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The Adventures of Erica Part 1: Bossy


Authors note: I hope you guys like my story! This is a
hardcore office lesbian story that will have several parts
as I dream them up. Apologies for the poor grammar and punctuation,
I do my own editing. I really tried to stay under 5000 words,
but it was impossible haha.


Erica's hand slapped the top of her alarm clock. Her
green eyes slowly blinked open as she squinted at the clock.
6:30 AM. She sat up for a moment before flopping backward onto her
pillows sighing loudly. It was Monday. The most vile day
in existence. The day that so rudely interrupted her weekend
and signaled the beginning of another long work week.


Looking at her clock again, she glared. Why couldn't
she stop time just for a few more hours...

"No rest for the wicked..." Erica mused aloud
as she pushed away her fluffy goose down comforter. Her
long hair swayed with her movements as she ambled out of
bed and made her way to the bathroom.


The bathroom light flickered on at Erica's touch;
illuminating her creamy voluptuous curves in the mirror.
She stood there silently admiring herself. She was confident
with her body even though she wasn't perfectly thin.
Instead of the hard angular body of an athlete, she had the
soft full curves of a greek goddess. Her full 36DD breasts
were mostly obscured by her waist long auburn hair. She
pushed her hair back behind her shoulders and smiled.

"There you are!" she playfully spoke to her
boobs. "I was wondering when you'd say goodmorning.
You do know that we have to make sure Mrs. Lopez gets the new
clients documentation by the end of Wednesday don't
you? Good. Now let's get to work."

Her face was almost angelic looking with soft eurasian
features. Hypnotic almond shaped eyes that glittered
and hinted toward a natural penchant for mischief. She
puckered her full rose colored lips, blowing herself a
kiss in the mirror and spun around to admire her perfectly
round ass.

"Get it girl!"

Erica grinned and jumped in the shower. She spoke to herself
all the time because she was always a very odd sort of person
who had a near impossible time taking anything seriously.
Having spent several years in college with no real direction
she simply dropped out and became an administrative assisstant.
After all, her father always said, "As long as you
can type, you'll be able to find a job."

And he was right. She bounced from office to office copying,
filing, typing, and answering phones to pay the bills.
It wasn't a particularly meaningful existence, but
it was her best plan of plugging along until something better
came along.

As she finished up in the shower and continued getting ready,
she wondered how in the world she managed to keep her current
job so long. She was a mediocre assistant at best and she
hadn't been scolded once. She entertained the thought
that maybe she hadn't done anything wrong yet and decided
that today would be the day to test the waters.

"I think I feel like violating the company dress code
today! What ever would Mrs. Lopez think of that?!"

She slipped into a dark grey miniskirt and white cotton
button up blouse purposefully neglecting to add any sort
of panties or bra to the ensemble. The blouse was a size too
small; her breasts straining against the fabric and slightly
parting the buttons to reveal a teasing glimpse of her skin
underneath. She grabbed her grey sweater, purse, and walked
out the door to what was soon to be the most interesting day
of her life.

Erica laughed out loud on the way to her car as she imagined
her boss. The illustrious Mrs. Carla Lopez was a partner
in a very successful marketing firm. She was a strikingly
beautiful woman who never smiled. Surprisingly tall for
a latin woman, Carla kept her long raven hair in a tight chignon
and the only makeup she wore was a deep burgundy lipstick.

Everyone in the office secretly feared her as she had a reputation
for having a horrific temper. There was an office gambling
pool going for whoever could make her crack a smile. Every
failure landed another $10 in the jar, which was now up to
a cool $4750.

"I bet I could make that bitch smile." Erica
grinned as she turned the key of the little black honda.
The car purred and 'Cherry Bomb' by The Runaways
wove its way into her ears compelling Erica to wiggle around
in time to the music as she made her way to work.

Arriving at her work within 15 minutes, Erica parked in
the underground garage and sat in her car for a couple minutes.
She stared at herself in the rearview mirror as she touched
up her makeup.

