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The "Apple Orchard"


A story about destiny, love and a little sex was thrown into
the mix too.

I have known but a few great women in my life time and the first
one was my sweet grandmother. From the time I learned to
walk under her care, she was my rock. Grandma always had
a way of explaining things or showing me things, so they
made sense.

Although I don't remember this first hand, the story
goes when I first began to walk as a toddler I was afraid of
falling. I simply didn't have the confidence to do
it on my own, unless I had a hold of her dress and she walked
alongside of me. And then one day grandma handed me a dish
towel and I must have thought it was her dress I was holding
onto. I have been walking ever since.

And over the years my grandmother was always there for me
during the good times and the not so good of times. Her smiling
face was in front of me when I scored my first touchdown on
the football field. And she was also there when my first
real girlfriend dumped me two weeks before home coming.

When I got older, the second best thing was driving up her
long driveway, to her home to spend time with her. It was
truly a place of tranquil beauty in the middle of the hustle
and bustle of everyday life. My grandparents had brought
the property when it was out in the middle of nowhere. But
the city grew and by the time I was in my twenties, grandmas
paradise, was surrounded.

There wasn't much left of the original two hundred
acre property but she kept forty acres where the old apple
barn and a small amount of the apple orchard still remained.
I knew the day would come when Grandma would be gone and so
would the remains of her apple orchard which had always
been my personal paradise.

It made me sad but I also knew she had been selling off pieces
of her land to help each of her four children which including
her youngest daughter, my mother. Grandma had been very,
very generous with her four children who all lived in nicer
homes than hers.

But it still made me happy when I remembered the farm from
long ago. The rows of apple trees were stunning, especially
when they blossomed in the spring, each year. It truly was
a slice of heaven on earth. But grandpa was eventually gone
and so was most of his precious apple trees.

But that was long ago and now I was a grown man. I had finished
college a few years earlier and had moved out East, to start
my career. But I still did my best to come back home once each
summer to visit with my grandmother because one of those
trips was going to be my last. I will never forget her long
gray hair and how she wore in a bun with a pretty pin holding
it in place. And of course the softness and kindness in her

This story actually begins one summer evening when I was
twenty six years old sitting on the front porch for the last
time with my grandmother although I didn't know it
would be my last time. She always asked me about my love life
and had for years, since marriage and family were the most
important things to her.

"It use to be so quiet and peaceful here, " I
said to her trying to change the subject . She just smiled
and nodded her head before she said things change and we
all need to change with them. "I have discovered during
my life that change is easier to deal with, when you're
not alone, " Grandma said making her point for the
millionth time, that I should find a nice girl an settle
down. I chuckled and told her I was still looking for a girl
just like her.

"She is out there, looking for you too, " Grandma
said with a big smile on her face. I joked and told grandma
if she knew where she was, it would help me a lot if she would
point out the girl to me. "It would save me a lot of time, "
I think I said as she giggled her sweet, soft giggle back
at me.

" And most importantly you when you do meet her, you
have to treat her like she is made from fine china, "
She said with a soft smile in her eyes. I told her I would,
but realized times had changed from when grandma and grandpa
had been dating. Today, sex was just part of society and
relationships even if the two people were not married.
But of course I kept that information to myself. My grandmother
was an old fashion kind of girl and would always be, until
she took her last breath on this earth.

I can't be sure if what happened next was an accident
or if it was destiny, because I then looked up and saw an old
beat up pickup truck driving up grandma's long dirt
driveway. "That will be Carlos coming to check on
my trees" Grandma said before she poured me another
glass of lemonade. "He takes care of my trees now that
I am too old to take care of them myself, " She added.
The old rusted pickup truck pulled up to the barn as I watched
a middle aged man get out and wave at my grandmother and me
who were sitting on her front porch.

We both waved back at him before he went into the barn and
then back out to walk what was left of the apple orchard.
Grandma and I sat there relaxing even if we could now hear
the cars and police sirens, much closer than they use to
be. Grandma asked me to help her into her house because she
was tired so I did and made she was comfortable in her favorite

"Now you go introduce yourself to Carlos. He is an
honest man and a good man, " she said to me before she
wagged her finger like she did when she pretended to be scolding
me. I told her I would go meet Carlos but warned her not to
get so upset because it is not good for her health. She shook
her hand at me again with a big smile on her face before she
then blew me a kiss.

