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The Anal Accomplice


There had been other anal accomplices, but they had come
and gone without distinction–practice for bigger game.
It was Shelly who had not only proved an exceptional ass-fuck,
but had also introduced him to the erotic pleasures possible
when an enema bag is brought to the party. He had met her one
Sunday at a spa in Desert Hot Springs while sitting in hot
mineral water drinking Black Russians over ice. Shelly
had ridden out with some guy from Hollywood. By the third
round of drinks the guy she had arrived with was leaving
the spa mad as hell and without Shelly. He remembered her
stoking his stiff cock under the water as he fingered her
cunt. She asked for a ride back to Hollywood.
Shelly was small, a curly black haired petite Jewess in
her late twenties, with just enough tit to say she had some
and not much more. Her nipples were small and dark against
her tan skin. He knew this immediately because as they were
leaving the spa she took off her sandals, shorts–no underwear,
and her top. Her hair was very short, and brushed back she
took on a masculine quality. Her bush was a medium thick
nest of black curls, her labia protruding with a noticeable
clitoris. Her skin was tight, tan, blemish free and her
black eyes flashed with a sexual tension that would make
a eunuch erect.
Forty minutes later on Westbound Interstate 10, she performed
an excellent act of fellatio, swallowing his semen without
leaving a trace on his cock. While on her knees sucking him,
he had fingered her wet clit while she held her hips up in
the air for all the truckers and old folks in motor homes
to see as they passed by. She got very wet as he teased her
but did not cum more than once and then only a minor one. She
did however, keep him away from her ass, telling him to save
that for later.
Arriving in Hollywood, she pulled on her shorts and top
long enough to enter her apartment, then removed them,
and his too. It was after a long, slow, deliciously serious
session of fucking, during which time she had made him stop
twice so she could catch her breath, that he had first cum
inside her. Then on his back, Shelly’s crotch over his mouth,
he had sucked and licked his own cum back from that grotto
of her womanhood, at least what she didn’t smear on his face
first and lick off afterward.
Then, on the bed in the evening light of her studio apartment
she began telling about three of her girl friends and a boy
friend of one of those females and their dropping LSD together.
She explained how the female with the boy friend turned
into a clit-sucking machine under the drug’s influence
and went around to each naked female performing multiple
acts of cunnilingus.
“She ate all three of us twice before we took pity on her, ”
Shelly trailed off appearing to be finished with the story.

“Was it you who finally ate her?” he asked, aroused as always
at the idea of two women having sex.
“Nobody ate her, ” she replied lightly laughing while
sliding down to suck his soft cock, “I fucked her in the ass
with my six inch silicon strap-on while she sucked her boy
friend.” She said it with the air of someone who saw this
as no big deal. “I fucked him too, ” she added as an afterthought
before engulfing his cock with her mouth.
“Did she cum that way?” He finally managed to inquire, his
cock stiffening in her mouth at the vision of her working
out on both assholes with a dildo strapped to her crotch.
“They both did, ” she answered from the top of his cock in
“Did you?” His cock now fully rigid.
She lifted off his stiff member looking at him with curiosity,
“Why else do it?”
“I guess what I meant, ” he stammered, “how did you get off.”
“Oh, the sight of my strap-on disappearing into a nice looking
asshole, the nub on the base rubbing my clit, I fucking come,
you can be sure of that!” She put his cock back in her mouth.
“Do you like the feel of a cock in your ass?”
“Sometimes, ” she tried to reply from around his cock again.
“Would you like to feel the cock in your mouth sliding up
your ass instead?”
She continued to suck him, then looking over his cock a moment,
took him back into her mouth a few more strokes.
“After I clean myself out, ” she said this time removing
the now fully erect member from her mouth before attempting
to speak while slowly continuing to slowly stroke his throbbing
“May I watch?”
“Why, do women usually make you fuck them in the ass blind
folded?” She asked smiling.
“I meant watch you clean yourself out.”
“Sure” she replied heading for the bathroom. “If you’re
good, you can help” she quipped over her shoulder.