"Ok girl, you got this. You're going to win that
money and you're not going to spend it on shoes. You're
going to save it for something worthwhile!" She paused
as the images of louboutin and manolo dancing like sugarplums
within her mind.

"Oh who the hell am I kidding!? Shoes!"

Erica stepped out of her car and adjusted her clothes before
heading into the building. She often forgot about how your
clothing can wiggle into odd angles when you don't
wear undergarments.

Walking into the building with her head held high, she passed
several coworkers, most of whom were male. Her grey sweater
did very little to hide her tight skirt and her breasts bounced
uncontrollably under her shirt threatening to break free
at any moment. The sound of her four inch heels clicked and
clacked down the hall leaving chaos in their wake as files
were dropped and coffee was spilled.

Not missing a step as her coworkers struggled to recover
behind her, Erica made her way to her desk outside Mrs. Lopez's
office. She took off her sweater and draped it over the back
of her chair and sat down behind the desk, opening up a game
of solitaire on her work computer.

"Have you lost your mind!?"

Erica didn't flinch. She recognized the voice of her
workplace buddy Stuart. He was about average height for
a man with a little extra padding around the middle. He was
very handsome with hazel eyes, fair skin, and about two
days of beard growth. He got up from his desk directly beside
the Lopez's door and stood in front of Erica. She glanced
up at him before returning her gaze to her monitor.

"Oh Stuart! You need a shave, man. How long has it been
since Mrs. Lopez let you go home?"

"Couple days. We lost a lot of data because James forgot
to back it up before moving some of the files for the new client.
I'll probably be heading home tonight once we finish
playing catch up. Good thing I keep a couple changes of clothes
at the office eh?"

Erica raised an eyebrow. She couldn't imagine what
it must be like to have a job with more responsibility outside
of showing up and leaving at nine and five respectively.

"Uhh.. yeah good thing."

"Hey there miss 'I don't like to take anything
seriously' lots of people with real jobs spend the
night in the office when the shit hits the fan."


Stuart could tell that Erica was distracted and grabbed
the flatscreen monitor on her desk, spinning it around
wires and all revealing a game of solitaire in progress.

"Bitch! Can't you concentrate for 30 seconds?!"
he spun her monitor back around.

"Nope!" Erica laughed. "Don't take
it personally, I'm just more distracted than normal
today. I've got an idea."

"Uh-oh." Stuart seldom liked where Erica's
ideas led. He typically ended up trying to cover for her
and getting burned.

"Oh don't be a worrywart! I just need your help
winning that money jar."

"Yeah...about that, " Stuart began rubbing
his stubble, "Arthur was talking about just splitting
the money between everybody because we've been trying
for almost 3 years now with no luck. It's a lost cause."

"What?! Tell Arthur to fuck off, that money is as good
as mine!" Erica pouted. She had to go talk to Arthur
before he did anything rash. All she needed was one clear
shot and she was sure that she could win.

"Tell him to fuck off yourself, I've got work
to do."

"Oh no you don't, you're taking the day off
early so that I get to do your dictation with the boss lady."

Stuart rubbed his chin some more, studying Erica for a few
moments before letting out a long drawn out sigh.

"You owe me. Big."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, now skiddaddle before she has
a chance to call you in, I've gotta find Arthur."

Erica stood up gave Stuart a strained hug because she was
afraid that too many large movements would cause her shirt
to rip open. She followed him to his desk, stuffed his work
in his briefcase and shoved him in the direction of the door.

She turned around and headed toward the mail room to talk
Arthur out of splitting up the money. When she got there,
she saw he and the other two employees who helped him with
the mail sitting around a small round table drinking coffee
and playing a game of Magic: The Gathering.

Arthur glanced up from his game and his jaw nearly hit the
floor when he took in the vision of Erica's sexy curves
wrapped too tightly in her work clothes. He set down his
cards and brushed his long brown hair out of his face, adjusting
his the large dark frames of his glasses.

