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That was a really wild night


One night Maria and I decided to have a night out at the city,
as we both were in mood to drink we decided to leave our car
on the parking lot of the nearby train station and travel
into the city on the commuter train, Maria quickly dressed
with a mini skirt and a top, braless as usually, and we walked
hand on hand until the nearby train station, as it was Friday
evening about nine PM the station was full of people with
the same idea as us, then the train arrived and we stepped
on board, grumbling about the train being quite full and
having to travel stand, then at the next station dozens
more people got on and we were packed in like sardines.

In the crush, Maria and I were separated and I just could
see the top of her head over the crowd, there were mostly
men on the train so it wasn't surprising that Maria
was surrounded by men, but the funny thing was that they
were all facing Maria, when it was expected a group to be
facing different directions, then the train lurched and
a gap appeared momentarily and I could see that Maria's
mini skirt was around her waist and her panties were pulled
down by her knees, and one guy was fingering her pussy as
another was fondling her ass, her top was pulled up and 2
more guys were playing with her tits. [image] My immediately reaction was to have a terrific hard-on,
so slowly I made my way amongst the other passengers until
I reached close of her and started to rub my cock through
my trousers while watching the men around playing with
her, then I was blocked by the crowd again and I didn't
get the chance to see any more of the show, but as a guy was
getting off he whispered to me. "There's a hot
woman over there, go and get a feel before she gets off."

The trip had taken about 30 minutes and as we approached
our station, Maria made her way over to me, she looked a little
flushed as she said "It's certainly packed in

I agreed and told her that I could notice how packed it was
and we both started laughing, we usually have lots of gang
bangs at home, at swing clubs, at saunas and at sex cinemas,
but where Maria loves to be the center of attention, are
being used on a train or a bus raid. so feeling very adventurous
after that train trip we thought we would go around the old
town, as it was considered a rather naughty place.

As we walked down a street looking at the different book
shops and strip joints, a man in an evening suit standing
in the doorway of a strip club called us over with a very friendly
voice. "Hi! Would you lovely people like to see our

"No thanks." I replied but he persisted "We
guarantee a good show and a lot of fun for all our guests and
it's free entrance to couples."

Maria and I looked at each other and almost at the same time
we said together "Well, why not?"

We both burst out laughing and then the man pointed the way
through the door and up a very narrow staircase that was
illuminated by red light bulbs, at the top of the stairs
there were two other guys who looked like bouncers and as
we approached one of them opened a door and welcomed us with
a big smile, we could hear music and see flashing lights,
where the strippers were dancing. We sat at a corner table to watch the show on the exact moment
the strippers left and the lights went on, a waiter came
with the drinks menu and said “While you choose your drinks
would you like to have a look at these?"

Surprised we saw a kind of magazine with some pornographic
photos, we were completely absorbed in looking at the photos
of girls being fucked by 2 or 3 guys at a time and girls sucking
cocks, Maria was already so turned on by the pics and previous
train ride that she started stroking my cock under the table,
than we almost forgot the waiter, he gently coughed to remind
us his presence, we ordered our drinks and then the lights
went off again for the next show, the waiter came with our
ordered drinks and Maria asked him where was the ladies
room, he just mumbled on the darkness of the room “follow
me, please”. [image2] So the waiter took Maria by the arm through the dark room
and escorted her to the ladies room, what seemed to be placed
on my back, I was concentrated on watching the show that
I didn’t notice one of the bouncers come past me and take
the way to the toilets, it was only when the bouncer came
out of the toilette and thumbed up smiling to the other bouncer,
which was on his way to the toilettes too, that I became concerned
about the time Maria was using, so I walked into the toilettes
area, then to the ladies room, I opened the door and there
lying across a bench, naked, was Maria with her legs up over
the waiter's shoulders while he fucked her pussy as
the bouncer was fucking her mouth.

My reaction was almost immediately a big turned on again
and I had an unbelievable erection as I just stood there
watching the 2 men fucking Maria and how much she was loving
it, then the man from the street came in the ladies room too
and stood beside me saying . "Lovely, isn't she?
You’re a lucky man, she's a very sexy woman and certainly
loves cocks."