He watched her perfect petite ass disappear into the bathroom
and stood to follow picking up a cigarette and his lighter,
but not lighting it. “This we have got to see, ” he remarked
Shelly was bent over adjusting the shower and showing off
the dark pink hole between the lighter colored cheeks and
the swollen lips of her cunt below. On the edge of the tub
lay a red enema bag with its long white hose and narrow nozzle.

“Ever had an enema?” she asked.
“Yes, ” he replied somewhat embarrassed to her rosebud
before his eyes, “my mother and grandmother both found
the impetus to administer them.”
“Some people just have all the luck” she observed, still
bet over the tub. “I love this place, monster water heater.”
She spoke as she filled the bag. “At 99 degrees you can keep
a shower and bag fill running for hours.” She hung the bag
from a hook on the shower rod. He was sitting on the closed
toilet lid, still looking directly at her anus just inches
away when she stood to hang the bag and her butt cheeks closed
like flesh curtains over the object of his lust. Turning
to face him he looked at the crop of curly black hair and the
folds of her genitalia below.
“Lift the lid, I have to pee” she said, and he did.
He would have moved out her way but she pushed him back onto
the toilet seat and stepped over him.
“Spread your legs, ” she told him, and as he did, she squatted
over him urinating on his cock, splattering her warm piss
on them both. “Something for Rose to clean up, ” she observed
“Your cleaning lady’s name is Rose?”
“No, ” she replied dribbling the last of her pee on his half-erect
cock while sliding her clit over the dripping shaft. “Rose
is the bitch I make clean my bathroom, and if she does it well
and pleases me, I let her suck my clit or I fuck her in the ass
with my strap-on.”
“One of the three whom you did LSD with?”
“You ask too many questions!” She kissed him, then stepped
back from over him and took a large shower sheet from a towel
rack on the wall, folded it length ways twice and placed
it on the edge of the tub as a cushion. Then she laid face down
onto it her legs straddling the side of the tub and drew her
outer knee up slightly, lifting her hips, her anus exposed,
ready, and eager for the pending flood.
“What can I say, I’m a writer, curiosity is my birthright–and
besides, you have great stories, and friends too. Who would
have thought of a guy watching four women do each other and
then being fucked in the ass by one?”
“I thought you wanted to fuck me in the ass?”
“I do, believe me, and looking at your beautiful little
pucker knot of yours and knowing you intend on letting me
stick my cock in it is…, ” he tailed off, unable to finish,
his cock stiff.
“Then I suggest you shut up and get on with it, ” she snapped
while leaning up to kiss him. “Now lube me with your little
finger” she instructed, “just past the first knuckle.”

He did as he was instructed, holding his pinky in her very
tight asshole for a moment.
“Good, now lube the nozzle, then clear the air from the hose
please, I hate air cramps.”
After coating the nozzle with a generous portion of jelly,
he held the nozzle upward and released the clamp. A stream
of water commenced, he covered the tip with his finger and
closed the clamp. Using two fingers of one hand, he put one
finger on each side of her quivering little hole before
slowly and carefully inserting the nozzle, removing his
finger from the tip just before inserting it.
“Right there” she moaned reaching for his cock and stoking
it. He stopped the entry and held the nozzle in place while
her sphincter adjusted to its presence.
Shelly’s hips undulated a little and then she purred over
her shoulder, “Fill’er up.”
He opened the clamp and reaching up gave the bag a gentle
squeeze to start the flow and clear the nozzle of any material
it might have encountered upon entry.
Turning parallel to the tub he leaned against the wall and
began to run his hands softly over the cheeks of her ass,
occasionally fingering her damping clit and making her
squirm and moan. Reaching down, Shelly stroked his cock
slowly as her colon filled with the warm water.
“You do this often?” He inquired.
“Only when I meet a cock like yours that I think will fit inside
my ass nicely.” She smiled at him, her coal black eyes flashing.
“Stop the water.” Her tone was one of strain as she raised
her hips higher.
He closed the clamp and gently began rubbing her swollen
tummy. After a moment or two she relaxed, her bowels adjusting
to the weight and pressure that once again increased as
he opened the clamp. She took the rest of the bag without
additional cramping and when it had emptied he closed the
clamp again and removed the nozzle slowly from her pressurized
anus, a tiny trickle of water leaking out as it closed.
