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Tell Me What I Want


"You know what I want." Laura said, seated in
her office chair, her eyes exploring me from head to toe
as I stood beside her, within touch.

"Yes, " I replied. I knew what she wanted. I
also knew that she would not say the words.

"What do I want?" she asked, her voice thick
and husky.

"You want me……., " I chose my words slowly.
"….undressed, at your disposal." I answered
softly, enjoying the game.

"And what is it that I wish to do?" she questioned,
as if a teacher talking to her student. Her hand reached
out to caress my leg through the soft material of my skirt.

"To begin with…or in the end?" I asked clarifying
the question.

"Mmmmm, in your end. I do like the sound of that."
she said as she ran her hand upwards, caressing that crease
between the cheeks of my buttocks through the fabric. "But
we'll get to that, in time. Tell me what I want from you
now, Anne."

"First, you'll want me to unbutton my blouse, "
I said, my hands moving to the buttons as I spoke, teasing
her as I unbutton the first one slowly, moving on to another.
"Then you'll want me to remove my bra…, "
I stated softly as I unbuttoned the last button on my blouse
and slipped it off of my shoulders, leaving her side for
a moment to drape it over a nearby chair. "….so that
you can play with my breasts, " I explained to her
as I reached back to unsnap the hooks of my bra. I spoke softly,
quite aware of being in her office, with her secretary just
outside of her office door. Shrugging the soft material
from my shoulders I placed it on the chair, as well. Now nude
from the waist up, I walked back to her side.

"Breasts?" she repeated, cocking her head
up at me, eyebrows raised. "What is the correct name
for what I really want from you, Anne?"

"Titties." I corrected myself, blushing red
as the word past my lips. A gutter word, I considered it and
she knew it. But she thrilled to hear such words from me.
She also knew I enjoyed being discreetly ‘forced'
to say and do things I would normally never be caught doing
or saying. "You want my titties."

"What do I want to do with them?" she asked, her
fingers reaching up to find one of my nipples even as she
said the words. Slowly, she rolled the nipple taut between
her fingers and thumb, leaving it only when she had rolled
it past the point of pain and had it standing at attention
for her. Her fingers trailed across one tingling breast
and moved to my other nipple. She rolled and pinched it until
it, too, was as hard as she wanted it. .

"What you want depends on your mood." I said.
And knowing that in our little ‘game', it was expected
of me, I reached back and slipped open the buttons of my skirt,
stepping out of it, along with the half-slip I wore beneath
my skirt. Walking over, I draped them both over the arm of
the chair I had draped my blouse on. Meeting and holding
her gaze, I made quick work of the nylon hose I wore.

Returning to her side now clothed only in panties, I continued,
"Sometimes you want only to caress and kiss them.
Other times, you desire sucking them, pinching them, squeezing
them. And then there are times you just want to milk them
as if they were cow teats, to subjugate me and put me in my
place." I said, watching the expressions on her face
change from desire, to pure lust, to surprise and then to
pure satisfaction at my last statement. "You like
me rub my titties all over you, too. But you always want them
available to you when we are alone." I smiled, feeling
the sensual naughtiness she was so good at making me feel.
"You want complete and open access to explore any
and every part of me, any time you wish, in any way you wish
to, when we are in private."

Back at her side, I waited for her to unburden me of my panties,
thereby giving her unfettered access to all parts of me.
Laura made no move to do any such thing. Instead, her fingers
took pleasure in pressing the material into my folds. "I
can feel how wet you are through the material. Open up, darlin'."
she said as I felt her fingers slide into the leg openings,
gathering the material to the center. As she pulled upward,
the material was effectively pulled into my thick outer
lips and tightly against my clit. This served only to create
a friction that intensified the throb that had been slowly
building since I had closed and locked her office door.
"Oh, God, Anne…." Laura said breathlessly,
"those pouty lips just sucked the fabric up. You look
so hot swallowing your panties like this." she said,
admiring her handiwork. Jerking up on the material just
enough to pull it taut, she asked, "Does that feel
good? The material diddles just the right spot, I bet?"
With the fingers of her other hand, she spread my lips wide
and made sure that as much material as was possible was buried
between them. As one hand ‘see-sawed' the material
deep into the crevice of me, I was going crazy from the sensation
the material was creating on my clit. "Aaaah, yes, "
she purred appreciatively, "I can see you really
like that….being frigged with your own panties."
Amazing, the things this woman did to me that simply swept
me away. She quickly fell into a rhythm of short jerks, pushing
my body to the threshold. I yearned desperately to fall
over the edge. Sensing this, Laura stopped the ‘see-saw'.

