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The ‘Hunger’ Games


Mandy stared up at the banner spanning the doorway.
Welcome to this summer’s ‘Hunger’ Games.
BFF was looking too. “Why the quotes around the word hunger
when neither the book nor the movie had them?”

Pam giggled. “Because these games cater to a special
kind of hunger.” She winked.

Mandy inhaled. No doubt ‘special kind’ meant sexual.
Although not a surprise, Pam’s remark nonetheless evoked
butterflies. Unlike Mandy, Pam had ‘experience.’
If rumors were true, far more so than most other 19-year
olds, some of it gained right here at last year’s games.

Pam had invited Mandy to attend one day while chatting at
their sorority house. “Don’t people kill one another
at the Hunger Games?”

Mandy’s question prompted a laugh. “Well, some might
think the games are to die for, but no—no one gets murdered.
The guys hunt the girls and…” she wrinkled her nose,
“…if they suck at it, we help them catch us.”

“And then what?”

Pam licked her lips. “That depends on how many points
you plan to score.” Seeing Mandy’s blank expression,
she explained. “You get five points for every guy you
shag. He gets five too.”

Mandy’s eyes went wide. “You go to these games to have
sex? You’ve got to be kidding!” She shook her head.
“No way am I going!”

That evoked another titter. “Get to, silly—not
have to.” She took hold of Mandy’s hand. “No
one is forced to have sex. Most just go to watch the others
on TV—you know—like happened in the movie.”

Mandy’s jaw dropped open. “People let other people
WATCH them?”

Pam wrinkled her nose. “Only those daring enough—and
those who don’t realize hidden cameras are rolling.
Since watching others have sex is why most people attend,
bonus points are awarded for live casts to encourage participation.”

Mandy shook her head. “Why would anyone do that on purpose?”

“The King and Queen—the two who earn the most points—each
receive a hundred dollars prize. Plus…, ” she flared
her eyes, “anyone filmed gets a DVD of it once camp ends.”

Mandy’s mouth had yet to close. “Did you...?”

“Which, have sex, or do it on TV?”

“Either! Both!”

“I hooked up with two guys, ” she said, obviously relishing
Mandy’s shock. “Fortunately, ” she shrugged,
“or unfortunately, neither time was caught on camera.”
Mandy’s mouth opened even wider. “When I first arrived
I never imagined I’d do anything but watch television,
but knowing I had to score at least one point in order to be
invited back this year, I finally let this really hunky
guy talk me into it. Knowing there was a chance we were being
watched was such a turn-on that I did it again the following

Mandy struggled to comprehend. This was unimaginable.
“Are going to ‘perform’ for the cameras this year?”

Pam shrugged. “Without bonus points you’d have to
sleep with a ton of guys to win the hundred bucks.”

Gawd, she’s planning to have sex—on television
no less!

Once Mandy got over the shock of her friend’s daring exploits,
curiosity drove her to ask question after question. Apparently
chalk lines defined the ‘hunting grounds.’ Anyone
outside of those lines was off limits, anyone inside was
fair game by virtue of being there. Anyone attending the
games received a rule book and had to sign a disclosure form
acknowledging their awareness of those rules. Knowing
she’d be safe outside of the chalk, Mandy’s desire
to know more about sex finally convinced her to attend.
After all, where better to learn such things than at an orgy.

The two entered the gathering hall. Beer kegs were everywhere,
as were giant TV screens. Pam hadn’t exaggerated. Nor
had she overstated the number of hot guys in attendance.
Were she prone to misbehave, this would be the place to do

The sex games wouldn’t start until after dark; in three
one-hour shifts. She spent the afternoon watching people
play games of a far tamer variety: lawn darts; horseshoes;
bocce ball; guys playing sports. The Hunger Games were
one giant party, not all that different than some the wild
spring break parties she’d heard about. A day of drinking
and socializing was topped off with a hot dog and potato
salad buffet dinner.

At dusk everyone returned to the gathering hall for a kickoff
meeting. A buxom redhead jumped up on one of the tables and
waived her hands. “Attention everyone!” It took several
“sh-h’s” the quiet the crowd. “Welcome to the
Hunger Games!” she bellowed.

Her salutation was greeted with a huge roar.

