily.

“What are you waiting for, pleasure yourself!” commanded
Merwyn lay down quickly. She was already getting wet with
anticipation of what was to come tonight. Maryna and Alyna
sat down next to each other and watched intently as Merwyn
began to rub her pussy gently, working the juices that were
flowing all through her light covering of pubic hair, lubing
herself up. She had found that if she played with her clit
and rubbed her breasts simultaneously she approached
orgasm much quicker. Soon she was thrusting her fingers
deep inside herself with her right hand, while the heal
of her hand was pressed hard up against her clit sending
waves of pleasure through her body. She was soon moaning,
and noticing that with the presence of Alyna and Maryna
she was getting closer to orgasm much quicker than she had
on her own. She took a quick look up to see them staring had
her with a hunger in their eyes. She had no idea what the hunger
was, but that was all it took, she reached orgasm as she sent
her hips high in the air and let out small gasp and scream.
The orgasm only lasted a minute or so, but it was still by
far the best orgasm she had given herself in the previous
month. She was pleased with herself.
Alyna and Maryna, stood up and began taking off their cloths.
Alyna causually glanced back at Merwyn and said “That was
not good enough, you still need more practice, but it will
do for now. Now it is time for your next lesson.”
“What is the next lesson?” asked Merwyn.
Maryna responded, “You do not speak during you lessons,
you only listen.” Then she quickly added much more sweetly,
“since you asked, your next lesson is on how to suck breasts.
You will be practicing on Alyna here tonight, as will I.”

Alyna lay down on the furs next to Merwyn and said, “Not
only will you be sucking on my breasts, but you will continue
practicing by fingering me at the same time. Understood?”
“Yes, ” replied Merwyn.
Maryna sat down next to Alyna and began kissing her passionately.
While she kissed her, she gently massaged her right breast.
Her kisses slowly trailed down Alyna’s long neck to her
breasts. As she reached Alyna’s right breast she suddenly
looked up. Alyna’s expression quickly changed from that
of pleasure to questioning. Maryna stared at Merwyn and
said, “What are you waiting for, this is the easiest lesson!”
Merwyn quickly put her head down to Alyna’s left breast
and began sucking. She really had no idea what she was supposed
to be doing, but she sometimes would quickly look up at Maryna
and see what she was doing to get an idea. For some reason
sucking on Alyna’s breast felt very comforting to Merwyn
and she soon was quite into it. It was then that she realized
she had forgotten the other part of this lesson. Alyna between
gasps harshly spoke to Merwyn, “what are you doing, finger
me bitch. What am I supposed to do, finger myself here?”

Merwyn’s hand quickly moved to Alyna’s pussy, which Merwyn
found was already sopping wet with her juices. Merwyn’s
fingers began to explore the insides of Alyna, when she
had an idea. She then suddenly gently bit down on Alyna’s
hard nipple. Alyna let out a loud gasp of pleasure. Merwyn
took this as a good sign as she felt Alyna’s hips begin to
push up into her hand. Merwyn then took this chance to quickly
look over and see that Maryna’s mouth was filled with Alyna’s
breast and her tongue was moving quickly across the sensitive
tip of Alyna’s nipple. Merwyn then moved away a little from
Alyna’s breast a little and started swirling her tongue
around Alyna’s nipple in quick little circle before suddenly
dropping down quickly and taking a quick nibble of nipple.
Merwyn’s hand was rocking to the motion of Alyna’s hips,
when suddenly Alyna let out a loud scream and grabbed Merwyn’s
hand with both of her own and forced into down into her pussy,
relinquishing in the force of the orgasm which was now racking
her body.
After Alyna was done with the throws of orgasm, she lay
still on the furs breathing hard. She looked at Merwyn in
awe, “you learn quickly Merwyn. That was excellent. We
will have to move on to the next part of your initiation sooner
than we thought. For the next two moons, every week
you will come and visit either myself or Maryna and continue
practicing what you have learned. You will only practice
what you have learned so far with us, no one else, and you
will only practice what you have learned.”
At this point she turned to Maryna and said forcefully,
“That means no letting her get ahead of herself if she is
with you!”
She then turned back to Merwyn and asked, “Do you understand
Merwyn dear?”
Merwyn just nodded her head. She understood perfectly
well. Both Alyna and Maryna stood quietly and put on their
cloths and left Merwyn in silence.