And with that he unzipped his fly and took out his cock and
slowly started wanking himself, then I heard the waiter
moan as he shot off his spunk into Maria's pussy, as
soon as he got out of her pussy the bouncer took his place
and started to fuck Maria, the man from the street come over
her head and shoved his big cock into her mouth and she eagerly
started sucking it, the waiter winked at me as he went out
of the toilette and in a couple of minutes he came back with
three more men, they greeted me with a nod and immediately
they all stripped off.

The bouncer who was screwing Maria was making a lot of noise
as he plunged into her pussy with his big cock and then he
exploded into her pussy, meanwhile the man from the street
screamed loudly as he shot his spunk into Maria's mouth,
she was shaking in pure ecstasy under several orgasms,
as then as the bouncer withdrew his cock from her mouth,
I could see his spunk dribbling out of her mouth and down
her chin, then two of the new men took over, they didn't
want Maria on her back, they turned her over so that she was
face down on the bench, one guy stood behind her and started
fucking her pussy as another stood in front and fucked her
mouth, they paced their moves so as one cock got deeply into
her mouth, the other cock got off slightly from her pussy,
then as a cock got deeply into her pussy, the other cock got
off slightly from her mouth. [image3] Needless to say that at that time I has already unzipped
my fly and was wanked myself while watching the whole scene,
it didn't take long to the guy who was fucking her to
moan very loudly as he thrust hard into her pussy and shot
all of his spunk into her already drenched pussy, immediately
the third man took over and there were loud slurping noises
as his cock shoved in and out in the other men's spunk
in her pussy, then the man fucking her mouth with a loudly
scream shot several spunks of cum down her throat, even
in a difficult position Maria managed to swallow the maximum
she could of it.

The third man was still rocking her hard when Maria called
me to join them, she immediately grabbed my cock and shoved
it full length all the way down her throat and started sucking
it without mercy, then the man fucking her yelled and spurts
over spurts of cum reached the insides of her pussy, I couldn’t
hold it any longer and I too shoot several waves of cum down
her throat.

After the third man had finished fucking her, we were left
alone, but not for too long as the door opened and one of the
bouncers went in with two completely naked stripers and
said to Maria “I think you need to be cleaned up, here some
help, Jill and Beth are truly specialists and will love
to do it for you.”

Both women kissed him as he left and closed the door behind
him, Beth was the first to go over a surprised but amazed
Maria and started sucking her breasts, Maria just moaned,
a “please, more, ” as she started finger fuck herself,
soon Beth’s hand replaced Maria’s and she was finger
fucking Marias pussy, the two laid down on the floor and
Maria was moaning loudly, rocking to meet each thrust of
Beth’s hand, Jill then joined them on the floor, she slid
underneath Beth’s ass and began licking Beth’s already
wet pussy, Beth cried out with the feeling of Jill’s tongue
working on her pussy, and replaced her fingers on Maria’s
pussy by her tongue and within minutes both, Beth and Maria
were screaming with their orgasms.

As they recovered from their orgasms Jill sat up and spread
her legs fingering her clit, Maria went to Jill and gave
her a long, hot kisses, their tongues probing deeper with
each one, she rubbed and pulled on Jill nipples while Jill
moaned in pleasure, then Jill lay down and Maria turned
around so she was facing Jill’s pussy and Jill had access
to hers as well, so Maria spread Jill pussy lips with her
fingers, it was already wet and slick and dove right in,
Jill was fingering Maria’s pussy and soon Jill was bucking
with each thrust of Maria’s tongue and Maria’s moaning
increased as Jill finger fucked Maria’s pussy, then
Jill moans increased, so Maria knew she was about to come
and she was ready as well, and soon Maria’s mouth was filled
with Jill’s juices as her body convulsed and contracted
under her orgasm. [image4] I was watching this entire scene mesmerized and wordless,
just thinking “What the fuck, who was coming here to clean

Maria experienced another wild orgasm as she greedily
licked up ever last drop of Jill’s juices from her pussy,
meanwhile her own juices were spraying all over Jill’s
face and chest and she too was liking her clean, then they
lay on the floor side by side to regain their breath, but
immediately Beth lay on top of Maria running her tongue
all over her body, cleaning it up from the remaining mix
of men’s spunk and women’s juices, as she was done with
Maria she turned her attention to Beth and did the same to
her, then Maria jumped over them and they had a wild time
licking, sucking and fucking each other’s juicy pussies,
Maria was that turned on that she didn't know who was
licking and sucking her, she just wanted more and more as
all women were getting orgasm over orgasm.