"Arrrrgh." involuntarily came from my lips
as frustration washed over me.

"What's the matter?" Laura asked, as a
mother would talk to her child. "Does baby want more?"
she questioned, her fingers caressing and tickling the
down cover of my pubis. Before I could respond to her questions,
I felt a finger slide deftly between my lips, searching
for passage into the dewy ingress that she was more than
a little responsible for. Obstructed because the material
served as a barricade, her finger insistently pressed
upward from her position, deeper into me ….forcing the
thin material in with her finger, as if it were a prophylactic.
The feeling was uncomfortable yet not unenjoyable. A quick
pained expression must have crossed my face. "More
doesn't feel good?" she asked smiling that wicked
smile as she pressed a second finger in, pushing with it
more fabric inside of me.

My body was in a state of confusion, dangling between uncomfortable
and enjoyable, but I dared not give her any inkling as to
the scenario playing out in my head. This would be a ‘new'
method of subtle torture for me. As her smile broaden, I
realized she already knew what I was thinking.. "Take
them off and hand them to me." she said, and withdrew
her fingers from my folds as she sat back in her chair.

I could see the wheels turning as I carefully disengaged
the material embedded in me and slid the material down over
my hips and legs. Stepping out of my panties, I could see
they were soaked in certain spots as I handed them to Laura.
She wadded them up in a ball, keeping them in her lap as her
other hand roamed my body freely, maintaining temporary
ownership, as she sat fully clothed beside me.

"Where were you…….oh, yes….explain, specifically,
what ‘any and every part' is." Laura said as her
hand swept up the back of my calf, to my thigh. Her hand moved
inward and upward from the back of my thigh, to play and explore.
A soft moan escaped my lips as her finger tips tickled the
"V" that was my outer hood, then slid easily
into the folds of wetness.

I answered breathlessly as her fingers took liberties
in my now uncovered delta. "M-m-m-y-y pussy, my ass,
my mouth, my titties…..." I managed to stutter the

Her fingers moved knowingly; familiar and certain in the
knowledge of finding what they sought. Seeking entrance
beyond the walls of my hooded entrance, they moved in between
my lips, finding ample evidence of my arousal. "That's
not the only name we have for this succulent part of you …."
her finger teasing me. "Tell me…."

"My cunt….my twat…my snatch." gutter words
easily flowing over my lips as I opened myself to her proprietary

"Hearing your educated mouth say such words really
does something to me, Anne." she stated, not wanting
a reply. "Your body betrays just how much you enjoy
my control of you." She said as she pressed a finger
hard against my clit without warning. I inhaled deeply,
enjoying this game of giving her what she wanted, when in
reality she was giving me exactly what I desired. Wanting
nothing more than to just stand here and allow her full reign
over me with her fingers. We were both selfish with our needs
and wants of each other, but selfless in making sure the
other was satisfied. I belonged to her for the moment.

She lessened the pressure on my clit and used the padding
of her middle finger to play in my overly wet opening. The
‘sloshing' and ‘suction' sounds were loud in
her quiet office. For a moment I feared her secretary might
hear and come in to investigate the noise. "Like that?"
she asked . With her face turned up to me, the look on her face
was a dreamy one, as I was sure the look on my face was. She
continued to make the sounds for her own pleasure…..enjoying
the sloshing of her finger in my pussy.

"Yes." I said, my eyes never leaving the gray/blue
of her's.