Merwyn was actually beginning to really enjoy her time
with Alyna and Maryna. Though they were forceful and dominating,
she could tell they were in some ways putting on an act for
her, and that they were excited themselves about continuing
their lessons with Merwyn.
For the next two moons Merwyn alternated between
going and seeing Maryna and Alyna for her practice sessions.
She found the girls much more easy going as she progressed
in her sexual practice. As the fourth moon of her initiation
approached she was no longer nervous for the lessons, she
was just excited for them.
Maryna stood outside of the clearing where Merwyn lay
naked in the arms of Gwnyd. Gwnyd was still fully clothed,
which meant that Maryna had arrived a little early for the
plan to take place. She had crept down from the top of the
hill following them to their secret hideaway in the woods.
She watched intently as Gwnyd pulled away from the close
embrace with Merwyn and just sat there staring at her. Gwnyd
began to build a fire out of a small set of kindling he had
specifically placed in the clearing. Once he had the fire
going bright to keep away evil spirits, he moved to the edge
of the light produced by the fire and grabbed a few furs he
had stashed there as well as some larger logs he was going
to place on the fire as it got truly burning.
Maryna took this chance to silently move into the light
on the opposite edge of the clearing away from Gwnyd, where
she caught Merwyn’s eye and silently moved back out of the
light. It was just a gesture to let Merwyn know she was there.
Maryna had brought all the supplies they needed for Merwyn’s
plan for the night. And she took the time now to prepare and
make sure all was ready for the plan. It was, and she sat silently
waiting for the cue from Merwyn of when the plan was to go
into action.
Merwyn was glad to see Maryna in the clearing. This meant
her plan was going to work out, though she wondered where
Alyna was. She figured Alyna must not have been able to escape
being taken away but some young man on this night. That young
man was in for more than he expected. Merwyn knew from her
initiation and since that when it came to sex, Alyna was
very much in control. She also knew that Alyna was hard to
please had would become bored easily if the young man did
not bend to her will. The thought of this brought a big smile
to Merwyn’s face.
Merwyn had an idea of what to expect as the day of her third
lesson in her initiation progressed. She was excited as
she sat on her furs in the priestesses’ hut waiting for Alyna
and Maryna to arrive. Though all the priestesses lived
in the same hut, they were afforded a small sense of privacy
by drapes that separated their living areas. Merwyn peered
through a crack in these drapes watching for Maryna and
Alyna to arrive for the lesson. Merwyn was already naked,
knowing that she would need to be for the lesson and she was
already getting wet and her nipples were hard with excitement
for what was to happen soon. She moved quickly away from
the furs as Alyna and Maryna arrived.
Maryna and Alyna stood there looking at Merwyn laying
on the furs legs wide apart, showing her inviting pussy
to the world. I quick look of shock crossed their faces,
but quickly their expressions turned back to stone. In
unison they spoke to Merwyn, “Put on your cloths now, do
not assume what to expect will be needed for your lessons.
You know nothing of this lesson, and this one will be one
of the greatest challenges for you to do well. It is going
to require lots of practice. Understood?”
Merwyn was putting her cloths back on as she responded
with a nod, “yes.”
“Good, ” replied Alyna, as she and Maryna removed their
own cloths and lay down on the furs in front of Merwyn.
“You will learn to eat pussy tonight. I am going to eat Alyna,
while you must eat me out. We will not finish until you make
me cum so hard that I am no longer able to eat Alyna out. Understood?”
stated Maryna.
“Yes, ” replied Merwyn meekly.
Merwyn had never even though about eating a women’s pussy
out before. She had loved the smell of her own juices and
that of Maryna and Alyna after she had fingered them. She
had even tasted a little bit after one time of fingering
herself. She had loved it. Now as she stared at Maryna’s
pussy she was once again scared of how she was going to pass
this part of her initiation.
Maryna lay down on the furs with her legs spread wide apart;
opening her already dripping wet pussy up to Merwyn. The
position was one that was almost the exact same position
Merwyn herself had been in when Alyna and Maryna had arrived.
Alyna then stood facing Merwyn and sat down on Maryna’s
Merwyn could tell that Alyna was already turned on by the
though of having Maryna eat her out. Her clit was hard and
sticking out of her pussy and she was dripping wet, before
Maryna had even touched her lips to Alyna’s pussy. Maryna
stuck her tongue out and began to softly lick the insides
of Alyna’s upper thighs.