“Most of you know the scoring rules, but I’ll recap
for the newbies: Five points for every partner, and three
bonus points if you…” she wiggled her eyebrows up and
down, “… let the rest of us watch.” A cheer broke out.
“To prevent cheating…” Laughter interrupted her.
She started over. “To prevent ‘point’ cheating,
unless you’re filmed, both parties need to report what
happened to one of the judges by noon the next day. They have
the prerogative to ask that to substantiate your claim.

“The chalk line are laid; wander into its midst at your
own risk.” More whistling. “Other ways to garner bonuses
are spelled out in your rules pamphlet, but we all know how
you get the big bonus points right? Any guys out there still
a virgin?”

Loud shouts erupted from a group of guys near the back of
the room hoisting a very embarrassed looking buddy onto
their shoulders. “Bah-bee! Bah-bee!” they chanted.
Poor Bobby looked like he’d rather be anyplace other
than here.

“There he is girls—eight walking, talking bonus points
if you’re first to shag him.” The mistress of ceremonies
looked around. “How about the ladies—any virgins
here over the age of ten?”

Mandy was stunned as face after face turned her way, clapping
and cheering. She turned around hoping to find someone
directly behind her holding up a hand. Instead she found
Pam standing on her tiptoes, pointing down at Mandy. Her
face burned—she’d never been so embarrassed. Despite
the fact that she desperately wanted to find some hole to
crawl in, the leers the guys were giving her nonetheless
triggered butterflies in her tummy. Being the object of
their lust was almost as exciting as it was mortifying.
Shaking her head, she held up her hands. “I’m just here
to watch, ” she protested, but doubted anyone heard
her over the din.

The redhead continued. “All right, a virgin on either
team.” She raised a fist. “Let the games begin!”
A roar, louder than any that preceded it erupted from the
crowd. The woman checked her watch. “As usual, the women
get a ten minutes head start.” She held up her watch, “Hurry
girls, you’ve already blown 10-seconds of wardrobe

Pam joined several others in a dash for the doorway. Ten
minutes later, twice that number of guys followed suit.
Those who remained either rushed for prime viewing in front
of TV screens or sat down to chat or play cards. Mandy chose
a spot in front of a giant screen with four split views. I
guess four screens means four cameras.
A few minutes
later, one-by-one, giggling faces appeared in front of
the various cameras, waving briefly before ducking out
of sight. Pam was one of them. She’s sure not wasting
any time.
All were dressed the same. The ‘wardrobes’
were sweats, but the green and white night vision images
prevented her from discerning what color.

The ensuing two hours rocked Mandy’s world. To the delight
of the viewers, one couple braved a camera that first hour.
The other three screens images vanished. Save for heavy
breathing, a hush fell over the observers, disrupted by
occasional cheers as on-screen action dictated.

All four splits were live during the second and third hours.

Mandy felt guilty about her blatant voyeurism, but not
enough to pry her eyes from the screen. Nor did anyone else.
She’d watched porn movies before, but that wasn’t
half as arousing as watching two people doing it real time.
She’d never felt half this aroused. She kept crossed
and uncrossing her legs, relishing the rub of flesh it caused.
Only the hope of seeing Pam appear on screen prevented her
from rushing to her tent to attend to her needs. When Pam
failed to appear at the start of the third hour she did just
that, desperate to relieve her horniness.

She awoke the following morning to find Pam putting on makeup.
“Well?” Mandy asked. Grinning, Pam held up five fingers.
Surprisingly, Mandy felt no sense of shock—only curiosity.
“I was watching for you. I thought you were after camera
points.” I can’t believe I’m so matter-of-fact
about all of this.

Pam rolled her eyes. “We spotted one but chickened out
and went someplace else.” Mandy was dying to know who
we were, but was too embarrassed to ask. “How many didn’t
chicken out?” Pam asked.

“Nine. Only one during the first hour; but all four screens
were filled after that.”

“I hope I’m not too far behind.” Pam’s eyes twinkled.
“Isn’t it exciting to watch?”

Mandy puffed out her cheeks and slowly released air. “DUH!
I did myself in my sleeping bag as soon as I got back.” I
can’t believe I shared that.