"I love to hear the sounds of your sweet little cunt."
she said, her fingers never missing a beat of the rhythm
they were ensconced in. "Tell me, Anne, do you cream
yourself when you think of me taking you like this? Owning
you like this? You enjoy being my slut, don't you? Doing
every thing I tell you to do…..don't you? You like the
nasty little things I do with your body…." She stated,
rather than asked, but I nodded my head in affirmation.
"You don't have to answer….your body does it
for you….here, " she said, reaching up to tweak my
nipples, "and here." reaching down to ‘slosh'
the opening of my pussy again and laughing when she achieved
the wanted result. "My little slut's snatch
is overflowing, isn't it? What am I going to do with
such over abundance? You're so slippery right now
I could probably slip my hand in, if I wanted." she
mused, searching my face for a response. I did not let her
down. The fright I felt at such a statement was not feigned.
"Oh , come now, Anne….you have an over flowing fountain,
darling. I'm sure I could slide my hand deep into such
a sloppy wet hole." she said, holding up her hand up
between us, as if to emphasize the ease with which she could
accomplish it. "Don't you?" she asked
rhetorically, her eyes catching and holding my gaze as
I felt what I thought to be her hand return to my folds. "Open
up and let's see….."

My breath caught in my chest as the prospect of what she wanted
sunk in, yet as I stood there, I opened my stance to permit
better access, allowing her what she wanted. "That's
my girl. Let me into that sloppy cunt of your's."
she said . I felt something thicker than a finger being pushed
into me. Breaking our gaze, I looked downward to ascertain
what was what she had. Her fingers under my chin directed
my gaze back to her's. "Look at me, Anne. You know
at this moment, this is my pussy, " said with quiet
confidence. Her palm cupped me, covering what belong to
her to articulate her point, "... and I will do what
I want with it.....and right now what I want to do is find
out just how well lubricated my little cunt is…."
she smiled, her facing showing effort as she continued
to push the thick, short, yet seemly porous, object into
me. I felt suddenly, and quite unexplainedly, dry. The
‘over flowing fountain' of my pussy now felt increasingly
arid. As my gaze continued to hold her's, the light
bulb suddenly went off in my head….in my fleeting glance
downward my panties were no longer on her lap.

"Come my little slut…." she said, pushing back
from her desk, her fingers never leaving me. "Put
a leg on each side of me, straddle my knees facing me and lean
over." Her fingers, now semi-permanent residents
of my pussy, stay in me as I straddled her in the office chair.
"Now give me those luscious titties while I take care
of that sopping cunt of your's." she whispered.
I leaned over her as instructed, my breasts swaying in her
face as she leaned back comfortably in her chair, she worked
unceasingly to dry up my sloppy pussy as she fucked me with
my own panties. The look on her face was that of a child waiting
for promised candy. "Tell me…."

"Milk my titties, love." I said, knowing the
words she wanted to hear as I pushed my breasts into her face.
"You know what I need, Laura. Give it to me. Make me
beg until I can't take anymore. Please, Laura, …..!"
I begged, wanting, almost needing the fine line between
pleasure and pain. "Show me who's boss and make
it hurt so good, please."

She smiled up at me as her index finger and thumb moved to
grasp the nub that was my clit and began to pull on it, rolling
it gently but firmly, as her mouth opened and she sucked
in one of my nipples and as much of the breast as she could
get into her mouth.. With her other hand she began to roll
my other nipple in her fingers….. pulling downward on it,
milking me as she so enjoyed. She began sucking the ample
mouthful of flesh, biting as she sucked. I was caught in
a state of purgatory…… between pleasure and pain…. so close
to orgasm and yet so far from it. She knew exactly what she
was doing to me….she loved possessing my body and keeping
me on the edge of orgasm. As one hand milked my tit, the other
milked my clit and her mouth gnawed on my other breast.

Taking her hand away from my clit, she pulled my mouth down
onto her's into a kiss. Pressing her formerly cum soaked
fingers between our lips as she did so, I willingly licked
every drop of hunny from her fingers. She broke the kiss
and switched sides….he mouth latching on to my nipple,
as one hand moved down to pull on my clit, and the other hand
began milking the nipple that she had chewed just minutes

Her fingers played at the opening of my pussy, teasingly
pulling the material out of me a little at a time until I was
entirely empty of panties. I felt open and dry as her fingers
continued to play. That feeling was short lived, due to
her masterful fingers. My fountain was flowing full force
again in seconds. Wetting her fingers, she moistened my
clit and continued her assault on the now sensitive nub.
She never let her fingers travel deeper than was necessary
to keep me at the edge of orgasm. She was a virtuoso at holding
me at the edge. Releasing my tit from her mouth, she told
me to sit back on her desk. I stood up and moved backward until
I felt her desk. Leaning back, I sat on the edge of the desk
in front of her. She placed my left foot on the right arm of
her chair and my right foot on the left arm of her chair…in
essence, spreading me completely open to her.