At this point Merwyn knew she was supposed to do the same
to Maryna. She got down on her hands and knees and put her
face close to Maryna’s pussy. She shyly licked the area
where she knew Maryna’s clit was. Nothing happened. She
then took from Maryna’s example on Alyna and began to kiss
all around Maryna’s pussy tantalizing her with expectation.
Merwyn also began to move her tongue across the bare patches
of skin right before Maryna’s pubic mound.
This had a wonderful effect on Maryna. She began to squirm
ever so slightly as her clit began to appear at the top of
her pussy lips. At this point Maryna’s mouth was firmly
encased around Alyna’s pussy. Her tongue was plunging
deeply between Alyna’s pussy lips and then darting down
deep into her hole. Alyna loved it. She had one hand on her
clit pumping at it furiously, while her other hand frantically
massaged her own breasts. She was breathing deeply as the
pleasure filled her from deep inside. Her eyes had rolled
back into her head and she was in pure ecstasy. She was already
beginning to breathe hard to the amazement of Merwyn.
Merwyn now began to focus on Maryna’s dripping wet pussy.
The first thing she did was run her tongue deep in between
the folds of Maryna’s pussy, lapping up the juices that
Maryna had produced and savoring the taste. Soon her head
was buried so deeply into Maryna’s pussy that she didn’t
even know what was going on with Alyna, she was enjoying
herself too much.
Alyna was about ready to cum. The first waves of orgasm
overtook her and she stopped breathing for a moment. Maryna
did not slow down at all though. She just kept frantically
licking and sucking deeply on Alyna’s pussy. She loved
the taste that filled her mouth as Alyna reached orgasm
and came all over her face. It was Maryna’s favorite feeling
in the world.
Maryna herself was fighting hard not to orgasm, and to
concentrate on Alyna’s pussy. Merwyn was doing a very good
job for her first time eating pussy. She really seemed to
be enjoying it.
Alyna had just finished her second orgasm, when Merwyn
did it. Merwyn moved her tongue away from Maryna hold and
began to quickly flick her tongue across Maryna’s clit.
Maryna could not concentrate any longer. She grabbed Merwyn’s
head in her hands and squeezed Merwyn hard with her legs
as she let out the loudest scream Merwyn had heard yet.
Merwyn had succeeded in finishing the third lesson of
her initiation. Now she only had one thing left to do, her
actual initiation ritual. As before Merwyn was supposed
to visit the other girls for practice, though this time
it was five months of practice alternating between
the girls every two weeks. When Merwyn’s initiation
occurred, she needed to be completely prepared.
Over the next couple of months Merwyn practiced often
with both Maryna and Alyna. The best part of it though was
that through their time together, they became good friends,
and even ended up talking for hours after each practice
session. Though as Merwyn’s initiation ceremony came
closer she became a little nervous about what was going
to be expected of her. Neither Maryna or Alyna would tell
her anything about it, they stayed very mysterious about
it, and kept up the pretense that it was going to be challenging
The ceremony for Merwyn’s initiation occurred in the
common room of the hut, around the fire pit. Small beams
of moonlight flickered in through the whole in the ceiling
for the smoke from the fire that was lit for the ceremony.
Merwyn stood in front of all of the priestesses of the tribe,
completely naked waiting for what was going to happen.
Drewyna, the head priestess, got up in front of the others
and began to speak “Tonight we celebrate the initiation
of Merwyn into one of our greatest mysteries, and one of
our greatest powers, that of sex. We as women rule the tribe
through our ability to control and create pleasure through
honoring the gods and goddesses. Though Merwyn still has
much to learn, she has been through much in the past nine
months. So, tonight we celebrate, and share with her our
gift to her. Alyna and Maryna have trained Merwyn; therefore
it is their duty to perform the ceremony. Please come forward,
and present the gift girls.”
Maryna and Alyna appeared from behind the crowd, naked
just like Merwyn. They approached Merwyn with smiles on
their faces. They were obviously excited to be performing
this ceremony, for their nipples were already hard and
their pussies already wet. They reached Merwyn and gently
told her to lie down, relax and enjoy.
Drewyna spoke one more time before the ceremony commenced,
this time she spoke to Merwyn herself, “You have given great
pleasure to both Maryna and Alyna throughout your training,
now they are here to pleasure you.”