“Lube a finger and slowly put it in my cunt” she instructed,
and he did. She moved her body against the pressure forcing
an acceptance of it.
“Now another” she said in her blithe manner. He did as he
we told and soon she was undulating around his index and
middle fingers, massaging her bowels from her cunt, sending
waves of sensation through her.
“Why don’t you get the joint from the coffee table?” Slowly
withdrawing his fingers from her soaking wet cunt, he washed
his hand in the water from the detachable showerhead running
in the tub and went for the joint. Upon returning he found
her on the toilet in the throws of what became several long
expulsions, and sitting on the edge of the bathtub they
shared the joint while she finished.
“I’ll wash you” he offered as she stood. Stepping into the
tub behind her, she bent forward and looked over her shoulder
as he rinsed the residual of an obviously messy expulsion
from her ass cheeks with a stream of urine. He then repeated
the act with the hand-held showerhead and its continuous
stream of body-temperature water that he also used to refill
the bag.
“Now your turn, ” Shelly said motioning him to the towel.
Positioning himself the way she had, face down, straddling
the side of the tub, his ass in the air, his head enjoying
the buzz of the pot, he felt her lubricated finger enter
his ass.
“I see we have a need for a cleaning, ” she remarked pulling
her finger free and inserting the nozzle. Reaching up she
opened the clamp and squeezed the bag. “And I see we like
this too!” Shelly’s comment in response to his rapidly
stiffening cock. The water was filling him, and he quickly
found the pressure both disconcerting and pleasing. He
could feel his pelvis distending, and she could see it too.
She stopped the flow, and rubbed his ass cheeks.
“Ready for the rest?” She knew he was still trying to deal
with the first half of the bag, observing his slightly twisting
form. The renewed flow immediately translated into a fresh
series of pressure initiated sensations flashing through
his bowels. “I knew I should have filled up again first, ”
she said mocking his discomfort as the bag emptied. She
withdrew the nozzle and immediately refilled it, washing
the nozzle and clearing the line.
Shelly assumed again her position on the folded towel,
and working from inside the bathtub, he inserted the nozzle
and she was once again taking in water. The transfer started
quickly, which was good, because his ability to retain
was fading quickly. Grabbing the cigarette from the counter,
he lit it and sat on the toilet, a long expulsion flowing
seconds later. His relief was obvious in his relaxed body
language, his mortification in the constant flushing,
all while Shelly sat straddling the tub, taking the bag
of water in while watching him expel. Finished, he dropped
the cigarette into the bowl before the last flush, then
stepped into the shower and removed the nozzle from Shelly’s
ass. Shelly washed him with the showerhead, then prepared
him for a second bag, still holding hers.
Positioning him again on the towel, she began the transfer
of another bag of water. Once the water was flowing into
his ass she turned and he watched the expulsion of her second
bag into the bathtub, amazed at how clean the water appeared
as the pressurized stream exited her anus. She finished
her expulsion as the bag emptied into him and they traded
Almost from the moment the water had started to flow into
her ass this third time his two fingers entered her cunt
to feel the flow through the wall that separated those two
distinct chambers of her body. Her bowels received the
entire bag to the accompaniment of continuous moaning,
writhing, and savoring those wonderful minor orgasms
a women knows and a man can only imagine. With his free hand
he closed the clamp and removed the nozzle from her anus,
which he immediately pressed his thumb over. He slowly
curled and straightened his fingers in her cunt until she
moaned out from her growing ecstasy, “Use your cock.”
As he lay on his back in the tub, she straddled him slowly
lowering herself onto his stiff rod. He could feel the pressure
of the water inside her as his cock pushed inward. Slowly
she began to work him varying both the depth and angle of
his cock as it entered and retreated. She moaned and shuttered
several times before speaking again.
“Expel with me.”
Together they released their waters, the expulsions broken
by their fucking. Reaching back he could feel the spray
of the water exiting her ass.
“Want a third?” She asked from above him when at last they
had each finished draining their bowels.
“No, two cleared me I think.”
They showered together, dried each other and left the bathroom
naked. He rolled a couple more joints, while she fixed food,
wine, and coffee. Sitting on the floor at her coffee table
they smoked, ate, drank, touched each other’s bodies,
and talked only of sex and fucking. Shelly was an open book
of sexual escapades. He often wondered after their short
time together if he had made it far enough to be a chapter
in her sexual archives, a footnote, or just the unrecorded
practice for bigger game.