"Well, well, well!" Arthur crooned. He was
tall and covered in lean muscle that he hid under baggy heavy
metal t-shirts and tan colored chinos. He had very angular
features, resembling a young Jack Nicholson with dazzling
blue eyes.

"Come on man! You can't just put your hand down
while declaring blockers like that!" One of his underlings
whined "At least finish your turn before you go chasing
after some ass. Sheesh!"

"Be gone maggots, we'll finish another time."
Arthur waved his underlings away without breaking his
gaze from Erica.

"Hi Arthur." Erica purred. She was always attracted
to both Arthur and Stuart but always did her best to keep
things professional because she didn't want things
to get weird. This was the first workplace where she sort
of felt like she fit in and made friends.

"Well hello there kitten! You didn't have to
dress that way for me." Arthur teased. "All
you had to do was ask me back to your place."

Erica smiled. She entertained the thought of inviting
Arthur home with her for a moment but refocused on her prize.

"I heard you were thinking of divvying up the money
from the jar and I'm here to stop you."

"Oh? Babygirl, that wager is an impossibility I'm
afraid. Don't you think that after almost three and
a half years that somebody would have found a way to make
that bitch smile?"

"Pleeease Arthur? I already made Stuart go home because
I think I can do it. I'm the only person who hasn't
had a go. Let me take a swing and watch me knock that shit right
out of the park."

"Oh my god, you're serious aren't you? Jesus
girl, you're crazy!" Arthur took a several gulps,
finishing his coffee and set it down. He had never seen Erica
like this and admitedly he liked it. He had a soft spot for
those pale green eyes that glittered.

"Don't you like when I wear my sexy heels around
the office? They don't buy themselves you know."
her gaze pierced his. There were many things that Erica
refused to be serious about. When it came to her shoes however,
she didn't fuck around. Or she did, but she ended up
with a sexy pair of shoes one way or the other.

"How did I know this would be about shoes? Fine then.
You only have today though, tomorrow I'm going to split
the jar after you contribute your $10."

"Oh ye who have little faith."

Erica turned slowly, taking her time leaving the mail room
so Arthur could get a good look at her curves as she walked
away. She moved with purpose back through the office and
returned to her desk to mentally prepare herself.

Her breathing picked up a bit as it dawned on her that she
didn't really have a plan beyond getting into Mrs.
Lopez's office. She had to think quickly though because
it was almost 9:30 and that's when Stuart was always
called in to take notes for their boss.

Stuart's desk phone rang. And rang.

Mrs. Lopez's office door swung open suddenly and she
stood in the opening fuming at Stuart's empty desk.
She was dressed in high heels and a black pinstripe dress
suit that had been tailored to fit her perfectly. Even the
pinstripes on her jacket were aligned to the ones on her
pencil skirt making her look almost like a latina mobster
complete with her tight bun and killer burgundy lipstick.
Her legs were clad in black silk stockings and Erica was
betting that they were strapped to garters under there.

Her eyes narrowed and she turned to Erica's desk. She
paused for a moment as she regarded Erica sitting at her
desk smiling coyly with her shoulders back, stretching
the buttons on her shirt nearly to their limit. Her right
eye twitched slightly before she straightened her jacket
and composed herself.

"Where the hell is Stuart?" She threw the question
at Erica seemingly biting her with every word. "I
never gave him permission to leave."

"Stuart had to bounce, Mrs. Lopez. If you need anything
though, I'm sure that I can be of help! Filing, dictation,

"Get in my office then and stop wasting my time. I've
got an 11:30 lunch meeting with the founders of Juki Pop."

Erica grabbed her writing pad and reached for a pen that
she knew was nearly out of ink before casually strolling
into the office of Mrs. Carla Lopez. Admitedly, she didn't
have much of a plan when she showed up at work today, but judging
by the way her boss stared at her braless tits through her
shirt she felt like she had a pretty good idea of how to make
her smile and win the money jar.