The three women seemed to have forgotten me while I was speechless
watching their performance, and then as they seemed to
have finished, Maria turned to me and said as she slowly
recovered “Well did you like what you saw?”

Jill and Beth laughed, then Beth turned to me and asked with
a hint of a smirk in her voice “Oh, you are still there?
Are you ok sweetheart?”

Jill giggled as I tried to shake my head "yes",
both women come over me and immediately I felt Jill’s
fingernails began tickling my balls, and Beth's hand
around my throbbing, pulsating cock, I was so turned on
that their small touches drove me crazy, then Beth giggled
and said "Oh it's not fair, we here enjoying ourselves
and forgetting the sweetheart here, look at him, he really
need help, I think we must do something for him, don't
you agree?"

A giggling Jill replied. "Oh yes, I can see your point
and I completely agree, let’s do it."

I could hear Maria laughing while she sat on the bench watching
us, then Beth’s hand began stroking my cock as I felt her
tongue tickling the tip of my cock, driving me insane, I
felt Beth's hand holding firmly around the base of
my cock as she covered the tip with teasing kisses, and Jill's
fingertips delicately tickle-torturing my balls, my
entire body pulled reflexively desperate to climax.

Jill noticed it and laughingly she increased the speed
of her tickling fingertips on my hyper-sensitive balls,
making me moan and grunt while she joked. “Cootchie coochie!
Tickle tickle tickle! Beth look at him, he really is going
crazy isn't he?"

"Oh you should feel him throbbing, if I let go of his
cock right now, he will probably cum all over the place."
Said Beth with a wicked laugh while taking my cock out of
her mouth, then quickly putting it back, so I immediately
could feel Beth's lips kissing, and her tongue tickling
the tip of my cock again, her hand firmly holding my pulsating
cock as Jill mercilessly tickled my balls, I was really
turned on, unable to do anything except trying to hold my
orgasm as long as I could, then Maria said giggling “Pay
attention to him, he can cum and stay hard, he can keep thrusting
deep and after a while he cum again and again.” [image5] Beth and Jill laughed in disbelieve, but I knew Maria was
telling them the truth, then Jill stopped tickling my balls
and just cupped them in the palm of her hand, making me moan
deeply, at that time I was becoming completely lost in the
sensations they were both giving me, they seemed to be working
in unison, although I did not hear them speak about how to
tease my cock and balls, I felt Beth's tongue licking
the length of my cock and Jill's fingertips playing
with and tickle-teasing my balls and all I could do was moan
and grunt, that was too much to endure, my heart was pounding,
every nerve ending in my body was on high, I clearly was in
need to orgasm.

Beth noticed it and giggled "Poor sweetheart. Jill,
he really needs to cum, just keep tickling and doing whatever
you are doing with his balls as he seems to enjoy it, I'm
going to give him the relief he needs, this going to be fun!"

Jill nodded and immediately I felt Beth's mouth around
the tip of my cock, and sliding slowly down the length of
it, I moaned loudly and heard Jill giggle at my reaction
to having my cock sucked after such a long session of licking
and sucking and ticking, I could feel Beth's mouth
moving slowly up and down my cock and I could feel Jill's
fingernails softly and tenderly tickling my balls as I
tensed, arched my back and had a really powerful climax
and several spurts of cum reached her throat, she kept her
mouthful of cum and then Jill kissed Beth, both deeply sharing
and swallowing my cum.

The two women kissed a good bye to us and they left, Maria
cleaned herself the better she could, put on her mini skirt
and top and threw her drenched panties in the trash, as I
finished dressing back Maria burst in laugh, intrigued
I looked at her and between two laughs she could manage to
say “Well, that was the best thing ever happen to me on
a night club, wonder why it took us this long to figure out
the best night club was right close to us?"