With that the three girls kissed, their hands
roaming all over each other bodies. Maryna moved down in
between Merwyn’s thighs and began kissing and licking
her all over. Alyna continued to kiss Merwyn deeply while
massaging her breast with one hand. A quick gasp escaped
Merwyn’s lips as Maryna licked her just above her pubic
At this point both girls stopped what they were doing,
as if it were timed perfectly and laid Merwyn down on the
fur rugs. The entire group of priestesses were undressing
themselves and beginning to finger themselves, this was
quite a show. It had been a long time since a new initiate
had been nearly as attractive as Merwyn, nor had any initiate’s
trainers been as beautiful either. It was not only their
beauty that was turning the other priestesses on, but the
passion that flowed between the three of them.
With Merwyn on the floor, Maryna drove her tongue deep
into Merwyn’s pussy bringing a quick gasp to her lips. At
the same time Alyna began to suck on Merwyn’s breasts, forcing
Merwyn’s breath to come even faster. Alyna not only sucked
on Merwyn’s breasts, she toyed with them, massaged them,
flicked them with her tongue, and then suddenly she began
to nibble on them as well. Merwyn had never felt so much pleasure
before in her life. She was had already reached one orgasm,
and her juices had flowed all over Maryna’s face, exciting
Maryna so that she began to suck vigorously on Merwyn’s
clit. Merwyn instantaneously reached orgasm for a second
and third time, yet still Maryna and Alyna did not stop.
The two women who had trained Merwyn, continued
to produce orgasm after orgasm out of Merwyn for almost
an hour, before they stopped to let Merwyn rest a little
bit. Merwyn had experienced in that hour more pleasure
than she had experienced in all of her life combined. And
it was not over yet. Though the ceremony was over, Merwyn,
Alyna and Maryna went back to Merwyn’s sleeping furs and
continued their passion long into the night, occasionally
taking breaks to rest and get some water.
The night of Merwyn’s initiation had been the most amazing
of her life. The thought of it now as she lay in the clearing
with Gwnyd made her nipples go hard and her pussy go wet.
Gwnyd removed his cloths and lay down on top of Merwyn kissing
her passionately, preparing to repeat the ceremony of
the gods with Merwyn.
Gwnyd slowly lay on top of Merwyn, still kissing her. He
placed his head next to hers and began to nibble on her ear.
Merwyn let out a quick gasp of air.
Gwnyd softly spoke into Merwyn’s ear, “I love you Merwyn,
I always have.”
Merwyn replied in a whisper, “Gwnyd I know you love me,
and I love you to.”
Gwnyd softly nibbled on Merwyn’s ear before he continued
placing the softest kisses along her jaw line and down to
her neck. Merwyn raised her chin up high in the air and arched
her back as Gwnyd kissed her neck and moved down to her collar
bone. He then slowly moved along her collar bone in both
directions until he returned to the bottom of her neck,
where he began to move slowly down in between her breasts.
From here he used his tongue to circle each breath before
gently taking each nipple in turn in his mouth.
This caused Merwyn’s breathing to get faster and shorter,
as well as her juices began flowing gently from her pussy.
After a substantial time licking, sucking and biting Merwyn’s
breasts to the point she could hardly stand it, Gwnyd moved
down to her naval, where he darted his tongue in and out.
He then slowly began circling her naval in expanding circles
until he reached the top of her pubic hair. From here he moved
over to one side of her hips with his tongue. He then slowly
traced the crease of her hips down to the inside of her upper
thighs. He continued across, skipping over the crease
of her now dripping wet pussy to the opposite crease where
he rose up to her other hip and then back across to her pubic
Now he felt like he had substantially prolonged what Merwyn
knew was coming, and he began tracing his tongue down through
her public hair. His tongue ran gently through her pubic
hair down the crack of her pussy until her reached her hole.
He had purposely only gently licked her clit, knowing that
it would bring her to orgasm to quickly. Gwnyd now placed
his entire mouth fully on Merwyn’s pussy, letting his tongue
burrow deeply into her pussy and finally tasting her juices.
He forced his tongue deep into Merwyn’s pussy making her
scream out softly in the firelight. He rolled is tongue,
moved it in circles, and sucked deeply on Merwyn pussy,
before finally moving up to her clit where he first began
to circle it with his tongue before he encased it within
his lips. When Gwnyd finally began to suck on Merwyn’s clit,
she could no longer handle it, and burst in a huge orgasmic
release, that covered Gwnyd’s face in her juices.
After bringing Merwyn to orgasm, Gwnyd worked his way
back up towards Merwyn’s mouth. Stopping first at her naval,
then quickly sucking on each of her breasts sending after
shocks through her body from her first orgasm, he finally
moved all the way to her lips and began kissing her passionately
with her own taste on his lips and in his mouth. Finally he
reached for his cock and began to slide it up and down her
crack, lubing it up on her juices.
