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The 'Plumb' Job


It was 4:45 on a Friday afternoon and I was heading
down the I-170 back toward the shop. It had been a typical
July day in St., humid, and hazy. Fortunately,
I had worked inside most of the day and my truck had AC so I
had been spared from the oppressive heat. But today was
a bit unusual. Being a confirmed bachelor, I had decided
last night that I'd rather stay up late and watch the
Cardinals go into extra innings against the Dodgers than
do a load of whites. Albert had crushed one in the top of the
ninth extending the game. So here I was going commando,
something I do very rarely. It had been a bit uncomfortable
because I was wearing jeans. Jeans? In the summertime?
In St. Louis? Not a smart choice but I had made it this far
and was only fifteen minutes from freedom.

Marty, the owner of Collier & Sons Plumbing, was headed
to the Lake later that day for one of his usual alcohol-fueled
weekend orgies. But he had promised me that he would stay
in the office and answer all of the calls after 4 so I could
get off work at a decent hour. It was, after all, my 38th birthday
and I had plans to meet up with friends for dinner and drinks
later that evening. Now Marty, for lack of a better word,
is a complete asshole. He’d made promises like this before
only to leave me hanging. And the last four Fridays I had
emergency calls that kept me past 9. Just this once I wanted
an easy Friday so I could relax and have some fun later on.

Then it happened. My cell phone started ringing. It was
that unmistakable ringtone. The one that told me Marty
had forwarded all incoming calls to me.

“Shit, ” I murmured.

I looked at the caller ID and it said “K. Swedroe”. “Who the
hell is K. Swedroe, ” I thought to myself.

Doesn’t matter. Probably some woman whose little kid had
flushed an action figure down the toilet and now I was gonna
have to pull it out. Or some old guy’s habit of pouring bacon
grease down the kitchen sink had finally bitten him in the
ass. I resigned myself to the fact that tonight was gonna
be a bust like so many before it.

I took a second to clear my mind of all the negative thoughts
that were swirling about and then answered.

“Collier and Sons Plumbing, this is Alex.” I thought to
myself the same thing I always think when I say that. Marty
doesn’t have any sons. At least none he’d claim. He thinks
the “and Sons” makes him more legit. Fucking idiot!

“Hi Alex. This is Kathy.”

I mouthed the words, “Kathy? I don’t know any Kathy.”

I said hello as if I knew who she was.

She said, “We met at Angela’s party about a month ago.” I
remembered the party but was still drawing a blank at this

Then she said, “Remember...compression fittings, Vivaldi,
no-load funds, never ketchup on a hotdog?”

Then BAM! It hit me. Kathy. 5’6”, about 115 lbs., incredible
blue eyes, perky tits, firm ass, luscious lips, medium
length auburn hair and a smile that would light up a black
hole. Had an uncle that was a plumber. Digs classical music.
Knows what’s up with investing. And knows how blasphemous
it is to drown a dog in ketchup. Oh, and one other small detail...has
a lawyer boyfriend that was a complete prick.

“Hey, how are you, ” I said.

“Fine. I’m well. And you?”

“I’m doing ok.”

“I really hate to bother you, ” she said. “But I’m in a bind
and need some help. My kitchen sink is leaking and I’m afraid
my wood floor is going to be ruined. I got your work number
from Angela because she said you are the best. Can you come
and take a look at it?”

“Angela is a sweet woman, ” I said. “Sure, it’s no bother
at all.”

I got the directions from her and figured this would be an
easy job...30 minutes tops. I’ll fix it and still get home
in time to shower, dress, and head out for the evening.

Ten minutes later I was knocking at her front door.

The door swung open and there she was. She had her hair in
a pony tail, had on a white T-shirt, a pair of running shorts,
and was barefoot. Everything was just like I remembered
and my mind replayed the same thoughts I had the first time
I saw her. I clenched my teeth. But I was there to fix her sink.
And besides, she was involved with someone else and I don’t
get involved with attached women.

We exchanged pleasantries as she led me into the kitchen
where several old bath towels laid on the floor, soaked
with the water that had leaked from the sink.

