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That day she was feeling naughty


It was a hot day in the middle of summer and Maria was heading
up to the local park for her usual jogging, as she was on her
running way she received a urgent call from nature and needed
to use a bathroom, there was only a unisex public toilet
on that park, and Maria decided to relieve herself in there,
she entered the toilet through a graffiti coloured door
that had only one good hinge, inside one room only with urinals
and another room with a few cubicles, she entered that room
and as she was afraid the toilet was a mess, graffiti was
sprawled across the walls, the dank coloured floor was
soaked because of the leaking pipes and taps, the toilet
cubicles were damaged and there was only half a sink.

Maria briefly glanced in the half broken mirror to make
sure her hair was ok and went into one of the cubicles to relieve
herself, the sounds of her pee echoed through the toilets
and then she heard a deep gruff voice that seemed to be coming
from all around her before she realised it was coming from
the cubical next to hers, the wall of the cubical had a hole
in it, and through it a voice asked “Hello, are you a man
or a woman?”

Surprised Maria didn’t answer, a few minutes of absolutely
silent and then she replied “A woman why?”

The voice then added “Well, that’s good to know, do
you want to do me a favour?”

Maria didn’t have time to be intrigued about what kind
of favour the man in the next cubicle was talking, as saying
that he stuck his cock through the hole on the wall, his cock
was already semi-hard, long as hell, and had a big mushroom
shaped head, the sight of that huge cock made Maria become
warm, and then the voice said, “Please, suck my cock!”
[image] For a few moments Maria couldn’t move, she just stared
at his massive cock with its pulsing veins and its smooth
head as a warm sensation was growing all over her body, she
couldn’t wait any longer so she got down on her knees and
started to lick his long shaft, first Maria licked the bottom
all the way to the tip and back, then she tried putting the
whole of its cock head inside her mouth, she licked the piss
hole at the top of his cock, sucked the cock head into her
mouth, and ran her tongue all over it, he really seemed to
enjoy that and began to make low moaning sounds as his cock
was fully erect, and there was no going back.

Maria didn’t even care that she was in a public toilet
in the middle of a park sucking a man off without even a lock
on the cubicle door, she was just focus on his cock as it was
rock solid in her mouth, it was really thick, and it was hard
for Maria to get it all in her mouth, so she decided to coat
his shaft with loads of saliva, once that was done she jerked
him off with her hand for a while and then really got into
the sucking, Maria sucked him as hard as she could, and put
as much of his huge cock that she could get into her mouth,
Maria then reached her hand to her pussy and started rubbing
it as breathing through her nose while deep throated him
deeply and wildly.

Through the hole Maria could see his hands moving down as
he was massaging his balls while she sucked his cock, there
were lots of slurping and groaning coming from the man and
she could taste the pre-cum oozing from this man’s cock,
so Maria moved faster with her head and the man started rocking
backwards and forwards, she closed her eyes and sucked
even deeply and wildly that cock every time it hammered
into her mouth, by her side Maria started finger fuck her
pussy with vigour as that non-stop slurp fest was making
her incredibly horny.

It was when the man whose cock she was sucking decided to
eject his spunk, his cock erupted with shuddering violence
that almost ripped her mouth apart as he was shooting load
after load of hot sperm into Maria’s waiting mouth, she
couldn’t swallow all of it straight away as she too busy
enjoying her own orgasm, the ripples of her orgasm seeming
to last forever until the spunk stopped being ejected into
her mouth and finally Maria was left with a softening cock
between her lips and a mouthful of sperm that she eagerly
swallowed. [image2] Maria licked the cock until all of the cum was gone and the
man she had just sucked off said before left the toilets
“Thanks, that was great!”

A few minutes later Maria left the toilets too, feeling
amazing as had an incredible unexpected suck session,
and returned back to her jogging session.

As Maria returned home from her jogging, and as the weather
was perfect she decided to go to the shopping mall, she dressed
up a white tank top, a short skirt with buttons, a red bra
and thong, a pair of high heeled sandals, and sunglasses
which she used as a hairband, the street was full of people
enjoying the sun and immediately she received a lot of looks
and whistles the moment she stepped out of home, her gorgeous
body and her provocative dress as she walked down the street
attracted a lot of attention, and most of the men were staring
at her.