Maryna slowly crept up behind Gwnyd as he lubed up his cock
in preparation for penetrating Merwyn. In her hands Maryna
held two strands of rope. Just before Gwnyd pushed
the head of his throbbing cock deep inside Merwyn, Maryna
grabbed his arms and pulled him up, quickly tying each of
his wrists with the ropes so he could not escape her grasp.

Merwyn had not seen Maryna approach and she was glad to
see that her friend had timed her interruption perfectly.
Still shaky from her last orgasm, Merwyn stood up and looked
deeply into Gwnyd’s bewildered eyes. She and Maryna led
Gwnyd away from the fire and made him lay down, where they
tied the other ends of the rope to the base of a tree.
Gwnyd had not spoken at all since he had been pulled away
from Merwyn by Maryna, now he finally spoke in complete
bewilderment, “what is going on here?”
Merwyn decided she had better be the one to answer Gwnyd
and responded, “You are going to please the both of us tonight,
but first you must understand that whatever happens tonight
never leaves this fire. We are going against tribal tradition
and sharing with you some of the most intimate knowledge
of the priestesses. Do you understand my love?”
Gwnyd weakly replied, “Yes, I will agree to anything,
as long as I can be with you tonight Merwyn.”
“Good, ” Merwyn replied as she quickly kneeled down in
front of Gwnyd and took his throbbing cock into her mouth.

Merwyn loved sucking on Gwnyd’s long, hard cock. She slowly
moved her head up and down its length until the tip of his
cock hit the back of her throat. She also pulled it completely
out of her mouth and ran her tongue down its entire length,
taking each of his balls into her mouth and sucking gently
on them. Then she quickly returned to the tip where she circled
it with her tongue and played around with just it in her mouth.
Merwyn’s head then shot down the shaft of Gwnyd’s cock taking
its entire length deep into her throat.
While this was happening, Maryna had removed all of her
cloths and was standing directly above Gwnyd’s face. Maryna’s
pussy was dripping wet with her juices and expectation
of what was to come in a few moments. Maryna’s nipples had
also turned hard in the cool air that surrounded her body
after she removed all of her cloths.
As she stood above Gwnyd she spoke to him, “You seemed to
enjoy eating Merwyn’s pussy, now you shall eat mine as well.”
Maryna then turned around and sat directly on Gwnyd’s face,
lowering her head close to Merwyn’s which was still sucking
away at Gwnyd’s massive cock. Gwnyd quickly obliged to
the demands of both Merwyn and Maryna, he was still partially
in shock, but the attention given his cock by Merwyn was
overwhelming any ability to object. He greedily licked
Maryna’s pussy thrusting his tongue deep inside and tasting
the difference between her juices and that of his love’s
own juices. Maryna quickly began to share sucking Gwnyd’s
cock with Merwyn. It took almost no time at all before the
two of them combined had Gwnyd screaming in orgasm,
as he shot cum up all over their faces, which they both quickly
licked off of his cock and each other’s faces.
Amazingly Gwnyd stayed hard after his orgasm that shot
cum all over Merwyn and Maryna. Merwyn took this opportunity
to get up and move into position to fuck Gwnyd. At that moment,
Alyna walked into the clearing, trailing behind her another
man bound securely in rope. The man was Drerwyn. Alyna walked
straight up to the three people and said, “Damn,
you started with out me. Unfortunately I was a little tied
up with this guy, now he is the one tied up, ha. We best make
good use of him to shouldn’t we.”
At this point the tree women decided to just tie up the men’s
legs so that they could use their hands in pleasuring the
women, but at the same time they would be unable to escape.
They also moved closer to the fire, because even though
it was late spring, the night was beginning to get a bit chilly.

Merwyn took the first turn with Gwnyd, and began fucking
him hard. She grabbed Gwnyd’s cock in her hand and quickly
led it into her waiting pussy. Maryna decided she had also
waited long enough for a cock in her pussy and she began fucking
Drerwyn as well. With their backs to each other Merwyn and
Maryna fucked the helpless men on the ground.
For a moment Alyna just stood their watching, finishing
taking off all of her cloths. She had already fucked Drerwyn
once, and now she was looking for a chance to get some more.
She decided on Gwnyd. She moved over to him, and while facing
Merwyn sat down on his face. Once again Gwnyd happily obliged
the women whose pussy was just calling to him to be eaten.