As Mrs. Lopez shut a locked the door behind her, Erica realized
that she almost forgot that her boss would typically do
this for her dictation as she hated being interrupted while
she was talking. The only windows in the office were behind
the desk and they had an amazing view of the rooftops of half
the city. She imagined that the people must like ants from
up here.

Erica was quite surprised at the size of the office. It didn't
look very large from the other side of the door but once she
stepped inside, she saw that there was room enough for a
large desk, mini-bar, and a small sofa set. She had entertained
many clients for the firm there so it was common practice
to have alchohol and a sitting area within the office. She
stared in astonishment at the luxurious wooden furnishings,
strange artifacts from foreign countries, and a dark green
plush carpet which felt amazing under her feet. The walls
were also dark green and littered with various degrees
and a lot of artwork featuring orchids.

She sank into the leather chair oposite her boss at a large
mahogany desk that was covered with neat piles of papers
and random office accoutrement. As she flipped open her
writing pad she noticed Mrs. Lopez staring at her shirt

Erica touched her pen to the paper and cleared her throat.
Refocusing, her boss blinked and grabbed a client file
from the drawer of her desk. She rose and began flipping
through the file while pacing the room.

"To- Charles Hendelson, CEO Violet Biggle Sneakers."
Mrs. Lopez began and Erica scribbled the words on her pad.

"Greetings Mr. Henderson, I am Carla Lopez and I wanted
to ask if you knew how much money you were losing by not having
a website for your business?" She continued and Erica
scribbled more until she got about halfway through the
sentence. The pen ran out of ink.

"Uhhh.. Mrs. Lopez?"

Carla stopped pacing as if she had been struck and turned
sharply toward Erica.

"How dare you interrupt my dictation! I've fired
people for less! What in the world could be so important
that you can interrupt me? ME! Carla Lopez!"

Erica flinched. She didn't anticipate the boss would
go nuclear so quickly. Her mind started back pedaling faster
than it had ever done before. She needed to rethink her plan
before she found herself evicerated, fired, and without
that damn money jar.

It didn't make sense. She thought that she was usually
really good at judging whether somebody wanted to have
sex with her or not. She could have sworn that she saw a look
of hunger in Mrs. Lopez's eyes. Perhaps it was a different
sort of hunger because Erica felt very much like a small
fish and her boss a shark.

"I- I'm sorry, I thought--" Erica stammered.

"Well, that's the problem! I don't fucking
pay you to think. I pay you to do as you're told."

Carla balled her hands on her hips and stood authoritatively
over a cowering Erica. There was a cold silence for a solid
minute as Erica desperately tried to find words. For the
first time in her life, she was speechless.

"I also pay you to be professional. You lack the simple
foresight to bring a working writing utensil to do dictation!
And how is anyone going to take you seriously when you're
dressed like an escort?"

Erica lowered her eyes. The sting of shame pierced her heart
and she sucked in a deep breath to swallow a knot that was
forming in her throat.

"Take off your clothes."

Erica felt her eyes go wide as saucers. She looked up at her
boss and saw that she still looked very angry, but she was
dead serious. Completely caught off guard, she had no idea
whether she should comply or if it was some sort of trick
to get her fired for being indecent. She looked around nervously
and licked her lips.

"I..I don't think-"

"Again, you aren't paid to think." Carla
leaned over and ripped Erica's blouse open violently,
sending buttons richocheting off the various objects
in the room like a storm of bullets.

"Take them off. Now."

Erica blinked hard a couple times as she stood up in front
of Carla. Her hands moved seemingly of their own volition
as she slid her torn shirt down over her shoulders, letting
it fall to the floor. Her full breats swung free and she blushed
under the stern eye of her Boss. She was so embarrassed but
she didn't feel like there was any turning back so she
continued disrobing as she wiggled out of the grey miniskirt
and gently pushed it aside with her foot.