“It’s a good thing you called me. It doesn’t take long for
these oak floors to start absorbing water and swell up, ”
I said, trying to keep my mind off what was underneath her
running shorts.

I took a quick peak under the sink to see what I was up
sweat. I grabbed the thick foam pad that I take everywhere
and laid it down to support my back. Working under a sink
is a real pain in the ass. And after doing this for 10 plus
years I dreamed of the day when I could say “no more, I quit.”

I crawled up into the sink base and relaxed my back into the
foam. It’s not as comfortable as my bed but it beats having
nothing at all. I took my crescent wrench and opened it up.
Just then I realized that I had grabbed the wrong damn wrench.
Here I am, just getting comfy and now I’ve gotta crawl back
out and get the right one. Son of a Bitch! I glanced out and
saw a perfect pair of tan, smooth legs stretching upwards
until they were blocked from my sight by the cabinet I was
half in. Being lazy I asked Kathy if she’d be a sport and reach
into my bag a grab the other wrench. She asked what it looked
like. I told her it was about 10 inches long and had a rounded
end with an opening. She reached into the bag, pulled it
out, and walked it over to me, seeming to have missed my veiled

She knelt down and handed me the wrench, looked me dead in
the eyes and gave me that exquisite smile. Ok...maybe she
got the innuendo. I smiled back, said thanks, broke eye
contact and began fumbling with the wrench trying to open
its jaws wide enough to accommodate the nut I was about to
loosen, all the while thinking about what she had going
through her mind. I snapped out of it long enough to raise
the wrench up when I suddenly felt something on my stomach.

I quickly glanced down and saw Kathy’s left hand resting
right over my navel. She pressed down gently and started
a circular motion, going very slowly, widening the circle
each time around. I was kinda dazed by all of this...not
really understanding what was happening. After the fourth
time around she placed her right hand on my belly and started
rubbing up and down the right side of my stomach and chest.

“Mmmmm. Someone’s been working out, ” she said, her hands
feeling every crest and valley of my abs and chest.

I didn’t say a word.

Both her hands were now working up and down my upper body
with a little more pressure. Soon she had handfuls of my
T-Shirt and had exposed my stomach and chest, running her
fingers through my chest hair and lightly caressing my
already firm nipples.

Her hands headed back down to my belly, having left my T-shirt
bunched up high on my torso. But she didn’t stop her hands
this time. They continued on down to my jeans and stopped
right above my crotch. Now I wasn’t hard but I was getting
there in a big hurry.

She pressed down with enough pressure to overcome the denim’s
somewhat stiff resistance. One hand on each side of my growing
cock, she could see the outline as the bulge increased in
width and length. Both hands worked in unison stroking
up and down, tracing the outline. My breath quickened with
each stroke, my mind no longer focused on my reason for being

Then it stopped. What had felt fucking fantastic stopped!
I stole a glance downward and saw her hands making a B-line
for the button. She unhooked the button from the buttonhole.
Once the button was clear I felt a slight release of pressure.
With the button out of the way, she took the zipper tab and
slowly pulled it downward. Every inch she moved it lessened
the pressure of my jeans on my cock. Then I underwear. I’m not fucking wearing any
underwear. There’s nothing but two separated pieces of
denim standing between her and my hot, throbbing, dick.
Thank you Albert, thank you!

She peeled my jeans apart and pulled down, exposing my stiff
cock and balls to the circulating air, it pulling the tiny
beads of sweat off of the head, shaft, and sack, giving a
cool feeling. Rubbing the tops of my thighs, she lowered
her face and buried it between my balls and inner thigh.
Inhaling deeply, she moaned something about loving the
musky scent and salty taste of cock and balls and how it really
made her wet.

Again, I didn’t say a word.

She then pulled away after nuzzling for few seconds more
and gently grabbed me around the shaft. Going at a slow,
torturous pace, she pulled my cock ever so gently away from
my stomach, sticky with dried sweat from the days work.

Pulling my cock to vertical, she let out a soft laugh and
said, “Ohhh...seems something else here is leaking.”