Pam laughed. “That’s how it was with me last year. I
became a contestant the next day—so I’d be eligible
to come back this year. No way I’d risking missing out.”
She eyed Mandy. “You going to? I can’t think of a better
place to lose your virginity.”

Mandy planted hands on hips, scowling. “Speaking of
which, why the hell did you point me out as a virgin?” Pam
fell to back laughing. “It wasn’t funny.”

“No, it was hilarious! You should have seen yourself.”
She laughed hard enough to bring tears to her eyes. Despite
her irritation, Mandy couldn’t help but smile. Composing
herself, Pam sat back up. “You didn’t answer my question;
you planning to lose it?”

She’d actually contemplated as much while watching
the couples on TV, but there was no way she’d admit it.
“No… …I’m not going to ‘lose it!’”

Pam sat quiet for a bit. “There are ways other than having
sex to score the points needed to come back next year.”
She smiled. “Interested?”

The question evoked the same kind of tingling in her tummy
that watching the couple on TV had done. “I’m listening.”

“Let me talk it over with a friend and get back to you.”

Today was the second of three days, unless you counted the
final morning. The partying was as intense as the first
day. After breakfast Pam introduced her around. Most she
met were girls. One notable exception was Bobby—her
virgin counterpart. Bobby seemed as embarrassed as her
when the two were first introduced, but their shared bond
somehow overshadowed it and they quickly became friends.

Later in the day, Bobby introduced her to his cousin Andrew,
last year’s King, and one of the stars of the previous
evening’s cinema. Pam was off doing her own thing at the
time, which was too bad, since she’d told Mandy she was
dying to meet this guy.

Andrew was his cousin’s antithesis. Whereas as Bobby
was short and slight, Andrew was at least six feet tall and
broad shouldered. The whole time they talked Mandy kept
having flashbacks of him having on screen sex. His mere
presence had her shaking so badly she had to hold her hands
behind her so he wouldn’t notice. The way his eyes devoured
her didn’t help matters. She felt like an hor'dourve
being served to a starving man. Her arms were still trembling
ten minutes after he left, likely attributable to the fact
she was still thinking about those television images.

Later that afternoon Pam came rushing up to her bragging
how she’d arranged a way for Mandy to score bonus points.
“How?” was the first word out of her mouth. She was surprised
a few hundred butterflies hadn’t escaped her mouth at
the same time.

“Do you know what a cock ring is?”

More butterflies. “No, ” she answered, blushing.

“It’s a ring you place around a man’s penis to slow
his blood flow. It keeps him from cumming too fast.”

Face burning, Mandy glanced about, praying no one was within
earshot. “What has that to do with bonus points?”

“Placing one on a penis is worth two points—your next
year’s admission ticket.”

Which would require touching his cock. She shivered,
finding the prospect equal parts frightening and exciting.
“I thought you said you had to be inside the chalk lines
in order to score points. There’s no way I’m risking

“Of course you do.” Pam looked at her in disbelief.
“You haven’t read the rule book yet, have you?” She
proceeded to explain her plan and which rules applied.
Anyone ‘captured’ was required to obey any reasonable
demand made of them for the remainder of their captive hour.
Her friend Christy had brought a capture net. She’d also
brought her boyfriend, which Pam claimed was like taking
sand to the beach. Their plan was to lure him to a small cabin
only a short way inside the chalk line—narrowing Mandy’s
risk. They’d drop the net over him, take him to the cabin,
strip him, and take turns planting their respective cock

Pam was doing her best to convince Mandy to participate.
“The moment you’re done you can flee the chalked area.
What can go wrong?” Dumbfounded, Mandy said nothing.
“Are you in our out?” Pam demanded.

She took a deep breath. I came here to expand my horizons.
“OK, I’m in.”

After dinner Pam brought in two sets of sweats, or ‘competition
outfits’ as she called them. They were required apparel
for anyone entering the chalked area. They looked like
the warm up suits athletes use. Mandy started to slip one
on. Pam stopped her. “Uh, uh! You’re not allowed to
wear anything underneath.”

“You’re kidding!”

She stripped and donned the outfit.

As soon as dusk fell, the three of them crossed the chalk
line and headed into the woods, Mandy’s heart pounding
a thousand beats a second.