"Lean back a little and let me enjoy the sites."
she said, sitting back in her chair, as if to contemplate
what her hands and fingers had become so well acquainted
with. Looking down at my breasts(titties) I could see that
she had left her indelible marks. Marks that would be there
for days to come; her handi-work. The smile on her face told
me she knew this and liked the idea. Reaching up, her fingers
possessively circled the red ‘hickies' her teeth
had left around both areolas. "Hmmmm, John might
not like those. What will you tell him when he sees them?"
she asked.

"Everything." I said, simply.

"Everything?" she queried.

"You know very well I have no secrets from John. And
he knows about ‘us'. If he asks, I will tell him all.
He knows me well, Laura……he knows my demons, too."
I stated in explanation.

She smiled. "Ah, yes…..the demons that fill you with
the need to be used and manipulated into doing things you
normally couldn't? That make you want to give up control
to someone else, to be taken as they wish? The demons that
make you want to be our slut…his and mine?"

Blushing at the verbalization, I knew she was right. "Yes."

Her fingers continued down my stomach and over my trimmed
pubis. "Open up that sexy little snatch wide for me."
She said as the thumb and index finger of one hand spread
wide the thick outer lips that covered my clit. With the
long fingernails of her other hand she gently scratched
over my clit. She knew what mixture of pain/pleasure this
caused me, creating an inner battle not to squirm on her
desk, as she tortured my already sensitive button, making
it unbearable to touch for several minutes afterward.
Yet she continued for what seemed like hours before moving
on to her next whim.

With a hand on each side of my pussy, she spread open my outer
lips, my inner lips and the actual opening of my pussy…
this position she spread me open as wide as was humanly possible.
The feeling was sensual to begin with, being spread so completely
open to Laura. But as she continued to stretch and spread
me open for her pleasure, my pain mounted. I whimpered less
softly than intended.

"Ssshhhh…." shushing me, she leaned down and
she licked upward with the flat of her tongue. From my opening
to my clit, several times. Her lips covered my opening and
I felt her tongue and lips begin to work on me, French kissing
my opening as if it were my mouth. Through the jumble of pleasure/pain
messages assaulting my brain, this only served to bring
me closer to the orgasm I wanted so much.

Looking directly into my eyes, she sucked gently on my tender
clit. Then as I watched her, she caught my thin inner lips
between her teeth and pulled them outward. "Impossible"
my mind said, yet I watched as she continued to pull my inner
lips outward. Gritting my teeth between my tightly closed
lips, I concentrated on not making a sound. Not a moan, nor
a groan….but both were caught deep within me fighting to
get out. I was caught treading that very fine line of exquisite
pleasure resulting from intrinsic pain. I gave in to the
sensations…all of that she was inflicting, closing my
eyes to enjoy what she was doing to me, only to have it end

"Open your eyes, sweetie. I like you to watch everything
I do to you. Right now, I'm having fun making you squirm."
she said as her hands let go of my pussy and one finger began
to play just inside my pussy….again making it ‘slosh'
as she wanted it to. "You taste so sweet, my pet."
leaning down to tease me as she tasted me over again. "You
need to be fucked, don't you?" she said, working
a finger into my pussy, copious wetness making it easy for
her. "You're much too tight… John fucking
you regularly?" she laughed, "He tells Cal
you want it daily. If he was getting you that often you'd
be ‘loosy goosy', Hon."

I laughed at the thought of our husbands talking sex with
each other. "You wouldn't be talking about the
guys who think 1 inch really equals 2, would you? He gets
it as often as he wants…but does Cal ask for it everyday?"

"Touche'. I guess I'm going to have to get
some extra thick toy to loosen you up they way I want you."
as she said this pressed a second finger deep into my well
lubricated hole and moved it in and out slowly. "Do
you like that idea?" she asked as she pushed a third
finger deep into me. "Me, stretching your little
snatch open as much as I want? Definitely more than I am now….to
the point that you would beg me to stop? Would you beg me to
stop, slut… or would you ask for more?" I didn't
answer. I knew it was rhetorical and that I would be as big
a slut as she wanted me to be….attempting almost anything
she might want me to.