Apparently I was more excited than I thought because a drop
of precum had welled to the surface and stopped right at
the tip.

Focused on her hot right hand and my cock that she so delicately
held in it, I watched as her left index finger approached
the tip of my head. With a soft touch she captured that “pearl
drop” on the end of her finger and then raised her hand. But
I couldn’t see what she did with her hand. More importantly,
I couldn’t see what she did with her index finger that carried
my pre-cum. Did she wipe on her T-shirt? Wipe it on one of
those soaked bath towels?

And then I heard it. “Mmmmmm...I love the way your cum taste.”

“Oh shit, ” I said to myself. I don’t know how much more I
can bear. My heart beat probably jumped 100 beats per minute
just on hearing that. My mouth began watering because I
wanted to taste her. I had a million things going through
my mind but moving wasn’t one of them. I was at her complete
mercy and loved it.

Still holding me delicately, she lowered her head to where
I could see her. She peered at me, shot me a devilish grin
and then turned to my cock. She then took her hot, moist tongue
and ran it up and down my shaft, slowly. First starting on
the right side and then moving completely around until
my shaft was slick and glistening with her saliva. Her right
hand then began to slowly work up and down my entire shaft,
stopping short of my head, making that squishy sound as
skin and saliva were forced together, air trapped somewhere
between the two. She’d reach the base then reverse direction,
pulling the loose skin taut and pulling my balls upward,
strings of saliva stretching from the bottom of her hand
to the top of my balls. As her hand would once again reach
the base of her stroke, her left hand was there to receive
my balls, caressing and tugging on them. Ohhhh the pace
was slow and deliberate...and feeling way better than
if I were doing it myself.

The ignoring of my head finally, mercifully came to an end.
At the apex of one stroke she stopped, my head getting purple
from her grip and the loose skin all bunched up under the
rim. With her mouth lined up perfectly over my engorged
head, she slowly drooled saliva all over it, making sure
there wasn’t a dry spot anywhere. Then she looked at me.
That beautiful smile was nowhere to be seen. She now had
a hungry look on her face. Her lips were wet and slightly
apart. She was breathing heavier. Her eyes telling me that
something better was to come. As her saliva ran down over
her hand she slowly slid her hand up over the rim, sending
a shudder throughout my body as I felt the moist heat that
I had silently begged for. My cock, now completely lubed
with her spit, she began stroking at a quicker pace, this
time including my head each time. The sounds alone were
unbelievable. But what I felt and saw...Nirvana!

After a few more strokes she did what her eyes had hinted
at. She cupped her wet hands around the base of my shaft and
without hesitation plunged her mouth down around my cock.
The heat of her mouth sent another shudder through my increasingly
sweaty body. At first she just concentrated on the upper
half of my manhood. Shallow thrusts with her tongue working
the underside of my sensitive head. Then she took all of
me...all the way to the back of her throat. I could feel my
head rubbing on the soft tissue of her mouth and throat,
her gagging the deeper she took me. I was thrusting my hips
to meet her every motion but I couldn’t get my cock deep enough
into her throat. Then she pulled off completely, breathing
heavily as saliva dripped from her mouth down to my soaked
cock. She alternately stroked me with each hand while she
regained her breath. She looked again at my face and could
see I was in ecstasy. But she wasn’t finished.

She lowered again, this time swirling her tongue all around,
feeling every bump and ridge as my head swelled with more
and more blood. Again, she concentrated on the upper part.
And then she plunged down on me forcing my head partially
down her throat again. The sloppy sound of saliva and gagging
was sending me higher and higher as she struggled to fight
her gag reflex. I could now feel that copious amounts of
saliva had trickled down my sack and contacted my inner
thighs. All in one motion she pulled off of me completely,
slapped my wet cock up against my stomach sending spit flying,
and then ran her tongue across my sack and thighs to capture
the escaping streams of saliva. After bathing my balls
with her fantastic tongue she pulled away from me and stood

I was breathing quite heavily, as was she. I still hadn’t
said a legible word but she knew I was enjoying it by the sounds
I had made. I’d made no attempts to stop her. Why would I have?