Sure enough, not a hundred feet into the trees, they came
upon a cabin. A well worn path led to its front door. “I
told Jerry I’d meet him here first hour, ” Christie
offered. Giggling, she added, “I might have accidentally
forgotten to divulge all of the particulars.” She looked
up the oak they were standing under. “You two climb the
tree. I’ll stand under this limb. Drop the net as soon
as he gets close. If he initiates first contact, he may try
to claim me as his first-hour slave instead of the other
way around.”

They climbed the tree. Jerry showed up a short time later.
The net worked to perfection, and five minutes after their
‘prisoner’s’ arrival he was inside the cabin being
forced to strip. Seeing a man naked for the first time had
Mandy flushing—from excitement, not embarrassment.
She couldn’t tear her eyes from his penis.

“Sit in the chair!” Christy ordered. Showing appropriate
subservience, Jerry did as told. “Hands behind your

Christy and Pam bound his wrists to the chair, which seemed
unduly cruel to Mandy. “If he has to do whatever we tell
him, why tie him up?”

Jerry rolled his eyes, smirking.

Pam answered her. “A tied victim is worth more bonus points.”

Mandy watched as they shifted their attention to his ankles.
His penis was starting to swell. Clearly captivity wasn’t
causing Jerry too much consternation. His cock rolled
off his thigh and as it stiffened. Mandy’s nipples joined
in that swelling process. At first she’d wondered how
the rings would stay in place, but watching Jerry thicken,
the opposite seemed a more likely issue. If he got any bigger,
how would they get them on?

Once his feet were tied, the two girls stood. Pam checked
her watch. “He’s ours for another 48 minutes.” She
fiddled with her watch. “There, I set my alarm.” She
reached into her pocket, pulled out a black felt bag, and
dumped its contents onto the table beside Jerry. Two blue
and white alabaster rings and a thinner, double circled
black one came tumbling out. Pam pointed at the last one.
“That one’s yours.”

Thinner in circumference, it seemed the smaller than the
other two. Shaking like a leaf, Mandy walked over and picked
up her ring and looked at Jerry’s crotch. He was fully
erect, clearly looking forward to his ‘ordeal.’ She
looked up at Pam, “Can I just slip it on and leave now?”

Pam broke out laughing. “Hardly!” She checked her
watch then looked over at Christy. Forty five to go—that’s
fifteen minutes each. Have at it girl.”

Fifteen minutes to slide a ring over a penis?

Looking down at Jerry, Christy clasped her hands behind
her back and licked her lips. “Ready big guy?”

Jerry nodded toward his crotch. “I think that’s rather

Christy bent over the table and picked up one of the rings
with her mouth. Keeping her hands locked behind her, she
knelt in front Jerry and leaned until her mouth was close
to his cock. Twisting her neck sideways, she lowered her
head, blocking Mandy’s view. An instant later her head
jerked up. She’d looped her cock ring around the tip of
Jerry’s penis.

Pam looked Mandy’s way. “In order to score points you
can’t use anything but your mouth, and you need to push
the ring all the way on.”

Mandy’s tummy twisted. Gawd!

“Now for the fun part, ” Christy offered. Taking baby
steps on her knees, she edged a few inches closer and wrapped
her mouth around Jerry’s cock.

Mandy’s eyes went wide. What have I gotten myself
She watched, fascinated, as Christy began bobbing
her head. Mandy couldn’t decide which sounded lewdest,
Christy’s moans or the slurping sounds her mouth was
making. There was no doubting their collective effect,
however. Mandy’s skin felt hot and itchy, say nothing
of the tingling she felt in all those special places. She’d
never have guessed anything could turn her on more that
watching Andrew fuck that girl on TV last night, but watching
Christy devour Jerry’s penis easily surpassed it.

Tearing her eyes away, Mandy looked over at Pam. Judging
from the fact that her hands were moving around inside of
her top, the scene was having a similar effect on her. Mandy
was sorely tempted to do the same.

With Christy’s bouncing head blocking her view, Mandy
turned her attention to Jerry. He was watching Christy’s
ministrations through glazed eyes. What Mandy wouldn’t
give to have a man look at her with such unadulterated lust.
She tried to swallow, but her throat was too dry. Will
he look at me that same way, if… …’when’ I do that?
Her arms seemed to vibrate of their own volition.