I wandered outside and down towards the old faded barn,
looking for Carlos whose truck was still there but there
were no signs of him. But I found him walking down the rows
in-between the apple trees and introduced myself like
my grandmother had insisted I do. He had a very wrinkled
face for being a middle aged man but I think that comes from
working outside each day under the bright sun.

Carlos and I spent a half hour walking the rows, talking
about the apple orchard while also remembering how it use
to be in its glory years. "I began to work here when
I was just a boy, " Carlos said as we made our way back
to the old barn. I thanked him for his dedication to my grandparents.
Carlos just smiled and nodded his head out of respect.

I found grandma sleeping in her chair after Carlos left.
So I went back to her old front porch, sat down by myself and
remembered all the times I had spent growing up at their
apple orchard. There was just something so peaceful about
the place and I knew I wasn't going to be able to spend
many more times there.

I checked on her an hour later and watched as she opened her
eyes and pointed for me to get something out of the desk drawer
that grandpa had used when he ran their business. I went
over to the desk, opened it and all I saw was an old file of
papers in a folder. "Is this what you want?"
I asked her. Grandma nodded but didn't speak but instead
she motioned for me to bring it to her.

I handed it to her as she held them for a moment or two before
she kissed it with her lips and then she placed it back in
my hand. "This is for you, " She said before
she went to bed. All the papers were, were some old maps of
the original apple orchard and plans they had drawn up for
the barn and how the rows of apple trees were going to be arranged
and planted. I didn't bother to read all of them and
figured they were just some memories of my grandparents
life when they were young themselves and how they developed
their apple orchard.

I left two days later and flew back East to resume my own life
and maybe even try and do what grandma told me to do which
was too fine a girl and settle down. I had been on a couple
of dates with a girl I had met a month before at a party, so
I called Marcy as soon as I got the time. I guess in my head
I wanted to give her another try and take a more serious approach
with Marcy and not just for the sex we shared.

Maybe Marcy was the girl for me after all, and I had been too
stupid to realize it. I mean Marcy was cute, had a good job
and was great in bed. I kept asking myself what more did I
really want in a wife. I picked up Marcy at seven and right
from the start, it felt different although I wasn't
sure why. She was so sweet, and so loving and she definitely
gave me lots of attention.

I don't remember everything we did on the date, but
I know we stopped for a few drinks and I told her about my grandmother
and how great her apple orchard was. "You're
kidding me right? Could you really be able to live on an apple
orchard?" Marcy said giggling as if she thought I
was pulling her leg. I told her if she saw the place she would
know why I felt the way I did.

That was probably the only rocky point during our date but
she made up for it when we got back to her apartment. Marcy
was a kisser and I mean a real passionate kisser. Once that
girl got going, she was into it for the night. She wasn't
real curvy but her passion and lust definitely made up for
any physical things Marcy may have been lacking.

"I love when you make me feel naughty, " Marcy
said while we were standing in her bedroom and I was undressing
her. "Don't worry about that. I am going to make
you feel really naught tonight, " I said back to her
as she blushed and tossed her bra onto the chair in her bedroom.
"Well good, because you better, " Marcy said
when she turned her bed down while I finished getting undressed

She was waiting with sparkles on her eyes wearing only her
sexy panties when I climbed onto her bed next to her. Marcy
was one of those rare girls who had a hot motor in her and I
adored that about her. She was still sweet and still shy
but she was also ready to be fucked when the time was right.
Marcy lost her panties seconds after I was next to her on
her bed.

I loved how closely she trimmed her dark pussy hair because
it made her outer lips stick out and shine once they had gotten
pink. "Oh fuck, I really need this, " Marcy
said between her gasping for air once my tongue began to
taste her sweet nectar. By then my dick was so hard and my
balls were so full having just spent an entire week with
my parents and my grandmother, that Marcy was exactly what
I needed.

And the thing I liked best about Marcy was how she would look
up at me once my full cock was stuck up inside of her tight
pussy and her eyes looked even more amazing. Just feeling
our two bodies working together giving each other such
incredible pleasure was almost too much for either of us
to take. My first load filled her and even began to leak out
as Marcy and I humped until I was drained.

We were both young, extremely horny and maybe we even had
a future together. I know I had not been with a girl like Marcy
ever before and maybe she was beginning to feel that same
way about me. We rested and ended up in her shower together
and the fire burst into flames all over again. I loved the
way her sexy, slender body felt in my arms as we kissed while
the warm water cascaded down on us.