She had begun to remove her stillettos when Carla stopped

"Leave those on and put your hands on my desk."



Erica complied with her boss's orders and gingerly
set her palms on the cold mahogany. She was a bundle of fear
and confusion. There was another sensation within her
that she was all too familiar with but didn't want to
confess to herself.... she was beginning to feel aroused.
She could feel a warm tingling beginning at the apex of her
thighs as her mind raced trying to recover and get control
of the situation.

"You think you're clever, don't you?"
Carla mused as she approached Erica. "Do you think
you can walk into this office dressed like a whore?

"I- No. I don't know!" Erica kept her hands
flat on the desk to avoid enraging her boss again.

"You don't know? Well I'll tell you what.
If you're going to walk into my office dressed like
a whore, then I'm going to treat you like one!"

"Please!" Erica pleaded with her boss but Carla's
hand came down sharply across her bare ass.


She winced as she felt a burning hand print beginning to
form on her cheeks.

"Oh no, you're beyond the point of being allowed
to beg. Begging is a privelege!" Her hand came down
again, slightly harder this time causing Erica to whimper.


The smacking sound resounded off the walls echoing so hard
that Erica thought she had been struck three times.

"That's better." Carla smiled as she admired
Erica's glowing red ass cheeks. "That was for
not being prepared for dictation. There is something that
you need to understand, Erica. You will want to beg many
times before I am done with you, but you do not get to beg until
I say you can. Do you understand?"

Erica nodded and kept her hands on the desk. Her cheeks burned
so much just from the couple of smacks that Carla gave her
but for some reason the sensation was exciting her. The
warm tingling that was at the apex of her thighs had evolved
into warm, wet, and almost throbbing in time with her heart
beat. She decided that she didn't want control of the
situation anymore, she was going to do as she was told and
see if she gets to keep her job.


Carla walked away from Erica and began undressing in front
of the small sofa in the sitting area. She carefully folded
and laid her jacket, then her shirt on the back of the sofa.
As she unzipped her skirt, she walked to the mini-bar. She
poured herself a glass of whiskey and let her skirt fall
to the floor revealing that she had in fact been wearing
a black lace garter belt with a matching pair of thong panties
as Erica surmised earlier. Her bra was also made of black
lace with her large breasts spilling over the tops so much
that you could see her nipples starting to peek over the
edge of the french demi-cup.

She picked up her skirt and returned to the sofa to lay it
with the rest of her clothes. She took a long drink from her
whiskey as she watched Erica. She took another long drink
from her glass and set it on a table to the left of the sofa.

Erica could feel Carla staring at her. The butterflies
in her stomach flapped and hummed furiously as she waited,
still with her palms on the desk. She was so confused and
turned on that her legs began to tremble a bit.

"Oh, are your legs getting tired? Why don't I
give you a break from standing?"

"Thank you, Mrs. Lopez."

Erica sighed with relief and removed her hands from the
desk, sighing as she stretched her back. Her ass cheeks
were still burning from her spanking. She shifted her weight
from one foot to the other trying to find a comfortable way
to stand since sitting down would probably hurt too much.

Carla gazed hungrily at Erica, admiring her curvaceous
figure and full breasts. It made Erica feel almost like
a piece of meat when it was thrown into a hot frying pan. She
stared back at her boss, letting her eyes roam over the large
breasts lingering on her hard toned body. It was clear that
Mrs. Lopez spent a lot of time at the gym and while she wasn't
overly muscled, she was lean with good definition in all
the right places.

"Get down on all fours and crawl to me."

Erica hesitated for a moment before lowering herself to
the ground and crawling on her hands and knees to Carla.
She knew that this was considered wrong and degrading in
so many ways, but couldn't deny that she was beginning
to really enjoy it. It couldn't possibly be degrading
if she didn't *feel* degraded, right? She dismissed
that stream of thought and continued to her boss on all fours
and waited at Carla's feet, looking up at her.