Maria had to take the regular bus, so she sat on an empty seat
by the window, her skirt rode up her thighs when she sat down,
so her sexy legs were on display for all them to see, needless
to say that almost all the men in the bus were really watching
as she crossed her legs, even the guy seated in front of Maria
had to turn once in a while to just to have a glimpse, but she
just pretended not to notice it, she didn't mind about

Then a man transferred and sat right next to her, Maria looked
at him, it was a middle aged man with a very good look and she
smiled to him, taking her smile as an invitation, he immediately
placed his hand on her lap and started rubbing her thighs,
she grinned with his audacity and just looked out the window
trying not stare at the man as she put one hand inside his
pants and played with his cock while he was feeling up her
legs, his hand moving higher and higher until he managed
to hike her skirt up even more, so the full length of her legs
were exposed for him to caress and for everyone else to watch.

Maria looked around the bus and a woman seated at the other
side just shook her head, it looked like she was signalling
her not to worry and go ahead, and then the man started rubbing
her thighs faster with longer strokes, Maria figured he
might be cumming very soon and she too increased the stroking
of his cock, and she was right, he increased his moans and
she could feel him cumming inside his pants and against
her hand, then he immediately let go of her legs and got off
the bus on the next stop, Maria was almost laughing with
the unexpected funny situation. [image3] As Maria was trying to clean her hand from his spunk and fix
her skirt back down, one of the guys who were watching them
sat next to her, he knew she wouldn't complain because
he watched her the whole time, so he pulled her skirt back
up, even higher than the other guy, and hiked her skirt high
enough to expose her panties, then he rubbed her inner thighs
as he partially spread her legs, so Maria easily realized
that new guy wanted more of her as he put his hand inside her
panties, it didn't take long and he had two fingers
inside her already wet pussy and thrusted his fingers deeper
and harder inside her, Maria was enjoying his finger fuck
and the man too was obviously enjoying what he was doing.

Maria was so turned on that she needed to bit her lower lip
to prevent herself from moaning loudly, then another man
from behind her seat slid his hands under her top and started
squeezing her breasts and kissing gently her neck at the
same time, Maria couldn’t keep silent no longer and started
to give out soft moans, the way the guy was fingering Maria
got her pussy soaking wet, so she willingly opened her legs
wider for him, as the man behind her was licking her ear,
and then the guy next to Maria fingered her wet pussy harder
and faster until she reached an orgasm.

Then Maria went back to the reality, she looked outside
the bus to check where it was, and then she turned to the guys
and told them she had to get off on the coming stop and to make
it quickly, they both just smiled at her, and as the man at
her pussy increased the pace of his fingers into her pussy,
and the guy on her breast started liking them. [image4] Finally the bus slowed down near her stop, they helped her
straighten her clothes up, and moved away as the bus stopped,
Maria got off the bus and went on the shopping mall, pretended
that nothing happened.

At the shopping mall, Maria run to the toilet to wash her
face and lose the flush, as she was ready she started making
her tour through several stores, and then she entered a
fashion store and began to choose and then picked up a few
clothes, about half an hour later she was still inside the
same fashion store and was looking for a few more dresses,
she have already a pile of dresses, skirts and blouses with
her, and was trying a sexy dress with a plunging neckline
to the navel and so short that almost ended just below her
waist, Maria smiled looking at her figure on the mirror,
that dress was really daring and provocative, she didn't
know whether she should buy it or not when she felt eyes on
her, so turning around, she saw a sales clerk watching her
and he certainly seemed appreciative of the view.

Maria grinned to him and embarrassed he tried to look away,
but Maria didn't mind at all, in fact, she quite enjoyed
his attention, he had a nice body, lean and nicely-formed,
he obviously took care of himself physically as his body
was sleek and athletic good looking, so Maria decided to
provoke him "What do you think? Does this dress suit

The clerk nodded, Maria walked a little closer to him as
asked seductively "What's your name?"

He gasped and without taking his eyes from her outfit she
managed to reply "Johnny."

"Okay Johnny, should I buy this dress or not?"
Again, the clerk nodded.

Maria's perverted little wheels began spinning,
she wanted a little more playtime and here was a perfect
opportunity. "Well Johnny, I think I go to follow
your advice and buy the dress, but we need to seal this deal
so we're both happy, don't you think?"

Johnny nodded absolutely speechless, he blushed as he
started to have a fair idea what Maria was going to propose,
and although it might cost his job he was sure it was one deal
he was going to make, he hadn't seen anyone with that
much raw sexuality and audacity, then Maria purred in a
soft, dulcet tone "Well, I already have here a pile
of clothes, but I really, really want this dress Johnny,
so here's the deal, if you fuck me right now here, I'll
buy this dress."