She continued to push her fingers in and out of my pussy while
pressing her thumb on my clit. As much as I wanted to climax,
I knew the longer she made me wait, the more incredible the
orgasm would be. My thoughts were of what she wanted of me,
what I wanted and wanting more of whatever she wanted to
give. I knew that as much as I loved being a slut, she enjoyed
making me her slut…controlling my pleasure. Laura leaned
down and began first nibbling my thick out lips, then biting
them harder….sucking them hard into her mouth….again
leaving her mark on me with her teeth. "God, I can't
believe what you do to me, Anne." Her voice husky between
bites. "Just touching you turns me on so much. I almost
cum putting a finger in you. I'm sure you've guessed
by now that I'm more than a little addicted to your body,
your pussy. I want to feel every inch of you, outside and
inside. I want my hand deep inside of you." she said
breathlessly, her mouth against my pussy…...surprising
me again with such a statement. "I'm going to
have you, Anne. All of you. I want to be so deep inside the
core of you…. You will want it and I will have it." She
said, pulling her fingers from me, again holding up her
slender hand and long fingers between us. "I won't
push it…but your pussy will spasm around my wrist, as I feel
every inch of your smooth inside walls." She stated
with quiet confidence, her hands caressing my inner thighs.
Bending to kiss my center once more, she was on to her next
whim., "Turn around."

quiet confidence, her hands caressing my inner thighs.
Bending to kiss my center once more, she was on to her next
whim., "Turn around."

I pushed up off her desk and turned around. Again, my legs
straddling her in her seated position. Placing my hands
on her desk, I looked down at her sexy legs…wanting so much
to touch her, pleasure her. But it was her game and that would
not be what she wanted. Her fingers again found my wetness
and I felt myself blush at the view I was presenting her.
She relished having me in this position. Every part of me
was available to her in such a position, she would say. As
if to emphasize this thought, she spread my cheeks. I felt
a cool breeze as she teased me by blowing her breath onto
my tightly shut, dark pink/caramel bud. I felt her lips
on my cheeks, softly kissing……her tongue moistening a
trail over that closed bud….making it flower open slowly
of its own accord. My face blushed crimson, but my backside
was her's, as her tongue worked its magic. Her thumbs
spread my wetness upward, mixing with her saliva. A finger
tip replaced her tongue, in the now opening bud. My body,
one moment her open book, began to close; the pages….muscles…fluttering
shut as I tensed involuntarily to her encroachment. Her
finger, though insistent, met only with resistance. "Open
up for me, darlin', " she purred, "you
know it's mine….and I'll have it, regardless."
I breathed deeply and slowly, trying to relax for what she
wanted and was met with a swat on one of my cheeks. "Be
still, Anne. Your ass is mine, you will open up to me."
She said and again, I felt her tongue teasing me as a finger
pushed deeper into me.

I gasped as a ‘finger' of pain shot through me…I tried
to relax as she worked it deeper into my unprepared bottom.
"Please…." I whispered imploringly.

"Please what…..?" she asked, as she continued,
"Please stop? Is that what you want me to do?"
she said and withdrew her finger. Kissing the cheek she
had swatted to still me, she sat back in her chair, but her
fingers caressed up and down the backs of my legs, then back
up to the crease between my ass cheeks. "Say the words,
Anne…..tell me you don't want it and I won't do
it." she said.

I couldn't say the words…. I knew it, she knew it. We
both knew for the moment, her will was mine. I wanted and
was willing to do anything she wanted. "I can't….."
I whispered, hanging my head.

"You can't what?"

"I can't tell you I don't want it."
I said.

"Want what? What is it that you can't tell me,
that you don't want?" she prompted, knowing
the answer before I gave it.

"That I don't want you to do ‘things' to me."
I said, knowing this answer wasn't exactly what she

"What ‘things', Anne."

"Any thing you want to do to me, " I confessed,
feeling ashamed. "I want you to take whatever you
want of me and do with me as you want to do." I answered.

With satisfaction in her voice, Laura said, "Beg
me, Anne."