Somehow Marcy and I made it back to her bed but it was a close
call because we were both so hot and horny. She was sucking
for air big time when she laid down and spread her legs for
me again. I loved the dark tuft of hair she had above her pussy
crack as I climbed on top of her, ready to feel heaven all
over again. Marcy shook a little while I penetrated her
wet pussy for the second time but she got into it, big time
all over again.

I didn't know what it was that Marcy and I had going but
it was definitely something. Just feeling her body gripping
my cock so perfectly was amazing for both of us. I stopped
to kiss Marcy once but all she really wanted to was fuck so
I continued fucking her even harder after that. "Is
this what you wanted?"I asked her after pounding
her hard for over a minute. "Oh yes, " She got
out before I felt her wrap her legs around me and really let
me go to it for all I was worth. . I spent the night with Marcy
and was thrilled that she even made me breakfast the following

It kind of showed me that maybe Marcy was a good woman who
knew how to take care of her man, in and out of the bedroom.
Marcy was busy with her job the next couple of nights before
we hooked up again mid week for another casual date and great
fuck too. I kept telling myself this was something I might
be able to get use to.

It was a Friday morning when my phone rang in my office and
it was my mother sobbing on the other end when she told me
grandma had passed on. "I'll catch a flight back
home tomorrow, " I told my mother. She told me not
to hurry because the family was still making the arrangements
and she thought the funeral would not take place until Wednesday.

I only knew one person I wanted to call and it was Marcy so
I dialed her number immediately. I wasn't crying but
my heart still felt broken by the news. This might be a good
reason for Marcy to fly back home with me and meet my family
as well as see my grandmother's apple orchard for the
last time.

Marcy was in a meeting so left a message and waited anxiously
for her call back. This was a big deal in my life and I really
needed Marcy more than ever before. I knew we were not that
serious yet, but I felt like we were getting there and I owed
it all to my grandmother's last bit of advice. Marcy
called back a few hours later and said she was just so swamped
at her work, there was no way she could get away. "But
it was, so sweet of you to think of me, " Marcy said
before we hung up.

I was bummed but just for a few minutes when I realized this
was a trip I needed to make on my own. If Marcy and I ever got
more serious there would be plenty of time to bring her home
to meet my family. The plane ride was numbing as I sat there
with my thoughts about grandma and everything she had meant
to me. I knew this would happen someday but I didn't
expect it to happen this day.

At one point when the flight attendants were serving us
something to drink, the one waiting on me asked me if I was
alright. I remember I looked up and smiled but didn't
speak and instead just nodded my head up and down. She had
a very sweet smile and kind eyes, as she told me if I needed
anything else, to just ring the buzzer above my head.

Another half hour must have passed as I sat there lost in
my own memories of my grandparents, when that same flight
attendant came back to check on me again. "Do you need
anything else?" She said leaning over close to me.
I am sure I looked sad to her and it was very thoughtful of
her to come check on me again. She asked me where I was going
and I told her.

It turned out Rachel and I grew up in the same area. And from
there Rachel and I began to compare notes and discovered
we went to the same high school although she was three years
older than me. We also both use to go to the same pizza parlor
as teenagers and the same drive in during the summer months
when it was open.

Rachel then suggested I move to the back of the plane if I
wanted to talk more to her during the next few hours of our
flight. "I really don't have much to do during
this part of the flight, " Rachel said so I moved to
the back so I could chat with her some more. At least it took
my mind off of the reason I was flying home.

I don't remember exactly when or why I mentioned Carlo's
name but as soon as I did Rachel's eyes got big. "Do
you mean Apple Carlo's?" She asked me. I chuckled
and asked Rachel why she called him apple Carlo's.
"Because he worked on this orchard and he would bring
my mother apples so she could bake her famous apple pies, "
She said smiling from ear to ear.

I was shocked at first but still didn't tell Rachel
the apple orchard was my grandparents apple orchard. Instead
I asked Rachel if she had ever been to the orchard. "Oh,
once, I think when I was really little. We went there to buy
apples, " She said smiling even more.

This twenty nine year old woman had quickly gone from being
a complete stranger to somehow becoming very close to me.
I felt different just talking with Rachel although I didn't
know why. "Ok I'll be right back. Someone is calling
for me, " Rachel said before she got up.

And even though my eyes followed Rachel walking up the isle
I didn't look at her the same way I had always looked
at other girls back sides. Rachel had a nice figure indeed,
but I felt it would have been wrong of me to look at her that
way. I sat there with my head kind of spinning while asking
myself why I had run into Rachel at this particular moment
in my life. We still didn't know each other but it felt
like we did, or at least it felt that way to me.