“How’d you discover you liked enemas and anal sex?” He asked
at one point.
“I got constipated a lot as a child and teenager, still do
sometimes, ” she begin. “My mother was forever giving
them to me, and the older I got, the more I liked them. As for
ass-fucking, my ex-husband was Bi-sexual, actually closer
to gay I should say.” She looked neither sad nor happy about
it as she hit the joint and drank her coffee. “He had a small
cock and I soon discovered how much I liked it in my ass, ”
she smiled and passed him the joint. “Have you been fucked
in the ass recently?”
“About a year ago.”
“Male or female?”
“Male, a nineteen year old hairless Twinkie I picked-up
in a bathhouse.” Then qualifying it, “My one and only time
in a gay bathhouse I might add.”
“That’s one more time than I’ve got to be in one. Was he a good
fuck?” She asked with an air of excitement.
“Yes, as a matter of fact, a very good fuck, ” then changing
the subject, he asked, “did your ex- tell you he was Bi?”
“Sure, and I am too, so I figured no big thing, ” she explained
heading for the kitchen still talking as she went and retrieved
whatever it was that she was looking for in the refrigerator.
“We used to fuck each other’s lovers.” She stopped and looked
back his way. “I’ve watched my ex- and his lover fuck a number
of times.” She returned with more wine and something else.
“I remember the first time, ” she continued dropping six
glycerin suppositories onto the coffee table. “I’d never
watched two guys actually fuck each other before, I couldn’t
take my eyes off them.” She left for the bathroom and returned
with the tube of lubricant and a very small bulb-style enema
syringe. “I loved watching him take his lover’s cock up
his ass, just did something for me.” She poured a glass of
wine and continued. “I read a line somewhere in the Maque
de Sade once, I don’t remember which book, a female character
says that if she were a man she would only fuck assholes.”
Then, remembering the story he was telling, she asked “Did
you hit on him or did he on you?”
“I guess I choose him. I had been in the Jacuzzi, and got out.
I had a small white towel around my waist and decided to go
upstairs to the playrooms and see what they were like. He
was standing in a pair of white shorts, and I could see his
cock through them. He had a nice face, a hairless body, and
a small ass, and I figured if I was going to pick someone up,
I might as well shoot the moon as it were. I had watched several
others, one Black, another guy with dark hair and a huge
cock hit on him but he ignored them both. I casually walked
around, poked my head in the orgy room where someone flicked
a lighter over their stiff cock.”
“How did you attract his attention?” She was sitting close
to him now, stroking his cock again as he spoke.
“I was walking slowly toward him and we made eye contact,
I removed my towel and walked toward him naked, holding
the towel in my left hand. He smiled as I approached and so
I walked up and kissed him. I could feel his cock jump the
minute my lips touched his and our bodies pressed together.
I reached into his shorts taking hold of his cock and told
him I wanted to fuck him.”
“What did he say?”
“Nothing, he just kissed me and grabbed my cock.”
“Damn!” Shelly exclaimed, sticking another joint into
her mouth and lighting it; “it’s so easy with the same sex
sometimes.” She took a long hit, held it, exhaled it and
took another before passing it, continuing to stroke his
cock as they talked.
“So did you fuck him in the orgy room, through a glory hole,
“The friend I had gone to the bathhouse with had rented one
of the little fuck rooms, he let us do it in there while he
watched and jerked off. He’s really into that voyeur thing.”
“What kind of a show did you give him, ” she was really getting
into it. “Did you make it an interesting fuck, mix it up?”
Taking the joint back she added, “tell me about it, step-by-step
what you each did.”
“We waited for my friend to get settled in. The kid was leaning
against the wall, I walked up and just started kissing him,
then I knelt down and slowly pulled his shorts to mid-thigh
before licking his cock and then just plain sucking it.”
His cock grew stiff as he related the story, and when he told
of licking the young boy’s cock she began licking his.
“Don’t stop on my account, ” she admonished, “keep talking.”

“When I had him nice and stiff, I moved to the bed and he followed.”