Obviously my reaction was join her on her laughs, as we regained
our composure we left, took back our places and watch the
remaining of the show while taking a few more drinks, we
were not surprised neither to see that Jill and Beth were
the two starts of the lesbian show, nor by the special attention
the waiter was giving to us, even once we ordered a few more
drinks, he brought them to us and with a luscious smile he
informed us that drinks were for free as a special attention
from the boss, we looked at the bar to thanked the boss, and
for our surprise he was one of the men who had been with us
on the ladies room.

The show was over and we decided to leave, the bouncer gave
us a wink and asked us to return the day after as they could
get us a lot more of fun, but we'd had enough, great fun
but enough, so we declined it and hand on hand we made our
way to the train station, I said Maria it was already over
midnight, almost the scheduled time for our last train
train and the only comment she made was "I wonder if
the train will be as packed going home?"

I looked at her as I seemed to perceive a tone of expectation
in her voice, but she kept her face as if nothing had happened
before, we heard the train coming at a short distance and
we took a small but quickly race to catch the train, it was
indeed just as packed, I allowed myself to be pushed away
from Maria by the crowd but I managed to swing around so that
I was standing behind the men that were behind her, surprised
I recognized some of the men from before, the same men who
had groped Maria, most probably they had the same idea as
us, come to the city, drink, have fun, and travel by train,
there were some different men too but I was sure that they
would follow the lead of the others and join in with playing
with her.

Just a few minutes of leaving the station one of the guys
was pulling up her skirt, I was curious to see their reaction
as Maria was braless as before, but that time she wasn’t
wearing any panties too, then I smiled to myself as I understood
why she threw her panties in the trash, she wanted to come
prepared for the train ride, I looked back at her and Maria
was having her pussy fingered again and her tits played
and sucked by the men surrounded her, I reached between
the guys in front of me and sliding my hand across her ass
and between her legs I took a turn at fingering her pussy
too, Maria didn’t notice me on her back and it gave me a
peculiar sensation to be clandestinely finger fucking
my own wife as she thought I was a stranger. [image6] My arm was soon pulled out of the way as other guys wanted
a turn at playing with her pussy, so pretty soon Maria was
writhing and moaning, she had her arms around some guy’s
neck and was kissing him whilst the others were bringing
her to a climax, as her climax subsided, she just sort of
hung there on the guys neck, exhausted, then one guy lay
a briefcase flat on the floor and lifted her by the hips so
that she was standing on it, and that brought her hips up
to a height that made it easier for her to be fucked, and then
with a hand on each of her hips, the guy pulled her back onto
his hard cock.

I watched mesmerized as I saw the man’s cock entering
her pussy while she was in the middle of a crowd of men inside
a packed train, the guy who Maria was hanging onto, lowered
her down so that her face was levelled with his crutch, he
opened his zip and pulled out his cock and pressed it to Maria's
lips, her mouth opened eagerly and she quickly engulfed
the full length of man's cock into her mouth, at first
the guy was going gently but as the fucking she was getting
from behind started to get harder, she was pushed forward
onto the cock in her mouth and pretty soon she was having
her throat deeply fucked as well.

The guy fucking her came quickly and before he could withdraw
his cock, he was pulled out of the way as another guy rammed
his cock up her and fucked Maria furiously for about 30 seconds
and another load of spunk was shot inside her pussy, one
by one they kept taking turns fucking her, while she was
sucking and blowing a few others, by the time we got to our
station, Maria had been fucked by 8 men in her pussy and 6
other men shot their spunk down her throat, I had taken a
turn at fucking her myself too and I had one of the most explosive
climax that I can ever remember.