Rachel came back a few minutes later and sat back down next
to me with a big smile on her face. "So you never told
me why you were so sad, " Was the first thing she asked
me once she returned. I simply told Rachel my grandmother
had passed away and I was heading home for her funeral. "Oh
I know how you feel. I lost my grandfather a few years ago
and it really tore me up, " she said as she placed her
hand on top of mine to comfort me. It was a magical kind of
touch but I didn't tell her.

I asked Rachel if she was really close to her grandfather
because I was super close to my grandmother. "Oh when
I was a little girl , I use to be his shadow, " She said
smiling back at me. I was beginning to feel like this angel
had just been dropped into my life from out of nowhere, for
a reason.

"Sorry, I need to leave again, " Rachel said
as she got up to tend to other customers on the flight. Rachel
was gone a few more minutes as I sat there alone still thinking
about my grandmother and all the advice she had given to
me over the years. "You will just know it when you find
her" or " She is out there looking for you too."
Rachel returned again as our plane began to descend before
she left because she had more duties to tend to before we

The landed went smoothly as I waited in the seat for the plane
to come to a stop at the terminal. Rachel and the other flight
attendants were all in the front of the plane thanking each
of us as we exited. And when my eyes met hers again, I felt
something I had never felt before. But I didn't know
what to do, so I turned and walked off the plane.

I was maybe half way to the baggage area when I just turned
around and headed back towards the plane to find her again.
I had gone a few hundred feet when I spotted Rachel walking
with the other attendants towards me. My heart was racing,
I felt sweaty and nervous and still had no clue what I was
going to even say to this woman. She might panic and think
I was a crazy man after her.

Rachel was a tall woman, five foot six or seven, very slender
and very professional looking in her uniform. And the close
she got to me, the more my heart pounded in my chest. "I
just wanted to thank you again, for being so kind to me, "
I said as Rachel and the other attendants got to me. "Well
you looked like you might have needed a friend, "
Rachel said as she offered me her kind smile.

So I thanked her one last time before I turned and headed
back towards the baggage area again. But once she turned
to head outside, something inside me told again not to let
her get away. I just knew this woman was going to think I was
crazy or maybe even dangerous but I followed her anyway.

Rachel now looked a bit concerned when she realized I was
following her yet again, although still offered me a nervous
smile. "I'm not some crazy person. Carlo's
knows me and my family very well, " I think I said to
her next. Rachel tilted her head and looked at me oddly for
a moment before she said, "Do you mean Apple Carlos?"
I just nodded my head but didn't know what else to say
to her.

"This is going to sound crazy but if you have the time,
I would like to take you to my grandmother's apple orchard, "
I said to Rachel. Rachel immediately took two steps back
with a shocked expression on her face. " That was your
grandmother's orchard? She asked gasping while covering
her mouth with her hand.

She followed me back into the terminal to get my bag and rent
a car before I headed out of the airport with her in the front
seat alongside of me. "Do you know how weird this is?
I mean we don't know each other at all, " Rachel
said softly. I told her I knew it was weird but I just couldn't
walk away from her at the airport.

"I remember this, I really do. I know I was only seven
or eight when my grandfather brought me here but it looks
just the same as it did back then, "Rachel said sounding
excited when I turned onto the long dirt driveway. "This
is beautiful, She said as I parked the as Rachel and I got
out and looked around. No one was there except for us.

"I remember that barn. And all the baskets of apples
that were inside, " She said so I reached for her hand
and led her into the old barn. It was our second touch and
it was even more powerful than the first one had been. Rachel
squeezed my hand as we walked inside of the barn which was
now empty until harvest time.

"I love that smell?" Rachel said next. The barn
wood had been seasoned for many years with the scent of fresh,
ripe apples and if you were sharp enough you could still
smell it. " I have liked that smell for all of my life, "
I said to Rachel who had kept a tight grip on my hand.

"I don't know what all of this means or why this
is happening, but I want to kiss you in this barn, "
I said to Rachel whose eyes were as big as saucers. "I
don't understand it either, " She said as I turned
her so we were now facing each other in the old barn.

Rachel had long, silky smooth straight brown hair and as
my hands reached up to hold her, her hair felt like strands
of gold in my hands. Our lips then touched and at first we
both held ourselves back, still leery about all of what
was happening to us. "Oh my goodness, " Rachel
said before she moved even closer to me and back into my arms
as our lips touched again with as much heat as a volcano.
I loved holding her and never wanted to let go of her ever

My heart was in my throat by the time Rachel and I separated
to get our bearings and catch our breath. "Are you
married"? I asked her now fearing I possibly had met
the girl of my dreams and she wasn't available. "No,
not even seeing any body right now, " Rachel said
as I pulled back into my arms for a third hot but loving kiss.
We both agreed that kissing each other felt like something
we were both supposed to do.