Her sucking was becoming a distraction to his story telling.
“He started by sucking me like you are, then he worked his
way to my balls, eventually reaching my ass which he tongued
with great gusto.” As he spoke, Shelly imitated the story
by doing the same thing he was describing. She stopped looking
up from between his arched legs.
“Bend over the bed on your knees, ” she instructed.
He did so and immediately felt her tongue working its way
around the outer ring of and then into his anus. Removing
the foil from a chocolate kiss, she placed the tip at his
asshole and then pushed it inside the opening with her finger,
all the time gently stoking his stiff cock. The flat round
bottom of the kiss was visible just inside his ass.
“What’s are you doing?” He finally had to ask.
“Watching a chocolate kiss dissolve in your fuck hole, ”
she replied laughing. “Chocolate melts at body temperature,
and even faster when the body is as hot as yours.”
He could feel the small mass softening and then her tongue
returning to harvest the sweet liquid now dripping out
of his ass. She worked her tongue deep into him, then encircling
his anus with her lips sucked out the last of the chocolate.
His cock was throbbing, the feel of her tongue invading
his asshole adding fresh fuel to both his excitement and
“Don’t move she admonished him” as she stood going toward
her nightstand next to the bed. She returned with a harness
that she strapped around her waist, fitting into the front
of it a six-inch silicon dildo, securing the back strap
so that the base of the dildo nestled against her in the right
“What position did he fuck you in, face down, on your hands
and knees, which way?”
“I was on my back, legs in air” he answered, amazed at both
her actions and his response.
“Did he cum in your ass when he fucked you?”
“No, but I.”
“Turn over and raise your legs, ” she instructed.
Doing as he was told, he lay flat on his back, legs pulled
back and up as Shelly begin removing the foil from three
suppositories, inserting each one at a time into his ass.
Then she placed the tip of her finger just inside the opening
and began to suck him again while the trio of glycerin torpedoes
She was wet, the nub on the base of the silicon cock touching
lightly against her clit, waiting to bring her lust to full
force when pushed against with more pressure, the bouncing
while she sucked him merely a teasing prelude. Withdrawing
her finger from his asshole, she lubed the dildo and positioned
the head of it against his ass, watching as it pulsed in anticipation
of her pending intrusion.
“Go easy with my ass, please?” He asked. Then holding him
by the legs, she pushed gently.
“Just so you go easy when it’s your turn in mine, ” she replied
guiding the toy.
“Oh…oh baby, yes, slow, easy, ” his words but a whisper
between his teeth. His hole opened to receive the head of
the dildo and he writhed around its slowly advancing length.

“Oh yes, fuck my ass! Yes! Deeper, fuck me with your cock.”
On her knees, his ass elevated, Shelly begin to fuck him
rhythmically while stroking his cock with the lubricant
left from the coating she had applied to the toy now working
in his manhole.
The nub on the base of the dildo was hitting Shelly’s clit
at just the right spot and she began to feel that sweet electricity
of excitement that comes as the prophet of a greater orgasmic
portent. A significant degree of Shelly’s sexual thrill
was seeing that beautiful undulating asshole wrapped
around her strap-on.
“You like my cock in your ass don’t you?”
“Oh! Yes! Fuck me! I love your cock in my ass.”
“Yes, you’re just a little fuck boy at heart aren’t you?”
Her movement was propelling the nub against her clit in
that place she could not withstand for long. The other end
of that same toy massaging his asshole and deep beyond into
a tormented pleasure she knew would soon trigger an explosion
of hot white fluid from the cock in her hand. Each stroke
into his ass sending a corresponding pulse back to her own
throbbing clit through the shaft of silicon that slid in
and out of him at her command. The image of his ass taking
her thrusting toy, his stiff cock fucking her hand, his
words, and at that she was awash with the first wave of an
orgasm, then the second, the third, her thrusting and stroking
now broken and uneven from the spasms coursing through
her body. Losing her ability to stoke him for a moment, she
recovered just as his cock went ridged and a hot stream of
semen splashed up the middle of his chest. She followed
the line of cum with her tongue, licking it off his skin,
then slowly withdrawing the dildo from his ass she undid
the strap-on letting it drop to the floor.