Johnny was absolutely astonished, even with all he thought
before he was in disbelieve of Maria’s words, he whacked
the side of his head and stuttered . "Hum, sorry, I
couldn't have heard that right, you mean that if you
let me fuck you, I'll buy the dress for you, right?"
[image5] Maria burst in laugh then said while still playing her game.
"No, oh no, Johnny my dear, I just want this dress and
also want to have sex with you, to make it more funny I want
you to convince me to buy it, as you said before it makes me
look really sexy, right?"

Johnny couldn’t remember if he had told her she looked
sexy with that dress or not, but Damn, surely she looks really
sex and he started feeling a bulge on his pants, trying to
look natural and hidden his erection he stuttered again
"Sorry Miss, hum ….? "

"Maria." She quickly added smiling to him.

Johnny seemed to have lost his initial shyness and replied
with a hoarse voice "Maria, you'd look sexy in
a burlap sack, you're damned right that dress is really
sexy on you."

Maria giggled as she replied "I don't wear burlap,
it itches, so if the dress makes me look sexy and you think
I'm worth fucking, come and fuck me right now and I'll
buy the dress and all the other clothes in that little pile
over there, what do you say?"

Johnny was a married man and the manager of that shop, he
tried to maintain his calm, but that sexy provocative woman
in front of him kept moving sensually in her tight outfit
and was making his head whirl, then Maria crossed her arms,
pouted at him and purred "Oh Johnny, come on now, I'm
certainly worth fucking and I promise you the ride of your
life, there's another salesclerk over there, ask
him to keep an eye on things and we'll go in the back and
I'll blow your mind !"

Those words seemed to be like an electric shock on Johnny,
he called the salesclerk and said "Look, I have to
work out a deal with this customer, can you watch the front
for me, please?"

The salesclerk smiled and said, "Sure don’t worry."

Maria followed Johnny into the secluded back room, there
was already a couch there, and she stretched out on it, head
propped on one hand, sexy legs outstretched, wanting him
to take in the full view, Johnny looked at her mesmerized
and Maria noticed the bulge on his pants, so she grinned
and cooed "Come on Johnny, don’t waste your time,
get over here and get me out of this dress!" [image6] Johnny didn't need to be told twice, he moved towards
Maria, she stood up and their lips met in a warm deep kiss,
he kissed her firmly, but warmly, his tongue didn't
slurp, it probed and duelled with hers and aroused her passions,
Maria’s nipples stiffened under her dress and she felt
her pussy moisten underneath the tiny thong she wore, at
that moment she just wanted a good hard fuck, and said giggling
to Johnny "Hang on man, I'm a freak once I get going!"

After those words Maria undid the dress, wanting to keep
it in nice shape, she placed it to the side and turned back
to Johnny, who was mesmerized by her curvy almost naked
body, she walked over to him again and kissed him hard, her
hands on his neck, making his heart thump as her firm, big
tits pressed against his chest, Maria began kissing down
his neck and unbuttoning his shirt, licking his body with
each button she opened, goose bumps began to appear on his
skin, for a moment he was motionless, then he began to assist
Maria on his own undressing.

As Maria looked down she almost gulped, she was fuckin'
impressed, there, between his legs, was one of the biggest
cocks she'd ever seen, her mouth watered as she brought
her face to it and hefted his thick cock and meaty balls in
her hand, it was a nice, juicy cock and she yearned to feel
it inside her, but she wanted to suck it first, just to experience
the sensation of a cock that big crossing her lips, so Maria
wrapped her hands around his body and braced herself as
her mouth slipped around the thick shaft.

Johnny groaned as Maria began sucking him off, her mouth
was working on his shaft, her lips weaving their magic all
over his hardening cock as she sucked him off, her tongue
swirled around his big cock until he pulled away and beamed
at her, surprised she looked up to him and he just said smiling
"Now is my turn!"

Johnny said it as he moved between her legs, took out her
small thong and kissed her cunt and really began to work
her over, licking her pussy, flattening his tongue and
leaving it over her twat, slurping, suckling her clit as
she groaned and enjoying the trickles of the pussy cream
that flowed from her body, Johnny continued to lick her
while Maria clutched his head and dreamed of more, she was
so turned on by the clandestine fuck and by the thrill of
fucking a stranger she barely knew while others clients
were outside and perhaps could hear them.