"Take off my thong."

Erica reached up with her hands but they were slapped away
by Carla. She blinked, looking confused again as Carla
put her fists on her hips.

"With your teeth."

Doing her best to hide her shiver of delight, Erica grabbed
the corner of the thong with her teeth and began tugging
until it slid almost effortlessly down Carla's legs
and she stepped out of them. Carla sat on the sofa and spread
her legs wide, motioning for Erica to come hither.

"Come suck on my clit, whore. Show me what a filthy
little slut you are."

Erica positioned herself on her knees in front of Carla's
shaved pussy. It was bare and smooth with a glint of moisture
starting to shine in the light coming through the office
window. She put her face near her boss's pussy and breathed
deep, savoring her scent. It was a little perfumey from
the body wash she used in the shower but there was a hidden
musk that nearly drove Erica wild.

Slowly she began to lick Carla's clit, teasing it and
swirling her tongue around it. She felt her boss shiver
and take in a sharp breath. Then she locked her lips around
it, and began to swirl her tongue harder as she sucked, feeling
it getting stiff like a little pearl in her mouth.

"Yesssss..." Carla moaned as she felt Erica's
mouth pulsating on her clit. "Now fuck my pussy with
your tongue."

Without hesitation, Erica tilted her face down farther
and plunged her tongue as far as it would go into her boss's
slit. It was so wet and slippery inside as she licked the
inside of Carla's pussy. She tasted sweet and tart
at the same time, the combination was so intoxicating that
Erica found herself burying her face into the pussy, pushing
her tongue in and out of the dripping crevice as fast as she

At this point Carla was beginning to lose her composure.
She was beginning to glisten on her face and her breasts
were rising and falling rapidly with every breath as Erica
greedily ate her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm..." Erica moaned as she licked her

"You like the way I taste, don't you whore? I like
the way I taste too. Let me suck on that tongue so we can taste
me together."

Erica took a few extra licks before sitting on the sofa next
to her boss. She was so unbelievably turned on that there
was a tiny wet spot on the floor where she had been sitting

Carla paid no notice to the wet spot as she was focused on
Erica's breasts. She squeezed and massaged them,
playfully pulling on her nipples until Erica would gasp
pleasurfully with excitement. Her boss took one hand from
her tits and gently caressed her face. She laced her fingers
through her hair and leaned forward, kissing her softly
at first, then harder and more ravenous. Their tongues
twirled and rubbed as they tasted one another passionately
while fondling eachother's breasts.

Erica loved playing with her boss's tits. They were
large but seemed so firm at the same time. She dug her fingertips
into them and broke their kiss so she could suck on Carla's
large puffy nipples. They were darker than hers and seemed
so inviting as she nibbled on them before putting as much
into her mouth as she could fit.

Carla moaned even louder and reached down betwen Erica's
legs, rubbing her soaking wet pussy. Her boss looked surprised
as she stared at her hand that had been glossed over with
Erica's wetness.

"Well, well, well." Carla said. "Looks
like you enjoy being a whore. Spread your legs, I wanna taste
your naughty little whore-hole."

She pushed Erica back against the arm of the sofa. Erica
shyly spread her legs and presented herself to her Boss.

"Well if that isn't the most perfectly bald pussy
I've ever seen, I'm the fucking Queen of England."
Carla said as she dipped her first two fingers into Erica's

Erica whimpered. She was so horny that she was almost aching
between her legs, making her feel as if she could explode
into a million orgasmic pieces at any moment. She wanted
to beg her boss to keep fingering her until she came but she
remembered that she had been denied the 'privelege'.

"My goodness, you're awfully wet." Carla
withdrew her fingers and licked them. "Mmmmm, you've
got a nice tasting little pussy. I think I'll save it
for dessert. Now lay on the floor."