Embarrassed and humiliated that I wanted this so badly,
I hesitated longer than necessary to respond. And for this
Laura punished me with several swats on my ass cheeks. The
sting brought me out of my revelry quickly. "Please,

"Please what, Anne? Now you are going to tell me exactly
what you want me to do to you."

"Stretch my ass open. Finger fuck my ass. Laura. Please
finger and fuck my ass. Stretch it open as wide as you want,
until you are pleased."

Without saying a word, she spread my cheeks open and I felt
her tongue on my hole….licking and pressing until I allowed
her entrance. Under her tongue's now seemingly loving
ministrations, I opened up to her.

"Oh yes…." I gasped…actually enjoying the
feeling of her tongue pressing into me. Disappointment
washed over me as she extracted her tongue. Her tongue was
replaced with a wet fleshy finger tip. Again, my body and
brain were confused by the pleasure I had felt and the pain
I was feeling as Laura pushed the finger in. She moved it
in and out several times before adding a second finger.
As she moved those fingers in and out of my more than open
‘flower', I felt her tongue licking my cheeks, nibbling
trails over both sides. I felt a thumb on my clit, massaging
me in a circular motion to near orgasm. I jumped as she bit
into my tender flesh again, her mouth sucking my skin, as
her fingers nudged deeper into my anal passage. I found
myself tumbling again toward orgasm. I wanted to cum. I
needed to cum as much as I wanted to. "Please, Laura…..let
me cum." I begged. "I have to cum….." I
whispered as I pushed back onto her fingers, effectively
stretch myself open more.

Her answer was a laugh….a wicked laugh. She laughed; her
mouth and fingers no longer touching me, pleasuring me.
"Aaaaaaaaah" was the only sound I could manage.

"Come…." She said. Pushing back from her desk
and standing up, she walked into the private room just off
her office. The room contained a closet for changes of clothes,
a shower, toilet and sink with personal toiletries, and
a comfortable chaise lounging chair to sleep, or rest,
on during those longer than normal days at the office. "Lay
down flat on the chaise." She told me. Following her
order, I sat down on the end of the chaise and lay back so that
my torso was flat. Walking over to me, I watched her pull
her skirt up her legs. Riveted to the beautiful woman in
front of me, I watched her move her skirt up her nylon covered
legs, past her garters, up to where her panties would have
been….had she been wearing them. I moaned and breathed
deeply at the sight before me. She placed a knee on one side
of my head and another on the other side, bringing her exquisite
womanly treasure and the musky fragrance of her, within
reach of my mouth and nose. Without a word she lowered her
pussy, her hands in my hair pulling my face into her center.
She rubbed her wetness all over my face, covering my mouth,
nose, chin, cheeks….her fluids flowing as if from a fountain,
covering me completely. As my tongue and mouth worked inside
of her, my nose pressed against her engorged nub. She settled
into an easy rhythm until I felt her body tense and the dam
break as she drenched my already soaked face in her orgasm.
I continued lapping her sexily spread folds until the flow
was nothing more than a trickle, smiling to myself that
I had pleasured her so.

Laura got up and knelt down in front of me, appreciating
the evidence of her orgasm on my face. She kissed and licked
my face, tasting herself before kissing me deeply, tasting
her orgasm on my lips. Kissing down my body, she stopped
to kiss her ‘marks' of possession. Moving further
down, she spread my legs, her fingers familiarly finding
my pussy. As she moved first one, then two, and finally three
fingers in and out of my pussy, her teeth and tongue sucked
and nibbled me to the well deserved orgasm my body had been
begging for. "You really didn't think I could
let you leave without, did you?" Laura asked mischievously
as she moved up to kiss me again. I pulled her in for a deep
kiss, enjoying the taste of both of us on our lips.

"Mmmmmm, " I purred. "The thought had
crossed my mind." I said. Standing up, I padded into
her office to retrieve my clothing. I dressed in silence
as she straightened her skirt and blouse. We washed up,
re-applied make up. As I was brushing my hair at her mirror,
we heard her secretary's voice on the intercom.

"Mrs. Edwards, Mike Harris in on line one."
The voice of her secretary, Jenny announced.