Maria was happy as she thought she had chosen very well,
Johnny really knew how to please a woman, she moved her body
on top of the prone Johnny and slid her pussy down, down,
down onto his cock and wriggled it deep inside her pussy,
every time she slid on him it hurt a bit as it entered her body,
Maria was aware of how thick he was, and then she screamed
in ecstasy as the full length of his cock sank deeper inside
her pussy. [image7] Without wasting time Maria started fucking, really fucking,
Johnny's big cock, taking it all inside her and moving
her body around in concentric circles, then rolling her
hips back and forth to thrust him within her pussy, Johnny
didn't say much, but she could see the expression on
his face and see in his eyes how much he was grooving on her
fucking, Maria always loved being in control, being aggressive
and then she raked her nails over his body, letting herself
go, the freak coming out as her hair whipped from side to

Maria whooped out her joy at being fucked so well, she just
let her tits bounce as her current fucker drilled her with
his cock, Johnny really knew what he was doing and he kept
busy as he fucked her, his hands playing with her tits as
she rode him, harder and harder, she wanted to really let
go and Johnny didn't disappoint her, his cock fucked
her wildly and his face slightly contorted as Maria took
him on in a sexual frenzy, then she jumped off him and positioned
herself on all fours, her ass pointed up, Johnny moved in
behind and started fucked her roughly, deeply and wildly.

Johnny started to have a bit of control over how he was fucking
Maria and while his cock drilled her, he got to play with
her bounced breasts, he fucked her really harder and she
was becoming more vocal, feeling some move on her side she
looked at the door just on time to see the other salesclerk
watching them through the semi open door, she smiled at
him and he blushed and quickly closed the door. [image8] Needless to say Maria was even more turned on by that and
her moans started to be very loudly, and then her body convulsed
under a violent wild orgasm, Johnny couldn’t hold his
own orgasm any longer and several spurts reached the inside
of her pussy, he quickly took his cock out of her and sprayed
some more cum all over her ass then he fell back, exhausted.

They lay there for a while in a sexual stupor until both regain
their breath, then Maria got dressed, re-donning the new
dress, she didn't put on her panties, then she smiled
at Johnny and giggled. "I love this dress, I'm
glad I decided to buy it!"

Johnny said laughing "Well, that was an unusual way
to make a sale, but if you're happy, ok, the customer
is always right!"

Maria too laughed as she gathered up her purchases and went
to the front counter, the salesclerk looked at them with
a flushed face, Maria giggled as she knew he had watched
what had happened inside the back room, the salesclerk
almost didn’t look at her as he followed Johnny’s instructions
and packed up Maria’s purchases in bags, meanwhile Johnny
gave Maria the ticket with her account, gladly she found
he made a reasonable discount, she thanked him, he just
smiled professionally and left letting the other salesclerk
finish the packs for Maria.

As Johnny walked to other side of the store the salesclerk
looked much more uninhibited and was also scoping Maria
out just as Johnny did before, so while waiting he finish
with her packs Maria looked over at him, he was quite good
look too, and then Maria mumbled in a way that anyone else
couldn’t hear "Are you working tomorrow?”

Surprised at first, then he nodded, Maria took his hand,
looked into his eyes and said in a low voice "Great.
I'll be here tomorrow again, and I hope I can count on
you to give me the same kind of attentive service your manager
provided!" The salesclerk looked at her in disbelieve, Maria grinned
and winked at him, then she left the store and left a flushed,
speechless and astonished salesclerk behind her.

Maria headed up the steps that lead out of the shopping mall
to the street area, drops of a summer rain shower were falling
as she got to the top of the steps, then looking up at the sky
Maria said "Oh great, just what I need, a fucking rain

Maria was not prepared for it at all and it wasn't long
before she was completely soaked wet, her red bra clearly
visible through her white tank top, her hair stuck flat
against her head, she ducked into a doorway and waited for
the shower to pass, then a voice yelled "Excuse me
miss, do you need a ride?"

Maria looked down and saw a black cab driver leaning out
of his cab window, the rain running down his bald head, gladly
Maria replied “Oh, yes. Surely I want it.”

As she answered the cab driver Maria stepped out into the
rain again and towards the cab, the black driver reached
out the window and opened the door for her and she jumped
inside with her bags of clothes, she sat on the back seat
and the driver asked her where she need to go, Maria gave
him her address and he pulled away from the curb and joined
the flow of traffic, while saying “It’s raining a lot,
you are soaked wet.”

Maria laughed and replied “Yes, and I’m dressing for
summer time, my top is completely wet.”

The cab driver laughed and added "Yes, I'm sure
it is. If you are not using that bra I could clearly see your

Surprised at first by his audacity, then Maria decided
to go ahead with him and giggled “Oh, yes surely you could,
do you think I have a nice tits?”