She stood and waited with her arms crossed over her chest,
tapping her foot impatiently at Erica as she slid off the
sofa and laid down on the plush carpet. Carla stood over
her face and parted her labia slightly with her fingers
so Erica could see her pussy clearly.

"Is this what you want?" Carla demanded.

"Yes!" Erica replied eagerly. Her mind careened
with desire, causing her to forget all about the wager,
the money jar, and even shoes. All she wanted to do was bury
her face between her boss's legs and be drunk on her

"Do you want it or do you need it?"

"I need it Mrs. Lopez!"

"Then you shall receive it in abundance."

Carla straddled Erica's face. She spread herself
wide, giving Erica's hungry mouth full access to her
pussy. She moaned and bucked as the young woman beneath
her drove her tongue all the way inside her.

"Oh god, yes. Lick me deep you whore. Keep that up and
I'm likely to cum all over that pretty little face of
yours." She continued to moan and hump Erica's
face until her body started to become rigid as she neared
her climax.

Carla's large tits bounced as she pressed hard against
Erica's face, riding her tongue hard. She began to
shake all over, moaning and gyrating on her employee's
tongue as her pussy gripped it over and over.

Erica could feel her boss cumming as she kept twisting her
tongue around inside Carla. She could barely breathe as
she felt Carla's juices flowing from inside her pussy,
squirting into her mouth as she swallowed every delicious
drop. She started seeing spots from the lack of oxygen as
her boss continued to buck on her tongue until her body spasms

Carla leaned back, allowing Erica to catch her breath.

"Mmmmm, you're a good face fuck. In fact, that
was so good that I'm in a rare mood to return the favor."

Erica just laid there, still catching her breath from nearly
passing out a couple minutes before. What her boss said
was a surreal blur as she felt her legs open. She shivered
as her boss blew gently on her wet pussy. It was so cold..
and then there was an overwhelming warm and wet sensation
enveloping her clit.

She had just finished catching her breath only to almost
lose it again as she succumbed to the waves of pleasure being
delivered by her boss's tongue.

"Yess, Mrs. Lopez, yessssssss.." Erica moaned
aloud and spread herself even wider for her boss's
exploring lips. She was so completely wet as Carla's
teeth gently grazed her clit causing her back to arch.

Erica could feel a massive orgasm beginning to creep up
on her when Carla suddely stopped altogether and looked
into her sparkling green eyes. Revelling in the questioning
gaze that she was getting from Erica.

"You think I'm going to let you cum that easily?"

Carla reached behind her head and plucked the pin from her
chignon allowing her long black hair to tumble down around
her shoulders. Erica admired her thick shiny locks before
focusing on the pin. It had a single pointed feather on it.
She hoped that her boss was going to use the feathered end
rather than the pointed one.

Her boss gave her pussy a nice big lick, watching Erica's
back arch again. She began teasing her clit with the tip
of the feather.

Erica writhed and moaned as Carla teased her. The pleasure
was almost unbearable. It felt so good, but wasn't
quite enough to push her over the edge into climax. She never
knew that torture could be so sweet as her body spasmed almost
involuntarily from being brought to the edge over and over
again for several minutes.

"I've been wrong before, but I believe you've
earned the privelege to beg. Do you think that you're
ready to cum?" Carla continued teasing with the feather.

"Yes! Yes please, Mrs. Lopez!! Please let me cum!"
Erica begged, tossing her head from side to side.

"Oh come on, that was hardly convincing. Let me hear
you really beg."

"Please, Mrs. Lopez! Make me cum! I need you to make
me cum right now! My pussy is so wet and I can't take the
teasing anymore! Please, please make me cum Mrs. Lopez!"

"That's better." Carla tossed the pin
aside and thrust three of her fingers into Erica's
pussy. Her fingers slid in and out of Erica so easily as she
licked and sucked on her slit. She began to finger her more
furiously, feasting on her as Erica thrashed and bucked
hard against her.