Walking back into her office Laura responded, "Take
a message for me, Jenny. I'm in the middle of something",
looking coyly over at me as she said this.

"Yes, ma'am." Jenny replied.

Checking myself once more in her mirror, I walked back into
her office. "I really should get going and prepare
for the meeting." I said, finishing just as I heard
the ‘dead air' of the intercom.coming on again.

"I'm sorry to interrupt again, Mrs. Edwards,
but he says it's very important that he talk to you ‘right
now'." Jenny said, almost making me laugh with
her dramatic imitation of Mike's ‘right now'.

"Tell you what, Jenny. Tell Mike if it's important
enough that he wants you to break into a meeting with the
President of the Company…his boss and mine….you'll
be glad to do it." She laughed and Jenny laughed on
the other end.

"Oh, I am so sorry, Mrs. Edwards. I didn't realize
you were still in the meeting with Mrs. Chadham. I've
been away from my desk and just assumed you were done."
Jenny said in explanation and apology. "Yes, Ma'am,
I will tell him."

"It's not a problem, Jenny. The meeting went
longer than either of us thought it would. Tell him I'll
take the call if it's important enough to interrupt
my meeting with our boss." Laura said, winking at

"If he thinks it's that important, go ahead and
talk to him, Laura." I said, looking around for my

"Oh, Anne, he knew I was meeting with you this morning.
He's calling to get the skinny on what's going
to happen at the meeting today. Rumors are flying that someone
is going to get their pink slip."

"And he wants to know if it's his ‘sorry ass'?"
I laughed, putting my make-up pouch in my briefcase, closing
it and picking it up to leave. "You should visit him
after I leave and tell him it could be him."

"Is it?" Laura asked in surprise.

"No, but maybe it will be if he doesn't get back
on task soon. A little ‘play' around the office is fine….we've
all done it, in one form or another….as long as the job is
getting done." I said smugly, trying not to laugh.
"You can mention to him that I do know about the last
two secretaries he hired for their skills above and below
his desk, as well as on."

Laura was looking at me wide-eyed, surprised by this information.
"Good God, I had no idea any of this was going on. Ewww, "
she said making a face at the thought, "they had to
be very young and innocent to fall for that. How did you find

"I like to think I keep my finger on the pulse of my company.
Where did he think they were going to go when they tired of
‘having to' service him each and every time he felt
the inclination? It's the 21st Century….no one keeps
quiet about such things anymore. I gave them both nice ‘severance'
packages after they agreed to sign a ‘gag contract'
agreeing not pursue the matter in court against the company."
I said, making quotation marks in the air with my fingers.
"If it happens again, he's on his own. The Dumbass.
That's why I insisted on hiring his last secretary
myself. He's good at his job, when he has no distractions.
Just infer that I ‘know' about certain employees misuse
of their position and days are numbered if it continues.
Hell, just tell him that you know……then watch him squirm.
Funny thing is….in talking with them about him, both girls
were infatuated with him. Had he given them some semblance
of pleasure in return. He's clueless about the human
psyche and a harassment suit waiting to happen."
I said and I leaned over and kissed her. "Mmmmm, fragrance
of you. Bottle it and I'll buy stock in the company to
keep a fresh supply, " I said breathing deeply. "Would
make you a wealthy woman."

With briefcase in hand, I opened her office door. "I
will see you in the meeting in a few minutes, Laura. I'll
need to see you sometime next week to continue what we were
in the middle of today when we stopped." I said, with
a huge smile on my face. "Have Jenny schedule a time
for you to come over to my office next week. It'll do
you good to get out of the building."

As I walked out of Laura's office, Jenny apologized
profusely. "I am so sorry, Mrs. Chadham. Had I known
you were still in a meeting, I would never have interrupted."

Leaning down conspiratorially toward Jenny, I winked
and said, "I don't think Laura will fire you for
it. And if she does….I'm always looking for a good right
hand." Relief crossed her face and she smiled.

"Stop trying to steal my secretary from me, Anne."
Laura called from her office. "I need her way more
than you do."

Stepping back through the threshold of her office, out
of Jenny's sight, I mouthed silently, "Not nearly
as much as I need you."

I winked and kissed the air in Laura's direction and
headed for the building's Conference Room to get ready
for the meeting.

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