Laughing the cab driver too decided to play her game and
said between two laughs “Oh, yes, and I will love to see
your tits!"

Maria was having fun with that conversation and said giggling
"Wow! You don't lose your time, do you?"
[image9] Maria saw him smile in the rear-view mirror back at her,
she got settled on the back seat and then grabbed the bottom
of her soaked top, leant forward and pulled it off over her
head, so she was sitting there in her red bra and short skirt,
he swerved a little as he kept looking in the mirror, and
Maria giggled again "Careful there or I stop now."

He giggled and Maria moved forward to the rear facing seat
and knelt on it as the cab bounced along the road, she reached
behind and unclasped her bra and shrugged her arms out of
it and held it in place before letting it drop down, the cab
driver exclaimed and again swerved across the road, "Wow!
They are great, I think it’s better to pull over before
I crash."

Maria agreed laughing and moved back to the other seat and
kept gently stroking her breasts, getting her nipples
hard and slowly getting excited at the prospect of a bit
more fun, she loved feeling naughty and surely that day
was turning into a good day for that, the cab driver was looking
left and right, trying to find somewhere to pull over, feeling
naughty and sensing her next bit of fun was on its way Maria
started to undo the buttons on her short skirt.

The cab driver kept glanced to the road and to the rear view
mirror, and asked a little astonished "What are you

Maria laughed and replied "What does it look like?
I'm getting comfy, best you find a spot to pull over
soon otherwise I'll have to do it all on my own!"

Maria kicked off her sandals and wriggled out of her wet
short skirt and threw them next to her bra, she sat there
on his back seat in just her red thong and put her feet on each
of the hold handles by the doors and with one hand rubbed
her soaked wet pussy through the thin material of her thong,
her other hand squeezing her hard nipples, giving them
little twists and pinches, biting her lower lip, Maria
then looked at him in the mirror, he was almost looking frantic,
and she almost yelled to him "Hurry up!" I want
that big, fucking black cock of yours! Just find an alley
way or something."

The cab driver pulled into a narrow alleyway stopping at
the end, he opened his door and climbed into the back of the
cab and closed the door behind him, he literally pounced
on Maria, his tongue entering her mouth and tangling with
her tongue as he grabbed a handful of her breasts and squeezed
hard, Maria fumbled at his belt and quickly got it undone
and went to work on his trouser button and zip, his black
hands were all over Maria’s body and rubbing her pussy
through her thong.

Maria pulled the thong to one side and his fingers immediately
entered her shaven soaked pussy easily, he finger fucked
her hard and fast, his fingers curling rapidly inside of
her pussy, Maria closed her eyes and arched her back as he
did that, a new orgasm building fast as she pinched her own
nipples, holding her breath encouraging the orgasm, and
then with a loud moaning scream Maria exploded all over
his fingers, holding his hand where it was as the orgasm
spread through her body.

Every muscle of Maria was tensing and relaxing and tensing,
her breathing slowly coming back to normal, she opened
her eyes wide and looked at him and smiled, Maria then pushed
him back onto the rear facing seat and said "My turn!"

Maria pulled at his trousers and he shook them off, his shirt
hanging down low and covering his already hard black cock
which was trying to escape his boxer shorts, Maria hooked
her fingers inside the waistband of his boxers and began
to pull them down, he lifted his ass up to allow them to slide
down and a big black cock came into view and as Maria released
it from his boxers it sprang up to attention, a big black
shaven black cock with his big black balls hanging down
low between his legs.

The cab driver put his hands behind his head and looked expectantly
at Maria, her hand clasped around the base of his cock and
then went down and gave his balls a little squeeze before
she leant forward and licked his swollen helmet and looked
him right in the eyes as she did it, the cab driver just moaned
"Mmmmmmmm, oh fuck yes." [image10] Maria smiled and took his helmet in her mouth and sucked
hard on it, looking at him as she did before she took his cock
further into her mouth, sliding it further and further
into her mouth, her spit making his cock glisten, her nipples
rock solid, her breasts brushing against his thighs as
her head started to bob up and down, Maria’s hand still
on the base of his cock as she came up for air, her spit running
down the sides of his cock, a string hanging from the tip
to her lip.

Maria licked up from the base to the tip before nuzzling
down and starting to lick his balls as she gently stroked
his cock, her eyes locked onto his as her tongue looped around
his swollen balls, Maria knelt up in front of him, his cock
laying between her breasts, she squeezed them around it
and began to tit fuck his big black cock, then Maria moved
away from him and turned her back and leant over the rear
facing seat, she looked over her shoulder and yelled, "Fuck
me! Fuck me now."