I knew what was coming next...or at least I thought I knew.
All I could see was her gorgeous legs reaching up outta sight.
Then, coming down from the upper limits of my visibility,
were the running shorts. They hit the ground with the force
of a feather and she stepped out of them with little effort.
She took one step over me with her right leg, positioning
herself for her descent. She slowly crouched down stopping
right above my still soaked cock. I could see a very moist
set of beautiful, pink lips peering out from her smooth
tanned skin. They had a sheen and look that I could only describe
as honey...pure honey.

I wanted to crawl out right then and there. I wanted to position
myself so that she could lower herself another two inches
and land right on my tongue. I wanted to taste the honey.
I wanted to draw each of her lips into my mouth and suck on
them...nibble on my tongue over every delicate
inch. I wanted to draw her clit into my mouth and run my tongue
in the grooves on each side. I wanted to run the bottom of
my tongue right over the top of her hood and feel her shudder
like she had made me shudder. I wanted to suck her tingling,
swollen clit until she surrendered all of her natural juices
to me. I wanted...I wanted...I couldn’t move. I had been
on my back for almost 25 minutes and couldn’t move an inch.
With the exception of a few thrusts I was stuck.

No sooner had my predicament been realized when she straddled
me, centering my thick, wet cock right between her sweet,
moist lips of honey. She started to grind into me stroking
my cock with her pussy lips on one side and my stomach on the
other. Her saliva and natural pussy juices were becoming
one and made a slippery concoction that allowed her to glide
back and forth effortlessly. There were those sounds again...saliva
and skin being forced together, but this time pussy juice
was involved. And she was starting to purr...a little moan “oh fuck” erotic whimper that was
toying with my mind. The heat put off by her pussy was intense.
And I’m sure she could feel the heat of my cock.

She continued to slide her pussy up and down my cock until
I was well lubed by the mixture of fluids that had now dripped
onto my stomach. For the first time I said something.

“Fucking take it, ” I said.

“Take my fucking cock, hold it up, and slide it into your
beautiful pussy.”

She finished one last stroke and teasingly said, “You wanna
fuck me, huh! You want me to ride you into the ground? You
want me to punish your cock?”

I moaned, “Yes.”

She rose up slightly, firmly grabbed my sloppy, soaked
meat and held it straight up. She lined herself up over the
top of it and slowly lowered herself unto me. She lowered
herself just enough for my head to contact her pussy lips.
She ran my head up and down to put even more of her natural
lube on me. Then she took in just the head. My God! The hot,
wet, soft flesh of her pussy felt marvelous and I wasn’t
even all the way in yet. She released my cock and then took
her sweet time lowering herself the rest of the way down.
We both let out a simultaneous moan of pleasure and relief
as she slid down to the base of my cock. She pulled herself
up just enough to keep my head in and then lowered herself
slowly again. She continued this until every part of my
cock was slick.

She placed her hands on my upper chest and began a slow tempo
romp. Every time she bottomed out I could feel my balls quiver
from her body crashing into mine. She was starting to become
noticeably louder with her whimpers of pleasure. I again
tried like hell to meet her on the way down by thrusting upwards
but my back just couldn’t take it. I accepted my condition.
I accepted that I was the one being fucked. And she was fucking
me like the world was coming to an end. As she increased her
speed her fingernails started digging in to my chest. I
can’t say it was an unpleasant feeling because she was turning
into the animal I hoped she would be. She moaned louder and
more intense as she squeezed her PC muscles around my cock,
easily gripping me as firmly as my own hand could.

She kept up the pace long enough to have us both dripping
with sweat and other juices. But I sensed I was in for a real
treat when she abruptly pulled herself off of me, sending
my wet, rock-hard cock slapping against my stomach again.
I knew this wasn’t a tease. She wasn’t going to leave me in
that state. She wasn’t gonna do that because she hadn’t
had enough. This was no longer about me. She was after something
and wasn’t going to stop until she got it.