"You are seeing me, from now on, " I said after
our kiss as we held hands and walked out of the barn as a couple
even if we had only met a few hours earlier at thirty thousand
feet in the sky. Rachel was warm and loving but also held
herself back just while we walked the orchard together.
"I don't' move real fast when it comes to
romance, " She finally said to me. I squeezed her
soft, warm hand and told her, we would take it as slow as she
wanted it to go.

And when we got back to the old barn, there was Carlo's
old rusty pickup truck next to my car rental. Immediately
I shook his hand before he looked at Rachel, still wearing
her uniform, wondering who she was and what in the world
was she doing at the apple orchard. I introduced her to Carlos
and Carlos to her but he didn't recognize her as the
little girl whose mother he use to sell apples to. But then
Rachel was no longer a little girl but a very classy, wonderfully
graceful fully grown, woman.

I thanked Carlos for continued to tend to the orchard but
told him I was afraid it wouldn't be around very much
longer. "Your grandmother told me a long time ago,
she had taken steps to save her apple orchard, " He
said before he went to walk the rows again before it got dark.

Rachel and I got back in my car and headed out so I could take
her home, where ever that was. She gave me directions to
turn right and then left as we made our back into the heart
of the old city. "Where are you staying?" Rachel
asked me at one point.

I told her I was going to be at my parents home when she reached
over and touched my arm while I was turning the steering
wheel again. "I've never done anything this
like this before, but if you wanted to, we could just get
a hotel room together."

Once inside the hotel room with the door locked Rachel and
I came together as if it had always been our destiny. We kissed
and kissed and kissed as it felt better with each kiss we
shared. I showered first to wash away a day's worth
of travel dirt and was waiting on the bed with a sheet covering
me when Rachel walked out of the shower wrapped in a big white
fluffy towel. She looked more perfect than an angel with
her long slender legs showing under the towel.

Just looking at her long, slender womanly from made me remember
what my grandmother had told me which was to treat the girl
I would marry, as if she was made of fine china. Rachel's
face was a light reddish color as she stood there in front
of me with hardly anything on. "I just don't ever
pick up a man like this, " She said softly. I didn't
know for sure if she was aroused but I certainly was.

And I know it was a big risk because my cock was rock hard and
throbbing when I kicked off the sheet and stood up showing
her my manhood for the first time. Rachel trembled a little
as she looked at me before she reached up and untied the towel,
letting it drop to the floor. Her breasts were like small
oval bumps on her chest and her pussy was covering with a
thick curly bush of dark hair.

We just stared at each other's bodies for about ten
seconds in silence. "I wonder what our babies will
look like , " I said to Rachel as she gasped and covered
her mouth with her hand again. "Sorry if that sounded
wrong, " I said hoping I didn't wreck the moment.
"No, I was thinking that very same thought, "
Rachel said before she rushed into my arms.

Feeling each other's bare bodies against our own was
something neither of us had ever felt before. Rachel was
so warm, so soft and just wonderful to hold while we were
both totally naked. And even though I was more aroused than
ever before I tried really hard to make this feel romantic
for both of us. Rachel was an angel as she laid on the bed glowing
while I kissed her entire body from her forehead down to
her toes.

And when I finally, gently suckled each of her nipples,
she whimpered softly as if she had found a blissful place.
I then moved my head towards her pubic hair and vagina as
Rachel's body began to tense up even more. She then
pushed at my head with her hands as if she was trying to stop
me. I remember I looked up with my nose nearly at her crotch
when Rachel asked me if we could save that for our wedding

"So are you proposing to me?" I asked her as I
pulled back up along side of her to hold and kiss her some
more. "No, but I am waiting for you to propose to me, "
She said giggling back at me. I reminded her we had just met
six hours before, and as crazy as this will sound, Rachel
and I got engaged right before we made love for the first

Rachel then rolled over onto her back and waited for me to
mount her . "This has been the most amazing day of my
entire life, " She said as I moved into position on
top of her warm, tender body. "I sure never expected
this either. But I am happier than I have ever been"
I said back to her. Rachel merely smiled and nodded her head
that she agreed before my hard shaft began touched her outer

That was a very tense moment and one we will both remember
forever. We had not yet made our two bodies become one but
we were about to. And this would be a moment we would never
be able to share together again. Rachel tensed up as soon
as she felt the fat, round end of my cock against her outer
pussy lips. Both our bodies quivered with anticipation
and excitement.