Maria was in pure ecstasy again with all the fucking and
all the climaxes she had, she didn't even know where
she was, she was completely out of we were arriving our station,
so I needed to open passage through the crowd, grab her and
rearrange her clothes quickly, but three of the guys couldn’t
keep their hands off her, Maria was still feeling their
fingers everywhere, her tits, up her skirt, rubbing her
pussy and ass especially her ass, it was like those three
guys were obsessed with it, the look of disappointment
on their faces seemed that the most probably was that those
three guys couldn’t have time to enjoy fucking her, I
thought for myself. [image6] Needless to say Maria was overwhelmed by their attention
and as the train slow down to stop at our station she told
the guys "Sorry guys we must leave as it is our train
stop, but if you want to finish what you started you could
come out of the train too and join us at the back of the train

Needless to say as the train stopped we got her off the train
and they followed us, I could see how excited they were as
when we walked out there to the back of the empty train station
they escorted Maria among them while having their hands
all over her, she walked outside the back of the train station
and just sat in the grass, they each sat around her and continued
rubbing her, then one started kissing her mouth while the
others fingered her pussy and ass, I looked around to see
if we were safe there, the station was empty just a few cars
remaining on the parking lot, so I just sat facing them trying
don’t lose any bit of the scene, I was curious to watch
where there previous attention on her ass would lead their

After a while Maria too was kissing the guy, she silently
unzipped his zipper, took out his cock and started sucking
his cock head without the other two guys noticed it, at that
moment she had a couple of fingers in her pussy, a finger
into her ass and a cock in her mouth, but as she engulfed the
full length of the guy’s cock deeply down her throat,
and her head started moving quickly up and down with her
sucks, the others noticed she was sucking the guy’s cock,
so they stopped their finger fuck, unzipped their zippers
and took out there already hard cocks, Maria immediately
started taking turns sucking all three of their cocks,
it was really amazing to watch her performance and it was
really turning me on.

Maria was sucking the 3 guys and playing with them, sometimes
just one by one taking turns on sucking each one’s cock,
others shoving two cocks into her starched mouth and sucked
both, and once I even burst in laugh as she tried to have the
3 cocks all together into her mouth, of course she couldn’t,
but at least she could manage to have their three cock heads
inside her mouth at the same time, what seemed to delight
her as I clearly noticed as she reached another orgasm,
then her attention changed to become mainly focused on
one of the guys, he was really fucking her mouth hard with
his cock and as Maria was sucking him the others started
fingering her ass and pussy again and I could see very clearly
she had really enjoyed it, but also I noticed some moves
on the groves, surely enough not by the wind, so, looking
better I could see a few guys hidden by the groves and watching
us, most probably guys that were coming to pick up their
cars on the car parking on side the train station.

I looked at Maria, she was completely aware of them, so with
my finger I signed them to come over in silent, they did it,
they were all young black guys and stood there on my side
speechless and mesmerized watching the whole scene, they
were completely in disbelieve about what was going on under
their eyes, then the guy fucking her mouth got off of her,
and signed something to the other two, they both stopped
their finger fuck and they turned Maria over on her hands
and knees. [image7] As she was positioned on her all fours one guy started licking
her asshole and pussy with his tongue, he was licking her
ass liked forever, Maria thought he would never stop, her
asshole was completely drenched by his saliva and the juices
dripping from her pussy, but then with a quickly and hard
thrust he inserted his cock into her ass, a couple of thrusts
and spurt over spurt of cum was shot inside her asshole,
then the other guy took over and pushing Maria down to the
grass her forced his already big hard cock into her asshole,
and laughing when Maria screamed out “Yes, that’s
it, fuck deeply my ass.”

He fucked Maria’s ass for what seemed like an eternity,
she got a couple of more orgasms while he fucked her ass,
and then he too shot several waves of cum inside her asshole,
as he left cum was leaking from her ass and running down her
legs, as he got out of her the last guy from the train took
over and as she was getting fucked in the ass doggy style
for the third time that night I walked on over her head and
shoved the full length of my cock into her mouth and down
her throat, I could feel her nose against my pubic hair as
I started mouth fucking her, the guy into her ass was pounded
her so hard that I could hear Maria’s butt cheeks clap
on against him as he was thrusting deeply into her asshole.

That was too much for the black guys, they couldn’t keep
the silent anymore and they started cheering:

“What a real good ass fuck! What a woman!” “I want to fuck her asshole so bad, she has the prettiest
ass I've ever seen, did you see her tits?” “Can we fuck her too tonight?” “I want her to fuck my cock with those tits” “Think she takes money? Look how she takes that cock into
her mouth, she needs to eat my cum too.”