She stepped to the side for a better view of Christy—and
what she was doing. At least that’s how she justified
the maneuver. The thrill she felt watching had little to
do with her decision.

Christy seemed in no hurry to complete her task. It became
obvious that teeth were required in order to move the ring,
but more often than not Christy didn’t even try. Eventually,
however, she leaned back with a satisfied smile, the cock
ring in place. She grabbed Jerry’s cock, and smiling,
stroked it. “Who’s next?”

Pam moved to the table, checking her watch. “You ran two
minutes long; out of the way!”

With hands behind her back, Pam mouthed the remaining alabaster
ring and knelt in front of Jerry. Seconds later her head
was bobbing, looking and sounding just like Christy. Had
it not been for their different hair color, Mandy couldn’t
have told one from the other. I’m next. Is that how
I’ll look?

Strangely, the prospect of having a man’s cock in her
mouth didn’t gross Mandy in the least. Instead she found
herself glancing at the watch Pam had laid on the table wondering
if her allotted time would be shorted.

By the time Pam finished placing her ring Jerry was in lala-land,
biting the lips he kept curling into his mouth. Toward the
end he’d been rocking his crotch, matching Pam’s movements.

Pam leaned back, and eyes smiling, wiped off her mouth.
She looked up at Mandy. “How much time is left?”

Mandy looked. “Just over ten minutes.”

Pam scooted out of the way. “Sorry about that, but as you’re
about to find out, it’s kind of hard to maintain your sense
of time.”

It’s my turn.

Surprisingly, she was shaking less now than when they’d
first tied Jerry up. Calm settled over her as she bent over
to pick up the remaining ring. Gripping it with her teeth
she lifted her head. It twisted sideways, leaving no way
to loop it onto Jerry’s cock. She dropped it and started
over. Like before, it turned, but not nearly as much. Biting
just hard enough to keep it in place, she dropped between
Jerry’s legs.

Liquid had gathered at his slit. She’d read enough to
know it was precum. The fact that it signaled a sexually
aroused male excited her no end.

She had to twist her head to one side to get the circle facing
outward. She leaned close enough that Jerry’s cock touched
her cheek, dampening it. An erect penis just touched
After a calming breath, she lodged his tip in the
corner of her mouth, and using her tongue, tried looping
it over his crown. She gained an instant appreciation for
how quickly the other girls had accomplished it.

After a half dozen tries she managed it. She leaned away.
“YES!” She heard applause. She looked up at Jerry,
hoping to see the lust he’d shown before. Instead, his
eyes were laughing.

Taking his smirk as a challenge, she leaned forward and
captured him between her lips. We’ll see how long
that lasts.

Having the mechanics of getting started out of the way changed
everything. For the first time she was able to give thought
to what she was doing. After years of wondering about
it, I finally have a penis in my mouth.
It had always
been her favorite fantasy, and now she was living it.

All thoughts of maneuvering the cock ring vanished. Instead,
she explored. Leaning, she attempted to consume all of
him, only to gag when his tip touched the back of her throat,
reminiscent of when doctors probed the back of her tongue
with their wooden sticks. Like those times, this should
be a simple case of mind over matter. Still, I’d best
take things more slowly.

Drawing back, she began the same slow rocking motion the
other girls had used. It did nothing whatsoever to move
the ring, making it clear the other two had been in no more
of a hurry to complete their task than she was.

She attuned herself to her senses. Although his cock tasted
very much like she’d stuck her finger in her mouth, there
was a pungency there that was foreign. A male pungency;
briny, it had to be his cum.

She fanned her nostrils, taking in his aroma. It closely
matched his salty flavor. Her heart beat a little faster.
She’d read about the alleged effect of male pheromones
on a woman. Until now she’d never believed it, but how
else could she explain such intense arousal.

Her first Hunger Games thrill had been watching Andrew
have sex on TV. Next was seeing her friends mouthing Jerry’s
cock. Doing it herself, however, was a giant leap beyond
either of those two, leaving her to ponder what other plateaus
lay before her.