She spun around with cat-like speed and lowered herself
down. She reached between her legs and found my balls. Her
fingertips traced my ball sack up to my wet, sticky shaft.
She pulled it forward away from my stomach and torqued it
towards my feet. She lowered a little more until she could
feel my hot, moist head on her inner lips. She lined herself
up and consumed my cock with her dripping pussy. She did
just as she had done before...long, slow strokes until
I was lubed all over again. She then pitched herself forward
putting her hands on my shins. The torque was even more toward
my feet and made the blood pool in my cock. I could feel my
head getting harder and harder because the blood couldn’t
leave it. I knew from past experience that my head was probably
turning purple and swelling up. This was an indescribable
feeling for me as her pussy seemed to get tighter and tighter
around me.

Having stabilized herself, she wasted no time in hitting
a frantic pace. I had a perfect view as she rocked back and
forward. All of the saliva, precum, and her pussy juices
had mixed into a white, frothy cream that I could see coated
my cock and balls. She had found her spot...she found where
she had complete control over everything...speed, depth,
angle...and most! She was so locked
in that I knew all I had to do was not think about cumming.
Just let her use me until she got what she wanted. And I was
fine with it. I wasn’t exactly NOT enjoying it. She kept
this pace up for what seemed like 15 minutes. By now, both
of us were moaning in ecstasy. I could tell she was building
up to something because her pitch was rising with each vocal
release. I felt her squeezing me with more and more intensity
and didn’t know where we could go from here. The tension
kept building and I didn’t think I was gonna last much longer.
And then it happened.

She cried out, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

She kept fucking me. Slamming her perfect ass against my
stomach. Wet skin slapping wet skin.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, ” she cried again in a higher,
more desperate tone.

She pulled herself off of me and quickly went for her clit
with her right hand. She rubbed vigorously in a circular
motion and let out a beautiful cry. At the height of that
cry a torrent of juice came gushing out of her and soaked
everything in its path, including me. I freaked. I had never
seen this happen before and I freaked. I thought I was gonna
cum just from seeing, hearing, and feeling this. She continued
rubbing her clit and moaning while the last of the juice
dripped from her pussy. I had completely forgotten about
my own pleasure and marveled at what I had just experienced.

I almost instantly started replaying in my mind what had
just happened. Over and over again. The sounds she made.
The feeling of the wetness pouring down on my balls and cock.
The image of that nectar giving a glossy coating to everything
it touched. I just wished I could have had my face between
her legs when it happened so I could have gobbled it all up
and then licked her clean. Just thinking about it all kept
me incredibly hard. And made me want to cum.

I was snapped back to reality when Kathy again straddled
me, pulled my cock from my stomach, and lined herself up.
There was no slow, steady motion this time. I was so wet from
her that she just dropped on me and I slid in effortlessly.
She hit that same pace but I knew this time was for me. She
continued with her whimpers of pleasure interlaced with
the occasional “fuck yeah” and I hung on for dear life. She
shortened up her stroke and concentrated on working my
upper shaft and head. The constant stimulation brought
on that feeling that I had been patiently waiting for. I
could feel that warm sensation building in my loins and
knew we weren’t too far away. I was getting more vocal and
she just kept on fucking me, sensing that I was approaching
my climax.

She was squeezing me at just the right moment, heightening
my pleasure to a level I hadn’t felt in a long time. I was starting
to buck upwards, sore back and all, shoving my cock in deeper
at each stroke. The tingly feeling I get indicating I’m
about to cum was getting stronger by the second. I was starting
to tense up each and every muscle so that I could make the
impending orgasm stronger. Kathy felt me get rigid and
could hear that I was struggling to keep control.

“Yeah. Yeah.....fuck yeah, ” I belted out. “Don’t stop!”

Kathy swung her head around and had that smile on her face
while she kept up the pace. She was playing me like an instrument
and the finale was quickly approaching.

She said, “I love your hard cock in me. Do you want me to make
you cum now? Do ya?”

I said, “Oh God yes. Fuck!”

I let out the loudest moan since I had been there. Kathy again
leaped off, swung around, and grabbed my cock, all in one
motion. She started stroking me fast, hitting my head each
time. I strained upwards as I felt my cum leaving my balls.