The three guys from the train laughed as they already had
noticed the arrive of those guys, but Maria almost jumped
as she heard them cheering, that was when she realized there
were several black men watching her performance, but after
the initial shock from having an unexpected audience,
she just sucked my cock harder and pressed her buttocks
against the chest of the guy into her ass, allowing his cock
to be shoved deeply into her asshole, we then paced our rhythm
fucking her two holes while she kept listening the encouragements
and remarks from our audience and bouncing her tits for

The black guys came closer to get a better view, they circled
around watching Maria’s double fuck, hard cocks already
in their hands, jerking off as they await their chance to
use Maria, some even were taking photos and videos, they
all chuckled when they saw the lust on her face, and that
turned them even more on and made them stroke their erections
faster, so sighing into the grass, Maria spread her legs
further apart, opening her wildly while the guy in her ass
exploded his cum inside her asshole, she relaxed her asshole
as the guy's cock pops out, but I kept fucking her mouth
for a couple of minutes more until I couldn’t hold it any
longer and blasts my cum into her throat . [image8] I got my cock out of her mouth and lie there on the grass watching
as the three guys from the train dressed up and left thanked
us, then Maria still on her all fours looked at the expectant
black guys and burst in laugh I looked up and they were standing
there, stroking their cocks while wondering if they could
get a chance with her, so Maria just giggled and said “So,
are you going to stay there all night, cocks on hands and
looking at me, or are you ready to give me your cocks too?”

With that words the black guys cheered as circled Maria
and started taking turns fucking her, they kept Maria on
her hands and knees and three of them positioned themselves
for a fuck session, one lay under Maria shoving his cock
into her pussy while other lay over her with his cock into
her ass, and the third one was blocking her mouth with his
hard-on, they all were mounting and hammering Maria’s
holes with their hard-ons, and switching positions for
several times, they took turns enjoying each one of her
holes, they kept fucking her until they all fill up Maria’s
holes and cover her entire body with countless loads of
hot sperm.

When each group of three guys leaves, another group appears,
it was a nonstop for all those black guys on her, Maria took
cock after cock up her pussy and ass as being always mouthful
of cock, her moans were just mumbles, she lose the count
of how many orgasms she got, but she kept firmly her position,
by being double fucked on her ass and pussy while sucked
another cock, until they all were done with her, then they
all lay on the grass exhausted, the guys were very thankful
with her, all seemed to be very glad with what happened,
they spent all the time commenting

“what a great fuck”, “what a so beautiful and hot woman”, “this was the fuck of my life” “what a really nice ass”, “what a fantastic blow job I had”

And so on, Maria was just laughing and thanking them, they
seemed to have regained their breath and I stood up ready
to leave but then one of the guys asked for silence, and said.
“Mam, this was unbelievable, you are the hottest woman
we ever met, this was something we will always remember,
but can we ask you a question?”

Intrigued Maria just replied “Sure why not?”

He then looked deeply at Maria’s eyes and begged with
a so funny tearful voice “Do you think we can take another
round with you?”

Maria looked at me surprised then to the black guys, they
all already stood up waiting expectants her decision,
she then giggled and lie on the grass face down and ass on
the air saying a “why not?” to them but immediately
added “Sorry guys, my wrists and knees are sore and I can’t
keep the same position any longer, I just go to stay here
on the grass but you can take me how you want, no problem at
all." [image9] They all almost jumped to her exposed asshole, needless
to say that time I joined them, and one by one we climbed on
top of her and enjoyed her asshole from behind, as we were
finished with her one of the black guys flipped Maria over
onto her back, exposing her front body in all its glory and
immediately one cock shoved it way past her lips, buried
itself down her throat, and began to facefuck Maria forcefully
as a massive set of balls slapped against her chin, she felt
several man's hands pinching her nipples and gripping
her tits as another black man buried his long, rigid cock
between her breasts then he pushed her breasts together
and began titfucking Maria with all his might.