She’d tasted and smelled a cock; now it was time to ‘feel’
it. She concentrated on that sense. First and foremost
was the heat it radiated, filling her with excitement.
His skin felt super tight, taut—as if someone had stretched
a pair of size eight goulashes over a size ten foot. And it
throbbed; a desperate, needy throb.

The only sense remaining was sound. She listened, vaguely
aware of his heavy breathing, which was mostly drowned
out by her own labored efforts. Added to that was that same
lewd slurping she’d heard with the other girls.

By now she’d figured out how to relax her throat muscles.
She experimented, taking more of him in. And more yet, until
he once again touched the back of her throat. Gratefully,
she didn’t gag. She’d consumed him. I have his entire
cock in my mouth.

Pam’s voice interrupted her reverie. “Hustle up Mandy,
half your time’s gone.”

Closing her eyes, she eased back, her tongue probing for
the cock ring. Gently biting, she closed her teeth on the
up side of the ring and pushed. It slid. She kept repeating
the process, but just when success seemed imminent, it
ceased to move. She pulled back, looking. Wedged tight,
the ring was too small for his girth. She looked at the other
two rings—they were definitely larger. She tried again,
but no matter how hard she pushed, it failed to budge.

“Three minutes.”

Hearing Pam’s pronouncement, Jerry began rocking his
pelvis. Gawd! He’s trying to cum! Her stomach
fluttered as she contemplated that possibility. She looked
up at him. His eyes were closed, but he had that blissful
look—the one of sheer lust she’d longed to evoke in
a man; the one she’d always fantasized about. She watched
him, her ring forgotten.

Jerry was grunting now, noisily expelling air as he pushed
himself into her mouth with ever increasing speed. Squeezing
mouth and throat, she tightened her grip on him. His lunges
pushed deeper, rocking faster. She watched, marveling
at the notion that she—reticent Mandy—was taking
a man to the brink of ecstasy.

Pam’s alarm sounded but no one said a thing. Jerry’s
eyes popped open, staring down at her. He made an extra long
thrust, and extending his pelvis, held himself in her mouth.
His eyes glazed over and drifted closed. Muscles flexed
in her mouth. His cock suddenly expanded. Liquid exploded
down her throat.

I made him cum. Her body began to shake. She’d
gotten excited while necking with guys in the past, especially
when they petted. And Lord knows she’d masturbated often
enough. But nothing—NOTHING—had ever aroused her
this much.

She stared up at him, watching his eyes drift back open.
After that first expulsion, his cock momentarily constricted;
only slightly, but enough to move the ring. Although she
had long since forgotten her task, the friction created
by his thrust had done the job for her. It wasn’t all the
way on, but almost.

His cock expanded and flexed again. This time his eyes remained
open—locked with hers, as another blast of liquid flooded
the back of her throat. They stared, each studying the other
while he came. As before, his cock contracted, enough so
that she was able to move the cock ring that final inch and
press her lips against his pubes. Still they stared.

He climaxed again—and again. Watching a man’s eyes
while he came was erotica on steroids. Her hands found her
breasts, fondling her nipples as Pam had done earlier.
His eyes dropped to her chest, watching what she was doing.
He spurted again.

Her mouth milked the last of his weakening discharges and
his spasms ebbed. Silence permeated the room, the only
audible sounds those of his fading grunts and her heavy

Only when she was sure he’d finished did she lift her head
and point at the ring. “I got it on!”

Pam laughed. “An understatement if ever I heard one.
I’m jealous.”

Still, neither Jerry nor she looked away. Reveling in his
wanton look, she took hold of his cock, and stroking it,
lifted her shirt out of the way to rub him against a swollen
nipple. His eyes smiled as she dragged it across her chest
to her other breast, leaving a trail of semen. Licking his
cum spot off her cheek, she smiled back at him.

“Knock it off virgin girl!” Christy complained. “That’s
making me jealous!”

Christy and Pam knelt at Mandy’s either side, struggling
with Jerry’s knots. “A little help would be nice, Mandy, ”
Pam urged. “If we’re not out of here soon we’ll have
company. If you value your virginity, you’ll want to
be long gone by then.”

Hearing Pam’s remark, Jerry smiled down at Mandy, his
sultry look making her wonder whether or not she truly cared.

Hope you enjoy my erotic fantasies. I welcome all comments, good or bad, and why.

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