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That time again


. With Winter over and Spring in full swing comes that time again, fishing with the boys. Boys should be taken loosely as they're all in their fifties now.

Maybe it was his age or the simple fact he didn't like fish, but Greg has been thinking of no longer attending these trip. That won't be happening this year as its his turn to drive. Greg tosses his bag in the back of his truck maybe for the last time them one by one he picks up the others.

Greg wasn't the only one as Bill sent his son Mark in his stead. Mark is in three year of his full ride on a baseball scholarship, a stud in high school but now after two full seasons he's paying more attention to his books as that MLB contract isn't looking in the cards.

It's a good five hour drive even with paying no attention to the speed limits and when they finially pull up to their condo, tents and trailers given up years ago. Greg takes his bag up stairs where there was two bedrooms and a bath only wanting sleep and knowing the others will be up drinking until late. With any luck he'll have the floor to himself with more bedrooms down stairs.

He wakes sometime later, it's pitch black in the room and silent downstairs. The only sound is the shower running just on the other side of his wall. Maybe the reason he woke as there's a great need for a pee. Laying there waiting for the shower to stop only feeds his need and now to the point where something must be done.

In only his boxer Greg taps on the door asking for him to hurry. Marks voice answers back to come in and help yourself. For such a need nothing is happening and when Mark ripped open the shower curtain to ask if he's feeling better the odds just got slimmer.

Greg turns his body hiding his manhood from view where Mark has no shame running his soapy hand over his nice cock. And why not, mid twenties and an athletes body. Greg finds himself staring as Marks cock continues to get bigger and bigger. He's not even aware that his body has turned back and he's now matching him stroke for stroke.

Greg crashes back to earth when Mark steps from the shower and brushes past, stopping to snap the back of Greg's waistband saying I figured you as a jockey man. Greg stood there waiting for his cock to go down so he could finally take that pee, afterwards a cold shower was in order.

Back in bed and never getting off Greg slips off his boxers and begins to stroke his cock again. Just as he's getting close his door opens, Greg lays still pretending to be sleeping. His heart pounds as he feels someone reaching under his blankets, their hand finds his cock at the ready. Greg clinches at the mattress trying not to cum to the skill hands working his cock and balls.

Then in a flash the cold air bites at his skin as his blankets are yanked off with one motion, Mark whispers don't worry I won't tell anyone. Then to Greg's delight Mark wraps his lips around Greg's wanting cock.

It didn't take long for Greg to release his load and like a champ Mark captures every drop. Stunned, amazed and so relieved Greg lays there as Mark slowly moves up. Softly pressing his lips to Greg's, Greg softens his mouth allowing Marks tongue and the remnants of his own cum to enter.

Mark bids him a goodnight and turns to leave, Greg reaching out into the darkness just grasps his hand pulling him onto the bed. Greg's hands scouting until he finally finds Marks cock, firm and ready Greg takes his first taste if cock. In his mind he repeats watch the teeth, watch the teeth.

And with maybe more credit to the moment then his skills Mark sings out he's about to cum, where do you want it?

Well past the point of return and a fan of his wife pegging him Greg tells Mark "in my ass". Greg gets on all four and hears Mark bring up a wad of spit, a wiggling finger invades hus behind and then a second. Mark is skilled at working Greg's hole readying it for something bigger.

Mark places the head of his large cock at Greg's backdoor, letting Greg take him in at his speed. It wasn't long before Mark is balls deep and Greg is slamming back wanting everything he has. Delighted to the feel of warm flesh over cold plastic, the only thing he's known.

Then Mark takes a firm hold to Greg's hips and with a last few plunges the final dive followed by the feeling of warmth as Mark cums deep inside Greg's ass.

Fish or not he knew he caught the big one that year.

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...not what I was expecting to read based on the title. You would make a good "romance novel" writer though.


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como te chuparia esas rics tetas


aloneinaus 57 M
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cool, sounds interesting


Score 3.1

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Y not invite the others


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what a great story telling of an awakening


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Awesome story for 1st time