They remained like this until all of them had reached orgasm
at least once. While Merwyn and Alyna fucked Gwnyd, they
kissed and fondled each other. Occasionally reaching
down and fingering each others clits, bringing them to
orgasm after orgasm. When Drerwyn finally came deep inside
Maryna, they decided to have a break.
Merwyn asked Gwnyd, “You did not by chance hide any mead
down here? We are all thirsty and could use something to
Gwnyd who was still tired from fucking and eating out three
women, gasped yes he had. I told Merwyn that is was over under
a bush. Maryna got up, a little unsatisfied and went to fetch
it from under the bush. They all drank thirstily from the
goatskin filled with mead.
As they drank, Alyna began to finger Maryna, and kiss her
softly on the lips. It did not take long before she was deep
in between Maryna’s thighs eating her pussy, and quickly
bringing Maryna close to orgasm.
Merwyn looked on hungrily, and decided she would take this
opportunity to be fucked by two men at the same time.
Her pussy was still filled with cum from Gwnyd and she used
this to lubricate her ass, preparing it for Drerwyn’s small
cock to enter it. In the process of lubricating her ass,
she would sometimes stick her fingers deep inside herself,
sending shock waves of pleasure through her body.
Merwyn slowly sat herself down on Drerwyn’s cock, relaxing
her body as the head slowly forced its way into her ass. She
then ordered Gwnyd to come over and begin fucking her pussy.
Gwnyd easily obliged and soon Merwyn was being filled by
the cum of two men. Her body shook with pleasure
as the two cocks penetrated deep insider her.
Gwnyd could feel Drerwyn’s cock pressed up against his
own deep inside Merwyn. The motion of the two cocks
rubbing against each other inside the women Gwnyd loved
was too much for him to handle and he quickly reached orgasm
and squirted another full load of cum inside Merwyn. Drerwyn
didn’t last much longer, the feeling of his cum filling
Merwyn’s ass brought her to a level of climax she had never
felt before. Her orgasm lasted for ages. She was sure her
screams must have been heard by the entire village.
The sound of Merwyn’s orgasm brought on by the two
men brought both Maryna and Alyna to orgasm as well. It was
now getting well into the night, and Maryna and Alyna were
ready to leave Merwyn to her own lover. The surprise for
Gwnyd had been wonderful for them as well, but they only
were able to be pleasured by men once a year and they wanted
their own man to pleasure them. They quickly retied Drerwyn
in the ropes, said goodnight to Merwyn and Gwnyd and left
the fire to continue their pleasure with Drerwyn.
Finally, Merwyn and Gwnyd were alone. Gwnyd was untied
now, though he hardly could have gone anywhere for he was
quite tired. He did slowly get up and grab more wood for the
fire. As the flames rose higher he and Merwyn curled up within
the furs Gwnyd had brought from the village for them.
At first they just sat there in each other’s arms, not saying
a word, staring into the bright flames of the fire. Slowly
they turned to each other, and looked deeply into each other’s
eyes. They leaned forward and kissed, ever so gently. The
kissing continued for a long time, increasing in passion
and force over time. It never became rough or hugely passionate,
it was just never ending.
Slowly, ever so slowly, Gwnyd lay Merwyn down next to the
fire and just looked at her. She was truly beautiful to him,
a true goddess. He felt they had done much honor to the gods,
even if it could not be mentioned to the rest of the village
any of what had happened here, it was forbidden. The two
lovers embraced each other, and lay close next to the fire.
After time, Gwnyd’s cock became hard again, and he once
again began lubing it up by rubbing it along Merwyn’s pussy.
Merwyn was also quickly lubed by this and before the two
of them knew it they were once again slowly, passionately
making love for the gods. They found a slow rhythm, which
they kept up, letting the need to orgasm grow inside of them.
They were thus able to stay on the brink of orgasm for almost
an hour, just pulsing in and out, and then finally the orgasm
came, and they both reached climax together. Each of their
bodies went numb completely with the feeling of pure and
total ecstasy. Neither of them had ever felt anything like
it, and it was wonderful.
Just before the sun rose, both Gwnyd and Merwyn rose and
put out the flames with the last of the mead. They gathered
up all of Gwnyd’s furs and climbed back up the path to the
top of the hill where the ceremony had occurred the night
before. There they sat looking east, holding each other
in their arms, until the sun finally rose above the horizon.
It was then that they finally were able to go to sleep, and
they slept in each other’s arms for the rest of the day.

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