They lay together in the darkening apartment before Shelly
stirred. It took him a little longer than her to recover
as Shelly moved about the semi-dark apartment, but he could
not tell what she was doing. Then a light from the other side
of the room softly illuminated the scene as she returned
to him on the bed, crawling and licking her way along his
“Well, was that ass fucking as good as the one that Twinkie
gave you?”
“You bet, ” he lied. The Twinkie’s young cock had actually
felt better, but knowing she could never match the real
thing he sought to spare her feelings.
“I know it’s not the same as a real cock, ” her voice tainted
with disappointment.
“I think that is made up for by the fact that I have never been
fucked in the ass by a woman before, and you sucked my ass
and cock much better than he ever did.” Shelly smiled and
kissed him long and deep.
“I must tell you, I have never sucked chocolate from anyone’s
asshole before, the idea just came to me and I loved it!”
“My asshole thought it was pretty good too.”
“Good, then you won’t mind giving me a wine enema.”
“More liquid in your ass?”
“It’s a quicker buzz than drinking, believe me.”
On the coffee table Shelly had placed a open bottle of Chardonnay,
a small brandy-snifter and a very large one too. Leaning
against the bed and lighting a cigarette, he watched as
she poured the smaller of the two brandy glasses half-full
of wine, then going to the kitchen she return with a drinking
glass full of hot tap water. Pouring small amounts of the
hot water into the wine, she checked the temperature with
her finger touching the liquid to the inside of her arm like
a mother testing milk for a baby.
“There, just the right temperature, ” she remarked. Squeezing
the air from the small syringe, she filled it from the glass.
Turning and handing it to him, she bent down on her hands
and knees, ass in the air toward him with her head on the carpet.
“May I have some wine please?”
Taking a small drop of lube, he coated the nozzle and squeezing
the air out inserted it into her anus slowly squeezed the
bulb until it was flat in is hand. Then he withdrew the syringe,
and let the bulb fill with air before setting it on the table.
“Thank you, that was very nice.”
“How long do you leave it in there?”
“About five to ten minutes for each syringe full.”
“How many do you usually do.”
“That depends on how drunk I’m looking to get before I take
your cock up my ass. For tonight, two should do the trick.”
Picking up the last joint he lit it and passed it to her. She
lifted her head enough to hit the joint and returned it to
him while lowering her head back down.
“Rose would be in heaven right now.”
“The bitch who cleans your bathroom Rose?”
“Yes, her.”
“And why would Rose like this, is she into wine enemas?”
“There go with those questions again.”
“Hey, you started it?”
“I know, I was just teasing, don’t be a prick.” Turning she
picked up the larger brandy snifter and kissed him. “Hold
this for me, please?”
Shelly stayed on her knees leaning on the coffee table and
spreading her legs enough that he could hold the vessel
up beneath her.
“Here it is, ” and her colon returned the yellowish mix
of wine and water. “Thank you, and yes, I’d love another
one, ” she remarked bending forward to the carpet again.
Leaning forward he gently tongued the moisture from around
her anus, tasting the deluded wine, then driving his tongue
into her ass to taste the last of what remained there.
“Oh, baby, I love the way you suck my asshole, ” Shelly crooned,
pushing her ass against his face. “I hope you fuck my ass
with the same talent you have for tonguing it.”
He reloaded the syringe, depositing its contents into
her ass. Then sitting back he smoked a cigarette and traced
the outlines of her labia with his finger, rubbing her clit
and her cunt hole lightly, watching her grow wet as he did.
“Okay, that’s enough, ” she said finally leaning up and
over the coffee table, her movements and speech markedly
“Just a second, ” he said standing, “I have to pee” starting
for the bathroom, but her hand caught his thigh.
“Wait, ” she blurted and turning held the large brandy
snifter with the remnants her first wine enema sloshing
in the bottom. Holding his cock with her other hand looked
up at him from her knees, “Pee for me.” When he had finished
she sucked the last few drops from his cock and carried the
now full snifter to the bathroom were he could hear pouring,
a flush, and washing. Handing him the clean brandy snifter
upon her return, she positioned herself on the coffee table.