“Oh Fuck, ” I yelled.

She kept stroking and then I had that feeling. Extreme heat
and tingling followed by that physical sensation of something
about to explode out of me. At the top of her stroke I sent
out a stream of cum straight up in the air as I tightened every
muscle. She kept stroking my cock. Each time she’d get to
my head another stream of cum would fire out but with a little
less force. She kept stroking me, my cum oozing down her
hand, my shaft and balls, and finally to the floor. Her stroke
slowed as I squeezed to push out every last drop of cum. She
lowered her face and took me into her mouth. I could feel
her tongue work my head as she cleaned me off. She pulled
off and licked every drop of cum that remained on my shaft
and scrotum while continuing a slow, gentle stroke.

I was finally getting my breath back when Kathy stood up
and calmly walked out of the kitchen and down the hall to
a back room. I was a bit stunned by what I had just experienced
but felt the most relaxed I had felt in a long time. This woman
had taken me on a ride that I would never forget. NEVER!

I half-conscientiously tightened a loose nut on one of
the pipes and that seemed to fix the problem I had originally
come over to fix...what seemed like ages ago. I extricated
myself from under the sink and pulled my shirt down. I put
my still hard, wet, glazed-over cock into my pants and buttoned
up, gathered my tools and foam pad and made my way to the front
door. I could hear Kathy in a back room talking and assumed
she was on the phone. There was no way I was gonna charge her
for a service call so I just let myself out and headed back
to the shop.

I was ten minutes into my drive when my cell phone rang again.
Honestly, at this point, I didn’t care if I had to make another
late afternoon service call, especially if the results
were the same. As far as I was concerned I had received the
best birthday gift ever. All my pent up anger and anxiety
had vanished in that last hour or so and I owed it all to Kathy.

I grabbed the phone and saw that it was Angela calling. She
probably just wanted to make sure that I was still going
to make dinner and drinks tonight.

“Hey Angela, what’s going on, ” I said.

“Not much. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and see
how you enjoyed your present, ” she replied.

Well, she doesn’t know my folks so how could she know about
the new set of cooking knives I got. I was confused.

“What present?”

“You know. The present you just received.”

I thought for a second and then it hit me. Kathy. She’s talking
about Kathy. She’s talking about Kathy sucking and licking
my cock and balls until I was as hard as one of my wrenches.
She’s talking about Kathy sliding her hot, wet pussy up
and down my cock until I was on the verge of exploding. She’s
talking about Kathy slipping my cock inside of her and squeezing
me while she fucked me like she was mad with passion. She’s
talking about Kathy squirting her love juices all over
me and then taking me in her hands and jerking me off like
a birthday boy needs to be jerked off.

“Oh my GOD! You didn’t?”

The only reply I got was a mischievous laugh.

“Oh shit! I can’t believe this. You guys planned this?”

“Yep, ” she said. “It was planned about a month ago, right
after the party. Kathy wanted to fuck you that night but
she had her asshole boyfriend in tow. You really turned
her on apparently.”

I could not believe what I was hearing. I was completely

“So I guess Kathy picked up enough from her uncle to rig the
sink to leak, huh.”

“Oh yeah. She knew exactly what to do. And from the way she
talked you knew exactly what to do also. She said she’s never
been that turned on before.”

I just grinned.

“She said you held your own pretty good. She couldn’t believe
how hard and thick you were. She told me that if you weren’t
under the sink she would have sat on your face.”

God how I wished that had happened.

“I’ve got another surprise for you, ” she continued.

“Oh yeah?”

“Kathy is going out with us tonight. And she mentioned something
about letting you taste the honey. So Alex, what does that
mean, ” she asked, with definite sexual overtones.

My grin grew bigger as I realized that I must have let slip
what I was thinking when I first saw her pussy.

“Well Angela, let me start from the beginning.”

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Great story I hope there is more to come.


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damn nice service call!


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Great job writing. Good grammar and puncuation. Applause!!!!!!


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Yeah great story, Must
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