I told Rachel I had looking for her my entire life as she smiled
before she lifted her head off the pillow and pressed her
lips to mine. Our joining bodies was soft, slow and done
as gently as I could. And with each inch I sunk into her warmth,
Rachel and I got closer and closer to one another. She was
absolutely nothing like any of my other girl friends when
it came to sex. I guess with Rachel it felt like love making
and not just sex. Once my entire cock was planted in her womb,
Rachel and I moved together very slowly and very gently
at first.

She then panicked and stopped me before she asked me if I
was married. I chuckled with my entire cock inside of her
vagina and told her no I wasn't either. "I was
seeing a girl , sort of , but not anymore, " I said as
Rachel reached up and pulled me back on top of her again.
We made love for an amazingly long time before the pressure
finally forced the cum out of me. And Rachel felt it when
my shaft erupted deep inside of her womb but she held me close
to her until I was drained.

Rachel and I both showered and then talked for hour on end
on the bed, still naked and of course an occasional kiss
was shared too. This was about life and not about just sex
as we both knew it. Rachel was supposed to fly out in two days
but called in and took a week off just to be with me. We ended
up making love a second time which was even more incredible
than the first time had been

. "My parents are going to be totally shocked, "
She said giggling once I had cum in her again. I told her my
entire family was going to be the very same way. "So
let's just meet them all tomorrow and get that out of
the way, " She said to which I agreed. "Ok honey,
get off of me so I can shower again, " Rachel said with
a huge bright smile on her face.

At first both of our families thought we were insane but
it just didn't' matter to Rachel and I. My grandmother's
funeral went better than I expected it would because I had
Rachel to keep my strong and help me though the tough spots.
And I think my grandmother would have been pleased if she
had been around to see the engagement ring Rachel was now

But my grandmother was not quite done with me just yet. At
the reading of her will, she stated she was leaving the apple
orchard to me as long as I lived on it and tended to her apple
trees for at least ten years. Rachel kept her job as a flight
attendant although being apart was heart breaking for
both of us. And I had quit my job back East, moved into grandma's
old farm house and worked the orchard while waiting for
the love of my life to return from each flight she took.

And it was during one of those spells my bride and I had on
the farm, that Rachel became pregnant after a romantic
picnic and fun time in the old barn. We had waited two years
since our wedding before Rachel had gone off the pill. We
weren't sure how we were going to pay for everything
but then life goes on whether you have everything worked
out or not.

Over the years Rachel and I had been offered a fortune for
the property but we will never sell it. It became not only
our home but it became home for all three of our children
while they were growing up. And now our grandchildren visit
us and the apple orchard, just like we use to.

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The best ever from you! Love reading every one you write! Smiling!


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As always you have hit it out of the park again. It is nice to read your story's well done and just the right amount of sex too keep up the good work


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As I read this I had tears in my eyes. I so desperately wish this had happened to me years ago. Unfortunately I met the woman I feel I was meant to be with years after I had married. What I would give to be able to go back and do it all over again. Great story!


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Great story and very well told. I've had two marriages and now at 69 feel I have found my fine china. what it tells me, and what I told one of my daughters, is not to settle ... make sure it is the right person for you.


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I am 80 and have not been that lucky.
But god has given me good health so I AM VERY LUCKY IN THAT PART OF MY LIFE.
Wonderful story


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a great love story and very sexy as well


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That was the sweetest story you have shared with us. While hot sex is just increadibly fun and pleasurable, we also need that romance and passion in our lives. That is the magical wonder of our lives. Thank you for capturing that...


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A very well written story. I do have a suggestion though: read your story over before you post it. There are several places with words missing (I know when you were writing it was in your mind but didn't get transferred to paper) and several instances of mixed tenses.

I still enjoyed reading it and hope you continue writing.


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probably one of the most touching stories I have ever read on here.


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I read this story and saw my second marriage. Our stories are similar, yet different. I think my wife may be in for some good loving tonight. Maybe my second story on this website.


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I have read and commented on several of your well written stories but this by far my favorite without a doubt.


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What a wonderful story, one of the best I've ever read on here. Much more than a story of just sex, it's the kind of story, I think, we all hope for. Keep up the good work. Thank you again


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Really wonderful. I read it today. I feel I should have read it long ago. Please keep going....