Erica surrendered to her boss's skilled fingers and
tongue. She moaned so loud that she was nearly yelling,
her voice echoing in the large office. She put her hands
on her own breasts and kneaded them while Carla completely
shattered her orgasmic boundries, making her cum several

Carla withdrew her fingers and continued to lick until
Erica was too exhausted to move. She stood up and went to
the little sink in the wet bar area and rinsed her face. She
casually gathered up her clothes and put herself back together.

She was reaching for her hairpin on the floor when Erica
came down from cloud nine.

"Get dressed and get out. I'm going to be late
for that 11:30." Carla said coldly.

Erica looked puzzled as she wobbled to her feet and wandered
over to the desk to get her clothes. She pulled on her skirt
and picked up her ripped shirt, glancing around the room
at her scattered buttons.

Before she could utter a word, her boss opened the bottom
drawer of the desk, pulled out a blouse and handed it to Erica.

"Thank you. Mrs Lopez, do I still have a job?"
She hated to ask but she felt like signals were very mixed.

"Don't be dramatic, Erica. Just go back to your

Feeling a sudden surge of relief to not have to search for
a new job elsewhere, Erica quickly put on the shirt that
was given to her, fixed her hair, and stepped out of Mrs.
Lopez's office. She may not have made her smile, but
she still had a job. She saw her vision of louboutin shoes
sprout wings and fly away.

She distractedly walked to her desk when she noticed the
small crowd that gathered a few feet away. It was half the
office, staring at her.

Erica realized that they must have all heard her and Carla
having sex. She turned bright red. In the middle of the group
was Arthur with a knowing grin and a spark of lust in his handsome
gaze. She waved shyly at him. He nodded and began to approach
her desk. She assumed that since it was Arthur, that he wouldn't
rest until he got all the details.

Just then, the door the Mrs. Lopez's office swung open
again. She stepped out with Erica's pen and paper.

"I don't know how you expect to get any work done
when you're leaving half of your work supplies laying
around. The next time I find your things laying around,
you're fired. Take the rest of the day off to think about
what you've done. I don't want to see your face
again until tomorrow." Carla smiled at the end of
that last sentence as if there were a double meaning that
only she knew about.

"Yes Mrs. Lopez." Erica grabbed her purse and
slipped back into the sweater she left hanging on the back
of her chair earlier. She looked at Arthur, whose jaw was
on the ground as he watched their boss go back into the office,
slamming the door behind her.

Erica strode over to Arthur and put her fingertip under
his chin, closing his shocked mouth. She gave him a small
kiss on the cheek and smiled sweetly.

"Where's that money jar?"

"Whoa. You still smell like her! You HAVE to tell my
what happened. I think half the building heard you in there!"

She could see Arthur's mind flying at a million miles
a minute. She smiled at him again.

"The money jar, Arthur. You saw her smile with your
own eyes. Hand it over."

"Oh come on! Are you serious? You're going to
lock yourselves in there and have possibly the HOTTEST
lesbian sex that I could ever imagine and you're not
going to tell me one word about how it went down!?"

"I don't kiss and tell. The jar, Arthur."

"Oh, fine. You're going to have to tell me about
it sometime though. Follow me." Arthur headed toward
the mail room where he unlocked a file cabinet and pulled
out a large clear jar that was completely stuffed with money.

"Thanks!" Erica grabbed the jar and put it in
her purse before heading toward the building exit. She
was going to go deposit the money in the bank since she had
the rest of the day. And then, she would have a date with the
boutique owner who sold designer shoes.

Visions of luxury heels coalesced with the events of that
morning in her head as she made her way through the parking
garage to her car. She tossed her purse in the passenger
seat, fired up her little honda, and headed to the bank.

Erica wondered if she would have another encounter with
her boss in the future as she drove to the bank. She felt like
she was about to really like working there...

To be continued...

Stay tuned for the next episode-

The Adventures of Erica Part 2: Debt

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