Arching her back, Shelly started peeing, then expelled
part of the second syringe of wine, then both with her almost
clear urine still flowing after her quivering asshole
had passed its last few drops of Chardonnay. Again he tasted
her ass and her cunt below before she took the snifter to
the bathroom and returned, her walking obviously effected.
Turning her tiny ass to his face, she bent her small frame
“Would be so kind as to insert those please?” She motioned
to the three suppositories on the table.
He unwrapped the first one, held the bottom by its foil wrapper
and carefully inserted it into her waiting anus, his finger
slowly pushing until he could see the end of it just inside
her asshole. He used the second to push it onward and likewise
the third. Then with his finger moved the last one until
it was just out of sight.
Shelly stood erect again and finished the wine and water
left in the small brandy snifter before turning around
and dropping to the floor on all fours–once there she commenced
sucking his cock. After some time this way, he turned her
around positioned her crotch over his face. As he worked
her clit with his tongue, he noticed the glycerin had formed
a slick coating at the opening of her asshole. He watched
her quivering hole as she rode out two minor orgasms before
withdrawing his pole from her mouth, whence she coated
it with lubricant. Without saying a word, she lay down on
her stomach on the bed, legs spread slightly apart, and
reaching back with both hands parted the cheeks of her ass
exposing the moist, pulsating target.
Moving in behind her, he reached to finger her, but she protested,
“No, use just your cock.”
The image of her holding her small, beautiful butt open
to him fired his lusts even more, that and feeling the head
of his cock touching her slick anus. He felt the head center
against the hole and he pushed. Her sphincter resisted,
and he pushed harder. She gasped a little, moaned softly,
and pushed back. Her sphincter opened, and being filled
with the glycerin melted from its cylindrical form by her
body heat, the head of his cock passed quickly through her
opening with almost no friction.
“Don’t move, ” she moaned.
He stopped at her request, hovering over her, the head of
his cock now encased just inside the sphincter that she
was moving and adjusting around his stationary cock. He
could feel her relaxing, accepting its thickness and growing
even more aroused. She positioned his hand palm up between
her legs, and then settled her crotch into it, his cock following
still held just inside the opening of her asshole.
“Try to keep the pressure constant on my clit” she advised
him, “and I’ll supply the motion to start.” She had already
placed her hand over his and was working her ass slowly against
his cock as she spoke. She removed her hand from his and he
continued the rhythm she had established. Slowly, they
lowered themselves down onto the bed, and using the mattress
as a brace for his arm beneath her he lifted her upward onto
his cock, now over halfway into her ass and moving deeper
with each stoke.
Starting with soft moans and escalating rapidly, the delicious
sensations emanating outward from the slick shaft sliding
rhythmically in and out of her ass soon found voice. “Deeper…deeper”
she started, repeating herself in time with the stokes
“deeper” and then substituting “harder” in place of “deeper”
every other time. It did not take long before her breathing
grew so intense that her words got lost and then found again,
always audible when his cock reached the furthest point
inside her. He could now feel his balls slapping against
her, hitting the finger that massaged her clit. Her auditory
exclamations took on a new urgency as his glistening rod
retreated until she thought he would pop out, then back
until his balls touched her. “Don’t stop…don’t stop…deeper…harder…oh,
yes…work my ass…more…deeper.” She was over the top, unable
to even speak for a stroke or two. At that point it didn’t
matter for the paroxysms of her own orgasm combined with
the music of her pleadings pulled him over with her. His
ejaculation filled her cavity with a substantial amount
of semen until he collapsed on top of her trying to catch
his breath, still trying to continue the fucking of her
ass as she continued to push back into him, taking his cock
to the hilt.
“Leave it in my ass for few moments, ” she asked from beneath
“As long as you’d like, ” he replied, and watched as the
undulation of her hips subsided, then after many long minutes
and several single ass thrusts upward, she initiated his
withdrawal. His cock slowly slid free and they lay motionless,
quietly enjoying their mutual bliss.
It was six o’clock Monday morning when he awoke under a blanket
with Shelly naked against him. A shower, blowjob, and two
cups of coffee later he was on the freeway headed east, an
invitation to return Friday evening for “something different”
ringing in his ears.

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Ok story, to long with same words over and over.