The cab driver didn't need to be asked twice, he shuffled
forward and leant over her, his black cock brushing against
her pussy, Maria watched as he took hold of his cock, put
one hand on her ass and started easing his big cock into her
waiting and wanting pussy, he slid easily in, right up to
the hilt as another moan of pleasure escaped his lips, he
then put one hand on Maria’s hips and started slow at first,
then sped up and fucking her well and slamming into her,
slapping sounds were filling the car as her ass slapped
against his thighs, her breasts jolting back and forth
as he got going.

An orgasm was building fast over Maria, she had one arm bracing
her against the seat as the other pinched and twisted one
nipple, she closed her eyes, arched her back, tensed up
and then came hard with a loud scream, Maria’s pussy pulsing
and grabbing at his cock, trying to milk it, her breathing
heavy, her body shuddering as he continued to fuck her hard,
his balls swinging and slapping against her.

Maria pushed him away and he sat down on the other seat, his
black cock streaked white with her juices, she moved and
bent over in front of him and licked his cock clean of her
own juices enjoying the taste of herself on his cock, Maria
then straddled him and lowered herself down onto him and
took his head in hands and thrust her chest into his face,
he was ravenous, licking, biting sucking on her nipples,
his hands all over her body as she began to ride his cock,
grinding her pussy into him, the full length of his cock
was all the way inside her pussy, reaching her deeper inner

He then spun Maria over so she was on her back across his back
seat, her legs spread wide, and her pussy open wider for
him, he put his hands on her legs and spread them wider and
pushed and pinned them back over her head, his cock bouncing
and angled straight towards Maria’s pussy and pushed
himself in, the full length of his cock deep into her pussy
and began fucking her, his balls slapping against her ass,
his grunts and groans becoming more and more frequent as
he thrusts got faster and faster, his body starting to tense
and Maria could sense he was going to cum soon.

Right on cue he pulled his cock out and held it with a hand,
one single stroke and a long stream of cum looping out of
his cock and firing up her body landing in the valley between
her breasts, another long stream firing up her body and
landing over her boobs, and he just kept shooting and shooting
and shooting long streams of his cum up Maria’s body,
she was rubbing it in as he did it until he stopped, her body
covered in his hot, sticky cum, Maria used a finger to scoop
it up and drop it in my mouth then she said to him as she licked
her fingers clean “"Mmmmm taste good.".
[image10] “Hummm, I think you have a few more here!” He said shaking
the last drops of cum out of his big black sticky cock, Maria
understood his intention and went down and gave his balls
a little squeeze while looked him right in the eyes, then
she leant forward and licked his covered cum helmet then
took his cock further into her mouth, sliding it further
and further into her mouth, she then took it out and licked
up and down along the full length of his cook until cleaned
it all.

As she finished the cab driver kissed her thanking her by
the great moments, both composed themselves and he took
his place, as he started the engine again he stopped the
taximeter, turned his head back to Maria and said giggling
" Well this is more than enough to pay for your taxi
fare home."

A little astonished Maria tried to decline his offer, but
he refused to hear her arguments, saying he is the owner
of the cab and he do what he want with his own cab, so she thanked
him and both started laughing and joking during all the

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what a wild day fulfilled with great sex and she had a great day


vikingluso replies on 6/29/2016 2:50 pm:
Yes, thanks, it was really a wild day

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Wow! Sounds like she had the best possible day ever! Would have loved to have been there for any one of the scenes!


vikingluso replies on 6/29/2016 2:50 pm:
It was a really wild day, full of sex.

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well i do love my shopping trips nearly as much as maria


vikingluso replies on 7/1/2016 3:49 pm:
Shopping could be crazy very often

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Great story! Very sexy!


vikingluso replies on 7/1/2016 3:50 pm:
Thanks a lot for your so kind comment

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Great story! Very sexy! i like me


vikingluso replies on 7/6/2016 3:41 pm:
Thanks for your nice comment

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Not one, but 3 god FUCKING stories!


vikingluso replies on 7/6/2016 3:41 pm:
Thanks a lot for a so kind commente, very well analysed.

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vikingluso replies on 7/6/2016 3:42 pm:
Quem procura sempre encontra, é nunca desistir.

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Awesome story! Very hot encounters!


vikingluso replies on 7/6/2016 3:42 pm:
Thanks a lot for your great comment