As the black guy facefucking Maria shoot his cum into her
mouth, he got off of her just on time as the black guy titfucking
her shoot his load all over her breasts and chest, yet another
man lifts Maria’s body up slightly, sliding underneath
her on his back so that she was lying on top of him, with her
face pointed toward the sky, he pressed his firm cockhead
against her ass before pulling her hips down and ramming
his thick cock again into her ass, as he slammed her asshole
up and down on his throbbing cock, another man climbed on
top of her on missionary style and Maria could feel his thick
black cock enter her soaking wet pussy and started its own
furious thrusting.

We kept gangbanging Maria along the rest of the night, obviously,
at that time neither her pussy nor her asshole needed any
kind of lube in order to accept these big black cocks, her
cunt has been oozing enough cream that mixed to all men’s
cum was more than enough to lube up both her holes, Maria
was completely lost in lust, she had no idea about how many
times she orgasmed, we kept full penetrating her, one in
the ass the other in the pussy and a third in the mouth, she
could sense some guys were leaving but others were still
circling around as she could hear them stroking their big
hard cocks and she was wondering if they were thinking to
do anything else with her, she already allowed the guys
shoving their huge cocks up her ass, down her throat, up
her pussy and between her breasts, and she was almost sure
that each man had enjoyed each one of her holes at least once,
Maria just closed her eyes and allowed another orgasm to
build, it comes so fast that surprised her, and then some
unknown person licked the cream out of her drenched pussy.

As the black men were done one last time with her, they were
living one by one until Maria exhausted and fully satisfied
stay alone with me, I was too tired to drive home, so we called
a friend of us to drive us home, a guy who was our usually partner
on our threesomes, as he arrived he was curious about what
happened then he laughed a lot when we told him our adventure,
then he added "Holly shit, you could call me early
to join you, now after hear our story sure enough as I went
back home I go to need to jerk off myself".

Maria laughed and said “No way, let’s take care of you
too.” [image10] And immediately Maria dropped on her knees and unzipped
his zipper freeing his cock, she wasn’t surprise to see
his already hard-on, so she immediately sucked his cock
until he cum into her mouth and then he drove us home.

That was a really wild night, nor Maria neither I could know
how many people Maria had done that night.

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A VERY FINE STORY LOVED IT. I have wife that does that for me. But she likes BIG BLACK COCK. If they CUM in her mouth she kisses me so DEEP FOR A LONG TIME. She likes me to drink there CUM. When they CUM in her CUNT I have to EAT HER NEXT. And the same for her ASS. Some times she likes for me to SUCK them until they are HARD, then they FUCK THE LIFE OUT OF HER. We have done MANY, MANY GANG BANGS. And we BOTH LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!


vikingluso replies on 5/26/2016 1:11 pm:
Wow, happy couple, thanks for sharing, we wish all the best to both of you

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great story with lots of sex and lots od cum


vikingluso replies on 5/26/2016 1:12 pm:
Thanks a lot for your comment
Palidin6999 56 M
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What a Wonderful and Loving wife..... Keep Smiling and Live......


vikingluso replies on 5/29/2016 4:29 pm:
Thanks a lot for your so kind comment

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great story loved it


vikingluso replies on 5/29/2016 4:29 pm:
Thanks a lot for your comment

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Dam, Where was i? lol.


vikingluso replies on 5/29/2016 4:30 pm:
Thanks a lot

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That was a really hot night!!! Maria must be a very sexy woman,


vikingluso replies on 5/29/2016 4:30 pm:
Thanks a lot for a so kind comment

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very good, I bet the plain clothes cop on the subway just watched, his cock hard against his pants


vikingluso replies on 5/29/2016 4:31 pm:
We think so too

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My,my my. Where was i?


vikingluso replies on 6/2/2016 6:40 am:
Dreaming? Just wake up and wait for next

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Great story sounds like you are lucky to have a fantastic sexy wife


vikingluso replies on 6/3/2016 12:41 pm:
Thanks a lot for your comment

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I don't know why...some parts was already predictible...but anyway hot
Most errouse was part with 3 ladies....i even start imagine...that would be greate to join them.

Thank was great story!


vikingluso replies on 9/2/2016 6:12 pm:
Thanks a lot for a so kind comment